The Macomber Affair (1947)

Francis Macomber (Robert Preston) and his wife, Margaret (Joan Bennett), hire experienced hunter Robert Wilson (Gregory Peck) as their guide on a safari through Kenya. After embarking on the trip, Margaret becomes quickly and openly attracted to Robert. The safari guide refuses her advances, but the situation causes tension between husband and wife. When Margaret shoots Francis, it's up to a jury to decide whether she meant to kill her spouse or the stampeding buffalo behind him.

The Sun Also Rises (1957)

Jake Barnes (Tyrone Power), a journalist from the United States, comes out of World War I injured and disillusioned. Rather than return home, he chooses to leave his past behind and move to Paris, where he meets an aimless group of bohemian expatriates. His new friends include the seductive Brett Ashley (Ava Gardner) and her lover, the reckless alcoholic Mike Campbell (Errol Flynn). Together, they pursue a hedonistic, directionless lifestyle until Brett's affection for Jake complicates matters.

Come Fill The Cup (1951)

A recovered alcoholic (James Gleason) helps a down-and-out newsman (James Cagney) quit drinking and work his way up to city editor.

Search for the Great Sharks (1995)

"Search for the Great Sharks" takes viewers on a round-the-globe expedition to encounter the most notorious creature of the sea. From the coast of California to the remote reefs off Western Australia, the film pursues blue sharks, whale sharks, and the most-well-known of all, the white shark.

The Mysterious Affair at Styles (1990)

Detective Hercule Poirot (David Suchet) works with Capt. Hastings (Hugh Fraser) to solve a crime at a mansion in 1917 England.

Green Grow the Rushes (1951)

Ship Capt. Cedric Biddle (Roger Livesey) and his partner, Robert (Richard Burton), run a bootlegging scheme to sneak booze into England by boat. A young journalist named Meg (Honor Blackman) catches the con men in the act, but Robert convinces her to look the other way. Customs officials catch on to the plot when Robert and Biddle bungle their next attempt to unload a shipment of liquor, but the agents quickly reveal themselves to be even more bumbling than the scammers.

14 Days with Victor (2010)

Victor tries to find meaning in his life, and his luck changes when he meets Martin, an artist who enjoys exploring the limits of violence and torture.

Tyrant of Lydia Against the Son of Hercules (1963)

Hercules' son tries to rescue a princess from a malevolent despot.

Skyward (1985)

A conservationist's efforts to restore nature's ecological balance at Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary in St. Petersburg, Fla., focus on the development of a family of Canada geese and explore the relationship between people, birds and the environment.

To Fly! (1976)

A brief summary of the history of flight begins with 19th-century balloons and continues to 21st-century space probes.

A Woman of Mystery (1958)

A reporter (Dermot Walsh) finds a suicide was murder, having to do with counterfeiters.

Rio, 40 Graus (1955)

Filmmaker Nelson Pereira dos Santos follows boys from the hills beyond Rio de Janeiro who sell peanuts in the city.

The Healer (1935)

A crippled child has a stabilizing effect on an idealistic physician who let fame and fortune go to his head.

Rio, Zona Norte (1957)

A talented songwriter must face the social injustices of his city.

Mrs. Hobbes' House (2009)

A recently widowed woman (Ellen Bry) forges a deep bond with a couple and their five foster children.

The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand (1936)

A detective battles the minions of a master criminal who has kidnapped the inventor of a gold-synthesis formula.


A bandit (Lee Van Cleef) turns sheriff in order to rob a payroll.

Cry Uncle! (1971)

A sloppy private eye (Allen Garfield) and a woman (Madeleine Le Roux) help a rich client caught on camera during an orgy.

Under my skin (2014)

A father is more interested in cars, poker, and women than being a part of his son's life. After he spends the night with a beautiful hitchhiker, they have a very disturbing awakening.

Gary Numan: Android in La La Land (2016)

The film explores life for Gary and his Numanoid family as they unpack their new home in California.

The Day the Sky Exploded (1958)

An astronaut (Paul Hubschmid) says Earth-bound asteroids can be stopped only by mutual use of the world's atomic weapons.

Bangistan (2015)

Two blundering terrorists embark on a mission to change the world.

