The Racket (1928)

In this Prohibition-era silent film, James McQuigg (Thomas Meighan) is an honest police captain in a city ruled by gangsters and corrupt politicians. McQuigg tries repeatedly to arrest Nick Scarsi (Louis Wolheim), a bootlegging kingpin, but can't get charges to stick. After rejecting Scarsi's bribes, the incorruptible McQuigg is transferred out of town, but refuses to be intimidated. When Scarsi's younger brother is caught in a hit-and-run, McQuigg attempts to take down the criminal underworld.

Hercules of the Desert (1964)

Hercules arrives to rescue a band of desert wanderers from the domination of a tyrannical princess.

Rosemary (1958)

In East Germany, vibrant and savvy call girl Rosemarie (Nadja Tiller) aspires to get more out of her dead-end life and shrewdly begins blackmailing corrupt capitalist businessmen customers. Encouraged by her success and by the support of her two musician roommates, Rosemarie continues recklessly. When a French client suggests that she spy on the businessmen for him, Rosemarie agrees, and as her inside knowledge grows, she becomes convinced that her influence has made her invincible.

Return to Green Acres (1990)

Cast members from the original TV series are reunited when Oliver tries to save Hooterville from greedy developers.

Lotoman (2011)

The lives of two cousins, Modesto and Manuel are transformed to become millionaires after winning a lottery prize.

Collector's Item (1988)

A Parisian businessman's coincidental meeting with a former lover leads him into a dangerous web of passion and deceit.

The People's Choice (1946)

Laryngitis turns a small-town guy (Drew Kennedy) into a mysterious radio star.

Kidnapped (1948)

Robert Louis Stevenson's hero David Balfour (Roddy McDowall) joins rebel Alan Breck Stewart (Dan O'Herlihy) in 18th-century Scotland.

Hudson's Bay (1940)

In the 1700s, French Canadian explorer Pierre Esprit Radisson (Paul Muni) envisions a vast fur trade based in the Hudson Bay area. Opportunity knocks when Radisson and his associate, Gooseberry (Laird Cregar), meet wealthy Englishman Lord Edward Crewe (John Sutton). After teaching Crewe about frontier survival, Radisson and Gooseberry journey with him to England, where Radisson attempts to convince King Charles II (Vincent Price) to fund his business endeavor.

Edge City (1998)

Tension escalates between urban and suburban teenagers when a prank starts rumors of an attempted rape.

The Mule (2012)

An American reporter searches for her missing brother amid the violence and human smuggling across the U.S.-Mexico border.

Othello (1922)

In this silent version of the Shakespeare play, military ensign Iago (Werner Krauss) chafes upon learning that Gen. Othello (Emil Jannings) has appointed a younger man, Cassio (Theodor Loos), as his lieutenant. Further offended to discover that Othello, a dark-skinned Moor, has secretly married Desdemona (Ica von Lenkeffy), the daughter of a senator, Iago plots revenge. Playing upon Othello's volatile nature, Iago plants clues that Desdemona has been unfaithful with Cassio.

Fitful (2011)

Paula's (Renee O'Connor) car malfunctions near an old broken-down steamship, and she spends the night aboard. But startling commotions awaken her and lead her to all points of the dark and disturbing vessel.

Magnificent Team (1998)

An undercover detective (Francis Ng), his lover (Amanda Lee) and a mutual friend (Christine Ng) try to catch the person who is killing Internet users.

Flowers of Shanghai (1998)

Women struggle in a Shanghai brothel where everything only appears to be beautiful.

The Toast of New York (1937)

Huckster showman Jim Fisk (Edward Arnold) and his faithful partner, Nick Boyd (Cary Grant), become wealthy smuggling cotton during the Civil War, but when they lose their money, the pair move to New York City and establish themselves as stock speculators. As Fisk and Boyd spar over comely actress Josie (Frances Farmer), Fisk engineers a foolhardy scheme against Cornelius Vanderbilt (Clarence Kolb) to corner the gold market, unmindful of the risks to his investors if his plan should fail.

Till We Meet Again (1936)

Divided by war before they can wed, a London actor (Herbert Marshall) and a Vienna actress (Gertrude Michael) become enemy spies.

August 32nd on Earth (1998)

Though he has a girlfriend, a man (Alexis Martin) agrees to father his best friend's (Pascale Bussires) child.

The Fair (1960)

A priest and a young Frenchwoman (Juliette Mayniel) give shelter to a deserter (Gtz George) from the German army.

Flirting With Fate (1916)

A man hires an assassin to kill him but, later, has a change of heart.

My School Chum (1960)

German soldiers throw a postman (Heinz Ruhmann) in prison after they intercept his letter protesting World War II.

