Buried Alive (2007)

Buried Alive is a 2007 horror film starring Terence Jay, Leah Rachel, and Tobin Bell, about a group of college students stalked by a vengeful spirit during a New Mexico road trip. It was a straight-to-DVD release distributed by Dimension Extreme. This film was a Blockbuster Exclusive.

Skyscraper (1996)

Skyscraper is a 1996 direct-to-video movie starring Anna Nicole Smith. It was directed by Raymond Martino and written by William Applegate Jr. and John Larrabee. The movie's plot borrows heavily from the film Die Hard with Smith taking the lead role.

The Age of Love (2014)

The Age of Love is a 2014 feature-length documentary film that follows a group of 70- to 90-year-olds who attend a speed dating event looking for new love and companionship. It explores the question — does the need for intimacy and our search for love change over a lifetime? The film is directed by Steven Loring.

Best F(r)iends: Volume 1 (2017)

After 15 years, Greg Sestero and Tommy Wiseau are finally back on screen together... like you've never seen them before. When Greg set out to write a screenplay for his on-screen reunion with old friend, Tommy Wiseau, it only made sense to start from their wealth of shared experiences. Best F(r)iends is based on a series of true-to-life anecdotes, sourced from Greg and Tommy's time together these past two decades. Interwoven into a tapestry of mystery, intrigue, and more than a few dark laughs, the coming together of these two cult-legends, under the thoughtful direction of Justin MacGregor, presents a bizarre tale that is at once surreal and deeply personal. You are not expecting this story. You are not expecting these performances. But you will learn a lesson about f(r)iendship and loyalty.

Mistress America (2015)

Mistress America is a 2015 American comedy film directed by Noah Baumbach. It was written by Baumbach and Greta Gerwig, and stars Gerwig and Lola Kirke. The film was released on August 14, 2015, by Fox Searchlight Pictures.

Aaron Loves Angela (1975)

Aaron Loves Angela is a 1975 American Soul Cinema Classic film written by Gerald Sanford and directed by Gordon Parks, Jr. This film stars Moses Gunn, Kevin Hooks and Irene Cara. Both Cara and Hooks made early film appearances in this piece. This is the final film that Gordon Parks, Jr. directed before his death on April 3, 1979.

The Moonraker (1958)

The Moonraker is a British swashbuckler film released in 1958 and set in the English Civil War. It was directed by David MacDonald and starred George Baker, Sylvia Syms, Marius Goring, Gary Raymond, Peter Arne, John Le Mesurier and Patrick Troughton. The film depicts a fictionalised account of the escape of Charles II, arranged by a foppish royalist nobleman, the Earl of Dawlish, who leads a double life as a roundhead-baiting highwayman called The Moonraker, who already has helped more than thirty royalists to escape to France.

Guilty Hands (1931)

Guilty Hands is a 1931 American Pre-Code crime film starring Lionel Barrymore, Kay Francis and Madge Evans and directed by W. S. Van Dyke, with uncredited assistance from Barrymore. The story concerns an attorney who murders a man who wants to marry his daughter.

Joe Palooka in Winner Take All (1948)

Joe Palooka in Winner Take All is a 1947 American film in the Joe Palooka series. It was directed by Reginald Le Borg.

Urumbukal Urangarilla (2015)

Urumbukal Urangarilla is a 2015 Indian Malayalam comedy thriller film written and directed by Jiju Asokan. It features Chemban Vinod Jose, Vinay Forrt, Ananya, Sudheer Karamana, Aju Varghese, Innocent, Kalabhavan Shajon, Sreejith Ravi, Sunil Sukhada, Musthafa, Vanitha Krishnachandran, Janakai Krishnan, and Thesni Khan. The film was released on 19 September 2015 to positive reviews from critics.

That's Not My Dog! (2018)

Loveable Shane Jacobson is throwing a party and his funniest and most musically talented friends from across Australia and New Zealand are invited.

