Juvenile Jungle (1958)

Juvenile Jungle is a 1958 American crime film directed by William Witney and written by Arthur T. Horman. The film stars Corey Allen, Rebecca Welles, Richard Bakalyan, Anne Whitfield, Joe Di Reda and Joe Conley. The film was released on April 24, 1958, by Republic Pictures.

Fleisch (1979)

Fleisch is a German cult film by Rainer Erler about organ trafficking produced in 1979.

Terror Squad (1988)

Somewhere in the Middle East, a passionately flamboyant Arab leader whips his people into a frenzy during a street protest against America's superpower.

The Babysitters (2007)

The Babysitters is a 2007 independent drama film directed by David Ross. It stars Katherine Waterston, John Leguizamo, and Cynthia Nixon. The story follows a teenager who turns her babysitting service into a call girl service for married men after fooling around with one of her customers.

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989)

Starship Enterprise crew takes the ultimate voyage as they search for God and the mysteries of the cosmos, both believed to be found on the legendary planet Shakaree. The crew set off in search of 'Paradise' beyond the Great Barrier when there is a mutiny on board. Spock's mystic brother is the root of the problems.

Defcon 2012 (2010)

Thieves land on Earth 200 years after a war with aliens has turned the planet into a nuclear wasteland, and they become trapped in an underground city.

Cinematic Titanic: East Meets Watts (2009)

Kung Fu hits the streets! Young Larry Chin arrives from China looking for his long-lost brother and stumbles into some shady characters that'd just as soon see him go home - or get dead. He crosses paths with Stud Brown, and the two become an unlikely duo as they fight to clean up the 'hood, and make time for some lady loves they meet along the way. And hang on tight for the surprise twist ending. It's all living color kungsploitation glory, live with Cinematic Titanic.

Triumph of the Ten Gladiators (1964)

Triumph of the Ten Gladiators (Italian: Il trionfo dei dieci gladiatori is a 1964 peplum film written and directed by Nick Nostro and starring Dan Vadis. It is the sequel of Gianfranco Parolini's The Ten Gladiators, and it was followed by Spartacus and the Ten Gladiators.

Michael Schumacher: The Red Baron (2012)

Officially labeled 'The greatest driver Formula One has ever seen', Schumacher has redefined this elite sport through his ability, dedication, media presence and appeal. The first German to ever win the Formula One World Championship, Michael Schumacher is revered and single-handedly credited with popularizing this sport in his country and beyond.

Too Young The Hero (1988)

Too Young the Hero is a 1988 American made-for-television drama war film directed by Buzz Kulik and starring Rick Schroder. It premiered on CBS on March 27, 1988. The film tells the true story of a 12-year-old boy who forges his mother's signature to join the United States Navy during World War II. It is based on the real life of Calvin Graham, who was the youngest American serviceman of the war. The film was produced by Trucon Productions in Virginia Beach, Virginia and in Wilmington, North Carolina for CBS.

A Company Of Heroes (2012)

A Company of Heroes is a war film based off of a video game by the same name. The story is centered on the period of time during the end of World War II and it takes on an alternate history route. The film follows a small squad of American soldiers who are stuck on a routine mission near the Belgian Ardennes. These soldiers run into a strong German infantry force that pushes them off of their destined target. On their frantic run back to friendly territory they run into a terrifying German experiment that could swing the tides of war.

Wall Street Cowboy (1939)

Wall Street Cowboy is a 1939 American film starring Roy Rogers.

Heart of the Rockies (1937)

Heart of the Rockies is a 1937 American Western "Three Mesquiteers" B-movie directed by Joseph Kane.

Il bosco 1 (1988)

Evil Clutch (also known as Il Bosco 1) is a 1988 Italian horror film written and directed by Andrea Marfori and distributed by Troma Entertainment. An American college student joins her Italian boyfriend for a romantic weekend trip. Along the way, they pick up a voluptuous female hitchhiker who turns out to be a maniacal demon with a ferocious deadly claw-like hand. Tagline: The nightmare that grabs you where you least expect it!

