The Time of Love (2006)

Marcel experiences love with Clementine and Isabelle.

Beck: The Boy in the Glass Bowl (2001)

Martin Beck (Peter Haber) investigates the killing of a divorced woman whose autistic son was found with the murder weapon.

Delhi in a Day (2012)

The staff of a Delhi household have just one day to return a British traveler's stolen money.

Edo Porn (1981)

Edo-era artist Katsushika Hokusai becomes known for his iconic and erotic woodblock prints.

The Phantom Carriage (1921)

On New Year's Eve, the driver of a ghostly carriage forces a drunken man (Victor Sjöström) to look back at his wasted life.

The Dancing Years (1950)

In Vienna during the early 1900s, a brilliant composer has a love affair with a beautiful diva.

Min Dit: The Children of Diyarbakir (2009)

A prostitute (Bervan Ayaz) and a street-wise kid (Suzan Ilir) befriend two homeless orphans (Senay Orak, Muhammed Al).

Last Winter (2009)

A shy pianist (Sam Navarro) tries to woo a waitress, unaware that his new friend (Amal Maria Saade) is secretly in love with him.

Echo Of Blue (1996)

A woman tries to catch an elusive serial killer before she becomes the next victim.

In My Mother's Arms (2011)

Several children live and study in a small rented house and they have no one to help them accept for Husham, a student. When the landlord demands they leave, the children lose their only sanctuary.

Fear (2009)

Filmmakers study residents of Amsterdam who struggle with anxiety disorders.

Chain of Souls (2001)

Members of a cult kill aspiring actresses in a sinister Hollywood theater.

Solarmax (2000)

The sun is the only star that we can study directly but it is so completely ubiquitous, so intrinsic to life and culture, that we are effectively blind to it. It's time for a new look. Just as the telescope made the universe conceivable so new satellite borne instruments are allowing us to look at a sun that we have never seen before. For the first time we really can study a star in full spate as it builds up to its next peak of violence - the solar maximum of the year 2000/2001.

Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary (2002)

In this ballet version of Bram Stoker's classic vampire tale, Dracula (Zhang Wei-Qiang) arrives in London and performs a dance of seduction with the virgin Lucy (Tara Birtwhistle), whom he turns into a ravenous monster. Lucy's three suitors vow revenge even as Dracula stalks his next victim. When the trio's efforts prove counterproductive, professional vampire hunter Van Helsing (David Moroni) enters the picture and meets Dracula in a climactic battle.

Eskimo Artist: Kenojuak (1964)

An Eskimo artist draws stone prints featuring the creatures from her dreams.

Fckload Of Scotch Tape (2012)

Set up to take the fall for a kidnapping that leads to murder, a man (Graham Jenkins) embarks on a personal mission of revenge.

La tranchée (2010)

A pictorial account of an attack on Canadian soldiers during World War I.

Blanc Comme Neige (2010)

A car dealer is forced to deal with the Finnish mob when they come looking for his dead partner.

Two Spirits (2009)

Filmmaker Lydia Nibley examines the 2001 murder of Fred Martinez, a transgendered teenager of American Indian descent.

Scratch (2003)

Hip-hopper Sami moves into the harsh atmosphere of a concrete youth hostel, and trouble starts when Mille falls for the new tenant.

Blood and Oil (2010)

Two British women (Naomie Harris, Jodhi May) journey through Nigeria when a militant group kidnaps three Western oil workers.

The Duel (2011)

Vance teams with Jules to play in a basketball championship duel.

Rama O Rama (1988)

Wealthy, kind-hearted Sandeep falls in love with Hema, unaware that her lover is his long-lost brother.

Trout (2007)

A man's (Jamie Michie) job at a fish farm affects his relationship with his lover (Lorna Craig).

Go With Peace Jamil (2008)

Jamil is caught in the middle of an ancient hatred between two Muslim factions that dates back 1,400 years.

Den sidste viking (1997)

Viking Harald's son is left behind with the women and children when his father joins a rebellion against the king. The king surprises the rebels and takes his revenge by overtaking the village and tyrannizing those left behind.

Fathers Of Girls (2009)

A doting father must come to terms with his daughter's dark side after something happens to her when she moves out to attend college.