The Mysterious Miss X (1939)

After being mistaken for Scotland Yard detectives, two vaudevillians (Michael Whalen, Chick Chandler) try to solve a murder in a Midwestern town.

Box of Shadows (2011)

The discovery of a 15th-century coffin unleashes dangerous impulses and desires among a group of friends.

El Macho (1987)

Following the example of his father, a young man claims to be the most exemplary macho man.

Seaside Swingers (1964)

Teenagers working at a seaside resort discover that the highlight of the season will be a televised talent contest.

The Mahabharata (1989)

This adaptation of the Indian epic poem and subsequent stage play tells the story of two warring clans. The Pandava brothers come into conflict with the Kauravas, as both tribes, descended from deities, feel they can lay claim to power. Yudhishthira (Andrzej Seweryn), the eldest of the Pandavas, is told by the god Krishna that his destiny is to be king. And his brother Arjuna (Vittorio Mezzogiorno) has a talent for battle. But is war inevitable? Krishna's actions are fraught with ambiguity.

The Champion (1915)

Charlie (Charles Chaplin) wins boxing matches by placing a horseshoe in his glove.

The Sea Pirate (1967)

A French pirate (Gerald Barray) woos an American (Antonella Lualdi) in Paris when not raiding ships in the Napoleonic Wars.

Daggers of Blood (1963)

A Polish colonel (Pierre Brice) falls in love with a princess (Jeanne Crain) engaged to a Cossack (John Drew Barrymore) circa 1700.

Love Potion (1987)

A drug addict (Nancy Paul) deals with an unorthodox doctor after she checks into a rehabilitative clinic.

The Hedgehog (2009)

While planning her suicide, a precocious 11-year-old (Garance Le Guillermic) befriends a new neighbor (Togo Igawa) and a prickly recluse (Josiane Balasko).

La Ruletera (1987)

A cabdriver is heavy on the gas pedal and quick with a sarcastic remark.

Bulldog Drummond in Africa (1938)

The London sleuth (John Howard), his fiancee (Heather Angel) and sidekick pluck a Scotland Yard colonel (H.B. Warner) from a lion pit.

The Lady Hermit (1971)

A master swordswoman recruits two students to help her defeat the evil Black Demon.

The Tree of Life (2008)

After the death of her father, a woman travels to Italy to trace his family tree.

Mother: Caring Our Way Out of Our Population Dilemma (2010)

Beth, a theater professor, uses her class to demonstrate the effects population growth has on social and environmental problems.

The Last Victory (2004)

With a tradition that stretches back hundreds of years, the Palio di Siena -- the city of Siena, Italy's biannual horse race -- grips the area's different neighborhoods as they all battle for supremacy and the honor of winning the storied competition. Deciding to focus his lens on the efforts of the Civetta district, perennial losers who desperately desire to turn around their fortunes, filmmaker John Appel brings to light the passion and drive that possesses these dedicated competitors.

Samson (1961)

The legendary strongman uses his might and muscle to clean up the troubled province of a neighboring kingdom.

Death Promise (1977)

A man sets out to find and kill the evil landlords who murdered his father.

Queen Elizabeth (1912)

Elizabeth I, Queen of England, has an ill-fated affair with the Earl of Essex.

The Careless Years (1957)

Two teens (Dean Stockwell, Natalie Trundy) in love get restless after their parents give them permission to marry.

Murder in the Central Committee (1982)

A private investigator and an anti-communist police chief investigate the murder of the secretary general of the Communist Party.

Kim Novak Never Swam in Genesaret's Lake (2005)

In 1962, Erik, Edmund and Henry spend a holiday in an old house. The summer continues to be the best ever until Ewa shows up and a terrible thing happens.

Cremaster 2 (1999)

This experimental film alternates between symbolic depictions of events from the life of notorious Mormon murderer Gary Gilmore and sustained shots of barren landscapes and beehives. Career criminal Gilmore (Matthew Barney) murders two men and, after being apprehended, demands to be put to death by firing squad. The execution absolves Gilmore of his sins, and he enters a hive-like heaven, where he begins a search for the elusive Harry Houdini (Norman Mailer), who may be his grandfather.

The Ride (2003)

David wipes out on a big wave and travels back in time to 1911 Hawaii.

The Vanishing Riders (1935)

A former lawman and his adopted son work on a ranch and come up with a plan to trick rustlers.

Purgatory House (2004)

A teenager (Celeste Davis) awakes in an afterlife after committing suicide.

