Playboy of the Western World (1963)

A rugged newcomer arrives at a village in Ireland's County Mayo, wowing townspeople with a fantastic tale of violence. Claiming to have recently murdered his good-for-nothing father (Niall MacGinnis), Christy Mahon (Gary Raymond) becomes an object of local fascination. But Christy is disgraced when it turns out that the older man is injured, yet very much alive. Trying to rebuild his reputation as a tough guy, Christy commits another act of brutality.

Derby Day (1952)

Aristocrats (Anna Neagle, Michael Wilding) fall in love, killers get caught, and a servant girl dates a movie star at Epsom Downs.

International Lady (1941)

A U.S. agent (George Brent) and a Scotland Yard inspector (Basil Rathbone) catch a woman (Ilona Massey) singing secret codes to U-boats.

North West Mounted Police (1940)

In the Canadian Northwest near a settlement fort, Sgt. Jim Brent (Preston Foster) and Ranger Dusty Rivers (Gary Cooper) vie for the attention of government nurse April Logan (Madeleine Carroll), the sister of Constable Ronnie Logan (Robert Preston). However, the men band together to stop whiskey runner Jacques Corbeau (George Bancroft) from instigating a native uprising by preventing the massacre of a Mounted Ranger unit, whose demise would leave the settlers completely undefended.

Les Affinités Électives (1981)

The marriage of an aristocratic couple (Helmut Griem, Stphane Audran) comes apart when the husband's best friend (Michael Degen) visits with his wife.

The Prowler (1951)

After being frightened by a peeping Tom at her mansion in the suburbs, the beautiful Susan Gilvray (Evelyn Keyes) calls the police for help. When a policeman, Webb Garwood (Van Heflin), arrives, he becomes infatuated with Susan, and the two engage in an affair. Susan soon ends their relationship, choosing to remain with her husband, John (Sherry Hall). However, Webb's obsession with her continues to grow, until he begins plotting to kill John and cash in on his life insurance policy.

Reflections on a Crime (1994)

An inmate (Mimi Rogers) on death row for killing her husband recalls for a guard (Billy Zane) the events leading up to the murder.

The White Angel (1936)

In the midst of the bloody battles of the Crimean War, English heroine Florence Nightingale (Kay Francis) proves to be an ever-dedicated nurse as she does whatever she can to provide the best possible treatment for her ailing patients. Refusing to bow down to stern pressure from the male-centric and unforgiving military bureaucracy, Nightingale perseveres in her crusade for better patient care, tirelessly organizing zealous volunteers to tend to the wounded soldiers.

Rendezvous with Annie (1946)

A corporal (Eddie Albert) abroad goes AWOL to visit his wife (Faye Marlowe) in New Jersey, resulting in a baby few think is his.

Navajo Math Circles (2016)

Navajo students engage in a lively collaboration with mathematicians. Using concepts from Native culture and a unique student-centered approach, the project aims to spark interest in math and science and create greater educational opportunities.

Young and Dangerous (1957)

A teenage hot rodder (Mark Damon) falls in love with a nice girl (Lili Gentle) and slows down.

Rampage at Apache Wells (1965)

A rapacious oil baron (Harald Leipnitz) has his eye on a piece of land, and will do almost anything to stop the wagon train that means to settle there. He sets them up with a scout who deliberately misleads them, and effectively rallies the local Indian population to try and run them off. What he doesn't count on is the interference of frontiersman Old Surehand (Stewart Granger) and his faithful Indian sidekick, Winnetou (Pierre Brice), who come to the aid of the settlers.

The Three Legionnaires (1937)

Doughboys (Robert Armstrong, Lyle Talbot) horse around with a princess, a scientist and Bolsheviks in Siberia.

Wetlands Preserved: The Story of an Activist Nightclub (2008)

The Wetlands nightclub in New York City didn't just introduce audiences to countless jam bands. It also promoted important environmental causes. Located in Manhattan's Tribeca district, Wetlands was the brainchild of Larry Bloch, who wanted to create a socially conscious music venue. While the Dave Matthews Band, Phish, Blues Traveler and others graced its stage, the club donated large sums of its proceeds to environmental causes. Wetlands was a unique social experiment; this is its story.

