Revenge (2017)

An unlicensed private detective hesitantly agrees to avenge a client's murdered sister.

Sinatra in Palm Springs (2019)

Frank Sinatra calls Palm Springs, Calif., home for almost 50 years.

Eye for an Eye (2019)

A disavowed CIA agent goes on the run when she is attacked by mercenaries who have learned she possesses a missing memory card containing information that could start World War III.

Southern Pride (2017)

People from two towns in Mississippi organize gay and black pride events.

I Am Still Here (2017)

An act of kindness leads to a little girl's abduction in an ordinary neighborhood.

Strangers (2017)

A loner is fatally attracted to two sisters.

Caught in a Landslide (2017)

A man receives nightly visits from a ghost that forces him to remember a lost summer romance.

In the Game (2018)

A rebellious teenager must travel the country with his sick grandpa to get to his basketball game.

Red Summer (2017)

Four youngsters embark on a hellish journey after they delve into an inhospitable place.

Sinbad: The Magic Lamp and the Moving Islands (2016)

Sinbad and his crew go out in search of the comrades of Sana, the princess of a legendary sorcerer clan.

The Blockchain and Us (2017)

A documentary about the blockchain, the underlying technology of bitcoin.

The Birthday (2015)

A teenage girl falls in love with her best friend.

To Love the Soul of a Woman (2017)

An abusive woman stops at nothing short of murder to get her way. She emasculates, humiliates and physically abuses her ex-military fiance, Earnest Anderson, who does all he can to appease her.

The Wages of Sin (1956)

A young girl from the Deep South forms a forbidden friendship, going against the wishes of her racist grandfather.

The Wounds We Cannot See (2017)

Former U.S. Navy Airman Nancy Ross was violently raped during her service in 1988, and she has struggled with addiction and depression since that time. Although Nancy has undergone extensive therapy, she still lives in constant fear of the future.

About a Week (2011)

A small-time, local drug dealer goes on the lam with a precocious runaway after witnessing a brutal murder.

The Attic (2017)

A spirit is disturbed by an affair between a housewife and a man.

Two in Black Belt (1978)

An ex-police officer returns from an international martial arts tournament to find his mother murdered and his sister savagely attacked. He unleashes furious revenge with the help of an old friend.

Trans Somnium (2015)

In an attempt to reunite with her dead girlfriend, Maya uses dark forces and occult rituals to open a portal to hell.

Deadly Roulette (1976)

A policeman and his girlfriend are suspected of leaking information about a sensitive case involving a communist organization.

One by One (2016)

A woman tracks three biker bandits who killed her husband.

La Chiperita (2015)

A baker tries to win the heart of the man she loves.

Solos (2015)

Hoping to launch a career in movies, three friends take a road trip that results in reflection about films, friendship and loneliness.

Wasted (2018)

A homeless teenager wanders aimlessly and seeks human connection.

Lepage au Soleil: l'origine de Kanata (2019)

An exploration of the origins of Kanata.

Candy (2016)

A handyman is hired by a seemingly vulnerable widow, but he soon finds out that there are severe consequences if he doesn't do exactly as told.

A Christmas Fury (2017)

Mamie Lou is about to make a big life change, but her plans are derailed by the arrival of a child who puts the chaos back in Christmas and sends everyone reeling.

El pajarito y la oruga (2017)

A little bird has plenty of peace and quiet high up in its tree until a hungry caterpillar shows up.

Si la photo est bonne (2015)

A family man tries to fight against his growing attraction to a musician.

First Kiss (1998)

A first kiss is temporarily derailed by a minor medical issue.

Dunas (2011)

Odd sensations accompany a sentimental separation.

The Rose Garden (2017)

A writer revisits the past on a personal trip back home.

March Hare (2009)

Clara's gone off the deep end, but nobody knows it yet.

Run (2019)

In a small town in the north of Scotland, a group of young men escapes reality through car races.

The Docks of New York (1928)

A ship's stoker finds his life forever changed when he saves a world-weary woman from a suicide attempt.

Yokai (2013)

A girl unwittingly enters a macabre world when she attempts to steal from her employer.

The Unintentional Kidnapping of Mrs. Elfriede Ott (2010)

Horst kidnaps someone to stand in for his dead grandmother, so local officials don't find out he's been claiming her pension checks since she died, not realizing his victim is a famous actress.

Spotlight (2016)

Two musicians play Camille Saint-Saens' "Danse Macabre" amidst an unexpected light show.

Beyond the Line (2019)

A British pilot and an American soldier find themselves stuck behind Nazi lines.

Tinder Mercies (2017)

Two people go on a nerve-wracking first date.

Untold (2017)

A troubled girl finds meaning in life when she decides to care for a lonely, disabled woman.

Sand (2017)

A man wakes up early and has his coffee.

The God Chair (2016)

Three celestial beings try to guide humanity to peace.

Jail Bird (2017)

A small-town cop discovers the truth behind an infamous kidnapping.

Korpino (2018)

Three longtime friends discover a little more than they'd like to know about each other over the course of a single morning.

Mamet (2017)

A man tries an unusual tactic to get a woman's attention.

Nach der Wahrheit (2015)

A veteran makes a confession to his dying wife.

Siege (2012)

One of the worst and unexpected cases of violence both Napier and New Zealand had witnessed; it was all the more shocking because of its ordinary suburban backdrop.

Me & God (1969)

A small-town pastor learns that his daughter is in love with a priest.

Dog Days (2013)

An unemployed entrepreneur and a veteran hot dog vendor become business partners.

Morning Prayers (2013)

A couple's hook up is interrupted by a stranger.

