I Love You Will Smith (2010)

Office workers Randal (Mike MacRae) and Jake (John Ramsey) strongly disagree about the merits of actor Will Smith.

A Meeting of the Minds (2016)

Dorian, a young corporate lawyer, helps Paul, an immigrant from Eritrea, after he is arrested on a minor criminal charge. When the two men become friends, Dorian learns the authorities are investigating Paul's involvement in a sinister plot.

Postmarked (2016)

Two mail carriers fight for their lives after they witness a crime.

Le goût d'un pays (2016)

The manufacturing of maple syrup.

The Bleeding Edge (2016)

An entrepreneur discovers that his heart transplant came from an organ harvesting enterprise and decides to risk everything for the woman who would be their next victim.

Mellow Mud (2016)

The lives of Raya, a 17-year-old living in rural Latvia, her grandmother, and her little brother Robis are changed by a staggering turn of events.

Man Called Invincible (1974)

A sheriff and his deputy don disguises to travel through gang-infested territories to deliver a fortune in gold.

Ti amo in tutte le lingue del mondo (2005)

A gym teacher's student leaves messages of love.

My Hot Property (2016)

Psychotic real estate agents experience love and greed.

Together Forever (2016)

A woman who feels unloved and unneeded by her family goes to extreme lengths to prove the opposite.

Rosa (2015)

A passionate maid struggles with class division in Columbian society.

The Ghosts of Johnson Woods (2015)

A woman and an awkward man begin a relationship, only to discover neither is who they say they are.

Operation Christmas List (2016)

Barney and his friends sneak into the local department store after hours hoping to use rare toys to swap for things on their lists. Things don't go exactly as planned when Forte and his gang of thieves show up.

Susie Q (2016)

Two brothers spend their days hatching poorly thought out schemes to rob a neighborhood bad girl to pay off a debt to a local bully. They simultaneously date her and quickly begin to fight for her attention all while refusing to get jobs.

Shadows of Paradise (2013)

"Shadows of Paradise" documents the metamorphosis of Transcendental Meditation following the passing of its founder, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Abomination (2015)

A young woman wakes up and claims to be another woman who was murdered two months earlier. She is forced to escape from a psychiatric hospital to find out about her life, death and who murdered her.

Secret Pond (2014)

Deadly tragedy befalls friends on the night of their high school graduation.

Where Is Rocky II? (2016)

Filmmaker Pierre Bismuth hires an investigator and screenwriters to investigate a piece of art.

I'm Watching You (1998)

A young, aspiring artist is drawn into the dark world of voyeurism, sex, and murder after moving into an art house complex.

Carlo (2004)

A man replaces his injured cousin in a football match.

Slammed! (2016)

An electrifying, flashy, arrogant hip-hop star is kidnapped and held for ransom by the kind of professional killer no one ever wants to meet. A deadly romance develops between predator and prey, breeding a dangerous hope that ensnares them both in the dredges of a downtown L.A. dungeon. And in the course of a thrilling 24-hour conspiracy, some will learn the toll on humanity -- and some will wind up dead.

Bitch, Popcorn & Blood (2014)

A popcorn seller decides she hates people and society.

On a Technicality (2015)

Five friends who meet weekly for breakfast observe the changes in themselves and each other over the span of 10 years.

Maple (2011)

Estranged brothers (Lou Petrucci, Jason Rodriguez) confront their grief and each other following the death of their mother.

Of Ink and Blood (2016)

A book shop owner discovers a mysterious manuscript after an author dies on his doorstep.

Dragons of Death (1973)

A man completes his military training and is immediately entrusted with a secret mission.

Amexico (2016)

A Mexican migrant becomes the only witness to the murders of the mysterious family she works for. She must make the decision of her life if she is to survive.

Never Open the Door (2014)

Three couples take a holiday trip to a cozy, secluded cabin and have their lives changed forever.

23 Kilometres (2015)

In Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, an Armenian man with late-stage Parkinson's takes one last journey.

Delusion (2016)

Three years after the death of his wife, Frank becomes attracted to a mysterious woman.

We Love You (2016)

When best friends Noah and Ford realize they've both fallen for the same girl, it could be the end of their friendship. Then they come up with the idea that she just might be cool enough to date both of them.

Blue Turquoise (2017)

An escaped mental patient returns home to terrorize his twin brother with gruesome crimes.

Largo baracche (2014)

Seven boys show the beating heart of the Spanish Quarter of Naples.

Une petite robe chinoise (2013)

A lonely and vulnerable young man begins a silent and unexpected relationship with his neighbor, a Chinese woman.

