DCI Tour Premiere (2016)

Jerry Lee Lewis and Friends (1989)

Nature's Great Events: Great Milestones (1999)

Mensch 2.0 - Die Evolution in unserer Hand (2012)

Dionne Warwick (2005)

Marc Ristori d'une seconde à l'autre (2011)

Cold Justice (1989)

Lost: The Mystery of Flight 447 (2010)

Hustlers (2010)

Hustlers is a 2010 Finnish comedy film directed by Lauri Nurkse.

All Wet (1926)

The Red Detachment of Women (1970)

The Red Detachment of Women is a 1970 Chinese filmed performance of the Chinese ballet of the same name - which itself was a version of director Xie Jin's original 1961 film. The style is called 'yangbanxi' It is one of eight approved revolutionary model dramas made during the Cultural Revolution. A Beijing Opera version was filmed by the August First Film Studio in 1972.

The Forbidden Room (1914)

The Forbidden Room is a 1914 American silent drama film directed by Allan Dwan and featuring Lon Chaney. The film is now considered to be lost.

Time Flies (1926)

One Too Many (2005)

A Nation Is Awaking (1966)

Desert Gold (1919)

In Dutch (1946)

Cold War (1951)

Dois Perdidos numa Noite Suja (1970)

Jocks (1984)

The Constant Nymph (1928)

The Constant Nymph is a 1928 British silent film drama, directed by Adrian Brunel and starring Ivor Novello and Mabel Poulton. This was the first film adaptation of the 1924 best-selling and controversial novel The Constant Nymph by Margaret Kennedy. The theme of adolescent sexuality reportedly discomfited the British film censors, until they were reassured that lead actress Poulton was in fact in her 20s.

Pinocchio (2021)

Pinocchio is an upcoming American stop motion animated dark fantasy musical film directed by Guillermo del Toro and Mark Gustafson, based on Gris Grimly’s design from his 2002 edition of the Italian novel The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi. Produced and distributed by Netflix, the film is projected for a 2021 release.

Invisible (2015)

Alice (2013)

Baba (1971)

Home (2011)

Home is a 2011 Russian drama film directed by Oleg Pogodin.

Carmen (1934)

Night Crawlers (1996)

Entangled (2014)

The American Beauty (1927)

American Beauty is a lost 1927 American silent film romantic drama produced and distributed by First National Pictures. This film was directed by Richard Wallace and starred Billie Dove. It was based on a short story American Beauty by Wallace Irwin. She is supported by Walter McGrail and Margaret Livingston.

My Beloved (1988)

Horses (2015)

Stray (2015)

Double Deal (1983)

Christina (Angela Punch McGregor), the glamorous wife of Peter Stirling (Louis Jourdan), feels as trapped as the possessions collected by her business-giant husband. When an attractive young man (Warwick Comber) follows her home, she is overcome with excitement. Later she runs off with the stranger, leaving Peter behind. When the young man discovers that Peter suspects kidnapping, he demands a $500,000 ransom for Christina's safe return. Peter refuses to pay and her new lover offers Peter a new deal: hand over a precious opal or Christina will be killed. This time Peter shows up for the exchange, but someone has been planning a double deal.

Hanran (1959)

Little Italy (1978)

Squadra antimafia, internationally released as Little Italy, is a 1978 Italian "poliziottesco"-comedy film directed by Bruno Corbucci. It is the fourth chapter in the Nico Giraldi film series starred by Tomas Milian.

Adventure (2014)

The Roommate (II) (2008)

Babes in the Woods (1962)

Trouble (1931)

Queen of Atlantis (1932)

L'Atlantide is a 1932 German-French adventure and fantasy film directed by Georg Wilhelm Pabst based on the novel L'Atlantide by Pierre Benoît.

Frontier Days (1945)

One Man Band (1968)

La loba y la Paloma (1974)

Pisil (1998)

Hansel and Gretel (1952)

Must Peeter (2008)

King for a Day (1940)

King for a Day is a 1940 animated short film released by Paramount Pictures in the Gabby series. The cartoon was released on October 18, 1940. It is also on 50 Classic Cartoons Volume 2.