Shaolin: The Blood Mission (1984)

Shaolin: The Blood Mission is an Asian action film. A secret book is hidden deep behind the walls of a Shaolin temple. An opposing general searches for the mysterious book. The general learns the location of the book, and he begins his journey to the Shaolin temple. The general infiltrates the temple, but he is soon met with much resistance from the warriors of the Shaolin temple.

Aliens from Outer Space (2011)

Researcher Bill Knell reveals facts that surround myths about UFO sightings.

Kevin Smith: Burn in Hell (2012)

Kevin Smith: Burn In Hell is the fifth installment of Kevin Smith's Q&A series and was broadcast on Epix on February 11, 2012.

Dark Blue World (2001)

Having flown for the British Royal Air Force, Czech pilot Franta Sláma (Ondrej Vetchy´) finds himself imprisoned in a post-WWII totalitarian Communist labor camp for "betraying" his country. Rewinding this story, award-winning director Jan Sverák takes us back to when Franta and his young protégé Karel Vojtisek (Krystof Hádek) escape Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia to join the RAF in fighting the Germans. Frustrated at not being allowed to fly against the enemy until they can speak English and their RAF re-training is complete, a strong father/son bond between Franta and Karel quickly develops. After three months of training they are finally sent into combat, but the stress of the war, plus their mutual love for a married English woman, tests their strong friendship. DARK BLUE WORLD is a story about love, comradeship and sacrifice told with the nostalgic sentiment of classic Hollywood movies and the romance and historical backdrop of World War II.

The Monkey's Uncle (1965)

The Monkey's Uncle is a 1965 Walt Disney production starring Tommy Kirk as genius college student Merlin Jones and Annette Funicello as his girlfriend, Jennifer. The title plays on the idiom "monkey's uncle" and refers to a chimpanzee named Stanley, Merlin's legal "nephew" (a legal arrangement resulting from an experiment to raise Stanley as a human); Stanley otherwise has little relevance to the plot. Jones invents a man-powered airplane and a sleep-learning system. The film is a sequel to the 1964 film The Misadventures of Merlin Jones.

American Storytellers (2003)

Filmmaker Kevin Mukherji takes the viewer on a philosophical journey into the minds of four American Storytellers, giving the public an inside look into the thoughts and views of successful directors of motion pictures. John McNaughton (Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Wild Things), Harold Ramis (Animal House, Analyze This), Forest Whitaker (Waiting to Exhale, Last Kind of Scotland) and John Sayles (Lone Star, The HoneyDrippers) discuss what life, art, their starts and the process of filmmaking.

NHL Stanley Cup Champions 2012: Los Angeles Kings (2012)

The cup has finally come to LA! Experience every historic moment of the 2012 Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings.

15 días contigo (2005)

A story of hope ,courage and romance between an ex-jailbird and a junkie and how the hard life on the streets will challange their friendship forever.

O.A.R.: Live From Madison Square Garden (2007)

Recorded and shot Live at O.A.R.s SOLD OUT show at Madison Square Garden in New York on January 27th, 2007. Directed by Sam Erickson (Dave Matthews Band/John Mayer/My Morning Jacket), this 12 Camera HD Shoot captures all of the energy of this amazing show. This is the ultimate O.A.R. Live piece.

Border Break (2014)

College students on a road trip in Mexico are forced on a detour, which leads to a kidnapping and murder.

On the Border (1998)

A bank security guard plans a heist, but unbeknown to him, two others are planning to steal the same money.

Dream Slashers (2007)

Dream Slashers is a low-budget horror movie that was a straight to DVD release in 2007. Filmed under the title Choppers, Dream Slashers was filmed in Los Angeles, Palm Springs and the Salton Sea.

Lost in Siberia (1991)

Archaeologist Andrei Miller (Anthony Andrews) is mistaken for a British spy while in Iran, and so he gets arrested and sentenced to Stalin's gulags, or labor camps. After attempting an escape and receiving 25 more years on his sentence, he resigns himself to a miserable life. As he struggles to survive, he falls in love with a doctor (Elena Mayorova). But when the camp's chief learns of this love, he sends Miller away to Kolyma, an even harsher labor camp where few survive.

Blind Man (2007)

Two filmmakers (Brian McGuire, Bret Roberts) hit the road to show their movie at the CineVegas International Film Festival.