Drôle de Guerre (2014)

When his mother is hospitalized, a young boy (Matis Hoquet) escapes boredom by playing with some of his grandfather's things, including an old gun and a Resistance medal.

Lovebites (2015)

A couple must confront a world of malicious flesh-eating zombies while trying to hold on to their relationship.

The Keeping Hours (2017)

A lawyer sees the ghost of his dead son, which leads the man's estranged wife back into his life.

Death by Potato (2016)

A murder mystery birthday party is interrupted by an actual murder.

Answering the Call (2016)

In 1965, John Witeck answered Dr. King's call to march on Selma. Now, he travels back to Alabama with his nephew to further explore voting rights in America and how things have changed.

What Do You Think? (1937)

A screenwriter wonders if his odd day was the effect of coincidence or the paranormal.

The Red Man (2016)

A successful DJ suspects his psychiatrist and neighbor are in a secret society that has plans to drug and kill his fellow celebrities.

In the Same Boat (2016)

A look at the economic paradox of technological unemployment, wherein modern society focuses on creating jobs, but technology offers people the unique opportunity to work less and less.

No Limits: Impossible Is Just a Word (2015)

Despite losing his legs in a 2001 race, driver Alex Zanardi prepares to compete in the Spa Francorchamps.

Hectic Knife (2016)

A knife wielding vigilante (Peter Litvin) protects the city from a host of bad guys, including a super villain known as Piggly Doctor (J.J. Brine).

Tears of Motherwood (2013)

Monica tries to bear the pain when death comes to take her child away.

Finding Kukan (2016)

In the late 1930s, Chinese-American firebrand Li Ling-Ai jolts Americans into helping China by capturing a citizen's perspective of the war-torn country, including the massive bombing of the wartime capital.

Kaali (2015)

An Estonian woman takes her nephew to an ancient, legendary meteor crater.

Gregory Porter: Don't Forget Your Music (2016)

Told through candid interviews, the film traces the Grammy Award winner's journey to international fame.

Borbetomagus: A Pollock of Sound (2016)

The history of the band over the last 37 years.

Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Dragon (1995)

A mysterious being appears on Earth, begging the Z Warriors to use the dragon balls to help him.

Framed for Murder: A Fixer Upper Mystery (2017)

When home renovator Shannon Hughes suspects foul play in the death of her good friend and neighbor, she sets out to build a case for murder with the help of her new client, famous crime reporter and author Macintyre.

Ella Brennan: Commanding the Table (2016)

Current and former chefs, restaurateurs, peers, family and friends past and present provide glimpses into Ella Brennan's life.

Faded Finery (2014)

When a little girl befriends a pack of coyotes, her village does not take kindly to the act.

The Innocents (2015)

In 19th-century Argentina, when a man returns to his family's plantation after 15 years, it revives a violent past, slave abuse and evil spirits.

My Love Affair With the Brain: The Life & Science of Dr. Marian Diamond (2016)

Renowned research scientist Dr. Marian Diamond follows her curiosity, changing paradigms in science and society in the process.

Why Did You Pick on Me? (1980)

A rough and tumble sheriff looks after a boy who's actually an extraterrestrial.

Ghostland (2016)

A group of Ju'Hoansi bushmen journey through Europe.

Crooked & Narrow (2016)

A woman returns home after 10 years to join her father's stick-up crew.

407 Dark Flight (2012)

A flight attendant realizes mid-flight that vengeful spirits have seized control of the airplane, and they plan to kill everyone aboard.

Need for Meat (2015)

An exploration of the dilemma between the love for meat and the rational arguments against the products of the meat industry.

The Remake (2016)

Veteran actors Sheridan O'Connor and Riccardo Rossi are reunited to remake a film they shot together in the 1970s, but their constant sparring turns director Frank Zelski into a reluctant referee. Sheridan and Riccardo are in for a surprise when they begin to relive the past through their characters' eyes. And on Larry King's TV talk show, they come face to face -- in front of a live studio audience -- with what fate has in store for them.

Sleigh Bells Ring (2016)

A busy single mother (Erin Cahill) begins organizing her city's Christmas parade. While prop hunting, she finds a beautiful sleigh that seems to have a mind of its own, and it begins nudging her back to an old flame (David Alpay).

Alcoholist (2016)

An alcoholic spies on his neighbor, waiting for the right moment to kill him.

Vampyres (2015)

Campers unwittingly stumble upon a stately manor inhabited by masochistic vampires.

Looks Like Christmas (2016)

An over-involved single mother (Anne Heche) butts heads with a single dad (Dylan Neal) over the school's annual Christmas Spectacular, an event that she feels like she owns.

The Pearl (2016)

Closeted transgender women attend a conference that allows them to express their true identities.

