Happiness Is a Four-Letter Word (2016)

A career driven woman (Mmabatho Montsho) believes she is living the perfect life, until it all goes up in smoke a few months before her wedding.

Oh My Ghost 3 (2016)

Taew, Mod Dum, and Cartoon investigate a dormitory and its caretakers.

The Paper Bridge (1987)

Filmmaker Ruth Beckermann traces her family's migratory path before World War II.

Do Not Play With Food (2013)

A conversation about love during a family dinner.

Hacker (2015)

Working for an online criminal organization, a young Ukrainian hacker (Callan McAuliffe) launches a personal vendetta against the entire banking system after his mother loses her job.

La carnada (2014)

A 13-year-old boy embarks on his first drug smuggle across a fatal stretch of desert.

Jaguar (2016)

Medical students fight for justice and equality.

Ladies in Love (1930)

A young songwriter from Vermont travels to New York City to sell a song to a popular singer.

The Anatomy of Monsters (2014)

A man lures a woman to his motel room with intentions to kill her. He quickly discovers that she may be far more dangerous than he ever imagined.

Miss Me This Christmas (2017)

Regina and Franklin decide to divorce at Thanksgiving. As Christmas approaches, Regina stays in the same hotel where they got married. She starts a whirlwind romance with Ulysses as she tries to rationalize that her marriage may be over.

Charlie Steel (1980)

When his daughter is kidnapped for ransom, a man calls on his old friend, a renowned private investigator, to take on the case and bring back his daughter.

Cuba and the Cameraman (2017)

Life in Cuba over the course of 45 years, from the cautious optimism of the early 1970s to the harrowing 1990s after the fall of the Soviet Union and the 2016 death of Fidel Castro. The focus is on three families and their growth and struggle.

Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution (2017)

Filmmaker James Redford examines the dawn of the clean energy era.

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil: The End of the End (2017)

Todd and the gang reunite to save Crowley High.

Epitaphs (2013)

A woman struggles to create her mother's epitaph.

Willy Fog: Around the World in Eighty Days (1995)

Jules Verne classic about a quaint explorer who travels over land and water to circle the Earth in 80 days.

Buzzard Hollow Beef (2017)

A psychedelic horror follows a family and makes them have vivid hallucinations. They soon believe that they have been poisoned by cannibalistic hillbillies.

Honour of the Knights (2006)

Two riders pursue adventure.

Nelly's Adventure (2016)

A holiday in Romania takes a very dramatic turn for 13-year-old Nelly when she accidentally discovers her family's secret plan to relocate to beautiful Transylvania.

This Man Is Dangerous (1953)

An escaped convict earns the respect of an international criminal network by kidnapping an heiress.

Art of the Game: Ukiyo-e Heroes (2017)

A Canadian craftsman and an American designer collaborate to create Japanese woodblock prints of iconic video game characters.

Asylum of Fear (2017)

Paranormal investigators discover the cause of a violent massacre in a mental institution, but something inside the asylum wants the secret to stay buried.

Bluefin (2017)

Endangered bluefin tuna return to Prince Edward Island in surprising abundance. More surprisingly, they no longer seem to fear humans.

Blood Road (2017)

Rebecca Rusch and Huyen Nguyen pedal 1,200 miles along the Ho Chi Minh Trail to reach the crash site and final resting place of Rebecca's father, a U.S. Air Force pilot who was shot down over Laos some 40 years earlier.

We Are Stronger (2017)

A military veteran battles PTSD as he tries to save his marriage.

A Fairy's Game (2017)

Two children unwittingly release a fairy, who takes them to another realm.

The Soul of Success: The Jack Canfield Story (2017)

The life and career of Jack Canfield, a world-renowned entrepreneur, professional speaker, and author.

Beyond the Heights (2015)

Samina Baig becomes the first Pakistani woman to summit Mount Everest.

It Kills (2017)

College kids become stranded at the infamous Camp Blood.

The Worthy (2016)

Survivors of a global catastrophe defend one of the last sources of clean water from infiltrators.

Silent Night, Bloody Night (2011)

Pierre and Patricia have some friends over for Christmas Eve. But the evening is not going to unfold exactly as intended. A stranger bursts in and threatens each guest until they confess their little secrets and lies.

Franky Banderas (2004)

Avelino Lechuga is an actor who tries to earn his living as a clown at children parties. He meets a promising child singer named Paquito and decides to turn him into a music star.

Never Let Go (2015)

A single mother who is on vacation takes the law into her own hands to take back her abducted child.

Explosion (2017)

A mine blaster technician has to prove he did not cause a deadly accident.

Mamil (2017)

Middle-aged men live secret lives as bicycle enthusiasts.

Restless souls (2005)

When a young couple and their daughter move into an old house, the wife notices that weird things happen in the house while her husband is at work.

