Theo Against the Rest of the World (1980)

Isenhart: The Hunt Is on for Your Soul (2011)

Diamantenhochzeit (2010)

Valentin Valentin (2015)

Valentin Valentin is a 2015 French crime mystery film directed by Pascal Thomas and starring Marilou Berry, Vincent Rottiers and Marie Gillain.

Max and Moritz Reloaded (2005)

Silk n' Sabotage (1994)

Torno A Vivere Da Solo (2008)

Torno a vivere da solo (I'll be back to living alone) is a 2008 Italian comedy film written, directed and starred by Jerry Calà. It is the sequel of Marco Risi's Vado a vivere da solo.

The 3rd Eye 2 (2019)

Working in an orphanage, Alia meets teen Nadia, who says she hears a strange voice in the walls. When they try to find the source, things go very wrong.

Five Steps of Love (2015)

It’s the clash of the incompatible signs when Huy, a Sagittarius playboy, meets My, a zodiac-enthusiast Pisces, and their fates become heart-achingly entangled in a twisted journey of unrequited love.

War Game (2002)

War Game is a 2001 animated short film made by the British animation company Illuminated Films, and based on the Michael Foreman novel of the same name. The film included many of the same scenes listed in the book, although four new characters were created.

Der Grosse Kanton (2013)

Ten 'Til Noon (2006)

Ten 'Til Noon is a 2006 crime thriller movie that has won awards at multiple film festivals (San Francisco Independent Film Festival, San Diego Film Festival, Newport Beach Film Festival). It is a taut crime thriller in the vein of Memento and Pulp Fiction with a structural signature of witnessing the same ten minutes from the often tense perspective of ten different characters. Its official description is: Between 11:50 and 12:00 noon, a crime is committed. In the same ten-minute period, we follow the lives of the ten people, all connected to this crime. As we see each person's point of view, we are propelled closer and closer to the truth of what exactly happened...and why. [1] Directed by Scott Storm (graduate of the New York School of Visual Arts and classmate of Bryan Singer) and produced by Michael Creighton Rogers, Michael Mannheim, Gavin Franks, and Brian Osborne, Ten 'til Noon stars Morgan Freeman's son Alphonso and was shot during separate months on a shoestring budget with the help of countless crew and friend favors. After a Los Angeles Premiere screening, Jon Voight's company, Crystal Sky, signed on to sell foreign and domestic distribution and the film opened theatrically in Los Angeles on March 30, 2007.

Someone to Run With (2006)

Someone to Run With (Mishehu Larutz Ito) is a 2006 Israeli drama thriller movie directed by Oded Davidoff based on David Grossman's novel of the same name. The movie stars Bar Belfer, Yonatan Bar-Or and Tzahi Grad in the lead roles. The movie is about two individuals who are on different missions and how their paths cross. Bar Belfer's performance won her the Special Grand Jury Award in the World Cinema Competition at the 31st Miami International Film Festival.

Zonenmadchen (2013)

Paperback Romance (1994)

Sophie (Gia Carides) is a romance writer who's used to living out her fantasies in fiction. Her amorous desires get a dose of reality when she encounters Eddie (Anthony LaPaglia), a dashing jewelery thief who says he's fallen for her. But, like one of Sophie's page-turners, their romance has a few obstacles. Eddie is scheduled to get married to his shrewish fiancee, Gloria (Rebecca Gibney). And Sophie hasn't yet revealed that she can't walk without crutches and a leg brace.

Trans Bavaria (2012)

The Sister of Ursula (1978)

Severin Films presents an infamous slice of EuroSleaze that repeatedly thrusts at the abyss of bad taste. In the wake of their father’s death, two beautiful sisters – sensitive Ursula (Barbara Magnolfi of Suspiria) and promiscuous Dagmar (Stefania D’Amario of Zombie) – come to a seaside resort for a relaxing vacation. But their idyllic getaway will soon become a depraved nightmare of kinky exhibitionists, dope-sick lotharios, lust-crazed lesbians and a psychotic killer who tears women to pieces with – no kidding – a phallus of massive proportion. Marc Porel (The Psychic) co-stars in this eye-popping combination of delectable sexploitation and vicious giallo, now fully restored from original vault elements and presented uncut and uncensored for the first time ever in America.

