French Connection II (1975)

This sequel to William Friedkin's 1971 crime drama finds Detective "Popeye" Doyle (Gene Hackman) still hot on the trail of slippery drug trafficker Charnier (Fernando Rey), but this time in Marseilles, France. Uprooted from his familiar New York City beat, Doyle struggles to assert himself in a strange city and break the drug ring wide open. When Charnier's goons force him into a heroin addiction, the tough cop must summon every ounce of his courage to kick the habit cold turkey.

Francis Of Assisi (1961)

In 13th century Italy, Francis Bernardone (Bradford Dillman) is born to a father with business connections but renounces his claim on his family's wealth after hearing the voice of God. Although he encounters some resistance from those who doubt his motives, his selfless deeds make him one of the Catholic Church's most revered figures, and he is eventually canonized. Along the way, his example inspires pious acolyte Clare (Dolores Hart) to enter a nunnery.

Fire From Below (2009)

An arrogant mining mogul unleashes a natural disaster when he orders his team of drillers to bore into a remote cave. They strike a giant vein of lithium, which will explode if it gets wet. Not realizing the danger they are in, they continue working. Tragedy strikes, and flames spew in every direction, putting the nearby town in danger. It's up to intrepid seismologist Jake Denning (Kevin Sorbo) to stop the catastrophe before everyone gets turned into barbeque.

Famous in 31 Days (2010)

John Gerard quits his job and travels across the country to become nationally recognized.

Fled (1996)

During a routine prison work detail, convict Piper (Laurence Fishburne) is chained to Dodge (Stephen Baldwin), a cyberhacker, when gunfire breaks out. Apparently, the attack is related to stolen money that the Mafia is after, and some computer files that somebody wants desperately to bury. The pair, who don't exactly enjoy each other's company, escape and must work together if they are to reach Atlanta alive. Luckily, they meet a woman (Salma Hayek) who may be willing to help them.

Fools of Fortune (1990)

The Sinn Fein rebellion destroys a family and divides two young lovers (Iain Glen, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) in Ireland after World War I.

Freddie The Frog (1992)

A frog prince becomes a French secret agent and saves England.

The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant (1972)

Two women (Hanna Schygulla, Irm Hermann) form a sexual triangle with a fashion designer (Margit Carstensen) in her arty apartment.

The Deadly Bees (1967)

A tired British pop singer (Suzanna Leigh) tries to rest on an island where two different men (Frank Finlay, Guy Doleman) keep bees.

Efectos secundarios (2006)

Four 30-something friends take stock of their failures as adults and try to fix things before it's too late.

Executioners from Shaolin (1977)

A monk's son (Yue Wong) combines the Tiger and Crane fighting styles to defeat an evil priest (Lieh Lo) and avenge his father.

The Earthling (1980)

Diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer, Patrick Foley (William Holden) has returned to his native Australia to die in the peace and quiet of the wilderness. His simple plan is complicated, however, when he meets Shawn Daley (Ricky Schroder), a young boy who has just lost his parents in an accident, and takes him under his wing. Located far from any civilization, Patrick continues on his mission, but decides to teach Shawn the skills that he'll need to survive after his mentor is dead.

Escanaba In Da Moonlight (2001)

A family of hunters in Michigan deals with the eldest son (Jeff Daniels) who has never shot his own deer.

Electric Dreams (1984)

A San Francisco architect (Lenny Von Dohlen) woos the cellist (Virginia Madsen) next door; so does Edgar, his personal home computer.

The Emigrants (1971)

Karl Oskar Nilsson (Max von Sydow) and his wife, Kristina (Liv Ullmann), work a farm in a cold and desolate area of rural Sweden in the middle of the 19th century. The growing privations of their life, combined with increasing social and religious persecution, cause the Nilssons and many of their neighbors to strike out for the United States. Following a treacherous ocean crossing and an equally grueling land passage, the emigrants find themselves in the seemingly idyllic land of Minnesota.

