Spirit of the Pony Express (2012)

With forces threatening to tear America apart at the beginning of the Civil War, one small enterprise united and held the land together. This is the story of the Pony Express, one of America's most celebrated institutions.

The Spirit of West Point (1947)

Football stars (Felix "Doc" Blanchard, Glenn Davis) portray themselves at the U.S. Military Academy, mixed with actual game footage.

Spoiler (1998)

An innocent man (Gary Daniels) seeks escape from a prison where tortures include cryogenics to suspend inmates' aging while their families grow old.

Spring and Port Wine (1970)

In the working-class Crompton household, the father, Rafe (James Mason), attempts to rule with an iron fist, while his wife, Daisy (Diana Coupland) is a more gentle and understanding presence. Rafe's methods of dealing with his children continually rub them the wrong way, particularly getting under the skin of his rebellious daughter, Hilda (Susan George). As Rafe and Hilda lock horns, their conflict becomes a battle of wills that affects the whole family.

Stephen Lynch: Live at the El Rey (2004)

Captures one of today's most original singer-comedians in his natural environment: onstage. You may have seen Lynch's Comedy Central special or heard him on radio shows across the country but that was just a taste of what really happens live and uncensored.

Street Paper (2012)

The founders, vendors and writers of America's top-selling newspaper of the homeless provide a glimpse of that life.

Streets of Rage (1994)

A former commando draws a bead on the ruthless leader of a child prostitution ring.

Sucker (2015)

Teenager Lawrence has his dreams of medical school destroyed when he gets caught cheating. When his parents banish him to the countryside for the summer, he meets a conman who calls himself The Professor.

The Sweet Sex and Love (2003)

(Korean with English subtitles) Shin-ah and Dong-gi hook up for an unforgettable night despite the fact that she has a boyfriend. Shin-ah decides to break up with her boyfriend and hook up with Dong-gi again. The two madly fall in love and the romance begins. But can they build an actual relationship that is more than just an excuse for their steamy sexual escapades?

Table 47 (2015)

Peter falls for a married woman and plots to kill her husband, and soon discovers he is the victim of an elaborate con.

Take It All (1964)

A serious young film director becomes disillusioned during his relationship with a young model.

Temporal (2015)

When Jake is traumatized by the sudden death of his girlfriend, his mental state leads him to question reality.

Ten Days to Tulara (1958)

Bush pilot Scotty McBride (Sterling Hayden) is duped into flying his old acquaintance, Cesar (Rodolfo Hoyos Jr.), and his gang out of South America to safety after they've committed a robbery and murder. Scotty can't refuse, since Cesar is holding his son hostage on a nearby ship. When the plane is fired upon, the group is forced to crash-land. So Scotty and the surviving members of the gang must trek through the countryside, and all of them are now wanted fugitives from the law.

Terror in a Texas Town (1958)

When Swedish-American whaler George Hanson (Sterling Hayden) returns to his Texas hometown after 20 years at sea, he's shocked to learn that his father was murdered just two days prior. The feckless local sheriff (Tyler McVey) won't do anything about it, so George investigates on his own and discovers that an oil speculator (Sebastian Cabot) had his father killed for refusing to sell his land at an unfair price. Enraged, and armed only with a speargun, George goes looking for justice.

The Accidental Gangster and the Mistaken Courtesean (2008)

When a commoner falls for a high-class courtesan, he finds himself in a showdown with her deadly gangland owner.

The Berlin File (2013)

Jong-seong (Jung-woo Ha), a North Korean ghost agent, interrupts an illegal arms sale in Berlin. A notorious North Korean agent tests the loyalties of everyone involved as Jong-Seong prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice.

The Children of Terra Firma (2012)

A mysterious UFO cult is connected to a series of disappearances in the woods outside of Eugene, Ore., in 1982.

The Cook (2013)

A young TV actor hosts a memorial for his sister in an abandoned park where a murderous drug lord hunts victims.

The Corsican Brothers (2013)

Douglas Fairbanks jr plays Siamese twins, separated by a good doctor [scalpel hemostat sutures quickly!!] after their parents are killed by Vendetta, personified by Akim Tamiroff in bolero suits.

Gallows Hill (2013)

In Colombia, a widower (Peter Facinelli) and his new fiancee (Sophia Myles) become stranded at an isolated inn, which houses an ancient evil.