Sandwich (2011)

Volonté (1917)

Flying South (1947)

Three's a Crowd (1932)

Three's a Crowd is an American animated short film. It is a Merrie Melodies cartoon, released on December 10, 1932, although one source gives it a release date of January 17, 1933. Like most Merrie Melodies of its day, it was directed by Rudolf Ising and it prominently features the song whose title it shares. Frank Marsales provided musical direction.

Man to Man (1992)

Zvychayna sprava (2013)

Der gestohlene Himmel (1974)

Stolen Heaven (German: Der gestohlene Himmel, Italian: Il cielo rubato) is a 1974 Italian-German drama film directed by Theo Maria Werner and starring Siegfried Rauch, Hans Holt and Christine Böhm. It was partly shot on location in the Zillertal in the Austrian state of Tyrol.

Rape (1966)

Seasick (1996)

Merisairas, also known as Seasick, is a 1996 thriller film directed by Veikko Aaltonen and starring Bob Peck, Katrin Cartlidge and Peter Firth. An English-language film, it was a co-production between Sweden, Finland and France. The screenplay concerns eco-terrorists who attack a ship carrying toxic waste.

Beanstalk Jack (1933)

Er nu shi wo men de (1970)

Seclusion (2006)

The American Way (1962)

Underground (1928)

Underground is a 1928 British silent drama film directed by Anthony Asquith and starring Brian Aherne, Elissa Landi, Cyril McLaglen, and Norah Baring. The film examines the lives of ordinary Londoners and the romance between them, set on and around the London Underground.

Free Radicals (1958)

Free Radicals is a black-and-white animated film short by avant-garde filmmaker Len Lye. Begun in 1958 and completed in 1979, Lye made the film by directly scratching the film stock. The resulting "figures of motion" are set to music by the Bagirmi tribe of Africa. In 2008, the film was added to the United States National Film Registry. Free Radicals appears on the DVD Rhythms, a collection of short films by Lye. In Experimental Animation : the origins of a new art, Len Lye's recollections of making Free Radicals are quoted: "I made Free Radicals from 16mm black film leader, which you can get from DuPont. I took a graver, various kinds of needles. (My range included arrowheads for romanticism.) You stick down the sides with scotch tape and you get to work with scratching the stuff out. … … You hold your hand at the right height and act is if you were making your signature. It goes on forever. You can carry a pictographic design in your head and make a little design. You can't see what you're doing because your hand is in the way. That's why those things have that kind of spastic look."

Dou qi xiao shen xian (1985)

La vallée des larmes (2012)

Tou qing si xiang pao (1985)

The Willow Tree (1984)

The Story of My Life (2012)

Outrageous (2010)

Mockingbird (2010)

Dügün (1973)

In the Name of the Law (1952)

In the Name of the Law (Turkish: Kanun namina) is a 1953 Turkish drama film directed by Lütfi Akad and starring Ayhan Isik, Gülistan Güzey and Muzaffer Tema.

The Lost Paradise (2013)

Love Is a Four Letter Word (1966)

Shadow Dancer (1999)

Don't Look Back (2006)

Issues (2011)

Cheer Up (1924)

Konjiki yasha (1954)

Beautiful (2011)

Silencio de muerte (1991)

Children of Heaven (2012)

Fatal (2012)

The Vagabonds (1915)

Vera (2013)

Irina, la mallette rouge (2014)

Maffi Dona (2019)

Decks and the City (2019)

Clara's Ultimate Christmas (2018)

Lion Killer (2019)

Bhayanakam (2018)

Bhayanakam is a Malayalam–language Indian period drama film directed by Jayaraj, produced by Sureshkumar Muttath, and stars writer-turned-actor Renji Panicker and Asha Sarath. The film is an adaptation of two chapters from Takazhy Sivasankara Pillai's epic Malayalam novel Coir (1978). The production design for the film was carried out by artist K. M. V. Namboothiri. The film is the sixth movie in director Jayaraj's "Navarasa Series".

Vijaya Dasami (2007)

A Fatherless America (2019)

Obscure (2019)

Happiness Is ... Part 2 (2019)