Viaggio segreto (2006)

After witnessing their mother's murder 30 years earlier, a man and his sister struggle with challenges of their adult lives.

Coursier (2010)

Chaos strikes when a courier (Michal Youn) must make a delivery and attend a wedding on the same day.

Pitch (1997)

Two aspiring filmmakers attempt to sell their bizarre script to a variety of film-industry professionals.

Legacy of Blood (1978)

Heirs to a large fortune must join together and spend the night in a creepy haunted house to get their inheritance.

Desert of Blood (2008)

A treasure hunter unwittingly releases a vengeful vampire (Justin Quinn) from his Mexican tomb.

Medley (2000)

A high-school curriculum runs on violence and gore.

Pop Pirates (1984)

When a group of British boys forms a reggae-inflected rock band called the Pirates, things slowly begin to pick up for the lads. The ensemble even starts to work with a major producer (Roger Daltrey). But the act's rise is hampered when one member gets involved with video piracy, and his shady dealings threaten the entire band. As the Pirates try to extract themselves from any links to criminal activity, they end up clashing with dangerous smugglers.

Joe Palooka in Humphrey Takes a Chance (1950)

Boxer Joe Palooka (Joe Kirkwood) and his manager, Knobby (Leon Errol), rescue a rural contender from city slickers.

The Showdown (1950)

A former Texas lawman, Shadrach Jones (William Elliott) sets out to discover who killed his brother and stole their combined savings. While at the saloon run by the beautiful Adelaide (Marie Windsor), Jones becomes convinced that the thieving murderer is one of a group of cowboys on a cattle drive led by Captain MacKellar (Walter Brennan). Determined to find justice, Jones joins the cattle drive and slowly gets closer to uncovering the identity of the killer.

Five (1951)

Four men and a woman (Susan Douglas) spend the aftermath of a nuclear war bickering in a Frank Lloyd Wright house.

The Man In The Iron Mask (1998)

The former musketeer Athos (John Malkovich) swears vengeance after despotic King Louis XIV (Leonardo DiCaprio) causes the death of his son. Summoning his old comrades Porthos (Grard Depardieu) and Aramis (Jeremy Irons), he hatches a plan to liberate a shackled prisoner rumored to be the king's twin brother, and then install him on the throne. But the three musketeers must also contend with their old friend D'Artagnan (Gabriel Byrne), who has remained in the king's service.

Superbeast (1972)

A lost pathologist (Antoinette Bower) finds a doctor (Craig Littler) making hairy human targets for a hunter (Harry Lauter) in the Philippines.

Escape from Taliban (2003)

An Indian woman (Manisha Koirala) in Afghanistan vows to escape the oppressive rule of the Taliban and return to her homeland, or die trying.

Tacos al Carbón (1972)

A lucky man wins the latest model car in a raffle and his luck brings him romantic entanglements as well.

Manhandled (1949)

A man tells his two-bit therapist, Dr. Redman (Harold Vermilyea), about a recurring dream in which he murders his rich wife. Later, Redman's secretary, Merl Kramer (Dorothy Lamour), relates the odd dream to neighbor Karl Benson (Dan Duryea), a slimy private investigator. Then the wealthy woman is robbed and murdered, and, since her husband has an airtight alibi, suspicion falls on the shocked Merl, who realizes she's being set up by either Benson, Redman or both men together.

Xuxa Abracadabra (2003)

A book transports a woman (Xuxa Meneghel) and two children (Maria Mariana Azevedo, Brunno Abraho) to a magic forest where they meet characters from fairy tales.

Code 7 (2001)

The Mexican Army tries to bring down drug kingpin Pedro Avils Perez.

Jerome (2001)

Aspiring sculptor Wade (Drew Pillsbury) has been working the same dead-end job as a factory worker for the last 15 years, so one day he just walks out on his family and his life in California and starts driving to Jerome, Arizona, to join the artist community there. But, after he picks up a drifter named Jane (Wendie Malick) in the middle of the desert, Wade's road trip takes a turn for the worse, as he unknowingly gets caught up in a murder that could seriously derail his life.