Parole, Inc. (1948)

A G-man (Michael O'Shea) poses as a convict to trap a parole fixer (Turhan Bey) in the state prison.

Temptation of a Monk (1993)

In this period Chinese drama, Gen. Shi Yan-sheng (Wu Hsin-kuo) must go into hiding when the crown prince is killed and one of his ruthless and ambitious brothers assumes power. Taking shelter in an old monastery, the general meets an elderly monk (Michael Lee) who offers advice rooted in Buddhist teachings. Eventually, a beautiful woman (Joan Chen) arrives in an attempt to seduce the former warrior and sway him into submission. Will the general fall in the face of temptation?

Rogue of the Rio Grande (1930)

The adventures of a group of Mexican bandits who steal from the rich and give to the poor to oust a crooked sheriff.

Indian Paint (1965)

An Indian teenager (Johnny Crawford) forms a bond with a horse, who saves his life.

Clipped Wings (1937)

Ever since he was a boy, Mickey (William Janney) wanted to fly planes like his big brother, Jerry (Lloyd Hughes), who was shot down during a mission in World War I. Unfortunately, Mickey is booted from flight school. While he's visiting his girlfriend, Molly (Rosalind Keith), she tells him about some illegal activities at her family ranch. Soon, a federal agent named Jim (also Hughes), Mickey's long-lost brother, arrives on the scene to try to bring down the crime ring and save the ranch.

The Shanghai Gesture (1942)

Gambling-den boss Mother Gin Sling (Ona Munson) drags her British ex-lover's (Walter Huston) daughter (Gene Tierney) into decadence.

Sons of the Sea (1941)

The United States' and Great Britain's relationship is strengthened by the efforts of the first trans-Atlantic company.

The Paper (2007)

The student staff of The Daily Collegian, Pennsylvania State University's college newspaper, battle plummeting circulation, barriers to investigative reporting, and criticism of coverage.

Wild Seed (1965)

A drifter (Michael Parks) shows a teenage New York runaway (Celia Kaye) how to hop trains to reach her father in Los Angeles.

I'll Be Home For Christmas (1997)

The mayor (Ann Jillian) of St. Nicholas tries to persuade a former beau (Robert Hays) to stay and be the town doctor.

Rhythm and Blues Review (1954)

Performers include Lionel Hampton, Sarah Vaughan, Count Basie and Nat King Cole.

Kiss of Fire (1955)

A noble Spaniard (Jack Palance) escorts a Spanish princess (Barbara Rush) from New Mexico to a ship in California.

Xenia (2014)

A new Greek odyssey.

Johnny Concho (1956)

The people of Cripple Creek fear Johnny Concho (Frank Sinatra), but only because his brother is a notorious gunfighter. Johnny takes advantage of his position, bullying the townsfolk, until the arrival of a cowboy named Tallman (William Conrad). Tallman claims to have killed Johnny's brother and, after exposing Johnny as a coward, takes over the town. Tallman, however, is more hated than Johnny. Johnny must now gain the courage to fight Tallman and earn the respect of Cripple Creek.

Rustlers' Hideout (1945)

Billy Carson (Buster Crabbe) and his sidekick (Al "Fuzzy" St. John) catch cattle crooks and a cardsharp.

Perestroika (2009)

A Russian astrophysicist returns to Moscow to give a speech and must deal with the many changes to the country.

Because You're Mine (1952)

A famous opera singer (Mario Lanza) falls for his sergeant's (James Whitmore) sister (Doretta Morrow) at boot camp.

Zombie 90: Extreme Pestilence (1991)

Two doctors fend off attacks by zombies as they research a way to stop them.

Trapped in Space (1994)

A meteor strike depletes the oxygen supply of a space-shuttle crew (Jack Wagner, Jack Coleman, Craig Wasson) heading toward Venus.

The Pharaoh's Woman (1961)

Feuding princes and a court physician (Pierre Brice) vie for power and a slave beauty (Linda Cristal) in ancient Egypt.

24 Hours (2014)

No one is safe from scandalous relationships, corrupt politics and revenge when loyalties are tested on the streets.

