Bendito Machine IV (2012)

A crude journey through Earth, sea and sky.

Ambulance (2016)

While many young people dream of leaving Gaza, Mohamed wants to help. When he hears the news of a new Israeli offensive on Gaza in July 2014, he decides he must do something and joins an ambulance crew to document the war.

Spark (2012)

A boy and a girl find themselves forced to deal with each other during their parents' affair.

Before the Flood (2016)

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio meets with scientists, activists and world leaders to discuss the dangers of climate change and possible solutions.

Day of Reckoning (2016)

Fifteen years after demon-like beings nearly eradicated mankind, they return to finish the job.

Friends Never Die (2012)

A shy loner (Natcha Juntapan) learns the true meaning of friendship after becoming involved with the leader (Mario Maurer) of a youth gang.

Wrong Side Raju (2016)

Raju has to prove his innocence after he is accused of a hit and run.

Be Big! (1931)

A surprise stag party for Stan (Stan Laurel) and Ollie (Oliver Hardy) interferes with vacation plans with their wives (Anita Garvin, Isabelle Keith).

Quo Vadis? (2014)

The Apostles preach the gospel and spread a message of love and hope.

Guaraní (2016)

Atilio begins a long journey to convince Helena to give birth in Guarani land.

Found Footage (2016)

A film crew making a found footage horror movie find themselves in a horror movie when an evil entity escapes into their footage.

I'll Be Home for Christmas (2016)

Jackie, a single mom and attorney, looks forward to spending Christmas alone with her daughter. Everything goes according to plan until Jackie's estranged father shows up on her door step.

Homecoming (2016)

A lonely and naive housewife is tested to the breaking point after she gets swept into the world of alpha moms.

February (2014)

A man loses himself in his date's stories about freedom.

Love You Like Christmas (2016)

A high-powered executive reconsiders her priorities when car trouble leads her to Christmas Valley, a town in love with Christmas.

Operation Christmas (2016)

A single mother is determined not to let her boyfriend's deployment ruin her Christmas. She and her children decide to give back to other struggling military families on base.

Freightened: The Real Price of Shipping (2016)

An investigation into the mechanics and the perils of freight shipment.

Learning to See: The World of Insects (2016)

The loss of habitat and its impact on the insect world, in many cases causing mass extinction.

Boundaries (2016)

A woman tries to balance family and work life as she helps negotiate between a politician and a country over natural resources.

MESSiAH (2016)

A hapless Irishman and his Parisian girlfriend encounter a mischievous stranger in the Australian wilderness.

Stray (2015)

A killer decides to settle down and start a family in a small town, and when she finds the right guy, he will help her out whether he wants to or not.

The Chute (2016)

A soldier asks his older brother for a job after he is discharged.

Friday Night (2016)

Claire is caught in the middle of a citywide attack while visiting her daughter in France.

The Return (2016)

California's controversial three-strikes law was repealed in 2012, consequently releasing large numbers of convicts back into society. Here, we observe the many issues that arise with re-entry through the varied experiences of recently freed lifers.

The Trees (2016)

The journey of more than 400 swamp white oaks from their temporary home in New Jersey to the World Trade Center Memorial Plaza.

Spooky Stakeout (2016)

Four young ghost hunters enter a haunted castle filled with links to past adventures.

Made in China (2014)

Chen (Park Ki Woong), a Chinese eel farmer, uncovers a corporate conspiracy involving eels tainted by mercury.

Adventures of Louanna Lee: The Movie (2015)

Louanna travels back in time to save her grandfather and the world.

Beast of Cardo (2015)

A young Dominican woman learns a supernatural technique to escape a suffocating society.

Dreams of Salt (2015)

Four people from Novelda, Spain, fight for their dreams despite the many difficulties they find along the way.

Big Ball'n (2007)

Two thirty-something brothers (Todd Bridges, Jimmy Bridges) finally make it to law school, but when their father's tuition check bounces they turn to dealing drugs to raise the necessary funds.

At Home in the World (2015)

The lives of five refugee kids during their first year in a Red Cross refugee school in Denmark.

Dearest Sister: Nong Hak (2016)

A woman who loses her sight gains the ability to contact the dead.

S Storm (2016)

An agent (Vic Chou) in the ICAC unit (Independent Commission Against Corruption) leads an investigation into the illegal world of sports gambling.

Original Copy (2015)

In the heart of Mumbai lives Sheikh Rehman, the city's last painter of film posters. He runs his studio in the old masters' style -- behind the screen of an old Hindi-Film cinema. There, Rehman is both artist and guru, comedian and philosopher. The slow decline of the art form puts Rehman's world at risk. With modern film posters being printed on plastic and his audience kept away by new high-rise buildings, Rehman refuses to give up his struggle.