Waiting for Sunset (1995)

Three former classmates (Robert Mitchum, Cliff Robertson, Erland Josephson) reunite to help a dying fourth get his final wish.

Monsturd (2003)

A serial killer mutates in a sewer, becoming a monster made of human excrement.

The Fury of the Wolfman (1972)

When a professor is revived by a crazed scientist after he his bitten by a Tibetan yeti, he discovers he is a werewolf. When the scientist also revives his ex-wife, she also becomes a werewolf.

3 Men in White (1944)

Dr. Leonard Gillespie (Lionel Barrymore) is looking for a new assistant, and his two interns -- girl-crazy Dr. Randall "Red" Adams (Van Johnson) and studious Dr. Lee Wong How (Keye Luke) -- both want the job. To decide who gets the position, Gillespie assigns each a test case to solve. For both doctors, the seemingly straightforward assignments turn out to be more complex than they first realized, requiring examinations of the patients' home lives that go beyond mere medicine.

The Rangers Step In (1937)

A Texas Ranger resigns when his superiors refuse to allow him to settle a feud between his kin and a rival family.

Terror Street (1953)

A jet pilot (Dan Duryea) in England has 36 hours to save himself by solving his wife's murder.

The Wicked City (1992)

Hong Kong citizens tackle invaders from another world posing as humans and distributing lethal drugs.

West Point of the Air (1935)

Sgt. "Big Mike" Stone (Wallace Beery), a decorated veteran now serving as an instructor at an Army Air Corps flying school, presides over the budding military career of his son, "Little Mike" (Robert Young). Big Mike wants to make sure his son follows in his footsteps, learning to become a man and making the right choice between the nice girl (Maureen O'Sullivan) and the salacious divorce (Rosalind Russell). Little Mike is unsure about both matters of the heart and his military service.

Treasure of Monte Cristo (1949)

A San Francisco lawyer (Steve Brodie) uses a woman (Adele Jergens) to lure a merchant seaman (Glenn Langan) worth a legendary fortune.

Dreamkiller (2010)

A doctor's controversial experiments link him to mysterious and brutal murders.

The Devil With Hitler (1942)

Directors of hell want to give the devil's (Alan Mowbray) job to Hitler (Bobby Watson) ; a sailor (Frank Faylen) captures a Nazi sub.

It Happened Tomorrow (1944)

Reporter Larry Stevens (Dick Powell) is always on the hunt for the latest scoop, but he never seems to be quick enough. Wishing he could know future stories, Stevens comes across an old man (John Philliber) who just happens to give him a newspaper with tomorrow's news. Now that Stevens' wish is granted, he takes full advantage of it -- even placing a few bets at the racetrack -- and winds up with a fortuneteller (Linda Darnell). Yet, when the newspaper predicts his death, his fortune changes.

Machine-Gun Kelly (1958)

George "Machine Gun Kelly" Barnes (Charles Bronson) is a Prohibition-era gangster effectively hiding behind his powerful gun. Kelly is meek, self-doubting and gripped with a paralyzing fear of death. But he's goaded toward bigger crimes by his conniving moll, Flo (Susan Cabot), and her desire for fame. After his crony Fandango (Morey Amsterdam) loses an arm in a bank robbery, Kelly is pushed into a grand kidnapping scheme that will lead to his downfall.

Jail Busters (1955)

Slip and Sach (Bowery Boys) go to prison to help a reporter with a story.

Hill 24 Doesn't Answer (1955)

Set during the 1948 Arab--Israeli War, the conflict that led to the creation of the state of Israel, this landmark Israeli film is among the first features from that country to draw an international audience. Four soldiers of fortune -- a Palestinian, an Irishman, an American and a Yemenite -- have aligned themselves with the Jewish forces. As the group tries to maintain control of a key stronghold outside of Jerusalem, known as Hill 24, each character relates his reason for joining the fight.

