Soar Into the Sun (2012)

R2B: Return to Base (Hangul: 알투비: 리턴투베이스; RR: Altubi: Riteontu Be-iseu) is a 2012 South Korean aviation action drama film loosely based on the critically acclaimed 1986 film Top Gun. The film stars Rain, Shin Se-kyung and Yoo Jun-sang in lead roles. It was directed by Kim Dong-won and is a remake of Shin Sang-ok's 1964 film Red Scarf. It is about a talented, yet troublemaking, elite air force pilot who is demoted to a combat flying unit. It was released on 15 August 2012. Republic of Korea Air Force was heavily involved to support filming.The film was the final acting project for Rain, before he enlisted to serve his mandatory military service in October after filming wrapped in September 2011.The film is also known under the alternate titles Black Eagle and Soar Into the Sun.

The Clown's Little Brother (1920)

Koko's little brother wreaks havoc in the studio.

Voices (2008)

Abused by his father, a 7-year-old (Julian Duque) takes violin lessons from a grieving musician (Coke Bolipata).

Xiong xie (1981)

Gangsters pursue a troublesome man.

Indian Summer (2001)

A lawyer cannot understand why his condemned client will say nothing in her own defense.

In the Name of Love (1973)

Revolver (aka Blood in the Streets) is a poliziottesco film directed by Sergio Sollima and released in 1973. It stars Oliver Reed and Fabio Testi and the film's theme "Un Amico" which was scored by Ennio Morricone was also featured in Quentin Tarantino movie Inglourious Basterds (2009)

The Prodigy (1999)

A fraternity enrolls an illiterate 12-year-old runaway in college as a prodigy to avoid criminal charges.

Psycho Sleepover (2008)

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Borrowed Wives (1930)

Borrowed Wives is a 1930 American Pre-Code film directed by Frank R. Strayer.

Zombie Babies (2011)

A doctor advertises a new late-term abortion method, and couples flock to his hotel to take advantage of it. During the procedures, a freak accident causes the fetuses to reanimate with a desire for revenge and human flesh.

Mysterious Island (1951)

Mysterious Island is the 46th serial released by Columbia Pictures. It is an adaptation of the 1874 novel by Jules Verne, The Mysterious Island (L'Île mystérieuse). As in the original story, which was a follow-up to Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, this serial is set in 1865. However, the serial has alien Mercurians as an additional set of villains and it has been labelled as a space opera version of the Verne novel.

Act Your Age (2011)

A young actor poses as an old man to get a part and re-evaluates his life choices.

The Married Virgin (1918)

The Married Virgin (also known as Frivolous Wives) is a 1918 American silent drama film starring Vera Sisson, Kathleen Kirkham and Rudolph Valentino (credited as Rodolfo di Valentina). During the early part of his career, Valentino was often cast as a villain or "heavy," his part in The Married Virgin reflects this typecasting.

Don't Change Your Husband (1919)

Don't Change Your Husband is a 1919 American silent comedy film directed by Cecil B. DeMille and starring Gloria Swanson. The film was the third of six "marriage films" directed by DeMille and the first DeMille film starring Gloria Swanson. A print of the film is stored at the George Eastman House.The film was released on DVD by Image Entertainment with The Golden Chance.

The Making of Plus One (2011)

The Making of Plus One is a 2010 British-Canadian comedy film about the independent filmmaking industry. The film was set and shot at the Cannes Film Festival and takes a satirical look at the film industry's obsession with celebrity. It was written and directed by Mary McGuckian and stars Michael Eklund, Suzan-Lori Parks, Lothaire Bluteau, Geraldine Chaplin, Donna D'Errico, Jordi Mollà and Jennifer Tilly.

White of Winter (2003)

A troubled woman tracks down her former high-school sweetheart and convinces him to return to Montana with her and search for a child they may have had.

Caracremada (2010)

Ramon Vila Capdevila wages a one-man war against a Franco regime.

The Adventures of Jane (1949)

Jane is given a bracelet by an elderly admirer. He is in league with Cleaver, a suave crook, and the two plan to use Jane and the bracelet to smuggle diamonds into England.