Downstairs (1932)

In the Austrian manor of Baron (Reginald Owen) and Baroness von Burgen (Olga Baclanova), the relationship between the upstairs aristocracy and the downstairs staff is quite positive. The servants seem to enjoy their time together, and some even fall in love, as head butler Albert (Paul Lukas) and maid Anna (Virginia Bruce) have done. But when lecherous new chauffeur Karl Schneider (John Gilbert) enters the house, affairs and blackmail follow, and the harmony of the home is slowly destroyed.

Hercules and the Treasure of the Incas (1960)

Hercules pits his strength against a fierce band of native tribesmen who stand in the way of a hidden treasure.

The Captain Is a Lady (1940)

Evicted from their home of 30 years, elderly retired couple Ace (Charles Coburn) and Angie Peabody (Beulah Bondi) realize a retirement home is their only option. Ace wants the best for Angie and, after selling his boat, finds a place in a ladies-only home for her. Touched by the couple's devotion, the ladies in the home allow Ace to move in with her -- only to later suspect him of flirting with various residents. Despondent when he is ejected, Ace wonders if suicide is the answer.

Horse Crazy (2002)

Three kids, who hope to capture their own mustang, outsmart a ring of thieves and return a prize stallion to its owner.

Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed (1999)

A cucumber action-hero must thwart a plant spreading rumors in Bumblyburg.

Reto a la Vida (1988)

After being released from prison, an ex drug trafficker, declares war on the drug dealers plaguing the streets.

God of Gamblers 3: The Early Stage (1997)

A gangster's daughter and an undercover cop help an apprentice gambler take revenge on the mentor who betrayed him.

Baikonur (2011)

Iskander, a young man living on the Kazakh steppes, finds French astronaut Julie after her capsule crashes. Julie now has amnesia, but Iskander convinces her they are engaged.

Horror Express (1972)

Alexander Saxton (Christopher Lee), a brilliant British anthropologist researching in the Russian Far East, boards the Trans-Siberian Express with his latest discovery, a frozen specimen he hopes to prove is the missing link. But en route to Europe, passengers begin to turn up dead, and terror engulfs the train as Saxton and his partner, Dr. Wells (Peter Cushing), struggle to contain a mysterious -- and increasingly murderous -- force with the power to control minds.

Half a Loaf of Kung Fu (1980)

A fighting master's comical student (Jackie Chan) becomes an official protector of the Evergreen Jade.

Gulliver's Travels Beyond the Moon (1966)

In this Japanese animated classic, homeless child Ricky is hit by a car and then finds himself meeting the famous traveler Professor Gulliver, who he has just seen a movie about. Joined by Gulliver's assistant, Sylvester the crow, a talking toy soldier and a dog, Ricky journeys to the Planet of Blue Hope, which has been overtaken by a group of servant robots that has turned on its creators. In order to free the planet, Ricky and Gulliver must battle the robots by melting them with water guns.

El gendarme desconocido (1941)

Cantinflas works for the police, and was entrusted with the difficult task of finding a diamond that has been stolen.

Across the Sea of Time (1995)

Tomas (Peter Reznik) is an eleven-year-old Russian stowaway who is bound for America for a very special reason. Almost a hundred years ago, Tomas' ancestor -- Leopold Minton -- emigrated to America to start a new life. Now, Tomas comes to New York to find the American branch of his family.

King of Comedy (1999)

After flopping as a film extra, a know-it-all amateur (Stephen Chow) gives acting lessons to a barmaid (Cecilia Cheung).

Une nounou pas comme les autres (1993)

A lawyer finds a special nanny (Mimie Mathy) who teaches his children all about prejudice and love.

The Big Fight (1972)

Chinese martial artists battle the occupying Japanese forces during WWII.

Exit (2011)

Several people think the city is a maze and they obsessively search for the exit.

Black Spring Break (1998)

Two sports agents follow a football star and his friend on spring break in hopes that he will sign with them.

Boiling Point (1990)

After clashing with a gangster, a baseball player (Masahiko Ono) seeks help from a bar owner (Takahito Iguchi) with underworld connections.

My Dad Baryshnikov (2011)

An enthusiastic but marginally talented Russian ballet student (Dmitri Viskubenko) tells his classmates that he's the illegitimate son of legendary dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov.

White Week (1980)

Colleagues have a romp together in the snow while competing for the affection of the office beauty.

Day 6 (2011)

Dr. Davide discovers aliens have been installing their memories in people for millennia.

Firequake (2014)

The creator (Alexandra Paul) of a new energy source is the only one who can save mankind after the highly explosive substance seeps into the Earth's surface and produces violent temblors and blasts of fire.

Galaxy Express 999 (1979)

A young man seeks a mechanical body so that he can confront his mother's killer.

12 Years (2010)

For a dozen years she ignored sneers and mockery and stood up for her relationship. But that was probably a mistake.

