A Long Walk (2006)

A Long Walk is a 2006 film directed by Japanese director Eiji Okuda.

Chang: A Drama of the Wilderness (1927)

Chang: A Drama of the Wilderness (1927) is a silent film about a poor farmer in Nan Province (Northern Thailand) and his daily struggle for survival in the jungle, the film was directed by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack. It was released by Famous Players-Lasky, a division of Paramount Pictures.

Conlanging: The Art of Crafting Tongues (2017)

Conlanging: The Art of Crafting Tongues is a 2017 documentary film about conlanging - the hobby of constructing artificial languages and the people who make them. The film features conlangers David J. Peterson (Dothraki and High Valyrian from Game of Thrones); Marc Okrand (Klingon from Star Trek) and David Salo (consultant on Tolkien's languages, particularly Sindarin for Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies), as well as Paul Frommer, linguistics professor and creator of Na'vi, and Christine Schreyer, (Kryptonian from Man of Steel) anthropologist at the University of British Columbia, who hopes to be able to apply conlanging methods to endangered languages. The film also looks at the history of the hobby and modern-day conlangers. While the film was made available for online purchase in 24 August, a premiere was held on 22 July at the University of Calgary's Plaza Theatre.. Production began in 2015, and received funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, but the film's future was secured through an Indiegogo campaign that raised $25,000 during August 2016. The Language Creation Society provided $3,000 worth of funds towards the film and held an interview with Watkins.

Hiwa (2016)

Compliments of the Season (1930)

The Dark Side to Love (1984)

Paris at Midnight (1926)

Paris at Midnight is a surviving 1926 silent film drama starring Jetta Goudal and Lionel Barrymore and was directed by E. Mason Hopper. It was distributed by Producers Distributing Corporation aka PDC.A copy is preserved at the Cinémathèque Française, Paris.

Wild West Days (1937)

Wild West Days (1937) is a Universal film serial based on a western novel by W. R. Burnett. It was the 103rd of the studio's 137 serials (and the 35th with sound).

Out of the Darkness (1915)

Out of the Darkness is a 1915 American drama silent film directed by George Melford and written by Hector Turnbull. The film stars Charlotte Walker, Thomas Meighan, Marjorie Daw, Hal Clements, Tom Forman and Loyola O'Connor. The film was released on September 9, 1915, by Paramount Pictures.

The Nth Commandment (1923)

The Nth Commandment is a 1923 American silent drama film directed by Frank Borzage and starring Colleen Moore. It is based on a story, The Nth Commandment, by Fannie Hurst, a well-known novelist of the day.The film's title jests somewhat Cecil B. DeMille's upcoming epic The Ten Commandments (1923) which was released later that same year. An incomplete copy of the film is in the Library of Congress collection.

Alimony Lovers (1969)

A Heart to Let (1921)

A Heart to Let is a lost 1921 American silent drama film directed by Edward Dillon and starring Justine Johnstone. It was produced by Adolph Zukor offshoot production company Realart.

Flat Out (1975)

Union Square (2003)

Star Wars: Star Warriors (2007)

Evolution (1954)

Three Examples of Myself as Queen (1994)

Vicious Cycles (1967)

Symphony in Slang (1951)

"Symphony in Slang" is a 1951 cartoon short directed by Tex Avery, written by Rich Hogan and released with the movie No Questions Asked by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Minimalist and abstract in style (many of the "gags" are created either with single, still frames or limited animation), it tells the story of a man John Brown, who finds himself at the Pearly Gates explaining the story of his life to a bewildered Saint Peter and Noah Webster using slang of that era. The majority of the short is made up of sight gags based on Peter and Webster's imagined, literal understandings of such phrases as "I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth" and "Outside it was raining cats and dogs."

Roaring Frontiers (1941)

Hollywood in Trouble (1988)

Silent Night: The Story of the Christmas Carol (1953)

Here I Am (2010)

Consumers (2015)

So's Your Uncle (1943)

So's Your Uncle is 1943 comedy film directed by Jean Yarbrough. A man impersonates his uncle and he runs into trouble with his girlfriend's aunt.

