Robot Monster (1953)

Earthlings (George Nader, Claudia Barrett, Selena Royle) flee from the Ro-Man, a martian in a gorilla suit with a diving helmet.

Murder City Angels (2014)

When Nick decides he wants to stop committing robberies and get off the streets, he must clear his name of a bank heist he did not commit.

T.J. Hooker (1982)

Police-academy recruits are put to the test when they are assigned to an area which has been the site of murders.

Danger on Wheels (1940)

A test driver (Richard Arlen) tries racing with his girlfriend's (Peggy Moran) father's new engine.

Skylark (1993)

Sarah (Glenn Close) and farmer husband Jacob Witting (Christopher Walken) want to keep their family together, but a drought makes it difficult to farm their land and provide for their children. When a fire ruins several buildings on their property, Sarah takes stepdaughter Anna (Lexi Randall) and stepson Caleb (Christopher Bell) to her brother's home in Maine, leaving Jacob to tend what's left of their farm. As they steel themselves for a period of separation, Jacob and Sarah pledge to reunite.

Adventures of a Young Man (1962)

Hemingway's Nick Adams (Richard Beymer) hits the road, meets a boxer (Paul Newman) and drives an ambulance in World War I France.

Nunsense (1993)

The remaining Little Sisters of Hoboken put on a revue to raise money to bury their sisters.

The Brides in the Bath (2003)

George Joseph Smith (Martin Kemp) successively drowns each of his three wives in the bathtub, then tries to make the incidents look accidental.

Nightsongs (1984)

A Chinese refugee from Vietnam emigrates to America, where she prepares to meet several of her relatives for the first time.

Hollywood Varieties (1950)

Robert Alda is master of ceremonies for a revue of entertainers (Shaw & Lee, Three Rio Brothers, Glenn Vernon).

Boxes (2000)

Wren (Jimmy Vollman) is the quintessential corporate drone. He wakes up in the morning, drives to work in his car, punches the clock, sits in a cubicle for hours and heads home to his television. Even though he has a stable job -- answering the phones for a box company -- and a good friend named Eden (Greta Hill), Wren is disillusioned by his meaningless work and routine existence. But can he struggle to break free from the boxes -- cubicles, cars, televisions -- that define his life?

Paganini (1989)

Italian violinist Nicolo Paganini (Klaus Kinski) lives with his wife (Debora Kinski) and son (Nikolai Kinski), and drives women wild with his music.

In Search of Ancient Mysteries (1973)

Rod Serling submits that Earth was colonized by beings from outer space.

The Wasp Woman (1995)

A doctor's (Daniel J. Travanti) wasp-hormone youth serum has unwelcome side effects for a 40-ish cosmetics executive (Jennifer Rubin).

Austeria (1982)

On the eve of World War I, Jews living in an area around Galicia flee approaching Cossacks.

Is There Sex After Death? (1971)

This risqué mockumentary follows traveling sex expert Dr. Harrison Rogers (Alan Abel) of the Bureau of Sexological Investigation, who seeks out intriguing figures who indulge in a variety of sensual activities. Rogers visits the set of a pornographic film directed by Vince Domino (Marshall Efron), interviews a transvestite and also asks people on the street a number of sex-related questions. The uninhibited film climaxes with the competitive Sex Olympics.

Solo (2013)

A teenager (Annie Clark) is terrorized on a small and remote island during a solo camping trip for her camp counselor training.

Ruby's Dream (1982)

The owner (Joe Pesci) of a New Jersey bowling alley and bar dreams of being a singer in a place like Las Vegas.

Clara and I (2004)

Antoine (Julien Boisselier) is a successful single young man living in France. His only source of unhappiness is his loneliness. That changes swiftly, however, when he meets the intelligent and radiant Clara (Julie Gayet). Antoine falls in love with Clara, and lifelong bliss seems imminent -- that is, until a painful secret from Clara's past pushes Antoine into a state of shock and anger. Their relationship is put on hold while Antoine weighs his difficult choices.

Sundown Kid (1942)

A Pinkerton detective (Don "Red" Barry) joins a counterfeiting ring run by a lawyer (Ian Keith).

