The Unknown (1946)

Adventurers try to learn who is trying to stop an amnesiac (Jeff Donnell) from claiming her grandmother's legacy.

Two Weeks in Another Town (1962)

Upon being released after years in a mental hospital, fallen Hollywood star and alcoholic Jack Andrus (Kirk Douglas) moves to Rome in an attempt to revive his career, accepting a small part in an Italian production headed by aged, now-unfashionable director Maurice Kruger (Edward G. Robinson). When Kruger is sidetracked by a heart attack, Andrus steps in as director and struggles to save his mentor's picture from certain failure -- even as Kruger denounces Andrus and accuses him of betrayal.

The Transition Period (2009)

As Chinese Communist Party secretary, Guo Yongchang was the most powerful man in his county, located in the rural inland province of Henan. Guo invited acclaimed documentary filmmaker Zhou Hao to record his final months in office. Through Zhou's lens, we see Guo work tirelessly to achieve his greatest desire: for Henan to match the affluence of booming coastal areas. Zhou also captures the sordid details of local-level politics in pursuit of growth: lavish parties with foreign investors, threats to local workers protesting unpaid wages, and offers of bribes and kickbacks. Hailed by international press as an exceptional work of investigative filmmaking, The Transition Period captures the daily life of a Chinese official with incredible ground-level detail. With boastfully candid interviews from Guo and fly-on-the-wall coverage of closed-door dealings, Zhou lays bare the unsavory dynamics within China's top-down power structures. Penetrating in scope yet objective in its approach, The Transition Period reveals the conflicting forces shaping China's path to prosperity.

Street Dogs of South Central (2013)

Street Dogs of South Central is an 85 minute documentary narrated by Queen Latifah. The film follows Elsie, a Black Labrador mix, and her struggle to raise her puppies on the streets of Los Angeles.

Into the Air: A Kiteboarding Experience (2005)

Skilled, enthusiastic kite-boarders enjoy their sport for 10 days in the water off the coast of Puerto Rico.

Heroin Skateboards : Video Nasty (2013)

Video Nasty is the latest film offering from upstart company Heroin Skateboards, it features the whole team and was filmed all over the world, from Manchester England, Osaka and Okinawa in Japan, Vancouver Canada, Paris, France, Los Angeles California, and even more exotic locations that I've forgotten the names of. Video Nasty is no means your average skateboard company video, it blends creative skateboarding at strange spots with eccentric personalities, the result is a Skateboard Video unlike any you may have seen before.

E-Pigs (2009)

A farmer and his wife discover that their favorite pig has given birth to cyborg piglets.

Bombhunters (2006)

Bombhunters explores the long-term consequences of war and genocide in Cambodia that persist in the form of landmines, unexploded ordnance (UXO), and other munitions. Through the lives and experiences of rural villagers who seek out and dismantle UXO to sell the scrap metal for profit, Bombhunters examines the social, cultural, and historical context of the legacy of war long after armed conflict has ended. Through the use of lipstick cameras as well as extensive fieldwork and interviews, Bombhunters profiles the experiences of individuals as they risk their lives to clear UXO from their land in order to both protect their families from harm and to make enough money to survive. The film also draws connections to other post-conflict nations around the world as their citizens continue to grapple with residual, persistent effects of war, and the complex realities of achieving "peace."

Return To Salem's Lot (1987)

An anthropologist (Michael Moriarty) and his teenage son (Richard Addison Reed) move to a Maine town full of vampires.

The Dawning (1988)

Angus Barrie (Anthony Hopkins) is a member of the newly formed Irish Republican Army and on the run from the authorities in the early 1920s. Nancy (Rebecca Pidgeon) is an 18-year-old girl who's lost her parents but believes her father is still alive. She meets Angus after discovering someone has slept in her beach hut, and the two form a close, if guarded, friendship. Nancy assists Angus in getting messages to his cohorts, unaware that doing so will have deadly consequences.

A Face in the Fog (1936)

A reporter (Lloyd Hughes) investigates when a hunchbacked killer targets a theater company.

Chops (2007)

Musical artist Wynton Marsalis hosts the Essentially Ellington Festival competition of high-school jazz bands.