Gilbert's Grim Revenge (2016)

After moving to a new neighborhood, a young boy tries to keep his egg allergy a secret, especially from the girl next door.

Broken Mile (2016)

A drug addict wakes up next to a dead woman and rushes to escape the consequences.

Cabin 28 (2017)

A family's day of fun at a remote getaway cabin turns into a brutal battle for survival as nightfall brings masked strangers to the cabin.

Gbomo Gbomo Express (2015)

Incompetent kidnappers hold a club-hopping record executive and a socialite for ransom.

Geo-Disaster (2017)

A volcano, an earthquake and a tornado converge on Los Angeles to form an unprecedented cataclysm.

& Jara Hatke (2016)

Nishant and Aastha fall in love with each other but face an unusual situation when they decide to get along.

Digimon Adventure Tri. 3: Confession (2016)

Agumon and the other Digimon are kept in Koushiro's office to protect them from infection, but Patamon soon shows signs of infection.

Karen Kingsbury's Maggie's Christmas Miracle (2017)

Maggie tries to maintain the balance of being a mother and having a career. When her son Jordan needs help at school, he meets Casey, a tutor, and the two quickly bond. As Casey becomes a father figure, Jordan wishes his mom could find love again.

There Were Giants (2016)

In 1954, a Negro League team from Pennsylvania integrates white players onto the squad.

Sum of Histories (2015)

Viktor, a famous scientist, makes a groundbreaking discovery when he finds a way to send emails into the past, and he realizes he has a chance to change a tragic incident from his past.

Bolshoi (2017)

A talented ballerina sacrifices everything to realize her dream of dancing at the Bolshoi Theatre.

Adele and Everything After (2017)

A woman with an untreatable heart condition has to let go of the service dog that changed her life.

The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Matches (2017)

A girl's life is turned upside down when her father, who has raised her in isolated and shocking conditions, dies.

Inflame (2017)

When state censorship leads to her losing her job at a Turkish TV news channel, a woman retreats into her apartment, where she becomes paranoid and delusional.

Survivorz (2016)

When a zombie outbreak strikes London, some American friends must escape the chaos and destruction as they fight for their survival and try to make it out of the city alive.

Correspondence (2016)

An aging astrophysics professor begins a passionate affair with a young and beautiful Ph.D. student. Although he abruptly and mysteriously ends their romance, she continues to receive gifts and messages.

Bean (2017)

Diagnosed with lupus when she was a child, a young woman receives the ultimate gift from her new girlfriend -- a kidney transplant.

Pettersson and Findus 2 (2016)

With Christmas just around the corner, Pettersson and Findus begin to worry that the bad weather and lack of a tree may prevent them from celebrating.

The Work (2017)

Set inside a single room in Folsom Prison, three men from the outside participate in a four-day group therapy retreat with level-four convicts. Over the four days, each man in the room takes his turn at delving deep into his past.

Oskar's America (2017)

A Norwegian boy hatches a plan to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a rowboat with a nearsighted horse.

Voyeur (2017)

Gay Talese investigates Gerald Foos, a Colorado motel owner who spies on his guests. Using a carefully constructed platform in the motel's attic, Foos documents his guests most private moments, from the mundane to the shocking.

One October (2017)

In October 2008, WFMU radio reporter Clay Pigeon takes to the streets of New York to talk to people about their lives, their dreams, and their relationship with a transforming city.

The Wrong Neighbor (2017)

A recently separated father and his teenage daughter become the deadly obsession of their neighbour, a beguiling and deranged young woman.

Speak Now (2016)

The bride-to-be reveals a secret at her bachelorette party, creating a scandal with her friends.

Anomaly (2016)

A family experiences a demonic possession after it moves into a house that is inundated with malicious spirits.

Durban Poison (2013)

A couple known as South Africa's Bonnie and Clyde confess their crimes to the police.

Finding Life (2016)

Same-sex partners become successful parents and help change the face of the foster care system.

Down to Earth: Skydive Dubai (2015)

Ernesto Gainza makes a record-setting skydive.

My Wonderful West Berlin (2017)

Since the 1960s, West Berlin has been a refuge for gay men. This documentary examines the roots of the phenomenon and how it still flourishes today.

Saber Rock (2017)

An Afghan interpreter risks his life and his family to assist U.S. Marines.

Battalion to My Beat (2016)

Believing that she is a savior to her people, a naive girl sets out to free them from occupation.

Eight (2016)

A woman who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder struggles with her morning routine.

Joy of Man's Desiring (2014)

A brother and sister are orphaned by a massive earthquake.

The Cure (2014)

A woman who is sent to the hospital because of a chronic disorder is struck by the affection of the staff and chooses to remain hospitalized.

