Meet Beau Dick: Maker of Monsters (2017)

The late Kwakwaka'wakw artist Beau Dick was a charismatic heredity chief and cultural activist whose generous and prolific nature exemplified the spirit of potlatch.

Red White Black & Blue Odyssey (2017)

James Brown chronicles the ICEF Rugby Program in Los Angeles, as head coach and founder Stuart Krohn brings the sport of rugby to inner city high school boys and girls, taking them around the world to compete against international teams.

Luk'Luk'I (2017)

Five residents of Vancouver live on society's fringes during the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Lucky U Ranch (2016)

In 1953, 11-year-old Junior McCaully is ready to call it quits. Chubby, bullied, and stuck at a dead-end Arizona trailer court with his mom, nothing prepares him for the arrival of Melissa, a sophisticated Hollywood girl who changes everything.

All Women Are the Same (2017)

After Yoli ends up alone, she joins three women for a weekend getaway so the women can get a break from their relationships with men. They have no idea that some of their husbands and a private investigator are following them around.

Devil 2.0 (2017)

A man experiences a psychotic break and has terrifying visions.

The Hollow (2004)

Belgian detective Hercule Poirot investigates murder at a friend's home during an outdoor reception.

Daisy (2006)

A young girl with a terminal illness inspires a veteran and drug addict to turn his life around.

The French Way (1945)

A cabaret star helps young lovers stay together.

Unarmed Verses (2017)

A portrait of a community facing imposed relocation.

No Resolution (2016)

A relationship unravels over the course of a particularly rocky New Year's Eve.

Brasília: Life After Design (2017)

Many characters try to make their mark in the city.

Survivors (2008)

Filmmaker Sheila Sofian explores the experience of domestic violence from all sides.

Y al tercer día (2013)

A woman disappears for three days, and her two best friends wonder where she went.

Strange Weather (2015)

Two strangers witness a phenomenon that reawakens their senses and draws them together.

Behind Some Dark Cloud (2015)

Jade, 20 years old, acts out in increasingly startling ways to avoid the one thing she knows she must do -- grow up.

The Chair (1963)

Lawyers Donald Moore and Louis Nizer fight to save Paul Crump from the electric chair.

Lucky (2011)

A South African orphan leaves his Zulu village to start over in the city. He quickly learns no one will help him except for a formidable Indian woman.

Prithipal Singh... A Story (2015)

Disappointed with his Olympic bronze medal, Prithipal Singh quits hockey and joins a university. However, things get worse for him when he is accused of murdering a student.

Altar (2017)

Former college classmates become lost while on their way to a reunion and decide to camp out in the Sierra Nevada. While there, they accidentally unleash an evil entity that will be satisfied with nothing less than their very souls.

Meat (2017)

Farmers and hunters offer perspective on the animals people eat and the meat industry itself.

Healing Scars (2018)

Rob "C4" Sinclair, a United Kingdom mixed martial artist, battles to overcome a career-threatening injury to fulfill his dream of fighting in the United States.

Guardians of the Strait (2018)

Thousands of ships navigate the narrow Bosphorus straight in Turkey every year.

Double Edge (1992)

A New York newswoman (Faye Dunaway) goes to Israel and follows her own political agenda with tragic results.

La invitación (2016)

A little girl hosts a sleepover at her home.

The Marvelous Marathoner (1915)

A young business man wants to marry a girl, but her father wants her to marry an athlete.

Cinderella (1911)

Fairy godmother helps a woman meet a prince at the royal ball.

Porcupine Lake (2018)

Two adolescent girls enjoy a summertime of late childhood adventures.

My Enemy, My Brother (2017)

Two enemies from the Iran-Iraq War meet years later in Canada.

The mural of Siqueiros (2010)

David Alfaro Siqueiros arrives in Argentina in the 1930s and paints a famous mural in a Los Granados country house. Argentinian and Uruguayan painters help him on Natalio Botana's property.

Crimson Pig (1992)

In Italy in the 1930s, sky pirates in biplanes terrorize wealthy cruise ships as they sail the Adriatic Sea. The only pilot brave enough to stop the scourge is the mysterious Porco Rosso (Shuichiro Moriyama), a former World War I flying ace who was somehow turned into a pig during the war. As he prepares to battle the pirate crew's American ace, Porco Rosso enlists the help of spunky girl mechanic Fio Piccolo (Akemi Okamura) and his longtime friend Madame Gina (Tokiko Kato).

Antaraal (2013)

Mrinmoyee, an unmarried young girl, learns that she is pregnant. Her father, a leading political figure, gets infuriated when he finds out that she is conceiving.

