All Starz Live (2005)

“Brian Hooks All Starz Live” is the stand-up comedy event of the year. The film is hosted by the hilarious Brian Hooks star of the widely popular UPN show "Eve," (Soul Plane, 3 Strikes, Nothin 2 Lose). Along with being the host, Brian Hooks kicks off the show with a stand up set that is guaranteed to bring side splitting laughter. Hooks' ability to take classic topics such as infidelity and nursery rhymes and put a fresh unique spin on i, is ingenious! The line-up includes four other comics that are bringing down the funny with a capital “F”! Check out the laughter brought on by the performances of Rodney Perry ("Johnson's Family Vacation," "Cedric the Entertainers Starting Line-Up" & "Malibooty"), Roman Murray (Comic View), Darryl Brunson (Chatroom & Comic Vie') and George Loving Jackson (The Luau).

Italiano medio (2015)

Italiano medio (lit. "Average Italian Man") is a 2015 Italian comedy film written, directed and starred by Maccio Capatonda.

Hi Stranger (2016)

Tikimentary (2009)

Destination Magoo (1954)

Lion Down (1951)

Lion Down is a 1951 Goofy cartoon featuring Goofy and Louie the Mountain Lion. The film's plot centers on Goofy and Louie competing for a comfortable place to rest. The film is Louie's third appearance.

Nick Danger in the Case of the Missing Yolk (1983)

Mutant Massacre 2 (1991)

Special Features (2015)

Banda Girls in Who's Your Sugar Daddy (2008)

Heart Full of Soul (1990)

Petal to the Metal (1992)

Adele (1919)

Adele is a lost 1919 silent film drama directed by Wallace Worsley and starring Kitty Gordon. This was an independent production.

The Twin Pawns (1919)

Piano Grand! A Smithsonian Celebration (2000)

50 Cent: Shoot First (2003)

The Katherine Reed Story (1965)

Mother and Brother (2015)

A Pest in the House (1947)

A Pest in the House is an animated short film released on August 2, 1947. It is directed by Chuck Jones and stars the characters of Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd. The title is an appropriate play on "a guest in the house." The film is notable for featuring a sort of "in-between" interpretation of Daffy. He is not necessarily the zany, impish interpretation used famously by Tex Avery and Bob Clampett, nor is he the greedy, self-centered version that Chuck Jones later popularized in the 1950s. As Paul Dini said in the DVD audio commentary for this cartoon: "[In this cartoon, Daffy] is really kind of almost like a sprite. He's just a little, almost elfin creature who's not really out to hurt anybody or has any ill will or malice toward anybody. He's just completely out of his mind." It was only one of three non-Bugs Bunny cartoons from 1947 not to be reissued. The others were Catch as Cats Can and Mexican Joyride. The cartoon was followed up in 1948 by Daffy Duck Slept Here, wherein Daffy (this time as a fellow guest) again doesn't let a hotel patron sleep - in this case Porky Pig

Two Years (2010)

Queens Bound (2008)

Price To Pay (2006)

Money Squawks (1940)

This Is Your Day (2016)

Ein echter Hausfrauenfreund (1975)

Confessions of a Queen (1925)

Confessions of a Queen is a 1925 American silent drama film directed by Victor Sjöström based upon a novel by Alphonse Daudet, Les Rois en Exil. Only an incomplete print of the film survives.

Sod Sisters (1969)

Joy Kevin (2014)

Barry Crimmins: Whatever Threatens You (2016)

When Dinosaurs Roamed America (2001)

When Dinosaurs Roamed America (shortened to When Dinosaurs Roamed outside of the U.S.) is a two-hour American television program (produced in the style of a traditional nature documentary) that first aired on Discovery Channel in 2001. It was directed by Pierre de Lespinois and narrated by actor John Goodman. The featured dinosaurs were designed by Paleo-artist and art director Mark Dubeau, noted for creating dinosaurs for many other Discovery Channel and National Geographic specials. The dinosaur animation was accomplished by animator Don Waller at Meteor Studios, in Montreal, Canada. The music was composed by Christopher Franke (ex-member from Tangerine Dream). When Dinosaurs Roamed America premiered to 5 million viewers.