Nancy Barry's Big Case (2009)

Dark Night of The Soul (2001)

9/11: 10 Years Later (2011)

The God Complex (2009)

Sincerity I (1973)

Under the Sky (2006)

Roosevelt in Africa (1910)

Roosevelt in Africa is a film by Cherry Kearton, released in 1910. It is a documentary featuring Theodore Roosevelt in Africa. It is shot in silent black and white. One of the biggest headline-grabbing stories of 1910 was former president Theodore Roosevelt's safari into Africa. Landing in Mombasa in 1909, Roosevelt spent months in the wilds of East Africa, hunting big game in parts of what are now Kenya and Uganda. For some of this journey, he was accompanied by famed British bird-and-animal photographer Cherry Kearton, who shot wildlife and native scenes with a hand-cranked motion picture camera. Among the scenes captured by Kearton's camera were a number of Maasai gatherings and dances – although the Maasai were incorrectly identified in the film's slates as "Zulus." Quick to cash in on the media frenzy, the Selig company of Chicago, actually released a fake documentary which it had shot at its own California game preserve, using a lookalike actor as a stand-in for Roosevelt when necessary. Motion Picture Patents Company, using Pathe as its distribution arm, responded by releasing the authentic Kearton footage under the title Roosevent in Africa. Kearton had dreamed of filming an African lion, but was unable to do so during the Roosevelt voyage. The fake Selig film did feature a lion – a tamed aged lion.

Gospel (1986)

Custody (2016)

Two Fisted (2004)

He Stayed for Breakfast (1940)

He Stayed for Breakfast is a 1940 romantic comedy film starring Loretta Young and Melvyn Douglas and directed by Alexander Hall. A Communist working in Paris attempts to assassinate a banker, then hides out in the apartment of the banker's estranged wife.

Jeffries-Johnson World's Championship Boxing Contest, Held at Reno, Nevada, July 4, 1910 (1910)

Fortune Cookie (1991)

The Story of Petroleum (1923)

Walking Distance (2015)

When a morbidly obese man becomes friends with two people, his life changes.

Springtime (2004)

Springtime is a 2004 South Korean film starring Choi Min-sik as a struggling musician who takes a job as a music teacher in a rural mining town outside of Seoul.

Stealth (2006)

A man (Lionel Baier) leaves his gay lover (Stphane Rentznik) to travel to Poland to trace his ancestry.

To See the Sea (2014)

Two 12-year-old boys use cameras to document their worlds.

The Fleet's In (1928)

The Fleet's In is a 1928 American silent comedy film directed by Malcolm St. Clair and written by Monte Brice, George Marion Jr., and J. Walter Ruben. The film stars Clara Bow, James Hall, Jack Oakie, Bodil Rosing, Eddie Dunn, and Jean Laverty. The film was released on September 15, 1928, by Paramount Pictures.

Minugurulu (2014)

Minugurulu is a 2012 Telugu social problem film co-written and directed by Ayodhya Kumar Krishnamsetty. The film was selected as Best Indian Film at the 9th India International Children's Film Festival, held at Bangalore. the film is the “First Telugu script to be preserved in Oscar Library‘s permanent core collection” and First ever Telugu film that is contended for OSCAR best feature 2014 Along with 323 Features. The film has also garnered the Akkineni Vamsee International Award. The film has received seven state Nandi Awards including Best Film (Silver), and Best First Film of a director for the year 2012.

Kissi Se Na Kehna (1983)

Kissi Se Na Kehna 1983 Hindi-language Indian romantic comedy feature film directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee. It stars Farooq Shaikh, Deepti Naval and Utpal Dutt. The movie is loosely based on the 1976 Bengali movie Mohunbaganer Meye.

Venus and Fleur (2004)

While on vacation, a timid Parisian (Isabelle Pirs) befriends an extroverted Russian (Veroushka Knoge) who shares her quest in finding a soul mate.

Before Born (2006)

Before Born is a 2006 Chinese film directed by Zhang Ming. Only Zhang's third film in a decade, Before Born is a surreal mystery about modern Chinese life that has garnered comparisons to L'avventura, Michelangelo Antonioni's classic 1960 film. The film tells the story of a private detective, Huang Guangliang, hired to gather evidence of an affair by a man named Li Chonggao. When he arrives in the coastal city of Beihai in search of his target, he discovers that he has disappeared and instead meets an enigmatic young woman who is also looking for Li.

