The Legend (1993)

Self-assured with the kung fu skills to back it up, Fong Sai-Yuk (Jet Li) is one of the best fighters in the area. When a wealthy merchant (Sibelle Hu) devises a competition to win the hand of his daughter (Li Jia Xing) in marriage, Fong jumps at the chance. However, a case of mistaken identity compels Fong to forfeit, leaving his mother (Zhu Zhang) to win back his honor. Meanwhile, Fong's father invites more problems as a member of a secret anti-government organization.

Goodbye, Miss Turlock (1948)

John Nesbitt laments the disappearance of the rural one-room schoolhouse in America.

A Less Bad World (2004)

An Argentine (Mnica Galn) tries to reunite her family with her long-lost husband (Carlos Roff), who she believed died in jail.

The Outlaw and His Wife (1917)

Committing a petty crime forces a Swedish farmer and his wife into hiding in Iceland.

Never Say Die (1939)

A girl (Martha Raye) in love with a bus driver (Andy Devine) marries a rich hypochondriac (Bob Hope) given one month to live.

I Am Waiting (1957)

A former boxer (Yujiro Ishihara) helps a beautiful and mysterious woman (Mie Kitahara) who's on the run from a gangster.

Blonde in Black Leather (1975)

In search of excitement, two liberated women meet a scoundrel, find a stolen motorcycle and visit a brothel.

Evolution (1971)

From single cell organisms in the ocean to modern man.

I Am But a Little Woman (2010)

An Inuit mother recreates the arctic landscape in a spectacular wall hanging.

The Beat (1988)

A New York teacher (John Savage) indulges a mad high-school poet (David Jacobson) who sees himself as a mythic hero.

Poil de Carotte (1932)

A 10-year-old boy known as Red Head (Robert Lynen) finds himself as an outsider in his own family. His father, Monsieur Lepic (Harry Baur), has withdrawn into sports and ignores the boy completely, while his mother (Catherine Fontenay) dotes on his much older siblings, spoiling them to the extreme. Frustrated by having the young boy underfoot, his mother orders him to wait on them along with the family servants, but Red Head finds solace in his imaginary wanderings.

Night Ride (1930)

When recently fired truck drivers start their own company, their former boss tries to sabotage their business.

Atlantic Avenue (2013)

A male prostitute comes to the aid of a teenage girl (Leopoldine Huyghues-Despointes) in a wheelchair.

The Promise (1996)

Roger (Olivier Gourmet) uses his 15-year-old son, Igor (Jrmie Renier), to help traffic, house and ruthlessly exploit illegal immigrants in Belgium. When African immigrant Amidou (Rasmane Ouedraogo) tumbles from a scaffold, Igor finds him before he dies and promises that he will take care of his wife and baby. Forced by his father to cover up the death, Igor struggles to choose between loyalty to his unsavory parent and keeping the promise that he made to the dying man.

The Order Of Myths (2008)

Although "Mardi Gras" immediately brings to mind New Orleans for most people, the first Mardi Gras in America was actually held in Mobile, Ala., over 300 years ago. Remarkably, even in 2007, the festivities remain racially segregated, with two pairs of kings and queens -- one black, one white. Filmmaker Margaret Brown takes us through the divided zones of Mobile's current Mardi Gras celebrations as numerous participants attempt to initiate an integration between black and white revelers.

Mortadelo & Filemon: The Big Adventure (2003)

Two incompetent agents (Benito Pocino, Pepe Viyuela) must foil a plot involving a dictator and an energy-sapping gas.

By Mutual Agreement (2014)

A bickering man (Alexandre Steiger) and woman (Anouk Feral) realize that the birth of their son (Timothé Vom Dorp) made their relationship go sour.

Däwit (2015)

Daewit is rescued from his violent father.

John and Julie (1955)

An English boy (Colin Gibson) and girl (Lesley Dudley) travel 150 miles to London to see the coronation of Elizabeth II.

Prem Kahani (1975)

Three people try to resolve a love triangle.

Divas (1995)

Members of an all-female black singing group learn about the industry and themselves in their rise to success.

The Great Adventure (1975)

An orphan (Fred Romer), his wild dog and a dance-hall queen (Joan Collins) thwart a Yukon bully (Jack Palance) in gold-rush Dawson City.

Volcano (2015)

A young indigenous woman does not want to live in the modern world until it saves her life during a pregnancy complication.

Three Steps North (1951)

A GI black marketeer (Lloyd Bridges) returns to Italy to dig up his loot with his wartime girlfriend (Lea Padovani).

