Nina (2007)

A man filled with regret and disappointment, Joe, a short order cook, spent most of his free nights alone on the rooftop of his building. Like a thorn that pierced him with every waking moment, he would numb the pain with an occasional drink that soon led to his isolation from the cold world he knew. A pause button had been pressed down on his life and left him wondering when it would play once more. A young waitress wiped the last table and heaved a sigh of relief. It would be another day of frozen existence, not knowing who she was or why she had even come to this country. Sacrifices would have to be made for her new life in America and her husband would be there to remind her of it with every blow of his hand. Every bruise belittled her and yet she pressed on at the diner. A twelve-year old girl sheds her last tear, picks up her things and moves on to the next shelter. Nina had been abandoned, sought after as a runaway, and hid like a frightened child from the unknown. Where her next steps would take her, she wasn't too sure. Three lost souls are led by fate to each other and their relationships develop a new kind of family. An eagerness to start over seems possible as they plan a one-way ticket out of here. All is possible until their love and hope is tested again... "Luis L. Del Rosario Jr. has done a remarkable job in creating a powerful, character-driven drama, told with interesting moments of visual style and well-crafted performances." -Matt Barry/Rogue Cinema "A deeply moving film... A story that is involving and always compelling." - Richard Propes/The Independent Critic "This is how real art gets made." - Ellis Henican/Newsday

2005 Glitter Awards (2005)

The Glitter Awards honor the releases of gay themed theatrical motion pictures with a special award presentation ceremony and a gala in Hollywood each year, This film invites you to join a star studded 2005 glitter event that included hosts Ryan Green of Queer as Folk, comedian Vicki Wagner and actors Ash Newman, Miles Swain and Vincent De Paul for a full night of glamour and fame, shocks and surprises. It's a night visit into the heart of Hollywood's gay entertainment industry.

Rise of the Chupacabras (2003)

In the murky twilight of a southern Arizona town, lurks the legend of a creature the locals call El Chupacabras, the "goat sucker". More frightening than it's tendency to prey on goats, draining them of their blood, however, is its new found interest in humans. As a modern day gold prospector seeks to find what he believes to be a lost gold mine, the old man who became a hero to the townsfolk years before when he hunted down what they thought was a vampire, knows the mine is actually the lair of a blood sucking monster, either vampire, or perhaps, a creature from outer space.

After The Dawn (2012)

After chemical warfare devastates the planet, a woman (Nicole Kruex) wanders the barren landscape in search of her family.

Thunder and Lightning (1977)

Thunder and Lightning is a 1977 comedy starring David Carradine and Kate Jackson and directed by Corey Allen.

Passenger to London (1937)

Passenger to London is a 1937 British espionage thriller film directed by Lawrence Huntington and starring John Warwick, Jenny Laird and Paul Neville.

The Good Life (2008)

The Good Life (Spanish: La buena vida) is a 2008 Chilean drama film directed by Andrés Wood and written by Mamoun Hassan. The film won the 2008 Goya Award for Best Spanish Language Foreign Film.

Lots and Lots of Trucks: Hard Workin' Trucks (2008)

Hey good buddies, no matter what your age, if you love trucks we guarantee you'll love this jam-packed action sing-a-long new DVD, Lots & Lots of Trucks : Hard Workin' Trucks! Its filled with lots and lots of construction trucks and ground-pounding, dirt-flying, close-up action! Plus, youll see trucks of every shape and size; there are so many trucks in this program youll hardly be able to count them all! You'll thrill to the crunching power of massive steam shovels, watch in awe as mighty logging machines saw through massive trees in seconds and witness real fire-fighting rigs in action! Plus, there's tow trucks, toy trucks, and plenty of trucks and tractors from down on the farm! See everything from big-rigs on the road and garbage hauling trucks to giant dumpers and mini-dozers - youll find them all in this fantastic collection! Special Bonus Section features a look at some good lookin trucks from the past! Spectacular camera footage combined with award-winning sing along song music by James Coffey and lots of real-life sounds make the thrilling action of these mighty machines a favorite among young and old alike!

Journey Beneath the Desert (1961)

Journey Beneath the Desert (Italian: Antinea, l'amante della città sepolta) is a 1961 Italian-French adventure film based on the novel Atlantida by Pierre Benoît.

Race for Glory (2013)

Filmmaker Adam Friedman discusses family and faith with some of stock car racing's biggest stars.

Let Us Live (1939)

As a result of mistaken eyewitness testimony and circumstantial evidence, cab driver Brick Tennant (Henry Fonda) and his friend, Joe Linden, are sentenced to die for murder. Certain they are innocent, Brick's fiancée, Mary Roberts (Maureen O'Sullivan), enlists Detective Lieutenant Everett (Ralph Bellamy) to find the car that was mistaken for Brick's taxi. Though a team of newsboys locates the missing cab and leads him to the culprits, Everett is suspended for trying to help the condemned men. And when they cannot convince the police to make an arrest, Everett and Mary are forced to capture the real killers themselves in order to save Brick and Joe from being put to death for a crime they didn't commit.

American Autumn: An Occudoc (2012)

The first feature length documentary on the Occupy movement, American Autumn: an occudoc offers answers for those who continue to ask: “what does the occupy movement stand for? What are our demands?”