Miracle (2000)

A few days ago, Dennis (Stefan Pagels Andersen) was just an ordinary boy with ordinary problems. Now he is a secret agent from heaven with a license to make miracles for the middle class.

Defiant Requiem (2012)

Imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp, composer Rafael Schchter and fellow inmates use the power of music to fight back.

Trial by Fire: Lives Re-Forged (2012)

Filmmaker Megan Smith-Harris chronicles the lives of seven burn survivors before and after the accidents that altered their lives.

Lenine in Continuation (2009)

Brazilian musician Lenine utilizes technology to create art.

Jungle Raiders (1985)

Capt. Yankee (Christopher Connelly) takes a Colombian curator (Marina Costa) on a search for the Ruby of Gloom in 1938 Malaya.

Horror Theater: Vol. 3 (2006)

Stories of terror revolve around a maniacal Santa Claus and a TV horror show.

Jeff (2012)

Filmmaker Chris James Thompson uses archival footage and fictionalized scenarios to tell the story of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer as seen by a detective, the lead pathologist and Dahmer's neighbor.

Fair Game (1986)

A woman (Cassandra Delaney) turns the tables on three assailants who terrorized her in the Australian Outback.

Larisa (1980)

A tribute to Russian filmmaker Larisa Shepitko.

El tejedor de milagros (1962)

At Christmas, an Indian arrives in a town with his pregnant wife; but nobody helps and she gives birth in the street.

Fuera de la ley (1964)

Some outlaws come to a quiet town in the Old West, and two brave brothers capture them but one manages to escape.

Chill: The Killing Games (2013)

College students turn a campus game into a viral phenomenon and become trapped in a deadly hunt with a masked assailant.

The Founding of a Republic (2009)

A man fights against the tyranny of his ruler and leads the people in the battle for a new country.

Bone Man (2009)

A private investigator discovers his meal contains meat that should not be there.

Tapasya (1976)

A sisters sacrifice after being left with the responsibility of her three younger siblings.

Running Inside Out (2011)

A series of personal crises, including an unplanned pregnancy and crumbling relationships, push a young woman to the edge.

Holy Man: The USA vs Douglas White (2011)

Douglas White, a Lakota medicine man of the Pine Ridge Reservation and wrongly convicted of a crime, spends 17 years in a federal prison.

Teenage Mother (1967)

A new teacher is blamed when a student turns up pregnant.

Drought (2011)

In northern Mexico, residents of a cattle-ranching community struggle to survive amid harsh conditions caused by an ongoing drought.

Left/Right (2009)

D. Ray Morton loses his big-city dream job and returns to his small-town roots to find his identity.

Piggies (2009)

Tomek turns to a pimp to make money.

Pinprick (2009)

An already creepy relationship between a teen and a criminal gets even more strange when he becomes interested in her mother.

My Daughter the Terrorist (2007)

Two female Black Tiger militants train to be suicide bombers.

Little Moscow (2008)

A Soviet officer and a Polish woman are drawn together through music.

Cul De Sac: A Suburban War Story (2002)

In 1995 unemployed Army veteran Shawn Nelson steals a tank and drives it through the streets of a California community.

3 Lads, an American Fool and One Night (2008)

A man (Pedro Pano) questions his sexuality.

The Sweet Sound of Death (1965)

A man has visions of his lover after she dies in a plane crash.

Circus Rosaire (2007)

A family of circus performers try to keep traditional values while adapting to modern entertainment.

Uphill All the Way (1986)

Two circa-1900 con men (Roy Clark, Mel Tillis) are mistaken for bank robbers and chased by a posse.

Diamondz n da Ruff (2006)

Bianca (Cindy Collazo) gets a crash course in street hustling after moving to New York City to become an actress.

House of Ghosts (2012)

Trapped in a mansion by a massive snowstorm, party guests experience a host of frightening events after a medium opens a portal to the spirit realm.

Love Crime (2010)

A ruthless corporate executive (Kristin Scott Thomas) and her ambitious protege (Ludivine Sagnier) bare their claws in a vicious battle for supremacy.

In NorthWood (2011)

A murderer (Nick Stahl) tries to protect a female inmate (Olivia Wilde) at a psychiatric institution.