The Executioner Part II (1984)

A police detective (Christopher Mitchum) discovers a vigilante hand-grenade killer (Antoine John Mottet) is an old Army buddy who once saved his life.

Echoes of Innocence (2005)

A devout teen begins to question her vow of chastity when she becomes friends with a classmate.

Eat My Dust (1976)

A California sheriff's (Warren Kemmerling) son (Ron Howard) and his girlfriend (Christopher Norris) go for a joy ride in a stolen stock car.

Elves (1989)

A department-store Santa Claus (Dan Haggerty) discovers a neo-Nazi plot to mate a nice girl (Julie Austin) with an elf in Colorado.

The Expendables (1989)

A commando captain (Anthony Finetti) leads misfits (Peter Nelson, Loren Haynes) on missions to rescue nurses and capture a Viet Cong colonel.

The End Of Innocence (1990)

An only child becomes an unhappy woman (Dyan Cannon) facing marriage, drug abuse and a nervous breakdown.

The Knight of the Dragon (1985)

A medieval alchemist (Klaus Kinski), knight (Harvey Keitel) and priest (Fernando Rey) mistake a flying-saucer alien for a dragon.

Eleni (1985)

In 1948, after arranging for her children to flee to America to escape the turbulence of the Greek Civil War, Eleni Gage (Kate Nelligan) is executed by the communists occupying her village. Decades later, her son, Nick (John Malkovich), a successful journalist, is made a bureau chief for the New York Times in Athens, Greece. As he remembers his childhood and his mother's courage, Nick gladly returns home to find out who was responsible for her death -- and take revenge.

Equinox (1970)

After student David (Edward Connell) receives a letter from Professor Waterman (Fritz Leiber) begging him to come as quickly as possible, he goes to visit the park where his teacher is staying. Also with him are his date, Susan (Barbara Hewitt), friend Jim (Frank Boers Jr.), and Jim's girlfriend, Vicki (Robin Christopher). After they are handed a mysterious religious text by an old man, the students find themselves menaced by park ranger Asmodeus (Jack Woods), who reveals himself as the devil.

Frankenhooker (1990)

A New Jersey mad doctor (James Lorinz) rebuilds his girlfriend (Patty Mullen) with body parts from exploded hookers.

Fortunes of War (1994)

An American relief worker (Matt Salinger) and his two friends (Haing S. Ngor, Sam Jenkins) agree to smuggle goods from Thailand into Cambodia.

From Hollywood To Deadwood (1989)

A sleazy film studio hires two off-beat private eyes (Scott Paulin, Jim Haynie) to find a missing actress (Barbara Schock).

Fast Lane (2010)

A policewoman (Melina Lizette) works under cover to infiltrate a Los Angeles car-theft ring.

Fangs (2002)

Genetically engineered bats escape from a professor's lab and terrorize a small town.

Fear Of Clowns (2004)

An artist who purges her fears through painting is terrified to discover that her nightmarish creations have taken on a life of their own.

The Flats (2002)

A young man arrested for vandalism spends his last week of freedom partying with pals at the end of summer in Puget Sound.

Freak Talk About Sex (1999)

Slacker Dave (Josh Hamilton) returns to his hometown in Upstate New York. He talks of being a writer but gets a job at a store, and constantly works on his car so he can hit the road again. Meanwhile, he avoids relationships and ignores everyone's advice by reuniting with "Freak" (Steve Zahn), a boyhood friend who still lives in his parents' basement, smoking pot and dispensing stoner wisdom. When even Freak shows the beginnings of adult behavior, Dave realizes he may have to grow up too.

Finding North (1998)

A woman meets her ideal man who she doesn't know is gay. He is naked on the Brooklyn Bridge ready to take his life. He doesn't end up doing so and the two take a road trip and help each other through their troubles and issues. "Finding North" is an offbeat love story between two people from completely different worlds. It's about finding what you need, even from places you don't expect.

Four Days in September (1997)

Based on a true story, "Four Days in September" is a moving account of the kidnapping in September, 1969 of the American Ambassador to Brazil, played by Alan Arkin. The drama unfolds as a group of young and often naive idealists join together to plot and carry out an act of terrorism, their only means of giving voice to their progressive dreams and visions in a military regime.

