Russian Roulette (1975)

Russian Roulette is a 1975 film directed by Lou Lombardo. Based on Tom Ardies' novel Kosygin Is Coming, its story centers on a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer played by George Segal who finds himself engulfed in a KGB conspiracy to kill a renegade Soviet Premier during his visit to Vancouver in 1970. The film was the directorial debut for Lombardo, who is noted primarily as a film editor. It was released to home video on VHS in 1986, and on DVD by Shout! Factory in October 2013 as part of a double feature with Love and Bullets, a Charles Bronson thriller originally released in 1979.

No Longer Alone (1976)

Years of loneliness and neglect drive an actress to the brink of suicide.

King of Comedy (1999)

King of Comedy (Chinese: 喜劇之王) is a 1999 Hong Kong comedy film directed by Lee Lik-chi and Stephen Chow. Unlike Chow's typical mo lei tau films, King of Comedy verges on comedy drama, describing the trials and tribulation that an aspiring actor experiences on his way to stardom. Some commentators say the story is based on Chow's early career, as he started off as a temporary actor, before becoming a successful and popular comedy actor over the course of a decade. The film does retain some of bizarre visual gags Chow is known for, such as Chow's character bleeding from the nose and eyes during a singing number. Jackie Chan plays a cameo role during the film.

Flight at Midnight (1939)

Flight at Midnight is a 1939 American action film directed by Sidney Salkow and written by Eliot Gibbons. The film stars Phil Regan, Jean Parker, Roscoe Turner, Robert Armstrong, Noah Beery, Jr. and Harlan Briggs. The film was released on August 28, 1939, by Republic Pictures.

Covered Wagon Days (1940)

Covered Wagon Days is a 1940 American Western "Three Mesquiteers" B-movie directed by George Sherman.

Million Dollar Pursuit (1951)

Million Dollar Pursuit is a 1951 American crime film directed by R.G. Springsteen and starring Penny Edwards, Grant Withers and Norman Budd. The film's art direction was by Frank Hotaling.

Puthiya Theerangal (2012)

Puthiya Theettangal is a 2012 Indian Malayalam film directed by Sathyan Anthikad, produced by Anto Joseph, and written by Benny P Nayarambalam. It stars Nivin Pauly, Namitha Pramod and Nedumudi Venu, in the lead roles. The music is composed by Ilaiyaraaja.

Slippy McGee (1948)

Slippy McGee is a 1948 American crime film directed by Albert H. Kelley, written by Jerome Gruskin and Norman S. Hall, and starring Don "Red" Barry, Dale Evans, Tom Brown, Harry Cheshire, James Seay and Murray Alper. It was released on January 15, 1948, by Republic Pictures.

Terry (2011)

A filmmaker finds himself over his head when he makes a documentary about a low-level drug dealer.

California Firebrand (1948)

California Firebrand is a 1948 American Western film directed by Philip Ford and written by J. Benton Cheney, John K. Butler and Royal K. Cole. The film stars Monte Hale, Lorna Gray, Paul Hurst, Alice Tyrrell, Tristram Coffin and LeRoy Mason. The film was released on April 1, 1948, by Republic Pictures.

Nomads of the North (1920)

Nomads of the North is a 1920 American drama film featuring Lon Chaney and Lewis Stone. A Canadian Mountie allows an innocent fugitive to escape with the woman he loves. The film is based on the 1919 novel of the same name by American author James Oliver Curwood.

Roll, Thunder, Roll! (1949)

Red Ryder (Jim Bannon) and Little Beaver (Don Kay Reynolds) help a Mexican Robin Hood framed by raiders.

So Dark the Night (1946)

A renowned and relentless Paris detective takes his first vacation in eleven years at a small inn in the French countryside. There he meets and falls in love with the hotelier's daughter, who had been betrothed to a neighboring farmer, but who hopes to marry him and move to Paris. On the evening of their engagement, both the fiancée and the farmer disappear. What has happened to them? Who is responsible? Can the famed detective apply his talents to a rural mystery?

My Blue Heaven (1950)

Not to be confused with the unrelated 1990 film. My Blue Heaven is a 1950 Technicolor musical drama film directed by Henry Koster and starring Betty Grable and Dan Dailey.

Investigation Into the Invisible World (2002)

Icelandic politicians, artists, mediums and children discuss the possibility of the existence of fairies, elves and trolls.