Discarded Lovers (1932)

Discarded Lovers is a 1932 American Pre-Code mystery film directed by Fred C. Newmeyer.

Milltown Pride (2011)

Will Wright (Thomas Sneed) struggles to be the best ballplayer on the mill team to make it to the minor league.

Pride of the Bowery (1940)

Pride of the Bowery is a black-and-white 1940 film and the fourth installment in the East Side Kids series. It was directed by Joseph H. Lewis and produced by Sam Katzman. It was released by Monogram Pictures on December 15, 1940.

Poet's Pub (1949)

Poet's Pub is a 1949 British comedy film directed by Frederick Wilson and based on the 1929 novel by Eric Linklater. The film was one of four of David Rawnsley's Aquila Films that used his proposed "independent frame" technique. It was made at Pinewood Studios.

Doggie Tails, Vol. 1: Lucky's First Sleep-Over (2003)

Doggie ails ol. : ucky’s irst leep-Over s he irst nstallment f he eloved hildren’s eries hat ill ntertain nd ducate he ntire amily! t’s ucky’s irst ight way rom er amily nd he s eeling little cared nd onely. hat s until he eets doggie rphan amed atches nd ther ennel riends ho hare heir mazing maginary dventures o onderful laces ike oggie aradise! hildren ill e harmed nd mazed s hey earn bout ifferent inds f og reeds hile hey hare ucky’s dventures n oggie ails!

San Fernando Valley (1944)

San Fernando Valley is a 1944 American western film directed by John English and starring Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and Jean Porter. The film was part of the long-running series of Roy Rogers films produced by Republic Pictures.

God's Comic (2012)

Named "God's Comic" by The New Yorker, stand-up comedian Brad Stine has combined humor with religion to become the world's most influential Christian comedian. Check out Stine's blend of faith and funny with this stand-up set.

Seven Days of Sin (2012)

Seven Days of Sin is a 2012 Czech historical drama film directed by Jiří Chlumský.

Magia nuda (1975)

MONDO MAGIC - more daring than MONDO CANE, more shockingthan AFRICA BLOOD AND GUTS. Journey into a world of primitive African tribes, Indian faith healers, and Amazonian hunters. Witness their barbaric rituals and brutal sexual rites. Enter civilizations where gruesome acts of "magic" are the cornerstones of their cultures. MONDO MAGIC is a horrifying testimonial to the brutality of man, black and white. Not even your bloodiest nightmares can prepare you for MONDO MAGIC, because MONDO MAGIC is real!

Alien Thunder (1974)

Alien Thunder (also known as Dan Candy's Law) is a 1974 Canadian western film directed by Claude Fournier and starring Donald Sutherland.

The March Hare (1956)

The March Hare is a 1956 British comedy film directed by George More O'Ferrall and starring Peggy Cummins, Terence Morgan, Martita Hunt and Cyril Cusack. The film follows the efforts in Ireland to turn a seemingly useless racing horse into a Derby-winner. It is based on a novel by T. H. Bird with the screenplay by Gordon Wellesley and others.

The Other Pompeii: Life & Death in Herculaneum (2013)

On the 24th August 79 AD, the eruption of Vesuvius eradicated the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Exactly what forces did our planet unleash to kill so many people? Using modern science, the mysteries of the devastation are revealed.

Mara of the Wilderness (1965)

Mara of the Wilderness is a 1965 adventure film directed by Frank McDonald, produced by former Disney animator Brice Mack with his studio Unicorn Films, and starring Adam West, Lori Saunders, and Theodore Marcuse.

The Stars Are Singing (1953)

The Stars Are Singing is a 1953 Paramount Pictures musical starring Rosemary Clooney, Anna Maria Alberghetti, and Lauritz Melchior. In the story, a 15-year-old Polish girl (played by Alberghetti) attempts to enter the U.S. illegally, setting off a major search by immigration officials. She is befriended by a struggling group of New York performers, who try to get approval for her to remain in the country. Clooney performs her hit song "Come On-a My House" and Danish tenor Lauritz Melchior sings "Vesti la giubba" from Leoncavallo's opera, Pagliacci, in this Technicolor production. The film cost $1,264,337 and earned an estimated $1.6 million at the North American box office in 1953.

