Chalet Girl (2011)

While working a job at an exclusive ski resort to support her Dad, Kim (Felicity Jones) learns to snowboard and is so good at it that she enters a competition with a huge cash prize. She has to dig deep to overcome her fears, but her life gets more complicated through her spoken-for boss, Jonny (Ed Westwick).

Max and Jeremy (1992)

Jeremy is a bomber who blows up people and places for mobsters in Paris. He may not look it, but he is a sensitive fellow and he feels his lowly status keenly. If only he could graduate to the ranks of hit men, who are honored in his world, perhaps then he would feel more like somebody. He finally gets his chance when he receives instructions to kill the eminent hit man Max, who knows too much to be left alive.

Jungle Man (1941)

A doctor (Buster Crabbe) dives for his fever serum after a U-boat sinks the ship transporting it to patients.

Contrato con la Muerte (1985)

An ex-convict is released from prison and tries to reform, but his past acts as an anchor dragging him to the underworld.

Jacob, the Man Who Fought With God (1963)

The biblical figure seeks his father's blessing and eventually returns to his brother, Esau.

A Thousand Cuts (2012)

A stranger with a haunted past shows up at a Hollywood director's house to teach him what real horror is all about.

Out Of Line (2001)

A hit man is sprung from jail to kill a socialite, but strikes up a romance with a pretty parole officer instead.

Amphibious (2010)

Marine biologist Skyler Shane (Janna Fassaert) partners with Jack Bowman (Michael Par) at a northern Sumatran lake to search for prehistoric samples. They rescue a girl from smugglers as more and more people are devoured by something in the depths.

Maisie Was A Lady (1941)

After losing her job and ending up in jail due to the drunken antics of wealthy Bob Rawlston (Lew Ayres), performer Maisie Ravier (Ann Sothern) is relieved when the judge sentences Bob to employ her for two months. Bob takes Maisie to his estate, where the butler, Walpole (C. Aubrey Smith), instructs her on being a maid. Bob's sister, Abby (Maureen O'Sullivan), excited about her engagement, takes a shine to Maisie, who meets her fianc and worries that Abby is marrying for the wrong reasons.

Defying Gravity (1999)

A college student (Daniel Chilson) must risk publicizing his sexuality after his partner (Don Handfield) is hospitalized by gay-bashers.

Pyar Ka Sagar (1961)

A man raises his younger brother after the death of their parents.

Gunsmoke in Tucson (1958)

An outlaw leader (Mark Stevens) and his lawman brother (Forrest Tucker) straddle a feud between farmers and cattlemen.

Night of the Wolf (2002)

A teenager (Zach Bostrom) evades deadly poachers while trying to find his mother (Anne Archer) in the mountains.

My Little Girl (1986)

In an effort to give something back to society, wealthy socialite Franny Bettinger (Mary Stuart Masterson) takes a position at a center for troubled youths. There she meets a group of hard-luck teens, many of whom don't take kindly to a little rich girl sticking her nose into their lives. Despite an initial culture clash, Bettinger soon finds herself becoming emotionally invested in the plight of several teens, despite the disapproval of her mother, Delly (Pamela Payton-Wright).

Rosa Carmín (2009)

Stories related to a family man who is involved in child trafficking and the kidnapping of young girls for sexual exploitation.

The Woman of the Port (1991)

A sailor discovers his mother is a madam and his sister is a prostitute when he takes refuge in a bordello.

Maisie Gets Her Man (1942)

Chicago showgirl Maisie Ravier (Ann Sothern) falls on hard times and begins a job working for Pappy (Allen Jenkins), a decent building manager. When she ends up getting them both fired, she lands a new position as an assistant to an aspiring comedian, Hap (Red Skelton). Hap's failings on stage, however, leave them in need of another job: working for a con man (Lloyd Corrigan) who bottles tap water. Eventually, Maisie and Hap fall for each other, but he still has a fiance back home.

Como Voy a Olvidarte (2004)

Troubles and toil pockmark the road to true happiness.

American Animal (2012)

A humorous battle of wills ensues when a young man (Matt D'Elia), who is borderline crazy and terminally ill, learns that his best friend and roommate (Brendan Fletcher) is leaving for a new job.

Zigs (2000)

A bookie's threat leads four gamblers to hatch a scheme to rig the outcome of a major-league baseball game.

Love or Money (2001)

A couple (Emma Cunniffe, Steven Duffy) who marry on a television show must stay together for six months in order to win a monetary prize.

Golden Earrings (1947)

A British colonel (Ray Milland) escapes from the Gestapo to the Black Forest and poses as a Gypsy's (Marlene Dietrich) mate.

Alice in Wonderland (1985)

Lewis Carroll's little heroine (Natalie Gregory) explores a musical fantasy land of strange notions and characters.

What War May Bring (2010)

A woman reflects on her troubled youth and her past loves.

