Unsere tollen Tanten (1961)

Our Crazy Aunts (German: Unsere tollen Tanten) is a 1961 Austrian comedy film directed by Rolf Olsen and starring Gunther Philipp, Gus Backus and Vivi Bach. It was followed by two sequels Our Crazy Nieces and Our Crazy Aunts in the South Seas.The film's sets were designed by the art director Felix Smetana.

Plattln In Umtata (2007)

How Not to Rescue a Princess (2010)

Nikto ne znaet pro sex 2: No sex (2008)

Nei miei sogni (2014)

Vlyublyon po sobstvennomu zhelaniyu (1982)

Love by Request (Russian: Влюблён по собственному желанию) is a 1983 Soviet comedy film directed by Sergey Mikaelyan. It was entered into the 33rd Berlin International Film Festival, where Yevgeniya Glushenko won the Silver Bear for Best Actress.

Odinokim predostavlyaetsya obshchezhitiye (1983)

Offered for Singles is a 1984 romantic comedy directed by Samson Samsonov and written by Arkady Inin.

La petite Aurore l'enfant martyre (1952)

Little Aurore's Tragedy (French: La petite Aurore: l'enfant martyre) is a French 1952 Quebec biographical drama movie that was directed by Jean-Yves Bigras and produced by Renaissance Films Distribution and Warner Bros.. A classic of early Quebec cinema, La Petite Aurore l’enfant martyre was based on a true story. Aurore (Laflamme) is 12 years old and lives with her sickly mother (McKinnon) and father (Desmarteaux) in a small village during the 1920s. A widowed neighbour (Mitchell) appears concerned and helpful, but Aurore discovers she actually hastens her mother’s death. Her father marries the widow, and the child is forced to live with her cruel stepmother. She is systematically beaten and tortured until the local doctor (Gagnon) intervenes. But he is too late, and Aurore succumbs to her abuse. This film was remade in 2005 by Luc Dionne, and was named Aurore.

Como me da la gana II (2016)

The Shikisoku Generation (2009)

Decoding the Past: Secrets of the Koran (2006)

Blake Shelton's Not So Family Christmas (2012)

Last Foxtrot in Burbank (1974)

Last Foxtrot in Burbank is a 1973 film directed by Charles Band. It is a spoof of Last Tango in Paris.

Les enfants du silence (1962)

John Ford Goes to War (2002)

Inventing Adam (2013)

Ding Dong (1951)

Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal (2003)

Scotched In Scotland (1954)

Scotched in Scotland is the 158th short film released by Columbia Pictures in 1954 starring American slapstick comedy team The Three Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Shemp Howard). The comedians released 190 short films for the studio between 1934 and 1959.

Homicides: The Criminals Part II (1976)

Larry David: Curb Your Enthusiasm (1999)

3-2-1 Penguins: The Cheating Scales of Bullamanka (2001)

Cardinal Messias (1939)

Cardinal Messias (Italian:Abuna Messias) is a 1939 Italian historical drama film directed by Goffredo Alessandrini and starring Camillo Pilotto, Enrico Glori and Mario Ferrari. The film was awarded the Mussolini Cup at the 1939 Venice film festival. It portrays the life of Guglielmo Massaia, a nineteenth-century Italian known for his missionary work in the Ethiopian Empire.

Fei hu xiong shi zhi: Ji dao zhan shi (1994)

Qing yi wo xin zhi (1989)

Stop (1970)

In This Corner (2015)

Hustlas (2002)

When He Didn't Come Home (1998)

The Big Family (1973)

The Big Family (Italian: L'onorata famiglia - Uccidere è cosa nostra) is a 1973 Italian mafia film written and directed by Tonino Ricci and starring Raymond Pellegrin, Simonetta Stefanelli and Richard Conte.

A pugni nudi (1974)

Shoot the Girls (2001)

Whom God Forgives (1957)

Whom God Forgives (Spanish: Amanecer en Puerta Oscura) is a 1957 Spanish action film directed by José María Forqué. At the 7th Berlin International Film Festival it won the Silver Bear Extraordinary Prize of the Jury award.

72hrs the Hague: Western (2018)

The 2019 Oscar Nominated Short Films (2019)

For over a decade, ShortsTV has proudly brought the Oscar© Nominated Short Films to audiences across the globe. This exclusive release features the year’s most spectacular short films and for a limited time is available to watch on the big screen. Each nominee is released in one of three distinct feature-length compilations according to their category of nomination: Live Action, Animation or Documentary.

Macy's 4TH Of July Fireworls Spectacular (2016)

Carreras Domingo Pavarotti in Concert (1990)

Beethoven Missa Solemnis (2012)

The Mary Jane Massacre (2018)

Nécrologies (2018)

How To Know God (2006)

Un jour ça ira (2018)

The Lady of the Dawn (1966)

Arthur L'aventurier en Afrique (2013)

The Ring of the Buddha (2003)

Yaktin Beni (2015)

Bolero (1993)

Helen Of Four Gates (1920)

Helen of Four Gates (1920) is a British silent film melodrama, directed by cinema pioneer Cecil Hepworth and starring Alma Taylor, James Carew and Gerald Ames.