Street of Sinners (1957)

Street of Sinners is a 1957 American crime film directed by William Berke and written by John McPartland. The film stars George Montgomery, Geraldine Brooks, Nehemiah Persoff, Marilee Earle, William Harrigan and Stephen Joyce. The film was released in September 1957, by United Artists.

99 River Street (1953)

99 River Street is a 1953 film noir, starring John Payne, Evelyn Keyes, Brad Dexter, Frank Faylen, and Peggie Castle. The film was directed by Phil Karlson, produced by Edward Small, with cinematography by Franz Planer.

Bob the Builder: The Legend of the Golden Hammer (2010)

This movie has Bob and the gang on an adventure at sea. At Fixham Harbor, Spud the Scarecrow and Scrambler try to follow the clues left by pirates to recover the golden hammer that was lost long ago by the famous Pirate Brickbeard. Each clue found in a pirate's chest brings them closer to being able to give the golden hammer to Bob as a gift. Little ones will learn about tools and how to use them while enjoying this movie.

Rappaccini's Daughter (1980)

This film, starring Vincent Price, is based on a short story about a medieval man named Giacomo Rappaccini, who maintains a garden full of highly poisonous plants at his home in Padua. He raises his obedient daughter, Beatrice, to tend the garden. Gradually in this unwholesome environment, she displays toxic properties herself. However, the young mysterious woman attracts the notice of a handsome local scholar, Giovanni, a student at the nearby university. He begins visiting Beatrice secretly in the garden, against the advice of his academic supervisor, who fears that the young man's interest in Rappaccini's daughter will cause him harm.

Pioneers of the West (1940)

Pioneers of the West is a 1940 American Western "Three Mesquiteers" B-movie directed by Lester Orlebeck.

The Private Affairs of Bel Ami (1947)

The Private Affairs of Bel Ami is a 1947 American drama film directed by Albert Lewin. The film stars George Sanders as a ruthless cad who uses women to rise in Parisian society. It is based on the Guy de Maupassant novel Bel Ami. The film had a 1946 premiere in Paris, Texas. The score is by Darius Milhaud.

Alien Blood (1999)

As pregnant Helene (Francesca Manning) and her young daughter Monique (Rebecca Stirling) travel through rural England they are pursued by sharpshooter Jouvet (Glyn Whiteside) and his band of white-masked assassins. Desperate, Helene and Monique break into a house of randy vampires, but Jouvet is closing in and it is only a matter of time before Helene is forced to kill, again and again, to defend her child.

Blood Hook (1987)

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Gaming in Color (2014)

Gaming in Color is a documentary film by MidBoss about queer people in gaming. Directed by Philip Jones, Gaming in Color focuses on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) issues in video games, gaymer culture and events, and the rise of queer themes in gaming. The film is largely interview based, and features notable gay gaming personalities in the industry and communities. George Skleres from Riot Games stars, as does Matt Conn who organized the GaymerX convention, a prominent topic in the film.

Common (2014)

Common is a 2014 BBC One 90-minute made-for-television drama, written by Jimmy McGovern, directed by David Blair and starring Nico Mirallegro, Michelle Fairley and Michael Gambon. It seeks to question some of the issues and challenges raised by England's common purpose legal doctrine.

Hot Rod Gang (1958)

Hot Rod Gang is a 1958 film starring John Ashley. The working title was Hot Rod Rock with the film also released under the title Fury Unleashed. American International Pictures released the film as a double feature with High School Hellcats. The movie features an appearance by Gene Vincent.

The Happy Thieves (1962)

The Happy Thieves is a 1961 American crime/comedy-drama film starring Rex Harrison and Rita Hayworth and directed by George Marshall. The film is based on the novel The Oldest Confession by Richard Condon. The film was poorly received, with star Harrison later describing it as 'absolute rubbish'.

Eternally Yours (1939)

Eternally Yours is a 1939 American comedy drama film produced and directed by Tay Garnett with Walter Wanger as executive producer, from a screenplay by C. Graham Baker and Gene Towne. It stars Loretta Young and David Niven. Composer Werner Janssen was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Music.