Sadako v Kayako (2016)

After watching a cursed videotape, Natsumi has only two days before she will be killed by demonic entity Sadako. Her only hope is to pit Sadako against Kayako, a menacing spirit that inhabits a haunted house.

Zoology (2016)

Middle-aged zoo worker Natasha lives with her mother in a small coastal town. She feels stuck in a life that holds no surprises, until one day she grows a tail.

10 Year Reunion (2016)

Four women return home for their high school reunion and uncover details surrounding the death of their friend 10 years prior.

Remote Paradise (2016)

An heiress (Boti Bliss) travels to Hawaii and becomes swept into a whirlwind romance with a man (Antonio Sabato Jr.) who may not be what he seems.

Prison Dogs (2016)

A groundbreaking program allows prison inmates to care for and train puppies as service dogs for injured veterans.

Hollywood Party (1937)

An East Asian-themed garden tea party in Hollywood includes stars and a number of musical and dance performances.

Of Dogs and Men (2016)

Law enforcement officers and pet owners discuss the rising rates of pet deaths during domestic incidents with police.

Dragon's Claws (1979)

An exiled member of the Dragon boxing sect challenges the current leader to a duel.

The Linda Vista Project (2015)

A paranormal research team fights to survive in one of the nation's most haunted places.

Simon (2016)

A journalist thinks she has tracked down a serial killer and breaks into his home to find evidence. When he unexpectedly returns, they begin playing a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Gifted (2014)

A young man discovers his lust for violence and murder when he is forced to work for a criminal organization after he loses his job.

Berth Marks (1929)

Stanley and Oliver stumble into the wrong sleeping compartment on the train to Pottsville.

Anticosti: La chasse au pétrole (2014)

Filmmaker Dominic Champagne investigates the oil shale industry.

The Truck (2008)

A truck driver takes an unusual job to raise money to pay for his daughter's operation. During the trip, he picks up a police officer who is tracking a serial killer.

Doberdob: A Novel by a Rebel (2015)

History of "Doberdob," an influential war novel authored by one of Slovenia's first communists.

Lilly the Movie (2016)

A woman struggles to care for her sick sister and locate her missing brother.

Free CeCe (2016)

Filmmaker Jacqueline Gares confronts the culture of violence surrounding trans women of color.

I Love You Both (2016)

Fraternal twins confront years of codependency when they start dating the same guy.

Slash (2016)

Neil secretly writes same-sex, erotic fan fiction about a popular sci-fi character. After finding out that Julia, a self-confident classmate, has discovered his writing and shares his passion, he falls for her.

Neet Election (2015)

A jobless young man, with equally unsuccessful friends, runs for a local office.

The Grotto (2014)

A woman discovers an ancient book of demons and the ghost of a 10-year-old boy, who's been dead for 40 years, in a seaside villa. She becomes possessed and it's up to her partner, with the help of a professor on demonology, to stop a ritual.

Dekiru: The Three Stones (2016)

A young man searches for three magical stones to stop an evil threat from consuming the entire world.

Sick to My Bones (2015)

As a dying warrior drags a prisoner through the wasteland, her body begins shutting down.

Daughter of the Lake (2015)

An Andean woman uses her powers to communicate with water spirits to stop a mining corporation from destroying a lake.

9 (2016)

Nine stories become intertwined.

After Romeo & Juliet (2012)

A feud between families begins when a woman is found dead and her lover goes missing.

365 Nights in Hollywood (1934)

A down-on-his-luck director takes a job at an acting school and gets drawn into a plan to bilk a wealthy man out of funds slated for a film production.

Dare to Be Wild (2015)

Irishwoman Mary Reynolds goes from an outsider to a champion at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Call Coho (2015)

A man with a mysterious past makes his living as a designated driver.

Alone in Berlin (2016)

The mission is the message.

Haebangchon: Chapter 1 (2015)

Gangsters take over a small town in South Korea and exploit its citizens.

Feeding 500 (2012)

A man has fed 500 stray cats every day since 1995.

Swing State (2016)

DJ Ethan Smith (Alex Beh), host of a Seattle-based public music radio program, takes over a Conservative talk show and creates a fictional Republican persona, Charles Fern. When his fictional persona is a huge hit with listeners, he continues the ruse and becomes nationally famous, while in his personal life he experiences a series of misadventures.

