Forbidden Homework (1992)

All of Me (2013)

All of Me is a 2014 American documentary film, that follows a group of obese women friends who decide to have adjustable gastric band or gastric bypass weight loss surgery. All of Me is directed and produced by Alexandra Lescaze. Deborah Eve Lewis is co-producer and director of photography. The film was shot in Austin, TX. All of Me premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival in June 2013. The broadcast version of the film premiered on PBS's Independent Lens on March 24, 2014.

Knockout (2011)

Knockout (also called Born to Fight) is a 2011 Canadian-American sports drama film directed by Anne Wheeler. The film stars Steve Austin, and Daniel Magder.

Seeds (2018)

After a night of debauchery spirals out of control, Marcus retreats to his family home along the New England coast. Solitude is disturbed when his brother asks Marcus to look after his estranged nephew and niece. As days pass, solace escapes him; he feels baited by a dark force. Is he losing his mind or has something terrible burrowed deep within him? Incubating. Waiting until the climate is right. Haunted by his deepest fears, Marcus struggles not to succumb as he fights to protect Lily, his beloved niece from a monster that lies in wait.

#Lucky Number (2015)

In a Heartbeat (2013)

Les seigneurs (2012)

The Dream Team is a 2012 French comedy film directed by Olivier Dahan.

Copenhagen (2009)

Empty Rooms (2010)

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (2004)

The larger-than-life Jules Verne adventure about reclusive genius Captain Nemo, his magnificent submarine, The Nautilus, and the perilous voyage he makes with a group of captive adventurers.

Partners in Crime (2014)

Partners in Crime is a 2014 Taiwanese crime film directed by Chang Jung-chi. It was screened in the Contemporary World Cinema section at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival.

Second Hand (2013)

Collision (1964)

Another Woman (2002)

Fools (1997)

The Raven (1942)

Blind Date (2010)

Reflections (2013)

Plástico (2015)

Marason (2007)

Seven Days (1974)

Detochki (2013)

Salome (1973)

Salome is a 1973 British horror and short film directed and produced by Clive Barker. This film has been music composed by Adrian Carson.The film starring Anne Taylor, Graham Bickley, Clive Barker, Doug Bradley and Phil Rimmer in the lead roles.

His Master's Voice (2014)

Little Boy Blue (2015)

The Fall Of The House Of Usher (2012)

casting a glance (2007)

The Sea Wolf (1926)

The Sea Wolf is a lost 1926 American silent film directed by and starring Ralph Ince. It is based on the 1904 novel The Sea-Wolf by Jack London. Previously filmed in 1920 at Paramount as The Sea Wolf.

Mein Leben für Irland (1941)

My Life for Ireland (German: Mein Leben für Irland) is a Nazi propaganda movie from 1941 directed by Max W. Kimmich, covering a story of Irish heroism and martyrdom over two generations under the occupation of the British. The movie was produced for Nazi-occupied Europe with the intent of challenging pro-British allegiances; yet in some cases it had the unintended effect to make audiences identify the Irish struggle with their own resistance against the Nazis.

Giselle (2006)

Okean (1974)

Solstice (1971)

Mine Your Own Business: The Dark Side of Environmentalism (2006)

Mine Your Own Business is a 2006 documentary film directed and produced by Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney about the Roșia Montană mining project. The film documents environmentalists' opposition to the mine as unsympathetic to the needs and desires of the locals, prevents industrial progress, and consequently locks the people of the area into lives of poverty. The film shows that the majority of the people of the village support the mine, and the investment in their hometown. The film presents foreign environmentalists as alien agents opposed to progress, while residents are depicted as eagerly awaiting the new opportunity.

Security (2006)

A Lady Surrenders (1930)

A Lady Surrenders is a 1930 American Pre-Code film starring Genevieve Tobin, Rose Hobart, Conrad Nagel and Basil Rathbone. A copy exists in the Library of Congress.

Aquarium (1975)

Bubbles (1922)

Runaway (1969)

Circus (1932)

Shakedown (1936)

Shakedown is a 1936 American crime drama film, directed by David Selman from a screenplay by Grace Neville based on a story by Barry Shipman. The film stars Lew Ayres, Joan Perry, and Thurston Hall, and was released on July 17, 1936. This was Perry's film debut.