The House Of Seven Corpses (1974)

The old Beal mansion is famous for the mysterious deaths that befell all seven members of the Beal family there. Looking to cash in on the legend, schlock director Eric Hartman (John Ireland) and his crew rent the place in order to make a film about the infamous family. Everything goes fine until, when staging a black mass, the actors read incantations from "The Tibetan Book of the Dead." Zombies suddenly emerge from the cemetery in the backyard and begin killing off the crew one by one.

Memorias de un Soldado (2011)

In 1820s Venezuela, a soldier (Erich Wildpret) falls in love with a young woman (Marisa Román) who does not share his ideology.

The Power (1984)

A tiny Aztec idol falls into the hands of three Los Angeles high-school students with devastating results.

The Royal African Rifles (1953)

An English officer (Louis Hayward) poses as a hunter to recover stolen machine guns in World War I East Africa.

Country Music Holiday (1958)

An ex-GI comes to New York with his buddies who talk a former bookie into signing him with a record company.

The Come On (1956)

A woman (Anne Baxter) asks a fisherman (Sterling Hayden) to kill her blackmail partner (John Hoyt), who wants to frame her for murder.

Cents (2015)

An uncommonly smart girl uses her gift for math to turn her school's penny drive into a major moneymaking operation.

A sangre fría (1959)

A police officer (Fernando Senz) and a thug head toward a violent confrontation.

The Midnight Story (1957)

A San Francisco policeman (Tony Curtis) turns in his badge and moves in with a suspect (Gilbert Roland) in order to solve the murder of a priest.

Thunder Road (1958)

Unrepentant Tennessee moonshine runner Luke Doolin (Robert Mitchum) makes dangerous high-speed deliveries for his liquor-producing father, Vernon (Trevor Bardette), but won't let his younger brother Robin (James Mitchum) join the family business. Under pressure from both out-of-town gangster Kogan (Jacques Aubuchon), who wants a piece of the local action, and Treasury agent Barrett (Gene Barry), who wants to destroy the moonshine business, Luke fights for his fast-fading way of life.

The Assistant (1997)

A drifter (Gil Bellows) helps rob a Depression-era shopkeeper (Armin Mueller-Stahl), then goes to work for him and falls for his daughter (Kate Greenhouse).

Wildly Available (1996)

A man (Kristoffer Tabori) experiments with kinky sex to court a dominatrix (Jennifer Sommerfield), while his wife (Jane Kaczmarek) vents to a psychiatrist.

They Will Have To Kill Us First (2015)

Musicians unite to organize a concert in Timbuktu, Mali, after Islamic extremists ban all forms of music in the country.

Country Parson (1950)

A pastor sent to help build a church also succeeds in rebuilding the faith of the residents of a small community.

Raajjiyam (2002)

A man owns a non-profit organization to help people new to Chennai, but actually, it's an undercover secret agency authorized by the government.

Samasthanam (2002)

Two inseparable friends are so close that one of them selects the bride for the other, but there is one man who wants to destroy their friendship.

The Night Stalker (1972)

After several high-profile newspapers fire him for his difficult attitude, investigative journalist Carl Kolchak (Darren McGavin) finds a job following the police beat for a small Las Vegas publication. When Carl discovers a series of dead showgirls drained of blood with bite marks on their necks, the police hesitate to take the case any further, and his boss (Simon Oakland) wants nothing to do with the story, leading Carl to believe there may be a real vampire prowling the city streets.

The Glitterball (1977)

When a group of small, round aliens accidentally abandons one of their own on Earth, adventurous kids Max (Ben Buckton) and Pete (Keith Jayne) stumble upon the "Glitterball" and attempt to return it to its mother ship. As the children learn more about the friendly alien and its magical powers, they must protect their new companion from an army corporal (Andrew Jackson) and a small-time thief (Ron Pember) who are hunting the extraterrestrial for their own cruel purposes.

Miraculous Journey (1948)

A pilot (Rory Calhoun) crashes in the African jungle with a tycoon, a blind girl (Audrey Long) and other passengers.

Code Red (1997)

An arsonist endangers the lives of police officers and firefighters.