Pride (2009)

Pride is a manga series by Yukari Ichijo serialized in Chorus magazine. In 2007 it won the Excellence Prize for manga at the 11th Japan Media Arts Festival. It was adapted into a 2009 Japanese live-action film starring Stephanie as the protagonist, aspiring opera singer Shio Asami.

No Witness (2004)

A corrupt senator (Jeff Fahey) employs a hit man (Steve Barnes) to protect his interests.

Baober in Love (2004)

Baober in Love, also known as Baobei in Love, is a 2004 Chinese romantic film directed by Li Shaohong, and starring Zhou Xun, Chen Kun, and Huang Jue.

Nightmare (1981)

Nightmare (also released as Nightmares in a Damaged Brain) is a 1981 slasher film directed by Romano Scavolini. Nightmare gained instant notoriety among horror fans when it was banned in the UK as a video nasty and its distributor was sentenced to 18 months in prison for refusing to edit one second of violent footage. The film also garnered controversy for claiming in its press material that Tom Savini had provided the film's special effects, which Savini vehemently denied.

Love Life (2006)

Love Life is a 2006 gay-themed film directed by Damion Dietz. Its plot concerns a marriage of convenience between a gay man and a bisexual woman and how complicated it can get with arrival of other suiters. The film premiered at the Frameline Film Festival in San Francisco and was selected as the benefit film for the Human Rights Campaign.

We the People: From Crispus Attucks to President Barack Obama (2010)

The progression of America is evident from its beginnings, through slavery, to the election of the first black president.

Black Brush (2005)

Four slackers in Budapest look for creative ways to avoid doing any real work.

Mean Streets of Kung-Fu (1973)

Two men and a woman become embroiled in a bitter feud between rival Chinese warlords.

The Desert Song (1943)

The Desert Song is a 1943 American musical film. It was directed by Robert Florey and starred Dennis Morgan, Irene Manning and Bruce Cabot. It is based on the 1926 operetta with music by Sigmund Romberg. It was nominated an Academy Award for Best Art Direction (Charles Novi, Jack McConaghy). This film version of the operetta was, like the 1929 film version, almost never seen after its original release. Copies were hard to come by. In 2014, it was released on DVD by Warner Brothers Technically the film is more sophisticated than the earlier film due to its large budget and advances in both sound and color. It tries to make the operetta topical in terms of World War II, by having the outlaw hero with a dual identity fight the Nazis as well as Arabs. As in the 1953 film, the hero's name is changed to El Khobar, rather than the Red Shadow. The 1943 Desert Song is perhaps the only instance in which a stage operetta of the 1920s has been updated to reflect topical concerns of the 1940s. In fact, the U.S. United States Office of War Information held up release of the film for a year due to the shifting political position of France. It did well at the box office nonetheless. This is the first film version of The Desert Song to be made in full three-strip Technicolor.

The Eleventh Commandment (1924)

The Eleventh Commandment is a 1924 British crime film directed by George A. Cooper and starring Fay Compton, Stewart Rome and Lillian Hall-Davis. It is based on the play The Pillory by Brandon Fleming.

The Promised Land: A Swamp Pop Journey (2009)

The lives, the music and the culture surrounding Swamp Pop band Lil' Band O' Gold.

By the Ways: A Journey with William Eggleston (2006)

The life and art of photography pioneer William Eggleston.

The Silences of the Palace (1994)

The Silences of the Palace is a 1994 Tunisian film co-written and directed by Moufida Tlatli. The film investigates issues of gender, class and sexuality in the Arab world through the lives of two generations of women at a prince's palace. Seen through the eyes of an attractive young wedding singer, it exposes the sexual and social servitude of a group of women in an elaborate palace during the French Protectorate in Tunisia. Tlatli wrote the film in response to her own mother's sudden severe illness and her subsequent realization of how little she knew about her life.

Theodore (2006)

Every day, 80-year-old Theodore sets off on his bicycle on a seven-kilometer journey to a bus stop in a Latvian village. He spends the rest of the day on a bench watching the world go by with several other men.

Return of the Kickfighter (1987)

Vietnam ets urned ercenaries eturn o heir ld leeding rounds o unt or idden old. ut omeone n heir anks s murderer. s t he ickfighter? r ill he ickfighter olve he ystery?

Web of Violence (1966)

A journalist's ex-girlfriend is kidnapped and he sets out to find out why and by whom. The girl turns up dead and his investigation leads him to the head of a drug smuggling ring.