The Idol (1966)

An American art student (Michael Parks) seduces the mother (Jennifer Jones) of his weak friend (John Leyton) in London.

The Eagle Fist (1981)

A vengeance-bent militia man enlists the aid of a renowned kung-fu trainer.

Gargoyles (1972)

An anthropologist (Cornel Wilde) and his daughter (Jennifer Salt) disturb a monster's skeleton in Mexico.

How to Smell a Rose: A Visit With Ricky Leacock in Normandy (2014)

Filmmakers Les Blank and Gina Leibrecht visit Richard Leacock at his farm in Normandy to talk about his life, work and cooking.

Bikini Baby (1951)

An unsophisticated and impressionable young girl finds herself in trouble after winning a beauty pageant.

#nightslikethese (2013)

When a night's escapade takes a disturbing turn, two teenagers learn how disconnected social media has made them.

No Time for Flowers (1952)

Communists use an actor (Paul Christian) to test the weakness of a Czech secretary (Viveca Lindfors) eyed for a U.S. post.

Blind Fear (1989)

Two crazed men (Jack Langedijk, Kim Coates) and a woman trap a blind beauty (Shelley Hack) in an old hunting lodge whose layout she knows well.

Carnaval (2011)

Three friends get ready to go out on a carnival night.

The Brotherhood (2001)

Best friends join a fraternity of vampires at a school in Southern California.

Skeeter (1993)

When a money-hungry real estate developer starts carelessly disposing of massive amounts of toxic waste in old mines, the consequences are both unexpected and disastrous. The chemicals cause the local mosquito population to morph into giant, terrifying beasts that are thirsty for human blood. It is up to local sheriff Roy Boone (Jim Youngs) and his girlfriend, Sarah (Tracy Griffith), to come up with a way to stop the killer bugs before it is too late.

The Truth About Women (1957)

Flashbacks tell the story as an aging gentleman regales his son-in-law with tales of his many romantic conquests.

Uptight (1968)

Black militants building up an arsenal of weapons in preparation for a race war are betrayed by one of their own.

Dirty Country (2007)

Forced to retire prematurely from his job at a factory, Larry Pierce decides to pursue his other career: writing, recording and performing raunchy country music. Beginning in the early 1990s, Larry records more than a dozen lewd country albums, championed by all those truckers who crave a few chuckles during the long haul through the night. Following Larry as his new career takes off, this documentary examines the paradox of America's blend of puritanism and obscenity.

Leave The World Behind (2014)

To save their friendship, members of the band Swedish House Mafia decide to embark on a final, no-holds-barred tour, then dissolve the band for good.

Hunters of the Deep (1954)

The focus is on sharks, barracuda, octopi and other marine life of lower California and the Bahamas. Dan O'Herlihy narrates.

Danger Zone III: Steel Horse War (1990)

A lone biker (Jason Williams) follows the trail of outlaw biker Reaper (Robert Random) and his gang to buried Civil War gold.

Double Dynamite (1951)

Johnny Dalton (Frank Sinatra), a poor bank teller who works tirelessly to save enough money to marry his doting girlfriend (Jane Russell), comes across a fortune when he rescues a duplicitous bookie (Nestor Paiva) from attackers. As a misguided sign of thanks, the bookie gives Dalton an ample cash gift -- which curiously matches the amount missing from his bank. Now suspected of embezzlement, the bewildered Dalton turns to his best friend, a wily and wacky waiter (Groucho Marx), for help.

The Animal Kingdom (1932)

Successful and passionate publisher Tom Collier (Leslie Howard) marries socialite Cee Henry (Myrna Loy) despite loving his open-minded mistress, Daisy Sage (Ann Harding). As Tom becomes an established member of the upper class, his deceitful wife convinces him to publish books solely for profit and sacrifice his intellectual pursuits. When Daisy sees what Tom has become, she criticizes his transformation, forcing him to choose between staying with Cee and following his heart.

Billy The Kid's Fighting Pals (1941)

Billy the Kid (Bob Steele) and his friends Fuzzy (Al St. John) and Jeff (Carleton Young) decide to spend some time in a troubled town ironically named Paradise. There, Fuzzy is mistaken for a marshal and approached by a group of desperate townsfolk who tell him about a plot to drive them out. The three focus their attention on Badger (Charles King), a tough guy who has been terrorizing the merchants, but they soon realize that a much larger conspiracy is at work.

