American Valhalla (2017)

Iggy Pop and Josh Homme collaborate on Iggy's final album, "Post Pop Depression."

La vida te da sorpresas (2013)

Sara pretends to be Mariana and Juan's friend but the only thing she does is lie to them to make them fight.

Bandidos (2004)

After escaping death, Macario returns home, where he finds out his wife and son have been killed and his daughter is in shock. He is determined to take revenge on their killers.

El incondicional (2015)

Tadeo comes to the city to help his best friend organize her new home, but she decides to take a trip and leaves him alone in her apartment. Everything changes when he meets a beautiful girl, although it all turns out to be a nightmare.

El reflejo del espejo (2013)

In her room, Sara has a mirror that reveals grisly murders that will happen in the future. As time moves forward, she sees herself in one of them.

Pégame pero no me dejes (2015)

Melissa and Gualberto attend her ex-boyfriend's wedding, but she succumbs to depression, unable to get over the fact that the man she loved so much is now getting married.

Y el amor existe (2015)

Algelmo and Brígida plan to kill themselves on the rooftop of a building but find they are not the only ones who have that idea.

Un fin de semana de locos (2013)

When a father asks his two sons, who will be home alone for the weekend, to behave during his absence, they are not willing to listen to the request.

Women of the Silk Road (2017)

Four women from different countries along the Silk Road share stories on how love and courage can weave strength into the human heart.

Tomb Invader (2018)

With promises of untold treasure, two modern-day adventurers team up to enter the ancient tomb of Quin Shi Haung.

In Memoriam Alexander Litvinenko (2007)

Former KBG agent Alexander Litvinenko shares his life story from his deathbed.

Aviatrix: The Katherine Sui Fun Cheung Story (2016)

Katherine Sui Fun Cheung defies racial and gender norms to become a stunt pilot in the 1930s.

Peleas Salvajes (1994)

A man infiltrates the world of illegal street fights, not with the aim of profiting from it, but to avenge his brother's death.

Sin miedo a la muerte (2007)

Two families that hate each other claim ownership of a farmhouse.

Suburban del Diablo (1997)

After making a deal with the devil, a man plans to spend his whole life committing crimes and avoiding punishment.

La Palomilla al Rescate (1976)

A group of kids desperately try to save their teacher, who has been kidnapped by criminals.

Matanza en Matamoros (1985)

Silverio and Maximino are two brothers who monopolize the illegal drug business until Elena, who is jealous of Silverio, develops a plan to set him against his brother.

Los Cachorros (1971)

A man who was mutilated in his childhood struggles with frustration and the need to prove his manhood.

Mi oficio es ser asaltante (1999)

Two beautiful women join two dangerous men, and they rob different places.

The Hit List (2011)

A couple is about to cross the border unaware that they are carrying drugs in their car and that there is a price on their head.

Pa' que te acuerdes de mi...Maldita (2005)

A man gets out of prison and tricks Sandra, a young woman whose mother has recently died and left a fortune.

Morras del Barrio (2002)

Officer Rivera hides his corruption behind a facade of justice service.

La Venganza del Mojado (2005)

A man blinded by his ambition and his desire for a woman is capable of destroying anybody who stands in his way, even if it is his best friend.

Gunman Sent by God (1968)

A cowardly circus performer has to find the courage to rescue a kidnapped boy.

El circo de Carlos y Raúl (2001)

Brothers Carlos and Raúl have an unrivalled power. Their network of shady business, like trafficking and smuggling, is so hermetic that any betrayer is automatically eliminated.

El quinto fue el bueno (2014)

Ramiro has always been the black sheep of the family, and to make things worse, he seduces Mónica, his brother's girlfriend. Mónica and Ramiro plan to run away together, but his mother finds out about their plans and kicks him out of the house.

El regalo de bodas (2015)

Rubén and Sandra arrive at a house and discover the former owner's butler still lives there, however, the man is only waiting for the perfect opportunity to kill them and keep the house.

El vengador ilegal (1990)

After his brother and his friend die, Ángel confronts some criminals who belong to a sect. Ángel will not stop until he avenges the deaths of his loved ones and his family is safe.