A History of Christian Worship: Part 2 - The Body (2010)

Part 2, The Body explores baptism and explains the history behind the various methods and traditions associated with the practice in Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox churches.

Golden Gloves (2007)

This film tells the story of women competing in Golden Gloves boxing. Women had been trying to get into the competition for many years, but not until 1994 was the case for women given real attention. Threatened with a civil lawsuit from the ACLU, women were finally let in for the first time in 1995. As of today, boxing is the only sport in the Olympic games exclusively for men. This film follows eight women in the 2005 tournament who each think they can be the next champion. The filmmaker, Leyla, was a sparring partner for Hilary Swank while preparing for "Million Dollar Baby".

All Hell Broke Loose (2009)

A former sharpshooter from the Civil War falls in with a band of frontier outlaws.

Linkin Park: Conspiracy Theory (2004)

Fiercely melodic, rhythimaclly inventive and ruthlessly uncompromising, Linkin Park has created a unique collision of Pop, Metal and Hip Hop that becomes much more than the sum of its parts. With honest, intelligent and poetic lyrics, it's little wonder that the band has become the choice of a disenchanted generation. naturally, their rapid ascendancy has provoked claims of contrivance and hype, but Linkin Park has risen above these accusations with ease, taking their hybrid music one step closer to the mainstream, without diluting their message. This documentary tells the story of how it happened; a runaway success story that's only just begun.

Team Qatar (2009)

Qatar is said to be the world's richest country. Competitive debating is said to be a training ground for future world leaders. So when the Qatari Emiress charged two recent Oxford graduates with creating the country's first national debate team and taking them to the world championships, the stakes were high. TEAM QATAR follows the journey of five ambitious teens as they are initiated into the cutthroat subculture of competitive high-school debate. Aware that their region is associated in Western minds with oil, money, and jihad, they are determined to show they are not closed-minded extremists - and even more determined to win. Training in London, Doha, and New York, they learn a bit about the world as they hone their debating skills. The kids are charismatic and cultured, with strong views and immense curiosity. Only 20% of Qatar's residents are Qatari, and the team reflects this: Tina is Iranian, Vartan is Syrian-Armenian, Fatima is Iraqi, Ayesha is from Pakistan; and Talal is half Lebanese, half Qatari. Alex, their coach, was president of the Oxford Union, and he is determined to prepare them for victory - despite the fact that they've only been debating for six months. Will the team overcome their inexperience and hold their own against the sarcastic English, meticulous Singaporeans, and ferocious Australians, all with years of practice reducing lesser teams to tears? How will they deal with America? What will they make of Team Israel? Are they worldly enough to triumph? At stake in their minds is the chance to demonstrate to the rest of the world their skills as modern, free-thinking Middle-Easterners. Quirky and endearing, engaging and informative, the film offers an entertaining window onto the rapidly growing global culture of the Arab world and its relation to the West. Original Version/90 Minute director's cut. "ABSOLUTELY LOVELY" - THE GUARDIAN "HUGELY ENJOYABLE" - TIME OUT "ENGROSSING" -

One Step Beyond: The True Story of Géraldine Fasnacht (2012)

One Step Beyond takes us behind the scenes for a close up look at the lives of people involved in extreme sports. Geraldine Fasnacht, world-renowned snowboarder and base jumper, invites us into the small and close-knit community of today's real life supermen - wingsuit flyers... We join her on a rollercoaster ride across the full spectrum of human emotions, catapulting from total euphoria to devastating loss, living life at full force and in glorious technicolour. Until one day, out of nowhere, a dramatic event changes the course of Geraldine's life and forces her to reconsider her chosen path. In the face of tragedy, she decides to pick herself up and get back on the ride, to be swept up in a whirlwind of adrenaline. This bare bones, honest account gives us a window into the lives of ordinary men and women who have chosen to take an extraordinary path in life. Fasten your seat belts, we hope you enjoy your trip!

Put Your Heart on the Page (2013)

Anne Perry started out as a good writer, but has won greatness inch by inch by reading other authors, listening to editors and agents, and adapting techniques from other creators. Now you, too, can have a lesson from an author who The New York Times has called "First Rate," and who's included in the 100 Masters of the crime genre; who's sold 25 million copies worldwide to continuing critical acclaim. In this instructional video, Anne references her quintet of novels about World War One to demonstrate the various themes which need to be considered when you first pick up that pen. Although writing a book can be like climbing Everest, the advice you find here will save some troublesome extra drafts, and give you a head start towards an enjoyable writing experience and a successful novel.

Young Abraham (2011)

Young Abraham is a CGI animated film portraying the early years of biblical Abraham.

MindScans (2013)

While researching a story about an interface that connects the brain to a virtual reality device, reporter Sara Lincoln struggles with the technology's social and moral implications as the lines between her ethics, the virtual world, and reality blur.

Paws (1997)

Paws is an independent 1997 Australian family film that was released on 25 September 1997 in Australia and filmed in Sydney, New South Wales. The film stars 15-year-old guitarist Nathan Cavaleri who has adventures with PC - a talking Jack Russell Terrier (voiced by comedian Billy Connolly). The dog is computer literate- skills acquired from his former master allowing him to create a computer program that translates his words into English, with Zac subsequently designing a portable version that can be 'concealed' in a bow tie- and the pair must a stop a valuable disk from falling into bad hands.

Coney Island: Dreams for Sale (2013)

Business owners and amusement activists spend three years protecting the future of the park from developers and local politicians.