A Happy Man (2009)

Le Bonheur de Pierre is a 2009 Canadian-French comedy-drama directed by Robert Ménard. It was entered into several film festivals including the Rhode Island International Film Festival. Moreover it was chosen Best Foreign Film at the New York Independent Film Festival in 2009. The film is also known as A Happy Man.

La bomba del Liceu (2010)

The Woman of My Life (2010)

The Woman Of My Dreams (Italian: La donna della mia vita, also known as The Woman of My Life) is a 2010 Italian comedy-drama film directed by Luca Lucini and starring Alessandro Gassman, Luca Argentero, Stefania Sandrelli and Valentina Lodovini.

.357 (2013)

The PhanDom Menace (2002)

L'histoire d'une mère (2017)

Trashy Town (2001)

Hats off to Mr. Gilly, the always smiling, ever energetic trash man who dumps it in, smashes it down and drives around the Trashy Town until his truck is full of glorious garbage.

Heritage of Bjorndal (1960)

The Inheritance of Bjorndal (German:Das Erbe von Björndal) is a 1960 Austrian drama film directed by Gustav Ucicky and starring Maj-Britt Nilsson, Brigitte Horney and Ellen Schwiers. It is the sequel to the 1959 film The Forests Sing Forever. The film's art direction was by Leo Metzenbauer.

Carnal Utopia (2006)

Fourbi (1996)

Fourbi is a 1996 French-Swiss drama film directed by Alain Tanner. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 1996 Cannes Film Festival.

Bellos suicidios (2011)

Valley of the Wolves Gladio (2008)

Valley of the Wolves: Gladio (Turkish: Kurtlar Vadisi: Gladio) is a 2009 Turkish action film directed by Sadullah Şentürk. It follows the retired security intelligence agent İskender Büyük, as he decides to strike back against his one-time employers by revealing all he knows about Gladio. The film, which went on nationwide general release across Turkey on November 20, 2009 (2009-11-20), was the fifth highest grossing Turkish film of 2009. It is part of the Valley of the Wolves media franchise, based on the Turkish television series of the same name, along with Valley of the Wolves: Iraq (2006) and Valley of the Wolves: Palestine (2010).

Roland Hassel (2012)

Nadzieja (2008)

Hope (Polish: Nadzieja, German: Hoffnung) is a 2007 German-Polish drama film directed by Stanisław Mucha. It was entered into the 29th Moscow International Film Festival.

Hercules vs. the Giant Warriors (1964)

The Triumph of Hercules, the 1964 film, was one of many Italian sword and sandal epics during the 1960s craze. Originally titled Il Trionfo di Ercole, the film was directed by Alberto De Martino. Hercules was portrayed by Dan Vadis. The film was released internationally as Hercules vs the Giant Warriors, and also as Hercules and the Ten Avengers.

Shatner's World... We Just Live in It... (2013)

Safari: Match Me If You Can (2018)

Spitfire (1995)

Land in Sicht (2014)

Dean Smith (2015)

Britney Spears: Innocent Beauty (2004)

Bonne Nuit Papa (2015)

Christian Dreadful (2012)

Christian is a world famous rock-star, but underneath the make-up and tight leather clothes, he is a former choirboy, who lost his parents in an early age, but found comfort in music. Christian wants to inspire unfortunate people, like himself, with his music, but producer Aleksi Roivas has already planned the career of the next, big superstar from start to finish. Now, Christian, with the help of a groupie with an attitude, has to save his beloved fans from total damnation.