À La française (2012)

It's afternoon in Versailles during the reign of Louis XIV.

The Heritage of Love (2016)

A Russian man goes to Paris to find the grave of his great-grandfather, who was an officer in the White Army. There, he meets an intriguing woman and begins a love story 100 years in the making.

Swift Shaolin Boxer (1978)

A fierce female warrior vows to overthrow the bandits of the Black Wind Fortress.

Horses That Heal (2015)

Equine-Assisted Activities and Therapies helps disabled horseback riders and their families.

The Fischer Case (2014)

A man discovers a world of madness while being interrogated by the police.

Make a Wish (2010)

An all-star baseball player meets a sick child.

Tom Sawyer (1973)

Best friends Tom Sawyer (Johnnie Whitaker) and Huckleberry Finn (Jeff East) spend their days in their small Mississippi hometown causing havoc and having fun wherever they go. When the young Becky Thatcher (Jodie Foster) moves in to town, it throws an unexpected wrench into their friendship. But when one of Tom's friends finds himself in a jam, all three kids come together to help solve the problem in this musical retelling of the classic Mark Twain story.

La valigia (2014)

Sitting alone in a bare room, an old man recalls the important moments of his life.

Enchaînés (2014)

Two burglars realize they've made a fatal error when they break into a serial killer's home.

The Art Police (2015)

An author finds himself in a prison of his imagination and only his characters can save him.

Safari (2013)

What begins as an ordinary day in an American high school ends in brutal violence.

Halleluja for Django (1967)

The Jarret gang steals $500,000 from a bank and hides out in a small, isolated town where they await a scout to take them through the desert to Mexico.

Brother Outlaw (1971)

A man is framed for bank robbery, prompting his brother to spring him from jail. Their search for the real culprits ends in a violent confrontation with a famed gunfighter.

Get Santa (2016)

Julius lives at an orphanage and is a bit of an outsider. He secretly still believes in Santa Claus and when he is confronted with the fact that Santa Claus may just be the headmaster of the orphanage, Julius loses his belief.

My Night, Your Day (2015)

An insomniac spends his nights out on the streets of Budapest to let his girlfriend sleep in peace. he finds himself in increasingly weird, even deadly, situations.

The Song of Life (2013)

Composer Bernhard Koenig conducts a choir for senior citizens hoping to rediscover their talents.

Gigolo (1926)

After his mother goes broke by marrying a gigolo a man takes up with rich women to makes ends meet.

Scouts Honor (2009)

Two brothers try to win a badge from their arrogant sibling in order to inherit a scout camp.

Five Square Meters (2011)

A man (Fernando Tejero) launches a crusade against those responsible for his poorly constructed home.

Talk to Me About Love (2008)

A woman and her husband teach a young man how to love.

The Girl Said No (1937)

A bookie enlists the aid of an old Gilbert & Sullivan troupe to get even with the dance-hall hostess who cheated him.

In the Garden of Sounds (2009)

Wolfgang creates a center for severely disabled children after he goes blind.

Chain Gang (1950)

A reporter (Douglas Kennedy) poses as a guard for a chain gang to expose corruption.

The Clean Bin Project (2010)

A couple tries to lead a waste-free life.

Hurricanes (2003)

A dissatisfied man sees a chance to improve his lot in life when he meets an alluring photographer.

Frontera Norte (1953)

The leader of a criminal gang gets into love conflicts, when he cheats on her lover with another woman.

Black Eyed Dog (1999)

Paul dreams of a big music career, but his gangster brother's past holds him back, until Paul agrees to do the sibling a favor in order to earn money to make a much-needed demo tape.

The Super (2010)

George begins to descend into a depraved world due to the tenants of his building.

Lilly the Witch: The Dragon and the Magic Book (2009)

A young girl (Alina Freund) encounters a book of spells and a talking dragon (Michael Mittermeier).

Laawaris (1981)

An illegitimate son's quest for love and respect brings him in contact with his biological father.

Paper Castles (2009)

In 1980s Madrid, a female art-school student (Adriana Ugarte) and two male classmates (Nilo Mur, Biel Durn) engage in group sex.

The Man From Beijing, Part 1 (2011)

The judge in the small town of Hudiksvall, Sweden, is stunned when 18 people -- among them, her grandparents -- are killed in one night. She starts investigating when she realizes that police are on the wrong track.

Sister Smile (2009)

A biography of Belgian nun and singer Jeannine Deckers reveals her declaration of being gay.

All's Well Ends Well '97 (1997)

The youngest of the three Shang brothers falls for a well-executed prank when his siblings convince him that he has won the lottery.