The Dungeon of Dr. Dreck (2008)

It's the 1960's. Local programming thrives as TV stations create shows for their viewing public. Suddenly the ""horror host"" becomes a nationwide presence on the airwaves as old horror and sci-fi movies are released to television. Dr. Dreck and Moaner go on the air in the small town of Fibbia, Mass. They incur the wrath of the station's grand dame, Louise Morgan, when the popularity of their show pushes her show off the air. So Louise gets nasty. But Dr. Dreck and Moaner can get nastier. Because they are what they really seem to be; a mad scientist and a zombie!

The Holy Roller (2010)

A nightclub owner turns his bar into a church and turns it over to the preacher who saved his life, but the city's shadier characters are unhappy with the downturn in crime.

The Impossible Kid of Kung Fu (1982)

The Impossible Kid is a Kung Fu movie made in 1982, starring Filipino actor Weng Weng. This movie is a sequel to For Your Height Only. Part of the comedic premise of this film involves the viewer’s suspension of disbelief during the fight scenes. The 2'9" Weng Weng was featured beating up, knocking out, and holding down average-sized men.

The Sword (1971)

This is an action packed movie. An ancient scroll is in the hands of a novice and everyone wants it. An ancient scroll has been stolen from the Emperor’s library. It contains information on a martial arts technique that is legendary. Somehow, this scroll is delivered to a young swordsman who does not know what he has. He is suddenly at the deadly focus of attention of several groups. The army wants the scroll for their soldiers. A martial arts school wants their pupils and alumni to be the best. A group of women who use snakes in their fighting techniques want the secret too.

Machine Gun Preacher Documentary (2014)

Sam Childers grew up in a household run by decent, hardworking parents. From a young age he was given almost everything he ever needed in order to grow up correctly. However, this didn't stop Childers from exploring the boundaries of life, getting in trouble every chance he got. His adult life saw him become a gunman for a dangerous gang, his duties getting him in severe trouble at every turn of the page. Childers grew sick of the troubles and decided to get himself out of the gang lifestyle. Now, his only aim in life is to go after the bad men that enslave children for unlawful purposes.

Ruby's Studio: The Feelings Show (2010)

"Ruby's Studio: The Feelings Show" is an award-winning, fun and uniquely stylish video that helps young children understand, appropriately express, and move through their feelings. Adorable host, Ruby, guides kids on a magical journey of learning through awesome animation, DIY art projects and original music. Featuring the voice of Mel Brooks and the music of Elizabeth Mitchell.

Tuba Atlantic (2010)

Tuba Atlantic is a Norwegian live action short film directed by Hallvar Witzø.

Nine Grounds (2006)

Charlie (Danny Phillips) goes on an all expense paid Cambodian trip with the his rich friend (Laurel Kemper), her mother (Crystal Noble) and soccer team. Before they are able to compete in a game, they are all kidnapped. After attempts to get help from others, his temperamental father, Chuck (Russ Metcalf) decides to take the matter on himself.

Return to the Wild: The Chris McCandless Story (2014)

A journey in the footsteps of the enigmatic young American named Chris McCandless, who vanished and ultimately perished in the Alaskan wilderness. New interviews and never before released letters probe the mystery behind the best-selling book and movie "Into the Wild."

The Beekeeper (2013)

Andrew Cote is the only New York City beekeeper making a living solely from keeping bees. But younger, more tech-savvy beekeepers nip at his heels. The world of beekeeping in New York city is a sweet but sticky tale.

Duck, Duck, Goose! (2005)

Duck, Duck, GOOSE! is a 20-minute comedy film short written, directed and edited by D. C. Douglas. It was first released in Los Angeles, California on 15 January 2005 and on DVD on 15 March 2010.

Clown (2007)

On a warm weekend in June, a group of friends venture to the mountains for a weekend getaway. No parents, no professors, just pure unadulterated fun and games. Little do they know, they're not alone. Out in the wilderness, just a stone's throw away at the edge of the tree line, there is a dark presence waiting and watching the group. One of the main protagonists, Rachel is the first to realize that there is peril in the woods beyond the rickety old cabin, where they'll be sleeping. Josh (who wants nothing more than to have the nerve to approach Rachel and tell her how much he adores her) politely humors her and her worries of them never making it home again. The rest of the group however, laughs off her comments about the rustling in the bushes, the sounds of crazy laughter, and the shadows that keep moving around. Is she just crazy, or are they going to be picked off one by one? The director of The Graveyard Shift and the NewGil Pictures production team bring you an old face of the horror genre. A film that doesn't waste your nerves on cheap thrills or "jumps". A throwback to a time when exploitation of gore, mutilation, and good old fashioned terror was fun.

