Spitfire (2018)

Exploring the history of the Spitfire airplane in commemoration of the Royal Air Force's centenary.

Ju-On: The Beginning of the End (2014)

A teacher visits the home of a boy who's been absent from school for a long period of time, unaware of the tragedy that occurred in the home many years ago.

Gordon Finn (2014)

Things go very wrong when death row inmate Gordon Finn is examined by a doctor.

Mosquito the Rapist (1977)

A deaf accountant mutilates corpses in the mortuary, until a tragic event pushes him to pursue living victims.

My Story (2018)

Two people fall in love, but the woman is engaged to another man.

Hostage X (2017)

An man who doesn't have a memory has to find out who he is before his kidnappers kill him.

Kill Skills (2016)

An assassin accidentally kills his fiancee, who happens to be the daughter of an Israeli gangster. Forced to flee, he starts working with a former mercenary, and they travel all over Europe doing dirty work for a rich industrialist.

Lost & Found (2017)

Everyone is looking for something or someone. Inspired by true stories.

A More Perfect Union: George Washington and the Creation of the U.S. Constitution (2017)

How the founding fathers, led by George Washington, created the United States Constitution.

Je déteste les enfants des autres (2007)

After deciding to share a vacation house, couples discover the difficulties of dealing with other people's children.

Not Everybody's Lucky Enough to Have Communist Parents (1993)

A communist activist fights the adoption of the 1958 Constitution of France.

The Gardener of Argenteuil (1966)

A retired racetrack gambler lives alone and spends his time gardening, but he also has a secret source of income. His godson discovers that the man is a master forger, and his godson's girlfriend sees this as an opportunity to get rich.

Neither Seen Nor Recognized (1958)

A poacher living in the woods of a small French village outwits the policeman trying to arrest him.

Pretty Devils (1999)

Three angry young women take revenge on men.

The Great Alibi (2008)

After a womanizer is brutally murdered at the home of a French senator, his wife is found dazed and confused next to his body and has a smoking gun in her hand.

Piccolo y Saxo (2006)

A collection of brass and string instruments band together to form a grand symphonic orchestra, then embark on a mission to find the evil doctor who stole some of their other instruments and musical notes in his quest to build the perfect instrument.

Éducation anglaise (1982)

After losing both her parents, Sylvie is enrolled in a sadistic boarding school by her ward.

Poliziotti (1994)

A young policeman strikes up a friendship with an older, more experienced colleague on the force.

Taxi, Trailer and Corrida (1958)

A family vacationing in Spain runs afoul of jewelry thieves.

The Big Scare (1964)

Two police inspectors pursue a dangerous forger who escaped from custody.

My Friends (2006)

Four girlfriends, who dream of winning a dance challenge, decide to substitute sensuality into their dance routine to make up for their lack of technical prowess.

Our Story (1984)

A desperate alcoholic meets a strange woman in a railway carriage: they make love, but then she disappears.

Sapthagiri Express (2016)

When Saptagiri discovers that his father's death was not a coincidence, but in fact a premeditated murder, he decides to find the killer and take revenge.

Keepers of the Magic (2016)

Filmmaker Vic Sarin provides insight into how some of cinema's most iconic moments came about.

Chokka Thangam (2003)

After Muthu gets his sister married, he is caught in a fix when the groom's parents force him to marry their daughter. However, Muthu is in love with another woman, Pavizham.

Fantasma (2006)

Fifty-six-year-old Argentino Vargas travels to Buenos Aires. He is waiting at the main hall of Teatro San Martín for someone to guide him to the tenth floor, where the movie he stars in is about to be screened. He has never been to a movie theater.

Fanny Pack (2016)

An overprotective father attempts to stop his daughter from boarding a flight to New York.

Family First (2018)

A man tries to maintain a proper balance between the numerous needs of his family, the job he is doing with his brother, and his involvements in his uncle's drug cartel.

T: Ghosts in the Machine (2017)

Two men from different backgrounds meet and discover that they are both guided by invisible ghosts.

Returnee (2017)

A repatriated family returns to their historic homeland.

Dark Fine Paradigms (2014)

Paddy is unceremoniously dumped by his girlfriend, Laura. When he begins dating Sunita, Laura has a sudden change of heart.

Dark Prism (2015)

The lives of three women collide when a giant prism descends upon planet Earth and warps reality.

Dancing Like Home (2014)

Filmmaker Joyce Guy journeys to Senegal, West Africa, to pursue the meanings of the traditional dance ceremonies of Casamance.