New Wave: Dare To Be Different (2018)

In August, 1982, a small group of radio visionaries at WLIR Long Island knew they couldn't compete with the mega radio stations in New York City. With one brave decision, they changed the sound of radio forever. Program Director Denis McNamara, the crew at the station and the biggest artists of the era tell the story of how they battled the FCC, the record labels, mega-radio and all the conventional rules to create a musical movement that brought the New Wave to America - including bands like U2, Talking Heads, Depeche Mode and Blondie.

Say You Will (2017)

Say You Will is a 2017 American drama film written and directed by Nick Naveda and starring Travis Tope and Katherine C. Hughes.

Rang (1993)

Rang is a 1993 Bollywood romance film, produced by Mansoor Ahmed Siddiqui under the ANAS Films banner and directed by Talat Jani. It stars Kamal Sadanah, Divya Bharti and Ayesha Jhulka in the lead roles along with Jeetendra, Amrita Singh, Kader Khan and Bindu in the supporting roles and music composed by Nadeem-Shravan. Leading actress Divya Bharti died three months before the film was released and it was dedicated to her memory. The film was recorded as a "Super Hit" at the box office. This was also Amrita Singh's last film before her decade-long hiatus from acting.

Contamination (1980)

Contamination is a 1980 Italian-West German science fiction-horror film directed by Luigi Cozzi and starring Ian McCulloch. The film is about an alien cyclops which causes a man to place eggs all over earth. The eggs release a gelatinous goo that causes people to explode as part of their means to take over the world.

Arthur & Merlin (2015)

Arthur & Merlin is a 2015 independent UK feature film directed by Marco van Belle and written by Kat Wood and Marco van Belle. The film, which stars Kirk Barker, Stefan Butler, Nigel Cooke and David Sterne, is based on the original Celtic tales of Arthur and Merlin.

Everyman's War (2009)

Everyman's War is an independent narrative feature war film directed by Thad Smith. It was released on DVD in the U.S. on May 18, 2010 by Virgil Films & Entertainment and in 43 countries internationally by Koan Entertainment. Additionally it was released in Spain by Paramount Pictures in May 2010 under the title "Los héroes de Las Árdenas." Based on the true story of Sgt. Don Smith of the 94th Infantry Division. Much of the film takes place during January 1945 near Nennig, Germany in the Battle of the Bulge. The film was judged 'Best Narrative Feature' at the 2009 GI Film Festival and won several other awards, including a "Film Excellence" award for directing by the Film Oregon Alliance.

Mame (1974)

Legendary Lucille Ball heads an all-star cast in her final feature film appearance. This lush screen adaptation of the Broadway musical hit Auntie Mame continues the story of the eccentric Mame who believes that "life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death." Co-starring Oscar-nominee Robert Preston (Victor/Victoria) and TV's Golden Girl Beatrice Arthur, with Jerry Herman's smashing Broadway score adding pizazz. 

Woman Times Seven (1967)

Seven mini-stories of adultery: "Funeral Possession," a wayward widow at her husband's funeral; "Amateur Night," angry wife becomes streetwalker out of revenge; "Two Against One," seemingly prudish girl turns out otherwise; "Super Simone," wife vainly attempts to divert her over-engrossed writer husband; "At the Opera," a battle over a supposedly exclusive dress; "Suicides," a death pact; "Snow," would-be suitor is actually a private detective hired by jealous husband.

Safari (2013)

A found footage film set in the South African wild, where animals and poachers rule. A Young Zulu girl, Mbali, meets an American tourist group on safari. The group enter uncharted hunting grounds where they are forced to face the untamed wild.

The Big Chance (1933)

The Big Chance is a 1933 American Pre-Code crime film directed by Albert Herman.

Infra-Man (1975)

The Super Inframan is a 1975 Hong Kong science fiction action film produced by Shaw Brothers Studio in 1975. Inspired by the huge success of the Japanese tokusatsu franchises such as Ultraman and Kamen Rider in Hong Kong, this film features the same type of "henshin"/transformation, monster/robot action and costumed heroics, coupled with Chinese kung fu action.

Innocent Bystanders (1972)

Innocent Bystanders is a 1972 spy thriller directed by Peter Collinson that was filmed in Spain and Turkey. It stars Stanley Baker and Geraldine Chaplin. The screenplay was written by James Mitchell based on his novel The Innocent Bystanders (1969). Mitchell had previously written several John Craig spy thrillers under the name James Munro.