Este cuerpo no es mio (2015)

Millionaire Osvaldo lives off of the inheritance his father left him. He devotes his entire life to partying and doing nothing.

El rayo de Jalisco (1962)

Wanting to avenge his father's death, a local hero becomes the chief of police and begins dating a beautiful woman named Colombia.

Con el Dedo en el Gatillo III (1958)

Two detectives and an old lady, who is the grandmother of one of them, devote all of their efforts to pursue criminals.

México contra Estados Unidos (1987)

Mexican soccer fans embark on exciting adventures with a group of kids who love the sport and want to succeed.

Fairy Tale for Average People (2015)

After a painful breakup, a man decides to find something sweet to remove the bitterness from his life.

Cabezas Rapadas II (2002)

Skinheads are responsible for the most violent street confrontations in the city, and the authorities do not seem to find a way to stop them.

Les cadors (2016)

A family is thrown into disarray after their patriarch's violent death.

El pájaro nalgón (2012)

Paulino and his lover are caught in action by her husband, who ends up getting killed, and Jerry witnesses everything.

Home by Now (2016)

A man jeopardizes his perfect life and marriage by constantly trying to live in the past.

Eight Days Carlo (2016)

Carlo, a steel worker, has been laid off from his job. With a special needs son and a house going into foreclosure, Carlo makes the difficult decision to do whatever it takes to provide for his family.

The Tag-Along 2 (2017)

A mother searches for her missing daughter by tracking down the last person to see her.

Only the Dead Know the Brooklyn Americans (2017)

The history of the team.

Gordita, la del barrio (2001)

Four frustrated criminals go from failure to failure until destiny gathers them together to form a gang of robbers in Mexico.

Un matrimonio imperfecto (2015)

Jorge pays his ex-girlfriend Mariana a visit with the sole aim of talking her out of getting married. At the same time, her future sister-in-law arrives at Mariana's house carrying her wedding dress, so Mariana forces Jorge to hide.

El cofre del tesoro (2015)

Aron pretends to have suffered a fracture so he doesn't have to tell his wife he got fired. While resting, he finds a magic treasure chest.

Al despertar del coma (2015)

After having a car accident, Norberto wakes up from a deep coma to realize his past life no longer exists. His father has died and his ex-girlfriends are now best friends.

La sonrisa de la virgen (1957)

A little girl's innocence and faith in the Virgin of Guadalupe are rewarded when she witnesses a miracle.

Non-Emergency (2017)

A woman calls the police to report her neighbor for disturbing the peace.

Lonely Planet (2014)

A travel guide writer ventures to Barcelona, where she meets an intriguing stranger.

Unravel (2017)

A man awakens to discover that he is caught in a hellish time loop seemingly controlled by a blood-soaked watch.

Overcast (2011)

An absurd chain of events begins with a man tumbling from the roof of his home.

I Meant to Tell You (2015)

Marijuana causes a serious problem in Carla's relationship.

Me Too, You (2016)

A woman searches for her estranged sister in New York City.

Munnodi (2017)

Jealous of his mother's attention toward his brother, Sathya befriends Mandhiramoorthy, a political gang leader whose brother hates Sathya. Meanwhile, a policeman plans to take down the gang.

Diamante Negro (2004)

A man is capable of doing anything to win a woman's heart, and a black diamond causes war to break out.

De Mi Rancho A Zu-Rancho (2000)

Three sisters seize control of a town to try and stop a tribal chief who is spreading terror in the local population.

Nocturno de Amor (1948)

Piano students who are in love with each other compete for the same scholarship.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (2008)

A scientist accidentally drinks a potion that turns him into a grotesque creature. To counteract its effect, the man must drink an antidote.

Tijuana Caliente (1981)

Thanks to a scam, an innocent man ends up in jail and decides to look for the person behind the incident.

Fuga en la noche (1973)

After accidentally killing his partner, a man is rejected by his girlfriend and family.

Los Temibles (1977)

After robbing a bank in Texas, two men run away to Mexico and hide in a ranch, where one of them tries to start a new life.

Escorpión negro (1998)

An anti-narcotics agent is investigating a dangerous drug cartel, but the criminals find out about his intentions and butcher his family.

