Boone (2016)

Three young goat farmers transition with the seasons and come to terms with the physical and emotional grit required to live in a deep relationship with the land.

The Barnyard Concert (1930)

Conductor Mickey Mouse and his animal friends put on a concert.

Chips Ahoy (1956)

Chip and Dale take Donald Duck's boat to cross the lake that stands between them and many acorns.

K2: The Italian Mountain (2012)

The events of 12 climbers who are united by a single dream: to be the first to conquer the K2.

The Unexpected Life (2013)

The visit of a successful cousin forces a failed actor (Javier Cámara) to tell the truth about his lack of accomplishments.

Great Expectations (1934)

A young boy, Pip (George Breakston), encounters an escaped prisoner, Magwitch (Henry Hull), and steals food for him. After the convict is captured, Pip meets the reclusive Miss Havisham (Florence Reed) and her niece, Estella (Anne Howard), eventually becoming friends with the girl. Wealth comes to Pip via a mysterious benefactor and he goes off to London for an education. As adults, Pip (Phillips Holmes) and Estella (Jane Wyatt) become romantic, and Pip learns the identity of his patron.

Criminal Xing (2007)

In order to move up the ladder in the crime world, six men must compete in various tasks, each more dangerous than the last.

Dimension 5 (1966)

A secret agent (Jeffrey Hunter) with a time-travel belt saves Los Angeles from a hydrogen bomb hidden by Chinese spies.

Fist of Fury III (1979)

After he avenges his brother's murder, a man and his family are harassed by a notorious Far East organization.

Karagattakaran (1989)

A dance troupe travels to a village to perform at the annual temple festival.

Sweethearts on Parade (1953)

A medicine-show man (Ray Middleton) stops in the town where his ex-wife (Lucille Norman) lives with their daughter (Eileen Christy).

Domain of the Damned (2007)

An unconnected group of people find themselves drawn together at a haunted attraction on the side of a highway, only to realize that the very gates of hell await them inside.

Wild in the Country (1961)

A young Southern man with a troubled family life, Glenn Tyler (Elvis Presley) is forced to go on probation after a big brawl with his brother. Working with lovely counselor Irene Sperry (Hope Lange), Glenn tries to get his life back on track and decides that he wants to be a writer. Problems arise when the nosy citizens of his tiny town think that Glenn is involved with Irene, even though he has been pursuing romance with girls his own age, including Betty Lee Parsons (Millie Perkins).

Muraren (2002)

Acclaimed Swedish film and stage actor Thommy Berggren reflects on his career, his upbringing and what it means to be an actor. Looming over his decision to pursue the actor's path is his stormy relationship with his father, a radical activist destroyed by alcoholism. Thommy never loses sight of his father's championing of the oppressed, which always informs his acting. As director Stefan Jarl follows the actor for many years, an in-depth portrait of the creative process unfolds.

Jean de La Fontaine, le défi (2007)

The poet goes up against the financial advisor to the king after he has his friend Fouquet arrested. He stands by him despite being penniless writes the Fables as a protest against a despotic government.

Prostitute (1980)

A prostitute from Birmingham leaves her friends and family behind to seek her fortunes in London.

Clubhouse Detectives in Big Trouble (2002)

In need of cash to decorate their hut, young sleuths (Jonathan Cronin, Brittany Armstrong) use a map to search for treasure.

The Fighting Coward (1924)

Southerner Tom Rumford is sent up north to be raised by relatives who happen to be Quakers.

Young & Restless in China (2008)

Chinese youth adjust to a rapidly changing society.

The Last Word (1979)

A Los Angeles TV newswoman (Karen Black) follows an Irish inventor's (Richard Harris) fight to save his building from urban renewal.

Leap Year (1961)

Three families find their fates unexpectedly intertwined on New Year's Eve.

Entre Abelhas (2015)

People around Bruno begin to disappear.

Bastards and Devils (2015)

Two estranged half-brothers fulfill their dead father's will by traveling through Colombia to connect with family, their father's homeland, and each other.

Lady from Chungking (1942)

A Chinese guerrilla (Anna May Wong) flirts with a Japanese general (Harold Huber), then slips him a Mickey.

The Lady Without Camelias (1953)

An Italian producer (Andrea Checchi) marries a shopgirl (Luca Bos) and tries to make her a respectable movie star.

East Side Sushi (2014)

A Latina woman (Diana Elizabeth Torres) aspires to become a sushi chef while working in a Japanese restaurant.