Lady of Vengeance (1957)

When publisher William Marshall (Dennis O'Keefe) learns his young ward Melissa Collins (Eileen Elton) has committed suicide, he sets in motion a plan to murder the man who drove her to kill herself. Mistakenly believing that singer Larry Shaw (Vernon Greeves) is his intended target, Marshall unwittingly seeks help from the man who actually broke Melissa's heart, criminal Emile Karnak (Anton Diffring). When Marshall learns the truth, however, he turns his efforts toward Karnak instead.

The Battle on the River Neretva (1969)

In January 1943 German army, afraid of Allied invasion of Balkans, launched great offensive against Yugoslav Partisans in Western Bosnia. The only way out for Partisan forces and thousands of refugees was the bridge on the river Neretva. This 1969 film was nominated for Oscar in 1970 in best foreign language film category.

Canadian Pakistani Music Videos (2015)

Canadian Pakistani Music Videos (Pakistani Movie Edit) first time World Premiere Edition compiled for Pakistani audience to see for the first time. In this film, Pakistani Entertainment and Lollywood Industry rises above Indian Bollywood and grasps Hollywood style in the genre of music and film. All music videos have been produced in Canada. A collaboration between Canadian artists and Pakistani film maker and singer Omer Pasha has taken place over the last 4 years. This Pakistani Movie Edit is a compilation of best of 'Omer Pasha Music Videos' taken from 8000 music videos from youtube and 25 Pakistani-Canadian musical features made over the course of 4 years. Pakistan goes one step ahead of India in film and music industry by acquiring Hollywood and North American style of film making and embracing cultural norms to step away from Bollywood and rise above internationally in the world. Some films and musicals were first theatrically released in local gala, fashion show, cocktail party and nightclub events in Canada in 2012 and 2013, ( Omer Pasha World Premieres DVD film). All films were then formatted and officially released in 2014 and 2015. Omer Pasha's double feature The Soul of Cole (Musical) recently won an Award at the IndieFest Film Awards in La Jolla, San Diego, California. The films and music videos cover themes of love, dance, fashion romance, spirituality and become one step ahead of Bollywood racing into Hollywood norms. This edition "Canadian Pakistani Music Videos (Pakistani Movie Edit)"contains music videos produced between January 2012 to May 2015 by Omer Pasha.

Haunted (2013)

EXTENDED CUT WITH MORE UNSEEN FOOTAGE Six contestants win a competition to appear on a LIVE reality TV show at a secret location in rural England. The next ten hours will be spent on a paranormal Investigation with a TV crew searching for the truth behind ghost stories that haunt an old railway station museum. Something Evil awaits them! They will all discover the truth, that we are not alone.

The Run Of The Country (1995)

An Irish lad (Matt Keeslar) who fled from his oppressive, widowed father (Albert Finney) falls for a girl (Victoria Smurfit) from an affluent family.

Left (2006)

A woman is trapped by the memory of her husband leaving her.

El Paso (1949)

A Confederate Cavalry captain (John Payne) practices law and turns gunslinger in post-Civil War Texas.

Africa (1999)

After a car accident, a lingerie model (Dorette Potgieter) struggles to survive in the wilds of South Africa.

Whiffs (1975)

A chemical-warfare guinea pig (Elliott Gould) turns bank robber with sidekicks and a secret weapon.

Dat's Tite TV (2006)

Dats Tite TV is the No.1 Urban Comedy Showcase to hit the shelves this year. Acclaimed director Melvin James (Miami Tale, BETs College Hill and Honey Bee) teams up with AJ Alexander, the man who discovered Pop sensation Usher. Together they bring you the funniest sketch comedy since, In Living Color. James steers several comedians and models to literally push the comedy envelope where NO one has. Its a must have for any true comedy fan! Move over Dave Chappelle and Saturday Night Live, here come Dats Tite TV, muthas! Skits Featured: Poprah Winfrey, Pimp Coach, True Pimping my Ride, Lost in Translation, Hoe Hammer, Stripper Remote, Crazy Hoe Vest, more.

The Eleventh Commandment (1933)

The Eleventh Commandment is "Thou Shall Not Be Caught". When a wealthy spinster dies, her lawyer and executor claim the estate on the basis that there are no heirs. An ex-husband appears, false claims are filed and finally there is a real heir, an abandoned daughter who has been left in the trust of the attorney for all her life.

American Combatant (2006)

Fred is plagued by his sister's death and hires someone to film his testimony and his quest.