The Cater Street Hangman (1998)

A Victorian woman (Keeley Hawes) has mixed feelings about an inspector (Eoin McCarthy) who is investigating murders in her household.

Serial Bomber (1996)

The moment Chris Murdoch (Jason London) meets Kaori Ozaki (Miwa Kawagoe), an alluring Japanese student studying in Seattle, he becomes utterly obsessed with her and wants her all to himself. Using "revenge for Pearl Harbor" as an excuse, he begins setting off bombs all over the city, killing as many Japanese men as he can. But FBI agent Sara Daniels (Lori Petty) is hot on his trail, and she teams up with a member of the Tokyo police department to capture Chris and save Kaori.

Los Hermanos del Hierro (1961)

A man murders a rancher and to avenge his death the widow trains her children to kill and fifteen years after they reach their goal.

Sky West and Crooked (1965)

A simple teenager (Hayley Mills) falls in love with a handsome Gypsy (Ian McShane) after he saves her from drowning.

The Cradle of Courage (1920)

A former crook who served in WWI returns home and joins the police force where he is forced to confront his old gang.

La Familia Pérez (1948)

A family, excessive in its claims, learned several lessons about humility, love and family togetherness.

Save Me (2000)

Facing rejection after a brief affair with a surgeon, a young Romanian (Rona Hartner) falls for a cabdriver (Roschdy Zem) in France.

Feet of Mud (1924)

Harry is a star athlete but he cannot marry Natalie until he works as a sanitation worker to impress her father.

Champions Forever (1989)

This documentary delves into the lives and careers of boxing greats Muhammad Ali, Larry Holmes, George Foreman, Ken Norton and Joe Frazier. Through interviews with the boxers as well as clips from their fights and archival footage, the film explores their lives, ideals and struggles. Competitive relationships between the boxers come to light, and the effect that issues such as race, religion and politics have on the boxers and their careers is carefully examined.

Mutant On The Bounty (1989)

A musician and a pair of petty thieves enliven the proceedings on an interstellar cruiser in this science-fiction parody.

Cholos Malditos (1999)

A man wants to avenge the deaths of his wife and son and for them he becomes a gangster to eliminate the murderers.

The Rocking Horse Winner (1949)

Shy, young Paul (John Howard Davies) escapes his mother's incessant whining about his family's lack of wealth by riding his rocking horse. While rocking at a lightning speed, Paul discovers he has the ability to pick winners at the racetrack. By exploiting Paul's talent, his family soon grows rich but squanders the money as quickly as they make it. Paul soon grows exhausted, and his riding ultimately results in devastating consequences for both him and his family.

One Wonderful Sunday (1947)

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, a laborer, Yuzo (Isao Numasaki), and his fiance, Masako (Chieko Nakakita), have only 35 yen at their disposal -- hardly anything at all for a day in Tokyo. Determined to enjoy themselves on their day off despite their financial limitations, the two set out looking for adventure. From visiting model homes to playing baseball in the park, the couple continues to keep the activities rolling, thanks to Masako's can-do attitude pushing Yuzo to keep up with her.

Piernas de Oro (1958)

In a bicycle race, a young tailor's assistant defeats the perennial champion, who, incensed, challenges him.

Hellsinki (2009)

In the mid-1960s, three small-time Finnish bootleggers (Samuli Edelmann, Peter Franzn, Kari Hietalahti) seize control of their Helsinki neighborhood's black-market liquor business.

D.R.E.A.M. Team (1999)

An intelligence agent (Jeff Kaake) teams with three models working as undercover crime-fighters for a Caribbean millionaire (Martin Sheen).

A Chance of Snow (1998)

Stranded at the airport with her estranged husband (Michael Ontkean), a woman (JoBeth Williams) realizes their marriage is worth saving.

Khrustaliov, My Car! (1998)

In 1953 Moscow a Soviet general (Yuriy Tsurilo) is arrested and tortured, then asked to help ailing Stalin.

Day After Day (1998)

Moshe (Moshe Ivgi) is an anxious Israeli man who is cheating on his wife, Didi (Dalit Kahan), with another woman, Grisha (Nataly Attiya). Meanwhile, Didi is sleeping with Moshe's friend Jules (Juliano Mer), who happens to also be bedding Grisha. Amidst the bed-hopping drama, Moshe is concerned about his Jewish mother, Hanna (Hanna Maron), and Muslim father, Yussef (Yussuf Abu-Warda), who are reluctantly thinking about selling the family bakery to a land developer.

A Modern Hero (1934)

A 1920s circus performer uses every means at his disposal to achieve fame and fortune at the expense of others.

The New Juarez (2012)

Filmmaker Charlie Minn provides a view on the violence in Mexico that has killed over 100,000 people in the last six years.