The Science of Star Trek (1995)

Googas (2008)

Chasseur (2013)

Peccati di gioventù (1975)

Peccati di gioventù, internationally released as So Young, So Lovely, So Vicious..., is a 1975 Italian coming-of-age-drama film directed by Silvio Amadio.

No Trespassing 2: No Exit (2004)

Mickey Reece's Alien (2017)

Akram Khan: Homeland (2011)

Anti-Cats (1950)

Backstreet Boys: Backstreet Stories (1999)

Una famiglia (2017)

Vincent was born fifty years ago near Paris, but has cut off every bond with his roots. Maria, fifteen years his junior, grew up in Ostia, but no longer sees her family. Together they form a couple who does not seem to need anyone and lead a secluded existence in the indolent and distracting city of Rome, an ideal cradle for those who want to live away from prying eyes. In addition, Vincent and Mary are good at camouflaging themselves: when they take the metro, they sit neatly, tenderly embraced. Sometimes they dine at the restaurant, more interested in looking into their eyes than food in their dishes. When they come home, they make love with the passion of the beginnings, in a suburban apartment that she has carefully furnished. Yet, if you look closely, everyday life is not as happy as it seems. Arriving at what her instinct tells her to be the last pregnancy, Maria decides that it's time to form a true family. The choice leads to an inevitable consequence.

Malcom and Melvin (1997)

The Jack Rider (1921)

Ain't She Tweet (1952)

Ain't She Tweet is a "Looney Tunes" (reissued as a Blue Ribbon Merrie Melodies in 1961) cartoon animated short starring Tweety and Sylvester. Released June 21, 1952, the cartoon is directed by Friz Freleng. The voices were performed by Mel Blanc and Bea Benaderet. The title is a play on the song "Ain't She Sweet."

Symphony of Lianhua (1937)

A Four Course Meal (2005)

Sinbad: Son of a Preacher Man (1996)

Ricky the Handyman (2009)

Liv (1967)

Liv is a 1967 Norwegian drama film directed by Pål Løkkeberg. It was entered into the 17th Berlin International Film Festival.

My Rifle, My Baby, and Me (2012)

Perfect in '76 (2017)

Inferior Decorator (1965)

Inferior Decorator is a 1948 animated short film produced in Technicolor by Walt Disney Productions and released to theaters by RKO Radio Pictures.

The Metropolitan Opera: Rusalka (2017)

The American Consul (1917)

The American Consul is a 1917 American drama silent film directed by Rollin S. Sturgeon and written by Thomas J. Geraghty, Harvey F. Thew and Paul West. The film stars Theodore Roberts, Ernest Joy, Maude Fealy, Charles West, Raymond Hatton and Tom Forman. The film was released on February 15, 1917, by Paramount Pictures.

When Hell Freezes Over (1926)

Return of the Living Dead: Designing the Dead (2002)

The Last Abduction (2015)

Rhythm on the Roof (1934)

Cordoba Nights (2007)

Dracula in Vegas (1999)

3:52 (2005)

Two for Tea (2014)

Ghost Riders (1987)

Sea Devil (2015)

Lost Imagination (2016)

Der König der Kannibalen (2016)

The Making of 'Psycho' (1997)

Swan Lake (2009)

Premier Khrushchev in the USA (1959)

At First Sight (1924)

Healed (2015)

Natás es Satán (1977)

Jewels (2011)

The Kill Play (2017)

Felix the Cat Shatters the Sheik (1926)

Obituaries (2014)

The Mountain Eagle (1926)

The Mountain Eagle is a 1926 British silent film, and Alfred Hitchcock's second as director, following The Pleasure Garden. The film, a romantic melodrama set in Kentucky, is about a widower (Bernhard Goetzke) who jealously competes with his crippled son (John F. Hamilton) and a man he loathes (Malcolm Keen) over the affections of a schoolteacher (Nita Naldi). The film was mostly produced at the Emelka Film studios in Munich, Germany in autumn of 1925, with exterior scenes shot in the village of Obergurgl in the State of Tyrol, Austria. Production was plagued with problems, including the destruction of a village roof and Hitchcock experiencing altitude sickness. Due to producing the film in Germany, Hitchcock had more directorial freedom than he would have had in England, and he was influenced by German cinematic style and technique. The film was screened for the producers in October 1926 who did not approve of it, and it was not until after the success of Hitchcock's The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog that the film was released in May 1927. The film was poorly received and criticised for its lack of realism, and Hitchcock himself was relieved that the film was lost. Six surviving stills of The Mountain Eagle are reproduced in François Truffaut's book, and further stills have been found to exist. In 2012, a set of 24 still photographs were found in an archive of one of Hitchcock's close friends. The Cine Tirol Film Commission has described it as "the most wanted film in the world", and the British Film Institute has the film on the top of their BFI 75 Most Wanted list of missing films and is actively searching for it.