Ghetto Blaster (1989)

A Vietnam veteran takes the law into his own hands after the police fail to stem the tide of rampant street violence.

dating death (2004)

A game of Truth or Dare turns deadly for a group of friends (Stephy Tang, Edwin Siu, Theresa Fu).

Pioneer Marshal (1949)

Pioneer Marshal is a 1949 American Western film directed by Philip Ford and written by Robert Creighton Williams. The film stars Monte Hale, Paul Hurst, Nan Leslie, Roy Barcroft, Damian O'Flynn and Myron Healey. The film was released on November 24, 1949, by Republic Pictures.

Turbulence (2006)

A police inspector finds an unlikely partner as he investigates a string of murders.

The Law Is the Law (1958)

The Law Is the Law (French: La loi, c'est la loi, Italian: La legge è legge) is a 1958 French-Italian comedy film directed by Christian-Jaque. It was entered into the 8th Berlin International Film Festival.

G.I. War Brides (1946)

G.I. War Brides is a 1946 American comedy film directed by George Blair and written by John K. Butler. The film stars Anna Lee, James Ellison, Harry Davenport, William "Bill" Henry, Stephanie Bachelor, Doris Lloyd and Robert Armstrong. The film was released on August 12, 1946, by Republic Pictures.

Macho Dancer (1989)

Macho Dancer is a 1988 Philippine film, directed Lino Brocka, which explores the harsh realities of a young, poor, rural gay man, who after being dumped by his American boyfriend, is forced to make a living for himself in Manila's seamy red-light district. Based on a true story, the film's frank depiction of homosexuality, prostitution, drag queens and crooked cops, porno movie-making and sexual slavery, and drugs and violence caused the Filipino government censors to order extensive edits of the film, forcing an uncensored edition to be smuggled out of the Philippines and shown to a limited number of international film festivals. The Toronto Film Festival gave it a standing ovation. Due to being heavily censored the film was a box office disaster but an international festival and critical success.

Road to Alcatraz (1945)

Road to Alcatraz is a 1945 American mystery film directed by Nick Grinde and written by Dwight V. Babcock and Jerry Sackheim. The film stars Robert Lowery, June Storey, Grant Withers, Clarence Kolb, Charles Gordon and William Forrest. The film was released on July 10, 1945, by Republic Pictures.

Coma Girl: The State of Grace (2005)

Coma Girl: The State of Grace is a 2005 comedy film written and directed by Dina Jacobsen and produced by Lisa Renée.

Missing Women (1951)

Missing Women is a 1951 American crime film directed by Philip Ford and written by John K. Butler. The film stars Penny Edwards, John Alvin, James Millican, John Gallaudet, James Brown and Robert Shayne. The film was released on February 23, 1951, by Republic Pictures.

Muthal Mariyathai (1985)

Mudhal Mariyadhai is a 1985 Tamil feature film directed by P. Bharathiraja. It starred Sivaji Ganesan and Radha in the lead with Vadivukkarasi, Ranjani, Aruna Mucherla, A. K. Veerasamy and Sathyaraj playing other significant roles. The film's score and soundtrack are composed by Ilaiyaraaja.

The Blonde Bandit (1950)

The Blonde Bandit is a 1950 American crime film directed by Harry Keller and written by John K. Butler. The film stars Gerald Mohr, Dorothy Patrick, Robert Rockwell, Charles Cane, Larry J. Blake and Argentina Brunetti. The film was released on January 11, 1950, by Republic Pictures.

Arizona Manhunt (1951)

Red (Michael Chapin) and Judy (Eilene Janssen) help a sheriff (James Bell) catch outlaws as the Rough-Ridin' Kids.

Changing Husbands (1924)

Changing Husbands is a 1924 American silent comedy starring Leatrice Joy, and Victor Varconi, directed by Paul Iribe and Frank Urson and written by Sada Cowan and Howard Higgin. The runtime is 70 minutes. It is preserved in the Library of Congress collection.

Killing Ruth: The Snuff Dialogues (2011)

After killing a woman in a nursing home, a female assassin (Irena Huljak) befriends her neighbor.

The Noise of Cairo (2013)

The influence art had on the revolution in Egypt.

Avenida Brasília Formosa (2010)

Displaced from their homes to make way for the construction of a highway, residents of a poor neighborhood in Recife press on with their lives while the neighborhood is transformed.

Phantom Ranger (1938)

Phantom Ranger is a 1938 American film directed by Sam Newfield.