Swing! (1938)

Eloise (Hazel Diaz) is a young black woman who is having an affair with the husband of Mandy (Cora Green), who works for a rich white Southern family. Following a fight with Mandy at a club, Eloise moves far away to Manhattan's Harlem neighborhood and tries to start a new life as a singer. Soon, a number of fellow Southerners, including her husband, Lem (Alec Lovejoy), join Eloise in the city, and Mandy also arrives to begin anew, hoping to follow in Eloise's footsteps and become a performer.

Mayan Blue (2013)

Archaeologists survey and map the lost city of Samabaj.

Phoenix (2006)

A man initiates an affair with his lover's handsome boyfriend when the pair discovers that he has been leading a double life.

Straight Outta Oakland (2015)

Four men have watched their community deteriorate until nothing is left but the "hood." Each one must make his own path to being set free.

House Of The Damned (1996)

An American (Greg Evigan) tries to free his wife (Alexandra Paul) and daughter (Briana Evigan) from the influence of evil spirits inhabiting their Irish mansion.

Lust (2011)

The lives of the inhabitants of an important street in Alexandria, Egypt.

A Year in Burgundy (2013)

Seven families discuss the cultural and creative process of making wine in the Burgundy region of France.

Boy Friend (1939)

A tomboy (Jane Withers) invades a fur-theft gang, thinking her police-rookie brother (Richard Bond) has joined it.

Inside Outside (2005)

Osama Qashoo examines the plight of families in exile.

The Attendant (2004)

A group of vacationing teens learn that there are more to the rumors of suicidal campers than they previously thought when their weekend trip to the woods turns into a horrifying struggle to survive.

The Great Museum (2014)

The day-to-day routines of employees at the museum and the processes involved in creating a perfect setting for art.

Follow My Voice: With the Music of Hedwig (2006)

Filmmaker Katherine Linton examines the lives of four homosexual and transgendered teenagers.

Return With Honor (1999)

The so-called "Hanoi Hilton" was far from a luxurious hospice for weary travelers. In truth, it was the American nickname for one of the most infamous POW camps of the Vietnam War. This documentary features interviews with the prisoners who survived incarceration and, in many cases, torture at the Hanoi Hilton and similar camps. Some captives endured nearly a decade of this treatment. Among the interviewees is the former presidential candidate and U.S. senator John McCain.

The 10 Million Dollar Getaway (1991)

Jimmy "The Gent" Burke (John Mahoney) leads the 1978 cash-cargo heist at New York's Kennedy International Airport.

Razor Blade Smile (1998)

A vampire (Eileen Daley), a holdover from the 19th century, meets many lovers and victims in her job as a hit woman.

Daddy Don't Go (2015)

Four disadvantaged dads in New York City fight to defy the odds against them.

The Advocate (2013)

A defense attorney with a flawless acquittal record clashes with a principled detective while defending a socialite who's been charged with killing her husband.

Class Dismissed (2015)

A family in Los Angeles pulls their kids out of school to take their education into their own hands.

Lopez Street (2013)

Photographers Gerardo Barroso and Lisa Tillinger document everyday life on a busy street in Mexico City's historic downtown.

Scrooge (1935)

Ebenezer Scrooge (Seymour Hicks) is a curmudgeonly businessman who hates the Christmas season because it interferes with making money. His meek employee, Bob Cratchit (Donald Calthrop), dutifully serves Scrooge despite his mistreatment because Bob needs to provide for his family. On the night of Christmas Eve, Scrooge is visited by a number of visions, including the Spirit of Christmas Present (Oscar Asche), which shows him things he cannot normally see, changing the miser's attitude forever.

Stolen Life (1998)

Two sisters (Emmanuelle Bart, Sandrine Bonnaire) and one's teen daughter live together in a former rectory on a small, harsh island.

The Coast Guard (2002)

An overzealous soldier kills an innocent man he thought was a North Korean spy.

L'île (2011)

In 1942, three men crash in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and find shelter on a deserted island. As they explore their new surroundings, they discover they are not alone.

The 7th Floor (2013)

A man (Ricardo Darín) begins a desperate search for his two children after they disappear in their building's stairwell.

Familia (1997)

A lonely man hires a troupe of actors to pose as his family to spice up his birthday celebration.

Two Fists Against the Law (1980)

Three martial arts masters team up to take down a ruthless opium smuggler known as Silver Fox.

I Want Your Love (2012)

Jesse's friends and ex-lovers gather for his going away party and heighten his bittersweet feelings about leaving.

Inertia (2002)

In "Inertia," the lives of four characters are sidetracked by desire into deception, adultery, and incest. Joseph cannot accept that Laura doesn't want him anymore. Laura is infatuated with Joseph's close - and married - friend, Bruce. Bruce finds himself attracted to Joseph's 19-year-old cousin, Alex. Alex, on the other hand, has come to the city to move into Joseph's, with ulterior motives...