The Name on the Bullet (2012)

New from Alpha Vision Films! This revisionist Western takes a second look at a fabled myth of the American frontier. Spanning the post-Civil War era to the turn of the century, "The Name on the Bullett" will call to question the generally accepted version of the fate of one of the most widely studied personalities in American criminal history. The production was filmed on location at the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia in Staunton, Va. New from Alpha Vision Films! This revisionist Western takes a second look at a fabled myth of the American frontier. Spanning the post-Civil War era to the turn of the century, "The Name on the Bullett" will call to question the generally accepted version of the fate of one of the most widely studied personalities in American criminal history. The production was filmed on location at the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia in Staunton, Va.New from Alpha Vision Films! This revisionist Western takes a second look at a fabled myth of the American frontier. Spanning the post-Civil War era to the turn of the century, "The Name on the Bullett" will call to question the generally accepted version of the fate of one of the most widely studied personalities in American criminal history. The production was filmed on location at the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia in Staunton, Va.New from Alpha Vision Films! This revisionist Western takes a second look at a fabled myth of the American frontier. Spanning the post-Civil War era to the turn of the century, "The Name on the Bullett" will call to question the generally accepted version of the fate of one of the most widely studied personalities in American criminal history. The production was filmed on location at the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia in Staunton, Va. Produced, written, and directed by James Overton Mark Miller - Director of Photography Susan Conner - Assistant Director

Nate Bargatze: Full Time Magic (2015)

Filmed at the Gramercy Theatre in New York City, the hilarious and charming "Full Time Magic" is Nate Bargatze's first one-hour stand-up special. Despite being a married man with a young daughter, Nate is not immune to embarrassing situations. It's hard to imagine the laid-back Tennessee native has been met with the prospect of fighting his wife's ex-boyfriend on a boat, been at risk of snake bites in Honduras, and was almost caught in a brawl at a McDonald's.

Michael Jordan, Above and Beyond (1996)

On October 6, 1993, Michael Jordan shocked the world by announcing his retirement from the NBA. After leading the Chicago Bulls to three consecutive NBA Championships, Michael felt that he had nothing to prove, and the game of basketball lost one of its greatest players and biggest stars. But there was more to prove.

The Lost Spirits (2009)

The lives of Native American family members in Queens, N.Y.

The Unknown (1946)

The Unknown is a 1946 mystery film directed by Henry Levin made by Columbia Pictures as the third and final part of its I Love a Mystery series based on the popular radio program. The previous films were I Love a Mystery (1945) and The Devil's Mask (1946).

The Rangers' Round-Up (1938)

Fred Scott, Al St John, Christine McIntyre, Earl Hodgins. Fred joins up with a traveling medicine show as a singer and marksman. In actuality, he's an undercover Texas Ranger who's been sent in to break up a ruthless gang that's responsible for a recent series of stage and express office robberies. Produced by Stan Laurel.

Truck Busters (1943)

Truck Busters is a 1943 American drama film directed by B. Reeves Eason and written by Robert E. Kent and Raymond L. Schrock. The film stars Richard Travis, Virginia Christine, Charles Lang, Ruth Ford, Richard Fraser, Tod Andrews and Frank Wilcox. The film was released by Warner Bros. on February 6, 1943.

What's in a Name? (2012)

What's in a Name? (original title: Le Prénom, literally "The Given Name") is a French-Belgian comedy film, written and directed by Alexandre de La Patellière and Matthieu Delaporte and released in 2012. It is adapted from the play Le Prénom by the same authors. The film was a box office success in France, selling 3,340,231 tickets.

Daydreams (1922)

Daydreams is a 1922 American short comedy film directed by and featuring Buster Keaton. The film is most famous for a scene where Keaton finds himself on the inside of a riverboat paddle wheel.

Once I Entered A Garden (2011)

Avi Mograbi and his Arab friend discuss the ideal binational state.

La maison du bonheur (2006)

La Maison du Bonheur (The House of Happiness) is a 2006 French comedy film directed by Dany Boon, adapted from the play La Vie de chantier (Life on a building site).

Heaven Before I Die (1997)

Heaven Before I Die is a 1997 indie comedy film written and directed by Izidore Musallam and starring Andy Velasquez, Giancarlo Giannini, Joanna Pacula and Omar Sharif.

UFO Chronicles: What the President Doesn't Know (2012)

This is a film where Dr. Steven Greer gives information about the numerous witnesses that seem to know more than they are revealing about possible UFO landings in the country. There are firsthand experiences and technology that has been used to identify some of the evidence produced.

Happy-Go-Lucky (1936)

Happy Go Lucky is a 1936 American musical film directed by Aubrey Scotto and written by Olive Cooper. The film stars Phil Regan, Evelyn Venable, Jed Prouty, William Newell, Jonathan Hale and Harlan Briggs. The film was released on December 14, 1936. by Republic Pictures.

Born to Be Wild (1938)

Born to Be Wild is a 1938 American action film directed by Joseph Kane and written by Nathanael West. The film stars Ralph Byrd, Doris Weston, Ward Bond, Robert Emmett Keane, Ben Hewlett and Charles Williams. The film was released on February 16, 1938, by Republic Pictures.

A Final Wish (2002)

She came back for the love she lost... A spurned lover returns for retribution in this thriller set on a college campus. Her target is the unsuspecting girlfriend that stood between her and her lover.

The Age of Ballyhoo (1973)

The fabulous Roaring Twenties live again in these two films, which capture the glamour and excitement of the snazziest and most audacious era of the American experience. The nation was at peace, the economy was flush, and a whole new generation was swept up in a wave of good times. Gloria Swanson, legendary star of the silent screen, narrates The Age of Ballyhoo, which is enriched with her own colorful memories, film clips and photographs. Winner of two film festival Gold Medals, two Silver Medals, and three Emmys from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, this 1973 documentary is assembled from rare, authentic souvenirs of the period: songs, graphics, newsreels and movies. Among them are scenes of Swanson in Manhandled and The Loves of Sunya, the sound newsreel of Lindbergh's take-off for Paris, sound footage of the original 1927 production of Show Boat and of blues legend Bessie Smith!