Paparazzi (1998)

A man (Patrick Timsit) tracks a photographer (Vincent Lindon) who got him fired and emulates his behavior.

Helpmates (1932)

Stan and Ollie must clean up a messy house before Ollie's wife comes home.

Westbound Limited (1937)

Convicted of a crime he didn't commit, a railway agent escapes from custody to clear his name.

Detour (1992)

A nightclub piano player (Tom Neal Jr.) hitchhikes to the West Coast and soon figures into two deaths.

The Reunion (2013)

Anna is not invited to her class reunion and makes a film about what would have happened if she confronted her former bullies.

Night of the Living Dead (2014)

Random strangers become trapped in an abandoned farmhouse by an army of the undead.

Black Mold Exposure (2009)

A study shows bizarre health problems that mold can cause.

Queers in the Kingdom: Let Your Light Shine (2014)

A group of LGBTQ alumni and allies from Wheaton College makes itself visible on campus but faces the fear of being expelled.

Dream One (1984)

A teenage boy, left home alone, has wild daydreams about Capt. Nemo and his nuclear submarine.

Lost Colony (2007)

A man (Adrian Paul) must solve the mystery behind three wraiths that are wreaking havoc on Colonists in 1587.

Flesh Eating Mothers (1988)

A sexually transmitted virus causes an outbreak of cannibalism among the adulterous housewives of suburban Baltimore.

Obsessed (1988)

Montreal parents (Kerrie Keane, Daniel Pilon) of a hit-and-run fatality are legally unable to punish the U.S. businessman (Saul Rubinek) responsible.

Walter Vetrivel (1993)

Sathyaraj plays the role of a sincere police official whose brother is part of a drug peddling gang being sought by police.

Blood on the Badge (1992)

A Dallas lawman goes after the murderous backwoods survivalists who shot his partner and are planning global war.

The Cossacks (1928)

A Russian villager is branded a coward because he would rather read than fight.

Rose-Marie (1928)

A woman agrees to marry an influential suitor after the man she really loves is accused of murder.

Cinderellas, Wolves and a Charming Prince (2009)

An in depth look into Brazilian women who enter the sex trade hoping to meet a Prince Charming.

The Law of the Range (1928)

A Texas Ranger tracks an outlaw, unaware that his quarry is his long-lost brother.

Txt (2006)

A dead man (Oyo Sotto) reaches out from the grave to keep his still-living lover (Angel Locsin) for himself.

Easy Six (2003)

A third-rate English professor (Julian Sands) falls for a colleague's daughter (Katharine Towne) who works as a prostitute in Las Vegas.

The Wildcat (1921)

Held captive by a gang of bandits, a lieutenant (Paul Heidemann) draws the admiration of the leader's daughter (Pola Negri).

The Bellamy Trial (1929)

A couples goes on trial for the brutal murder of a slinky seductress.

Imparables (2014)

After Juan Mendez loses his arm and leg in a motorcycle accident, he helps found a cycling club and becomes the top athlete in his class.

Wonder of Women (1929)

A concert pianist leaves his wife and resumes an affair with his old flame.

The Scopia Effect (2014)

Bashia, an ordinary white-collar worker, suffers from mild depression until she undergoes hypnotic regression. But the treatments come with a horrifying price as dark forces seek to destroy her.

Hero for a Day (1939)

A night watchman (Charley Grapewin), once a football star, suits up one last time for his alma mater.

Do You Like My Basement? (2012)

A self-proclaimed filmmaker (Charlie Floyd) uses the auditions of genuinely terrified actors as the basis for his homemade horror movie.

In the Hands of the Gods (2007)

Five friends set out on an amazing journey to Argentina to meet their idol, Diego Maradona.

6 Bullets to Hell (2014)

After his wife is murdered by bandit Bobby Durango (Tanner Beard), Billy Rogers (Crispian Belfrage) takes out his old gun and hunts the gang down one by one.

The Duke Steps Out (1929)

An heir who wants to become a boxer enrolls in college instead after meeting a pretty coed.