Get Mean (1976)

An American cowboy encounters many obstacles while escorting a princess back to her home in Spain.

La Boheme (1988)

Poet Rodolphe (Luca Canonici, voice of Jose Carreras) loves dying Mimi (Barbara Hendricks) in Puccini's opera set in 1830 Paris, here 1910.

Death Spa (1988)

Customers at an exclusive fat farm are haunted by a force which turns exercise equipment into deadly killing machines.

The Human Condition II: Road to Eternity (1959)

After being sent to a training camp near the end of World War II, a man (Tatsuya Nakadai) struggles to remain a pacifist.

Bovines (2012)

Filmmaker Emmanuel Gras chronicles the daily lives of cows.

Art Is... The Permanent Revolution (2012)

The works of Rembrandt, Goya, Picasso and others are on display, as three artists and a master printer discuss the dynamic sequences of social reality and protest.

So This Is Paris (1954)

Three U.S. sailors meet three girls on the town, and they stage a fundraiser for orphans.

Public Hero # 1 (1935)

Ambitious FBI agent Jeff Crane (Chester Morris) accepts an undercover assignment in a federal penitentiary. Instructed to gather information on kingpin and fellow inmate Sonny "Dinkie" Black (Joseph Calleia), Crane orchestrates a successful prison break and earns himself an invitation into Black's inner circle. As Crane moves up the ranks in Black's gang, his growing love for the ruthless gangster's straitlaced sister, Terry (Jean Arthur), further complicates an already dangerous job.

Beer Is Cheaper Than Therapy (2011)

Filmmaker Simone de Vries investigates the rise in suicides among young American veterans and soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Fimpen (1974)

A 6-year-old (Johan Bergman) gets drafted for the national soccer team in Sweden.

Just Like in the Movies (1990)

A divorced private eye (Jay O. Sanders) keeps in touch with his son and spies on an actress (Katherine Borowitz) who has jilted him.

Arturo's Island (1962)

A teen (Vanni de Maigret) falls in love with the new wife of his estranged father while the last is away on a trip.

Silver Wolf (1999)

A teen (Lynda Boyd) and his uncle (Shane Meier) try to protect an injured wolf from ranchers who want to destroy it.

Daggers of Blood (1963)

A Polish colonel (Pierre Brice) falls in love with a princess (Jeanne Crain) engaged to a Cossack (John Drew Barrymore) circa 1700.

Gangsters, Guns & Zombies (2012)

Q, Tony, Danny and Steve think the police are their biggest problem after they pull off a robbery. But when the dead rise from the grave, they have to hide out with a woman and her grandmother in a fortified windmill.

The Lady Hermit (1971)

A master swordswoman recruits two students to help her defeat the evil Black Demon.

The Taste of Fish (2008)

A successful businessman finds happiness while lending a helping hand at a fish market.

Fully Loaded (2011)

An encounter with a stranger (Dweezil Zappa) changes the lives of two single moms (Paula Killen, Lisa Ann Orkin).

Monsieur N. (2003)

Fresh from seeing his army defeated at the Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon Bonaparte (Philippe Torreton) is in a jail cell on the British-controlled island of St. Helena. Sir Hudson Lowe (Richard E. Grant), the region's governor, is given the task of ensuring the French leader does not escape. However, because Napoleon still has a collection of devoted officers, and it is rumored that he's plotting his getaway, keeping him in captivity proves a complicated task for Lowe.

Siegfried & Roy: The Magic Box (1999)

"Siegfried & Roy: The Magic Box" is the compelling life story of how two boys from war-torn Germany turned their never-ending dreams into reality. This ultimate story of success is recounted within the virtual realms of the magic box, a surreal environment where past and present converge into fantastic 3D storybook reflections on their life's journey.

The Moment After (1999)

Two FBI missing persons agents (David A.R. White, Kevin Downes) investigate a mass disappearance that may hold religious significance.

Gang Girl (2009)

A girl joins a gang and commits a crime, and her punishment is to be sent to a reform program.

I Was Nineteen (1968)

A German teen moves to Russia during World War II.

