Tomboy (2007)

Oh, What a Knight (1919)

Santa (1943)

Santa is a 1943 Mexican romantic drama film directed by Norman Foster and Alfredo Gómez de la Vega. It stars Esther Fernández, José Cibrián, and Ricardo Montalban.

Three Live Ghosts (1929)

Three Live Ghosts is a 1929 American Pre-Code comedy film directed by Thornton Freeland and starring Beryl Mercer, Harry Stubbs, Robert Montgomery, and Tenen Holtz. Three veterans of World War I return home to London after the armistice, only to find they have been mistakenly listed as dead. It was based on the play Three Live Ghosts by Frederic S. Isham. Made in the early sound era when Hollywood savored any successful play and its dialogue, this film is a rendition of the Broadway play and also a remake of the 1922 Paramount silent, Three Live Ghosts. Mercer, McNaughton, and Allister would reprise their roles for a 1936 remake produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Doña Diabla (1950)

The Devil Is a Woman (Spanish: Doña Diabla) is a 1950 Mexican drama film directed by Tito Davison. It was entered into the 1951 Cannes Film Festival.

Blackmail (1974)

Cradle Song (1933)

Cradle Song is a 1933 American Pre-Code drama film directed by Mitchell Leisen, released by Paramount Pictures, and starring Dorothea Wieck and Evelyn Venable.

Missing Pieces (2012)

Sodom und Gomorrha (1922)

Sodom und Gomorrha: Die Legende von Sünde und Strafe ("Sodom and Gomorrah: The Legend of Sin and Punishment"; released in English as Sodom and Gomorrah or Queen of Sin and the Spectacle of Sodom and Gomorrha) is an Austrian silent epic film from 1922. It was shot on the Laaer Berg, Vienna, as the enormous backdrops specially designed and constructed for the film were too big for the Sievering Studios of the production company, Sascha-Film, in Sievering. The film is distinguished, not so much by the strands of its often opaque plot, as by its status as the largest and most expensive film production in Austrian film history. In the creation of the film between 3,000 and 14,000 performers, extras and crew were employed.

Play It Cool (1970)

Cheung laap cheing ngoi (1979)

Der Prozeß (1948)

The Trial (German: Der Prozeß) is a 1948 Austrian drama film directed by Georg Wilhelm Pabst. At the 9th Venice International Film Festival, Pabst won the Award for Best Director; Ernst Deutsch won the award for Best Actor and the Volpi Cup. The story is based on the events of the Tiszaeszlár affair.

Der Kaufmann von Venedig (1923)

The Merchant of Venice (German: Der Kaufmann von Venedig) is a 1923 German silent drama film directed by Peter Paul Felner and starring Werner Krauss, Henny Porten and Harry Liedtke. The film is an adaptation of William Shakespeare's play The Merchant of Venice. It was released in the United States in 1926 as The Jew of Mestri. The film was made on location in Venice, with scenes and characters added which were not in the original play. This is the surviving copy, being two reels shorter than the German version. The characters in the German retained Shakespeare’s nomenclature, but in the American they were given new names sourced from the Italian work Il Pecorone, a 14th-century short story collection attributed to Giovanni Fiorentino, from which Shakespeare is believed to have drawn his idea. The film purports to be a return to the original, as an excuse for its differences from the play.

Carreteras (2013)

Gangster (2005)

Er nu shi wo men de (1970)

La mujer del diablo (1974)

The Runaround (1931)

The Runaround is a 1931 comedy-drama film that was photographed entirely in Technicolor. It was directed by William James Craft, from a screenplay by Alfred Jackson and Barney Sarecky, based on a story by Zandah Owen. The film stars Mary Brian, Joseph Cawthorn, Marie Prevost, Johnny Hines, and Geoffrey Kerr. Produced and directed by RKO Radio Pictures, it premiered in New York City on August 7, 1931, and was released national on August 22. It was the first film to be shot in a new Technicolor process which removed grain, resulting in a much improved color. The film was released in Great Britain as Waiting for the Bride.

Self Defense (1932)

Self Defense is a 1932 pre-Code talking film drama directed by Phil Rosen and starring Pauline Frederick. It was produced and distributed by Monogram Pictures.It is preserved in the Library of Congress film collection.

Petersburg Nights (1958)

To Fili Tis... Zois (2007)

To Fili Tis Zois (Greek: Το φιλί της ζωής) is a 2007 film directed by Nick Zapatina.This film is known for its soundtrack, written and produced by Nick Zapatina (see To Fili Tis Zois (soundtrack)).

Crime and Punishment (1971)

Judex (1917)

The fictional character Judex is a mysterious avenger who dresses in black and wears a slouch hat and cloak similar to the costume of the American pulp hero the Shadow, created by Louis Feuillade and Arthur Bernède.

Anima persa (1977)

The Forbidden Room (Italian: Anima persa, also known as Lost Soul) is a 1977 Italian thriller film directed by Dino Risi. It is based on the novel with the same name by Giovanni Arpino; it is the second film of Risi inspired by a novel written by Arpino after Profumo di donna. The film was co-produced with France, where it was released as Âmes perdues.