Sunset After Dark (1996)

A writer (Tony Maggio) learns that a former adult-film actress (Monique Parent) is the prime suspect in a series of murders.

The Jungle (2013)

Two brothers' search for a rare leopard in Indonesia leads to a deadly encounter with a new species of predator.

Honeymoon Deferred (1940)

An insurance investigator (Edmund Lowe) and his bride (Margaret Lindsay) postpone bliss to solve a murder.

Sequence (2013)

A man learns that the entire world has dreamed about him the night before.

The Backstreet Six (1978)

Six Montrealers turn amateur spy smashers when they encounter a little old man whom they believe to be a foreign agent.

Wild Zone (1989)

An ecologist (Philip Brown) needs a nightclub singer's (Carla Herd) help to free his father from mercenaries in Africa.

On The Edge (1986)

Banned from competition 20 years ago for exposing payoffs in amateur athletics, former long-distance runner Wes Holman (Bruce Dern) decides to enter the Cielo-Sea Race, a punishing, mountainous footrace in the Pacific Northwest. The competition has bested many younger runners, but by seeking the help of his old coach (John Marley) and reconnecting with his ex-lover (Pam Grier) and father (Bill Bailey), the middle-aged Wes may be ready to take on more than a race.

The Eighteenth Angel (1997)

As a group of evil monks prepares to bring about the arrival of Satan on Earth, the family of the beautiful young Lucy Stanton (Rachael Leigh Cook) becomes involved in their scheme. The prophecy that the monks are trying to fulfill requires 18 perfect human specimens, and it appears that Lucy is one of them. As Lucy's father, Hugh (Christopher McDonald), attempts to protect her from harm, the devious Father Simeon (Maximilian Schell) paves the way for the imminent apocalypse.

The Cave of the Golden Rose (1991)

Guided by a good witch, a princess (Alessandra Martines) disguises herself as a knight to fight her father's (Mario Adorf) foe (Kim Rossi Stuart).

Hostage (1988)

Escaping from prison and from her homicidal father (Leon Russom), a teenager (Carrie Hamilton) takes a lonely widow (Carol Burnett) hostage.

Night Seekers (2014)

Friends go on their yearly retreat to Astro Island, and upon their arrival, they are told not to go into a forbidden zone. They take a risk and explore the area, and during the night, something happens to them all.

A Corner of Heaven (2014)

A boy leaves home to make it on his own after his mother abandons the family.

Funeral Home (1980)

A teenager (Lesleh Donaldson) hears voices and suspects foul play when guests disappear at her grandmother's (Kay Hawtrey) tourist home.

Enthralled (2014)

A banker (Christopher Goh), a college professor (Tien-You Chui) and a hairstylist find romance in Hong Kong.

Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro (1979)

When master thief Lupin III (Yasuo Yamada) discovers that the money he robbed from a casino is counterfeit, he goes to Cagliostro, rumored to be the source of the forgery. There he discovers a beautiful princess, Clarisse (Sumi Shimamoto), who is being forced to marry the count so he can find the legendary treasure of Cagliostro. In order to rescue Clarisse and foil the count, Lupin teams up with his regular adversary, Inspector Zenigata, as well as fellow thief Fujiko Mine.

Noi 4 (2014)

James prepares for his eighth grade oral exams.

Secret Ninja, Roaring Tiger (1982)

A young man (Dragon Lee) prepares to fight a corrupt martial-arts master who savagely beat him.

Balkan Melodie (2012)

Marcel and Catherine Cellier share a passion for the music of Eastern Europe.

Passione sinistra (2013)

Ideals clash when a political activist (Valentina Lodovini) meets the carefree son (Alessandro Preziosi) of a wealthy businessman.

Trapped (2001)

A reporter (William McNamara) films hotel guests as they scramble for their lives during a fire of suspicious origin.

Terminus (1987)

Government forces try to stop the drivers (Johnny Hallyday, Karen Allen) of a computer-guided camper van, in a video game of the future.