Mockery (1927)

During the tumultuous days of the Russian Revolution, Countess Tatiana Alexandrova (Barbara Bedford) must leave Siberia and travel to Novokursk, Russia in disguise, for fear of being attacked by Bolsheviks. She enlists the help of a peasant, Sergei (Lon Chaney), to get her there safely. They bond, and when they finally arrive at the palace, she reveals who she really is. Sergei is given work there, but he's influenced by the Bolsheviks and considers turning Tatiana over to the revolutionaries.

The Exorcist Chronicles (2007)

A psychiatrist tries to prove demonic possession.

Journey To Lasta (2004)

Musicians prepare for a competition that they hope will land them a big break.

The People's Choice (1946)

Laryngitis turns a small-town guy (Drew Kennedy) into a mysterious radio star.

The Surfer King (2007)

A Californian moves to Colorado and joins the Employee Olympics to win the Surfer King competition for the concessions crew.

Revolution (2013)

Filmmaker Rob Stewart sheds light on important environmental topics and suggests ways that people can work to curtail damage that has been done already.

The Crime Doctor's Diary (1949)

The psychiatrist/sleuth (Warner Baxter) helps a parolee (Stephen Dunne) framed for arson, now up for murder.

Crackdown (1988)

Ex-soldiers use explosives and lethal injections in their war against the drug dealers responsible for a boy's death.

Pink Ribbons, Inc. (2011)

Filmmaker La Pool sheds light on how the fight against breast cancer has led to a financial windfall for certain corporations and marketing firms.

Paris Model (1953)

An alluring new French dress is released, dubbed "Nude at Midnight," and various women try to use the sexy garment to gain leverage with the men in their personal and professional lives. Marion (Marilyn Maxwell) dons the dress and arranges a date with her hubby's employer, hoping to grease the man into giving her spouse a promotion. Working girl Betty (Paulette Goddard) wears it to win the heart of her own boss, and ambitious Gogo (Eva Gabor) uses it in an effort to seduce a wealthy maharajah.

Savage Harvest 2: October Blood (2007)

A demon terrorizes three teenagers (Emily Haack, Benjamin Gaa, Eric Stanze).

The Young Vagabond (1985)

An aimless man (Gordon Liu) learns martial arts from a master.

King of the Wild Stallions (1959)

A ranch foreman (George Montgomery) saves a widow (Diane Brewster) from a cattle baron by catching a prize stallion.

Deadrise (2011)

Paula's (Renee O'Connor) car malfunctions near an old broken-down steamship, and she spends the night aboard. But startling commotions awaken her and lead her to all points of the dark and disturbing vessel.

Flowers of Shanghai (1998)

Women struggle in a Shanghai brothel where everything only appears to be beautiful.

If You Only Knew (2011)

Fueled by passion for life and unwavering love for her son, a fashion designer (Juliana Harkavy) continues to build her legacy even as early-onset Alzheimer's disease threatens to destroy her mind.

Till We Meet Again (1936)

Divided by war before they can wed, a London actor (Herbert Marshall) and a Vienna actress (Gertrude Michael) become enemy spies.

The Strangeness (1985)

People enter an old mine no one's entered for years, and they soon know why.

Two Brothers (1926)

A man and his gay sibling reunite after the death of their mother.

Solos en la Ciudad (2011)

Santiago lives in the present, but Florencia thinks only about the future. They have lived together for a while and are going through a good part of the relationship when, one Sunday morning, the present and the future clash.

Flirting with Fate (1916)

A man hires an assassin to kill him but, later, has a change of heart.

Horrid (2009)

John and his buddies head to the deep woods and have to fend off attacks by flesh-eaters.

My School Chum (1960)

German soldiers throw a postman (Heinz Ruhmann) in prison after they intercept his letter protesting World War II.

The City (1999)

Four gritty stories chronicle the Latino immigrant experience in New York City. In the first, desperate day laborers risk their lives working in unsafe conditions for low pay. Then, newcomer Francisco (Cipriano Garcia) gets a respite from loneliness when he meets a kindhearted woman. Next, homeless puppeteer Luis (Jose Rabelo) battles bureaucracy to register his daughter for school. Finally, garment worker Ana (Silvia Goiz) struggles for the paycheck that could save her sick daughter's life.