Balupu (2013)

Ravi, a collection agent for a bank, learns from his friend about a man and woman who cheat gullible people. Soon, he resolves to teach the couple a lesson.

Tout Pour Etre Heureux (2016)

A self-involved man learns to embrace fatherhood after his marriage crumbles.

The Denunciation (1993)

Michel Jussieur tries to solve a murder in a strip club.

Spaceship (2017)

A girl fakes her own alien abduction and disappears, leaving her father to search for her in a strange teenage world of unicorns and black holes.

Mistress Hunter (2018)

Jackie hires a mistress hunter to come between her husband and his mistress. But when the mistress and her husband wind up dead, Jackie becomes the number one suspect.

Aparichituralu (2006)

The story revolves around a girl's vengeance on those men who have ruined her life.

Apne Dam Par (1996)

Ram plans to get his younger brother married to his girlfriend Divya. When Ram goes to meets Divya's parents, he learns that they are his former enemies.

Kandhan Karunai (1967)

Lord Murugan remembers interesting events from his life that include explaining the meaning of 'Om' to his father, winning over demon king Surapadman, and getting married to his two wives.

Firetrail (2014)

A Confederate cavalry captain discovers that his fiance has left him for a profiteering draft-dodger.

BLINK (2018)

The psychology of domestic abuse from the perspectives of the abused, the abuser, and the witnesses.

The spirit chaser (2016)

Two friends have to spend 24 hours in a forest so one of them can pay off a heavy debt. But what they discover is harrowing and full of terror.

The Devil's Share (2017)

A look at the Quiet Revolution during the 1970s.

Ramayya Vasthavayya (2013)

In a small village, three evil men kill a lot of innocent people to grab their lands. After losing all of his loved ones, Ammulu, a young man, seeks revenge.

Oxenfree (2017)

Three foster brothers confront a monster living in the ruins of their make-believe kingdom.

Number One (2017)

A female executive who is forced to rethink her options when she realizes that she is nearing the glass ceiling.

Badass Beauty Queen: The Story of Anastasia Lin (2018)

Anastasia Lin becomes Miss World Canada 2015 and uses her fame to expose human rights atrocities in China.

Zero Weeks (2017)

Filmmaker Ky Dickens explores America's paid family leave crisis.

Tomorrow We Live (1942)

When Julie (Jean Parker) arrives at the caf of her father, Pop (Emmett Lynn), after being away at college, she is dismayed because she assumes he's now in league with a gangster nicknamed "the Ghost" (Ricardo Cortez). She reunites with an old love, Lt. Bob Lord (Roseanne Stevens), and becomes engaged. The Ghost, who has been extorting Pop, presses him to break up the couple because he's fallen for Julie. Meanwhile, the Ghost faces competition from a dangerous rival gang.

The Mouth of the Wolf (2010)

A criminal and his transsexual lover wait for each other while he serves his prison sentence.

The Lonely Italian (2017)

Domenico cannot meet women, so he joins online dating sites to find someone special.

Héroes verdaderos (2010)

A Creole, three natives, and a mestizo find themselves fighting for the independence of Mexico together with Miguel Hidalgo.

Withdrawn (2017)

A penniless loner finds a credit card and devises a plan to defraud its owner.

Las vueltas del citrillo (2006)

A police chief, two police officers and two prostitutes get drunk and talk about how they cope with their miserable existence during Porfirio Daz's dictatorship.

El eterno silencio (2013)

Sophia and her boyfriend secretly escape to a remote town away from Mexico City. Everything is going great until a misunderstanding changes the situation and strange events start taking place.

Intersection (2018)

Pierre Berard (Michel Piccoli) is having a passionate affair with much younger Helene (Romy Schneider), yet he still cares deeply for his spouse, Catherine (Léa Massari). As Pierre spends more time with his new lover, she attempts to persuade him to sever his family ties, after which he sees less and less of Catherine and his young son. Eventually, Helene puts her foot down and forces Pierre to choose between her and his wife, but, just as he is about to decide, fate tragically intervenes.

The Third Industrial Revolution (2017)

Social and economic theorist Jeremy Rifkin lays out a road map to usher in a new era of sustainable development.

Speak Up (2017)

An exploration of the intersections of discrimination, art and blackness.

One Against One... No Mercy (1968)

When a cowboy learns that his father was accused of theft during the Civil War, he decides to identify and eliminate the men who betrayed him.