In fraganti (2009)

Six odd couples encounter a kidnapper at a motel.

The Duchess of Buffalo (1926)

The Duchess of Buffalo is a 1926 American silent romantic comedy film produced by and starring Constance Talmadge and released through First National Pictures. It is based on the 1916 Broadway stage musical Sybil, which is this film's alternate title.

Whatever Happened to Pink Floyd? The Strange Case of Waters and Gilmour (2011)

Interviews and archival footage give the history of the band.

The Scar Crow (2009)

The three Tanner sisters live in a constant state of fear after their mother is hanged for witchcraft.

The Presence (1992)

Danger Island, also known as The Presence, is a 1992 made-for-television film.

Berberian Sound Studio (2012)

Berberian Sound Studio is a 2012 British horror film. It is the second feature film by British director and screenwriter Peter Strickland. The film, starring Toby Jones, is a psychological thriller set in a 1970s Italian horror film studio.

To Die is Hard (2010)

To Die is Hard is a small-budget B movie (made for a reported $2,000) that was written and directed by filmmaker Glenn Berggoetz, the filmmaker behind the cult favorite The Worst Movie Ever! Released in just a handful of theaters in December 2010 and early 2011, the film was largely loved by critics, and in 2014 Paste magazine selected it as the 16th greatest B movie of all time in its list of the 100 greatest B movies ever made.

Alias Mary Dow (1935)

Alias Mary Dow is a 1935 American drama film directed by Kurt Neumann and starring Sally Eilers, Ray Milland and Henry O'Neill. In order to comfort his dying wife, a man hires a taxi-dancer to pose as their daughter who had been kidnapped as a child. However, when the woman unexpectedly recovers she is forced to maintain the deception. The film's sets were designed by the art director Ralph Berger.

Alias Mr. Twilight (1946)

Alias Mr. Twilight is a 1946 film by John Sturges.

Trigger (2010)

Trigger is a Canadian comedy-drama film, released in 2010. Directed by Bruce McDonald, the film stars Molly Parker and Tracy Wright as Kat and Vic, former rock stars reuniting their band Trigger for the first time since their retirement. The film was originally planned in the late 1990s as a companion film to McDonald's Hard Core Logo, which would have starred Hugh Dillon and Callum Keith Rennie. However, work on the film remained dormant until McDonald and screenwriter Daniel MacIvor decided to rewrite their original screenplay to be about two women instead. Rennie does, however, appear in the film as his Hard Core Logo character Billy Tallent. The film's cast also includes Daniel MacIvor, Don McKellar, Sarah Polley, Lenore Zann, Carole Pope and Julian Richings. Brendan Canning of Broken Social Scene wrote the film's score. Wright was undergoing treatment for pancreatic cancer during the film's production. It was the last film she completed before her death.

Thru the Mirror (1936)

When Mickey falls asleep while reading Lewis Carroll's "Alice Through the Looking Glass," he dreams he steps through his bedroom mirror into a land where all the furnishings and objects are animated and he can interact with them. But they are not all friendly, and after Mickey dances with the queen in a deck of playing cards, making the king jealous, they attack him and send him back through the mirror as the alarm clock wakes him up. This program is presented as originally created. It may contain outdated cultural depictions.

Removal (2010)

After witnessing a friend’s gruesome suicide, things haven't been the same for Cole. He is being tormented by what appear to be hallucinations. After working several double shifts, Cole thought things couldn’t get any worse – until he’s called out to an all-night carpet cleaning job for a man named Henry, who leads him to believe he has just killed his wife. As he hurries to clean the place, Cole’s hallucinations start to interfere, and the horrid truth that unfolds will leave you begging for it to stop!

Les petits ruisseaux (2010)

Wandering Streams is a 2010 French drama film directed by Pascal Rabaté.

Hips, Hips, Hooray! (1934)

Hips, Hips, Hooray! is a 1934 American Pre-Code slapstick comedy film starring Bert Wheeler, Robert Woolsey, Ruth Etting, Thelma Todd, and Dorothy Lee. During its initial theatrical run, it was preceded by the two-color Technicolor short Not Tonight, Josephine, directed by Edward F. Cline.