Mad About Dance (2014)

A dance film focusing on the youth, their dreams and hopes for their future. Based in the university town of Sheffield, the film brings to light the stories of Asian students who leave their home and country and go to study abroad, their struggles, trials and triumphs.

Of Dice and Men (2014)

When a member of a role-playing group enlists to go to Iraq, the lives of the entire group are affected.

The Marketing of Madness: Are We All Insane? (2010)

A lucrative association has developed between pharmaceutical manufacturers and the psychiatric profession.

This Summer Feeling (2016)

A young French woman's friends and family struggle to move on after she dies in Berlin.

Velvet Revolution (2005)

A criminal's cell phone serves as the catalyst for series of catastrophic global events.

The Young Believers (2012)

Four teens (Brandon Vielkind, Eryn Moore, Ryan N. Taylor) make a pact to avoid alcohol, drugs and sex before marriage.

Girlfriend 19 (2014)

A woman wrestles with anger, fear and desire and feels trapped by her emotions when her ex-boyfriend shows up on her doorstep looking to reconcile.

Dead Fury (2008)

Gore-drenched horror parody about a group of backwoods hunters who come face to face with an ancient evil that's determined to swallow their savory souls.

Fire! (1990)

A forestry engineer sets out to find a ritual clay pot reputed to contain a medicinal plant with amazing healing power.

Forgotten Farms (2016)

New England dairy farmers struggle for survival in today's economy.

Just a Measure of Faith (2014)

Jacob, a husband and good friend, handles life's challenges alone by refusing to allow God to help. His wife Kayla, a strong believer in God, helps overcome their problems while leading him in the direction of faith.

Wild Australia: The Edge (1996)

Filmmaker John Weiley examines natural vistas in Australia, including canyons, rivers and waterfalls.

The Dirty 30 (2014)

A brokenhearted man lets his friend play matchmaker, only to discover that the gal he is falling in love with is a former escort.

The Big Show (1923)

Arrogant film star Tom Ford (Gene Autry) goes AWOL before a high-profile personal appearance at the Texas Centennial Exposition in Dallas. In a panic, publicist Lee Wilson (William Newell) instructs Ford's screen double, kindhearted cowboy Gene Autry (also Autry), to go on in Ford's place. Gangster Rico (Harry Worth), to whom Ford owes $10,000, and Ford's fiance, Toodles (Sally Payne), complicate the deception, as does Gene's budding romance with lady rancher Marion (Kay Hughes).

Thirst (1979)

When Kate Davis (Chantal Contouri) is kidnapped by members of a cult, she is shocked to discover that they believe her to be a descendant of the notorious Elizabeth Bathory, known as the Blood Queen. The cult, which harvests humans for their blood, tries to enlist Kate to join, but she refuses. After being drugged against the advice of Fraser (David Hemmings), the cult's doctor, Kate returns home -- only to find her husband taken captive. Dr. Fraser offers to help, but can he be trusted?

Love at First Hiccough (1999)

Sixteen-year-old Victor (Robert Hansen) has his heart set on a girl who's hopelessly out of his league. Anja (Sofie Lassen-Kahlke) isn't just gorgeous -- she's two years older than he is. Yet Victor is determined to win her. The perfect chance comes along when he throws a party and Anja and her friend Gitte (Mira Wanting) show up. Unfortunately, her boyfriend, Peter (Joachim Knop), does too. And if that isn't 't bad enough, Victor finds himself the victim of an ill-timed attack of the hiccups.

Wesley Willis's Joyrides (2008)

The life and work of rock musician Willis.

Special Effects: Anything Can Happen (1996)

Filmmaker Ben Burtt shows how special effects are used in movies like "King Kong," "Independence Day," "Jumanji." John Lithgow narrates.

Beyond the Rocks (1922)

Theodora Fitzgerald (Gloria Swanson) doesn't love Josiah Brown (Robert Bolder), but she agrees to marry the older millionaire so he can provide for her father and two sisters. Just as the young socialite has consigned herself to living in a loveless marriage, she meets the suave and handsome Lord Bracondale (Rudolph Valentino). Although she falls madly in love with Bracondale almost immediately, Theodora tries to resist his charms, but she can quell her love for only so long.

Moran of the Lady Letty (1922)

In this dialogue-free film, rich Spanish youth Ramon Laredo (Rudolph Valentino) is kidnapped by the heartless Capt. Kitchell (Walter Long) and forced to work as a seafaring bootlegger. But when Laredo saves a man from a sinking ship, he realizes that this new passenger, Moran (Dorothy Dalton), is actually a beautiful woman camouflaging herself as a male to avoid the advances of lecherous sailers. When the captain learns Moran's true identity, Ramon must battle him for the woman's honor.