Direct Your Own Damn Movie! (2009)

Legendary Director Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and Creator of The Toxic Avenger revelas over 40 years worth of maverick cinematic know-how. This 4 Disc set inlcudes interviews with JAMES GUNN, STAN LEE, TREY PARKER and MATT STONE, ELI ROTH, WILLIAM LUSTIG, PENELOPE SPHEERIS, MONTE HELLMAN and many more.

Rubbadubbers: Here Come the Rubbadubbers (2004)

TRAIN DRIVER TUBB: Whoo! Whoo! Tubb loves driving the model train! If only he could do everything by himself on a real train! Tubb stays on track until robbers try to steal his gold - and he discovers he can't do everything alone. SPLOSHY'S TAIL: Sploshy dreams of performing tricks like Winona the whale. If only she had a tail, Sploshy would be a circus star. But the imaginary Great Sploshola leanrs that sponges are stas too - with their own special talents. TERENCE'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: Terence wishes for a friend who likes the same things he does! But when his imaginary friend, Lawrence, does everything better, the soapy crocidile is troubled. Will his friends like the talented Lawrence better than Terence? SCARY FNIBAR: Argh! Finbar isn't a very scary shark. If only he were a Mighty Scary Shark, he would swim in the ocean and scare his friends! But as Finbar soon discovers, it's more fun to play with your friends than scare them. REG THE MONSTER: His friends make so much noise that Reg can't concentrate and wishes for peace and quiet. Things change when he becomes the Leave Me Alone Monster. So why don't his friends want to play anymore?

Run Like Hell (2014)

Two couples become stranded in a small town and stay with a local family. When the family's true motives come to light, the couples are forced to fight for their lives.

Seeking God: The Way of the Monk (2007)

In a remote canyon in northern New Mexico, the early morning stillness is broken by voices chanting praises to the Lord. And thus begins the daily cycle in the God-centered life and search of the Benedictine monks at the Monastery of Christ in the Desert. Seeking God is a monastic tapestry. The daily life of the monks is interwoven with the seasonal changes and celebrations, and the candid words of the monks as they speak of their life, their hopes and doubts, their hardships, fears and joys, their prayer. Weaving this tapestry together are the hauntingly beautiful chants, songs of praise and reverence, that echo through the darkness before dawn, throughout the day, through the solemnity of Vespers in the evening, and Compline at night. The majestic beauty of the environment, captured in every season, reflects a peace and tranquility that becomes an integral part of this monastic tapestry. The high red rock walls of the canyon where eagles fly cradle the valley whose stillness is broken only by the flowing waters of the Chama River and the winds that occasionally funnel through. Seeking God presents the on-going process of the monastic way through the words and activities of these Benedictine monks as they move through the day and through the seasons in their search for God through prayer, work, study, and song.

The Look (2011)

THE LOOK features Charlotte Rampling in a series of reflective conversations with artists, friends, and one-time collaborators such as novelist Paul Auster and photographers Peter Lindbergh and Juergen Teller, revealing the personality and philosophies of one of our most iconic screen stars.

Bob's New Suit (2011)

Bob proposes to his long-time love and tries to take care of his family. A series of events changes his life forever after his cousin proposes a get-rich-quick scheme.

Rest Days (2014)

A bodybuilder from Boston moves to Los Angeles to train with his idol, but his dreams are quickly derailed by a porn director and a deranged drug runner.

Six Days (2002)

"'Six Days" is a song by American trip-hop artist DJ Shadow, from his second album, The Private Press. The song was written by Brian Farrell and Dennis Olivieri, and was produced by DJ Shadow. It was released as the third official single from the album in 2002.

Spark: A Burning Man Story (2013)

Spark: A Burning Man Story is a 2013 independent documentary film with its world premiere at the South by Southwest film festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas. That is about some 60,000 or so people that gather from around the world for a week at the annual Burning Man festival in Black Rock Desert of Nevada to collaborate building a temporary city that operates on a "gifting" economy where nothing is bought or sold. Participants bring in everything; food, water, and shelter. The week features large-scale art installations and partying, at the conclusion of the week a celebration in the ritual burning of a giant effigy, and after one week, take it all away. The film also focuses on the individual artists and their dreams and struggles. The Burning Man organization is made up of 50 year-round staff and over 4,000 volunteers. Burning Man operates on ten principles or ideologies written by founder Larry Harvey.

