Something Like Happiness (2005)

In northern Bohemia, Monika (Tatiana Vilhelmov) awaits an invitation to join her boyfriend in the U.S., while free-spirited suitor Tonik (Pavel Liska) tries to gain her affection. Their unstable friend, Dasha (Anna Geislerov), is having a tumultuous affair with a married man that eventually leads to her having a nervous breakdown. When she is sent to a mental institution, Tonik and Monika agree to care for Dasha's two kids, and Tonik hopes to win Monika's heart in the process.

Nakshatra (2010)

Ajay is the prime suspect in a diamond theft after he cracks the password to a security system.

Lotoman (2011)

The lives of two cousins, Modesto and Manuel are transformed to become millionaires after winning a lottery prize.

Bye Bye Baby (1988)

An Italian doctor (Carol Alt) dallies with a colleague, while her rich husband (Luca Barbareschi) dates a pool shark (Brigitte Nielsen).

Seasons of the Heart (1993)

A pioneer mother grieving for her dead children must learn to love again when she and her husband adopt an orphan boy.

Hollywood Thrillmakers (1953)

A retired stuntman returns to take on the dangerous job that killed his friend and left behind a penniless widow.

Death of a Schoolboy (1990)

In 1914 Sarajevo, a student radical touches off World War I by assassinating Austria's archduke.

Stand Ins (1997)

Dysfunctional, disappointed actresses (Daphne Zuniga, Missy Crider) congregate in a Hollywood bar circa 1937.

Johnny Frenchman (1945)

An English harbor master (Tom Walls) cannot seem to catch a French fisherwoman (Francoise Rosay) who poaches in Cornwall.

I Will Survive (1999)

A woman (Emma Surez) whose husband died during her pregnancy bonds with a gay man (Juan Diego Botto) she met while looking to reinvent her life.

Chaos (1999)

A man and the wife of a wealthy businessman devise a kidnapping scheme.

The Anna Cabrini Chronicles (2005)

A young woman (Leigh Hope Phillips) tries to understand her mother's suicide by studying others who try to take their own lives.

Beep: A Documentary History of Game Sound (2016)

A history of game sounds from the Victorian penny arcades through pinball and the video games.

Red : The Dark Side (2007)

A billionaire who has a serious heart condition and is in need of a heart meets a woman and falls in love with her.

Algie, the Miner (1912)

Algie has a year to prove he is a man so he can marry.

Masquerade in Vienna (1934)

A doctor (Paula Wessely) becomes jealous when his wife poses nude for a painter.

Salt and Gold (1983)

After a grave misunderstanding with her father, a princess must find her true love when he is transformed into a pillar of salt.

Praying With Lior (2008)

A rabbi's son, who has Down syndrome, has an extraordinary love of prayer.

Coming Back to the Hoop (2014)

Jane Pittman returns to the basketball court after 43 years to play in a senior women's league.

Young Indiana Jones and the Hollywood Follies (1994)

A studio president hires 21-year-old Indy (Sean Patrick Flanery) to handle a headstrong director (Dana Gladstone) in 1920 Hollywood.

Goddess of Love (1988)

At a bachelor party, the bridegroom puts a ring on the finger of a statue of Venus (Vanna White), who comes to life.

Show Business (1944)

Two guys (Eddie Cantor, George Murphy) and two girls work their way up in vaudeville to the Ziegfeld Follies.

The Very Private Life of Mister Sim (2015)

A man takes a job to bring meaning to his life.

Poison Berry in My Brain (2015)

Five characters in Ichiko's brain govern her actions.

P3nd3j05 (2013)

Two love stories and a mafia story set among skateboarders in a Buenos Aires suburb.

Close To My Heart (1951)

A childless couple (Ray Milland, Gene Tierney) take steps to adopt a foundling being held at police headquarters.

Christine at the Crossroads (2014)

Christine becomes attracted to another woman.

Cazuza: Time Doesn't Stop (2004)

In Rio de Janeiro in 1981, Cazuza (Daniel de Oliveira), the talented but unmotivated son of a major record industry executive (Reginaldo Faria) is given a menial job in the mail room of his father's company. While there, his talents get discovered and he becomes the leader of one of Brazil's most popular rock bands, but his self-destructive habits lead to his decline. This biopic is based on a biography written by the late singer's mother following his 1990 death.