Culture Clash (2014)

Second generation Caribbean immigrants try to maintain their parents' heritage and cultural identity.

Tiger (2016)

Three young men get lured into the drug trade.

Our Gang (1922)

A gang of children steps in to help a widowed shopkeeper when a rival merchant steals her customers.

Alpha Class (2016)

Brothers of a recently banned fraternity set out to create an ideal organization.

Arvind Desai Ki Ajeeb Dastaan (1978)

Arvind belongs to a rich family, dates his secretary, and likes discussing Marxism. He faces a challenge when his parents fix his marriage with a high-society girl, who is just back from Paris.

Haunted Mansion (2015)

A girl who has the ability to see ghosts spends the night in a haunted mansion with her classmates.

El amparo (2016)

A town protects two of its own from the military.

Generation Revolution (2016)

Black and brown activists work to change the political landscape in London.

The Desert Song (1929)

A French general's son leads Arab rebels in Morocco.

The Road to Mandalay (2016)

During their journey from Burma to Thailand, Ah Guo falls in love with Lianqing. In Bangkok, they both find different ways to make enough money to realize their dreams.

The Oath (2016)

The daughter of a well-respected doctor begins dating a dangerous criminal.

Rubbertown (2016)

A resident of Louisville, Ky., tries to move her entire house to another county after suffering through years of regular leaks, spills, and occasional explosions at nearby manufacturing facilities.

A Divorce Before Marriage (2016)

A band deals with falling popularity and other life obligations.

Bodyguards: Secret Lives From the Watchtower (2016)

Protecting the rich and famous one threat at a time.

The Country Gentlemen (1929)

Two musical numbers and a comedy routine.

You Don't Know the Half of It (1929)

Ann Butler tells Jay Brennan about men she's known.

The Evil That Men Do (2015)

Two assassins are given the 10-year-old daughter of a rival cartel to watch over. If the son of their boss is not returned safely, they will face a situation neither of them are prepared to deal with.

Sharps and Flats (1928)

A husband and wife musical duo.

Christmas Ranch (2016)

When a rebellious teenager is sent to her grandmother's horse ranch for the Christmas holiday, she forms a bond with one of her grandmother's ponies and becomes determined to help her save the ranch from foreclosure.

Abbey Grace (2016)

Following the death of her mother, a woman (Debbie Sheridan) returns home to care for her agoraphobic brother (Jacob Hobbs) who hasn't left the house for 23 years.

Noon Gun (2015)

An everyday occurrence -- the ceremonial blast from a canon -- sets off a series of events that are viewed from the perspectives of various residents.

Last of the Elephant Men (2015)

The Bunong people of Cambodia share a profound bond with elephants. This unique relationship is at the core of the tribe's identity and is the result of skills passed between breeders over centuries. Sadly, their mystical connection with these majestic animals is threatened by deforestation and development that continues to encroach on their traditional lands. Now, dependent on foreign tourists seeking exotic thrills, their indigenous livelihood and cultural heritage is disappearing.

Chatô: The King of Brazil (2015)

A depiction of the life of media mogul Assis Chateaubriand (Marco Ricca), founder of the Associated Journals, the largest network of radio stations and newspapers in Latin America.

Beneath (2013)

Coal miners become trapped 600 feet below the surface. As the air grows toxic and time runs out, the crew descends into madness and turns on one another.

My Friend Ganesha 3 (2010)

Abused by his relatives, a young boy seeks the help of a truck-driver's wife and Lord Ganesha.

Human Test (2012)

Ten young people are used as human guinea pigs during clinical trials for a drug.

Five Pillars (2013)

A British soldier (Tom Bott) returns from the war in Afghanistan to find himself disenfranchised by a society struggling to find its identity.

Little Krishna: The Darling of Vrindavan (2009)

A prophecy had threatened Kamsa that his evil reign is over, and a savior will descend on earth to make Kamsa meet his worst adversity in life.

As Mães de Chico Xavier (2011)

Karl, a journalist, insists on interviewing the most famous Brazilian medium, Chico Xavier -- although he is unprepared to do so.

Maa Ki Shakti (1995)

An evil godman tries to bury a girl alive. However, when a girl from the village sees him and tries to stop him, the evil godman tries to harm her.

Janatha Garage (2016)

A gentle, nature-loving man (Junior N.T.R.) lands a job at his uncle's (Mohanlal) garage and comes to learn about his criminal past.

Paradise Lost (2016)

A much-anticipated Caribbean holiday turns deadly for three close friends (Ana Claudia Talancón, Iván Sánchez, Andrés Almeida) when they decide to explore a deserted island.