Over 21 (1945)

When 39-year-old newspaper man Max Wharton (Alexander Knox) suddenly decides to leave his job as chief editor for the New York Bulletin and follow his patriotic calling to enlist in the army, newspaper owner Robert Drexel Gow (Charles Coburn) is beside himself. Max's novelist wife, Paula (Irene Dunne), is in Hollywood adapting a screenplay, but skips town and heads to a Florida military base to support Max during basic training. Together they adjust to the sporadic absurdities of military life.

Force Of Nature: The David Suzuki Movie (2010)

The life and work of an environmentalist.

Ghostkeepers (2012)

The cast of a horror movie reunites and has to survive a horrifying night of ghosts, demonic possessions, murder and revenge.

Dear Brigitte (1965)

Poet and professor Robert Leaf (James Stewart) has a disdain for the sciences. Unfortunately for him, his son Erasmus (Bill Mumy) is colorblind, completely tone-deaf and a natural math prodigy. While the professor tires to comes to terms with his son's predilection for numbers, the talented youth and his sister Pandora (Cindy Carol) use his math talents to win at the race track. Erasmus hopes to use the money he makes to fly to Paris and meet Brigitte Bardot, with whom he is infatuated.

Dark Reprieve (2007)

Two people (Janelle Bartosek, Shawn Storer) awake in a strange prison where nothing is as it seems, while police question a beautiful model (Sarah Jackson) about a series of homicides.

Partly Cloudy (2013)

Everything is baked. The snow has turned to mush and that burn is starting to peel. Fortunately, for those seeking cover from the glare there is a reset on the way. Hot on the heels of Level 1's award-winning film Sunny comes a slightly different forecast. No major disturbances or low-pressure fronts, just a healthy mix of skiing, music, and personality with a low ultraviolet index. Partly Cloudy.

Night Watcher (2008)

Two members of a therapy group become targets of a serial killer who records his victims, making their murders look like suicides.

The Golden Honeymoon (1980)

Charley Tate (James Whitmore: two-time Academy Award Nominee, and Tony Award Winner) is an old windbag, often a braggart, but somehow always lovable. Married over fifty years to his ever-patient wife Lucy (Teresa Wright - Academy Award winner), the two of them are on their Golden Honeymoon in Florida. Everything goes perfectly until Lucy meets her former fiancée who's also vacationing with his wife. Suddenly there's a comic competition between Charley and the old boyfriend for Lucy's attention. After fifty years, cantankerous Charley has to win his girl all over again!

Five Finger Exercise (1962)

The Harrington family is not a happy one. Mother and housewife Louise (Rosalind Russell) is somewhat self-deluded, while father and business executive Stanley (Jack Hawkins) is disconnected and distant. Their son, Philip (Richard Beymer), is a fey and sensitive teen, and his sister, Pamela (Annette Gorman), is restless and tightly wound. Into this tense mix arrives Walter (Maximilian Schell), a charming tutor, whose presence shakes things up in the troubled household.

Il Futuro (2013)

The Sixth is a Russian action film about lawman Glodov, and his struggle to keep a quite town safe from a group of thugs. The Russian Civil war has ended, and crime is at an all time high. A deadly group of militants is out for for blood. Glodov can not stop the dangerous enemies alone. He must put together a group of skilled soldiers in order to stop the militia. Glodov is the town's last hope.

Rabentage (2009)

Alfred and Heinz are friends, although they are from different social backgrounds and have very little in common. They keep running into each other in Munich during the last days of autumn. Their unresolved issues, past and present, begin to crystallize in the course of various encounters, some painful, others promising. Full of futile longing for his wife, the homeless Alfred drifts from one casual acquaintance to the next. He tries his luck with each, without managing to achieve any lasting relationships, leaving, however, several memorable misunderstandings in his wake. This doesn't bother him nearly as much as the fact that his wife will soon die of the serious burns she suffered while setting fire to her employer's house: during a last visit at the hospital, they have suddenly realized how much they loved each other. Heinz has completely withdrawn from conventional society. Once a well-paid engineer, he tired of that life, and began to drink; his wife left him and he lost track of his daughter. He sees her for the first time in many years, performing in a sex show. Although it is painful for both of them to meet in these humiliating circumstances, a small miracle occurs: they talk to each other, and Heinz feels that he may be able to make amends for the lost years.

The Legend of Nigger Charley (1972)

Three escaped slaves (Fred Williamson, D'Urville Martin, Don Pedro Colley) fall in with drifters while fleeing a bounty hunter.