Cry Wilderness (1987)

Bigfoot's ghost brings a boy (Eric Foster) to where his father (Maurice Grandmaison) and a hunter are mistaking Bigfoot for a Bengal tiger.

A Little Sex (1982)

Although Michael (Tim Matheson) is an unrepentant sex addict who has cheated on his girlfriend, Katherine (Kate Capshaw), repeatedly throughout their relationship, she's so convinced he'll change once they're married that he also begins to believe it. But, despite the advice of his psychologist brother, Tommy (Edward Herrmann), Michael begins to feel the urge to stray when he meets classical musician Philomena (Wendie Malick), and soon his young marriage is in crisis.

Tandem (2013)

Chaos strikes when a man (Craig Zimmerman) goes sky diving with his future brother-in-law (David A. Cooper).

Red Tomahawk (1967)

A Cavalry captain (Howard Keel) calls for a Gatling-gun defense shortly after the Little Bighorn massacre.

The Sphinx (1933)

Chummy reporters (Sheila Terry, Theodore Newton) see deadly duplicity in a philanthropist (Lionel Atwill) who does not hear or speak.

Lasseter's Bones (2012)

A man tries to piece together clues to find the gold that his father discovered in the Australian desert in 1931.

Transgender Tuesdays: A Clinic In the Tenderloin (2012)

Eighteen years ago, a team of HIV health-care workers at a clinic in San Francisco and activists opened the country's first primary care clinic for transgendered people.

Seizure: The Story of Kathy Morris (1980)

A brain surgeon (Leonard Nimoy) operates on a singer (Penelope Milford) with a tumor, but something goes wrong.

Target for Tonight (1941)

Following a unit of soldiers from the Royal Air Force, director Harry Watt captures from beginning to end the undertaking of a British mission to bomb a strategic German facility during World War II. On location at RAF Bomber Command, Watt manages to record all of the reconnaissance and preparation needed to complete the dangerous but vital mission. Once the commanders decide the strategy, the men board the bomber to destroy their target -- but the Germans are not without their defenses.

The Great Indian Butterfly (2010)

A young couple named Krish and Meera are confused and frustrated with the corporate rat race unfolding around them and, as an antidote, they they go in search of a legendary magical insect.

Aparajito (1956)

The second part of Satyajit Ray's famous Apu trilogy, this Indian drama focuses on young Apu, who lives with his mother, Sarbajaya (Kanu Bandyopadhyay), and father, Harihar (Pinaki Sengupta), near the Ganges River. When Harihar dies suddenly, Apu and Sarbajaya move to a small village to be near relatives. Eventually, she reluctantly allows her son (now played by Smaran Ghosal) to attend school in Calcutta. As Apu acclimates to life in the city, Sarbajaya struggles with his absence.

The Trouble with Dick (1987)

A sci-fi writer (Tom Villard) has writer's block caused by his landlady (Elaine Giftos), her nymphet daughter and his dream girl (Susan Dey).

Nutcracker (1986)

In this Pacific Northwest Ballet performance, it is Christmas Eve and festivities are under way. Clara (Vanessa Sharp) is excited when her godfather, Herr Drosselmeier (Hugh Bigney), arrives with a bag full of gifts, one of which is an intriguing wooden nutcracker. That night, while the rest of the household is sleeping, Clara visits the Christmas tree to inspect her nutcracker and soon finds herself immersed in a dream world that is both dark and enchanting.

Secret Valley (1937)

An Eastern gangster's bride (Virginia Grey) flees to a ranch and hides out with a cowboy (Richard Arlen).

Her Name Is Sabine (2007)

Actress Sandrine Bonnaire makes a touching documentary about her autistic sister, Sabine.

Playboy of the Western World (1963)

A rugged newcomer arrives at a village in Ireland's County Mayo, wowing townspeople with a fantastic tale of violence. Claiming to have recently murdered his good-for-nothing father (Niall MacGinnis), Christy Mahon (Gary Raymond) becomes an object of local fascination. But Christy is disgraced when it turns out that the older man is injured, yet very much alive. Trying to rebuild his reputation as a tough guy, Christy commits another act of brutality.