Showfolk (2014)

Showbiz veterans living in the Motion Picture & Television Fund home share wisdom and inspiration from their lifetime in the movies.

Family Enforcer (1975)

A young hoodlum rises through the ranks of organized crime by collecting money and favors for a New Jersey mobster.

Helena of Venice (2015)

Helena Lee (Moriah Blonna), the 12-year-old daughter of a charismatic surf rat, has her quest to find an identity impacted by a life-altering event.

Zander the Great (1925)

Mamie fights to keep a boy out of an abusive orphanage.

O, My Darling Clementine (1943)

The small town of Harmony undergoes changes when a group of actors accidentally buy City Hall.

Last Gasp (1995)

A real estate developer (Robert Patrick) goes on killing sprees while possessed by the spirit of a Mexican Indian he killed years earlier.

The Brothers and Sisters of the Toda Family (1941)

After their father's untimely death, elder Japanese siblings fail in their duty to take care of their widowed mother and youngest, unmarried sister.

The Price of Death (1971)

A crook is framed for the murder of a saloon girl, but a Western-style James Bond is hired to find the real killer.

Princess of the Sun (2007)

A feisty Egyptian princess takes action when her sun-worshipping father fails to heed his general's warning of an impending invasion.

The Coroner (1999)

A coroner turned serial killer kidnaps a defense attorney (Jane Longenecker) who escapes, but the police don't believe her when she reveals his identity.

How to Kill a Zombie (2014)

Mack teaches his son Jesse how to be a survivalist, and they try to see eye to eye during a zombie holocaust as they search for a way to save humanity.

Wallace & Gromit in The Wrong Trousers (1993)

Gromit suspects something's up when he catches their new boarder, a mute penguin, altering Wallace's new techno-trousers.

Fast Zombies With Guns (2009)

Poisoned water causes an outbreak of smart zombies who move fast and use guns.

Men Go to Battle (2015)

A Kentucky farmer (David Maloney) learns that his missing brother (Tim Morton) is fighting for the Union Army.

Johnny the Giant Killer (1953)

A giant captures French boys and reduces them to the scale of birds, bees and spiders.

Guests (1998)

Two Albanian immigrants (Julian Sota, Llazar Sota) living in Rome and working in a restaurant navigate the pitfalls of a hot city that has emptied for the summer holidays.

The High: Making the Toughest Race on Earth (2014)

Extreme long distance runners fight against military resistance, altitude sickness, hypothermia and deadly mistakes while creating a dangerous new race over the highest passes in the world.

Daredevils of Kung Fu (1979)

Four men plan an elaborate scheme to avenge their friend's murder.

Darling (2007)

A man is haunted by his mistress' ghost after he kills her.

Mikel's Death (1983)

During Mikel's funeral, people flash back to important events in his life.

The Thunderbolt Fist (1972)

A Chinese man (Chuan Yuan) seeks revenge after a Japanese gang murders his father.

Warrior of Steel (1972)

A gambling gangster makes enemies with the son of a mob kingpin.

America's Blues (2015)

The influence of the blues on art, fashion, language and racial equality.

Kameradschaft (1931)

At a mine on the shared edge of France and Germany, an underground explosion leads to the entrapment of a group of French laborers. In an effort to save the cornered Frenchmen, German miners Wittkopp (Ernest Busch) and Kasper (Alexander Granach) take it upon themselves to traverse a crumbling war tunnel leading down into the mines. Yet, though the workers harbor no political biases against one another, their callous, less tolerant bosses hope to halt this cross-cultural rescue mission.

The Curse of the Black Dahlia (2007)

Strange events plague a marketing executive (Kate Siegel) whose building has a link to a notorious 1947 murder.

The Pay-Off (1935)

A sports columnist (James Dunn) regrets having written a story on underworld involvement in the field when he learns of his wife's (Claire Dodd) role in the corruption.

The Big Noise (1944)

While cleaning a detective agency, night janitors Stan (Stan Laurel) and Ollie (Oliver Hardy) stumble into international intrigue -- just by answering the phone. Wacky inventor Alva P. Hartley (Arthur Space) has built a powerful explosive that he doesn't want to see fall into the wrong hands. Passing themselves off as private eyes, Stan and Ollie accept the job of guarding the device. But, with thieves lurking around every corner, the bumbling pair are bound to get more than they bargained for.

Taina 2: A New Amazon Adventure (2004)

In the Brazilian rain forest, a 13-year-old girl (Eunice Baa) cares for a group of tots while trying to foil poachers.

Diamond Hunters (1956)

A prostitute (Simone Signoret), a mercenary and rebels flee through a South American jungle.