Riders of the Purple Sage (1925)

Texas lawman Jim Carson (Tom Mix) is on an obsessive mission to find his sister Millie (Beatrice Burnham) and her young child, who were both kidnapped by crooked attorney Lew Walters (Warner Oland) and his band of thugs. As the upstanding Jim takes down Walters' cronies one by one, he moonlights as a bodyguard for rancher Jane Withersteen (Mabel Ballin). But when Jim learns that Walters has assumed the identity of a powerful judge, he risks his life to rescue his family.

While the City Sleeps (1928)

A veteran police officer falls for a flapper he is protecting from murderous gangsters.

The Bushranger (1928)

In Australia, an escaped convict robs the rich and distributes his plunder to the poor.

Smoky (1933)

Novelist Will James narrates his story about a horse separated from his master, then reunited with him in old age.

The Overland Telegraph (1929)

An Army officer battles hostile American Indians at the start of the Civil War.

I, Zombie (1998)

A botany student (Giles Aspen) documents his physical and mental deterioration after a stranger's bite turns him into a flesh-eating zombie.

Olsen's Night Out (1934)

A Swedish janitor just wants a night out, but girls and gangsters keep him from it.

Dead Creatures (2001)

Women with a disease which forces them to be cannibals support one another.

Little Mother (1938)

A young woman (Molly Picon) takes care of her boorish brothers and sisters and a shiftless father.

The Tip (2014)

A retired movie star turns a flower delivery boy into a millionaire.

The Lady Who Dared (1931)

Blackmail prompts a smuggler into obtaining incriminating photos of a diplomat's wife, but he falls in love with her instead.

Smog (1962)

An ambitious Italian lawyer makes the rounds in Los Angeles after he becomes stranded en route to Mexico City.

Insane (2010)

Sarah searches for her missing sister and decides to stop for the night at a lonely hotel.

Recaptured Love (1930)

A married man leaves his wife after falling under the spell of a seductive chorus girl.

The Tiger of Bengal (1958)

An evil maharajah desires the attention of an exotic dancer who only has eyes for a German architect.

Venice (2014)

Three friends working in a hairdressing salon in Havana spend a night on the town.

Joy (2008)

Two sisters learn about love, loss, and paradise when they take a trip to the grocery store.

Other Voices, Other Rooms (1995)

A mistress (Anna Thompson) and a servant (Lothaire Bluteau) keep a teen (David Speck) from outside contact and his ailing, estranged father during a visit to his decaying plantation.

The Cycle (2008)

Traveling on a deserted road through the forests of Maine, Carrie Mitchel (Daryl Hannah) almost runs over frightened college student Amy Singer (Leah Gibson). The only survivor of a massacre, Amy describes the horrifying events that took the lives of her Boston University classmates during a field trip to the site of a mine disaster and an ancient Indian burial ground known as the Devil's Ground. But Carrie discovers that Amy's story isn't over yet, and she holds another dark secret.

Finding Hope (2013)

Esmee is a young girl trapped in an abusive cult. Refusing to give in or give up, she becomes a runaway. The government wants to use her as a witness even as she is being pressured by pimps. She must run in order to find her hope.

The Joy of Singing (2008)

Muriel and Philippe are tasked with finding a banker's list of contacts after he is killed for trafficking nuclear material.

Dreadnaught (1981)

A laundryman (Biao Yuen) seeks revenge against the violent criminal (Shun-Yee Yuen) who killed his best friend.

The Lost Son of Havana (2009)

After 46 years in exile, former major league baseball star Luis Tiant returns to Cuba to confront old demons.

Spy(ies) (2009)

In London, an airport baggage handler is forced by French and British intelligence agents to seduce the wife of a businessman with ties to Syrian terrorists.

Collapse (2012)

A small-town farmer tries to protect and provide for his family during a zombie outbreak without turning into a monster himself.

Frownland (2007)

A salesman has a different kind of life, eating eggs and popcorn off the door of his portable oven.

Night Plane From Chungking (1943)

Axis powers shoot down over China a plane full of assorted passengers trying to get to India.

Les Ordres (1974)

In 1970, Quebec falls under martial law after two high-ranking government officials are kidnapped by a separatist group. This docudrama follows five people captured during the event, known as the October Crisis. When a cab driver (Jean Lapointe), his wife (Hélène Loiselle) and three others get caught up in the mayhem, they are taken into custody without explanation. The group is held against their will in a prison and endure a variety of dehumanizing experiences at the hands of the guards.