Very Senior - Attitude is everything (2018)

There is a place in Arizona that is so peaceful that people go there to die: a retirement community in the middle of the desert, especially designed for senior citizens, with palm trees and bungalows, blue skies, red sunsets, an abundance of pharmacies and extra-wide streets for a comfortable ride in your golf cart! Seen from Europe, Sun City seems like a utopian vision: a town designed on the drawing board that looks like some extra-terrestrial apparition. And yet, since 1963 it has been routine and everyday reality. Fun! Fun! Fun! The bright lights flash: there is a punk band in the garage and a tap dance revue on the stage. The old punks call themselves “One Foot in the Grave” and the tap dancers radiate revue charm with undisguised pleasure in what they are doing instead of a perfect figure and blemish-free skin. Aging is a condition where “aches and pains are part of the deal”, as Jim observes. On the other hand, you have reached a point in your life where you can just shrug and say: “Get over it or take a pill to make you feel good”. At least, that’s what Betty-Jane recommends. Everyone living here has to find his or her own way to deal with life while facing death: if you don’t have much time left, you can choose to make the best out of it. Jim sums it up nonchalantly: “We come to Sun City to die – but to have fun while doing it!” It’s all about attitude. The residents of Sun City do not subscribe to the view that the last chapter of our lives has to be a solemn one. The town provides a stage on which the protagonists of the film perform the drama of old age as a metaphorical round dance. In telling their stories the residents reveal what they have gained – and lost – from life. They speak openly about the painful side of aging, as well as its pleasures. And they believe that being happy is a decision we can take.

Tralas Luces (2011)

Harts 5 - Geld ist nicht alles (2013)

Passion and Romance: Ocean of Dreams (1997)

Jakobs Bruder (2009)

A Natale mi Sposo (2010)

Draquila - L'Italia che trema (2010)

Draquila – L'Italia che trema (Draquila – Italy Shakes) is a 2010 Italian satirical documentary film about the political matters regarding the earthquake that hit the Italian city of L'Aquila in 2009. It stars the comedian Sabina Guzzanti, who also wrote and directed. It was presented out of competition at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival, causing a boycott from the Italian government. The movie name is a portmanteau between L'Aquila and Dracula, while the subtitle "Poteri speciali ad un uomo speciale" ("special powers for a special man") pertain to Guido Bertolaso, the discussed chief of Protezione Civile.

The 90 Minute War (2016)

The Invention of the Curried Sausage (2008)

Study Hell (2007)

Ikutsu ni natte mo yaritai otoko to onna (2008)

Everyone Is Older Than I Am (2012)

From Hell to the Wild West (2017)

The Crazy Adventure Movie (2015)

Hell Hole (1978)

yHomeless (2016)

Bas-fonds (2010)

Muchas Gracias, Willy Wuff (1996)

Sara Stein: Jewels In The Grave (2019)

It is Chief Inspector Sara Stein's first case in Tel Aviv. That nobody here has been waiting for her is quickly made clear by her colleagues Shimon Ben Godin and Jakoov Blok. Nevertheless, she is given the assignment to investigate the case, because it is her predecessor Noam Shavit, who is found dead in his apartment - suffocated under a plastic bag. Quick parallels are drawn to a robbery that is already two years old. It had the same action, theft of jewelry, even the foreign pullover fibers that are found on the bodies. But was it really the same killer? Or did Shavit come to terms with the perpetrator and pay for it? The trail leads Sara through the Arab Ghetto to the affluent district of Tel Aviv. But in the end, the solution is so close ...

Defying the Nazis: The Sharps' War (2016)

Defying the Nazis: The Sharps' War is an account of a daring rescue mission that occurred on the precipice of World War II. It tells the story of Waitstill and Martha Sharp, a Unitarian minister and his wife from Wellesley, Massachusetts, who left their children behind in the care of their parish and boldly committed to multiple life-threatening missions in Europe. Over two dangerous years they helped to save hundreds of imperiled political dissidents and Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazi occupation across Europe.

Qualunquemente (2011)

Qualunquemente is a 2011 Italian satirical comedy film starring comedian Antonio Albanese as his famous character Cetto La Qualunque, a sleazy Southern Italy politician. The title means "whichever-ly" (adding ungrammatical adverbial endings is a shtick of the main character). It was released in Italy on 600 copies on January 21, 2011 and was screened in the Main Programme of the Panorama section at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival.

Missione Di Pace (2011)

Missione di pace (Peacekeeping mission) is a 2011 Italian black comedy film directed by Francesco Lagi. It was the closer film at the Critics' Week at the 68th Venice International Film Festival.