Little New York (2009)

Staten Island (also titled Little New York ) is a 2009 crime film written and directed by James DeMonaco in his directorial debut. It starred Ethan Hawke, Vincent D'Onofrio, and Seymour Cassel as three Staten Islanders whose lives intersected through a crime. Following a very limited theatrical run in New York, it was released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc in December 2009.

96 Minutes (2011)

Four kids. One night. One shocking act that forever entwines their disparate lives. Not all of them are innocent, not all of them survive. 96 Minutes can change everything.

Winston Churchill: Walking with Destiny (2010)

The life and work of the British Prime Minister during his early opposition to the Nazis and his support of the Jews.

My Tutor Friend 2 (2007)

My Tutor Friend 2 is a 2007 South Korean romantic comedy film released on April 19, 2007.

Frame 313: The JFK Assassination Theories (2008)

Interviews with researchers combined with firsthand accounts point out the possibilities behind, perhaps, the most-famous assassination in American history.

Fuera de la ley (1964)

Some outlaws come to a quiet town in the Old West, and two brave brothers capture them but one manages to escape.

Last Train Home (2009)

Last Train Home is a 2009 documentary film directed by Lixin Fan and produced by Daniel Cross and Mila Aung-Thwin of EyeSteelFilm. It won the Best Documentary Feature at 2009 IDFA and has been distributed by Zeitgeist Films in the US.

Men on the Bridge (2010)

Men on the Bridge (Turkish: Köprüdekiler) is a 2009 Turkish drama film directed by Aslı Özge. The film, which tells about the young generation who lives in the suburbs of Istanbul and come to the center of the city to make a living, follows a rose seller, a taxi driver and a traffic police officer whose lives unknowingly intersect every day on the Bosporus Bridge in Istanbul. It "wowed the audience in last year's Locarno and London Turkish film festivals, and won Best Film awards at last year's Istanbul International and Golden Cocoon film festivals", according to Emrah Güler, writing in Turkish Daily News.

Running Inside Out (2011)

A series of personal crises, including an unplanned pregnancy and crumbling relationships, push a young woman to the edge.

Mr. Sadman (2009)

A Saddam Hussein impersonator vows to shed his alter ego.

Accidentally in Love (2011)

Accidentally in Love is a 2011 Hallmark Channel Original Movie directed by David Burton Morris, and starring Jennie Garth and Ethan Erickson.

The Mystery of the Yellow Room (2003)

The Mystery of the Yellow Room (French: Le Mystère de la chambre jaune) is a 2003 French comedy film based on the novel of the same name by Gaston Leroux.

Outlaw Country (2012)

A young man tries to change his crime-ridden life by moving to the country, while a beautiful singer tries to get out of the shadow of her overprotective mother.

Nothing Special (2010)

A dark and funny tale of an ambitious young woman and her relationship with her bi-polar mother. Louise (Julia Garcia Combs) is living in Los Angeles with her mother, May (Karen Black), who has recently been evicted from her Section 8 apartment.

I Am Divine (2013)

I Am Divine is a 2013 American documentary film produced and directed by Jeffrey Schwarz of the Los Angeles-based production company Automat Pictures. The documentary focuses on the American actor, singer and drag performer Divine (October 19, 1945 – March 7, 1988), born Harris Glenn Milstead, a lifelong friend and collaborator of filmmaker John Waters. The film features extensive contemporary interviews with Waters, as well as Divine's mother Frances Milstead, and surviving members of the Dreamlanders.

Spud (2010)

Spud is a 2009 South African film directed by Donovan Marsh, based on the novel of the same name by John van de Ruit. The film stars Troye Sivan as the title character. It was released in South Africa on 3 December 2010.

The Bait (2009)

Islamic terrorist Fariq has his accounts frozen and decides to kidnap a Jewish boy for a ransom.

Eat The Rich: The Cannibal Murders (2000)

Police try to track down a family of cannibals living in the sewers of a Nevada city.