Revenge of the Virgins (1959)

A group of treasure-hunting cowboys falls prey to young Indian maidens.

Claudelle Inglish (1961)

A Georgia tenant farmer's (Arthur Kennedy) daughter (Diane McBain) sinks low after her boyfriend (Chad Everett) gets drafted.

On The Second Day Of Christmas (1997)

The life of a security guard (Mark Ruffalo) transforms after he nabs a woman (Mary Stuart Masterson) and her niece (Lauren Suzanne Pratt) for pickpocketing, then takes them under his wing.

Social Error (1935)

A comedy of errors results when an heiress mistakes guards for kidnappers.

Plunder Of The Sun (1953)

An American tourist, Al Colby (Glenn Ford), is detained by Mexican authorities and questioned about his role in a treasure hunt expedition in the Oaxaca region that went horribly wrong. Colby recounts how he was hired by a woman, Anna Luz (Patricia Medina), and her husband (Francis L. Sullivan) to smuggle a valuable artifact into Mexico from Havana. He agreed and ended up attracting plenty of shady characters and trouble in the process, leading ultimately to murder.

Yahaan Sabki Lagi Hai (2015)

Three young Indians realize life's ultimate truth when their road trip goes bad.

The Man Next Door (1996)

A community reacts with fear and tension to the arrival of a recently paroled rapist (Michael Ontkean).

Samurai Reincarnation (1981)

In the aftermath of a terrible revolution, a beheaded warrior returns to exact revenge against the government.

Doubles Causes Trouble (1989)

Squabbling cousins find themselves in over their heads after their tenant ends up dead. Both good and evil are after them, but they have no idea what they've done wrong.

Peter and the Wolf (1946)

Peter awakens to the first day of spring, and the beautiful morning turns into an amazing adventure as Peter and his friends -- a bird, a cat and deliriously dizzy duck -- outwit a mighty wolf.

Emperor Chien Lung and the Beauty (1980)

Emperor Chien Lung ventures into the country disguised as a peasant and woos a courtesan, gambles and helps earthquake victims.

Dirty Dishes (1978)

With two sons and a pushy husband (Pierre Santini), a French housewife (Carole Laure) tries diversions to change her life.

Arizona Heat (1988)

An Arizona police detective (Michael Parks) and his new woman partner (Denise Crosby) hunt a killer of police officers.

Chinese Roulette (1977)

Shocking revelations occur when cheating spouses and their daughter (Andrea Schober) gather at their country estate.

The Rise and Fall of a Small Film Company (1986)

A director is determined to save his failing career. He uses an assembly line to audition actors, hustles Germans for production money, and discusses film history with filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard.

Roamin' Wild (1936)

Crooks hatch a plot to rob miners of their rightful earnings by masquerading as government officials.

It's Great to Be Young (1946)

Young performers (Leslie Brooks, Jimmy Lloyd, Jeff Donnell) impress a Broadway producer with a borscht belt show.

The Green Goddess (1930)

A plane carrying British Maj. Crespin (H.B. Warner), his wife Lucilla (Alice Joyce) and Dr. Traherene (Ralph Forbes) crash-lands in the small Near East nation of Rukh. There, the rajah (George Arliss), whose three brothers are about to be executed by British forces, informs them that they will be killed in retaliation -- but then finds himself attracted to Lucilla. She refuses the rajah's advances, but distracts him so that Crespin and Traherene can get to the telegraph machine to summon aid.

Arcana (1972)

A police detective and a strange amnesiac capable of communicating with the spirit world strive to stop a mass murderer.

Knights And Emeralds (1986)

In a small English town, drummer Kevin Brimble (Christopher Wild) leads a marching band known as the Knights. The Knights, comprising white kids from Kevin's high school, are, with the exception of its leader, musically inept. However, Kevin's budding romance with Melissa (Beverly Hills), the conga player of rival black group the Crusaders -- musically, the superior of the two bands -- threatens to split the Knights apart and create a rift between Kevin and his prejudiced father.

Stolen Path (2015)

Victoria matures from a privileged girl to a woman who follows her heart.

Nefertiti's Daughters (2015)

Egyptian artists discuss the critical role street art played during the Egyptian uprisings.

Heroes Shed No Tears (1980)

Kao is given a mission by his elderly master to take a cursed sword and solve petty squabbles between skilled martial masters.