After the Shock (1990)

In this dramatization of real events, residents of San Francisco are left reeling after an earthquake rocks the city in 1989, leaving tremendous devastation in its wake. City officials, cops and firemen scramble to rein in the post-quake chaos, while average citizens, like Nick (Nicholas Zaninovich), fend for their lives among the ruins. One particularly pressing matter -- a collapsing parking garage, where dozens of San Franciscans are trapped in their cars.

The Great Van Robbery (1957)

An Interpol agent (Denis Shaw) connects a Rio de Janeiro bank account to a robbery in England.

Erkekler (2013)

Adem seems to have it all, but his old friend constantly asks for money and support.

Life on the V: The Story of V66 (2013)

Filmmaker Eric Green traces the short life of V66, a Boston-based UHF music video channel that operated in the mid-1980s.

Sweater Girl (1942)

A trio of murders shock an otherwise complacent college campus.

Mind Your Own Business (1936)

The abduction of a news columnist whose focus is on flowers and nature prompts investigators to question motives.

Frankie Starlight (1995)

An Irish-American dwarf chronicles his post-World War II immigration with his mother (Anne Parillaud) and her affair with a married official (Gabriel Byrne).

Eye of the Evil Dead (1982)

An Egyptologist (Christopher Connelly) defiles a tomb with his presence, and his daughter becomes a pawn of evil.

Postmistress (1992)

Before World War II three handsome women (Chloe Sainte-Marie, Michle Richard, Louise Forestier) in a small Quebec town go to extreme lengths to satisfy their men.

The Cowboy Musketeer (1925)

A cowboy (Tom Tyler) tries to prove his brother innocent of murder.

Europa (1991)

An American (Jean-Marc Barr) gets caught in a plot to blow up a train for the woman (Barbara Sukowa) he loves in 1945 Germany.

Dogtown Redemption (2015)

The art, science, economics and politics of recycling.

The Covenant (1985)

A San Francisco banker (Jose Ferrer) rules a Nazi-gold empire; his wife (Jane Badler) shares an evil power with her twin (Michelle Phillips).

War Drums (1957)

Mangas Coloradas (Lex Barker), an Apache chief, and white trader Luke Fargo (Ben Johnson) are bound by friendship and their mutual love for Riva (Joan Taylor), a Mexican-Native American girl rescued from horse thieves. Riva marries Mangas, who teaches her the warrior's ways, and she later warns the Apaches of an ambush by white soldiers. When Fargo, who did not intend an attack, is injured, Riva helps him -- a kindness he must choose whether or not to return when war with the Apaches erupts.

Duro de Salvar (1995)

A detective dies and it is discovered that the murderer is involved in arms trafficking along with a lofty politician.

King of Herrings (2013)

Several small-time men hanging out on the rickety streets of New Orleans have a tug of war over a childlike woman looking for a way out.

The Before Time (2014)

Two rival crews head into the desert to find a buried Navajo treasure. They soon discover the truth is stranger than fiction as something tries to stop them from digging deeper.

Dentist in the Chair (1960)

A British student dentist (Bob Monkhouse), his buddy and a burglar (Kenneth Connor) try to unload some stolen equipment.

Freeheld (2007)

A dying New Jersey police officer fights to transfer her pension to her domestic partner.

Forever Within Us (2015)

Six friends go to visit an old friend, but things get out of hand when they suspect someone of infidelity.

The Patient Girl (2014)

Bernard is jealous of Patrick's status and uses a charm to curse him.

A Gun, a Car, a Blonde (1998)

A man (Jim Metzler) in a wheelchair creates an alter ego, a tough private eye investigating a murder plot.

Whitefish (2009)

Two fisherman struggle to keep their boat working until they haul in a huge amount of drugs. One wants to get rid of them, but the other wants to keep them to make their dreams come true.

Finistère (2013)

A man (Sbastien Houbani) meets a mysterious woman while traveling.

Tired of Kissing Frogs (2006)

An interior designer (Ana Serradilla) dates many men after her boyfriend cheats on her.

$1,000 a Touchdown (1939)

College boosters (Joe E. Brown, Martha Raye) stage a football game to attract students.

My Stolen Revolution (2013)

Filmmaker Nahid Persson Sarvestani searches for lost family and allies she left behind when she fled Iran in 1979.

The Surrogate (1995)

A college student (Alyssa Milano) learns disturbing truths about the couple (Connie Sellecca, David Dukes) for whom she has agreed to bear a child.

Real Playing Game (2013)

After a company gives 10 aging millionaires a chance to become young again, they are thrust into a game of thrills in which one of them must die every hour, with the ultimate winner allowed to remain youthful.

Mother and Son (1997)

In a small house in the countryside of Russia, a son (Alexei Ananischnov) cares for his sick, elderly mother (Gudrun Geyer) as they prepare for her death. As the mother struggles to breathe and her health gradually deteriorates, her son holds her, feeds her and does his best to comfort her. When the son finally brings the mother to her death bed, the two embark on a journey through a hallucinatory outdoor landscape where they spend their final moments together.