The City Stands Trial (1952)

The City Stands Trial (Italian: Processo alla città) is a 1952 Italian drama film directed by Luigi Zampa and starring Amedeo Nazzari, is based on a revisiting of the Cuocolo murders and the struggle for control of Naples by the Camorra in the early 1900s. It is considered to be Zampa's most accomplished film. It was entered into the 3rd Berlin International Film Festival.

Pleasures of the Damned (2005)

Private Investigator Jack Steele (Sean Tigert) tries to save Evelyn's brother from Satan-worshipping bikers who have raised zombie cult members.

Small World (2014)

As Conrad's health deteriorates, he tells Simone Conrad, fiance of the Senn family heir, stories that do not match the family's history. The stories cause Simone to confront the family matriarch Elvira, who is far more dangerous then she seems.

The Legend of John Henry (1974)

John Henry competes against a steam engine.

This Prison Where I Live (2010)

Censorship stymies a jailed Burmese comedian.

Family Portrait (1951)

British citizens feel assured of their place in the world through imagery of their nation.

Save the Forest (2005)

Misfit employees resort to unusual means to save their small-town theater from closure.

All the Fine Promises (2003)

All the Fine Promises (original French title: Toutes ces belles promesses) is a 2003 French movie directed by Jean-Paul Civeyrac based on the novel Hymne à l'amour by Anne Wiazemsky.

Charlie (2004)

South London gangster Charlie Richardson (Luke Goss) and his associates go on trial for their brutal crimes in 1967.

Paradise Mall (1999)

Security guards decide to pin a robbery on a group of teens who have broken into a shopping mall to party.

A Trip to the Moon (1902)

Six scholars, member of the Astronomers’ Club, set off on an expedition to the moon. They travel in a bullet-shaped rocket fired into space by a giant canon. After arriving on the moon safe and sound, they meet its inhabitants, escape their king and return to earth in their rocket which, after falling into the ocean, is fished out by a sailor. Applause, decorations, and a triumphant parade for the six heroes of the first outer-space adventure in the history of cinema.

Raymond Did It (2011)

Bryce is accidentally killed in a playground scuffle, and his friends decide to blame his mentally impaired older brother, Raymond, for his death. Sent to a state mental hospital, Raymond escapes after six years, seeking revenge.

Bunny And The Bull (2009)

Bunny and the Bull is a 2009 British comedy film from writer-director Paul King. It stars Edward Hogg and Simon Farnaby in a surreal recreation of a road trip. King has previously worked on British television comedies The Mighty Boosh and Garth Marenghi's Darkplace; the film is made in a similar style and has guest appearances from stars of those series.

The Fugue (2012)

A young woman Alena, is out jogging through a mountain trail when she is attacked near an old abandoned well. She tries to prove to others what happened, that some mysterious force saved her, but no one will listen. Her mental state deteriorates as she descends into a nightmarish world of paranoia and reality.

Cattle Queen (1951)

A young woman runs a cattle ranch, and fights for women’s rights.

In a Glass Cage (1987)

In a Glass Cage (Spanish: Tras el cristal) is a 1986 Spanish film written and directed by Agustí Villaronga and starring Günter Meisner, Marisa Paredes, and David Sust. The plot follows an ex-Nazi child molester who is now paralyzed and depending on an iron lung to live. A young man who comes to nurse him was one of his former victims years before. The film was inspired by the history of Gilles de Rais. With its theme mixing Nazism, pedophilia, torture, and homosexuality, the film was highly controversial. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Teddy Awards, the film was selected to be shown at the 66th Berlin International Film Festival in February 2016.

Heavy Times (2011)

Dan, Mark and Hugh go to visit Dan's sister for dinner but find themselves miles from home and far outside their comfort zone when her husband takes them out on the town.

Up the River (1930)

Up the River (1930) is a Pre-Code comedy film about escaped convicts, directed by John Ford and starring Spencer Tracy and Humphrey Bogart in their feature film debuts.

Komedie om geld (1936)

The Trouble With Money or Komedie om Geld is a 1936 Dutch comedy film directed by Max Ophüls. Producer was Will Tuschinski, son of Abraham Tuschinski. It was released on DVD in 2008.