Nights in White Satin (1986)

A Los Angeles photographer (Kenneth David Gilman) uses Skid Row as a setting and meets a homeless beauty (Priscilla Harris) he cannot forget.

My Magic Dog (1998)

A boy's (Bryan Mendez) invisible dog helps him outwit a wicked, money-grubbing aunt (Kate Doughan) and her hired hoods.

Song of Old Wyoming (1945)

A casual cowhand (Eddie Dean) fights the Cheyenne Kid (Al "Lash" La Rue) in behalf of a woman rancher (Sarah Padden).

Life With Blondie (1946)

The Bumsteads' (Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake) dog poses for pictures and makes more money than Dagwood.

Blood Hunt (1986)

A dead man's detective brother (Michael Carter) asks an old sailor (Andrew Keir) in the Scottish Highlands to help him find the killer.

Legacy (1975)

A rich Texas woman (Joan Hotchkis) resents her husband (George McDaniel), visits her mother, recalls her first lover (Sean Allan) and goes mad.

The Phantom Fiend (1932)

An elderly couple's lodger, a British musician (Ivor Novello), becomes the suspect in a series of killings.

Mary (2005)

An actress (Juliette Binoche) undergoes a spiritual transformation after playing Mary Magdalene in a film.

Winds of Change (1978)

Several animated stories from "Metamorphoses," the Roman poet Ovid's narrative of legends, are presented.

East L.A. Warriors (1989)

A street-gang veteran (Tony Bravo) teaches martial arts to a young fighter (Kamar Reyes) caught in the gang scene.

Death Valley (1946)

Greed for gold turns fellow prospectors into enemies in the desert.

Especially on Sunday (1991)

A dog-hater is pursued by an adorable mutt in one of a collection of tales set on the Adriatic coast.

The Monster Maker (1944)

Mad scientist Dr. Markoff (J. Carrol Naish) becomes fascinated with Patricia (Wanda McKay), the daughter of concert pianist Anthony Lawrence (Ralph Morgan). When Lawrence presses Markoff to leave her alone, the doctor knocks him out and injects him with a secret serum that grotesquely distorts his features. Markoff offers to reverse the effects if Patricia will marry him, but Lawrence refuses the offer and confronts the doctor, whose tactics grow increasingly desperate.

Home for the Holidays (2005)

A loving aunt (Sean Young) struggles to adopt her young relatives after their parents die in a car accident.

Ulysses (1955)

Homer's hero (Kirk Douglas) recalls episodes of his odyssey: the Cyclops, Circe (Silvana Mangano), the sirens, the Trojan horse.

Slumber Party Massacre II (1987)

A teen (Crystal Bernard) and her friends are terrorized by a rock star (Atanas Ilitch) whose guitar is fitted with a drill bit.

The Time It Takes (2013)

During the end of the world, Jamila leaves her home to find a way to fix her fan.

Mankillers (1987)

The CIA sends a blonde (Lynda Aldon) to stop a bad agent in Colombia: she does it with 12 women convicts.

Barracuda (1978)

A student tries to discover why Florida townspeople develop hypertension and nearby fish exhibit strange behavior.

Hawaiian Rainbow (1987)

This documentary traces the rich history of Hawaiian music, beginning with its roots, long before Capt. James Cook's arrival in 1778 and the introduction of Western influence. Esteemed Hawaiian musicologist George Kanahele discusses the main genres and techniques of modern Hawaiian music -- including falsetto and slack key guitar -- and analyzes their development and influence and the unique combinations of instruments and traditions acquired through contact with foreign cultures.

Frankenstein (1973)

Based on Mary Shelley's classic about young Dr. Frankenstein's obsession with the mysteries of life and death.

2B Perfectly Honest (2004)

Two men (Adam Trese, Andrew McCarthy) have different ways of coping with the untimely failure of their Internet business.

Battle of the Worlds (1961)

A dedicated scientist is pitted against an unknown enemy from space when an armed meteor is sent to destroy Earth.

Homecoming (1996)

Abandoned by their mother and rejected by a cousin, four children turn up at their cantankerous grandmother's (Anne Bancroft).

Treasure Island (1987)

Young Jim Hawkins is caught up with the pirate Long John Silver in search of the buried treasure of the buccaneer Capt. Flint.

The Shortest Day (1963)

Two Italian draftees go to the front during World War I and accidentally destroy Big Bertha, the kaiser's secret weapon.

The Outer Space Connection (1974)

Theories surrounding "ancient astronauts" who might have settled in the Peruvian Andes and the Bermuda Triangle.

Zombie Nightmare (1987)

Voodoo brings back a hit-and-run victim (Jon-Miki Thor), with a baseball bat, for revenge on rapists and a police chief (Adam West).