How to Make a Monster (1958)

A Hollywood makeup man (Robert H. Harris) sends his teenage werewolf and Frankenstein to kill studio moguls.

Blind Spot (1958)

A former Army officer (Robert MacKenzie) regains his vision and hunts smugglers who framed him when he was blind.

Behind the Mask of Zorro (1965)

Zorro (Tony Russell) drives a Spanish tyrant out of Santa Barbara in circa-1847 California.

God's Slave (2013)

Muslim Ahmed and Jewish David cross paths while working on opposite sides of the AMIA bombings in 1994 Buenos Aires.

Free Tibet (1998)

Filmmaker Sarah Pirozek documents the 1996 San Francisco Tibetan Freedom Concert.

El cofre del pirata (1959)

Before being killed, a man gives two men a map that leads to a hidden treasure.

His Brother's Wife (1936)

Carefree young scientist Chris Claybourne (Robert Taylor) follows his esteemed father's footsteps into the demanding field of epidemiology. Before embarking on his first research expedition, Claybourne obtains permission to go on a brief vacation. In the midst of a fierce gambling binge, Claybourne falls for seductive model Rita Wilson (Barbara Stanwyck) and gets deeply in debt to a local gangster. When Claybourne appeals to his brother Tom (John Eldredge) for help, a love triangle ensues.

El Coyote y la Bronca (1980)

The Coyote and the Bronca remember in a Christmas night that he took her out of the brothel where she worked to marry her.

El duende y yo (1961)

A shy employee falls for a dazzling woman who poses as his wife.

Suspense (1946)

After the mysterious Joe Morgan (Barry Sullivan) starts working for ice skating magnate Frank Leonard, Joe suggests improvements to the skating show that stars Leonard's wife, Roberta (Belita). Due to these ideas, Leonard promotes Morgan to a managerial position. However, Morgan soon starts trying to seduce Roberta as well. Once Leonard disappears in an avalanche, Roberta is left wondering whether he is alive or dead. She must also decide how much she can trust Morgan.

Escuela de rateros (1958)

The partner of a thief is murdered and the police disguises an impostor exactly like the dead man to catch the murderer.

Ten Tigers of Shaolin (1978)

Ten martial artists protect a Cantonese village from local thugs.

My Angel (2004)

A prostitute (Vanessa Paradis) develops a relationship with an innocent teenager (Vincent Rottiers) after the death of his mother.

Hercules Against the Mongols (1963)

The muscular hero (Mark Forest) protects a princess and her people from three sons of Genghis Khan.

Submarine Seahawk (1958)

Paul Turner (John Bentley), a military tactician with little seafaring experience, is assigned as lieutenant commander on the USS Seahawk. Turner is to pilot the submarine on a secret mission, about which his crew is kept in the dark. Inevitably, they resent their new leader for his privileged information, adherence to the rules and refusal to fire on the Japanese subs that they spot. Eventually, they learn Turner is just following orders, and the Seahawk is on a veritable suicide mission.

Thrill Ride: The Science of Fun (1997)

Filmmaker Ben Stassen presents the history of roller coasters, motion simulators, motion pictures and computer animation.

Iron Island (2005)

A slowly sinking ship stuck in the Persian Gulf has become a pseudo-community to homeless Iranian squatters. This metal metropolis is run by Capt. Nemat (Ali Nassirian), a firm but loving leader who does everything from play Cupid to supervise the residents' search for salable scrap metal. The only person in this "town" not to obey the captain's every command is Ahmad (Hossein Farzi-Zadeh), a rebellious youngster who pines for a pretty girl (Neda Pakdaman) with an overprotective father.

Too Soon To Love (1960)

Unmarried teenage lovers (Jennifer West, Richard Evans) turn to desperate measures after their clandestine tryst results in an unplanned pregnancy.

