Secret Games 3 (1994)

A housewife has an affair with a man who lies about his identity, then plots to kill her doctor husband.

Matchmaker Mary (2008)

The love of a new pet inspires a girl (Katherine McNamara) to bring couples together with the help of some adorable puppies.

The Well-Groomed Bride (1946)

A naval officer tries to acquire San Francisco's only bottle of French champagne, which belongs to an engaged woman planning to celebrate her marriage with it.

The Crime Nobody Saw (1937)

Three playwrights (Lew Ayres, Eugene Pallette, Benny Baker) develop a plot around a drunk who gets killed in their apartment.

Favorite Son (2009)

David thinks he has found the perfect life by being with Joan and her teenage son Ross but his heavy handed approach to romance turns her off until he and Ross form a friendship.

Internes Can't Take Money (1937)

Dr. Kildare (Joel McCrea) saves a gangster's (Lloyd Nolan) life and helps an ex-convict (Barbara Stanwyck) find her child.

Weekend of a Champion (1972)

A glimpse into the world of the Monaco Grand Prix through the eyes of world champion Jackie Stewart.

A.K.A.. Private (2011)

Frank Stallone, Anthony John Denison, Ron Jeremy, Pamela Des Barres and others are interviewed in a look at the many people who come to Hollywood to find fame and fortune.

Forbidden Adventure (1931)

Two women compete through their son (Jackie Searl) and daughter (Mitzi Green), from Hollywood to London.

Down & Out in America (1986)

A recession in the mid-1980s affects Minnesota farm workers, unemployed urban workers and the newly homeless in Los Angeles and New York.

Wives (1975)

Three women in their 30s, Mie, Kaja, and Heidrun, reunite at a school reunion and roam around Oslo discussing sex, womanhood and responsibility.

Wives 10 Years After (1985)

Ten years after their adventure, Heidrun, Kaja, and Mie become uncertain of their life choices.

Feminices (2004)

Four actresses write a play about female behavior, but a director has a different vision.

Hitler- Dead or Alive (1943)

Three ex-convicts (Ward Bond, Warren Hymer, Paul Fix) fly to Germany to earn a U.S. businessman's $1 million reward for Adolf Hitler.

The Sea Racketeers (1937)

Coast Guardsmen (Weldon Heyburn, Warren Hymer) swamp fur smugglers and a floating nightclub.

Cliff Edwards and His Buckaroos (1941)

When a good looking girl shows up to the dude ranch, Cliff (Cliff Edwards) and his ranch-hand buddies decide to serenade her.

Displaced Perssons (2013)

Per Persson lives in Pakistan for 40 years and moves his family back to Sweden.

Lake on Fire (2016)

A TV crew for a conspiracy show finds a terrifying truth lurking beneath the waters of a lake in southern Nevada.

Millefeuille (2013)

Two young Tunisian women strive for the same emancipation enjoyed by men.

Sweet Savior (1971)

An enigmatic cult leader guides his drug-crazed followers down a bloody trail of carnage.

Goldberg & Eisenberg (2013)

Goldberg, a computer programmer, is stalked by Eisenberg.

Haunted Highway (2006)

A man (Rand Gamble) sees horrific visions while driving with his wife's (Laura Putney) body in the trunk.

The Cold Summer of 1953 (1988)

Two political exiles battle thugs who are terrorizing a small village in Siberia.

The Tip-Off (1931)

Tommy Jordan (Eddie Quillan), a radio repairman, makes a house call and finds himself the focus of the flirtatious Baby Face (Ginger Rogers), who's the girlfriend of boxer Kayo McClure (Robert Armstrong). Tommy fends her off, but then falls in love with the even more dangerous Edna Merino (Joan Peers), the lover of Kayo's manager, mobster Nick Vatelli (Ralf Harolde). When Edna tells Tommy she wants to escape Nick, he helps her get away, causing the gangster to plot his revenge on the pair.

The Fire Within (1963)

An alcoholic French intellectual (Maurice Ronet) sets a date to die, then shoots himself.

Vengeance Is a Golden Blade (1969)

A young woman (Chin Ping) seeks vengeance against those who stole her father's sword.

Red Light (1949)

A tough businessman (George Raft) searches for a hotel Bible he thinks will lead him to his brother's killer.