Il gobbo (1960)

Il gobbo (internationally released as The Hunchback of Rome) is a 1960 Italian drama film directed by Carlo Lizzani. It is loosely based on the real life events of Giuseppe Albano, an Italian partisan that was one of the protagonists, from 1943 to 1945, of the Roman Resistance against German occupation.

Dou qi xiao shen xian (1985)

Tou qing si xiang pao (1985)

Drunter und drüber (1990)

I Want to Get Married (2003)

The Willow Tree (1984)

The War Game (1963)

Tulepistmine (2009)

This Thing Called Love (1991)

Black Butterfly (1990)

The Three Bears (1939)

Bel Ami (1939)

Bel Ami is a 1939 German film directed by Willi Forst. It is loosely based on Guy de Maupassant's novel Bel Ami, with considerable changes to the original plot.

Gza shinisaken (1996)

Os Crimes de Diogo Alves (1909)

Madame Sans-Gêne (1925)

Madame Sans-Gêne is a 1925 American silent romantic costume comedy-drama film directed by Léonce Perret and starring Gloria Swanson. Based on the play of the same name by Victorien Sardou and Émile Moreau, the film is now considered lost. A vintage movie trailer displaying short clips of the film still exists however.

When a Man Sees Red (1934)

When a Man Sees Red is a 1934 American Western film written and directed by Alan James. The film stars Buck Jones, Peggy Campbell, Dorothy Revier, LeRoy Mason, Syd Saylor and Frank LaRue. The film was released on November 24, 1934, by Universal Pictures.

I Am Your Grandma (2011)

Olympic Games: 1956 (1956)

Time of the Heathen (1962)

The Mayflower (1935)

Toot Toot (1926)

Africa Before Dark (1928)

Africa Before Dark is an American animated short film featuring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. It was directed by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks, and released in 1928 by The Walt Disney Studio. The film was thought to be lost before a fragment was discovered in 2009 and later a full copy was found at the Austrian Film Museum in Vienna. The film was restored by Walt Disney Animation Studios and shown at a screening on June 13, 2015, with live orchestration provided by the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. It has now been released as a bonus item on the 2017 Bambi Blu-Ray release.

Making 'Dazed' (2005)

A Fish Story (1972)

The Cremaster Cycle (2003)

Collision Point: The Race to Clean Up Space (2014)

Colonel March Investigates (1953)

Three stories featuring the head of the "Department of queer complaints" at Scotland Yard, who brings three miscreants to justice.

Mother Goose Nightmare (1945)

Mighty Mouse and the Wolf (1945)

Lifespan (1975)

Cult icon Klaus Kinski features in this dark and intriguing existential thriller. He plays the mysterious "Swiss Man," ruthless industrialist Nicolas Ulrich, who is obsessed with a search for the elixir of life. He tricks a young American scientist into joining him on his demonic quest. A quest that ends in suicide, death and madness.

Spit (2015)

So This Is Love (1928)

No relation to the 1953 Grace Moore biopic of the same name, So This is Love was another early Frank Capra production for fledgling Columbia Pictures. The hero, dress designer Jerry McGuire (William Collier Jr.), is tired of being considered a wimp. After business hours, Jerry secretly takes boxing lessons, enabling him to knock the stuffings out of his burly rival Spike Mullins (Johnnie Walker). Jerry's newfound pugilistic skills wins him the affections of store clerk Hilda Jensen (Shirley Mason), who's just car-razy about "cave men." Filmed in a fast three weeks, So This is Love? was completed before Frank Capra's Matinee Idol but released afterward. Leading lady Shirley Mason was the sister of Viola Dana, who starred in Capra's initial Columbia effort, That Certain Thing.

The Last Norwegian Troll (2010)

Weather House (2017)

Goose Is Wild (1963)

Las Vegas Free-For-All (1967)

The Spirit of '76 (2009)

Cielito lindo (2010)

Cielito Lindo also known by its English title Beautiful Heaven is a 2010 American drama–thriller film produced, written and directed by Alejandro Alcondez. He wrote it especially for himself where he himself plays the starring role of Pablo Pastor in the film. It was released by his production and distribution company Alejandro Alcondez Pictures.

Beyond Kokoda (2008)

The Love Object (1970)

Knock Knock (1940)

Knock Knock is a 1940 animated short subject, part of the Andy Panda series, produced by Walter Lantz. The cartoon is noted for being the first appearance of Woody Woodpecker, and was released by Universal Pictures on November 25, 1940.