Hollywood Ghosts & Gravesites (2003)

Ever wonder if celebrity truly dies with the celebrity, if graves really can give up the dead, or if walls really do talk? Then join the hunt for star haunts and hauntings in and around the city of broken dreams - Hollywood, California. Find out the details of the odd pilgrimages and observances held at celebrity gravesites, the eerie accounts of strange studio haunts, the unusual tales of ghostly disturbances at the mansions of the stars, and the spooky sightings of apparitions on the Grey Ghost herself, the legendary luxury liner, the Queen Mary. With this program, you have a unique backstage pass to the studio lots, the crypts, the tombstones, the cemeteries, and the homes of some of Hollywood's most notable characters, ranging from Bugsy Seigel and Rudolph Valentino to Harry Houdini and Marilyn Monroe. So if your curiosity is sparked and your courage is up to par, then come along on a truly terrifying tour of Hollywood Ghosts and Gravesites.

The Grail (2002)

Unfolding like an intricate puzzle, The Grail is a smart, comedic film that traces three interconnected stories centered around a convenience store murder and a beautiful Swedish au pair. With dialogue "you can't get enough of" (FilmCentury), a script that is "damn impressive" (Simply Scripts), and a feel that is "a little more Memento than Pulp Fiction" (, The Grail might just be the best written film that you know nothing about. We'd tell you more about writer-director Kurt Volkan's multiple award-winning debut feature but, as Christopher Null of warns, "to explain too much of the plot would ruin the fun of watching the film."

Bob the Builder: The Ultimate Can-Do Crew (2012)

Hold on to your hardhats as the machine team shows what hard work and teamwork are all about in this Ultimate Can-Do Crew Collection featuring ten amazing episodes! See how it all began with Bob and the team working together on a big job, overcoming troubles at every turn! Then it's Lofty to the rescue when Dizzy gets into a sticky situation. Roley must smooth things over when mishaps cause bumps in the road and Muck surprises everyone with some creative problem solving. Join the crew and hammer out some time for fun and adventure in Bob's biggest building collection ever!

When I Was a Human (2001)

A rescued dog gets his wish and turns into a man to win a young woman's heart.

Ghostride The Whip (2008)

From acclaimed producer/director Peter Spirer (Rhyme & Reason, Tupac Shakur: Thug Angel, BEEF 1-3) comes the first film to ever capture the energy and danger of hyphy, the Hip Hop youth movement exploding out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Experience pure "hyphy", the state of mind celebrated in the music, fashion, slang and dance of this culture that popularized ghostriding the whip - walking, running or dancing next to a moving car. With music by top Bay Area Hip Hop artists Mac Dre, E-40, Keak the Sneak, the Federation and more, GHOSTRIDE THE WHIP is about more than the street parties and sideshows of hyphy: "It's not just a word or a song... it's how we live out there."

Tsunami (2005)

This is a slideshow of the Tsunami shot and produced by Mike Shiley, Director, Shidog Films. Video footage is a compilation of video gathered by witnesses and news outlets. Mike Shiley is an award-winning filmmaker, freelance photographer, and journalist, developing exclusive stories in Iraq for ABC World News Tonight, Nightline and Good Morning America as well as ABC affiliates KATU-Portland, OR, KMGH-Denver, CO and WFTS-Tampa, Fl.

My Town (1986)

A series of vignettes based upon an imaginative girl's unique outlook on her community.

Eve of October: Sol Trinity (2014)

Earth under siege. A trinity of champions must rise. The Baulor nurture life, the Tupaul bring the scythe. Locked in eternal conflict over the broken essence of their creator, the war between these super-dimensional forces has reached Earth. Reluctant immortal Eve, chosen champion of the Baulor, must team up with Haleys, a Peryton Scout, and Jake, a young officer of the global police, to save humanity from the dark harvest of the Tupaul. Follow the continuing adventures of Eve in this all-new OVA from independent animator Mars R. Marshall, creator of Eve of October. Blending themes from multiple genres such as SF, fantasy, and horror, Mars combines a passion for anime with his own unique style to bring a visual feast to the screen. Eve of October is a rip-roarin? full auto sci-fi romp across the dimensions. With elves.

Voulez-vous coucher avec God? (1972)

Experimental film featuring a groundbreaking mix of live action and animation, backed by a soundtrack of 1960s hits.