Demon Summer (2003)

Meddling high school students awaken an evil entity that murders its way through town.

Mission to Mir (1997)

Earth-bound audiences can soar into space and experience life aboard the first long-term space station -- Mir. Since March 1995, NASA astronauts have served as crew members aboard the Russian Space Station Mir. The NASA program supporting this endeavor is commonly known as International Space Station Phase 1. "Mission to Mir" is a filmed journal of this historic alliance.

Amphibian Man (1962)

A young man (Vladimir Korenev) with the breathing apparatus of a shark falls for the woman he rescued from a watery death.

Summer Camp (1979)

The owner of a failing summer camp decides to raise money by holding a reunion for the now-mature alumni.

Outlaw Force (1988)

Despite Los Angeles police officers (Paul L. Smith, Frank Stallone), a country singer (David Heavener) sets out alone to rescue his kidnapped daughter.

Silent Passage (2004)

A widowed judge (Nora Aunor) falls in love with a much younger cabdriver (Yul Servo).

His Private Secretary (1933)

A minister's granddaughter (Evalyn Knapp) tames a tycoon's playboy son (John Wayne).

Hell-Fire Austin (1932)

Two Army veterans (Ken Maynard, Nat Pendleton) go west and help a rancher (Ivy Merton) guard her racehorse.

Angry Nazi Zombies (2012)

Three tales from the dark days of World War II: A soldier embarks on a suicide mission; a family finds a monster in a bomb shelter; and a supernatural investigator starts the most dangerous mission of her career.

Matlock: The Secret (1990)

Atlanta lawyer Matlock (Andy Griffith) investigates a compulsive gambler's alleged involvement in a bookie's murder.

Dangerous Curves (1988)

An attorney finds trouble when she searches for a former lover.

Looking on the Bright Side (1932)

A British manicurist (Gracie Fields) loves a songwriter/hairdresser (Richard Dolman) who loves someone else.

Mystery in Swing (1940)

Reporter Biff Boyd (Monte Hawley) and his secretary girlfriend, Linda Carroll (Marguerite Whitten), go to interview prominent jazz trumpeter Prince Ellis (Robert Webb), whose reputation as a rake is as well known as his musical abilities. Linda's younger sister pleads to accompany them, as she finds Prince attractive. After an evening drinking, Prince mysteriously drops dead as he is about to play, and suspicion falls on club singer Maxine (Josephine Edwards) -- until she, too, turns up dead.

Dance of Death (1976)

Masters teach a girl how to use kung fu to avenge her slain clan.

Vendetta (1986)

A stuntwoman gets herself imprisoned in order to take revenge on the inmates who killed her incarcerated sister.

Skin Deep (2003)

Events spiral out of control as three friends (Mailon Rivera, Steve White, Kristen Shaw) try to decide what to do after a fourth is found dead in a hot tub.

The Lost Continent (1951)

Air Force pilots (Cesar Romero, Chick Chandler) lead a search for a lost rocket and crash-land on an island of dinosaurs.

The Unholy Four (1970)

An amnesiac Englishman (William Sylvester) returns to his wife (Paulette Goddard) after three years and finds he's a murder suspect.

Soft Shell Man (2002)

An underwater photographer (David La Haye) has a near-death experience, womanizes and begins working for a drug dealer.

The Inside Story (1948)

While urging another man to keep his cash in circulation to avoid a depression, an old Vermonter hoards his fortune.

No Regrets (2004)

A filmmaker's movie about his relationship with his college sweetheart leads to his wife's reunion with a past lover.

Hell's Outpost (1954)

A Korean War veteran (Rod Cameron) worms his way into working an old man's (Chill Wills) tungsten mine.

Black Cat Run (1998)

Police complicate a young man's (Patrick Muldoon) pursuit of an escaped convict (Peter Greene) who kidnapped his girlfriend (Amelia Heinle).