Feeling Minnesota (1996)

Sam Clayton's (Vincent D'Onofrio) marriage to ex-stripper Freddie (Cameron Diaz) comes about when she's strong-armed into the match by Red (Delroy Lindo), a club proprietor who once did her a favor. But Freddie falls in love with Jiaks (Keanu Reeves), Sam's brother, and the pair tries to escape the situation together. It isn't long before both Sam and Red catch up with them, resulting in threats against the two of them -- although tension also starts to build between Sam and Red.

Full Fathom Five (1990)

A Navy submarine captain (Michael Moriarty) chases Panamanian militants heading for Houston in a hijacked Soviet sub.

Final Approach (1991)

An amnesiac Air Force colonel (James B. Sikking) recalls, for a doctor (Héctor Elizondo), his part in a top-secret stealth-flight project.

FleshEater (1988)

College students on an overnight hay ride fight for their lives against zombies.

Fraternity Vacation (1985)

An Iowan (Stephen Geoffreys) and his college buddies head for Palm Springs, Calif., to find the perfect blonde.

For Your Height Only (1981)

A diminutive secret agent (Weng Wang) uses his skills with guns and gun molls to rescue a kidnapped scientist.

Fight For Your Life (1977)

A minister dispenses justice on three convicts who take his family hostage.

Nicoleta (2013)

In 1951, a boy carries his little sister over inhospitable mountains to escape poverty in Greece.

The Shebabs of Yarmouk (2013)

The daily lives of young third-generation Palestinian refugees adults in their early 20s living in the Mukhayyam Yarmouk camp.

Police Force (1973)

A policeman experiences a moral dilemma when his desire for vengeance interferes with his duty as an upholder of the law.

Spell Your Name (2006)

Survivors of the Babi Yar massacre during World War II tell their stories.

In Abigail's Place (2014)

Sarah uncovers truths that should remain hidden during a school trip to a rural house.

Prince Charming (1984)

A man falls in love with a woman from Shanghai who comes to Hong Kong to search for her mother. Problems arise when her wealthy father thinks his daughter was kidnapped and contacts the authorities.

Brownie Speaks (2014)

The life, music and legacy of Clifford Brown.

You Were Meant for Me (1948)

Hometown sweethearts Chuck (Dan Dailey) and Peggy (Jeanne Crain) marry and then immediately afterward depart on a whirlwind tour of the Midwest with Chuck's big band. When the Stock Market Crash of 1929 occurs, Chuck and Peggy are forced to return home penniless and defeated. But Chuck quickly tires of small-town life and, on word from manager Oscar (Oscar Levant) of a booking at a vaudeville nightclub, heads to Chicago find success in the music business.

Hundra (1983)

The sole survivor (Laurene Landon) of a female tribe of warrior breeders journeys to find a suitable mate.

Scarewaves (2014)

Radio host Amos Satan tells four terrifying and true stories of horror.

Raw Courage (1969)

Shangguan is charged with protecting his boss's baby and gives it to his daughter. She sets off to safety with a deadly assassin and an entire army after her.

One More Tomorrow (1946)

A playboy (Dennis Morgan) marries a gold digger (Alexis Smith) instead of the photographer (Ann Sheridan) he loves.

Dot and the Whale (1986)

Little Dot and a dolphin need Moby Dick's help to save a beached whale in Australia.

Huey Long (1986)

Part of the series "Ken Burns' America," this documentary covers the life of Huey Long, the infamous Louisiana senator who was assassinated in 1935. Viewed as a savior by the poor and a power-hungry Caesar by the rich, Long was an undeniably magnetic figure, running for office under the slogan "Every Man a King." Interviewing everyone from farmers to writer Robert Penn Warren, whose novel "All the King's Men" was inspired by Long, Burns shows the man's many sides, from genius to drunk.

Shooting Stars (1997)

An unhappy woman (Romane Bohringer) interferes with her partner's (Jean-Philippe coffey) illicit dealings with a swindler (Melvil Poupaud) in Paris.

