Oso Blanco (2009)

The history of the most-notorious prison in the Caribbean.

Speechless (2012)

In southern China, a man is found naked on a riverbank. Doctors cannot get the man to talk, and a nurse's aide sneaks him to his uncle's home in order to keep him out of a mental institution.

Demon Wind (1990)

A man's investigation into his long-dead parents' demise leads to the haunted family mansion and a date with a demon.

Mrs. Carey's Concert (2011)

A high-school musical director puts on a concert every five years at the Sydney Opera House and insists that all 1,200 girls participate in the performances.

What's in a Name (2012)

Vincent tells his childhood friends that he plans to name his child Adolf, and it causes unpleasant memories to surface for some of them.

Marie From the Bay of Angels (1998)

A seductive teen (Vahina Bronchain) working at a 1960s U.S. naval base in the Mediterranean is drawn to a ferocious outsider (Frdric Malgras).

Mercenaries of the Rio Grande (1965)

While in Mexico to obtain financial support for Benito Juarez, a German doctor (Lex Barker) becomes involved in the hunt for hidden Aztec gold.

Taken by Storm: The Art of Storm Thorgerson and Hipgnosis (2011)

Artist Storm Thorgerson has designed some of rock music's most iconic album covers, including Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon."

Search and Destroy (1988)

A commando (J. Christian Ingvordsen) and his team trap foreign terrorists in a top-secret virus plant, which leaks.

The Fire Engine That Disappeared (1993)

Stockholm policemen (Gsta Ekman, Rolf Lassgrd) track a narcotics syndicate, culminating in a violent airport showdown.

La blonde aux seins nus (2010)

Julien and Louis are brothers who decide to steal a painting, but a museum security guard, Rosalie, catches them and keeps them locked up.

Return (1985)

An Arkansan (Karlene Crockett) meets a young man (John Walcutt) possessed by the spirit of her slain grandfather.

Heart of the West (1936)

Hopalong Cassidy comes to the aid of a family interested in building an enclosure to protect their cattle and property.

Confession of a Gangster (2010)

Hoping for a better life, two women hatch a plan to steal money from a drug dealer (David Fernandez).

Valley of the Bees (1968)

A newly married man sends his young son off to join an order of religious knights.

Little House: The Last Farewell (1984)

Charles and Caroline Ingalls (Michael Landon, Karen Grassle) return to Walnut Grove and lead opposition to a land-grabber.

Pandora's Beauty (2000)

A man's (Jean-Francois Casabonne) fling with a stranger (Pascale Bussires) ends his marriage, and her dark secret brings grief and danger.

Yana's Friends (1999)

As Iraqi scud missiles fly overhead and an entire country locks itself into airtight rooms, Yana (Evelyn Kaplun) and her fellow Russians wrestle with the challenges facing them in their new life in Israel during the Gulf War. Yana's husband has left her and she shares an apartment with Eli (Nir Levy), a photographer with a passion for casual sex. While in threat of poisonous gas their stories merge and love blossoms.

Night Wind (1999)

A lonely housewife (Catherine Deneuve) depends too heavily on her young lover (Xavier Beauvois), while he spends his time trying to get a job as an architect's (Daniel Duval) assistant.

Borrowing Trouble (1937)

A long-delayed wedding finally occurs under less-than-sentimental circumstances.

Fetih 1453 (2012)

After the death of his father, Sultan Mehmet II takes the Ottoman throne and gathers his forces to lay siege to Constantinople.

Chaalbaaz (1989)

Separated twins Anju and Manju are poles apart in nature. While the gentle Anju is bullied by all, Manju is a street-smart girl. By a twist of fate, they end up switching places and cause an upheaval.

The Chosen (2005)

When brutal and mysterious murders lead investigators to Uppsala University, a student becomes involved in the investigation.

Swirl (2003)

A white woman falls in love with her lifelong friend, a black man who resists the idea of an interracial romance.

Silent Witness (1985)

A young woman (Valerie Bertinelli) opposes her husband (John Savage) and his family after seeing her brother-in-law (Chris Nash) commit rape.