One Song a Day Takes Mischief Away (1970)

One Song a Day Takes Mischief Away is a 1970 Croatian comedy/drama film. Its original title is Tko pjeva zlo ne misli, which means "He Who Sings Means No Harm". Directed by Krešo Golik and based on a novella by Vjekoslav Majer, the film achieved considerable critical and commercial success at the time of its release. In 1999, a poll of Croatian film critics found it to be the best Croatian film ever made.

Asparagus! Stalking the American Life (2008)

Residents of Oceana County take on the U.S. war on drugs, free trade and a fast food nation to save their livelihood.

Beauty Investigator (1992)

Two Hong Kong policewomen find plenty of action when they go under cover as taxi dancers.

Sensation (1994)

An art student (Kari Wuhrer) with ESP helps a professor (Eric Roberts) with an experiment that's not what it seems.

Twice Upon a Time (1968)

Deux fois is a 1968 experimental film by Jackie Raynal. Raynal stars in the film, her first as a director; she had previously worked for several years as a film editor, most notably for films in Éric Rohmer's "Six Moral Tales" series. The film's title, which literally translates as Twice and is sometimes translated into English as Twice Upon a Time, refers to the occasional repetition of scenes or actions.

Bayan ko: Kapit sa patalim (1984)

This Is My Country is a 1984 Filipino drama film that is directed by Lino Brocka. The film was entered into the 1984 Cannes Film Festival. It was selected as the Philippine entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 58th Academy Awards, but was not nominated.

Peter Pan (1988)

Peter Pan is an Australian 50-minute direct-to-video animated film from Burbank Films Australia. It was originally released in 1988. The film is based on J. M. Barrie's play, Peter Pan, or the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up, first produced in 1904, and was adapted by Paul Leadon. The film was produced by Roz Phillips and featured music composed by John Stuart. The copyright in this film is now owned by Pulse Distribution and Entertainment and administered by digital rights management firm NuTech Digital.

Ishtangaa (2018)

A writer falls in love with a playboy who doesn't believe in commitment.

I Am Truly a Drop of Sun on Earth (2017)

A prostitute and an alienated immigrant help each other survive on the fringes of society.

Tyutyun (1962)

Tobacco is a 1962 Bulgarian drama film directed by Nikola Korabov. It was entered into the 1963 Cannes Film Festival.

The Child of the Sahara (2018)

Days after his adoptive parents die in a car wreck, a French teenager learns that his biological parents live in a small village in the Sahara.

Mariupolis (2016)

Filmmakers document the ordinary lives of Ukrainians as war approaches their city.

Quarter Bin (2015)

Friends find romance in a comic book store.

GrassRoots: The Cannabis Revolution (2016)

Filmmaker Dale Beaumont-Brown addresses the cannabis movement within the United Kingdom.

Crucible of the Vampire (2019)

A junior curator is sent to a remote manor to inspect the missing half of an ancient cauldron.

The Beast (2011)

A young man sets out to track down the sex traffickers who have kidnapped his sister.

King Rat (2017)

An aimless college senior is terrified to face the realities of post-college life.

The Goose Goes South (2018)

A young man rediscovers his love of music while on a business trip to Osaka.

Jules and Dolores (2016)

A man decides to steal the World Cup soccer trophy to pay off his gambling debts.

The Grizzly Truth (2017)

Environmentalists and scientists argue against grizzly hunting in British Columbia.

Kid West (2017)

A young spitfire cowgirl and her coolheaded Native American friend race a gang of neighborhood bullies to find a mysterious treasure reputed to have mystical powers.

Elijah's Ashes (2017)

Lawrence Shaw is a run of the mill guy who just can't get accepted for being who he is. He's not straight enough for his job where he sells testosterone fueled ad campaigns to beer companies and he's not stereotypically gay enough for his boyfriend. To make things worse, his father Elijah just died and his last dying wish was for Lawrence to go on a road trip with his extremely homophobic half-brother Kevin to bury his ashes. It's a heroically dumb journey of brotherly love and acceptance that begs the age old question... Can you truly accept someone else when you can't even accept yourself?

Shadows (2000)

A poor Manila church photographer has his camera stolen by a kid and goes looking for it.