Star Crystal (1986)

Space-station crew members (C. Jutson Campbell, Faye Bolt, Taylor Kingsley) escape from an explosion, with a deadly creature from Mars.

Man of Violence (1971)

Crooks, a mercenary (Michael Latimer) and a police inspector (Derek Aylward) seek gold bullion hijacked from a shaky Arab sheikdom.

Ardennes Fury (2014)

During World War II, members of a U.S. tank unit try to save an orphanage from disaster.

Hellmouth (2014)

A man battles the world's most horrific ghouls and ghosts in a graveyard that turns reality into outer world fiction.

Winterhawk (1975)

A Montana trapper (Leif Erickson) leads the search for a boy and a girl kidnapped by a noble Indian chief (Michael Dante).

Tarzan And The She-Devil (1953)

Lyra (Monique Van Vooren) and her gang chase Jane (Joyce MacKenzie), burn the tree house and capture the ape man (Lex Barker).

News from Planet Mars (2016)

Philippe Mars (François Damiens) is a pleasant 40-something whose meeting with a psychotic college friend who is in search of love profoundly changes his life.

Mary Forever (1989)

A reform-school teacher's (Michele Placido) peaceful determination eventually wins over his hardened charges.

The Search for the Evil One (1967)

A hunter (Lee Patterson) of Nazis finds a castle in Argentina where Hitler and his gang are planning a fourth reich.

Devil's Hill (1988)

Sent off by their unwell mother, Sam (Cameron Atkins) and his sister, Jessie (Emma Pugh), go to Tasmania to live with their pioneer cousin, Badge (Alexander Jacobs), on the family farm. But the young, bullying city-slicker finds life on the frontier to be harder than he expected. When their cow runs away, the children embark on a wild adventure through the bush to find her. As they face life and death situations, each must confront their fears and work together for the good of the family.

A Carol for Another Christmas (1964)

Three ghosts visit a bitter man (Sterling Hayden) who has never recovered from losing his son during World War II.

Kansas City Princess (1934)

Two manicurists (Joan Blondell, Glenda Farrell) cruise to Paris and meet a millionaire (Hugh Herbert) and his bodyguard.

Hot Money (1936)

A crafty salesman attempts to raise some quick cash to fund an inventor's development of a gasoline substitute.

Beauty and Brawn (1963)

A carhop and a dishwasher, each pretending to be wealthy and sophisticated, go exploring on a whirlwind three-day date.

King of the Lumberjacks (1940)

Two men (John Payne, Stanley Fields) and a woman (Gloria Dickson) form a timberland triangle ended by a runaway train.

King of Hockey (1936)

A hockey star (Dick Purcell) with a rich girlfriend (Anne Nagel) hits a gambling scandal, then goes blind.

A Technicolor Dream (2008)

Pink Floyd, Pretty Things and other bands hold a concert in 1967 to benefit a British underground newspaper called "International Times."

Dreaming of Rita (1992)

Bob (Per Oscarsson) is obsessed with the actress Rita Hayworth, going so far as to name his daughter (Marika Lagercrantz) after the star. When Bob's wife dies, he decides to find Sabine (Lise Ringheim), a beautiful woman he once dated who looked just like Hayworth. Rita is roped into her father's quest for Sabine, resulting in an impromptu daughter/father road trip. Meanwhile, Rita's husband, Steff (Philip Zandn), struggles to contend with their children in her absence.

The Foreigner (1978)

Lowlifes pursue French agent Max Menace (Eric Mitchell) as he tries to complete a mission in New York.

The Kissing Bandit (1949)

In the 19th century, Ricardo (Frank Sinatra) is a hotel keeper in Spanish-ruled California. But his father did something decidedly different, once masquerading as an outlaw called the "Kissing Bandit" because he planted a smooch on women after robbing them. Ricardo doesn't know this, though, until his dad's former partner, Chico (J. Carrol Naish), finds the young man and tells him the story, eventually getting Ricardo to follow in his dad's footsteps and become an outlaw.