Perspectives (1975)

Grandma (1979)

La Nona is a 1979 Argentine comedy drama film directed by Héctor Olivera and starring José Soriano, Juan Carlos Altavista and Osvaldo Terranova.

Stand by Me (1995)

Ghost (1984)

Poignant Story (1961)

Triple Trouble (1950)

Triple Trouble is a 1950 comedy film starring The Bowery Boys. The film was released on August 13, 1950 by Monogram Pictures and is the nineteenth film in the series.

The Table (2011)

Mimi (1979)

Un dramma borghese (internationally released as Mimi) is a 1979 Italian drama film directed by Florestano Vancini. It is based on the novel with the same title by Guido Morselli and it has as main theme an incestuous love between a father and a daughter.

The Fall of the House of Usher (1942)

The Bandit (1969)

L'amante di Gramigna (internationally released as The Bandit) is a 1969 Italian drama film directed by Carlo Lizzani. For this film Stefania Sandrelli was awarded as Best Actress at the San Sebastián International Film Festival.

Dead Birds (1963)

Dead Birds is a 1963 documentary film by Robert Gardner about the Dani people of New Guinea. It was produced as part of the Harvard-Peabody Expedition to study the highlands of New Guinea, at that time one of the few remaining areas in the world uncolonized by Europeans. The premiere of Dead Birds took place at the Loeb Drama Center at Harvard University in October 1963. In 1998, this film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".

Command Performance (1931)

Command Performance is a 1931 American Pre-Code drama film directed by Walter Lang.

Ajomies (2013)

The Tower (2008)

The Maze (1953)

The Maze is a 1953 atmospheric horror film in 3-D, starring Richard Carlson, Veronica Hurst and Hillary Brooke. It was directed by William Cameron Menzies and distributed by Allied Artists Pictures. This was to be the second 3-D film designed and directed by William Cameron Menzies, who was known as a director with a very "dimensional" style (e.g. many shots are focused in layers). This was his final film as production designer and director.

Echoes (2013)

The Face of Medusa (2000)

Vortex, The Face of Medusa is a 1967 Greek drama film directed by Nikos Koundouros. It was entered into the 17th Berlin International Film Festival. It features a beautiful man-eating woman on a remote Greek island, eating stranded men.

Jesus (2018)

Farewell (2010)

Königskinder (2003)

Salome (1971)

Anna (1967)

Anna is a 1967 French musical-comedy film directed by Pierre Koralnik and starring Anna Karina.

Framed (2002)

Home Sweet Home (2013)

Peter and the wolf (1995)

The timeless tale of Peter and The Wolf is brought to life in an extraordinary new film, which received the 1996 Emmy(r) Award for Outstanding Primetime Children's Program. Starring Kirstie Alley, Lloyd Bridges, Ross Malinger and a whole new cast of unforgettable animated characters from the legendary Chuck Jones, creator of Wile E. Coyote & Road Runner. Prokofiev's spectacular musical score comes alive as Peter awakens to the first day of Spring. The beautiful morning turns into an amazing adventure as Peter and his friendsa bird, a cat and a deliriously dizzy duckoutwit a mighty wolf.In a touching live-action story intertwining the animation, another boy named Peter discovers the magic of imagination and the spirit of adventure.

The Fall (1999)

Z'olushka (2012)

Cinderella (Russian: Zолушка, translit. Zolushka) is a 2012 Russian romantic comedy film directed by Anton Bormatov. The picture is a modernized version of the Charles Perrault tale.

Kolybelnaya (1960)

Lullaby is a 1959 Soviet drama film directed by Mikhail Kalik.

Inside (2015)

Unutra is a 2015 Serbian crime-drama film jointly directed by Jelena Markovic, and Mirko Abrlić in his directorial debut. The film premiered in Serbia March 7, 2015 at the Belgrade Film Festival (FEST) in Belgrade, and screened again March 8 at Dvorana Kulturnog Centra.