Matchmaking Mamma (1929)

A woman (Daphne Pollard) tries to find a husband for her daughter.

Lust in Hell 2: Farewells (2010)

Shinji fights demonic forces to save her friends.

Pumzi (2009)

Pumzi is a Kenyan science-fiction short film written and directed by Wanuri Kahiu. It was screened at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival as part of its New African Cinema program. The project was funded with grants from the Changamoto arts fund, as well as from the Goethe Institut and Focus Features' Africa First short film program which are also to distribute the work. Kahiu hopes to expand the short into a full-length feature. The film is in English, but the title is Swahili for "Breath".

Mere Dost Picture Abhi Baaki Hai (2012)

Mere Dost Picture Abhi Baki Hai, earlier known as Amar Joshi Shahid Ho Gaya, is a 2012 Bollywood comedy film directed by Rajnish Thakur and produced by Narendra Singh. The film stars Sunil Shetty, Udita Goswami, Rajpal Yadav, and Om Puri in lead roles amongst others. The film's title is adapted from a scene of Om Shanti Om featuring Shahrukh Khan saying "Picture abhi baki hai, mere dost " apparently.

Attack of the Herbals (2012)

Attack of the Herbals is a 2010 Scottish horror comedy directed by David Keith from a screenplay written by David Ryan Keith, Liam Matheson and Alisdair Cook. The film is about a group of locals who try to save Lobster Cove, their sleepy village, from disruption caused by a plan to build a new supermarket complex.

Club Med (1986)

New guests at a Mexican resort include the manager's (Jack Scalia) now-divorced lover (Linda Hamilton) who left him six years before.

I Wish I Had a Wife (2001)

I Wish I Had a Wife is a 2001 South Korean film about a lonely banker who meets a schoolteacher.

Kehtaa Hai Dil Baar Baar (2002)

Kehtaa Hai Dil Baar Baar is a 2002 Indian Bollywood film directed by Rahul Dholakia and stars Jimmy Sheirgill, Kim Sharma and Paresh Rawal in pivotal roles.

Self Helpless (2010)

Self Helpless is a 2010 independent film. The film is a feature length comedy created by the production company End of the World Entertainment. Self Helpless stars Patrick Simone, Matthew Dunbar, Andrick Deppmeyer, and Patrick Cassidy. The four main actors also wrote, directed, produced, funded, and distributed the film.

Going Back (1986)

Going Back is Bruce Campbell's second feature film, produced shortly after The Evil Dead and released in 1983. The film had been extremely rare to acquire for a number of years, due to contract disputes between the director, producer, and the bankrupt original distributor. It was finally re-released on DVD in October 2006. The DVD release features an additional audio commentary track by Campbell, director Ron Teachworth, and cinematographer John Prusak.

Buried Secrets (2009)

Dowaha is a Tunisian film. This psychological thriller was directed by Raja Amari in 2009.

Level Up (2011)

Level Up is a 2011 made-for-television film from D and D Productions and Cartoon Network Studios, who which is created by Derek Guiley and David Schneiderman with the direction of Peter Lauer, and aired on November 23, 2011 for the United States. This film spoofed video games. Jagex and Rooster Teeth were brought in as consultants. This film is rated TV-PG-V. This movie was made as a pilot for the 2012 Cartoon Network series, Level Up. It premiered on Cartoon Network on June 8, 2012.

An Indecent Obsession (1985)

A new patient (Gary Sweet), a nurse (Wendy Hughes) and a death disrupt an Australian hospital ward for disturbed World War II soldiers.

Speak (2012)

SPEAK follows six unforgettable characters as they prepare to compete for the title, "World Champion of Public Speaking." SPEAK is a powerful, inspiring documentary about conquering life's hurdles and finding your voice.

Get a Way (2002)

In the midst of an already rotten day, Anne (Agnes Roland) crashes her bicycle into a van driven by Didier (Maxime Desmons), who, it turns out, is having a terrible time of it himself. The two quickly become friends, bonding over their difficulties in dealing with their respective parents. Determined to adopt new attitudes and coping mechanisms, the pair embark on a series of adventures across Paris, imagining at each juncture that they have only 20 minutes left to live.