3.11: Surviving Japan (2013)

3.11: Surviving Japan is a documentary film about the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan written and directed by volunteer and resident Christopher Noland.

Imagine Dragons: The Making Of Night Visions (2014)

Imagine Dragons: The Making of 'Night Visions', follows one of the world's most exciting new alternative rock bands band during the process of writing and recording their debut album at the Palms Studio in their hometown of Las Vegas. In this documentary you also get a quick history of the band, how they formed, and how Alex Da Kid, a hip-hop producer, could get the much sought after rock band to sign with his label KIDinaKORNER, adding to the innovative sound of Imagine Dragons. From the first day or recording at the Studio at the Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, you get to see the close-knit friendships and collaborations of four extremely talented musicians. You get to watch Dan Reynolds and his unbelievable ability to write a song anywhere at any time, Wayne Sermon and his intense push for perfection in his music, Ben McKee, the willing friend and calming voice of the band, and Daniel Platzman, who can play almost any instrument handed to him when he steps away from the drums. Imagine Dragons have a truly unique creative method that plays out over the time spent working the studio. They have the ability to laugh with and tease each other, but also maintain a professional work environment. They work until they can barely stand up, and then prank anybody in their path to relieve tension. In The Making of 'Night Visions' we also get to see the band do what they do best... perform live to a packed and enthusiastic crowd. Fresh out of the studio, they perform songs live from their debut album to a raucous crowd in Hollywood, CA just a month before the release of their first full-length album. This is the story of a rising band who, after years of life on the road, is getting a chance to realize their dreams of a life in music. To them, their first album is everything--it's a statement of their sound, and an announcement that they've arrived.

Living Things (2014)

This is a comedy movie about a young wife who is about to have dinner with her father-in-law. Her husband has not yet arrived to keep them separated. Leo is a blue collar worker who loves meat and potatoes. His daughter-in-law is a yoga instructor who is committed to a vegan lifestyle. Leo’s son has arranged for his father to meet them as a couple for dinner. Unfortunately, the son is late. This leaves the two of them to converse with only each other. While he tries hard to get along with this young woman that his son loves, but he just cannot seem to ever say the right thing. She takes every statement he makes as an insult.

Roll-Call: Videograss (2013)

Watch as the best lineup of up-and-coming riders put their blood, sweat, and fears aside to get the shot again in the highly anticipated Roll Call. Last year you said "Holy Smokes," but this year we're going all out to produce some of the heaviest footage in the game. This is definitely not a movie you want to miss.

Mulberry Stains (2012)

A woman's (Tricia Jo Hoffman) life soon spins out of control after she is forced to return to the Texas town she hoped to never see again.

Tween (2008)

When Cecelia finds out that her thirteen-year-old daughter Mari is getting a two-week suspension for performing a sexually indiscriminate act on the vice-principal's son, she sees her own life unraveling before her. This weekend mother and daughter will confront the secrets that have delicately kept their relationship from falling apart, and they will ultimately take comfort in the dysfunction that has kept their bond so strong.

Dealin' With Idiots (2013)

Faced with the absurd competitiveness surrounding his son’s youth league baseball team, Max Morris, a famous comedian, decides to get to know the colorful parents and coaches of the team better in an attempt to find the inspiration for his next movie.

Journey to the 100 Man Fight: The Judd Reid Story (2013)

Judd Reid's journey to the 100 man fight. An inspirational story of courage and commitment.

Punk: The Early Years (2003)

This facinating film, shot in 1977 & 78, documents the early days of the punk rock phenomenon. From it's beginnings on London's pub rock circuit to UK chart domination. PUNK the early years' lifts the lid off the origins of the anti-fashion statements of Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm MacLaren, the Sex Pistol double whammy record deal farrago and the media bullshitters that hounded these so called dangers to decent society. Packed with live footage from The Adverts, X Ray Spex, The Slits, and Eddie & The Hot Rods. Also featuring extensive interviews with memebers of the bands as well as Siouxsie Sioux, Jordan, Steve Strange, Danny Baker, record company bosses, club owners, fans, and the last ever interview with Marc Bolan. This film gives valuable insight into the truth behind the music that literally changed the fact of pop culture.

Exhumation (2013)

Life took an unexpected and sudden turn for Joseph. He loses his job and girlfriend in one week. As Joseph begins to rebuild his life from a 'bad luck roller coaster ride,' his personal chaos begins to manifest at home through unexpected occurrences. Joseph starts to feel a metamorphosis of his being- of his world within his walls. Sure enough, like Murphy's Law, life starts to become even more complicated when a strange group of men begin investigating Joseph without cause. Joseph decides to stop the madness of events and pursue his own investigation. Life and its invisible forces convince Joseph there must be a logical explanation. Skeptical, Joseph looks to find the truth- but what was coming took him beyond.

I-Fak (2004)

Ai-Fak is a 2004 Thai drama film. It is based on the S.E.A. Write Award-winning novel by Chart Korbjitti, Khamphiphaksa.

