Meet The Patels (2015)

Filmmaker Geeta V. Patel follows her brother, Indian-American actor Ravi V. Patel, as he embarks on a quest to find a wife and make his family happy.

Clans of Intrigue (1976)

A swordsman faces treacherous warriors to solve the murder of three clan leaders.

You Can't Ration Love (1944)

A wartime shortage of available men leads to the soaring popularity of a nerdy college chemistry student.

Wild Money (1937)

A big-city newspaper gives its penny-pinching bookkeeper a whopping expense account to cover a story he scooped while on vacation.

Trapper Jake (2013)

The life of a 98-year-old trapper of renown, Jake Korell.

Quatsch Und Die Nasenbarbande (2014)

The children of Bollersville start to set a world record.

17 Seconds (2013)

Blackhawks players and staff celebrate their Stanley Cup win.

Stratosphere Girl (2004)

A manga-loving European student (Chlo Winkel) gets more than she bargained for when she takes a job in a Tokyo nightclub.

Wide Open Spaces (2009)

Two friends are tasked with building a monument to their countries darkest days.

The Pyramid Texts (2015)

A veteran fighter talks about his life and career in the ring, and the physical and emotional scars he received as a result.

Man or Gun (1958)

Thirsty and traveling by foot through the desert, gunslinger Maybe Smith (Macdonald Carey) arrives in the dusty western outpost of Dutch Flat, a town that has recently descended into anarchy at the hands of the crooked Corley clan. When Maybe defeats outlaw Buckstorm Corely (Ken Lynch) in a gun battle at the local saloon, the newcomer finds himself the reluctant arbitrator of justice in the power struggle between the townsfolk and the corrupt Corleys.

Sandakozhi (2005)

A college student who goes on vacation to his friend's home gets involved with the local goon who terrorizes the town.

Big Gold Dream: The Sound of Young Scotland 1977-1985 (2015)

A documentary focusing on the history of Scottish post-punk and indie music from 1977 through to 1985.

Golden Days (2007)

A struggling indie band gets a record deal, then success nearly ruins it.

Fired (2010)

Increasingly strange and scary events plague an executive (Rahul Bose) after he lays off more than 100 employees.

Sher - E - Hindustan (1997)

Inspector Kranti Kumar takes charge of a police station in a small village ruled by Choudhary Charannath Lal Rai.

My True Swedish Friend (1998)

After learning he has a heart condition, a doctor (Vincenzo Salemme) asks his best friend (Carlo Buccirosso) for permission to bed the man's wife (Eva Herzigova).

Sold (2011)

Two young women (Fernanda Romero, Maria-Elena Laas) are trapped in the trunk of a car.

Twisted Sisters (2006)

Jealous of her twin sister who got everything, a woman (Fiona Horsey) hatches an elaborate and gruesome plan for revenge.

Naya Zamana (1971)

A struggling writer falls in love with a wealthy girl. The girl's brother secretly burns the houses to evict the poor and blames the writer for it. The girl's father forbids the girl to see him, now she has to choose between her lover and her father.

The Bachelor (1955)

A lonely man desperately searches for love.

Kakara (2013)

A man drags his girlfriend to the hospital for an abortion, but things can change in a waiting room.

Feud of the Range (1939)

A cowboy (Bob Steele) wrestles the land-grabber behind a valley range war.

If There's a Hell Below (2016)

An ambitious young journalist agrees to meet a whistleblower in a remote location. He has no idea within an hour one of them will be dead.

A Single Frame (2015)

The impact of photography from both sides of the shutter.

The Green Finger (1946)

A novelist and amateur sleuth meets a newspaperwoman called "Steve." Together they investigate a gang of diamond robbers.

Empyrean (2013)

A woman (Sophia Savage) cares for her terminally ill father (Sonny King).