The Crash (1932)

The wife (Ruth Chatterton) of a Wall Street loser (George Brent) eyes an Australian sheep rancher (Paul Cavanagh) in Bermuda.

Nightmare Honeymoon (1974)

After enduring a strange family tradition wherein the husband and wife are literally chased away from their own reception, newlyweds David (Dack Rambo) and Jill (Rebecca Dianna Smith) repair to a cabin in the woods where they accidentally witness a murder. The sinister killer chases them and, knocking David unconscious, proceeds to rape Jill. When David comes to, he considers telling the police before deciding to enact his own grisly version of justice.

The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On (1987)

Filmmaker Kazuo Hara follows Kenzo Okuzaki, a World War II soldier seeking the fates of others in his unit.

Renoir (2012)

Pierre-Auguste Renoir paints on the French Riviera in 1915 after his wife dies and his son is wounded in a battle. He finds a young woman named Andre and she becomes his last model.

Van Veeteren: Borkmann's Point (2005)

A lawman (Sven Wollter) investigates the decapitation of two people.

Maro Charitra (1978)

A Telegu girl and a Tamil boy fall in love with each other, but their families do not approve of their relationship and ask them to stay away from each other.

Wednesday's Child (1999)

A troubled teenager (Summer Knight) and her brother meet a recluse who says he has the power to heal.

Behind Stone Walls (1932)

Life inside prison walls is anything but pleasant for one inmate.

Behind the Makeup (1930)

The schemes of his partner threaten to hold back a talented clown's career.

Cruel But Necessary (2005)

A suburban housewife (Wendel Meldrum) uses a hidden camera to compulsively record everyone around her.

Shut Yer Dirty Little Mouth (2002)

Alcoholic men drink and curse their nights away.

Up to the Angels (1999)

A typist (Valentina Cervi) falls for her boss's womanizing son, as she and others (Gianni Cavina, Carlo Delle Piane) prepare for a town dance.

Murder Set Pieces (2004)

A sadistic photographer (Sven Garrett) tortures, rapes and kills strippers and prostitutes.

A Secret Affair (2012)

Rafi (Anne Curtis), happy with her partner, Mark (Derek Ramsay), is respected for her beauty and personality. Then a major life decision changes everyone's opinion about her, and a happy-go-lucky woman (Andi Eigenmann) captures Mark's attention.

Fordson: Faith, Fasting, Football (2010)

A mostly Muslim high-school football team from Dearborn, Mich., plays during Ramadan, as its members struggle to hold on to their Islamic faith in post-9/11 America.

Rome Rather Than You (2006)

Kamel and Zina leave Algeria to find work in Italy.

Not with My Wife, You Don't! (1966)

Julietta (Virna Lisi), an Italian nurse in the Korean War, is juggling the affections of American Air Force pilots, Tom (Tony Curtis) and Tank (George C. Scott). As they both attempt to woo Julietta, Tom and Tank try to outdo each other through a series of increasingly extreme pranks. Julietta finally agrees to marry Tom when he tells her that Tank's airplane has been shot down. Years later, Tom must continue to lie and deceive when Tank shows up to try and put the record straight.

Occupational Killer (1986)

Kidnapping leads to murder, which leads investigators to a drug ring.

Killer Yacht Party (2006)

Partygoers (Kate Luyben, Renee Darmiento) take a cruise into terror aboard a haunted yacht.

Nacho Mountain (2009)

Keefer competes against other locals in an illegal eating competition.

The Master Detective and Rasmus (1997)

Teen detective Kalle Blomkvist (Malte Forsberg) searches for a kidnapped inventor and son.

The Real World Movie: The Lost Season (2002)

Vancouver roommates square off against zealous fans and each other in a satirical take on the long-running TV series.

Belles and Ballet (1960)

A troupe of youthful dancers from Paris practices a new ballet.

Pretty Baby (1950)

A working girl (Betsy Drake) rises in an ad agency after impressing a baby-food client with her lifelike doll.