Rhythm and Blues 40: A Soul Spectacular (2001)

The Heckling Hare (1941)

The Heckling Hare is a Merrie Melodies cartoon, released on July 5, 1941 and featuring Bugs Bunny and a dopey dog named Willoughby. The cartoon was directed by Tex Avery, written by Michael Maltese, animated by soon-to-be director Bob McKimson, and with musical direction by Carl Stalling. In style that was becoming typical of the Bugs character, he easily outwitted and tormented his antagonist through the short, his only concern being what to do next to the dog. This is the second-to-last Bugs Bunny cartoon directed by Tex Avery to be released. The last, All This and Rabbit Stew, was produced before this film. Additionally, it was the fifth cartoon for Bugs and the 55th cartoon Avery directed at Warner Bros. The Merrie Melodies opening sequence also featured the first usage of the Warner Bros. shield logo zooming in with a carrot-munching Bugs Bunny lying on top of it. Here, after the zoom-in and a couple of bites of his carrot, Bugs pulls down the Merrie Melodies title screen like it is a shade.

Psycho from Texas (1975)

I'll Tell the World (1934)

I'll Tell the World is a 1934 American comedy film directed by Edward Sedgwick and written by Ralph Spence and Dale Van Every. The film stars Lee Tracy, Gloria Stuart, Roger Pryor, Onslow Stevens, Alec B. Francis and Willard Robertson. The film was released on April 21, 1934, by Universal Pictures.

1ª Vez 16 mm (2010)

Render (2016)

The True Story of Glory Continues (1991)

The Sea Tiger (1927)

The Sea Tiger is a 1927 silent film drama produced and distributed by First National Pictures and directed by John Francis Dillon. The film stars Milton Sills and Mary Astor. It is now a lost film.The film is also known under the title of its source material, The Runaway Enchantress.

Daredevil Jack (1920)

Daredevil Jack is a 1920 American silent action film serial directed by W. S. Van Dyke and starring heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey. An incomplete copy of the film is housed in the UCLA Film and Television Archive. The supporting cast features Lon Chaney, Edgar Kennedy, and Bull Montana. This was the first of 23 films, many of them short subjects, in which the iconic boxer Dempsey appeared, usually as the top-billed leading man.

The Captive: The Longest Drive 2 (1976)

The Captive: The Longest Drive 2 is a 1976 film directed by Lee H. Katzin. It stars Joaquin Garay III and Tim Matheson.

Swine (2010)

The Animation Show 4 (2008)

A Daughter of Two Worlds (1920)

A Daughter of Two Worlds is a surviving 1920 silent film adventure drama directed by James Young and starring Norma Talmadge, Jack Crosby, and Virginia Lee.

His Bridal Fright (1940)

Charley writes to girls all over the world in order to get foreign postage stamps for his collection--but winds up with a passel of girls who think he's their fiance.

Moonlight in Hawaii (1941)

Moonlight in Hawaii is a 1941 American musical film comedy starring Jane Frazee. Maria Montez has a small role, with her hair dyed blonde.

Hey Diddle Diddle (1935)

Thou Shalt Laugh 5 (2011)

Mandala (1977)

Wanderers (2014)

Wanderers is a 2014 Swedish science fiction short film created by the digital artist and animator Erik Wernquist. The film depicts actual locations in the Solar System being investigated by human explorers, aided by hypothetical-but-not-absurd potential space technology. Of the film's fifteen scenes, Wernquist created some using solely computer graphics, but most are based on actual photographs taken by robotic spacecraft or rovers combined with additional computer-generated elements. Wanderers is narrated by astronomer Carl Sagan, reading from his 1994 book Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space.

The Wildcat of Tucson (1940)

The Wildcat of Tucson is a 1940 American western film directed by Lambert Hillyer, starring Bill Elliott as "Wild Bill" Hickok and Evelyn Young as Vivian Barlow. The film was produced and released by Columbia Pictures. A feature film, the length of the movie is 59 minutes.

Loving & Cheating (2005)

Tiger Ramudu (1962)

Gnaw (2008)

Suicide Run (2001)

Spanking Breezes (1926)

Living Dolls: The Making of a Child Beauty Queen (2001)

Living Dolls: The Making of a Child Beauty Queen is a 2001 HBO documentary film on Child beauty pageants directed by Shari Cookson.

Fighting Chance (2015)

Jockey (2004) Hip Hop 4 Life (2007)

National Lampoon Television Show: Lemmings Dead in Concert (1973)

Gajakesari (2014)

Gajakesari is a 2014 Indian Kannada epic historical action film directed by cinematographer Krishna and produced by Jayanna and Bogendra. The film stars Yash in leading role along with Amulya and Anant Nag. The film also prominently features an elephant named Arjuna from Waynad, Kerala. Actor Prakash Raj plays as narrator for the film to introduce Yash's character. Also uncredited writer Sai Prasad did the still photography and concept design for the making of the movie. This film is also dubbed in Hindi as Gajakeasari:The Big Lion.

College Girls (1968)

Treasure of the Lost Desert (1984)

Heart Trouble (1928)

Heart Trouble is a 1928 American silent comedy film starring Harry Langdon and Doris Dawson. It is Langdon's final silent film and his last feature-length one. First National Pictures was preparing to fire Langdon. Reportedly less than a hundred prints were made and it went into only limited release, even though the reviews were good. It is presumed to be lost.

The Barrier (1937)

The Barrier is a 1937 adventure film directed by Lesley Selander. The story was previously filmed by MGM as a silent in 1926.