Undercover Maisie (1947)

Chorus girl Maisie (Ann Sothern) helps a Los Angeles police detective (Barry Nelson) catch a gang of con artists.

High Heels (1991)

A French doctor (Jean-Paul Belmondo) marries a homely woman (Mia Farrow), then meets her beautiful sister (Laura Antonelli).

Flash and the Firecat (1976)

Two thrill-seekers team up for a high-speed joyride that arouses the attention of an army of police officers.

My Mother the General (1979)

An Israeli commander soon loses face when his bossy mother shows up at his post to take care of him.

Dr. Gillespie's New Assistant (1942)

The hospital superiors order aging Dr. Gillespie (Lionel Barrymore) to hire an assistant, so the old physician reluctantly agrees to choose between upstarts Dr. Adams (Van Johnson), Dr. Lee Wong How (Keye Luke) and Dr. Lindsey (Richard Quine). Instead of testing their scientific smarts, Gillespie decides to show the young men that medical school alone cannot make someone into a good caregiver. Eventually, the three hopefuls realize they should take the elderly doctor's advice to heart.

Fish Kill Flea (2007)

Exposing the disposable culture of the United States.

Land Of Confusion (2008)

A National Guard Unit from Pennsylvania transitions from citizens to soldiers when they are sent to Iraq to search for weapons of mass destruction.

Do You Take This Stranger? (1971)

A man (Gene Barry) schemes to collect $1 million by having a dying man (Lloyd Bridges) assume his identity on a trip around the world.

The Outlaw and His Wife (1917)

Committing a petty crime forces a Swedish farmer and his wife into hiding in Iceland.

Never Say Die (1939)

A girl (Martha Raye) in love with a bus driver (Andy Devine) marries a rich hypochondriac (Bob Hope) given one month to live.

Evolution (1971)

From single cell organisms in the ocean to modern man.

The Beat (1988)

A New York teacher (John Savage) indulges a mad high-school poet (David Jacobson) who sees himself as a mythic hero.

Thread of Lies (2014)

Together with her oldest daughter, a single mother (Kim Hee Ae) tries to understand why her youngest daughter killed herself with no warning.

Snapped (2005)

A photographer (Tiffany Knight) collects images of the dead, while a serial killer continues to terrorize the area.

Night Ride (1930)

When recently fired truck drivers start their own company, their former boss tries to sabotage their business.

The Promise (1996)

Roger (Olivier Gourmet) uses his 15-year-old son, Igor (Jrmie Renier), to help traffic, house and ruthlessly exploit illegal immigrants in Belgium. When African immigrant Amidou (Rasmane Ouedraogo) tumbles from a scaffold, Igor finds him before he dies and promises that he will take care of his wife and baby. Forced by his father to cover up the death, Igor struggles to choose between loyalty to his unsavory parent and keeping the promise that he made to the dying man.

Muneeza in the Middle (2014)

A beautiful young Muslim woman's modern interpretation of her religion causes problems when she has her first child.

By Mutual Agreement (2014)

A bickering man (Alexandre Steiger) and woman (Anouk Feral) realize that the birth of their son (Timothé Vom Dorp) made their relationship go sour.

Comedy of Innocence (2000)

Camille (Nils Hugon) frightens his mother, Ariane (Isabelle Huppert), during his ninth birthday party when he proclaims that she's not his real parent. The next day, he leads her to the home of violin teacher Isabella (Jeanne Balibar), whose son died by drowning two years ago and would now be the same age as Camille. Isabella, a mentally unstable patient of Camille's psychiatrist uncle, Serge (Charles Berling), claims the boy is her dead son reincarnated -- and moves in with the family.

The Letter (1929)

The wife (Jeanne Eagels) of a plantation owner (Reginald Owen) in Malaysia shoots a man (Herbert Marshall) and claims that the act was in self-defense, however during the ensuing trial, a lawyer (O.P. Heggie) becomes aware of her love letter to the victim, which changes the face of the case.

Crusader (2005)

An unethical reporter (Andrew McCarthy) uncovers a secret that affects the telecommunications industry.

Benjamin's Woman (1991)

A shopkeeper (Eduardo Lpez Rojas) in his 50s kidnaps a teen girl (Arcelia Ramrez) he lusts after, then wishes he hadn't.

The Great Adventure (1975)

An orphan (Fred Romer), his wild dog and a dance-hall queen (Joan Collins) thwart a Yukon bully (Jack Palance) in gold-rush Dawson City.