The Holy Land of Tyrol (2010)

Katharina and her husband escape from Bavaria and participate in the Hofer Revolt against Napoleon.

Woh Kaun Thi (1964)

A mysterious woman haunts a young doctor.

Journey Through Rosebud (1972)

A draft dodger (Kristoffer Tabori) lands on an Indian reservation where a Vietnam veteran (Robert Forster) lives with his ex-wife (Victoria Racimo).

El peñón de las ánimas (1943)

A rancher and a refined lady fall in love with each other, but their families' enmity threatens their love affair.

Men and Women (1999)

Xiao Bo explores issues of sexual awakenings and gender roles.

In the Heat of the Night: A Matter of Justice (1994)

The trail of a serial killer leads the sheriff (Carroll O'Connor) and police chief (Carl Weathers) to a prominent citizen in Sparta, Miss.

The Prince Of Thieves (1948)

A dashing rogue and his cohorts come to the aid of a young woman who has been betrothed by her father to a man she does not love.

An Element of Truth (1995)

Things start to go bad for a group of men in a lucrative investment scheme run by one's (Peter Riegert) conniving girlfriend (Donna Mills).

Semper Fi (2007)

Filmmaker Vince DiPersio documents the experience of Jeff Key, a Marine who served in Iraq while hiding his homosexuality.

Le Grand Départ (2008)

A doctor marries a much younger woman to start a new life.

Operation Barn Owl (2014)

Ellen is asked to help her friend Jonah propose to his girlfriend, and has to overcome her feelings for him for the proposal to go as planned.

Simply Magical, Tearing Down Walls (2014)

The 31-year history of a volunteer theater company.

The One Armed Swordsmen (1976)

The world is awash with one-armed knights who aren't inclined to make alliances.

Panama Hattie (1942)

Hattie (Ann Sothern), the boisterous, lovable owner of a Panama hotel --- which is more of a temporary home to American sailors with names like Red (Red Skelton) and Rowdy (Ben Blue) than high-society types --- finds herself thrown for a loop when she falls for the rich and urbane Dick Bulliett. Though love supposedly can conquer all, including obvious class differences, Dick and Hattie must first survive the sabotaging attempts from Dick's enamored admirer, rich girl Leila Tree (Marsha Hunt).

The Night Has Eyes (1942)

British schoolmarms sit out a storm with a shellshocked musician (James Mason) whose closet has a skeleton.

Lost Embrace (2004)

A college dropout (Daniel Hendler) wants to get a passport so he can move from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Poland.

Dry Spell (2013)

Sasha and her soon-to-be ex-husband must get through their entanglements so she can move on with her sex life without guilt.

Shattered Image (1994)

Greed, lust and betrayal surround an undercover FBI agent (Jack Scalia) and a fashion model (Bo Derek) with plenty to hide.

Hidden Gold (1940)

Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) and his sidekick (Russell Hayden) put a stop to stagecoach holdups.

When the Man Went South (2014)

Flying Fox heads south to learn more about himself as a man. When he comes across two warring villages, he attempts to broker peace between them.

Where the North Begins (1947)

A Canadian Mountie takes a lone stand against a deadly group of mobsters.

Sukeban Deka: Counter Attack from the Kazama Sisters (1988)

A teenage detective isn't back in school for very long before she tackles a new case.

Mondo Cane 2 (1963)

Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco Prosperi explore a world of primitives, penitents and perversions in a world gone mad.

Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse (1962)

Argentinian patriarch Julio Madariaga (Lee J. Cobb) urges his German-born nephew, Heinrich von Hartrott (Karl Boehm), to give up his Nazi allegiance on the brink of World War II, but the request is refused. Madariaga's debauched grandson, Julio Desnoyers (Glenn Ford), joins the French Resistance, risking his life to fight the Nazis in honor of his grandfather, who died shortly after von Hartrott's Nazi leanings were exposed. The war brings the cousins together for a final showdown.