Homecoming (2015)

Farewell (1968)

La bella e la bestia (1977)

UPSIDEdown (2013)

The Heckler (2015)

Take Me To The River (2014)

"Real and genuine an straight from the heart..." – Variety "Vibrant... inspiring!" – The New York Times The legendary Memphis music scene had never combined its venerated past and vital present… until artists from all over town came together for the ultimate collaboration! Take Me To The River is a glorious documentary celebrating the intergenerational, interracial and undeniable influence of Memphis, Tennessee on American culture and its music. The film brings award-winning Memphis and Mississippi Delta musicians together for a one-of-a-kind musical project. This spirited film follows them through the creative process of recording a historic new album. Featuring Terrence Howard, William Bell, Snoop Dogg, Mavis Staples, Otis Clay, Charlie Musselwhite, Bobby "Blue" Bland, Yo Gotti, Bobby Rush, Frayser Boy, North Mississippi All-Stars and many more, Take Me To The River is a triumphant and upbeat tribute to many musical styles all mixed to perfection in one melting pot.

Five Star (2002)

Bigfoot (1970)

Bigfoot kidnaps some women and some bikers decide to go on a rescue mission to save them.

Cinderella 3D (2012)

Cendrillon au Far West (French for "Cinderella in the Far West") is a French 2012 animated film. The film was directed by Pascal Hérold, produced by Delacave Studios, and screenplay written by Hérold.

The Sound And The Fury (2015)

The Sound and the Fury is an American drama film directed by James Franco. It is the second film version of the iconic novel of the same name by William Faulkner. The previous adaptation, directed by Martin Ritt, was released in 1959. The film is scheduled to be released in a limited release and through video on demand on October 23, 2015, by New Films International.

Cycle (2008)

Cycle is a 2008 Indian Malayalam film directed by Johny Antony and written by James Albert, starring Vineeth Sreenivasan, Vinu Mohan, Sandhya, Bhama, and Jagathy Sreekumar. The tale is about two friends, Roy and Sanju, struggling to make both ends meet with their low salaries, working respectively as a cashier in a private finance company and as a salesman in an electronics goods shop. It was a box office success.

Heat (1986)

A specialist in edged weapons, Nick Escalante is a dangerous man with dangerous enemies. Working as a Las Vegas bodyguard to support his gambling habits, he hopes for a jackpot that will take him all the way to Italy and a relaxing gondola in Venice. With friends counting on him and a mobster counting him out, Nick puts his life on the line as he tries to beat the odds in the biggest gamble of his life.

Chaos (2000)

Chaos is a 2000 Japanese mystery-thriller film, directed by Hideo Nakata. It stars Miki Nakatani and Masato Hagiwara. It is based on Shōgo Utano's novel Sarawaretai Onna .

Gumshoe (2014)

Random Acts of Violence (2013)

Pressure Point (1997)

Dreams (2013)

Mia dreams of singing, Quentin dreams of dancing, Paalo wants to mend the relationship with his daughter and Alonzo hopes to reconnect with his family, but the realities of abuse, failure and their broken pasts, as well as a notorious criminal, make the path to their dreams an uphill battle. Set in urban Chicago, these four stories are woven together to create an inspiring tale of the hard work it takes to achieve one’s dreams.

The Houses October Built (2011)

The Reunion (1963)

The Reunion (Italian: La rimpatriata) is a 1963 Italian comedy film directed by Damiano Damiani. It was entered into the 13th Berlin International Film Festival.

Lost Paradise (1997)

Lost Paradise is a 1997 Japanese drama film based on the novel A Lost Paradise by Junichi Watanabe.

Not Fade Away (2020)

How far the stars (2019)

Diablo Rojo PTY (2019)

The Island (1979)

The Island (Spanish: La isla) is a 1979 Argentine drama film written and directed by Alejandro Doria. It was the first Argentine film to be a box office success during the military dictatorship. The film was also selected as the Argentine entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 52nd Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.

To Die For (1988)

To Die For (also known as Dracula: The Love Story) is a 1989 horror-romance film directed by Deran Sarafian and stars Brendan Hughes as vampire Vlad Tepes, Duane Jones (in his final film role), Philip Granger, Julie Maddalena and Amanda Wyss.

Stray Bullet (1999)

IRL (2013)

IRL is a Swedish 2013 drama film, directed by Erik Leijonborg and starring Valter Skarsgård, Happy Jankell and Alba August.

Undertow (1930)

Undertow is a 1930 American drama film directed by Harry A. Pollard and written by Edward T. Lowe, Jr. and Winifred Reeve. The film stars Mary Nolan, Johnny Mack Brown, Robert Ellis, Churchill Ross and Audrey Ferris. The film was released in March 1930, by Universal Pictures.

E.T.A. Hoffmanns Der Sandmann (1993)

Searching for Zorro (2019)

After Spring (2018)