The Exile (1931)

The Exile is a 1931 American film by Oscar Micheaux with the co-direction of the Dances and Ensemble by Leonard Harper. A drama–romance of the race film genre, it was Micheaux's first feature-length talkie, and the first African American talkie. Adapted from Micheaux's first novel, The Conquest (1913), it has some autobiographical elements: like the film's central character Jean Baptiste (played by Stanley Morrell), Micheaux spent several years as a cattle rancher in an otherwise all-white area of South Dakota.

The Girl from Chicago (1932)

The Girl from Chicago is a 1932 American Pre-Code drama film produced and directed by Oscar Micheaux, with an all-African American cast to include lead actor Carl Mahon. The story concerns a Federal agent who falls in love while on assignment in Mississippi. He helps his lover escape a local thug, and the film follows them to Harlem where they become involved in the assassination of a Cuban racketeer, played by Juano Hernández. Produced on a shoestring budget, this independent production featuring a largely non-professional cast, is known as one of the better-quality Micheaux productions. As is common in Micheaux's film, the story line is padded with several musical numbers, offering a glimpse of African American musical and dancing talent of the time.

Mr. & Mrs. Incredible (2011)

Mr. & Mrs. Incredible is a 2011 Hong Kong-Chinese action comedy film directed by Vincent Kok and starring Louis Koo and Sandra Ng as the titular protagonists.

The Golden Chance (1915)

The Golden Chance is a 1915 American drama film directed by Cecil B. DeMille. A print of the film survives at George Eastman House. DeMille remade the film in 1921 as Forbidden Fruit.

Bald Dog (1981)

True success eludes a group of Hungarian rock musicians, even though they land a number of gigs.

Thank You, Life (1991)

Merci la vie is a 1991 French film written and directed by Bertrand Blier. It won the César Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, and was nominated for Best Film, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Director, Best Writing and Best Editing.

Even Angels Eat Beans (1973)

Even Angels Eat Beans (Italian: Anche gli angeli mangiano fagioli) is a 1973 Italian action comedy film written and directed by Enzo Barboni with Giuliano Gemma and Bud Spencer. It was awarded with the Golden Screen Award in 1974. The film produced a sequel in 1974, Charleston (Anche gli angeli tirano di destro), still directed by Enzo Barboni. Spencer refused to reprise his role, and was replaced with Ricky Bruch.

Dumbarton Bridge (1999)

A black veteran's (Tom Wright) half-Vietnamese daughter (Esperanza Catubig) arrives unexpectedly at the home he shares with a white girlfriend (Daphne Ashbrook).

Carnival Rock (1957)

Carnival Rock is a 1957 film directed by Roger Corman with musical performances by The Platters, David Houston, Bob Luman and His Shadows, and the Blockbusters.

Death Mask (1998)

A disfigured carnival worker (James Best) wears a mask that kills those who look at it.

Is It Really So Strange? (2004)

Fans explain their obsession with a band that, on the surface, appears to have no connection at all with their lives.

Gemini: The Twin Stars (1988)

Two young men (Gene Patrick, Thomas Nock), American and Swiss, meet and go to Greece with a U.S. senator's wife (Aurore Clment), followed by trouble.

The Story of Temple Drake (1933)

For the 1961 film version of the Faulkner novel, see Sanctuary (1961 film). The Story of Temple Drake is a 1933 Pre-Code drama film adapted from the highly controversial novel Sanctuary by William Faulkner. Though watered down, the movie was still so scandalous, it was one of the reasons for the introduction of the Hays Code. It starred Miriam Hopkins as a wild Southern woman who falls into the hands of a gang led by the brutal Trigger, played by Jack La Rue. The film was remade in 1961, this time under the book's original title, directed by Tony Richardson, and with Lee Remick as Temple Drake, Yves Montand as Trigger (this time renamed Candy), Bradford Dillman, Harry Townes, and Odetta in a rare film appearance. Long unseen except in bootleg 16mm prints, The Story of Temple Drake was restored by the Museum of Modern Art and re-premiered in 2011 at the TCM Classic Film Festival.

Mystery Files (1996)

A detective (Andy Hui Chi-On) tries to solve a trio of baffling cases.

Warlords (1988)

A hero's clone (David Carradine) tries to free his wife from a warlord (Sid Haig) during a mutant uprising.

Safari Express (1976)

Safari Express is a 1976 Italian-German adventure-comedy film directed by Duccio Tessari. It is the sequel of Africa Express.