The Telltale Heart (1928)

Lawrence Payne, Dermot Walsh. A very unusual and very entertaining adaptation of the classic Poe story. A shy loner discovers the girl he loves in the arms of his best friend. Murder and horror follow in dramatic fashion. Possibly the best filmed version of this story. 16mm.

Fall To Grace (2013)

Fall to Grace is a 2013 documentary film produced, filmed and directed by Alexandra Pelosi.

In the Shadow of the Palms - Iraq (2006)

In the Shadow of the Palms (2005) is a documentary produced and directed by the Australian filmmaker Wayne Coles-Janess. He filmed it in Iraq prior to, during and after the fall of Saddam Hussein after the United States invasion of 2003. An Arab-language film, it documents the changes in Iraqi society and the lives of ordinary Iraqis by focusing on a cross-section of individuals.

Reiki: The Power of Touch & the Art of the Healing Hand - A Day at the Spa Collection (2004)

When it comes to complimentary and alternative therapies, Reiki is deservedly becoming better known, and this wonderful treatment, based on ancient Japanese healing, is enjoying an increasing following all over the world. If this is the first you've heard of Reiki, or you'd just like to know what it's all about, then this program is definitely for you. Reiki translates from Japanese as "universal life force" and it evokes the flow of positive energy in all living beings. This is the perfect opportunity to watch a Reiki practitioner at work and see for yourself this gentlest of therapies in action. Discover the principles of Reiki, which will encourage self-growth, and learn how to use the force of Reiki for your own benefit and the well-being of those around you. Then, last but not least, try a little self-Reiki with an easy to follow demonstration that will help you to gently escape the stresses and strains of 21st Century life. You will: Explore the basic principles of this ancient Japanese form of hands-on healing • Create an atmosphere conducive to healing, and watch a Reiki practitioner at work • Learn how to do a Reiki treatment on yourself, whether at home or at your desk at work • Discover and access the chakras-- the centers of spiritual energy within the human body • Strengthen your immune system, and help your body fight infection • Restore equilibrium, and cope with stress and anger • Give your brain functions a boost • Relieve many ailments from head colds and backaches to intestinal problems and asthma • Boost your energy level and increase self-esteem • Find the inner strength to cope effectively in moments of crisis, and calm your frazzled nerves.

Bushisms (2004)

Based on the New York Times best-selling "BUSHISMS" books, this laugh-out-loud video features the accidental wit and wisdom of President George W. Bush as he makes statements like "There's no question that the minute I got elected, the storm clouds on the horizon were getting nearly directly overhead." Hosted by comedian/satirist Brian Unger (The Daily Show).

Eidolon (2015)

A new chapter in experimental horror begins with Eidolon, the debut of writer/ director Jeremy Magnan. Revolving around a memorable cast of characters that both echo and modernize classic archetypes, the film takes inspiration from the classics of all genres while combining a distinctive technical method and film theory. The story involves Ray Fowler who arrives at a house owned and rented out by landlord Brian Moorland to question him about the disappearance of Kelly Crowlar. Fowler soons finds out that Kelly is the latest in a string of disappeances that have occurred at the location, and Moorland can only speculate as to what may have happened. Eidolon is a new take on the horror genre, an experimental approach that is sure to shock you, toss you some laughs, and get you thinking.

Pirates of the Plain (1999)

Pirates of the Plain is a 1999 independent family adventure film, directed and written by John R. Cherry III, and starring Tim Curry and Seth Adkins. Pirates of the Plain details the adventure of Jezebel Jack (Tim Curry), a pirate that is sent to the future where he meets Bobby (Seth Adkins), a young boy with an overactive imagination.

Prom Night IV: Deliver Us from Evil (1992)

Prom Night IV: Deliver Us from Evil is a 1992 Canadian slasher horror film and is the fourth and final film in the Prom Night franchise. Like the previous film, it was released briefly in theaters before later being released to video.

Open Doors (1990)

Open Doors (Italian: Porte aperte) is a 1990 Italian film directed by Gianni Amelio. Set in Palermo in the 1930s, a judge who is morally against the death penalty is confronted with the case of a man who has murdered his wife and two colleagues in cold blood. Opposed by both the fascist government and public opinion, he struggles to do what he believes is right. Based on a 1968 novel, "Porte Aperte", by Leonardo Sciascia. The film was selected as the Italian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 63rd Academy Awards.

Party Camp (1987)

Party Camp is an American comedy film released in 1987. The plot revolves around a teenager (Andrew Ross) who takes a job as a summer camp counselor, only to spend the whole experience partying and engaging in hijinks.

Promise at Dawn (1970)

A Soviet silent-film actress (Melina Mercouri) raises her illegitimate son, who becomes the writer Romain Gary (Assaf Dayan).

Quest Of The Delta Knights (1993)

Quest of the Delta Knights is a 1993 fantasy/adventure sword and sorcery film that was featured in a September 1998 episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. It is one of only a few movies shown on MST3K that was made in the 1990s.

Paranormal Asylum (2013)

Nearly a century after the tragic, lonely death of Typhoid Mary, friends and aspiring filmmakers encounter her vengeful spirit.

Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream (2012)

Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream is a 2012 documentary film about the wealth gap in the United States directed by Alex Gibney.