As Good as Dead (1995)

When Susan Warfield (Crystal Bernard) moves to Los Angeles, she becomes friends with party girl Nicole (Traci Lords). Nicole suffers from painful stomach ulcers but cannot be treated since she has no medical insurance. Susan decides to temporarily switch identities with Nicole so that her friend can use her insurance to have an operation. However, after Nicole suddenly dies following the procedure, Susan's legal identity also ends. Now Susan has to pose as Nicole and try to gain a life back.

Peaches (2008)

A family man's obsession with a seductive beauty threatens to undo everything he has worked toward over the last 20 years.

Canyon Crossroads (1955)

Henchmen in a helicopter chase a Utah prospector (Richard Basehart) seeking uranium with a professor and his daughter (Phyllis Kirk).

Johnny Holiday (1949)

Naive preteen Johnny Holiday (Allen Martin Jr.) has been hanging out with juvenile delinquent Eddie Duggan (Stanley Clements). After Eddie convinces him to rob a drug store, Johnny is arrested and shipped off to the state reform school, where he is placed under the watchful eye of Sarge Walker (William Bendix), a gruff but compassionate guard. Sarge makes good progress with Johnny's rehabilitation, but, when Eddie arrives at the facility, Johnny starts to backslide.

Kiss Me Deadly: A Jacob Keane Assignment (2008)

A one-time spy (Robert Gant) helps his former partner (Shannen Doherty) when she becomes the target of assassins.

Midnight Oil - Black Rain Falls (1990)

The Aussie band performs on a flatbed truck in front of the Exxon building.

Last Of The Wild Horses (1948)

A range war almost starts after a ranch owner is accused of trying to force the small ranchers out of business.

Transcend (2014)

Marathon champion Wesley Korir returns to Kenya to help his countrymen create better lives.

Hoodlum Empire (1952)

A mobster, his moll (Claire Trevor) and his underling (Forrest Tucker) appear before a U.S. senator's (Brian Donlevy) televised hearings on organized crime.

Psychopathia Sexualis (2006)

Re-enactments present case studies of Victorian sexual deviance, lifted from the pages of a notorious medical text. Stories include those of a sexually repressed man with a thirst for blood, a doctor who promises to cure a man of homosexuality, and a masochist who hires prostitutes for a bizarre performance.

The Girl and the Dogs (2014)

Three teenagers on their way to a party make a strange discovery on the local beach that will change the nature of their friendship.

The Last of England (1988)

Derek Jarman's experimental film ruminates on the decline of England.

Death Game (2002)

A young basketball player faces violence and corruption as he prepares to turn professional.

Pee Stains and Other Disasters (2005)

Two 16-year-old best friends share a summer they'll never forget.

In the Dust of the Stars (1976)

Astronauts encounter an alien race on a mysterious planet.

Listen (2014)

A woman in a burqa brings her son to a police station in Copenhagen to file a complaint against her abusive husband, but the translator seems unwilling to convey the true meaning of her words.

Sinai Commados (1968)

An Israeli captain (Robert Fuller) leads a Six-Day War mission to destroy radar stations on the peninsula.

Keys of Heaven (2014)

In 1984 in Iran, homeless brothers struggle to survive in a country at war.

Monte Carlo (1986)

An American writer (George Hamilton) on the Riviera courts a Russian singer (Joan Collins) who is spying on Nazis for revenge.

PerfectMatch (2012)

Two people looking for love meet on a popular online dating site.

In Old Montana (1939)

Singing Army officer Fred Dawson (Fred Scott) and his friend Doc Flanders (Harry Harvey) head for Fred's hometown in Montana, posing as a traveling medicine show. Once there, they find a smoldering feud building between cattlemen and sheep ranchers. Hoping to avert a range war, they try to broker peace between the two factions, but Fred gets accused of a crime and lands in jail. Luckily, he still has time to strike up a romance with June Allison (Jean Carmen), a fetching rancher's daughter.

Village by the River (1958)

Small-minded politicos take advantage of a man's death to turn their village against the local physician.

The Thundering Trail (1951)

There's plenty of trouble for Lash and Fuzzy in getting the newly appointed territorial governor safely to his office.

Santa Mesa (2008)

An American orphan (Jacob Shalov) experiences culture shock when he's shipped off to the Philippines to live with his grandmother.

For My Uncle: A Philosopher's Perspective (2016)

A filmmaker examines Filipino philosophies through the lives of his family members.

The Happy Time (1952)

A large French-Canadian family suddenly expands when father Jacques (Charles Boyer) invites an out-of-work magician's assistant to be their live-in maid. At the same time, charming ladies' man Uncle Desmond (Louis Jourdan) comes back to town to replace a sales manager who has died, and subsequently begins a romance with the new maid. Jacques' son Bobby watches these interactions with confused curiosity as he makes the tough transition from boyhood to adolescence.