A Whale of a Tale (2016)

Local fishermen, international activists and an American journalist debate the hunting of whales and dolphins in the sleepy seaside town of Taiji, Japan.

Desperate Chocolate (2015)

Raegan decides to enter the crazy world of internet dating by joining DesperateChocolate.com. Her experience proves to be more bizarre than she could have ever imagined.

Astro (2018)

A billionaire's private space exploration program returns to Earth with a kidnapped alien.

All That... for This? (1992)

Two couples in crisis try to ascend Mount Blanc.

Comédie d'été (1989)

After failing his officer exams, a colonel's son returns home and falls for an attractive houseguest.

The One I Love (2009)

A single mother in her 30s finds satisfaction in a hidden affair with a new man.

La Sainte victoire (2008)

A naive architect aligns himself with a mayoral contender in the hopes that an election victory will grant him social recognition and political favors.

Angosto (2006)

A tragic string of events is unleashed when a girl's body is found.

AAA: Sin Límite en el Tiempo (2010)

The hatred between wrestling factions escapes the ring's limits.

Décharge (2011)

A former criminal, now living a contented life with his wife and children, is forced to confront his past when he crosses paths with a young drug addict.

The Dinner Guest (2007)

A newly hired employee panics after inviting his new boss to dinner, so he enlists his neighbor, a public relations whiz, to help plan the evening.

Things (1993)

A woman kidnaps her husband's mistress and tells her two horror stories about evil things.

Romeo and Juliet: A Love Song (2013)

Shakespeare's tale of star-crossed lovers is retold in a contemporary trailer park rock opera.

House of Grace (2005)

A teenage runaway joins a church to try to escape the dark world of drugs.

The Record Deal (2004)

A record label refuses to pay a rapper.

I Am a Standard Supporter (2012)

Milou, a true soccer fanatic, supports his team, Standard Liege, in every way he can.

Marcel Dassault, l'homme au pardessus (2013)

From World War I to the 1970s, an examination of the life of Marcel Dassault, who was a French aeronautical genius, a press magnate, an arms dealer and a politician.

At the Foot of the Rainbow (2017)

A hardworking man falls in love his best friend's wife in early 19th-century Indiana.

The Hungry Lion (2017)

When a high school girl is suspected of being in her teacher's sex video, she is stunned by her family's doubt and abused by online predators.

The Age of Blood (2017)

After a lost battle, Kim Ho, a once-proud swordsman for the king, is suddenly reappointed as a lowly prison guard. Working overnight on his first day, he runs headlong into an attempted prison break.

The Big Call (2017)

A young policeman joins forces with a highly skilled female undercover agent to stop phone scammers from stealing millions.

Margo Hoo Couldn't Sleep (2018)

When Margo can't sleep, she sneaks around the neighborhood at night and causes mischief by entering houses.

The Danger Element (2017)

A member of a secret order of crime fighters takes on the mob and a mad scientist with help from his estranged sister.

Take Me to Dinner (2014)

After falling in love, a burnt-out assassin decides he's had enough of killing and asks his associates to give him a retirement dinner.

Gnomies World (2016)

Gnomies live among people, mostly unseen. This peace-loving bunch explores its world with a sense of wonder and an unbounded love of nature.

A Happening of Monumental Proportions (2017)

Administrators at an elementary school scramble to hide a dead body from students and parents on Career Day.

Kitch Is Cool (2009)

The history of the Mexican rock band Botellita de Jerez.

Thalaivan (2014)

As the state police are busy eliminating the criminal gang of Daniel, a notorious terrorist, Thalaivan crops up as a bigger threat to the police department.

State Conspiracy (2013)

A terrorist organization threatens French territory just before the presidential elections and a policeman with questionable methods is called in to defeat the group.

Pauvre Richard (2013)

Two long-time friends share a job and a life in the suburbs; things begin to change when one of the men wins the lottery.

L'Orchestra: Claudio Abbado e i musicisti della Mozart (2014)

Maestro Claudio Abbado establishes the Mozart Orchestra in 2004 in Bologna, Italy, bringing together the best classical music performers in the world by mixing young and promising artists as well as established solo artists.

Junior (2011)

After being diagnosed with stomach flu, a 13-year-old boy's body undergoes a bizarre metamorphosis.

The Lottery Ticket (2013)

A suicidal man wins the lottery, only to lose his ticket after being assaulted.

L'ami, François d'Assise et ses frères (2016)

In the dawn of the 13th century in Italy, Saint Francis of Assisi lives a simple life but aggravates the Church. Surrounded by his brothers, he struggles to make his vision of a world of peace and equality recognized.