Clockmaker (1998)

A teenager and his friends must travel to the past to repair a rip in the fabric of the space-time continuum.

The Rat (1926)

A chance encounter in the Parisian underworld changes four lives forever.

Angel in Training (1998)

A young basketball player and her father are able to pursue their dreams with the help of two angels.

Flame and the Fire (1966)

Bounding from one continent to another, from desert to jungle, this documentary examines the habits and customs of people whose lives are unaffected by the modern world. In New Guinea, director Pierre-Dominique Gaisseau's crew spends time with jungle villagers who honor the deceased by preserving their corpses, and in Africa they film the resourceful people of the Kalahari. Other subjects include a Brazilian community whose male members wear lip-stretching jewelry.

Socios Por Accidente (2014)

Matias, is a Russian translator, gets recruited by Interpol to use his skills as a translator in a dangerous mission.

Angel on My Tree (2014)

A Christmas wish leaves a hopeless romantic with three suitors.

Counterfeiters (1948)

A Scotland Yard inspector (John Sutton) poses as a crook to help T-men catch a global counterfeiter (Hugh Beaumont).

Little Accident (1939)

A newsman (Hugh Herbert) posing as a baby expert finds an abandoned baby girl (Baby Sandy) on his desk.

Brash Young Turks (2016)

Young go-getters fight against oppression, greed and prejudice.

The Algerian War! (2014)

A man threatens another at gunpoint.

Waterfront Women (1950)

A wayward seaman (Robert Newton) unfortunately returns to his Liverpool wife (Kathleen Harrison) and family.

Pot au feu (1964)

The recipe and creation of a cannabis joint.

Abbasso la miseria! (1945)

An honest truck driver gets mixed up in black-market smuggling and winds up adopting a streetwise orphan.

The Creeper (1948)

A scientist's (Onslow Stevens) phosphorus serum derived from cats turns someone into a killer with paws.

It's Alive III: Island Of The Alive (1987)

The father (Michael Moriarty) of a monster baby goes where it and others like it have been banished by the state.

Rip-Off (1971)

Four high-school pals go from making a movie to forming a rock band to scoping out communal life.

43 (2015)

Forty-three students go missing in Guerrero, Mexico.

The Trail of the Lonesome Pine (1936)

City engineer Jack Hale (Fred MacMurray) travels to Lonesome Pine, Ky., to set up a railroad, where he lands in the middle of a long-running feud between the Tolliver and Falin families. After rescuing an injured Dave Tolliver (Henry Fonda), Jack meets Dave's cousin, June (Sylvia Sidney), who becomes infatuated with his cultured manner. Dave, who intends to marry June, grows jealous when she sets out to educate herself for Jack, but is grudgingly grateful when Jack helps battle the Falins.

Buddha Wild: Monk In A Hut (2006)

Thai and Sri Lankan monks talk about their way of life and commitment to Buddhism.

La marche à suivre (2014)

Filmmaker Jean-François Caissy explores the teenage existence and the rules by which youths govern their lives.

Achanak (1973)

Dr Chaudhary has to perform a surgery on an army officer shot by the police. However, he is in a dilemma because the officer has been sentenced to death.

Trouble In Texas (1937)

A singing cowboy (Tex Ritter) and an undercover woman (Rita Cansino) expose a deadly rodeo racket where stars are being killed with poison needles.

Cradle of Lies (2006)

While pregnant with a baby girl, a woman learns her husband must have a son to inherit his family's fortune.

Despite The Gods (2012)

In India, American filmmaker Jennifer Lynch ("Boxing Helena") endures a difficult shoot and struggles to care for her young daughter during the production of "Hisss."

Hector the Mighty (1972)

The wife of the head of the Italian mob is kidnapped and two powerful gangs fight over her even though she does not want to be rescued.

The Floating Shadow (2012)

After trying to kill a fellow prisoner, a woman (Li Jia) reveals the dark secrets of her past to a police investigator.

Wintercourse (1962)

Filmmaker Paul Sharits documents a relationship that is seemingly carefree yet full of apprehensions.

Turn Left (2006)

Three hit men and a young recruit come out of hiding to do one final job that promises to be a huge payday.

Thillu Mullu (2013)

A young man tells a number of lies to his boss to keep his job.

Three Rookies (2005)

With no jobs to speak of and no money left to spend, three desperate losers somehow wind up going to work for the severely understaffed Atlanta Police Department.

The Windy City Incident (2005)

A rent boy from Olympia, Washington says goodbye to his boyfriend and sets out for Chicago in hopes of finally discovering the truth about the ghosts who visit him every night.