A Very Natural Thing (1974)

A Very Natural Thing is a 1974 film about a gay man named David who leaves a monastery to become a public school teacher by day, while looking for true love in a gay bar by night. It was one of the first films about gay relationships intended for mainstream, commercial distribution. The original title of the film was For as Long as Possible. It was directed by Christopher Larkin and was released to lukewarm reviews in 1973 and given an R rating by the Motion Picture Association of America.

Back Page (1934)

The big story that reporters dig up is buried on the back page.

A Life Among Whales (2005)

Weaving together natural history and biography, A Life Among Whales delves deeply into the unique relationship between humans and whales as told by renowned whale biologist and activist Dr. Roger Payne.

Down Three Dark Streets (1954)

Down Three Dark Streets is a 1954 documentary-style film, starring Broderick Crawford and directed by Arnold Laven. The screenplay was written by Gordon and Mildred Gordon, based on their novel Case File FBI.

After Death (2012)

Four estranged siblings brought together by their inventor father’s sudden death seek to uncover the true circumstances of his mysterious demise. Searching for clues regarding the secret experiment that drained the family fortune and ultimately took their father’s life, the adult children discover that if they can’t overcome their differences and work together, both their father and favorite brother will be lost forever between two worlds. Written and directed by BAFTA winner Martin Gooch.

After Sunset: The Life & Times of the Drive-In Theater (1995)

Decades after its inception, the drive-in theater stands as one of Americas last great icons. It represents an entire era of culture ranging from the space race to the automobile to the emergence of the teenager. But today, in the age of the multiplex, the drive-in theater is a dinosaur. With hopes of better understanding the past, filmmaker Jon Bokenkamp (screenwriter, Taking Lives) and his ragtag crew hit the road. Using drive-in theaters as their only map, these four young men travel the backroads of America in search of a simpler time. Talking to those who built and lived the drive-in, they paint an honest depiction of what the outdoor theater was all about. Enlivened by colorful commentary, After Sunset features notables such as horror film director John Carpenter (Halloween), film critic and satirist John Bloom (aka Joe Bob Briggs) and legendary movie mogul Samuel Z. Arkoff (producer of Beach Blanket Bingo). Whether you've never been to a drive-in, still frequent a remaining one, or simply recall those starry nights of popcorn and two-bit love, you'll find After Sunset to be a unique tribute to one of Americas greatest legends.

The Diary of a High School Bride (1959)

Diary of a High School Bride is a 1959 film directed by Burt Topper about a seventeen-year-old high school student who gets married. American International Pictures released the film as a double feature with Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow. The lead actor, Anita Sands, had never acted before. The movie was shot over seven days. Contemporary reviews were poor. Leftover sets for the film were used by Roger Corman to shoot A Bucket of Blood (1959).

The Escape Artist (1982)

After the death of heralded escape artist Harry Masters, his grieving son Danny (Griffin O'Neal) moves in with distant relatives. A talented magician in his own right, Danny aspires to break out from his father's legacy but finds trouble in the form of the delinquent son (Raul Julia) of the town's unscrupulous mayor (Desi Arnaz). The intrigue builds to a peak when Danny dares the local police force to incarcerate him, swearing he'll manage an escape that will rival those of his father.

Hours (2013)

Hours is a 2013 American disaster thriller film directed and written by Eric Heisserer. The film stars Paul Walker, Génesis Rodríguez, TJ Hassan, Shane Jacobson, and Judd Lormand. The film premiered on March 10, 2013 at the South by Southwest Film Festival in the Topfer Theatre in Austin, Texas. It went on general release on December 13, 2013, in which it was considered a posthumous release after Paul Walker's death on November 30, 2013.

Ghosts On The Loose (1943)

Ghosts on the Loose is a 1943 American film and the fourteenth film in the East Side Kids series, directed by William Beaudine. The film was released in the United Kingdom as Ghosts in the Night.

Hidden in Silence (1996)

In 1940s Poland, a courageous Catholic teenager risks her life to hide 13 Jews from the Nazis. Based on a true story.