The Doors - Soundstage Performances (2002)

The Doors Soundstage Performances are a truly unique compilation of three completely different Doors performances at three distinct stages in their career

The Elf Who Didn't Believe (1997)

Elmer, one of Santa's elves, steals Santa's sleigh and escapes to the real world to become human.

The Fall (2008)

A prosecutor (Scott Kinworthy) learns that his brother's (Benny Ciaramello) alibi for murder may be the ruin of them both.

The First Easter Egg (1997)

A little bunny goes in search of an Easter gift for his mother. A friendly chicken gives him a beautiful egg, but on his way home the bunny encounters several characters that have their own plans for the gift.

Hidden Fear (1957)

A U.S. lawman (John Payne) busts Copenhagen counterfeiters to help his sister, falsely accused of murder.

History of Christian Worship: Part 1, The Word (2010)

Part 1, The Word explores how the written and spoken word consisting of scriptures, sermons and creeds have remembered and celebrated God's story throughout centuries of Christianity.

Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go (2008)

This British documentary goes inside Mulberry Bush School, which is home to some 40 children with various types of behavioral disorders. For these kids, many of whom have suffered emotional trauma and all of whom have been dropped from the public school system, Mulberry Bush is a last option. Following five students over the course of a year, the film explores how the patience and determination of a small group of instructors can transform even the most damaged child.

Holla If I Kill You (2003)

Hot thriller slasher movie with a splash of comedy and mystery.Featuring Def Jam and Comedy Central stars. The movie that will make you think twice about becoming a stand up comedian.

Holland Road (2015)

A serial killer cruises the roads of western New York.

Homecoming (2012)

Some college friends reunite 20 years after graduating. Their jovial reunion breaks down as they discuss a recently deceased friend and as long-hidden secrets, emotions and regrets resurface.

Hopeful Notes (2010)

An Italian engineer (Walter Nudo) volunteers to play music for young cancer patients at a Russian hospital.

Hostage (2014)

A boy enjoys the adventures of childhood while living with the realities of politics.

Hummingbirds - Jewelled Messengers (2012)

In this award-winning film, David Attenborough narrates this close up look at these tiny pollinators captured in flight as never before. Acrobats of the air - flying jewels - iridescent partners of countless plants: hummingbirds are amongst the most remarkable creatures on our planet.

Hunger (2015)

Hunger is a dark, Noirish thriller about apathy and desire. Stranded for the night in a foreign city, Saul retreats into its labyrinthine backstreets, where a chance encounter with a mysterious and seductive woman seems to offer an escape... but the woman, it seems, has quite different plans for him.

Ice Warriors: USA Sled Hockey (2014)

The U.S. sled hockey team prepares for the 2014 Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi.

If You Don't, I Will (2014)

Two of France’s busiest and most talented actors, Emmanuelle Devos (Coco Before Chanel) and Mathieu Amalric (The Grand Budapest Hotel), star in this smart, modern romcom from acclaimed director Sophie Fillières. Pomme and Pierre have been together a long time – long enough that passion and spontaneity have given way to predictability and cold shoulders. On a hike together one afternoon, Pomme declares her independence by staying in the woods rather than returning to an underwhelming life at home. Pierre, despite his concern for Pomme, seems all too capable of adapting to life as a bachelor, a worrisome realization. As Pomme begins an extended meditation in the forest on where her own life should go next, both are left to contemplate the strength and meaning of each other's commitment, and if it’s even worth the effort it will take to get back to where they used to be.

Inadmissible Evidence (1968)

After leading an adulterous but otherwise banal life, lawyer Bill Maitland (Nicol Williamson) feels overcome by self-pity. He finds living with his frigid wife, Anna (Eleanor Fazan), unbearable, and attempts to find comfort in the arms of his lover, Liz (Jill Bennett) -- but this, too, wears on him, especially when Liz becomes needy. Inescapably, his relationships with coworkers, clients and his children are all empty. Feeling besieged by his own despair, Bill struggles to find an answer.

Indigo (2014)

A recovering heroin addict, now an up-and-coming photographer, tries to solve a kidnapping that happened at a wedding he shot.

In Guns We Trust (2013)

In Kennesaw, a small American town in the state of Georgia, a good citizen is an armed citizen.