S4 (2008)

It is 1952, and Captain Maxwell Carter, USMC, is having a bad day. Waking up naked in the middle of the freezing desert, an alien device around his neck, Carter is picked up by Capt. Jake Mason, an enigmatic Air Force officer assigned to transport him to a mysterious, anonymous military test facility in a remote section of Area 51. Mason, however, offers no clarity as to the situation, and Carter's ride begins. Once ensconced in the security of the test facility, Captain Carter learns that he is part of a nightmarish experiment - he is pregnant with an alien baby! "S4" follows the gestation of the Trugollion/Human hybrid infant and its effect on Carter (his sudden ability to read minds at random, his desire to consume live birds, his emotional break downs and mimicking of the hormonal instability associated with pregnancy), and the struggle of Captain Jake Mason, the stoic foil to Carter's emotional deterioration, to maintain his charge through the care and nurturing of the military's best test subject. Faced not only with an emotionally unstable, mind reading pregnant Marine, Mason must also cope with the manipulative Colonel Thadeus Drake, a career hungry Air Force doctor - mad scientist - evil administrator who seeks to entangle Mason in his twisted plans, and "Angie", the high level alien liaison from the Trugollion Empire. 'Angie' has been stuck on Earth awaiting her replacement since 1947, and finds herself 'going native' as her attraction to Jake Mason heats up. Sent to Earth in a pleasing human female form, Angie struggles with her desire to return to her home world and her lust for Captain Mason. Shot in black and white and with a simple, one camera technique that harkens perfectly back to the 1950's heyday of "B' movies and fun sci-fi, "S4" delights audiences in theatres and on DVD, and had already developed an avid following of viewers demanding "S4-2"!

The People Under The Stairs (1991)

When young Fool (Brandon Adams) breaks into the home of his family's greedy and uncaring landlords, he discovers a disturbing scenario where incestuous adult siblings have mutilated a number of boys and kept them imprisoned under stairs in their large, creepy house. As Fool attempts to flee before the psychopaths can catch him, he meets their daughter, Alice (A.J. Langer), who has been spared any extreme discipline by her deranged parents. Can Fool and Alice escape before it's too late?

Stars In My Crown (1950)

Man of God Josiah Gray (Joel McCrea) is determined to bring religion to the people of Walesburg, a dusty southern town still healing from the Civil War. Though initially Josiah must hold his parishioners at gunpoint, in time he wins over the community and marries his organist, Harriet (Ellen Drew). As the years pass, a number of situations arise, including a typhoid outbreak and a hostile mob, in which Josiah must prove that God is the only force that can restore peace in Walesburg.

Ram Jaane (1995)

Complications arise among two people (Juhi Chawla, Vivek Mushran) in love and their criminal friend (Shahrukh Khan).

A Talking Pony!?! (2013)

Since her father died, 16 year old Juliet, her stepmother and two stepbrothers struggle financially to keep their ranch. But Juliet thinks she has a secret that could keep the ranch open: her horse, Horatio, can talk!

A Belfast Story (2013)

A detective grows weary of doing the right thing as he tracks down the few terrorists left.

F It (2010)

Special Blend, Forum and Foursquare present F' It, their 7th team-inspired film. Starring John Jackson, Stevie Bell, Nic Sauve, Jake Welch, Niko Cioffi, Cameron Pierce, Austen Sweetin and The Youngbloods. Co-starring Peter Line, Pat Moore, Andreas Wiig and Daniel Ek. Snowboarders across the globe know that each and every season has its fill of hardships. But it's how you respond that's really going to matter. There are those who submit to Mother Nature or Murphy and his laws, but this project is dedicated to those who refuse to surrender and in the face of adversity have one solution for every problem . . . F IT! It's about having fun snowboarding with your friends.

No Highway In The Sky (1951)

Theodore Honey (James Stewart) is a mathematician charged with discovering what caused the crash of a "Reindeer" airliner. As he travels to investigate, he realizes en route that he's flying on the very same type of airplane. Convinced it will suffer a similar accident, he deliberately sabotages it once it lands, and soon finds himself defending his sanity in an English courtroom. Fortunately, a sympathetic actress (Marlene Dietrich) and a stewardess (Glynis Johns) come to his defense.