Louis Cyr: The Strongest Man in the World (2013)

The life and accomplishments of the Canadian strong man.

Twisted: A Balloonamentary (2007)

Professional balloon twisters share a love for their vocation.

Lydia (1941)

An older unmarried woman, Lydia MacMillan (Merle Oberon), gets reacquainted with a previous boyfriend, Michael (Joseph Cotten). When he invites Lydia to his house for tea, however, she has no idea that she's about to be confronted with her past. Two other men who courted Lydia years earlier, Bob (George Reeves) and Frank (Hans Jaray), are waiting for her and want to know why she never married. Her answer dredges up memories of Richard (Alan Marshall), the man she loved and is still waiting for.

Die Präsenz (2014)

When three friends who are hoping to get proof of paranormal activity break into an abandoned castle that is a rumored hot spot, they find an evil presence of terror and madness.

A Sleepless Night (1940)

A mouse and a wife are kept awake by a snoring dog.

Escape from Darwin (2008)

A psychopath murders a getaway driver and takes the man's bag of stolen cash.

For Love or Money (1963)

Deke Gentry (Kirk Douglas) is the lawyer of wealthy hotel magnate Chloe Brasher (Thelma Ritter), so he's confused when she orders him to marry off her three daughters. There's Kate (Mitzi Gaynor), the reasonable one; Jan (Leslie Parrish), the free-spirited one; and Bonnie (Julie Newmar), the health-obsessed one. To make sure Deke gets the job done, Chloe orders her personal security guard (William Bendix) to follow him. After a while, Deke realizes that there's more to Kate then meets the eye.

Sau Din Saas Ke (1980)

The story of how a tyrannical mother-in-law mends ways and improves her relationships with her sons and daughters-in-law.

Single Fin Yellow (2005)

Singlefin Yellow tells the story of one surfboard's life as it travels the globe shared by a group of friends.

Absences (1987)

Filmmaker Carole Laganière explores the various forms of absence and its impact on people's lives.

Dracula 3D (2012)

Count Dracula (Thomas Kretschmann) wants to sink his fangs into Mina Harker (Marta Gastini), who resembles the vampire's late wife.

Louis Prima: The Wildest! (1999)

This lively documentary looks at the life of renowned pop/jazz performer Louis Prima. Revisiting Prima's Italian-American upbringing in New Orleans, the film follows the singer and trumpeter's musical career, which shifted from jazz and swing to more accessible pop. During each phase of Prima's decades-long artistic run, his music was defined by his boisterous persona, endearing him to a legion of fans. Among those interviewed are family members and a number of his musical peers.

Shout (1991)

A stranger shows up in a Texas town in 1955. His name is Jack Cabe (John Travolta), and he's been hired as the music teacher at the Benedict Boys Home. Before long, he's upsetting the institution's staid atmosphere by giving his students a primer in rock 'n' roll. Cabe's fresh approach captures the interest of local misfit Jesse Tucker (James Walters), but earns him the rancor of school bigwig Eugene Benedict (Richard Jordan). As his profile rises, Cabe risks exposing a secret from his past.

14 Women (2007)

Capitalizing on family relationships with two of the documentary subjects, the filmmakers (Mary Lambert, Nicole Boxer, Sharon Oreck) behind "14 Women" offer an exclusive look into the world of the 14 female senators elected to the 109th U.S. Congress. Conducting interviews with the congresswomen, the film offers insight into the obstacles of gender and the different roles these women have to play, from politician to mother to wife. Annette Benning narrates.

Good Morning Heartache (2008)

A filmmaker (Stefano Fresi) realizes that he is in love with his friend's wife (Alba Rohrwacher), as he and his partner document the end of the friend's marriage.

La Salada (2014)

In a bustling market outside of Buenos Aires, a Bolivian immigrant becomes friends with a Korean immigrant.

Wink des Himmels (2005)

An engaged architect (Elisabeth Lanz) befriends an introverted widower (Helmut Zierl) and his 7-year-old son (Ludwig Zimmeck).

Dans un océan d'images (2013)

Helen Doyle forces people to look deeper at the outside world.

The Chef, The Actor, The Scoundrel (2013)

Four Chinese agents capture a Japanese scientist during the second Sino-Japanese War to retrieve the cure for a cholera outbreak.

Brothers of the Black List (2014)

The longest litigated civil rights case in American history starts after police use a list of black college students to search for a criminal.

Shaolin (2015)

Based on an ancient Shaolin Temple legend, a cast of 20 ordained soldier monks display their tremendous physical skills on stage in the ultimate display of physical prowess.

Cagney & Lacey: Together Again (1995)

The detectives (Tyne Daly, Sharon Gless) probe the murder of a homeless man who terrorized a middle-class neighborhood.