Pat Metheny Group: The Way Up - Live (2006)

Pat Metheny is one of the most original and distinctive guitarists of modern times. Pat Metheny is one of the most original and distinctive guitarists of modern times. Together with long time collaborator and keyboards player Lyle Mays he founded the Pat Metheny Group in 1978. Instantly successful, they have established themselves at the forefront of jazz-rock fusion with a succession of best selling albums and sell out world tours. This new DVD, filmed in late 2005, features the full concert version of his most recent album "The Way Up", which earned Pat Metheny Group their 10th Grammy Award® and Metheny personally his 17th.

Patric (2015)

An angling correspondent who enjoys doing things the traditional way loses his job when the paper decides to go with a tech-centric alternative. With his peace of mind shattered and his way of life threatened, he begins walking a dark path.

Pearblossom Hwy (2012)

What else am I? What else can I say. I'm a trouble maker. I've always wanted to be a rebel, says Cory, one of the three protagonists of Pearblossom Hwy, directly into the camera. The other protagonists are Anna, an illegal immigrant from Japan who is selling her body to make money to get back home, and Jeff, Cory's homophobic brother, a former soldier who now lives day-to-day. In the style of New Wave filmmakers, the director draws on sensitive moments from actors' lives (meeting your father for the first time, a grandmother sick on another continent), so we are never sure if we are watching reconstructed reality or the director's vision. Ott warns us that his film is about the abandoned youth in the small towns of America and the fallacy of the American Dream, and most importantly, the truth that lies somewhere in that porous threshold between fact and fiction.

Pelican Dreams (2014)

Filmmaker Judy Irving follows a California brown pelican from her capture on the Golden Gate Bridge to a wildlife rehabilitation facility.

Penrod's Double Trouble (1938)

The Mauch Twins return in this fast-paced adventure, the third and final film in the Penrod series, loosely based on the stories by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Booth Tarkington (Alice Adams). Penrod Schofield (Billy Mauch) is missing! Convinced he’s been kidnapped, his parents post a $5,000 reward for any information leading to their boy’s return. So when a carnival huckster named Professor Caligostro brings Penrod home to his folks, they never suspect it’s really Danny Dugan (Bobby Mauch), a runaway orphan who’s the spitting image of their son. With the real Penrod held prisoner by Caligostro’s gang, it’s up to the guilt-ridden Danny to rally the neighborhood boys into finding Penrod before the reward is collected and the Professor escapes!

Pick Up the Mic (2006)

Pick Up the Mic is a documentary film, released in 2006, which profiles the underground homo hop scene, which is a subgenre of hip hop that includes gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender artists. The film was directed by Alex Hinton. The documentary had its premiere at the 2005 Toronto International Film Festival. Subsequently the film screened at other film festivals around the world. An edited version aired nationally in the United States on the Logo cable television channel. Though homophobia is a phenomenon commonly laid at the feet of mainstream hip hop, pop culture's relationship to it has also been shaped by white middle class LGBT communities' covert and overt racism and internalized homophobia. As a result, the attendant conversations in LGBT and straight mainstream media around the subject tend to gravitate toward the speculative (Queen Pen's 1998 single "Your Girlfriend") and the apocryphal (the brief career of self-proclaimed "gay rapper" Caushun, who was the subject of a flurry of mainstream press from 2001-2003, yet failed to release an album or single through his reported record deal with Kimora Lee Simmons' Baby Phat imprint). Homohop is a growing subgenre of aggressive pro-gay lyrics directly confronting the perceived homophobia of mainstream rap. It is a significant underground gay hip hop movement, spearheaded by many of the artists profiled in Pick Up the Mic. The performance footage in the documentary was shot at the PeaceOUT World Homo Hop Festival in Oakland, California between 2002 and 2004, and Peace Out East, a sister festival in New York City curated by Judge "Dutchboy" Muscat and Shante "Paradigm" Smalls. All of the artists featured in Pick Up the Mic have released multiple independent recordings and have toured the United States and internationally over the past several years. Katastrophe, Deep Dickollective and Scream Club have been among the most prolific, with the Scream Club making several tours across Europe in recent years, where they have developed a cult-like following.

PoliWood (2009)

PoliWood is a 2009 documentary film directed by Barry Levinson and produced by Tim Daly, Robin Bronk and Robert E. Baruc.

Popi (1969)

Popi is a 1969 American comedy-drama film directed by Arthur Hiller. The screenplay by Tina Pine and Lester Pine focuses on a Puerto Rican widower struggling to raise his two young sons in the New York City neighborhood known as Spanish Harlem, and stars Alan Arkin and Rita Moreno.

Portrait of Wally (2012)

Egon Schiele's "Portrait of Wally," a painting stolen by Nazis, hung in the Museum of Modern Art until a historic lawsuit put it back in the hands of its rightful owners.

The Princess Castle (1996)

Princess Castle is a movie about the Middle Ages and how the lives of people were during that time. In the movie, a terrible army makes its way across Europe destroying everything in its path. The evil army takes down towns and castles, killing and pillaging anything in their path including animals. One final castle stands between the evil army and destroying everything in Europe. An entire army goes in to the castle to makes its final stand against the evil army. Throughout the movie, the plight of the people living during this time is shown, as is many land battles.

Psych:9 (2010)

Psych: 9 is a 2010 American-Czech horror film directed by Andrew Shortell. It stars Sara Foster and Michael Biehn.