The Gateway Arch: A Reflection of America (2006)

People said that it would fall and that a poorly funded project would leave the nation with a half finished monument. In the end, it would become an international symbol of the United States. It is an architectural and design masterpiece that has touched everyone who has touched it. From the individuals who worked tirelessly to champion funding, to the Steel Workers who dangled 630 feet in the air during construction, it is a triumph that will forever mark the lives of those involved with it. It is... The Gateway Arch. The Gateway Arch: A Reflection of America chronicles for the first time the complete story of this great American symbol... from Thomas Jefferson, Lewis & Clark, and St. Louis' role in westward expansion; to the eventual construction of the largest stainless steel structure in history. The film is narrated by Academy Award-winner and St. Louis native Kevin Kline and produced by Civil Pictures, producers of the international award-winning documentary The World's Greatest Fair. Extensive research was conducted at archives across the United States to produce this documentary. Over 10,000 documents and images were examined, including Eero Saarinen's private papers and earliest conceptual drawings held at Yale University. The production team spent months tracking down long lost construction footage; transferred and seen here for the first time in digital cinema. The production team conducted countless behind-the-scenes interviews and 24 on-camera interviews over the course of two years. This process brought to light information previously unknown to the general public; including the fact that engineers feared the Arch would buckle when placing the final piece resulting in a catastrophic failure. Interviews with World Trade Center Memorial architect Daniel Libeskind, New York-based architecture critic Jayne Merkel, and Eero Saarinen's daughter Susan, give new insight into the genius of Saarinen's design as well as the fact

Arcana (2013)

In a world where it's possible for "doppelgangers" to split off from a human and live separately from the original version of them, a detective named Murakami meets an amnesiac hospital patient named Maki during an investigation. He soon discovers Maki has the ability to communicate with spirits of the dead that tell her how to solve crimes. The pair teams up to stop a mass murderer and Murakami finds himself falling in love. Eventually, Maki's true nature is revealed, as well as her connection to a woman named Satsuki.

Day of Wrath (2006)

A 16th-century Spanish lawman (Christopher Lambert) investigates the gruesome murders of high-ranking nobles.

Blonde Savage (1947)

A pilot (Leif Erickson) and his partner seek an African village and find a white girl (Gale Sherwood) living with aborgines.

Copenhagen (2014)

While trying to track down his grandfather in Denmark, a surly Canadian (Gethin Anthony) strikes up a friendship with a teenage waitress (Frederikke Dahl Hansen) who agrees to serve as his translator and guide.

Shy of Normal: Tales of New Life Experiences (2011)

When an author loses her spark, her friend suggests observing random people in public places and creating short, humorous stories about them.

The Merchant of Four Seasons (1971)

Hans (Hans Hirschmuller) is a lifelong member of the middle-class. His family, especially his wife, Irmgard (Irm Hermann), derides him for his lack of ambition and his chosen profession: running a fruit stand. Eventually, the constant ridicule drives him to alcoholism, and his bout with the bottle lands him in the hospital. While recovering, he hires extra help and watches his business boom. However, his success doesn't alleviate his pain, and his anger and drinking slowly destroy him.

Cinematic Titanic: Blood of the Vampires (2009)

The Escodero family is cursed! The mother, whom the Escodero children assumed to be dead, is actually an undead vampire who lurks in a secret basement/dungeon hidden from the rest of the house. When the kids discover this dark truth, all hell breaks loose...literally! The mother bites the son, who grows fangs and becomes consumed with blood lust. Meanwhile, all this vampire activity wreaks havoc on the daughter's romance with her handsome, dashing fiance. It all leads to a foray into the occult that ultimately proves true love can live on forever, but not before a mob of angry villagers and avenging priests take on the Devil himself in a climactic battle between good and evil. Set in nineteenth century Mexico and performed by a Filipino cast, "Blood of the Vampires" has something for everyone: blood-soaked action for the guys, tender romance for the ladies, and unleashed demonic rage for the frightened child within us all.

Primitive London (1965)

Interviews with beatniks, mods, and rockers give some insight into the style and social life of the swinging city.

Betty White: Champion for Animals (2012)

Betty White's stories about her own cherished pets are included in a spotlight of the animals that live in the national parks, zoos and aquariums.

Monster Madness: The Gothic Revival of Horror (2015)

With sex, gore, and the Dracula/Frankenstein combo, Hammer's House of Horror changed the genre forever in the 1950s. With marquee actors like Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, Hammer ruled the horror world for a decade. See the legendary tale of blood, babes, and vampire bats here.

Fable: Teeth of Beasts (2010)

Shadow government enforcer Lilith Noir seeks an elusive demon responsible for a series of gruesome murders in the mythical city of Fable.