Foursome (2008)

Overwhelmed with stress at work, three friends and colleagues take a trip to a spa hotel. There, they come to the realization that all of their problems stem from the same man.

Lili David (2012)

A 32-year-old single mother gets a job helping to fulfill people's every need and desire.

Head Above Water (2016)

A look at the tense rivalry between Australia's two biggest surfers, looking at how the community coped with a shark attack during an annual competition.

Armero (2017)

The Nevado del Ruiz volcano causes massive death and destruction in the small mountainside city of Armero in Colombia.

The Wrong Tutor (2019)

The mother of a star high school athlete becomes suspicious of her son's new tutor.

Geek, and You Shall Find (2019)

Three filmmakers visit conventions across the country to learn more about geek culture.

Zulu Summer (2019)

After receiving a suspicious e-mail from an African prince, a radio DJ in Montana forges an international alliance that changes the lives of people continents apart.

To Live and Die in Ordos (2013)

Based on the story of Hao Wanzhong, a Chinese policeman who worked in Ordos, Inner Mongolia and was known for solving difficult cases.

The Conscience (2016)

A jury member wrestles with his conscience.

Gomherit Embaba (2015)

Several residents, including a bus driver and an opportunist girl, live in Embabah neighborhood, seeking to better their lives after the January 2011 uprising in the Cairo slum.

Photo Document (2015)

A housekeeper travels to work on a sweltering day.

Play-Time! (2017)

A man finds himself blindfolded and tied to a chair in a dark room. A familiar voice begins to interrogate him, demanding a secret code.

Roll No. 56 (2017)

A disabled child runs away from home to escape his parents' constant arguments.

Infanticide! (2013)

In a world with a one-child policy, two people do whatever it takes to have the perfect family.

Beauty Pageant (2018)

Two overworked producers meet the perfect candidate for a beauty pageant.


Un niño que desea hacer la primera comunión decide trabajar por las noches debido a que su padre no puede comprarle el traje.

Sleeping Dogs (2010)

Foreseeing the end of his life, 60-year-old Jim sets out in search of his estranged son.

Love Station (2011)

Two single workers at a radio station are brought together by their mutual friends.

Daddy's Daughter (2017)

A girl falls prey to a boy who uses her for his own selfish reasons.

Get Big (2018)

An Ultimate Frisbee team competes in a beach tournament on the shores of Sardinia.

Poi Dogs (2010)

Two Hawaiian teenagers overcome their shyness to express a budding interest in each other.

Strike Night (2017)

A Korean man wanders through a French city on a frigid evening, searching for a woman.

Gaza (2019)

A portrait of the everyday lives of the citizens of Gaza.

Bronx Gothic (2017)

Actress and writer Okwui Okpokwasili discusses her creative process and the social issues raised by her one-woman show "Bronx Gothic."

Spookers (2017)

An exploration of the most successful scare park in the Southern Hemisphere, which is run by a close-knit New Zealand family who try to face their own fears in order to make others face theirs.

A Mission in an Old Movie (2012)

A man tries to fulfil his dreams of romance and a career in show business, while also having to deal with his overbearing and meddlesome mother.

Modest Heroes (2018)

Two tiny, aquatic humanoids search for their missing father, a boy battles a lethal allergy to eggs, and an invisible salaryman tries to become a hero.

The House of Him (2014)

A masked killer prepares to slay his 27th victim, but the dead women in his walls and floors may be able to finally put a stop to his violence.

Vultures in the Void (2014)

Deep space pirates hijack a freighter.

Born to Be Mild (2014)

Filmmakers follow people with dull interests, such as photographing and cataloging mailboxes.

Campus Katta (2014)

College students fight corruption in their for-profit university.

Twisted Minds (2014)

A banker's life is turned upside down when his stepbrother's dark past catches up with him.

Wishing Box (2017)

A pirate and his monkey companion discover a magical treasure chest.

Love Lessons (2015)

A man plans to torture and kill his cheating girlfriend.

The Guilt List (2016)

A woman falls in love with a man from Czechoslovakia at the height of the Red Scare.

Hot Traces of St. Pauli (1971)

An honest taxi-driver shelters his violent and unpredictable brother after he escapes from prison.

American Slasher (2014)

Teens go to Camp Greenbrier to help clean it up for the upcoming summer, but they discover that there is an infamous, legendary maniac known as Billy Creed, who is roaming around the campsite.

Kabadio (2016)

Observations of the daily lives of people in a small Muslim village in southern Senegal as they try to maintain their traditions during a civil war.

Frontier (2017)

In Texas in 1848, two Mexican families find their peaceful existence shattered when they refuse to sell their ranches to an Irish family who will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Distances (2018)

Four friends from Spain travel to Berlin to surprise a man on his birthday, but their reception leaves much to be desired.

Little Wing (2016)

When 12-year-old Varpu is overcome with curiosity about the father she's never known, she steals a car to go find him.

Garden of Stars (2016)

In a special cemetery in Berlin, stillborn babies and gay men rest in peace near the grave of the Grimm Brothers.

Fallen (2017)

Filmmaker Thomas Marchese examines stories of fallen police officers and the effects on families, colleagues and communities.

Left for Dead (2008)

A vengeful demon traps a criminal and a posse in a Mexican ghost town.

Jane (2017)

Jane Goodall, a young and untrained woman, challenges the male dominated scientific consensus of her time with her chimpanzee research and revolutionizes people's understanding of the natural world.

Holden On (2017)

Holden, a small-town football player, fights to keep his mental illness a secret at all costs.