Marriages (2001)

Marriages is a Canadian drama film, directed by Catherine Martin and released in 2010. The film centres on Yvonne, a young girl in 19th-century Quebec whose life is turned upside down by both her own sexual awakening and the apparent return of her mother who died giving birth to her.

Boys Will Be Boys (1935)

Boys Will Be Boys is a 1935 British comedy film directed by William Beaudine which stars Will Hay, Gordon Harker and Jimmy Hanley. The film is set at Narkover School, where headmaster Doctor Alec Smart (Will Hay) becomes involved in the disappearance of a valuable necklace. The setting is loosely based on the works of Beachcomber, where Narkover is a school specializing in gambling and extortion, and the headmaster is a "Dr. Smart-Allick".

Androcles And The Lion (1953)

Androcles and the Lion is a 1952 RKO film produced by Gabriel Pascal from the George Bernard Shaw play of the same name. It was Pascal's last film, made two years after the death of Shaw, his long-standing friend and mentor, and two years before Pascal's own death.

The Iron Bodyguard (1973)

The owner of a security company works with a reformer to bring about change in China.

Man in the Shadow (1957)

Man in the Shadow is a 1958 CinemaScope Western crime film directed by Jack Arnold starring Jeff Chandler, Orson Welles, Colleen Miller, Ben Alexander and Barbara Lawrence.

Sexbomb (1989)

A B-movie producer's (Robert Quarry) wife wants him killed and wants a struggling screenwriter (Stuart Benton) to do it.

Home in Indiana (1944)

Home in Indiana is a 1944 film directed by Henry Hathaway. The film, that stars Walter Brennan, Lon McCallister, Jeanne Crain, June Haver and Charlotte Greenwood, is based on the story The Phantom Filly by George Agnew Chamberlain and was shot in Technicolor. The film was remade in 1957 as April Love. The movie was nominated for an Oscar in the category Best Cinematography, Color.

Near Death (1989)

Filmmaker Frederick Wiseman studies four cases of terminal patients, their families, and their doctors and nurses in Boston's Beth Israel Hospital.

Out of the Storm (1948)

Out of the Storm is a 1948 American crime film directed by R. G. Springsteen and written by John K. Butler. The film stars Jimmy Lydon, Lois Collier, Marc Lawrence, Richard Travis, Robert Emmett Keane and Helen Wallace. The film was released on September 11, 1948, by Republic Pictures.

Satan's Angel: Queen of the Fire Tassels (2012)

A legendary burlesque dancer named Satan's Angel shares her love of the craft and her efforts to preserve its history.

Sexual Chemistry (1999)

A chemist tests a sex-enhancing drug on himself and is changed into a desirable woman.

The Wicked Darling (1919)

The Wicked Darling is a 1919 American silent drama film directed by Tod Browning and featuring Lon Chaney as a pickpocket. The film was considered to be a lost film until a copy was found in Europe in the 1990s. The copy now resides in the Nederlands Filmmuseum.

Stand (2009)

Broadcaster Tavis Smiley, Dr. Cornel West and a group of friends discuss the experience of being black in America.

Tender Parasites (2009)

A young couple (Robert Stadlober, Maja Schne) earn their living by taking advantage of the misfortunes of others.

Part of the Game (2004)

A drug kingpin tries to help his sister (Jovanna Huguet) after learning about her heroin addiction.

Summer Heat (2008)

Summer Heat is a 2008 film directed by Monique van de Ven. Her first feature-length film, it is based on the 2005 book-week giveaway novella by Jan Wolkers. Wolkers, who died while the film was in post-production, also authored the story for van de Ven's first film as an actress, Turkish Delight (1973).

Four Lovers (2010)

Happy Few is a 2010 French romance film directed by Antony Cordier. The film was nominated for the Golden Lion at the 67th Venice International Film Festival. It was released in the US under the title Four Lovers by Oscilloscope Laboratories in theaters and on DVD in 2012.

Drole de Drame (1937)

Bishop Archibald Soper (Louis Jouvet) pops in for a chat with cousin Irwin Molyneux (Michel Simon). Like Irwin, his wife, Margaret (Francoise Rosay), dislikes Archibald, so makes herself scarce. Archibald is curious about what's become of Margaret, and Irwin -- a scientist whose work as a moonlighting mystery writer has sharpened his skills of imagination -- makes up an excuse to explain his wife's absence. But this leaves the paranoid bishop thinking that hsi cousin has murdered his wife.

Seven Minutes (2009)

Lonely men and women have seven minutes to impress each other through speed dating.