Death Wish 2 (1982)

Relocating to Los Angeles from New York City, vigilante Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson) wants to start a safer life for himself and his adult daughter, Carol (Robin Sherwood), who was raped years earlier and still suffers psychologically from the attack. But trouble finds Kersey. His house cleaner, Rosario (Silvana Gallardo), and Carol are both gang raped in Kersey's home by a gang of thugs, and Rosario dies. Kersey hits the streets hunting down the criminals, refusing to stop until L.A. is safe.

Holy Mary (2000)

A down-and-out salesman (Karra Elejalde) becomes a local celebrity when he claims to have an epiphany of the Virgin Mary.

Fortune in Diamonds (1951)

A Boer War commando (Jack Hawkins) returns with a cashiered British officer (Dennis Price) and two others to dig up a dead man's diamonds.

That's All They Ever Think About (1994)

A woman (Claudia Cardinale), her accident-prone daughter (Carole Laure) and their relatives deal with the pros and cons of romantic love.

TekWar: TekLab (1994)

In 2044 two ex-policemen (Greg Evigan, Eugene Clark) thwart a prince (Michael York) out to turn Britain into an electronic-drug empire.

Breathing Lessons (1994)

When the husband of their friend Serena (Joyce Van Patten) dies, Ira (James Garner) and Maggie Moran (Joanne Woodward), an older married couple, make an event out of their day's travel to the funeral. Examining life and marriage on their journey, the couple of 29 years remains as in love today as when they first met -- despite being near opposites in personality. However, their love and respect for one another cut through all the differences between them.

The Tijuana Story (1957)

A Mexican newspaper editor (Rodolfo Acosta) dares to crusade against drugs and vice in his border city.

The Stranglers of Bombay (1959)

In the 1830s, a cult whose members worship Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction, is abducting and killing tourists who come to Bombay in an effort to destroy the East Indian Company and its influence in their native land. Capt. Christopher Connaught-Smith (Allan Cuthbertson) is put in charge of neutralizing the murderers, but his cultural ignorance renders him ineffective. Capt. Harry Lewis (Guy Rolfe), who has worked in India for years, then takes over the case as it spirals out of control.

Mysteries of the Gods (1976)

William Shatner examines the theories of Erich Von Daniken, exploring the possibilities that aliens have visited Earth.

Late Chrysanthemums (1954)

A retired geisha becomes a wealthy money-lender, collecting money with a cold heart from even her fellow geisha.

The Utah Trail (1938)

A singing lawman (Tex Ritter) finds cattle being rustled by rail to a hidden valley.

A Case of Honor (1988)

Prostitutes and U.S. POWs (Timothy Bottoms, John Phillip Law) escape from Vietnamese and Russian captors and try to repair a plane in the jungle.

Scent of Mystery (1960)

An Englishman (Denholm Elliott) and a cabby (Peter Lorre) try to save an heiress from murder in Spain.

Fulboy (2015)

On the verge of achieving his dream career, Tomás allows his older brother an inside look at his life as a professional soccer player.

Breakup Buddies (2014)

A former singer hits the road with a friend after his wife cheats and files for divorce.

The Sharkfighters (1956)

Navy pilot Ben Staves (Victor Mature) arrives at a research facility on a small Caribbean island to help develop a shark repellent for use by sailors and downed airmen. Partnered with scientists Leonard Evans (Philip Coolidge) and Harold Duncan (James Olson), Staves provides valuable information about his own time stranded in the ocean. But his impatient desire to finish the project quickly conflicts with the researchers' methodical precision, with potentially deadly results.

Yaan (2014)

To support his wife, a man finds a job in Basillistan, unaware of the trouble that is waiting for him.

Black List (1978)

Two brothers list people to punish for one's six years in prison.

Death of Bruce Lee (1975)

Rival gangs search for the lost fighting manual of martial arts legend Bruce Lee.