Nunnunarvu (2016)

Nunnunarvu is 2016 Indian Tamil romantic thriller film directed by Mathivanan Sakthivel. The film stars Mathivanan Sakthivel, and Indira. Music for the songs in the film is composed by Mayu Ganeshan with background score done by Raj and editing by Suresh Urs. The film released on 30 September 2016.

Forgotten Tragedy: The Story of the St. Francis Dam (2018)

The causes and aftermath of the St. Francis Dam disaster.

Your Turn, Darling (1963)

À toi de faire... mignonne (Italian: L'agente federale Lemmy Caution), released in the USA as Your Turn, Darling, is a French-Italian film based on the novels of Peter Cheyney. It came out ten years after La môme vert-de-gris which had been the first of film of this series. For the last time Bernard Borderie directed the popular actor Eddie Constantine in a Lemmy Caution adventure. Guy Delorme, who in 1961 had been the Comte de Rochefort in Borderie's classic film version of The Three Musketeers, acts another time as a scheming bad guy.

Déjà Vu (2010)

After watching several excerpts from his own work, filmmaker Jon Bang Carlsen discovers how he often uses images that are familiar to him when he thought he could stay objective and invisible as a filmmaker.

The Lurking (2015)

Two stoners stumble into a serial killer's territory.

Soaring Highs and Brutal Lows: The Voices of Women in Metal (2015)

Exploring the journeys of some of the most well-known female metal vocalists; concert and archival footage; interviews with Floor Jansen, Alissa White-Gluz, Simone Simons, Charlotte Wessels, Doro Pesch and Anneke Van Giersbergen, among others.

A Special Lady (2017)

A Special Lady is a 2017 South Korean crime action film directed by Lee An-gyu, starring Kim Hye-soo, Lee Sun-kyun and Lee Hee-joon.

Rough (2014)

Rough is a 2014 Telugu romantic action comedy film directed by C. H. Subba Reddy. The movie is produced by M. Abilash on Sridevi Entertainments Banner while Aadi, Rakul Preet Singh and Srihari play pivotal roles. Mani Sharma composed the Music.Actor Srihari died before the film was released. The film received mixed reviews from critics and turned out to average hit at the box office.

Princeton: A Search for Answers (1974)

Princeton: A Search for Answers is a 1973 American short documentary film, directed by Julian Krainin and DeWitt Sage, and produced for the Princeton University Undergraduate Admissions Office as a recruiting film. In 1974, it won the Academy Award for Best Documentary at the 46th Academy Awards.

Varavelpu (1989)

Varavelpu is a 1989 Malayalam black comedy film, directed by Sathyan Anthikkad and written by Sreenivasan, starring Mohanlal, Revathi, Sreenivasan, Thilakan, Murali, Innocent and Jagadish. The film was produced by K. Rajagopal under the banner of K. R. G. Movie International and has been distributed by K. R. G. Enterprises.

Winter Kept Us Warm (1965)

Winter Kept Us Warm is a Canadian romantic drama film, released in 1965. The title comes from the fifth line of T. S. Eliot's The Waste Land. An independent film written, directed, and funded by David Secter, it occupies a unique place in the history of Canadian cinema as the first English-language Canadian film ever screened at the Cannes Film Festival. Its debut was as the opening film of the Commonwealth Film Festival (Cardiff, September 27, 1965). It was also given a Special Jury Award at the 7th International Montreal Film Festival. The film starred John Labow as Doug and Henry Tarvainen as Peter, two students at the University of Toronto who develop a complex quasi-romantic relationship, and Joy Tepperman and Janet Amos as their girlfriends Bev and Sandra. The film's gay subtext was carefully coded by Secter, who wrote the film based on his own experience falling in love with a male fellow student but feared that a more explicitly gay film would not attract an audience. Even some of the film's cast have claimed in interviews that they did not know at the time that the film was actually about homosexuality.

My Little Sister (2016)

When friends go against warnings not to camp in the local woods, they fall victim to a monstrous family of deformed killers.

Zappatore (1980)

Zappatore is an Italian drama film directed by Alfonso Brescia and starring Mario Merola. The film was released in Italy on 5 December 1980. It is the "cine-scripted" which received the highest grossing theaters, ranking the 60th place of the most successful films in Italy in the 1980/81 season. The film is loosely based on the eponymous song, written by Libero Bovio and Albano.