Ekkees Tareekh Shubh Muhurat (2018)

Ekkees Tareekh Shubh Muhurat is directed by Pavan Kumar. Sanjay Mishra is playing a character of 55-year-old man Pandit Girdhari Laal Sharma.

Christopher Bean (1933)

Christopher Bean is a 1933 American Pre-Code comedy film directed by Sam Wood and written by Laurence E. Johnson and Sylvia Thalberg, based on the play The Late Christopher Bean by Sidney Howard. The film stars Marie Dressler, Lionel Barrymore, Helen Mack, Beulah Bondi and Russell Hardie. The film was released on November 17, 1933, by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. It was Marie Dressler's final role before her death from cancer in July 1934.

Valley of Fear (1947)

Censored (1965)

Member (2001)

Nudes Inc. (1964)

Smarter Brains (2013)

On est là! (2012)

Smashing the Spy Ring (1938)

Smashing the Spy Ring is a 1938 American drama film, directed by Christy Cabanne. It stars Ralph Bellamy, Fay Wray, and Regis Toomey, and was released on December 29, 1938.

Highway Patrol (1938)

Highway Patrol is a 1938 American action film, directed by Charles C. Coleman. It stars Robert Paige, Julie Bishop, and Robert Middlemass.

The Big Hop (1928)

The Man Hunter (1930)

The Man Hunter is a 1930 American pre-Code all-talking adventure drama that stars Rin Tin Tin. The film was released by Warner Brothers, and was adapted by James A. Starr (who wrote the screenplay and dialogue) from a story by Lillie Hayward who also wrote the screenplay.

Feet (2011)

The Ace of Scotland Yard (1929)

The Ace of Scotland Yard is a 1929 Universal movie serial. It was the first partial sound serial released by Universal Pictures (although the 69th serial released, including the silent serials). Universal announced this as the first talking serial, but that title is generally agreed to belong to Mascot Pictures' The King of the Kongo (1929). It was released in both sound and silent versions. The serial is presumed to be lost.

Beauty on Parade (1950)

Speech: Platform Posture and Appearance (1949)

The Trail of Hate (1922)

The Trail of Hate is a lost 1922 silent feature western film directed by William Hughes Curran and starring Guinn "Big Boy" Williams.

Sisters in Leather (1969)

Blink (1966)

Scratch All the Way Live (2004)

Fast and Furry-Ous (1949)

Fast and Furry-ous is a Warner Bros. Looney Tunes cartoon, released on September 17, 1949, directed by Chuck Jones and written by Michael Maltese. It was later reissued as a Blue Ribbon Merrie Melodies cartoon. Fast and Furry-ous was the debut for Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner. It was also their only cartoon made in the 1940s. It set the template for the series, in which Wile E. Coyote (here given the Latin name Carnivorous Vulgaris) tries to catch Roadrunner (Accelleratii Incredibus) through many traps, plans and products, although in this first cartoon not all of the products are yet made by ACME. The title is a play on the old expression "fast and furious".

Slap Happy Lion (1947)

Slap Happy Lion is a 1947 cartoon directed by Tex Avery and produced by Fred Quimby. It is about the tragic downfall of a lion from king of the beasts to a gibbering, pill-popping wreck. It is narrated by a mouse whose torments drove him crazy. The mouse's voice was supplied by Frank Graham. Scott Bradley provided the music. The closing title does not display the regular MGM card but rather the Tom and Jerry card. This might indicate that the currently available version could be a re-release print (and many MGM cartoons from the 1940s were reissued with newer title cards, as well as occasionally with minor edits). The lion's design served as the inspiration for Genghis from The Wacky World of Tex Avery.

Blood Line (2010)

Three Examples of Myself as Queen (1994)

Sensory Perception (2015)

Night Eyes Four: Fatal Passion (1996)

Night Eyes 4: Fatal Passion is a 1996 erotic thriller film directed by Rodney McDonald. It is the fourth film in the Night Eyes series. Like the previous films, it stars Andrew Stevens as security expert Will Griffith.

Dizzy Doctors (1937)

Dizzy Doctors is the 21st short film released by Columbia Pictures in 1937 starring American slapstick comedy team The Three Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Curly Howard). The comedians released 190 short films for the studio between 1934 and 1959.

All a Bir-r-r-d (1950)

All a Bir-r-r-d is a Warner Bros. Looney Tunes cartoon released in 1950, featuring Tweety, Sylvester and an unnamed bulldog, who would later become known as Hector the Bulldog. It was written by Tedd Pierce and directed by Isadore "Friz" Freleng, with most voice characterizations courtesy of Mel Blanc (Bea Benaderet does a brief voice-over of Tweety's owner). The title is an adaptation of the familiar train conductor's call, "All aboard!" The instrumental theme used to underscore the motion of the train is "On the 5:15".