The Big Operator (1959)

Labor boss Little Joe Braun (Mickey Rooney) is as crooked as they come, and Bill Gibson (Steve Cochran) knows that Little Joe lied under oath during a Senate hearing and can testify to his criminal affiliations. So begins a violent battle between the two men, with the lives of Gibson's wife, Mary (Mamie Van Doren), and their children at risk. Little Joe's efforts to take out the only man who can take him down turn even more desperately deranged when he takes Bill's young son hostage.

Dhoop (2003)

After their beloved son becomes a casualty of war, a grieving couple (Om Puri, Revathi) try to keep his memory alive.

KT (2002)

A Japanese intelligence officer (Koichi Sato) is asked to help with the capture of South Korean opposition leader Kim Dae-jung in 1973 Tokyo.

El macho (1987)

Following the example of his father, a young man claims to be the most exemplary macho man.

No Time to Fear (2009)

Friends encounter an evil spirit that assumes the form of its prey.

The President's Last Bang (2005)

In the late 1970s, South Korean president Park Chung-hee (Song Jae-ho) leads a life of leisure and excess. Heavily insulated from his citizens and enjoying lavish surroundings, Chung feasts on the finest foods and constantly finds himself in the company of women. When Kim Jae-kyu (Suk-kyu Han), the disillusioned head of the South Korean secret service, finds out that he is suffering from a terminal disease, he resolves to assassinate Chung-hee for the good of his country.

The Mahabharata (1989)

This adaptation of the Indian epic poem and subsequent stage play tells the story of two warring clans. The Pandava brothers come into conflict with the Kauravas, as both tribes, descended from deities, feel they can lay claim to power. Yudhishthira (Andrzej Seweryn), the eldest of the Pandavas, is told by the god Krishna that his destiny is to be king. And his brother Arjuna (Vittorio Mezzogiorno) has a talent for battle. But is war inevitable? Krishna's actions are fraught with ambiguity.

Le coup de sirocco (1979)

A shady Parisian (Michel Auclair) tries to take take advantage of a family of French-descended Algerians forced to move to France.

Right Cross (1950)

Prizewinning boxerJohnny Monterez (Ricardo Montalban) is mad at the world, feeling persecuted because of his Mexican heritage. Worse yet, his right hand is damaged from years of fighting. Then Johnny falls in love with Pat O'Malley (June Allyson), his manager's pretty daughter, even though his best friend, Rick Gavery (Dick Powell), is already besotted with her. Everything is on the line when Johnny, against Rick's wishes, agrees to a match with a fearsome opponent.

Les Croix De Bois (1932)

French soldiers endure the horrors of World War I.

Los Hijos De Don Venancio (1944)

A trader was widowed with five children in his care and who give him severe problems with their behavior.

The Case for Israel: Democracy's Outpost (2009)

Attempts to de-legitimize Israel are deflected using the truth and factual evidence.

Master Of The World (1961)

Mad inventor Capt. Robur (Vincent Price) kidnaps a team on a government expedition to investigate a mysterious crater in Pennsylvania. The team is taken aboard Robur's spectacularly engineered air ship, the "Albatross," which Robur plans to fly around the world to various military installations in his desperate desire to eradicate weapons of mass destruction, thereby bringing about world peace. The kidnapped team's leader, John Strock (Charles Bronson), responds by planning an uprising.

The Last Betrothal (1973)

The wife (Marthe Nadeau) of a gravely ill man (J. Lo Gagnon) secretly decides to die alongside her husband in their home.

The Best Of Benny Hill (1974)

Benny is joined by other British comics for a hilarious look at life and its complexities.

The Neighbor's Wife and Mine (1931)

A noisy party next door keeps a writer from finishing his story.

Six Days In Roswell (1998)

Filmmaker Timothy B. Johnson follows Richard Kronfeld, who hopes to be abducted by aliens, to an alleged crash site on its 50th anniversary.

The Invisible Men (2012)

Gay Palestinian men live under the radar in Tel Aviv.

Doonby (2013)

A handsome drifter arrives in a small Texas town and gets a job at a blues bar.