Ballet Adagio (1972)

Young MacGyver (2003)

Outlaws of Texas (1950)

Second Class Mail (1985)

Ernst & lyset (1996)

Musen (2009)

Vem dömer (1922)

Popcorn e patatine (1985)

Out of a Forest (2010)

Simo Times Three (2012)

Fucking Bunnies (2017)

Testamentet (2011)

Jack of Spades (1960)

Jack of Spades (French: Chien de pique) is a 1960 French drama film directed by Yves Allégret and starring Eddie Constantine, Raymond Pellegrin and Marie Versini.

Frau im besten Mannesalter (1959)

Tres de la Cruz Roja (1961)

Tres de la Cruz Roja is a 1961 Spanish comedy film directed by Fernando Palacios and written by Vicente Coello and Pedro Masó

Who Stole the Body? (1963)

Les bricoleurs is a 1963 French thriller film directed by Jean Girault and starring Francis Blanche, Darry Cowl, Elke Sommer and Jacqueline Maillan. It was released as Who Stole the Body? in the United States.

Das Mädchen und der Staatsanwalt (1962)

Das Mädchen und der Staatsanwalt ("The Girl and the Prosecutor") is a 1962 German drama film directed by Jürgen Goslar and starring Wolfgang Preiss, Götz George and Elke Sommer.

Meet Peter Voss (1959)

Peter Voss, Hero of the Day (German: Peter Voss, der Held des Tages) is a 1959 West German comedy crime film directed by Georg Marischka and starring O.W. Fischer, Linda Christian and Walter Giller. It was a sequel to the 1958 film Peter Voss, Thief of Millions which had been based on the novel of the same title by Ewald Gerhard Seeliger.

Träume von der Südsee (1957)

Dialogues of Peace (1965)

Freddy und die Melodie der Nacht (1960)

Freddy and the Melody of the Night (German:Freddy und die Melodie der Nacht) is a 1960 West German musical film directed by Wolfgang Schleif and starring Freddy Quinn, Heidi Brühl and Peter Carsten.

Der Stern von Santa Clara (1958)

The Star of Santa Clara (German: Der Stern von Santa Clara) is a 1958 West German musical comedy film directed by Werner Jacobs and starring Vico Torriani, Gerlinde Locker and Ruth Stephan. It was shot at the CCC Studios in Berlin. The film's sets were designed by the art director Paul Markwitz.

Actor? A Documentary (2014)

The Pogues: Live at the Town and Country (2004)

Inner Rage (2006)

The Son of an Afghan Farmer (2012)

A Pleasant Terror: The Life and Ghost of M.R. James (1995)

Les nanas (1985)

Les Nanas (The Chicks) is a 1985 French comedy with an entirely female cast, directed by Annick Lanoë.

Laurel & Hardy: Their Lives and Magic (2011)

Rock 'N' Roll Goldmine: The Sixties (1986)

Inside 'Octopussy' (2000)

The National Scream (1980)

The Big Apple (1937)

Greater Threat (2008)

Long hu di tou she (1973)

Casanova (2015)

The Ultimate Degenerate (1969)

S.H.E: Security Hazards Expert (1980)

S*H*E* or S+H+E: Security Hazards Expert is a 1980 American spy film concerning a sexy undercover female espionage agent. Starring Cornelia Sharpe and Omar Sharif, it was written by Richard Maibaum and is a Martin Bregman production. The main title song was performed by Linda Gaines.

Tales of a Salesman (1965)

La couleur des mots (1984)

Dig (2011)

Shania: Live (1998)

The Two Gun Teacher (1954)

Barbaro (2008)

The Landowner's Daughter (1953)

The Landowner's Daughter (Portuguese: Sinhá Moça) is a 1953 Brazilian drama film directed by Tom Payne and Oswaldo Sampaio. It was entered into the 4th Berlin International Film Festival. It is based on the novel by Brazilian author Maria Camila Dezonne Pacheco Fernandes.

I'm Healthy, I'm Alive and I'm Free (1977)

The Treehouse (2012)

Cigarettes & Coffee (1993)

Cigarettes & Coffee is a 1993 short film written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson starring Philip Baker Hall. It tells the story of five people's lives all connected through a $20 bill. The film helped launch the career of Anderson and was used as a basis for his first feature film Hard Eight (1996).

The Bullet Machine (1970)

Clegg is a 1970 British crime film directed by Lindsay Shonteff. It featured Gilbert Wynne in his first starring role. Clegg follows a case of a private detective named Harry Clegg, a former policeman in London. The film was also released under the titles Clegg Private Eye, The Bullet Machine and Harry and the Hookers. It was lensed in various locations around London including the Docklands and Highgate Cemetery, as well as in Paris. Gilbert Wynne would also star in Shonteff's next film, Permissive which was also released in 1970. The score was by Paul Ferris. The film was distributed by Tigon.

Do We Really Need the Moon? (2011)

Deep Cover (1996)

Hearts of Dartmouth: Life of a Trailer Park Girl (2006)