Bride for Rent (2014)

A young man hires a woman to play his bride to get his inheritance. As the ruse goes on, feelings develop between them.

We Are Twisted Sister! (2014)

Filmmaker Andrew Horn examines the history of the heavy-metal band Twisted Sister, from its early club days to its rise in the 1970s.

Slave Boy (2014)

A young, ambitious boy, sold by his mother, struggles to free himself from slavery.

White Woman (1933)

Gong beaters turn on a ruthless jungle trader and the well-dressed blonde who travels with him.

How Much Further (2006)

Two travelers re-evaluate their lives after meeting many interesting people while hitchhiking.

The Boy Who Talked to Badgers (1975)

A 6-year-old farm boy becomes lost in the Canadian wilds but survives with the help of a friendly badger.

The University of Sing Sing (2011)

Some prisoners at the Sing Sing Correctional Facility pursue college educations.

If I Were Free (1933)

Sarah (Irene Dunne) is trapped in a marriage to the drunken, abusive Tono (Nils Asther). Gordon (Clive Brook), a droll and depressed lawyer, is lost in a loveless marriage to the aloof Catherine (Lorraine MacLean). One night, Sarah and Gordon meet by chance in Paris. They slowly fall for each other, not from excessive passion but out of their shared loneliness, sadness and yearning for human warmth. Society, however, calls their love adultery, which makes it difficult to continue.

Never Too Late (1965)

Aging housewife Edith (Maureen O'Sullivan) lives with her husband, Harry (Paul Ford), and his daughter, Kate (Connie Stevens), and son-in-law (Jim Hutton). After visiting the doctor, Edith discovers she's pregnant. The surprise comes as a bitter shock to the household. Harry fears the looming responsibilities of parenthood, while Kate laments the increase in housework. Meanwhile, the pregnancy causes a stir among the townspeople, who view the development as a wild curiosity.

A Love Bewitched (1986)

Since they were children, Carmelo (Antonio Gades) has loved Candela (Cristina Hoyos). Unfortunately, Candela marries José (Juan Antonio Jiménez) instead, as arranged by their parents. José, however, loves another woman (Laura del Sol). After José is stabbed to death while defending his lover, Carmelo pursues Candela and finally marries her. Still, she remains haunted by the death of her former husband. The victim of a curse, can she avoid dancing with José's ghost every night?

Rage and Honor II: Hostile Takeover (1993)

An Australian ex-policeman (Richard Norton) and a CIA woman (Cynthia Rothrock) follow a trail of extortion and murder.

Strange Confession (1945)

Flashbacks reveal the events leading up to a man's grisly revenge on the racketeer who took advantage of his wife.

Red Lights Ahead (1937)

A man's assorted investments cause no end of trouble for his family.

False Pretenses (1935)

A waitress (Irene Ware) climbs socially with help from a millionaire (Sidney Blackmer) and a retired bootlegger (Russell Hopton).

The Wind in the Willows (1983)

Toad, Rat, Mole and Badger follow animal etiquette in this version of Kenneth Grahame's classic, in stop-motion model animation.

The Letter That Was Never Sent (1959)

A forest fire traps a geological expedition in a remote area of Siberia on a mission to find diamonds.

Tunnel Vision (2013)

A policewoman (Patsy Kensit) probes murders modeled after an artist's works, and one involving her partner (Robert Reynolds).

The Circle (1925)

An unhappy woman (Eleanor Boardman) considers leaving her dull husband (Creighton Hale) for another man (Malcolm McGregor).

Dirty Weekend (2013)

A couple on a romantic getaway in Normandy are forced to share their love nest with a disturbed fugitive.

Sailor's Luck (1933)

A sailor on leave (James Dunn) woos a girl (Sally Eilers), goes swimming and enters a dance marathon.

Awestruck (2013)

A young couple have a strange encounter while on vacation.

Three Blind Mice (2008)

Three Australian sailors (Ewen Leslie, Toby Schmitz, Matthew Newton) set out to have a night on the town before they are shipped out to Iraq.