Eureka (1974)

Do You Remember The First Time? (1994)

Max Headroom Pirating Incident (1987)

Frame-Up II: The Cover-Up (1994)

Grim (1985)

Wall (1987)

Khorosho (2010)

The Erlking (2003)

Mumbai Love (2014)

Le 20 heures dans les camps (1993)

Dhanush 5am Vaguppu (2014)

Yes, Madam (1942)

Yes, Madam (Italian:Sissignora) is a 1942 Italian romance film directed by Ferdinando Maria Poggioli and starring María Denis, Leonardo Cortese and Emma Gramatica.

The Hairdresser and the Millionaire (1998)

The Curse of the Swastika (1940)

Anna Nicole Smith: Exposed (1998)

Battements solaires (2008)

Bully for Pink (1965)

The Pink Panther becomes a Toreador, borrowing his cloak from Marvelo the magician.

Elements of Nothing (2007)

Sientje (1997)

Little Pig Is Flying (2005)

Wing: The Fish That Talked Back (2007)

Gorgoroth: Black Mass Krakow 2004 (2008)

Kiss, Cuddle and Celebrate (1998)

Crusty Demons: Nine Lives (2003)

Byt (1968)

The Flat (Czech: Byt) is a 1968 Czechoslovak animation and comedy film directed by Jan Svankmajer. The film starring Ivan Kraus and Juraj Herz in the lead roles.

Seven Murders for Scotland Yard (1972)

Seven Murders for Scotland Yard (Spanish:Jack el destripador de Londres / Jack the Ripper of London) is a 1971 Italian-Spanish crime film directed by José Luis Madrid and starring Paul Naschy, Patricia Loran and Renzo Marignano. It was based on the story of Jack the Ripper, here depicted as a cannibal.

KussKuss - Dein Glück gehört mir (2006)

Oliver's Apartment (2011)

Honey's Money (1962)

Honey's Money is a 1962 Merrie Melodies animated short featuring Yosemite Sam. Honey's Money is a remake of the 1950s shorts "His Bitter Half" and "Hare Trimmed." In The Bitter Half short, Daffy marries a woman duck for her money, but is thrown for a loop when his wife (who in Honey's Money is merely known as "the wealthy widow") immediately becomes a nag and forces him to do housework and spend quality time with a son she didn't previously reveal. The same basic situation appears in Honey's Money, with Yosemite Sam in Daffy's place, a different design for the son, Wentworth, and some different gags. Additionally, the personalities of the two Wentworths—the innocent, dim-witted hulk of a child in "Honey's Money," vs. the brat featured in "His Bitter Half"—are different, which results in different executions of the same cartoon. In addition some of the features from "Hare Trimmed" are added but without Bugs Bunny.

Female Leopard (1985)

Space Coast (1979)

New York Near Sleep for Saskia (1972)

Sun Tunnels (1978)

Marco Polo (Opera) (2008)

In den dierentuin van Antwerpen (1910)

Travelling Circus (1988)

The Floor Below (1918)

The Floor Below is an American silent film starring Mabel Normand, Tom Moore and Helen Dahl. It was long thought lost, until a print was found "in the estate of a Dutch collector" by the Nederlands Filmmuseum.

Mind the Steps! (1989)

Smärtgränsen (1983)

Beyond Sorrow, Beyond Pain (Swedish: Smärtgränsen) is a 1983 Swedish documentary film directed by Agneta Elers-Jarleman. The film won the Guldbagge Award for Best Film at the 20th Guldbagge Awards.

The Praying Mantis (2009)

The Discontentment of Ed Telfair (2013)

Der Auftritt (1996)

Le Sedie di Dio (2014)

Alone in the Zone (2011)

Life 3D: Water, the Element of Life (2013)

This Is John (2003)

Hipnotismo ao Domicílio (1927)

Foreman vs. Ali (1974)

Whom the Gods Destroy (1934)

Whom the Gods Destroy is a 1934 American drama film directed by Walter Lang.

Wo die Lerche singt (1936)

Where the Lark Sings (German:Wo die Lerche singt) is a 1936 musical comedy film directed by Carl Lamac and starring Mártha Eggerth, Alfred Neugebauer and Hans Söhnker. It is an Operetta film, based on the 1918 work Where the Lark Sings by Franz Lehár. The film was a German language co-production between Hungary, Germany and Switzerland

Camera, Monitor, Frame (1976)

Navigations #1 – #4 (2013)

Nocni igraci (1990)

Song 2 (1964)

Song 5 (1964)

Hand Catching Lead (1968)

The Vagabond Queen (1929)

The Vagabond Queen is a 1929 British comedy film directed by Géza von Bolváry and starring Betty Balfour, Glen Byam Shaw and Ernest Thesiger. It was the final film directed in Britain by Bolváry before he returned to Germany. It was made by British International Pictures. A young woman takes the place of a Princess who is a target for an assassination.