Isai (2015)

A veteran director makes plans to psychologically destroy his former assistant.

It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown (1992)

The Peanuts gang prepares for the holidays in their own unique ways.


A grieving widower begins private Latin dance lessons with a young instructor after an embarrassing incident on the dance floor.

Jane B. Par Agnes V. (1988)

Angès Varda (CLEO FROM 5 TO 7) paints a portrait of a woman (Jane Birkin), this time in a marvelously Expressionistic way. JANE B. abandons the bio-pic format, favoring instead a freewheeling mix of gorgeous fantasy sequences.

Jay Pharoah: Can I Be Me? (2015)

Jay Pharoah, Saturday Night Live castmember for four years and counting brings you his latest and greatest special, 'Can I Be Me'. This special includes some of Pharoah's greatest.

Judy (2014)

Mary finds herself fighting to stay alive when a group of murderous street performers, The Crows, decide to make hers a weekend from hell.

Juliette (2014)

The unexpected meeting between an hung up lawyer and a burlesque performer.

Killer Priest (2011)

A mystery man hires Joseph, a hit man (blood in, blood out star Damian Chapa) to assassinate a man in Italy. Joseph takes the job, only to find out during the hit that his victim will be a priest.

Kill The Artist (2007)

Kill The Artist is a documentary about artists who got into trouble with the law because of their art-works.

Kim Jong Un: The Unauthorized Biography (2015)

He is the living God of the 9th nuclear power of the world, raised in secrecy to take over the commands of the North Korean regime. Investigators travel to Switzerland, the USA and Asia to find those who really know Kim and try to profile the new leader.

Kiss Me, Kill Me (2015)

A photographer finds herself falling under the spell of a witch.

Larceny on the Air (1937)

A doctor (Robert Livingston) falls for a quack's daughter (Grace Bradley) while crusading against quackery on the radio.

Left for Dead (2014)

Four tough women from the streets of New Mexico take on the hit men who killed their little sister.

Lena's Complicated Machine (2015)

Death is Relative.

Life After Death From Above 1979 (2014)

Five years after a bitter split, Canadian musicians Jesse Keeler and Sebastien Grainger reunite their band Death From Above 1979 for one show at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival.

Life After Django Reinhardt (2011)

Life After Django Reinhardt is an American documentary film. The film centers around Django Reinhardt, who was born in 1910 and raised by gypsy parents. Reinhardt is considered to be one of the most important jazz guitarists of all time. This documentary honors what would be his 100th birthday by following 100 of his followers, including his grandson David Reinhardt, as they travel and play a Centennial Tour honoring him. The film interviews several jazz guitarists who were influenced by Reinhardt's music and captures them as they prepare for the Centennial Tour.

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Live from Austin Texas (1995)

Andrew Dice Clay: One Night with Dice (1987)

This Transient Life (1970)

Winner of the Golden Leopard award at the 1970 Locarno Film Festival, This Transient Life is among the Art Theatre Guild's most successful - and most controversial - productions. The film concerns a brother and sister from a rich family who defy the expectations placed on them: he has little interest in further education or his father's business, instead obsessing over Buddhist statues; she continually refuses a string of suitors and the prospect of marriage. Their closeness, and isolation, gives way to an incestuous relationship which, in turn, breeds disaster.

Life of a Court Lady (1974)

Jissôji's 1974 feature Life of a Court Lady, about a girl sold as a concubine to a powerful daimo with a fanatically religious brother, continues the themes explored in his classic Buddhist Trilogy

Für Elise (2012)

How to Meet Girls from a Distance (2012)

A Place in the Heart (2014)

March of the Dinosaurs (2011)

March of the Dinosaurs is a CGI film which has aired on ITV 1 in the UK on April 23, 2011 and released on DVD on 27 May 2011. The film was produced by Wide-Eyed Entertainment in association with Yap Films, and executive produced by Jasper James, who had previously worked on the Walking with... series and Prehistoric Park. Set 70 million years ago in the Cretaceous in North America, the film follows the journey of a young Edmontosaurus named Scar and his herd as they migrate south for the winter. This film depicts recent findings and speculation about dinosaurs, such as North-American Tyrannosaurs having feathers, and hunting in packs, dinosaurs in the snow and migrating.