Newton's Grace (2017)

A troubled young man, John Newton, is sold into slavery for a time and later becomes a slave ship captain. Following a profound conversion experience at sea, his spiritual growth leads him to become a pastor in the Church of England.

Sanguinolenta venganza (1997)

Vengador is a man whose main concern is youth and society. He is like a father to Saúl and Robert and always guides them in the right direction. When Robert is murdered, Vengador is determined to avenge his death.

The Price Of Fame (2017)

Professional wrestler Ted DiBiase gains fame in the 1980s as the Million Dollar Man, then finds faith and redemption later in life.

EMO the Musical (2017)

An angsty teenager named Ethan finds love with a cheery and optimistic Christian girl named Trinity. This bugs his fellow angst-filled bandmates and her evangelistic brethren.

Ares 11 (2016)

Four crew members aboard a military spacecraft are faced with devastating choices after their ship is attacked, leaving them only enough air for two of them to return to their base alive.

Dead List (2018)

A struggling actor conjures a dark force to win a coveted movie role.

Suicide the Ripple Effect (2018)

Kevin Hines, who at age 19 attempted to take his life by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge, chronicles the impact of his suicide attempt on others and his work as a mental health advocate since that time.

Comeback Wool E (2016)

A mother knits a woolen cap while looking forward to the birth of her child, a child she fully expects will be a boy.

Habana Boxing Club (2018)

A closeted boxer gets the opportunity to train at the most prestigious gym in Cuba.

El peso de la ley (2017)

A young lawyer goes up against the justice system to defend a man accused of a crime in a small town where no one believes his story.

Head First (2019)

A profile of three people's journey into mental illness and back.

Buzzed (2019)

Critters defend their pond from a robotic toad.

Monstruo (2018)

Fabrizio Copano sets out to be the youngest comedian to conquer Chile's Vina del Mar Festival.

Derelict (2017)

Three friends find themselves fighting for their lives when they become trapped in a maze of subterranean corridors in which a sinister masked figure stalks them.

Stroop: Journey into the Rhino Horn War (2019)

Two filmmakers investigate the reasons why rhinos are killed for their horns.

Motel Mist (2016)

The lives of four strangers intertwine at an unusual motel on the outskirts of Bangkok.

Ddales (2002)

At the urging of a colleague a psychologist is asked to examine a woman who is on trial for multiple murders.

Sabine (2015)

After a bad breakup, the owner of a video store decides to start making his own movies.

The Masquerader (1914)

After being tossed out of a film studio, an actor tries to gain re-entry by masquerading as a woman.

Death Walks on High Heels (1971)

The daughter of a murdered jewel thief is harassed by a mysterious assailant who's after her father's ill-gotten fortune.

Badge of Faith (2015)

Paralyzed on duty, a police officer uses his faith as a source of strength during recovery.

Zona Invadida (2015)

A man searches for his missing daughter, convinced she's been abducted by aliens.

The Banishing (2013)

A girl attempts a complex banishing spell to save her little sister from the spirit that haunts her.

We Always Find Ourselves in the Sea (2017)

A lonely old man living in a desolate town receives an unexpected visitor from his past.

Undeserved (2016)

When her neglectful mother is tragically killed, a troubled teenager is forced to move in with her aunt and uncle until she can graduate from high school.

Tooth Fairy (2019)

After recently taking on the task of caring for her nephew, Corey, after her sister's death, Carla ignores Nana's crazy stories of the evil tooth fairy, who rips out people's teeth. But when a power outage happens, something sinister reveals itself.

Return To Bollene (2018)

A man returns with his American fiance to the south of France.

15 August (2019)

A mishap in a building disrupts a love story as residents unite to help a little boy.

Oversize Cops (2017)

Four overweight cops are forced to lose weight or be fired after they cannot chase down a thief.

Fraud Saiyyan (2019)

A con artist marries wealthy women and then drains their accounts.

Intruder (2014)

A woman discovers a stranger has broken into her house in the middle of the night.

Good References (1920)

A woman impersonates an ill friend to get a job.

Popolo (2015)

A seasoned Special Forces officer arrives in Hawaii determined to fulfill a dream for his best friend, who was killed in action, but turning a piece of property located in a seedy part of O'ahu into a mixed martial arts academy won't be easy.

DEATH by MetaL (2018)

The life and legacy of Chuck Schuldiner, one of the founders of the band Death.

Reinventing Rosalee (2018)

Rosalee Glass, a former Holocaust survivor taken prisoner during WWII, transforms her destiny. In her 80s she begins an acting career, in her 90s she wins a beauty pageant, and at 100-years-old, she dares to ride Alaskan sled dogs.