School of Thought (2011)

As seen on the Oprah Winfrey OWN TV Special Movie: "Oprah Visits America's Most Unusual Town" the Tony Perri documentary: "SCHOOL OF THOUGHT" starring DAVID LYNCH and DR. JOHN HAGELIN with Special Appearances by DONOVAN, PAUL McCARTNEY, RUSSELL SIMMONS, RINGO STARR and MOBY. Something's happening deep in the heartland of America. Some folks are calling Fairfield, Iowa the "Midwestern Stepford." A few locals claim there's a creepy cult taking over their comfortable town. Even the County Commissioners say, "We really don't know what's going on here." But a legendary Hollywood director and the local schools he's teamed up with, know exactly what's up in Fairfield. Take this intriguing and amazing adventure into the Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment and Maharishi University, where students meditate twice a day, win sports championships on a regular basis and score in the top 1% of state exams. Your guide is Academy Award-nominated director, David Lynch (Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks and The Elephant Man). Lynch brings along a few friends to Iowa, including Beatles collaborator, Donovan (Mellow Yellow, Hurdy Gurdy Man and Sunshine Superman) and the world-renowned quantum physicist, John Hagelin (What The Bleep Do We Know!?) Together, these three peacemakers are touring the world with their mind-blowing solution to creating harmonious schools and world peace. Their answer? Have every student, in every school, practice Transcendental Meditation and watch them become happier, healthier and more focused - thereby dissolving the life-threatening stress which typically manifests itself in young people through drug abuse, peer pressures and violence. When the success of the David Lynch Weekend gains the attention of the national press - David, Dr. Hagelin and Donovan soon find themselves at Radio City Music Hall, where they join Paul McCartney, Beach Boy Mike

The Double Life of Veronique (1991)

Veronique (Irène Jacob) is a beautiful young French woman who aspires to be a renowned singer; Weronika (also Jacob) lives in Poland, has a similar career goal and looks identical to Veronique, though the two are not related. The film follows both women as they contend with the ups and downs of their individual lives, with Veronique embarking on an unusual romance with Alexandre Fabbri (Philippe Volter), a puppeteer who may be able to help her with her existential issues.

The Mantis Parable (2005)

A caterpillar needs a helping hand to escape from a bug collector's jar.

Two Way Stretch (1960)

Dodger Lane (Peter Sellers) is nearing the end of a three-year robbery sentence alongside accomplices Jelly Knight (David Lodge) and Lennie Price (Bernard Cribbins). The prison governor (Maurice Denham) prides himself on running a perfect prison, and the inmates use his benevolence to live comfortably. Friend Soapy Stevens (Wilfrid Hyde-White) comes to visit with a plan for a foolproof heist, but his scheme is disrupted by the governor's replacement, the stern Sidney Crout.

Una pared para Cecilia (2011)

A compassionate woman (Jimena Guerra) becomes the guardian of a troubled, young boy.

White Wolf (1990)

An intimate look at the elusive and remote arctic wolves.

Whitney Houston: Everlasting Voice (2016)

The singer's life from her chart-topping hits in the 1980s and 1990s to her turbulent marriage to Bobby Brown.

Sesame Street: Elmo's World: Birthdays, Games & More! (2002)

Join Sesame Street's curious red monster as he explores birthdays, games, and pets! Elmo's World offers kids and adults a fresh and light-hearted take on the world around them. Each episode comes to life in Elmo's bright, exciting, and very original room - the drawer, door, shade, and TV all join in the fun. And he's even visited by a singing birthday cake! Also featuring Elmo's pet goldfish, Dorothy, the zany Mr. Noodle, and classic songs that will delight viewers of all ages.

In the Middle of Heaven (2012)

A young executive (Magali Boysselle) and a janitor (Noé Hernández) reflect on their lives after they become trapped together on a rooftop.

Finesse (2014)

After TJ, a record executive running a shady business, is arrested on fraud charges, Ziggy and the rest of his crew steal his identity to generate enough money to pay everyone.

Flipper's New Adventure (1964)

Over the years, Florida teenager Sandy Ricks (Luke Halpin) has developed a strong bond with his pet dolphin, Flipper. When he finds that a highway construction project will force him to move away from his beloved animal, Ricks decides to hightail it to the Bahamas. Reaching a small island, he happens to witness a group of escaped convicts trying to kidnap a family. Now, Ricks and Flipper must work together to save the day. Meanwhile, Ricks' father (Brian Kelly) searches for his missing son.