Special Flight (2011)

Madballs: Escape from Orb! (1986)

Graziella (2015)

Graziella is a 2015 French drama directed by Mehdi Charef.

Be Here Now (2015)

Heart of a Dragon (2008)

Killing Me Softly: The Roberta Flack Story (2014)

Un Lac (2008)

Un Lac is a 2008 French film directed by Philippe Grandrieux, starring Dmitriy Kubasov, Natálie Rehorová and Alexei Solonchev. The film won a Special Mention in the Orizzonti Section at the 2008 Venice Film Festival.

Schule, Schule - Die Zeit nach Berg Fidel (2017)

The documentary film "SCHULE, SCHULE - the time after Bergfidel" shows a school year in the life of four teenagers who, after their time together, had to part with the inclusive primary school "Berg Fidel" in order to learn further at different schools. It is about the attainment of grades and degrees and the search for recognition, but also about the personal desires and concerns of the protagonists who are in the middle of puberty.

She-Wolves of the Ring (1965)

The Black Dragon's Revenge (1975)

Demi Lovato: Her Life, Her Story (2013)

Calm at Sea (2012)

Nebenwege (2014)

Il pezzo mancante (2011)

Hangtime (2009)

Shiverstone Castle 2 (2017)

It is time again: Schreckenstein and Rosenfels overlap with the annual competitions at the Kapellsee with elaborate sabotage acts. But shortly before the end, the Graf's zeppelin crashes! Although Count Schreckenstein saves himself at the last second, he now has to spend several weeks in the hospital- and is financially ruined. The representative of the count, his cousin Kuno, sees the sale of the castle to, Chinese entrepreneur, Wang the only solution. The guys realize that the Schreckenstein castle is to be relocated to China to become part of a medieval theme park. However, Diener Jean believes in saving the Schreckenstein Castle and wants to search for the forgotten treasure in the castle courtyard. Myth - or reality? The guys get to the bottom of the riddle - with energetic support from the girls of Schloss Rosenfels ...

Wrestling Jerusalem (2016)

In a tour-de-force performance, writer-actor Aaron Davidman conjures a host of different characters while seeking answers to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in WRESTLING JERUSALEM. Creatively adapting his acclaimed one-man stage show using only simple props and backdrops, Davidman takes a multidimensional journey into the heart of the Middle East, and the intersection of politics, identity and spiritual yearning. He embodies and gives voice to 17 different characters on all sides of the existential divide–deftly moving between male and female, Jewish and Muslim, Israeli and Arab–modeling what it takes truly to bear witness through the eyes of the other. Challenging long-held beliefs with sharp and unblinking observation, Davidman finds both entrenched isolation and shared humanity in the shifting moral compasses and competing narratives of all his characters. Filmmaker Dylan Kussman moves freely and seamlessly among three locations–a live theater audience, the open expanse of a vast desert, and a small dressing room–exploiting the interplay of theatrical spontaneity, cinematic poetry, and spiritual intimacy. The result is a unique hybrid of stage and cinema that reignites hope for the future of this troubled region

Suffer Little Children (1983)

Un, Deux, Trois (2017)

Four years after an unsuccessful attempted bank robbery and a dead end, Florian makes Julie meet him at a strip club. Reunited, they decide to mount scams to bank loans.

Inti-illimani - Dove cantano le nuvole (2011)

Terror Stalks The Class Reunion (1992)

Die Wirklichkeit Kommt (2014)

Bloodlines: The Art and Life of Vincent Castiglia (2018)