Nikki and the Perfect Stranger (2013)

Several years after their first encounter in Chicago, Nikki is reunited with Jesus.

Father Damien: The Leper Priest (1980)

Belgian priest Joseph De Veuster (Ken Howard) devotes himself to the Molokai leper colony in 19th-century Hawaii.

Madness of the Heart (1949)

A young Englishwoman (Margaret Lockwood) loves a Frenchman (Paul Dupuis), goes blind and hides in a convent.

Kalimannu (2013)

Meera's husband is declared brain dead the same night her first movie premieres. Before she can end his life support, she considers having his child through artificial insemination and has to fight for her parental rights.

Carnival of Blood (1972)

A serial killer finds irritating women on a carnival ride and murders them in gruesome ways.

Melody Cruise (1933)

A singing playboy (Phil Harris) and his buddy (Charlie Ruggles) cruise to California with good-time girls.

Wildcat Bus (1940)

A broke playboy (Charles Lang) runs a limousine racket until he falls for a rival's daughter (Fay Wray).

The Fighting Gringo (1939)

A gunfighter (George O'Brien) and his partners clear a Spanish rancher charged with murder.

Pretpark Nederland (2006)

The mechanics behind the Dutch tourism industry.

Which Cheese Do You Want? (2011)

An old couple discuss their relationship after a debate over cheese.

Matter of Trust (1998)

A detective (C. Thomas Howell) helps his former fiancee (Joan Severance) with a homicide case that endangers her and her new love.

I'll Be Homeless for Christmas (2012)

After discovering that his latest mark is a single mother who works with the homeless, a con man decides to help make the approaching Christmas a memorable one for her and her son.

La Maison de Nina (2005)

During the waning days of World War II, special orphanages, called Houses of Hope, are established in France and are mainly populated by Jewish children. Though low on food and supplies, the orphanage's leader, Nina (Agns Jaoui), does a good job managing one of the homes and cares for the children as best as she can. But, when they receive of a group of children recently liberated from a concentration camp, Nina's orphanage is faced with a new series of challenges.

Aan Milo Sajna (1970)

A widow is tricked by her son to leave her entire inheritance to his fiancée, but little does she know that the fiancée is a hired actress, who is secretly in love with a local peasant.

Zurdo (2003)

A corrupt police officer (Alejandro Camacho) tries to make a young marbles player (lex Perea) lose an upcoming match with a highly regarded opponent.

The War in Europe (2009)

During the first three years of World War II, Germany dominates the European continent beginning with the invasion of Poland through the fall of France.

My Step Brother Frankenstein (2004)

Leonid, a scientist living and working in Moscow, is surprised when the 20-year-old son he never knew he had arrives on his doorstep, wounded in both body and mind from fighting Chechan rebels.

Shame (2006)

In the tiny village of Meerwala, Pakistan, peasant farmer Ghulam Fareed ekes out a meager living with his son, Shaqoor, and his young daughter, Mukhtaran Mai. When Shaqoor is accused of molesting the neighbor's daughter, the family seeks recompense by engineering the rape of Mukhtaran. The documentary chronicles the desperate efforts of Mukhtaran and her family to find justice in Pakistan, a country where women don't have equal rights and men and the military rule the land.

Glenn Gould - Hereafter (2006)

Filmmaker Bruno Monsaingeon examines the life and work of Canadian pianist Glenn Gould.

Late Autumn (1960)

A Japanese widow (Setsuko Hara) needs to marry off her daughter, but some of the potential suitors are more interested in her.

Die Manner Der Emden (2013)

After their ship is sunk in the Indian Ocean, 50 German sailors face a dangerous journey back to their homeland.

Freckles Comes Home (1942)

A college man (Johnny Downs) comes home and catches city slickers eyeing his girlfriend's (Gale Storm) father's bank.

Standing Up: Taking Over the War (2008)

In Kabul, members of the Afghan National Army train to defend their country against the Taliban and al-Qaida.

Zero Focus (1961)

When Teiko's new husband disappears on a business trip, she finds a pair of mysterious postcards hidden in a book that might be clues to his fate.

Out of Time (2000)

A man (James McDaniel) with untreatable cancer drinks from a magic spring, sleeps for 20 years and wakes in 2000 when his wife is remarried (Mel Harris) and he may be cured.