The Court-Martial of George Armstrong Custer (1977)

What if General George Armstrong Custer (James Olson) lived to tell about the Battle of the Little Bighorn? This film answers that question by depicting a trial for the military officer in which the prosecuting lawyer (Ken Howard) attempts to hold Custer accountable for the deaths of his men during the massacre. Custer's attorney (Brian Keith), however, counters by painting a more favorable picture of the accused leader, both during the conflict and in general.

Shock Treatment (1964)

An actor (Stuart Whitman) faking insanity enters an asylum to discover what a killer gardener (Roddy McDowall) did with $1 million.

Eldorado (2008)

Yvan catches a burglar and gives him a ride home.

Free Spirits (2007)

The story of the Renaissance Community, one of the largest intentional communities of the 1960's.

The Clinic (1983)

Australian patients and staff unwind with horseplay at a gay doctor's (Chris Haywood) venereal-disease clinic.

All the Winters that Have Been (1997)

Twenty years after a secret destroyed their budding relationship, a man (Richard Chamberlain) and a woman (Karen Allen) meet again.

The Gay Diplomat (1931)

A Russian captain (Ivan Lebedeff) frequents drawing rooms of World War I Bucharest to find a female spy.

Orphans of Apollo (2008)

The story of a group of entrepreneurs who felt orphaned after the end of the Apollo Moon program.

The Triplets and the Riddle of Don Quixote (2005)

Triplets enlist the aid of Don Quixote himself to help find a missing chapter from his book.

Blood Monkey (2007)

A professor (F. Murray Abraham) and his students encounter a deadly creature in Africa.

Gou hun jiang tou (1976)

The walking dead do their thing with cannibals, martial artists, short-legged reptiles and a 125-year-old magician.

Taken Away (1989)

The city takes an 8-year-old (Juliet Sorcey) away from her mother, a poor single waitress (Valerie Bertinelli) going to night school.

Cyber Bandits (1995)

In a near-future island city, a sailor (Martin Kemp) helps an evil inventor's (Robert Hays) mistress (Alexandra Paul) steal plans for a virtual-reality superweapon.

Dreamplay (1994)

A heavenly visitor (Ingvild Holm) descends to Earth to live among mortals and survey the causes of their pain and sadness.

Meanwhile in Mamelodi (2011)

The lives of a poor family in the Pretoria Township as they prepare for the 2010 World Cup.

Sebastian (1995)

Sebastian realizes he is attracted to another young man.

The Best Bar in America (2013)

Two friends travel around drinking and socializing in bars.

Society Fever (1935)

Wild young members of a poor but proud old clan try to keep their mansion in the family.

Adrenaline (2009)

A violent murder takes place in a quiet neighborhood. The inspector in charge of the investigation stumbles across clues that lead him to unveil the identity of the mutilated body and his killer.

Joe Smith, American (1942)

Nazi spies kidnap an aircraft mechanic (Robert Young) and try to make him talk about a new bombsight.

California High (2015)

The arguments to legalize marijuana in California.


Martha Hill spends her life fighting the odds to establish dance as a legitimate art form.

Smuggler's Ransom (2007)

A lone U.S. agent must save the daughter (Marina Resa) of a physicist from her communist captors.

Papua: The Secret Life of the Cannibals (2013)

An exploration of the country's many islands.

Secundaria (2014)

Filmmaker Mary Jane Doherty follows two students for three years in Cuba's National Ballet School.

Minerva Monster (2015)

In 1978, a family living in a small town in Ohio sees a monster in the woods.

Reverb (2007)

A hidden voice on a record sets horrific events in motion.

Marshal of Reno (1944)

Red Ryder encounters a crime wave when fighting breaks out between two towns vying to be chosen county seat.

Comin' Round the Mountain (1940)

A Tennessee boy (Bob Burns) returns from the big city, runs for mayor and puts his musical kin on the radio.

A Confident Man (2013)

After losing his job and his apartment, a man (Alex Rendall) decides to turn to crime and accidentally winds up in a gang of bank robbers.