In the privacy of his studio, Vincent Castiglia practices a kind of modern-day phlebotomy, siphoning the life force which contains his own psychic energy, while giving it an outlet and form. Castiglia is the first American artist to receive a solo exhibition invitation from Oscar Award-winning artist H.R. Giger to exhibit in the H. R. Giger Museum Gallery. “Remedy for the Living”, the first solo exhibition of paintings by Castiglia opened on November 1, 2008 and ran for six months, closing in April of 2009. Vincent Castiglia’s impressive work has seen many sides of the entertainment world, as well. MTV New Media's Horror-Slasher Film, Savage County, featured his art as its official movie poster, depicting the three murderers in the film. Prior to the film, Vincent painted album art for heavy metal band Triptykon's 2010 debut release, Eparistera Daimones.Triptykon is founded by former Hellhammer / Celtic Frost singer and guitarist Tom Gabriel Fischer. Vincent also painted the DVD cover for Fangoria Presents film, Corpsing. His work has been featured on The National Geographic Channel (NatGeo), FOX News, CNBC, BBC, New York 1 News, Spike TV, The Discovery Channel, and The Science Channel. Castiglia was also recently a guest on the Jay Thomas Show on Sirius XM Radio. His work has been explored by countless art and culture publications, in the US and internationally, including the New York Post, New York Daily News, The Huffington Post, Art Business News, International Business Times, Bizarre Magazine, as well as Lexikon Der Phantastischen Künstler “The international encyclopedia of fantastic, surrealistic, symbolist, & visionary artists”. His work hangs in many distinguished collections internationally, among them, the collection of Rock legend Gregg Allman. Vincent’s paintings have been exhibited at museums and galleries in the US, and internationally.

Santo vs. Frankenstein's Daughter (1971)

Goodbye Mr. Zeus! (2010)

Breathless (2009)

Breathless (Hangul: 똥파리; RR: Ddongpari; literally "shitfly") is a 2008 South Korean film by Yang Ik-june and the story revolves around child abuse and loan sharking. A loan shark named Sang-Hoon finds himself striking a friendship with a troubled schoolgirl, Yeon-Hee, as he faces his own troubled past with his abusive father. Breathless has won the Grand Prize at the 2009 Tokyo Filmex, the Silver Screen Award at the 2009 Singapore International Film Festival the Tiger Prize at the 2009 Rotterdam International Film Festival and the 30th Blue Dragon Awards for Best New Actor (Yang Ik-june) and Best New Actress (Kim Kkot-bi tied with Park Bo-young From Scandal Makers). It saw over 100,000 admissions in South Korea.

Hypnosis (2011)

Prince Of The Nile: The Story Of Moses (1998)

Outside the Bubble: On the Road with Alexandra Pelosi (2018)

The media frequently reports that Americans are more divided than ever. Public discussion around issues such as gun rights, jobs, immigration, climate change, abortion and race seem to have become increasingly polarized. Intent on escaping her coastal bubble, Alexandra Pelosi (HBO’s Emmy-winning Journeys with George) sets out on a cross-country trip to engage in conversations with fellow Americans in an effort to gain an unfiltered understanding of other perspectives. Directed, produced and filmed by Pelosi, Outside the Bubble: On the Road with Alexandra Pelosi visits hot spots in America’s political and culture wars for frank discussions, including Sutherland Springs, Texas, the site of the 2017 First Baptist Church mass shooting; Alabama, where she meets women who voted for President Trump, to hear their thoughts about abortion rights and the #MeToo movement; Pennsylvania to speak with blue-collar workers who feel ignored and disrespected by the “coastal elites”; Port Arthur, Texas, which was devastated by Hurricane Harvey; Charlottesville, Virginia, the quaint college town where a march by neo-Nazis turned violent; and San Diego where Pelosi visits the border wall to discuss immigration with activists and agents on the front line. The filmmaker emphasizes the importance of getting outside our bubbles and listening to others, in the process learning to accommodate different narratives and viewpoints.

Bloodline (2011)

Il Cosmo Sul Como (2008)

Agent Ranjid Rettet Die Welt (2012)

Butterflies (1973)

Mala racha (2006)

National Theatre Live: Twelfth Night (2017)

A ship is wrecked on the rocks. Viola is washed ashore but her twin brother Sebastian is lost. Determined to survive on her own, she steps out to explore a new land. So begins a whirlwind of mistaken identity and unrequited love. The nearby households of Olivia and Orsino are overrun with passion. Even Olivia's upright housekeeper Malvolia is swept up in the madness. Where music is the food of love, and nobody is quite what they seem, anything proves possible.

Bruriah (2008)

Anarchism in America (1983)

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Vay Arkadas (2010)

Vay Arkadaş is a 2010 Turkish comedy film directed by Kemal Uzun.