What Happened to Mary (1912)

What Happened to Mary (frequently erroneously referred to in various texts as "What Happened to Mary?" — but the title was a statement, not a question) is the first motion picture serial made in the United States. Made by Edison Studios, the action serial consisted of twelve one-reel episodes released monthly beginning July 26, 1912 to coincide with the serial story of the same name published in McClure's The Ladies' World magazine. What Happened to Mary was performed as a stage play and published as a single-volume print novel, so is an early example of a multiple-media marketing campaign. The scripts was written by Horace G. Plympton and directed by Charles Brabin. The star of the serial was Mary Fuller.

Suzy Snowflake (1951)

Maria Stuarda (2002)

Ain't Misbehavin! (1981)

29... and still a Virgin (2007)

The Road to Eternity (2015)

Boyhood Daze (1957)

Boyhood Daze is a 1957 Merrie Melodies cartoon featuring young boy Ralph Phillips. Following From A to Z-Z-Z-Z (1954), it is one of two cartoons in which he stars.

Jack L. Warner: The Last Mogul (1993)

Ori (2014)

Googolplex (1972)

Bottom (2012)

Shock-O-Rama (1955)

Jump! (2007)

Heaven-Bound Traveler (1935)

La moglie in bianco... l'amante al pepe (1981)

La moglie in bianco... l'amante al pepe is a 1980 commedia sexy all'italiana directed by Michele Massimo Tarantini.

The Devil's Show (2014)

School Days (1932)

Innocence (1973)

Kangaroo Kid (1938)

Hysterical High Spots in American History (1941)

Paternal Instinct (2004)

Woodpecker (2008)

Woodpecker is a 2008 comedic film starring Jon Hyrns and directed by Alex Karpovsky. The film follows Hyrns and his cohort, Wesley Yang, as they obsessively search the Arkansas bayou for proof that ivory-billed woodpecker is in fact not extinct. Woodpecker is filmed in a docufiction style, set in the small Arkansas town of Brinkley. It incorporates faux-interviews with Brinkley residents recounting their experiences with the mysterious bird. Hyrns becomes increasingly erratic and comic in his attempts to locate the animal.

Passion and Romance: Same Tale, Next Year (1997)

Fowl Play (2009)

A Bath Tub Elopement (1916)

Willie Nelson & Friends: Outlaws & Angels (2004)

Sick Pigs (2010)

Brothers & Sisters: Family Album (2007)

Don't Smoke That Cigarette (2000)

It Happened in New York (1935)

It Happened in New York is a 1935 American musical comedy film directed by Alan Crosland and starring Gertrude Michael, Heather Angel and Lyle Talbot. It is based on a play Bagdad on the Hudson by Ward Morehouse and Jean Dalrymple. A New York taxi driver is hired as a bodyguard to a film star, whose manager is always involving her in publicity stunts. The film's sets were designed by the art director Charles D. Hall.

Bacon & God's Wrath (2015)

Bacon and God's Wrath is a Canadian short documentary film, which premiered at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival. Directed by Sol Friedman and mixing animation with live action interview footage, the film centres on Razie Brownstone, a 90-year-old Jewish woman who, after undergoing a crisis of faith which has led her to reject many of the tenets of her religion, is preparing to cook and eat bacon for the first time in her life. At TIFF, the film received an Honourable Mention from the jury for the Best Canadian Short Film award. The film was later named to TIFF's year-end list of the ten best Canadian short films of the year. In 2016 the film won the Short Film Jury Award for Non-fiction at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, and the Canadian Screen Award for Best Short Documentary at the 4th Canadian Screen Awards.

Pirates: 3D Show (1999)

Pirates 4D (also known as Pirates 3D) is an attraction film designed to be shown in a specially-built or remodeled theater space in a theme park, featuring in-theater special effects, sometimes referred to as a 4D film. The film itself is a dual strip 70mm 3D film short, featuring the actors Leslie Nielsen and Eric Idle. It was produced by Busch Entertainment Corporation, and distributed by Iwerks Entertainment. It was released in 1999, and first shown at Sea World Ohio (then owned by Busch), at two Busch Gardens parks, and at Thorpe Park in England, then owned by The Tussauds Group, which was the earliest overseas venue.