Mademoiselle Has Fun (1948)

Mademoiselle Has Fun (French: Mademoiselle s'amuse) is a 1948 French comedy film directed by Jean Boyer and starring Ray Ventura, Giselle Pascal and Bernard Lancret. It portrays the adventures of an American heiress in France.

Thugs, Mugs and Violence.... (2009)

Zwei Matrosen auf der Alm (1958)

The Great Flight (2015)

Phometrica (2015)

Shadow Island (2015)

Camp Hideaway Massacre (2018)

44 (2007)

Eye on the World: The Rise of Walter Cronkite and the Evening News (2017)

Träum' nicht, Annette (1949)

Don't Dream, Annette (German: Träum' nicht, Annette) is a 1949 German comedy film directed by Eberhard Klagemann and Helmut Weiss and starring Jenny Jugo, Max Eckard and Karl Schönböck. It was made by DEFA in the Soviet Zone of Germany which was soon afterwards to become East Germany. The film's art direction was by Wilhelm Depenau, Otto Erdmann and Kurt Herlth.

Marika (1950)

Child of the Danube (German:Kind der Donau) is a 1950 Austrian musical film directed by Georg Jacoby and starring Marika Rökk, Fred Liewehr and Harry Fuß. It was one of a cycle of popular musicals made by Jacoby and Rökk. The film was shot using Agfacolor at the Soviet-controlled Rosenhügel Studios in Vienna.

The Brown Wallet (1936)

The Brown Wallet is a 1936 British crime film, directed by Michael Powell and starring Patric Knowles. The Brown Wallet, adapted from a short story by Stacy Aumonier, was one of over 20 quota quickies directed by Powell between 1931 and 1936. It is among eleven of these films of which no extant print is known to survive, and its current status is "missing, believed lost".

Eleven Years and One Day (1963)

Eleven Years and One Day (German: Elf Jahre und ein Tag) is a 1963 West German drama film directed by Gottfried Reinhardt and starring Ruth Leuwerik, Bernhard Wicki and Paul Hubschmid.It was shot at the Bavaria Studios in Munich and on location in Salzburg.

Juliette, or Key of Dreams (1951)

Juliette, or Key of Dreams (French: Juliette ou La clef des songes) is a 1951 French drama film directed by Marcel Carné. It was entered into the 1951 Cannes Film Festival. The film is based on a play by Georges Neveux.

Bling Bling: Bling-A-Long (2005)

Deadwood Dick (1940)

Not to be confused with the nineteenth century dime novel hero, Deadwood Dick Deadwood Dick (1940) was the 11th serial released by Columbia Pictures.

Sunset of Power (1936)

Sunset of Power is a 1936 American Western film directed by Ray Taylor and written by Earle Snell. The film stars Buck Jones, Dorothy Dix, Charles Middleton, Donald Kirke, Ben Corbett and Charles King. The film was released on January 22, 1936, by Universal Pictures.

Ben Folds Five Live from the Warfield (2013)

U2: Under A Blood Red Sky (1983)

The Soul of Nigger Charley (1973)

The Soul of Nigger Charley is a 1973 blaxploitation western film directed by Larry Spangler and starring Fred Williamson. It is the sequel to 1972's The Legend of Nigger Charley. It is followed by Boss Nigger. It is rated R in the United States.

Sound it Out: The Untitled LGBTQIA Music Documentary (2017)

Aftermath On Meadowlark Lane (2007)

Shut Up and Deal (1969)

David Blyth's Damn Laser Vampires (2012)