An American Piano (2014)

A Japanese girl plays piano for prisoners of war.

The Hooligan Wars (2012)

Once a promising footballer, Andy is now scratching to survive. When he falls in with the local gangsters, Andy succumbs to their violent world.

Master of the Drunken Fist: Beggar So (2016)

Due to a conspiracy, wealthy So Chan loses everything. Saved by the Beggars' Sect, he learns the long-lost martial art of Drunken Fist to defeat the person who framed him.

Arès (2016)

A futuristic France uses an engaging, violent TV competition show to keep its people distracted so they don't rebel over their crippling poverty.

The Dragon Spell (2016)

In an attempt to accomplish the same feat as his father, a boy goes on a mission to slay a dragon.

Victory Remembered, Legacy of The Black Devils (2015)

Filmmaker Les Owen travels with former Black Devils and their families to the mountains, beaches and villages of Italy and France to share stories of their bravery, commitment and victories in the face of overwhelming odds.

Dawson City: Frozen Time (2016)

In 1978 Canada, a bulldozer digs up a long-lost collection of 533 nitrate film prints from the early 1900s.

Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton (2017)

Filmmaker Rory Kennedy provides an account of the career of big wave surfer Laird Hamilton, a man who has spent his life conquering untamable walls of water.

Nobody Speak: Hulk Hogan, Gawker and Trials of a Free Press (2017)

This examination of the duties of the press in an age of inequality delves into the trial between Hulk Hogan and Gawker Media. The duel pitted privacy rights against freedom of the press and raised questions about how big money can silence the media.

Deathgrip (2017)

Filmmakers Brendan Fairclough and Clay Porter showcase the sport of mountain biking. Filmed against the backdrop of locations in Africa, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

Fahr mit uns zu Linda (2014)

Siblings discover their parents have committed suicide.

A Thin Layer of Ice (2013)

Estranged brothers reunite after years of bitterness.

The Battle of Mewni (2017)

When Star returns to her home dimension of Mewni, she discovers that magic is disappearing throughout the kingdom. She must dig deep and challenge arch nemesis Ludo in an effort to save her family and the kingdom.

The Circus (1928)

Wrongfully accused of criminal acts, a tramp (Charlie Chaplin) unwittingly ducks into a big top, where his bumbling attempts to avoid pursuing police officers earn the laughter and applause of the circus-goers. Impressed, the ringmaster (Allan Garcia) decides to employ the tramp as an entertainer. In between getting trapped in a lion's cage and partaking in clumsy high wire escapades, he falls for a beautiful show rider (Merna Kennedy), who unfortunately has eyes for a daring tightrope acrobat.

GadgetGang in Outer Space (2017)

Kids from Earth are working on their science fair project when they meet aliens from outer space. The quirky, kind-hearted aliens need help fixing their ships before evil invaders catch them.

Raving Iran (2016)

Two DJs in Tehran battle to play the music they love.

Forbidden Trim (2016)

Using a group of surfers as cover, a special forces commando heads deep behind enemy lines to take down a global crime syndicate.

The Road Movie (2016)

S... about to get real.


On a camping trip, teens Conor and Ash discover three crooks hiding out in their trailer. Held against their will, the teens must help the criminals before a hitman chasing them kills everyone in his wake.

A Journey Through Pines (2017)

A boy experiences heartache, and as an adult, his failed relationships lead him to believe there is no such thing as unconditional love. When he becomes a parent, he teaches his daughter that unconditional love exists only between a parent and child.

Child Support (2017)

A man struggles to deal with the mother of his children.

Deliver Us (2016)

Filmmaker Federica Di Giacomo offers this perspective on the psychology underlying the continued practice of exorcism in the contemporary world as more people begin to classify their anxieties as possession.

Adrift (2015)

A hitchhiker changes a young woman's life.

Padamati Sandhya Ragam (1986)

An Indian girl falls in love with an American. Because of her nagging father, the couple is left with no choice, but to elope.

Elena y Raquel (1971)

Una joven está embarazada de un novio que la abandonó y odia al bebé,pero al nacer cambian sus sentimientos hacia éste.

Nobleza Ranchera (1976)

Un hombre es chantajeado por un hombre que lo contrató hace veinte años para matar a los padres de un muchacho.

Secrets (2017)

A successful, married businessman succumbs to his desires and betrays his family. His wife struggles to keep the family together in the wake of his infidelity.

Wicked Moms Club (2017)

A mother must take down a group of bullying PTA moms before they destroy her life.

Psycho In-Law (2017)

Tina's only obstacle to a happy marriage with Brock is Joyce, Brock's former mother-in-law, who is determined to stop their marriage at any cost.

Pup Star: Better 2Gether (2017)

Tiny wins the Pup Star singing competition but gets replaced by another dog named Scrappy.