Il trovatore (1983)

Bauhaus: The Face of the 20th Century (1994)

An Uncommon Kindness: The Father Damien Story (2006)

The Making of Monsters (1991)

The Making of Monsters is a Canadian short film, directed by John Greyson and released in 1991. Made while Greyson was a student at the Canadian Film Centre, the film's premise is that Bertolt Brecht is alive and living in Toronto, and actively interfering with the production of "Monsters", a heavily sanitized movie of the week about the 1985 death of Kenneth Zeller in a gaybashing attack. The film's cast includes Lee MacDougall as the film within a film's version of Zeller, while the roles of Brecht and Kurt Weill are played by talking fish. The film premiered at the 1991 Berlin International Film Festival, and was later screened at the 1991 Toronto International Film Festival and selected LGBT film festivals, including Vancouver's Out on Screen, Montreal's Image+Nation and Edmonton's The Voice and the Vision.

Video X: The Dwayne and Darla-Jean Story (2003)

Ko-Ko Explores (1927)

Acapulco Gold (1973)

Official 2011 World Series Film (2011)

Walnut Creek (1997)

Walnut Creek is a concert DVD released on August 8, 2008 by the rock band Phish. It was performed on July 22, 1997 at Walnut Creek Amphitheatre in Raleigh, North Carolina during a stormy night, the second show of their 1997 U.S. summer tour. During the first set, lightning struck the stage three different times, hitting the stage during the band's rendition of "Taste," forcing the group to cut the set short and leave the stage. After a one-hour intermission (purposely extended in order to let the storm pass), the group returned to the stage for an additional 90 minutes of music. The DVD footage is taken from the venue jumbo screen video feed displayed in concert during the show. This concert is also available as a download in FLAC and MP3 formats at LivePhish.com. As a bonus, the download includes You Enjoy Myself recorded at Walnut Creek on June 16, 1995 with guest Boyd Tinsley of the Dave Matthews Band on violin.

Esoterica (2010)

Avalanche: The White Death (1998)

Beauty & Chaos (2016)

A Normal Life (2003)

The Duct Tape Killer (1998)

Weather Diary 3 (1988)

Stühle im Schnee (2007)

Bro, Nampak Motor Gua? (2013)

The Mechanicals (2005)

Últimos pasajeros (2010)

An Image (1983)

Melody on Parade (1936)

Marie-Louise (1944)

Marie-Louise is a 1944 Swiss German&French language Swiss film directed by Leopold Lindtberg and an uncredited Franz Schnyder. The film, distributed in the U.S. by Arthur Mayer and Joseph Burstyn, was the first foreign language film ever to win an Academy Award, receiving the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

Santos Palace (2006)

The Silent Majority (1987)

Teatro sin fin (1965)

Kiss Me Goodbye (1986)

Succes (2008)

Red Lines (2002)

She Wronged Him Right (1934)

She Wronged Him Right is a 1934 Fleischer Studios animated short film, starring Betty Boop. This is also the first appearance of Betty's semi-regular boyfriend, Fearless Fred.

Testosterone (2005)

Testosterone (Greek: Τεστοστερόνη/Testosteroni) is a Greek film directed by Giorgos Panousopoulos. It released in 2004 and it stars Dimitris Liakopoulos, Natalia Dragoumi, Dimitra Matsouka and others. The film won the third best film award and the award of the best leading actor in the Greek State Film Awards. The film was shot in Naxos.

Huo zhu gui (1989)

Mission Manila (1990)

Franklin & Friends Deep Sea Voyage (2014)

The Beginning (2013)

Torn Apart: Separated At The Border (2019)

Nearly 3,000 families with children were separated at the U.S.-Mexico border in 2018. Torn Apart: Separated at the Border offers first-person stories of how the immigration crisis has affected two of those mothers and their young children, who were separated from each other for months. Directed and produced by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Ellen Goosenberg Kent (Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1) and Talos Films, this intimate 40-minute documentary followed those families for nine months after they fled life-threatening conditions in their home countries to seek asylum in the United States. After escaping violence that claimed the lives of her husband and two uncles in Honduras, María was detained and separated from her 10-year-old son Alex for 70 days. Vilma fled from her abusive husband in Guatemala and was placed in ICE detention, while her 11-year-old daughter, Yeisvi, was put into foster care for eight months. The film tracks both women as they navigate a complicated system, fight orders of deportation and try to find their children, who were placed thousands of miles away. With the help of friends and family, pro bono lawyers and community volunteers, Vilma and María eventually reunite with Yeisvi and Alex, yet both pairs await uncertain futures as their asylum claims remain pending. The film illuminates the laborious journey migrant families – including many women and children escaping violence and abuse – make to reach the U.S., only to be detained indefinitely and have their children transported to facilities hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away. Providing a human context to a fraught political issue, the documentary short reveals how arduous reunification is after separation for asylum seekers. Families detained at the border in 2018 were separated for an average of three months and some have yet to be reunited.

The Hidden Track (2019)

¿Cómo Andamos por Casa? (2018)

Fussball Weltmeisterschaft 1954 (1954)

It Was Ok: An album of comedy by David Heti (2015)

The Brides (2018)