Black Field (2010)

Black Field is a 2009 Canadian historical drama film and the debut of filmmaker Danishka Esterhazy. It is set in the 1870s and tells the story of a love triangle between a man and two sisters Maggie and Rose McGregor.

Island of Lost Souls (1974)

A man is brutally imprisoned on an island for 20 years.

Detective Lloyd (1932)

Detective Lloyd (1932) is a Universal, 12-chapter movie serial. A co-production between the American company Universal and the British company General Films, it was filmed entirely in Britain with British and Commonwealth actors. It was the only sound serial ever produced in England. Although a print was shown on British TV as recently as the 1970s, the film is now considered lost. It was also known by the titles Lloyd of the C.I.D. and In the Hands of the Hinfu. Detective Lloyd battled a villain known as the Panther in this serial. Material from the serial was edited into a movie called The Green Spot Mystery (1932), which is also a lost film. Detective Lloyd is on the British Film Institute's BFI 75 Most Wanted list of lost films.

Korabl prisheltsev (1985)

White Mountains (1966)

Buddha 2: The Endless Journey (2014)

Match (1966)

Horatio Hornblower 3 (2003)

Wild Alaska (2012)

Hush Money (1931)

Hush Money is a 1931 American Pre-Code comedy-drama film featuring Joan Bennett, Hardie Albright, Owen Moore, Myrna Loy, and George Raft. The movie was directed by Sidney Lanfield.

The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera (1990)

The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera was a simulator ride at Universal Studios Florida, and one of the park's original attractions. The story line was that Dick Dastardly and Muttley have kidnapped Elroy Jetson, Yogi Bear and Boo Boo give chase and the audience is in for the ride of their lives. It was created and executive produced by Peter N. Alexander and directed by Mario Kamberg with Hanna-Barbera founder William Hanna as creative consultant. It was the first ride film to predominantly use computer-generated imagery, with the characters created using traditional cel animation techniques and optically composited. This was the first of three simulator ride attractions to be built inside Soundstage 42 in Universal Studios Florida, followed by Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast and the current Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, as well as the first motion simulator at Universal Orlando Resort.

Evidence (1929)

Evidence is a 1929 Pre-Code crime drama film produced and distributed by the Warner Brothers. It is based on the 1914 Broadway play Evidence by J. duRocher MacPherson and L. duRocher MacPherson. This early talkie was directed by John G. Adolfi and starred Pauline Frederick and Lowell Sherman. While this film is lost, its soundtrack, recorded by the Vitaphone process, survives.

The Dub Room Special! (1982)

The Dub Room Special is a film produced by Frank Zappa for direct-to-video release in October, 1982. The video combines footage from a performance at the KCET studios in Los Angeles on August 27, 1974, a concert performed at The Palladium, New York City on October 31, 1981, some clay animation by Bruce Bickford, and several interviews. It was edited in the "Dub Room" at Compact Video, at a post-production facility in Burbank, California. A few of the Compact Video staff have brief appearances. The video was only available through mail-order, and thus, was unseen by many Zappa fans until it was made widely available on DVD on October 17, 2005. The DVD version was trimmed slightly by Zappa to fit the space limitations of early laserdiscs. The 1974 footage was originally conceived as a TV special. In 2007 a soundtrack with the same name was released.

Bananaz (2008)

Bananaz is a 2008 British documentary film by Ceri Levy about Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett's virtual alternative band Gorillaz.

Black Orchids (1917)

Black Orchids is a 1917 American silent drama film written and directed by Rex Ingram. The film was released as The Fatal Orchids in the United Kingdom. The feature stars Cleo Madison, Francis McDonald and Dick La Reno. Ingram later remade the film as Trifling Women (1922). Black Orchids is considered a lost film.

Battling Jane (1918)

Battling Jane is an American silent melodrama film released in 1918. It was directed by Elmer Clifton as a vehicle for Dorothy Gish and included some patriotic overtones. According to the Progressive Silent Film List at, it is not known whether the film currently survives.