Pure Punjabi (2012)

Four friends try to make it big when they form a pop band.

No Safe Haven (1987)

A U.S. spy (Wings Hauser) and his sidekick (Robert Tessier) go home for revenge, then return to fight Honduras drug dealers.

Expensive Husbands (1937)

An Austrian prince (Patric Knowles) marries an actress (Beverly Roberts) and comes to Hollywood to spend her money.

Shelf Life (2009)

Nikki begins working at a library and begins a battle of wills with the head librarian.

Sidewalk Stories (1989)

In this almost entirely silent film, a homeless artist (Charles Lane) is forced to play surrogate parent when the father of a young girl (Nicole Alysia) is murdered. Taking the child into the depths of the slums that he calls home, the artist keeps the little girl healthy and happy while doing his best to search for her living relatives. As the artist and the child venture through the streets together, they meet a strange assortment of characters while slowly developing an intimate friendship.

B.O.R.N. (1988)

Two men (Ross Hagen, Hoke Howell) try to rescue one's daughters from a Body Organ Replacement Network.

Tougher Than Leather (1988)

Three ripped-off rappers (Darryl `DMC' McDaniels) come down hard on the money-laundering thugs behind Strut Productions.

Maya Stoneface (1997)

A girl (May-Thali Magnussen-Liberman) who sees visions of American Indians devises a plan to get her parents back together.

Destination Vegas (1995)

An attorney (Jennifer Sommerfield) must travel to Las Vegas to expose a corporate scandal.

Stand-by (2000)

A woman (Dominique Blanc) remains in an airport after her husband (Patrick Catalifo) announces he wants a divorce, just before they are to board a plane.

Columbus Day (2008)

After completing his final heist, a thief (Val Kilmer) must race against time to unload the merchandise.

The Light of Western Stars (1940)

Majesty Hammond (Jo Ann Sayers) has just met rancher Gene Stewart (Victor Jory), but they're already headed to the altar. Though preoccupied by her own relationship, Majesty also wants to break up a romance between her brother, Al (Russell Hayden), and reputed floozy Flo (Ruth Rogers). As things get increasingly complicated at home, Gene goes to Mexico to fight in the revolution. But, when love summons him back home, he and Majesty will be involved in a battle against local corruption.

The Place Without Limits (1978)

A transvestite wants to sell his Mexican brothel over his daughter's objections.

The Worst Woman in Paris (1933)

An American art student (Benita Hume) comes home from Paris, scandalized as a millionaire's (Adolphe Menjou) mistress.

Remember Me? (1997)

A wealthy, married Briton (Robert Lindsay) and his girlfriend pay an unexpected visit to his former girlfriend (Imelda Staunton) and her suburban family.

The Yellow Ticket (1931)

A young Russian Jew, Marya Kalish (Elissa Landi), attempts to travel to St. Petersburg to visit her dying father. But she is unable to travel without a yellow ticket, something a single woman needs to travel alone -- but something that also suggests a woman may be a prostitute. Once Marya is in the city, a British reporter (Laurence Olivier) is outraged by her plight and writes about it. The head of the secret police (Lionel Barrymore) aims to imprison the reporter and take Marya for himself.

The Lady Objects (1938)

Ann (Gloria Stuart) and William's (Lanny Ross) marriage falls apart when her career outshines his, and after William leaves to become a nightclub singer, they reunite when he is charged with murder.

The Invincible Gladiator (1961)

A gladiator hero (Richard Harrison) makes a spectacle of himself in ancient Rome.

Cafe Hostess (1940)

A sailor (Preston Foster) and his buddies punch a way out for a girl (Ann Dvorak) trapped working in a seedy nightclub.

False Movement (2015)

Victor moves to Quebec City from Paris after his father dies, and he meets another student -- on a ledge -- at the school.

Cadet Girl (1941)

A West Point cadet (George Montgomery) and his bandleader brother (John Shepperd) fall for a singer (Carole Landis) in the band.

Scar (2005)

A young man (Randy Wayne) and woman (Ashley Nelson) find terror when they investigate the murder of a friend.

Johnny Handsome (1989)

A crook, given a new identity by reconstructive surgery, plots revenge against the gangsters who double-crossed him.

The Naked Heart (1950)

After spending five years in a boarding school in the early 20th century, a young woman returns to her family farm where she must choose between three suitors.

Le mystère MacPherson (2014)

Filmmaker Serge Giguère charts the friendship of Felix Leclerc and Frank Randolph MacPherson.

The Boarder (2012)

A couple (Leslie Stevens, Carlton Wilborn) adopt a homeless, 11-year-old boy (Andy Scott Harris) who has a knack for causing trouble.

Zapata, el sueño del héroe (2004)

The life of the Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata, who embodies the freedom of his homeland.

Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens (2016)

Fin (Ian Ziering), his family and the cosmos have been blissfully sharknado-free in the five years since the most recent attack, but now sharks and tornados are being whipped up in unexpected ways and places.

Supervan (1977)

A young man (Mark Schneider) with a custom van leaves home, saves a young man (Katie Saylor) from a gang and enters a rally.

Larceny in Her Heart (1946)

Private eye Michael Shayne (Hugh Beaumont) finds a corpse on his porch and investigates.

The Philadelphia Experiment 2 (1993)

A government scientist's quest to build the ultimate fighter plane leads to a time-tripping nightmare in Nazi Germany.

That Wasn't Me (2012)

A Spanish aid worker in Africa has an encounter with a child soldier.

Blood Salvage (1990)

A self-taught doctor (Danny Nelson) of autos and anatomy runs a spare-parts clinic in the country with his sons.

When Death Strikes (2009)

In 1944, a once mild-mannered family man is compelled to become a deadly assassin, painting the streets of Germany red with the blood of Nazi collaborators.

Search for the Jewel of Polaris: Mysterious Museum (1999)

Two children travel back to the 18th century and use magic jewelry to battle an evil king.

Yankee Fakir (1947)

Yankee Davis (Douglas Fowley) and his partner, professor Newton (Ransom Sherman), are a pair of traveling hucksters on their way to a town in Arizona. Soon after they arrive, Yankee falls for a local girl, Mary Mason (Joan Woodbury). Mary's lawman father turns up dead, and Yankee is sure the man was murdered, but the death is ruled an accident. Believing something's off, Yankee has an elderly associate, Shaggy (Clem Bevans), pose as a rich man and offer a reward for clues about the killing.

The Gendarme in New York (1965)

A French police officer encounters culture shock as he scours New York for his stowaway daughter.

No Man's Woman (1955)

The police have five suspects after a rich man's (John Archer) scheming wife (Marie Windsor) is found slain in her art studio.

Strange Awakening (1959)

A man (Lex Barker) loses his memory in France, and a woman (Nora Swinburne) uses him in her inheritance scheme.

In the Year 2889 (1967)

Nuclear war devastates much of the world, but old man John Ramsey (Neil Fletcher) manages to survive, and he holes up on his rural property with his daughter, Joanna (Charla Doherty). Because John always believed in the inevitability of nuclear apocalypse, he'd prepared the house with plenty of provisions. Other survivors of the disaster start to show up at the house demanding refuge. John reluctantly lets them in, but there is much tension. Then the mutants appear.

Headin' Home (1920)

Country boy Babe (Babe Ruth) dreams of playing baseball in the major leagues. The young man has home-run talent, but owner John Tobin (Ralph Harolds) refuses to give him a spot on the local team due to his feud with pitcher Harry Knight (William Sheer). Undeterred, Babe joins up with their long-standing rivals. When his batting skills help defeat Tobin's team, Babe earns the enmity of everyone in town and flees to New York City to find his destiny on the diamond.

Under the Sun (2016)

An ordinary family in Pyongyang is followed for a year.

Lay That Rifle Down (1955)

A hotel employee becomes an unwitting foil in a plot to swindle her aunt and a local banker out of their fortunes.

Eight on the Lam (1967)

A widower with seven children, Henry Dimsdale (Bob Hope) is employed as a bank teller. After finding $10,000 on the street, Henry takes the money home, but quickly finds out that the cash came from his workplace. Soon Henry is on the run with his kids, while their baby sitter, Golda (Phyllis Diller), tries to throw her none-too-bright police officer boyfriend, Jasper Lynch (Jonathan Winters), off their trail. Amid the antics, Henry falls for pretty schoolteacher Ellie Barton (Shirley Eaton).

Les héros sont fatigués (1955)

A load of stolen diamonds are at the heart of the conflict between two ex-pilots.

Hitchhikers (1972)

A wayward runaway (Misty Rowe) joins the ranch of a hippie (Norman Klar) and his highwaywomen who prey on motorists.

The New Gladiators (1983)

Gladiators (Jared Martin, Fred Williamson) of the future try to cancel their new TV show, "Battle of the Condemned."

Branded To Kill (1967)

After botching his latest assignment, a third-ranked Japanese hit man becomes the target of another assassin.

Fighting Elegy (1966)

Kiroku boards with a Roman Catholic family and falls for the daughter Michiko. He ignores his feelings, joins a gang, gets in fights and, eventually, becomes involved with the radical Kita Ikki group.

Hercules Against Rome (1964)

The muscular hero (Alan Steel) rescues an emperor's daughter in distress.

Prince in Hell (1993)

A young gay man tries to save his lover from drug addiction.

Quatre garçons plein d'avenir (1997)

Four male law students go out on the town to celebrate the end of school exams.

A Lousy 10 Grand (2004)

A family man secretly marries a foreign woman for cash, but she turns into a free-spending princess.