Big Bad Sindbad (1952)

Rainbows are Real (2013)

The Tears of an Onion (1938)

Frau Venus und ihr Teufel (1967)

Frau Venus und ihr Teufel is an East German film. It was released in 1967.

Waylon Jennings Live in Nashville (2009)

Chihuly in the Hotshop (2008)

National Geographic: Wild Adventure - Vol. 2 (2012)

Buy Bye Beauty (2001)

Buy Bye Beauty is a 2001 documentary film by Swedish director and performance artist Pål Hollender. The film is about the way Latvian sex industry and its being fueled by businessmen and sex tourists from Sweden visiting Riga. The film was shot in Riga in July 2000. The narration of the film is in English, with interviews conducted in Russian and Latvian.

Reise nach Tulum (2011)

Kayavan (2013)

Karumpuli (2013)

Monster Island (2014)

Die Nacht der Königin Isabeau (1920)

The Night of Queen Isabeau (German: Die Nacht der Königin Isabeau) is a 1920 German silent historical drama film directed by Robert Wiene and starring Fern Andra, Fritz Kortner, Hans Heinrich von Twardowski and Elsa Wagner. The film depicts the marriage between the mad Charles VI of France and his wife Queen Isabeau. The film is now considered a lost film, but contemporary reviews praised Wiene's direction. The story revolves around insanity, a common theme in his films.

The Naked and the Wicked (1951)

The Ungrateful Heart (Neapolitan: Core 'ngrato) is a 1951 Italian melodrama film directed by Guido Brignone and starring Carla Del Poggio, Frank Latimore and Gabriele Ferzetti. It takes its name from the Neapolitan song "Core 'ngrato". The film's sets were designed by Piero Filippone.

La Zandunga (1938)

La Zandunga is a 1938 Mexican romantic drama film directed by Fernando de Fuentes and starring the "Mexican Spitfire" Lupe Vélez.

Faith, Hope and Witchcraft (1960)

Faith, Hope and Witchcraft (Danish: Tro, håb og trolddom) is a 1960 Danish family film directed by Erik Balling and starring Bodil Ipsen. It was entered into the 10th Berlin International Film Festival.

A Tale from the Past (1987)

A Tale from the Past (Albanian: Përralle Nga e Kaluara) is a 1987 Albanian historic comedy film directed by Dhimiter Anagnosti.Based on the book A Bridegroom at Fourteen by Andon Zako Çajupi.

Pacifier (1995)

Malai Nattu Mangai (1973)

The Coyote and the Tortoise (2008)

Safrana or Freedom of Speech (1978)

Five on a Treasure Island (1957)

Five on a Treasure Island is an 8-part 1957 British film serial made by the Children's Film Foundation, based on the novel of the same name by Enid Blyton. It was filmed in Dorset, UK, at Corfe Castle, in Corfe Castle Village, the Jurassic Coast, Lulworth Cove and Stair Hole near Lulworth Cove which served as the Kirrin Island landing spot for the rowing boat in the movie. The antique store from the beginning of the movie was filmed at Oliver's in 5 West Street, Corfe Castle Village, Dorset, UK.

Un estate con sentimento (1970)

Sugarcoated Arsenic (2014)

Hello How Am I (1939)

Little Ol' Bosko in Bagdad (1938)

Joan Armatrading: All the Way from America (2004)

George Dandin (1999)

Die falsche Braut (1945)

Ten Bob in Winter (1963)

Woodstock Jazz Festival (1981)

Anak Ng Bulkan (1959)

Alarm (1941)

Alarm is a 1941 German crime film directed by Herbert B. Fredersdorf and starring Karl Martell, Maria von Tasnady and Paul Klinger. The production was made by the independent Aco-Film rather than one of Germany's major film companies. It was shot at the Althoff Studios and various locations around Berlin including Tempelhof Airport and the Karstadt Department Store. The film's sets were designed by the art director Bruno Lutz.

4 maneras de tapar un hoyo (1996)

Very Like a Whale (1980)

Nunsense 2: The Sequel (1994)

Born Tomorrow (1997)

Haan (2005)

De/Vision - Pictures Of The Past (2004)

Kinderwald (2013)

Moon Mask Rider (1982)

A Self-Made Mongrel (1945)

Cruising Electric (2014)