The White Viking (1991)

In order to save his bride, a pagan makes a deal with a king to convert the people in Iceland to Roman Catholicism.

A Little Closer (2011)

A single mother (Sayra Player) grapples with loneliness and harsh economic realities, while her sons (Parker Lutz, Eric Baskerville) cope with their awakening sexuality.

SoulMaid (2007)

A goddess threatens the relationship between two gay men (Joe Schenck, Tom Bailey).

The Bad Intentions (2011)

An imaginative Peruvian child (Fatima Buntinx) believes that her life will come to an end when her pregnant mother (Katerina D'Onofrio) gives birth.

Murder Capital of the World (2012)

Charlie Minn investigates the forces behind the violence in Ciudad Juarez.

Dazzle (2000)

A fairy takes the form of a human and visits a widowed father and his daughter.

Bridge of Sighs (1936)

A woman (Dorothy Tree) confesses to murder to save her brother from the charge.

Buenas Noches Año Nuevo (1964)

A marriage dedicated to entertainment implements a fantasy in which they are secret lovers.

Rollercoaster (1999)

In a desperate hour, five teenagers choose a bankrupt amusement park to let loose and pursue a fantasy. Darrin, his girlfriend Chloe, his best friend Stick, the group clown Sanj and Darrin's tag-along kid brother Justin "borrow" their group home counselor's car for a day of escape at Wonder World.

The First 7th Night (2009)

A taxi driver (Gordon Lam) guides a trucker (Julian Cheung) to a remote village that supposedly is haunted.

YellowBrickRoad (2010)

An expedition sets out to explore a mysterious forest where the residents of a town all died.

The Suitors (1988)

A widow (Pouran Esrafily) must fend off her Iranian husband's friends after his accidental death.

Waited For (2011)

Three South African lesbians adopt across racial lines.

Yellowstone Cubs (1963)

Separated from their mother, two young bears roam through Yellowstone National Park.

Endgame (1984)

A telepathic mutant (Moira Chen) recruits a post-World War III TV game-show warrior (Al Cliver) to lead her band of mutants to safety.

Por tu culpa (2012)

Sara goes to the beach for vacation. She Is a provincial woman who becomes involved with two men who discover that they are brothers, and that they are madly in love with her.

The Wild Party (1975)

A comic hopes to make a comeback by staging a lavish party and showing a movie he has made to Hollywood bigwigs.

Night at the Crossroads (1932)

A gang of thieves hides out in a garage after robbing a jewelry store and killing the owner. An escape becomes complicated when the beautiful leader (Winna Winifried) falls in love with the detective in charge of capturing them.

State Park (1990)

Three coeds (Kim Myers, James Wilder, Isabelle Mejias) find boyfriends in a state park used for dumping by a pesticide company.

Legend of the Werewolf (1975)

On the trail of a fiend who kills during the full moon, a police officer is led to a French zoo and its keeper.

Beyond All Limits (1959)

A wealthy fisherman (Pedro Armendriz) suspects that his wife's (Mara Flix) former lover (Jack Palance) is the father of their son.

The Big Bluff (1933)

A man is hired to impersonate a British lord who gained his status through an advantageous marriage.

The Ice Rink (1999)

A director (Tom Novembre) deals with setbacks, egotistic actors and a fast-approaching deadline as he tries to complete his latest movie.

Big Town (1932)

A crime reporter gets the scoop on a series of extortion-related murders.

Beast Paradise (2012)

A violent man goes too far in an argument with his wife and must flee with his children to a chic ski resort. He constructs a world of illusion to maintain the love of his children.

The Dogwalker (2000)

Jerry (Will Stewart) has no job or home, and his unscrupulous nature has left him with few prospects for future success, but things change for him after he meets elderly Alma (Carol Gustafson) while she's taking a stroll with her dog. Alma falls and breaks her hip, and Jerry helps get her to the hospital. Alma's daughter, Helene (Stepfanie Kramer), then rewards Jerry by giving him a job as her mother's live-in assistant. But the rude Alma and her cranky pals soon make Jerry's life a living hell.