Have You Seen My Son (1996)

A woman fears for her son's health when her ex-husband kidnaps him.

Tell It To A Star (1945)

Tell It to a Star is a 1945 American musical film directed by Frank McDonald and written by John K. Butler. The film stars Ruth Terry, Robert Livingston, Alan Mowbray, Franklin Pangborn, Isabel Randolph and Eddie Marr. The film was released on August 16, 1945, by Republic Pictures.

For the Love of It (1980)

Romance mixed with a wild, non-stop car chase down the California coast is part of the troubles encountered by a beautiful model and a love-struck medical student. They posses stolen foreign secrets unbeknownst to them.

That Man: Peter Berlin (2005)

That Man: Peter Berlin is a 2005 documentary directed by Jim Tushinski about the popular gay icon Peter Berlin. The documentary had its world premiere at the 2005 Berlin International Film Festival (Panorama Section). In the documentary, Berlin narrates his own life in various candid interviews. Many other artists (porn stars, photographers, writers, contemporaries) comment on his legacy in gay culture.

If You Meet Sartana... Pray for Your Death (1968)

If You Meet Sartana Pray for Your Death (Italian: Se incontri Sartana prega per la tua morte), also known as Sartana, is a 1968 spaghetti western film directed by Gianfranco Parolini. The film stars Gianni Garko, William Berger, Fernando Sancho and Klaus Kinski, and features a musical score by Piero Piccioni. If You Meet Sartana Pray for Your Death was the first in a series of spaghetti westerns based on the character Sartana. It was followed by four other official Sartana films: I Am Sartana Your Angel of Death (Sono Sartana, il vostro becchino, 1969), Have a Good Funeral, My Friend... Sartana Will Pay (Buon funerale, amigos!... paga Sartana, 1970), Light the Fuse... Sartana Is Coming (Una nuvola di polvere... un grido di morte... arriva Sartana, 1971) and Sartana's Here... Trade Your Pistol for a Coffin (C'è Sartana... vendi la pistola e comprati la bara, 1970), in which Garko was replaced by George Hilton. All the four sequels were directed by Giuliano Carnimeo, whereas Parolini was chosen to direct The Sabata Trilogy, after producer Alberto Grimaldi saw his work with the first Sartana film. As with Django a few years earlier, several directors, such as Demofilo Fidani, made unofficial sequels to cash in on the success of Sartana.

Bob the Builder on Site Skyscrapers (2009)

Bob is back in an-all new construction adventure to teach the art of building skyscrapers. Along with Tumbler, Dizzy, Lofty and Flex, Bob is always ready to tackle even the tallest projects. No problem is too high to solve when you have positive-thinking and teamwork. In this exciting mix of animation and live action, you'll find yourself on top of the world!

On the Double (1961)

On The Double is a 1961 film, directed by Melville Shavelson, who also wrote the screenplay with Jack Rose. It stars Danny Kaye who plays, as in many of his films, two roles — in this case, an American soldier and a British General.

This Is Not an Exit: The Fictional World of Bret Easton Ellis (1998)

When "American Psycho" was released early in 2000 it reaffirmed author Bret Easton Ellis as the controversial "bad boy" of contemporary American Fiction. "This is Not an Exit" reveals the world inhabited by Ellis. In HD.

A Tragedy At Midnight (1942)

A Tragedy at Midnight is a 1942 American comedy film directed by Joseph Santley and written by Isabel Dawn. The film stars John Howard, Margaret Lindsay, Roscoe Karns, Mona Barrie, Keye Luke and Hobart Cavanaugh. The film was released on February 2, 1942, by Republic Pictures.

Shouting Fire: Stories from the Edge of Free Speech (2009)

Shouting Fire: Stories from the Edge of Free Speech is a 2009 documentary film about freedom of speech and the First Amendment in the United States, directed by Liz Garbus. The documentary prominently features First Amendment attorney, Martin Garbus, who talks about the past and present state of free speech in the United States, and the case of Ward Churchill. A tenured professor of Ethnic Studies at the University of Colorado, Churchill was fired after publishing a controversial article about the 9/11 attacks and being investigated for academic misconduct related to other issues. The film also explores the cases of Debbie Almontaser, Chase Harper, and protesters at the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City. Those interviewed include historians, legal scholars and attorneys, such as Floyd Abrams, David Horowitz, Eric Foner, Donna Lieberman, Daniel Pipes, Richard Posner, Kenneth Starr and Josh Wolf.