Le courage d'aimer (2005)

Le Courage d'aimer is a comedy drama directed by Claude Lelouch released on 29 June 2005. It is the result of a recutting of the first part (Les parisiens) of an unfinished trilogy - Le Genre humain with the scenes from the film that would have constituted the second film, called Le Bonheur, c'est mieux que la vie.

The Book of Masters (2009)

The Book of Masters (Russian: Книга Мастеров, tr. Kniga Masterov) is a Russian fantasy film produced by the CIS division of the Disney company and directed by Vadim Sokolovsky. It was released in Russia on October 29, 2009. The story is based on Russian fairy tales, such as "The Stone Flower" and other stories from The Malachite Casket collection. It is Disney's first film made in Russia.

Dr. Ketel (2011)

Sumo Bruno (2001)

Sumo Bruno (originally titled Sumo Bruno – Dein schwerster Gegner bist du selbst) is a 2000 German comedy drama film directed by Lenard Fritz Krawinkel and starring Hakan Orbeyi, Oliver Korittke, Julia Richter, Martin Seifert, Thomas Drechsel, Tim Wilde and Martin Semmelrogge. The film was produced and distributed by Babelsberg Studio. The film was marketed with the tagline "Your hardest opponent is yourself" ("Dein schwerster Gegner bist du selbst.")

Mensch Kotschie (2010)

Dora Heldt: Bei Hitze ist es wenigstens nicht kalt (2012)

Battle Warrior (1996)

Berlin Fur Helden (2012)

Reuber (2015)

Trigger (2006)

The Gamblers (1990)

The Snowman (1985)

Finding Atlantis (2011)

The Mystery of Snow Queen (2015)

Botticelli - Inferno (2016)

Botticelli Inferno is a 2016 Italian-German documentary film directed by Ralph Loop. The film is part of the project Great Art Cinema and analyses one of the most mysterious works of Sandro Botticelli, the Map of Hell in the Divine Comedy Illustrated by Botticelli in the Vatican Library. The map was originally part of an illustrated manuscript of Dante's Divine Comedy, featuring artwork by Botticcelli. The film was edited in the facilities of TV Plus, Medea Film, and Nexo Digital. It attempts to shed light on Botticelli's motivation for drawing his Map of Hell, and, in the process, to reveal the dark, and less well known, side of the Renaissance master who is famous for painting The Birth of Venus and Primavera.

Das Pferd Auf Dem Balkon (2012)

Jahr des Drachen (2012)

Offroad (2012)

Otto - The Alien from East Frisia (1989)

Der Richter und sein Henker (1957)

Kai aus der Kiste (1988)

Die Fledermaus (1986)

Die Fledermaus is a 1946 German operetta film directed by Géza von Bolváry and starring Marte Harell, Johannes Heesters and Will Dohm. It is based on Johann Strauss II's 1874 work of the same name. The film was made by Terra Film, one of major German production companies of the Nazi era. It was shot using agfacolor at the Barrandov Studios in Prague and the Babelsberg Studios in Berlin. Although production began in 1944, the film was not finally released until 1946 when it was distributed by the communist-controlled DEFA company in the Soviet occupation zone. The film's sets were designed by Robert Herlth.

Scream of the Ants (2007)

The Blacksmith (1980)

Ang Panday (1980) is a popular Filipino action-fantasy film starring Fernando Poe, Jr.. The movie is based on the fictional comics character of the same name, which was created by Carlo J. Caparas and illustrated by Steve Gan.

Wife on vacation (1967)

The Murderers Are Coming (1944)

The Murderers are Coming is a 1942 Soviet war film directed by Vsevolod Pudovkin and Yuri Tarich based on the play Fear and Misery of the Third Reich by Bertolt Brecht. The film was not allowed to screen by Soviet censors.

La crisis carnívora (2008)

The Green Hell (1938)

Image (2014)

Unser fremdes Kind (1998)

Om Tilla (1963)

Special Escort (2007)

Petticoat Government (1936)

Broadway Daddies (1928)

Violated Angels (1967)

Violated Angels is a film made by controversial Japanese director Kōji Wakamatsu in 1967. Wakamatsu's most famous film, it is based on the mass murder spree of Richard Speck in 1966.

Zurück zum Glück (2010)

The Flower Girl (1951)