Ije (2010)

Chioma travels from Nigeria to Hollywood to help her sister in a murder case.

Cruisin' Down the River (1953)

A New York nightclub singer (Dick Haymes) inherits a riverboat and a family feud on the Chattahoochee.

Bobcaygeon (2012)

Filmmaker Andy Keen documents The Tragically Hip's concert in Bobcaygeon, Ontario.

Billy the Kid's Gun Justice (1940)

Billy and friends come to the aid of ranchers victimized by a crooked land dealer.

Get Out Alive (2012)

After becoming stranded at a desolate truck stop, Paul and Marilyn discover a strange creature in a cage behind an auto shop -- and the mechanic tries to feed them to it.

Black Bandit (1938)

A young sheriff is shocked to discover that the notorious outlaw he's been following is actually his long-lost twin.

Super Sleuth (1937)

Self-absorbed actor Bill Martin (Jack Oakie) plays detectives on-screen so often that he has fooled himself into believing he can fill the same role in real life. When a series of celebrity murders perplexes the police, Bill announces that he can easily solve the crimes. As the clueless sleuth investigates, he draws the ire of the case's real detectives as well as the consternation of his long-suffering publicist, Mary Strand (Ann Sothern), and the unwanted attentions of the actual killer.

The Muthers (1976)

An American woman receives unexpected help when she attempts to free her sister from a brutal South American prison.

The Black Chapel (1959)

In the spring of 1940, three high-ranking German officers plot Hitler's downfall.

Running Out of Time (1999)

A Chinese superthief (Andy Lau) is dying but intends to gull a persistent police inspector (Ching-Wan Lau) when he makes his last jewel robbery.

Vito Bonafacci (2011)

A successful businessman (Paul Borghese) explores the meaning of faith after his late mother appears to him in a dream and implores him to abandon his pursuit of wealth.

Ringo's Big Night (1966)

A man (William Berger) breaks out of jail to prove his innocence in a stagecoach robbery and bring the real thieves to justice.

Bringing Up Father (1940)

A socialite's romantic involvement with a restaurateur's son complicates another's plans to shut down the eatery.

Jalwa (1987)

A young man dies of a drug overdose, evoking a rage in his brother, who vows to put an end to the drug trade and traffickers.

Noah's Ark and the Genesis Flood (1977)

Researcher Jack Dabner reveals evidence of the existence of Noah's Ark.

La chica del alacrán de oro (1988)

Enemies are looking for the girl with a golden scorpion tattoo.

D.I.Y. or Die: How to Survive as an Independent Artist (2002)

Documentary filmmaker Michael W. Dean talks to a generation of artists of various types who have gained critical -- and in several cases financial -- success by staying true to their own visions and refusing to be co-opted by the mass media. In long, detailed interviews with figures including 1980s underground shock filmmaker Richard Kern, author and spoken-word performer Beth Lisick and post-punk music icons Lydia Lunch and Ian Mackaye, Dean explores the necessity of self-reliance.

Broadway Big Shot (1942)

A newspaper reporter poses as a prison convict to get some inside information for a crime story.

Invincible Kung Fu Legs (1980)

A young man (Kang Peng) seeks revenge after a martial artist (Tao-liang Tan) kills his brother during a duel.

Johnny Doughboy (1943)

A teenage actress hopes that a romance with an older man will help her break out of the "kiddie picture" mold.

Forbidden Valley (1938)

The son (Noah Beery Jr.) of a fugitive mountain man meets a rich girl (Frances Robinson) and goes to town.

Onmyoji II (2004)

A man (Mansai Nomura) must save nobility from demons searching for body parts.

Cold Fish (2000)

A couple (Conrad Asquith, Nadia Strahan) lures an ambitious intern (Jon-Paul Gates) at a television station into a world of deception and violence.

The First Division (1941)

Pilots serving on a Polish air force base face danger in the air.