Hardflip (2012)

After his mother falls ill, a troubled young skateboarder (Randy Wayne) sets out to find the father (John Schneider) he never really knew.

Killer Clans (1976)

Killer Clans is a 1976 Hong Kong martial arts film directed by Chor Yuen and produced by the Shaw Brothers Studio.

Eddie Macon's Run (1983)

Eddie Macon's Run is a 1983 American action crime drama film based on the 1980 novel by James McLendon, starring Kirk Douglas, John Schneider and John Goodman in his film debut.

American Madness (1932)

American Madness is a 1932 American Pre-Code film directed by Frank Capra and starring Walter Huston as a New York banker embroiled in scandal. The story is also Sterling Holloway's feature-film debut.

Dondi (1961)

Dondi was a daily comic strip about a large-eyed war orphan of the same name. Created by Gus Edson and Irwin Hasen, it ran in more than 100 newspapers for three decades.

Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi (2003)

Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi is a 2003 film written and directed by Shemi Zarhin.

The Lake (1999)

A woman (Regina Lund) returns to the town where her father mysteriously disappeared, and her search for the truth leads to startling discoveries.

James Ellroy's Feast of Death (2001)

Filmmaker Vikram Jayanti documents the gruesome murder of the writer's estranged mother in 1958.

Hello Forever (2013)

Four women face the harsh reality of poverty, prejudice and corruption.

Angel (2005)

Angel Rodriguez is a 2005 American television film, that showed at the Toronto International Film Festival under the title Angel. HBO picked up the film and released it under the longer name both on their movie channel and on DVD.

Um Crime Nobre (2001)

A woman searches for her adopted son's natural parents after learning he needs a bone-marrow transplant.

The Oracle (1985)

The spirit of a man killed by his wife seeks revenge through the medium of a young woman (Caroline Capers Powers).

Operation Golden Phoenix (1994)

A security specialist and a vicious crime czar battle over possession of a pendant that may lead to a lost treasure.

The Master (2015)

In the 19th century, master Chen Xiang grows tired of seeing the people suffer under greedy landlords, corrupt officials and invaders. When he refuses to join the prince's army, his family and students are seized, and he must go to war to save them.

Sex Galaxy (2008)

Sex starved astronauts detour to Sex Galaxy.

Música Cubana (2004)

Bandleader Po Leiva and an aging cabdriver comb Cuba's nightclubs for the island's up-and-coming musical talent in a follow-up to "Buena Vista Social Club." Among the acts in the spotlight are singer El Nene, rapper Telmary Daz, and singer Osdalgia Lesmes.

Twisted (1996)

Twisted is a film written and directed by Seth Michael Donsky. His debut film, it was released in 1997. The film, a Don Quixote and Miravista Films production, is a retelling of Charles Dickens' classic novel Oliver Twist set in a New York City contemporary underground populated by drag queens, drug abusers and hustlers. The film was an official selection and debuted in 1997 at the 47th Berlin International Film Festival, and was also screened as an official selection at the Seattle International Film Festival. Donsky's film was made prior to Jacob Tierney's similar film Twist, starring American actor Nick Stahl. Donsky's Twisted was re-discovered by the Museum of Modern Art in 2013, included in their Charles Dickens bicentenary film series and subsequently accepted into their permanent film collection.

Take-Away Romance (2014)

Seemingly opposite personalities struggle through the complexities of love.

Joe's Apartment (1996)

Jerry O'Connell (TV's Sliders , Stand By Me ) is fresh off the bus from Iowa and just trying to make it in New York, but he's got no job, no girl and, worst of all, no place to live. But life's about to change when he finds a home. It's a slummy, squalid, seedy little box of a place, but it's a pad Joe can call his own...or so he thinks. It seems that not all of the apartment's former tenants have evacuated. His new roommates? Fifty thousand dancing, singing, talking cockroaches. This creepy, funny musical film is based on the award-winning MTV live-action/animated short. Co-starring Megan Ward ( Party of Five , Encino Man ), Jim Turner ( The Ref , The Lost Boys ), rap group Salt-n-Pepa's Sandra Denton and Robert Vaughn ( The Towering Inferno , The Man From U.N.C.L.E. ).