Apocalyptic (2014)

Journalists uncover the truth surrounding a bizarre doomsday cult, the Bytherainians.

Projections of America (2014)

During World War II, Robert Riskin and other filmmakers create powerful short documentaries that showed America's strength.

Imagine I'm Beautiful (2014)

A young woman moves to New York after her mother's death. After a rocky start with her troubled roommate, the two find solace in each other's difficult pasts.

The Electronic Monster (1958)

A U.S. insurance investigator (Rod Cameron) finds a European clinic where patients' dreams are twisted by a machine.

Strange (2003)

An uncommunicative former surgeon (Julio Chvez) moves in with a pregnant woman (Valeria Bertuccelli) whose roommate committed suicide.

Lady in the Corner (1989)

The veteran editor (Loretta Young) and publisher (Brian Keith) of a fashion magazine thwart a takeover by upstart counterparts.

Enrapture (1990)

Lust drags a New York chauffeur (Kevin Thomsen) into danger with his supposedly slain boss (Ona Simms).

Dimanche/Sunday (2011)

A boy looks for something fun to do in a quiet village.

The Invaders: Genesis (2012)

Three years after nuclear war devastated the planet, a peacekeeping officer (Eli Martyr) battles terrorists who are trying to take over a small town.

Woman in the Dark (1952)

A pastry-shop girl (Penny Edwards) sees a priest's (Ross Elliott) and a lawyer's (Rick Vallin) brother take part in a jewel heist.

Raju (2011)

A German couple adopts a boy in Kolkata, India.

Polk County Pot Plane (1977)

Drug smugglers with a four-engine plane escape from a Southern prison and cause trouble.

Saving Face (2011)

Plastic surgeon Dr. Mohammad Jawad returns to his native Pakistan to help those left horribly scarred by acid attacks.

In the Name of the Law (1949)

After finishing law school, a man returns home to defend his young brother who has been charged with murder.

Babylon 5: A Call to Arms (1999)

A space station's crew (Bruce Boxleitner, Jerry Doyle, Jeff Conaway) defends Earth against beings seeking vengeance on humanity.

A Trick of the Light (1995)

Wim Wenders weaves a history of the Skladanowsky brothers with an homage to the film pioneers.

Tumbledown (1988)

A British wing commander's (David Calder) wounded son (Colin Firth) recovers, paralyzed after heroism in the Falklands War.

A Page of Madness (1926)

In Japan, a man (Masao Inoue) takes a job as a janitor at a mental asylum in order to be near his wife (Yoshie Nakagawa). Although his wife suffers genuine mental anguish, the man believes he can rescue her -- but his attempt to break her out one night backfires when she panics. After she returns to her room, the husband again makes plans to try to take her out, only to be interrupted in the attempt by a doctor and several attendants, whom he attacks and believes he has killed.

The Tree of Life (2008)

After the death of her father, a woman travels to Italy to trace his family tree.

Mother: Caring Our Way Out of Our Population Dilemma (2010)

Beth, a theater professor, uses her class to demonstrate the effects population growth has on social and environmental problems.

The Last Victory (2004)

With a tradition that stretches back hundreds of years, the Palio di Siena -- the city of Siena, Italy's biannual horse race -- grips the area's different neighborhoods as they all battle for supremacy and the honor of winning the storied competition. Deciding to focus his lens on the efforts of the Civetta district, perennial losers who desperately desire to turn around their fortunes, filmmaker John Appel brings to light the passion and drive that possesses these dedicated competitors.

Samson (1961)

The legendary strongman uses his might and muscle to clean up the troubled province of a neighboring kingdom.

The Cartel (2009)

An investigation reveals vast underachievement by the U.S. educational system.

Bullets Over Brownsville (2012)

A drug dealer accepts a video camera as payment from a customer and begins recording daily life in his Brooklyn housing project.

Acts Of Godfrey (2012)

God (Simon Callow), in disguise, meddles in the lives of some conference attendees.

Operation Billionaires (1998)

A man kidnaps the son of one of Hong Kong's richest businessmen.

The Loves of Queen Elizabeth (1912)

Elizabeth I, Queen of England, has an ill-fated affair with the Earl of Essex.

Strutter (2013)

An aspiring rocker loses his girlfriend and his band, but he gains the friendship of a local rock hero.