Lost in Silver Canyon (1990)

Separated from their parents, two lost children explore their mysterious surroundings.

Painting the Modern Garden: Monet to Matisse (2016)

Through the acclaimed exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, the film explores the way artists used the modern garden to explore radical and wonderful new ideas.

Bride for Rent (2014)

A young man hires a woman to play his bride to get his inheritance. As the ruse goes on, feelings develop between them.

Tom Little and the Magic Mirror (2014)

A small peasant goes on an adventure to lift his family out of poverty.

White Woman (1933)

Gong beaters turn on a ruthless jungle trader and the well-dressed blonde who travels with him.

How Much Further (2006)

Two travelers re-evaluate their lives after meeting many interesting people while hitchhiking.

High Country Calling (1975)

Lorne Greene narrates the story of a nature photographer whose pet wolf cubs hear the call of the wild.

Nemici Amici: I Promessi Suoceri (2010)

A family man keeps a respectable daily job just to mask his true identity.

A Love Bewitched (1986)

Since they were children, Carmelo (Antonio Gades) has loved Candela (Cristina Hoyos). Unfortunately, Candela marries José (Juan Antonio Jiménez) instead, as arranged by their parents. José, however, loves another woman (Laura del Sol). After José is stabbed to death while defending his lover, Carmelo pursues Candela and finally marries her. Still, she remains haunted by the death of her former husband. The victim of a curse, can she avoid dancing with José's ghost every night?

Hurry, Charlie, Hurry (1941)

A banker (Leon Errol) urges his daughter (Mildred Coles) to elope and pretends to know the U.S. vice president.

The Missing (1999)

An Australian mother contacts a priest from Italy when her child goes missing.

Love Is Blind (2016)

A woman uses a magic potion that makes her crush see her as exceptionally beautiful.

A Hundred and One Nights (1995)

A man lovingly organizes his vast collection of movie memorabilia in this salute to 100 years of cinema.

Men on Her Mind (1945)

A radio/nightclub singer (Mary Beth Hughes) makes suitors (Edward Norris, Ted North) wait for her career.

Cellulose (1954)

A poor young man (Józef Nowak) finds his life changing when he secures a job with a cellulose manufacturer in the big city, where his observations of his fellow workers slowly politicize his thinking.

Blueprint (2003)

A girl must cope with being the first cloned human.

Spring Fever (1927)

Impoverished shipping clerk Jack Kelly (William Haines) is a natural golfer. Jack's boss (George Fawcett) invites him to his country club so he can teach Jack how to play golf. Jack's skills on the course attract a bevy of onlookers, including the beautiful heiress Allie Monte (Joan Crawford). Jack tells her he's a millionaire, and they begin a romance and get married. But, when she finds out he's poor, she leaves him. Jack's only chance to win her back is a golf tournament.

Leaving Me Loving You (2004)

After breaking up, a doctor (Leon Lai) and a party planner (Faye Wong) have a chance to rekindle their romance.

Iron Thunder (1989)

Booted from karate class for his bad attitude, a kickboxer (Anthony Elmore) tries to win the championship.

12 Months (2014)

A man in Los Angeles rents his home for $1 a month to help a family he has never met.

Montana (2014)

A former Serbian commando (Lars Mikkelsen) and his 14-year-old protégé (McKell David) seek revenge against a powerful crime lord.

A Doll's House (1973)

Nora Helmer (Jane Fonda) lives a quiet life with her husband, Torvald (David Warner), in a small Norwegian town. While he works diligently at a bank, she looks after their children. But Torvald doesn't know that several years ago, when he was very ill and she was desperate for money, Nora forged a loan document and has been secretly working to pay the money back ever since. The arrival of her friend Kristine (Delphine Seyrig) prompts Nora to re-evaluate her life and confront Torvald.

My Daughter's Keeper (1991)

An English war correspondent (Nicholas Guest) and his wife (Jocelyn Broderick) hire a twisted nanny (Ana Padrao) who becomes his lover in Mozambique.

Hello Sister (1933)

Two girls (ZaSu Pitts, Boots Mallory) meet a guy (James Dunn) and his buddy.

L'oeuvre des jours (2015)

Three artists share a studio for 30 years, until the death of one leads the others to discuss work and creation.

Osaka Violence (2014)

After his father is seriously injured, Masashi is taken in by a generous family and quickly learns the father has a bad reputation.

Emil and the Detectives (1935)

A 12-year-old employs a group of street-wise youngsters to help him track down a thief.

The Cold Hour (2006)

Post-apocalyptic survivors (Silke, Jorge Casalduero) shelter themselves from zombies and mysterious creatures.