The Man Who Cheated Himself (1950)

The Man Who Cheated Himself is a 1950 American crime film noir directed by Felix E. Feist, and starring Lee J. Cobb, Jane Wyatt and John Dall.

Thomas & Friends: Calling All Engines! (2005)

Calling All Engines! is a 2005 direct-to-video special, a spin off of the TV series, Thomas (the Tank Engine) & Friends and the first Thomas production since 2000's Thomas and the Magic Railroad. The film was produced by HIT Entertainment and released in the United States on September 6, 2005 and the United Kingdom on October 3, 2005. Although Lady & Diesel 10 appear in this special, it is not an exact sequel to Thomas and the Magic Railroad.

Destroy All Rational Thought (1998)

The great Beat Generation experiments took place in Tangier, the Moroccan city where William Burroughs, Brion Gysin, and the Moroccan painter Hamri taught Jack Kerouac, Timothy Leary, and Allen Ginsberg how to live outside the law. This DVD features one of the last interviews with Burroughs and previously unseen vintage footage of him in his prime during the 50s and early 60s.

All's Well (1941)

Gabby is confronted with a crying baby and a diaper change.

My Six Loves (1963)

My Six Loves is a 1963 comedy film starring Debbie Reynolds as a Broadway star who takes a vacation and finds herself responsible for six abandoned children, in Gower Champion's directorial debut. It is based on the novel of the same name by Peter Funk.

Good-Time Girl (1948)

Good-Time Girl is a 1948 British drama film directed by David MacDonald. The film was based on Arthur La Bern's novel Night Darkens the Street.

The Silver Screen: Color Me Lavender (1997)

Filmmaker Mark Rappaport examines the representation of homosexuality in Golden Age Hollywood cinema. Host Dan Butler.

Somebody Loves Me (1952)

Somebody Loves Me is a 1952 film starring Betty Hutton. "Spanning the colorful era that was born with the San Francisco earthquake and ended with the stock market crash," the story focused on the careers of entertainers Blossom Seeley and Benny Fields.

Creepy Tales: Girls Night Out (2003)

Lock the doors and turn off the lights as The Professor guides you through three tales of terror. Discover the evils that fester in the minds of the demented in this horror anthology.In "Girls Night Out", two girls plan on going to a party and having some fun. Instead they end up in a life or death situation with an uninvited guest.In "The Creep", a young woman's fears and insecurities blind her from the truth and sends her spiraling down a road that can only end in death. But whose death? Featuring Scott Shiaffo (Clerks, Vulgar) as Mo.In "Blood Moon Rising", a nurse bites off more than she can chew when she sets her sights on her wealthy employer.Settle in and brace yourself for an evening of chills and thrills!

Dreaming Out Loud (1940)

Dreaming Out Loud is a 1940 American film based on the radio series Lum and Abner, directed by Harold Young starring Chester Lauck and Norris Goff. It is also known as Money Isn't Everything.

Into the Thunder Dragon (2003)

This sports documentary film premiered in 2003. The film follows two mountain unicyclists Kris Holm and Nathan Hoover as they travel across the country of Bhutan located deep within the Himalayan Mountain range. As they perform their daring stunts and tricks they also encounter the people and rich culture of the kingdom of Bhutan.

Torchlighters: The Augustine Story (2013)

Bright, young Augustine thinks his mother's religion is foolishness. With his "superior" intellect to guide him, he sneaks away from home and ventures to a new life in the city of Rome. Introduce children to the story of Augustine, who rejected fame and fortune to become a voice for truth.

Murder by the Book (1986)

A popular detective novelist consults his fictional alter ego when faced with a young woman's kidnapping.

Cold Eyes of Fear (1971)

Cold Eyes of Fear is a 1971 Italian-Spanish thriller film directed by Enzo G. Castellari, starring Fernando Rey.

Riders of the Black Hills (1938)

Riders of the Black Hills is a 1938 American Western "Three Mesquiteers" B-movie directed by George Sherman.