The Christmas Wish (1998)

The Christmas Wish is a 1998 American made-for-television Christmas drama film starring Neil Patrick Harris and Debbie Reynolds. It premiered on CBS on December 6, 1998 and it was based on a novel by Richard Siddoway.

Marine Raiders (1944)

Marine Raiders is a 1944 RKO war film showing a fictional depiction of the 1st Marine Raider Battalion and 1st Marine Parachute Battalion on Guadalcanal, R&R in Australia, retraining in Camp Elliott (where much of the film was made) and a fictional attack in the Solomon Islands. Produced by Robert Fellows, and directed by Harold D. Schuster, it stars Pat O'Brien, Robert Ryan, and Ruth Hussey.

Warlords of Hell (1987)

Friends intervene when outlaw bikers force dirt bikers (Brad Henson, Jeffrey D. Rice) to pick marijuana in Mexico.

Suzy (1936)

Suzy is a 1936 drama film starring Jean Harlow, Franchot Tone, and Cary Grant. The film was partially written by Dorothy Parker and directed by George Fitzmaurice, based on a novel by Herman Gorman. The Oscar-nominated theme song, "Did I Remember?", was sung by Virginia Verrill (uncredited).

I Believe in Santa Claus (1984)

J'ai rencontré le Père Noël (1984) (English: I Met Father Christmas), is a French film that was dubbed in English and retitled as Here Comes Santa Claus and released on DVD under the title I Believe in Santa Claus. The film is about Simon, a young boy, who is bullied at school by peers and adults alike. Simon's parents have been kidnapped in Africa, and the government has not responded to the ultimatum set by the kidnappers. Therefore, while on a field trip to the local airport, Simon and his friend Élodie sneak onto a jet liner and fly to Rovaniemi to visit Santa Claus in Lapland, to ask him to save Simon's parents. On the way, they encounter a Fairy and an Ogre. The film stars Karen Cheryl, who was a popular singer at the time in France, as both Simon's schoolteacher and as the Fairy. She acts and sings musical numbers in the film. Clearly designed for children, the film was primarily meant as a family comedy for the Christmas holidays. The film is also an opportunity for Karen Cheryl to repeatedly sing simplistic melodies, in line with the plot. Indeed, the director is not encumbered with improbabilities. Thus, the two young children arrive safely to travel to Lapland then Santa and the fairy teleport to Africa near the village where the parents are inmates, and finally the two children returned home and rushed to the Christmas Mass where no one seems really surprised they reappear after their prolonged absence.

The Enforcer (1951)

A crusading district attorney finally gets a chance to prosecute the organizer and boss of Murder Inc.

Snake And Crane : Art Of Shaolin (1978)

Snake & Crane Arts of Shaolin is a 1978 Hong Kong action film directed by Chen Chi Hwa and starring Jackie Chan. It was released by the Lo Wei Motion Picture Company, a subsidiary of Golden Harvest. Along with Tu Wi Ho, Chan was also the film's stunt co-ordinator.

The Big Bang (2003)

A petty criminal (Justin Capaz) meets his fate in a small Florida town.

The Shouting Men (2010)

A group of football fans brings along a man in a wheelchair who can score free diesel and a minibus.

Teen-Age Crime Wave (1955)

Teenage Crime Wave is a 1955 juvenile delinquency crime drama film released by Columbia Pictures. After escaping from reform school, a pair of delinquent teens go on a statewide shooting spree It was featured on a 1994 episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Life Begins At 17 (1958)

Life Begins at 17 is a 1958 American film starring Mark Damon, Edd Byrnes and Luana Anders.

One Girl's Confession (1953)

After serving a prison term for avenging the theft of her parent's life savings, a woman's efforts to help a struggling restaurant owner land her back in trouble with the law.

Rock and the Money-Hungry Party Girls (1988)

Would-be rock star Rock (Paul Sercu) turns Los Angeles private eye on the case of his idol's lost memorabilia.

Love Conquers Paul (2009)

An awkward loner (Brendan Bradley) secretly films pretty young women he would like to date.

Task Force (1997)

A plain-clothes cop (Leo Ku) falls for a flaky prostitute (Charlie Young), only she loves the cold-blooded killer who once saved her life.

Dangerous Number (1937)

A rich businessman (Robert Young) and a chorus girl (Ann Sothern) have nothing in common but decide to marry anyway.

Pellet (2000)

El Bola (English: Pellet) is a 2000 Spanish drama film, directed by Achero Mañas. It won the Goya Award for Best Film at the 15th Goya Awards. It is available in the United States from Filmmovement.