Written (2008)

When an actor awakens with a missing kidney, the previous night is shrouded in mystery. Meanwhile, he's taking a life-changing role in a film that is similar to the predicament. As reality and fantasy blur, the disturbing truth begins to unfold.

Speed Scandal (2008)

A young lady blackmails her alleged father, a radio host and former teen idol, into sheltering her and her son. Their close age causes problems when people think they are a couple.

Nightmare in Blood (1978)

A vampire (Jerry Walter) attends a horror-film festival to find some fresh blood.

Happy Hour (2015)

Three friends go on a trip to a cottage in Ireland to relive old glories and recover from recent troubles.

20th Century Boys - Chapter 1: Beginning of the End (2008)

A burned-out rocker discovers his doom-struck adolescent fantasies are coming true in this futuristic thriller.

Silent Madness (1984)

A psychiatrist (Belinda Montgomery) poses as an ex-sorority sister to stop a slasher freed by a computer error.

Evil in Clear River (1988)

A Canadian housewife (Lindsay Wagner) fights her son's (Thomas Wilson Brown) teacher (Randy Quaid) whose anti-Semitic themes include the Holocaust as myth.

Massive Retaliation (1984)

A survivalist (Peter Donat), his wife (Karlene Crockett) and two other couples react to news of nukes in the Middle East.

Model Behavior (1984)

Trying to meet women, two men pose as bigwigs and bluff their way into the glamorous world of fashion photography.

The Boy Who Stole a Million (1960)

A young guy working in a bank in Valencia borrows a million pesetas to get his dad's taxicab fixed. He finds himself being chased all over town, not only by the police but also by thieves.

Dark Samurai (2014)

"Dark Samurai" is inspired by the life of the famous Japanese ronin and warrior philosopher, Miyamoto Musashi. This visually abstract interpretation of "Romeo & Juliet" takes place in a timeless world of the samurai.

Verfehlung (2015)

The faith of a Catholic prison minister is tested when a colleague is arrested for sexual abuse.

West of El Dorado (1949)

A cowboy earns the trust of the wayward brother of a young man he killed during a stagecoach robbery attempt.

Counting (2015)

Snapshots of the world's cities capture a range of moments.

Gallery of Fear (2012)

Art critic Roberta Van Houten (Debbie Rochon) attends a private showing at the Lunatic Gallery and views a collection of murder, monsters and mayhem.

The Library (2014)

After starting work at the mysterious Beckinsale Library, the brutal murder of young English student Claire draws Lucy into a dangerous battle.

On Your Guard (1933)

An ex-con becomes involved in protecting three orphans from land swindlers.

Le signe du lion (1962)

An impoverished musician (Jess Hahn) tries to survive in Paris after erroneously believing he was an heir apparent.

When You Remember Me (1990)

Placed in a nursing home, a boy (Fred Savage) with muscular dystrophy becomes an advocate for patients' rights.

Cruel Jaws (1995)

A crooked landowner organizes a hunt for a man-eating tiger shark terrorizing a resort town.

An Unknown Country: The Jewish Exiles of Ecuador (2015)

European Jews flee the Nazis and find refuge in Ecuador.

The Man from Thunder River (1943)

A cowboy (Wild Bill Elliott) guards gold ore and a girl (Anne Jeffreys) from outlaws.

Tabloid (2001)

A slimy TV host (Matthew Rhys) who makes a living by embarrassing celebrities is tricked into revealing some dark secrets of his own.

Masai: The Rain Warriors (2004)

A Masai war chief dies trying to kill the lion Vitchua, which the tribe believes is the incarnation of a god that must be killed to end the seasonal drought. Eight untested teenage warriors are sent on a quest to hunt down Vitchua. Led by young Lomotoon (Parkasio Ole Muntet) and older warrior Papai (Paul Nteri Sekenan), the bickering youths are joined by Lomotoon's impoverished friend, Merono (Ngotiek Ole Mako). Along their quest, they endure difficult conditions and hostile tribes.