Yesterday (2002)

On a mission to rescue a kidnapped official, a cop (Kim Seung-woo) and a profiler (Yunjin Kim) uncover a plot to turn people into killing machines.

Beyond The Black Rainbow (2010)

A heavily sedated woman (Eva Allan) with ESP tries to escape from the secluded commune where she's been held captive.

Party Plane (1991)

Stewardesses drop the dress code to pull their airline out of a fiscal nose dive.

Scalpers (2000)

To pay his grandmother's medical bills, a young man (Steve Braun) scalps tickets, encountering many dangerous and unsavory characters.

Welcome Danger (1929)

Milquetoast botanist Harold Bledsoe (Harold Lloyd) reluctantly travels to San Francisco to take over his late father's position as a high-ranking police detective. Despite the meddling of a crotchety sergeant (Edgar Kennedy) and the bluster of an outraged community leader (Charles Middleton), Harold begins an investigation of a Chinatown opium smuggling ring led by a mysterious figure known as the Dragon, while also wooing the tomboyish pixie Billie Lee (Barbara Kent).

Dragon Master (1986)

A Chinese fighter and his followers change a revolution with kung fu.

Strand: Under The Dark Cloth (1989)

This documentary studies the life and artwork of photographer Paul Strand, using his own compelling photography as well as interviews with his friends, acquaintances and third wife. Documentarian John Walker explores the various influences Strand encountered throughout his life that helped him to develop as an artist. His personal life and relationships are examined and shed light on the inner working of this man who achieved great renown while hiding "under the dark cloth."

Foxtrap (1986)

A Los Angeles bodyguard (Fred Williamson) goes to Europe to bring back the daughter of a corrupt big shot's (Chris Connelly) brother.

Vietnam, Texas (1990)

A boxing priest (Robert Ginty) rescues his Vietnamese daughter and her mother from a Houston drug lord (Haing S. Ngor).

Meet the Missus (1937)

Emma Foster (Helen Broderick) spends all her time entering contests and sweepstakes, much to the annoyance of her husband, Otis (Victor Moore). He ends up doing all the household chores but is too henpecked to say anything. When Emma finally wins a contest and is chosen to be an entrant in the Mrs. America competition, Otis must tag along and secretly do all the domestic tasks required of the contestants. But Otis may finally have been pushed too far.

The City of Children (2012)

Four couples have children on the same day, and their lives collide in a violent and fatal incident.

Flight at Midnight (1939)

Following a death caused by his negligence, a mail pilot prone to foolish behavior is shunned by the industry.

A Desperate Adventure (1938)

A Paris artist (Ramon Novarro) meets two sisters (Marian Marsh, Margaret Tallichet), one like the dream-girl in a painting he wants back.

Covered Wagon Days (1940)

The Three Mesquiteers (Robert Livingston, Raymond Hatton, Duncan Renaldo) stop silver smugglers and save a framed man.

Black Easter (1994)

In the near future a policeman investigates the death of a nurse who smuggled Muslims away from a war zone.

The Insatiable Moon (2011)

Arthur, a self-proclaimed son of God, sets off on a mission to find the Queen of Heaven.

Million Dollar Pursuit (1951)

A nightclub operator (Grant Withers) hears a two-bit hood (Norman Budd) plans to rob a department store.

The Strange Mrs. Crane (1948)

An old politician's (Pierre Watkin) bride (Marjorie Lord) kills to hide her past as a badger-game con artist.

Rose of the Yukon (1949)

An Army major (Steve Brodie) tracks an ex-captain (William Wright) north and meets a mining-camp saloon singer (Myrna Dell).

Filthy Mcnastier: Maximum Dousche (2005)

Phil the demon and his vampire pal transform a flat-chested woman into a voluptuous vixen.

You'll Find Out (1940)

Janis Bellacrest (Helen Parrish) books Kay Kyser (Kay Kyser) and his big band to play at her 21st birthday party. Between performances, Kyser has a series of disturbing interactions with Bellacrest's bizarre guests, including quirky Aunt Margo (Alma Kruger), pretentious professor Fenniger (Peter Lorre), creepy Prince Soliano (Bela Lugosi) and irritable Judge Mainwaring (Boris Karloff). When a powerful storm blows in, Kyser and Bellacrest begin to suspect something treacherous is afoot.