Trans (2012)

Filmmaker Chris Arnold provides a glimpse into the lives of transgendered people.

Door Ki Awaaz (1964)

Prakash lives in Chandan Nagar along with his sister Mala his and widowed mom. During a train ride, Mala has an accident and is brought to hospital.

Alfie, The Little Werewolf (2011)

When Alfie turns seven, he suddenly changes into a white fluffy werewolf. He struggles with understanding why this is happening to him, because the wolf at night is capable of doing things that the shy boy would not during the day.

Trader Horn (1931)

Famous African explorer Trader Horn (Harry Carey) sails to a small village with Peru (Duncan Renaldo), his best friend's son. That night, their camp is disrupted by the arrival of Trader's friend Edith Trent (Olive Carey), a missionary searching for her missing daughter, Nina (Edwina Booth). Shortly afterwards, Trader and Peru come across Edith's dead body. Continuing the expedition, they discover Nina is now the evil leader of a nearby tribe, and plans to sacrifice them.

Never Too Young to Dream (2001)

A soccer star (Plutarco Haza) returns to his hometown and helps a janitor (Hctor Surez) coach a children's team.

Soledad (1947)

An Argentinian maid secretly marries her employer, but he leaves her soon after to marry a rich woman.

Waste: The Nuclear Nightmare (2010)

Researchers discuss the science and politics of nuclear power and disposal of the waste generated.

Terror Trail (1946)

The Durango Kid (Charles Starrett) heads off a range war over cattle and sheep.

City in Darkness (1939)

Detective Charlie Chan (Sidney Toler) goes to Paris and solves the murder of a munitions magnate.

Money Buys Happiness (1999)

Married Money (Jeff Weatherford) and Georgia (Megan Murphy) begin to part when he seeks a spiritual quest, and she, an old suitor.

Baby Genius 3: Baby Squad Investigators (2012)

An evil genius baby steals the Crown Jewels from the Tower of London, and the Baby Squad uses its secret baby language to solve the mystery.

Here and There (2009)

Robert tries to make money by marrying someone who needs U.S. immigration papers, and a young Serbian emigrant tries to earn money in New York City to pay for his girlfriend's passport.

Without a Fight (2012)

Soccer brings social change in Kibera, Kenya, where one of Africa's largest slums exists.

Butch Minds the Baby (1942)

A dimwitted ex-con is reformed by the child of a woman he saved from a suicide attempt. Based on a Damon Runyon story.

Before My Heart Falls (2012)

A teenager has a key moment in her life before she commits an act she will always regret.

The Amulet of Ogum (1974)

A blind guitar player entertains thieves with a story of a criminal living in Rio de Janeiro who could not be harmed by weapons after a blessing from Ogum.

U.S. Seals II (2001)

A former soldier (Michael Worth) tries to rescue a kidnapped nuclear physicist from a terrorist (Damian Chapa) who wants her to create warheads.

The Perfumed Nightmare (1980)

A Filipino jitney driver (Kidlat Tahimik) who idolizes America's space program comes to reject the rapid encroachment of technology.

Man Without a Cell Phone (2010)

Jawdat weaves his way through politics and traditional values while avoiding his father, Salem, who thinks a cell tower is poisoning the village with radiation.

Blackmailer (1936)

Dinner party guests become murder suspects when an extortionist they all hated turns up dead.

Alley Pat: The Music Is Recorded (2009)

Filmmakers profile the man who helped start classic rhythm & blues radio.

Night of the Ghouls (1959)

A TV psychic (Criswell) tells the tale of Dr. Acula (Kenne Duncan), seance con man.

Divorcing God (2011)

The effects modern day life has on biblical ideals.

Dónde Quedó la Bolita (1992)

A group of ambitious singers travel to Ixtapa, but are rejected when they ask to be given an audition.

Hospitalité (2010)

The lives of a Japanese print-shop owner (Kenji Yamauchi) and his family are thrown into disarray by an increasing number of uninvited houseguests.