Flowers For Fannie (2013)

Fannie locked her heart after her husband was killed in the Great War. As she faces her own mortality, she continues to reject everyone who cares for her, until she accepts love from an unlikely source.

Freerunner (2011)

A freerunner with a bomb attached to his neck competes in a brutal crosstown race.

From The Terrace (1960)

Alfred Eaton (Paul Newman) returns home after World War II, driven to be as successful as possible out of hatred toward his wealthy father (Leon Ames). He is unendingly ambitious: founding an aircraft construction company with his friend Lex (George Grizzard), marrying a socialite (Joanne Woodward) and leveraging a fortunate encounter with a powerful financier (Felix Aylmer) into a new career. When he meets the beautiful, truthful Natalie (Ina Balin), Alfred has a crisis of conscience.

G.O.R.A. (2004)

This movie follows a young man that is kidnapped by aliens. He shows these aliens that humans can be good people. The aliens live on the planet G.O.A.R. and the man has to outsmart their evil leader if he hopes to escape.

Ghost Month (2009)

Alyssa begins having nightmarish visions during the Chinese calendar's seventh month when the dead return to the mortal world to raise hell.

Grow! (2011)

Twenty young people live an agrarian lifestyle while learning to be sustainable farmers.

Half a Hero (1953)

A magazine writer (Red Skelton) reviews the suburban housing development he and his wife (Jean Hagen) call home.

The Hollies: Look Through Any Window 1963-1975 (2011)

The Hollies were one of the most successful British groups of the sixties and early seventies and have continued to perform up to the present day

The Hum (2015)

A low humming noise slowly drives a man into madness.

The Kid Sister (1945)

A girl (Judy Clark) crashes a party for her big sister's (Constance Worth) fiance (Roger Pryor) and runs into a burglar.

The Killers: Live From The Royal Albert Hall (2009)

In July, 2009, the Killers set out to create a gift for their fans...a spectacular concert experience, at a uniquely majestic venue, featuring their greatest songs - filmed with pristine production values, for the bands first ever official live concert release

The Masonic Map (2008)

The lives of college students changes when they recover one of the most controversial relics of all time, a Masonic map brought to America by the Freemasons in 1502 that hundred of people have died for.

The Pact (1995)

Kate and Greg made a pact: if they were both single when they turned 35, they'd get married. That day has come.

The Sandman and the Lost Sand of Dreams (2015)

Habumar, a deviant master of nightmares, has stolen the Sand of Dreams. The Sandman sends out his sheep sidekick, Nepomuk, to find a hero who can return the Sand of Dreams and save Dreamworld.

The Turn of the Screw (1999)

A governess (Jodhi May) and two children see ghosts in a house where two employees mysteriously died.

Toni (2015)

After her fiance is murdered, Antonia (Kelly Natividade) becomes Toni Foxx to stalk the art world's underbelly in pursuit of two killers.

Town of Runners (2012)

Three children from the Ethiopian town of Bekoji move from school track to national competitions.

Soulmate (2013)

Recently widowed, Audrey (Anna Walton) moves into an isolated Welsh cabin after a failed suicide attempt. As she copes with her husband's death and her psychosis, she beings hearing strange noises.

Sparrows (2015)

After moving in with his father in a rural town, a teenager must choose between telling the truth and protecting the people he loves.

Stuck! (2009)

An innocent young woman is wrongfully accused of murdering her mother and sentenced to death, in a campy homage to the genre of women in prison.

Sweet Ecstasy (1962)

A young woman (Elke Sommer) seduces a moral youth spending the summer with a group of carefree students in Paris.

Take It All (1964)

A serious young film director becomes disillusioned during his relationship with a young model.

Terror in a Texas Town (1958)

When Swedish-American whaler George Hanson (Sterling Hayden) returns to his Texas hometown after 20 years at sea, he's shocked to learn that his father was murdered just two days prior. The feckless local sheriff (Tyler McVey) won't do anything about it, so George investigates on his own and discovers that an oil speculator (Sebastian Cabot) had his father killed for refusing to sell his land at an unfair price. Enraged, and armed only with a speargun, George goes looking for justice.

The 9th (2014)

During a penthouse party, an array of offbeat guests cavort and dance while someone is tortured in a secret room.