The Crescent (2017)

A woman and her small child are enfolded in an atmosphere of dread after moving to a remote estate on the coast.

The Oslo Diaries (2017)

The year is 1992, and Israeli-Palestinian relations are at an all time low. In an attempt to stop the bloodshed, a small group of Israelis and Palestinians meet in Oslo -- secretly and against the law. The unsanctioned meetings that changed the Middle East forever are chronicled only by the negotiators' diaries.

Lady Ganga: Nilza's Story (2015)

When Michele Baldwin is diagnosed with cervical cancer, she takes it as a call to action and decides to paddleboard over 700 miles down the River Ganga, breaking a world record and spreading awareness about the disease.

Are Golfers Cuckoo? (1926)

Poor golfers try to earn extra money as caddies.

Vieille canaille (1992)

A man who -- years earlier -- had murdered his wife, dines each week with the policeman investigating the crime.

Una Cita de Amor (1958)

A woman opposes her rich, established family to marry the man that she loves.

Something in the Air (2002)

Four friends decide to start a communal pirate radio station to give voice to their complaints.

Une nouvelle vie (2011)

A woman who hopes in vain that her husband will come out of a coma finds a taste for life with an Iraqi wrestler.

Bottom (2004)

When corporate cutbacks leave a man penniless, with a new baby on the way, he fights back with his only available weapon, a thirst for revenge.

Echoes in the Dark (2012)

A woman and her boyfriend's young daughter endure two nights of horror in a decrepit house that supposedly holds both a treasure of gold and a restless spirit.

Black Really Suits You (2011)

A Middle Eastern immigrant woman's romance with her European boss is discovered by her traditional father's friend.

The Other Football (2012)

The story of the Argentine Football Association.

Eat Locals (2017)

With their glory days long gone and facing difficult times, the eight undisputed British vampire overlords gather for their semi-centennial meeting.

Dieumerci! (2016)

A middle-aged ex-convict takes up acting.

Soul Robbers (2015)

A group of suspected insurgents arrives at an hacienda inhabited only by the owner, his daughters and a servant. Their eagerness not to leave the war empty-handed puts them at odds with the seemingly defenseless women, who have a macabre advantage.

Tout s'accélère (2016)

A teacher documents his students' reflections on the dizzying changes taking place in the world.

Paathi: The Half (2017)

A Theyyam face painter grapples with feelings of guilt over his other profession as a local medical practitioner who performs abortions.

Digna: Hasta el Último Aliento (2004)

A look at the life and career of Mexican lawyer Digna Ochoa y Plcido, from her first kidnapping by judicial police in August of 1988 to her tragic end in October of 2001. Testimonies highlight Ochoa's heroic actions in defense of human rights.

Au-Delà De La Haine (2005)

A family seeks justice after three skinheads murder a 29-year-old gay man in a park in France.

Tlayucán (1962)

A man turns to robbery to survive, but the locals will kill him if his identity is discovered. He finds a friend in the local priest.

Une journée bien remplie (1972)

A man plots to kill nine members of the jury that sentenced his son to death.

Edge of the Empire (2010)

A young warrior tries to stand up to a violent and oppressive empire in 12th-century Thailand.

Thumper (2017)

Teens in a low-income neighborhood get lured into working for a violent and dangerous drug dealer. When a new girl harboring a dark secret arrives in town, their relationship jeopardizes everything.

The Walls Talk (2012)

Three stories trace a Mexican couple's love across different centuries.

The Warning (1980)

Two honest cops meet a corrupt system head-on as they try to solve the murder of a fellow officer who may have been on the take.

Eternity (2013)

In the near future, detective Richard Manning must investigate the murder of a wealthy property investor inside a virtual reality computer game.

Éternité (2016)

Valentine marries at the end of the 19th century, and love passes through her family from generation to generation.

Munroe Island (2016)

A teenager is sent to his family's ancestral home in the hope that the idyllic surroundings will heal his troubled mind.

Susanne Bartsch: On Top (2017)

A film by Anthony&Alex.

Constructing Albert (2017)

In the world of haute cuisine, the name Ferran Adrià is synonymous with creativity. Now, younger brother Albert strives to establish his own culinary reputation.

C'est beau la vie quand on y pense (2016)

A man searches for the person who received the transplanted heart of his son.

Herstory (2018)

Bae Jeong-gil, who had been working as a housekeeper for Moon, the owner of a leading travel agency, suddenly and mysteriously disappears.

Wave (2017)

After a man wakes from a coma speaking a fully formed but unrecognizable language, he goes on to baffle linguistic experts from around the world.