A los cuatro vientos (1955)

A poor young woman meets a businessman who decides to make her a famous singer, which provokes intense feelings of jealousy in her boyfriend.

Qué bravas son las costeñas (1955)

A young woman moves from the United States to a port town in Mexico, where she fights with a friend over the love of a millionaire.

Divorciadas (1943)

After many years without seeing each other, two friends meet by chance in court, where both of them are filing for divorce.

Con el poder en la mano (1999)

A husband catches his wife in the arms of another man, so he decides to kill him with his machete. Now, the lover's brothers are out for revenge.

El Tigre de la Frontera (1992)

A man wants to avenge the death of his brother, and after achieving his goal, he marries his brother's widow.

La Ley del Cholo III (2003)

The son of a mobster is adopted by a good Samaritan. When he becomes an adult, he makes her his wife and lives by her rules.

Clave Cholo (1999)

A group of criminals work in large-scale theft. A secret agent manages to go under cover to expose the criminals' crimes.

Vanessa (1972)

A woman is dissatisfied with her husband and resorts to another woman and a man.

El preso de Zacatecas (2001)

An innocent citizen tirelessly looks for a way out of prison to take revenge on the men who framed him.

El Último de los Cholos (2000)

After the band of the cholos is vanquished, the only person left wreaks vengeance on the people responsible.

The Wild Boar (2016)

A homeless orphan escapes the city to live in the woods.

High-Rise Rescue (2017)

When an architect learns that her husband and son are trapped on the 55th floor of a burning high-rise that she designed, she races against the blaze to save them.

Taxi Driver: Oko Ashewo (2015)

A naive village mechanic encounters prostitutes and vigilantes when he travels to the city.

Sunny (2008)

In hopes of reuniting with her husband, who left for the Vietnam War without telling her, a woman becomes the lead singer of a traveling band.

The Game (1962)

Children confront an icy fog on their way to school.

Meta Pre Ptolemy (2006)

A man and his goldfish prepare for the end of the world.

A Thousand Junkies (2017)

Three heroin addicts scour Los Angeles for drugs after their dealer abandons them.

Stalked by My Ex (2017)

After learning that her abusive ex-husband is about to be released from prison, a woman flees with her teenage daughter back to her old hometown.

Storm: Letters of Fire (2017)

The son of a printer becomes a target of the Inquisition.

Caller ID: Entity (2018)

People become victims to mind control technology.

Magalir Mattum (1994)

Three female employees are fed up of their lecherous boss, and they come up with a plan to get even. Unfortunately, he ends up in the hospital and they are stuck with the dead body of a terrorist.

O.K. ...Laliberté (1973)

Two people strive to find happiness in Quebec.

Hold on to Daddy's Ears (1971)

An ambitious secretary becomes embroiled in a scandal.

Neighbours (1952)

Neighbors feud over a simple flower.

Free and Easy (2017)

A devious traveling soap salesman sets up shop in a wintry Chinese suburb.

L'arbre de l'enfance (2017)

Filmmaker Anne Barth films Juliette from the age of 11 to 17.

The Lighthouse by the Sea (1924)

Smugglers make plans to destroy a lighthouse so they can land their illegal cargo.

Sonata (2017)

A psychological exploration of three unmarried women.

Jose (2016)

An impoverished family makes a heartbreaking decision.

Goodbye L.A. (2012)

Three people learn the meaning of loss.

Nee Enge En Anbe (2014)

Mohan, a college student, receives anonymous letters from a girl who seeks help from him when she is held captive by a gang.

Soy un prófugo (1946)

A bank janitor is falsely accused of robbery and sent to prison. After escaping, he tries to find the real criminals.

Tin Tan (2010)

An overview of the life and career of Germn Cipriano Gmez Valds Castillo, stage name Tin Tan, who goes on to become one of Mexico's most popular comic actors.

High School Musical - O Desafio (2010)

A new school year begins; students are invited to the first music competition, but only one band can win.

Confissões de Adolescente (2013)

Four teenage sisters struggle with the conflicts that precede adulthood while helping their father, who is experiencing financial difficulties trying to support his daughters.

Spiral (1998)

The search for the truth behind the death of one of Dr. Mitsuo Ando's acquaintances triggers mad panic.