Ralphie May: Prime Cut (2007)

Ralphie May returns with another installment of his hilarious insights and observations. Videotaped on location at The Tennessee Theatre in Knoxville, TN, Ralphie keeps the audience in stitches as he offers commentary on the topics he's most passionate about: mullets, dudes who wear flip-flops, being right vs. being happy, his favorite gifts, and silence! Ralphie May's popularity exploded after the success of NBC's hit reality series, Last Comic Standing, when America thought he was robbed of the winner's title during the first season. But, coming in second place has not stopped him from becoming one of the most recognizable comedians in the country. As seen on Comedy Central, Prime Cut marks the follow-up to his hugely successful Warner Bros./Jack Records CD and DVD, Girth Of A Nation.

Rapt (2009)

Rapt is a 2009 French dramatic film directed by Lucas Belvaux and starring Yvan Attal. It was nominated for 4 César Awards in 2010, including Best Film. It was released in France on 18 November 2009. Attal plays Stanislas, a wealthy and high-profile businessman who is kidnapped and held for ransom, his finger mailed to his family with their demands. His family comes into conflict with the police and his corporate associates as they struggle to raise the money and pay off the kidnappers. His business associates refuse to pay the ransom, but agree to loan the family only as much as the family's net worth. Stanislas is kept in darkness, unwashed, with little food, constantly threatened by his kidnappers. Details of his mistresses and gambling emerge in the media. His wife, Francoise, and teenage daughters are traumatized. His business colleagues use it as an opportunity to turn against him. His mother rebukes his wife for not meeting his needs at home.Traumatized by his kidnapping Stanislas returns to his family expecting comfort and joy. Instead he is met by an equally distraught wife and two daughters who demand explanations for his affairs and gambling that has been splashed all over the media. Only his dog is happy to see him. His business associates are eager to tell him that he has been ousted as chairman of the board during his absence. The government suspects that he arranged his own kidnapping to pay off his debts and demands that he submit to questioning. In the last scene he signs papers selling his shares, and mentions to his lawyer that he is too tired to sign divorce papers that day. He opens the mail and finds a note from his previous kidnappers demanding 5 times his net worth. The film is inspired by the true story of the kidnapping of Édouard-Jean, 3rd Baron Empain, a very wealthy Hungarian-born Belgian aristocrat. The kidnapping of Baron Empain took place in Paris in January 1978.

Rickie Lee Jones: Live in Stockholm (Live Pa Berns) (2010)

A rocking intimate live concert performance with Rickie Lee Jones, from Stockholm's royal Berns venue.

Rise Above the Mark (2014)

Rise Above the Mark is a documentary narrated by Peter Coyote that brings to light the heartbreaking realities of public education. It's the story of what happens when politics enters the classroom. Public schools are boxed in by current corporate reforms. Rules and regulations restrict vision, depreciate funding, demoralize teachers, and turn students into test-taking machines, robbing them of time to foster creativity. Rise Above the Mark focuses on Indiana's struggles with public school reforms—the same types of struggles experienced in schools throughout the United States. Hear directly from teachers who fight for our kids every day, and experts Diane Ravtich, Linda Darling-Hammond, Marc Tucker, and Pasi Sahlberg as they discuss how America can make positive changes to provide an exceptional public school system for all children.

Rising From Ashes (2012)

Rising From Ashes is an independent film about the development of a national cycling team in Rwanda, a country still affected by 1994 Rwandan Genocide where an estimated 500,000–1,000,000 Rwandans were killed.

Face the Thunder (2011)

Twelve bikers from Sacramento, California travel across the country to Washington, D.C. to raise awareness for POW's and MIA's.

Roadmap Genesis (2015)

Filmmaker Nolan Lebovitz uses the Book of Genesis to create a roadmap containing guideposts for living a productive, fruitful, fulfilling life.

The Unholy (1988)

The Unholy is a 1988 horror film directed by Camilo Vila and starring Ben Cross and Ned Beatty. It also features Trevor Howard in his final role.

A Deal Is a Deal (2008)

Three and Out is a 2008 British black comedy film directed by Jonathan Gershfield. It premiered in London on the 21 April 2008 and was released in the UK and Ireland on 25 April 2008. It was released in Australia under the title A Deal Is a Deal.

Three Loves Has Nancy (1938)

Three Loves Has Nancy (1938) is a romantic comedy film starring Janet Gaynor, Robert Montgomery and Franchot Tone. Set in New York City, it was directed by Richard Thorpe.

To Catch a Dollar: Muhammad Yunus Banks on America (2010)

To Catch a Dollar: Muhammad Yunus Banks on America is a 2010 documentary film directed and produced by Gayle Ferraro about the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner's ongoing campaign against poverty around the world. It touches on the beginnings of the original Grameen Bank in the 1970s, then focuses primarily on the beginnings of Grameen America's work in the US, especially the launch of its first programs in Queens, New York in 2008. The title of the film comes from a clip of Muhammed Yunus speaking in the film: "In a world where you need a dollar to catch a dollar, you need to have something to help the bottom people to lift themselves up." The film premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. It is expected to open in New York City and Los Angeles in early 2011 and then go into general release in the United States and abroad.

Triggerman (2009)

A legendary poker-playing outlaw, Triggerman, arrives in town for the wildest gambling tournament this side of the West. As the tournament begins, he’ll get caught up in a violent showdown as bandits try to cheat their way to the finals. With his hand on the trigger, this outlaw won’t let anything come between him and his winning hand.