Blackmail (1947)

Blackmail is a 1947 American film noir crime film directed by Lesley Selander starring William Marshall, Adele Mara and Ricardo Cortez. The lead character is based on a pulp magazine hero Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective.

Condo Painting (2000)

John McNaughton's spotlight on George Condo and his art focuses on the reshaping of a single painting.

The Steamie (1988)

In 1950s Glasgow, a group of women gather to wash their clothes in a public laundry.

Terror and Black Lace (1985)

Terror y encajes negros ("Terror and Black Lace") is a 1985 Mexican film directed by Luis Alcoriza.

Dosh (2007)

Vikram Chopra is shocked to get the news that his only son, Gaurav, has met with a sudden death. Police conclude that his death was a homicide, and assign Inspector Om to investigate this incident.

No Orchids For Miss Blandish (1948)

Based on a shocking novel by James Hadley Chase (The Night of the Generals)--the film’s mixture of sex, violence and low morals made it one of the most controversial films of the late 1940s. The story tells of a pampered heiress (Linden Travers, The Lady Vanishes) who is abducted on her wedding night by a gang of small time hoods, in what starts out as a jewel robbery and turns into a kidnapping/murder when one of them kills the groom. Despite her terrifying ordeal, Miss Blandish finds herself falling in love with the gang leader, Slim Grisson (Jack La Rue, A Farewell to Arms). They plan to run off together, but the rest of the gang can't see parting with a potential million dollar ransom, or leaving a witness alive--even if it means killing Slim to get to her. The book was ferociously condemned, but was allegedly the most popular book amongst serving British troops during WWII. The 1971 Robert Aldrich film The Grissom Gang was based on the same Chase novel.

Music in Darkness (1948)

Music in Darkness, known in the United States as Night Is My Future, is a 1948 Swedish drama film directed by Ingmar Bergman.

The Sergeant (1968)

The Sergeant (1968) is an American drama film starring Rod Steiger and John Phillip Law, directed by John Flynn, and released by Warner Bros.-Seven Arts.

Desire (2011)

A screenwriter's main character threatens to take over his life and sanity.

A Day at The Pool (2012)

Ian Douglass and Eric Fulford shed light on skateboarding's history and question the validity of the 2001 documentary Dog Town and Z-Boys.

Stay As You Are (1978)

STAY AS YOU ARE directed by Alberto Lattuada, is an erotic drama about the impossible love between an older man and a young girl. It tells the controversial story of an architect, Roué Giulio Marengo (Marcello Mastroianni), who is unhappy in his marriage, and starts a romance with the young and beautiful girl Florentine (Nastassja Kinski.) When he finds out thru his wife that she may be his daughter, he has to make a decision. STAY AS YOU ARE (original title COSI’ COME SEI) was the first major film for Nastassja Kinski, one year before her breakthrough with Polanski’s "Tess." Cult Epics is proud to present for the first time ever on DVD STAY AS YOU ARE, an unforgettable classic.

Party Wire (1935)

Party Wire is a 1935 drama film starring Jean Arthur and Victor Jory. It was based on the novel of the same name by Bruce Manning. In a small town, an overheard conversation on a telephone party line results in gossip that causes a great deal of trouble for a young woman and a wealthy man.

Women from Headquarters (1950)

Women from Headquarters is a 1950 American crime film directed by George Blair and starring Virginia Huston, Barbra Fuller and Frances Charles. An ex-Army nurse retrains as police officer with the LAPD. The film's sets were designed by the art director James W. Sullivan.

Belle of Old Mexico (1950)

Belle of Old Mexico is a 1950 Trucolor comedy film directed by Robert G. Springsteen starring Estelita Rodriguez, Robert Rockwell and Dorothy Patrick. The film was successful at the box office, impressing the bosses at Republic Pictures who believed that Rodriguez could be turned into a star similar to Lupe Velez.

Behind the Rising Sun (1943)

In the 1930s, Taro Seki (Tom Neal) returns to Japan after graduating from Cornell University in the United States. An ambitious man, Seki searches for employment with Clancy O'Hara (Don Douglas), a prominent American engineer in Tokyo. While at the engineer's office, Seki falls in love with O'Hara's secretary, Tama Shimamura (Margo). Soon, the two plan to marry, but Seki is drafted for the Sino-Japanese War -- and, when he returns from the battlefields, he is no longer the same man.