Virus au paradis (2003)

A deadly strain of bird flu becomes a global threat.

B. Monkey (1998)

B. Monkey is a British-American 1998 crime drama film directed by Michael Radford. Originally, Michael Caton-Jones was attached to direct the adaptation of the homonymous book by Andrew Davies, but left over creative differences.

Richie Rich's Christmas Wish (1998)

After Richie Rich is blamed for a sleigh crash caused by his mischievous cousin, Reggie Van Dough, Richie wishes that he didn't exist. When a wishing machine invented by Professor Keenbean hears Richie's wish, it transports him to an alternate universe where Reggie is the master of the house. As Richie struggles to return home in time to celebrate Christmas, he learns to appreciate his privileged former life.

Beyond (2014)

Beyond is a 2014 British science fiction romantic drama written and directed by Joseph Baker and Tom Large. It stars Richard J. Danum and Gillian MacGregor as a married couple who attempt to make their relationship work during the approach of a potentially catastrophic asteroid. It premiered at the Sci-Fi-London film festival on 24 April 2014.

Drawers (2015)

A hospitalized woman faces the ghosts of her past and learns secrets about herself and her family.

Happy 40th (2015)

A woman decides to reconnect with her best friends after her self-imposed isolation following a car wreck. Over the course of a three-day celebration, each woman explores her own struggles and limitations.

Mascara (1999)

Three women (Ione Skye, Lumi Cavazos, Amanda De Cadenet) rediscover the value of their friendship as their relationships with men go downhill.

Becoming Santa (2015)

A man is shocked to learn that the parents (Michael Gross, Meredith Baxter) of his girlfriend (Laura Bell Bundy) are Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus.

Her First Romance (1940)

Her First Romance is a 1940 American musical comedy film directed by Edward Dmytryk.

Elective Affinities (1996)

The Elective Affinities (Italian: Le affinità elettive, French: Les affinités électives) is a 1996 Italian-French comedy film directed by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani. It was screened out of competition at the 1996 Cannes Film Festival.

Extraños en la noche (2012)

Two struggling musicians investigate a possible murder in their building.

Malice in the Palace (1949)

Malice in the Palace is the 117th short film released by Columbia Pictures in 1949 starring American slapstick comedy team The Three Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Shemp Howard). The comedians released 190 short films for the studio between 1934 and 1959.

Sssssss (1973)

Sssssss (released as Ssssnake in the UK) is a 1973 horror film starring Strother Martin, Dirk Benedict, and Heather Menzies. It was directed by Bernard L. Kowalski and written by Hal Dresner and Daniel C. Striepeke, the latter of whom also produced the film. The make-up effects were created by John Chambers and Nick Marcellino. It received a nomination for the Best Science Fiction Film award of the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films in 1975.

My Dear Kuttichaathan (1984)

My Dear Kuttichathan is a 1984 Indian Malayalam fantasy film, directed by Jijo Punnoose. The film was produced by his father Navodaya Appachan under Navodaya studio in Kerala. This was the first Indian film to be filmed in 3D. The film revolves around a mystical Indian god "Kuttichathan" who is under the spell of an evil sorcerer, however it gets released by three children and then befriends them. The film's script was written by Raghunath Paleri and T. K. Rajeevkumar. The film's soundtrack was composed by Ilaiyaraaja. The film's cinematography and editing was done by Ashok Kumar and T. R. Sekar respectively.

Who's Watching the Kids (2012)

Ken has always pulled outrageous stunts for his friend's stag parties and is terrified now that it is his turn to get married.

8 Tiros (2015)

Long believed dead, a man resurfaces at his mother's funeral and seeks revenge against his gangster brother.

The Slasher (1953)

A gang of teenagers are earning money by mugging women on the streets of London, lead by a delinquent named Roy and his sidekick Alfie. The pair are making substantial profits, until the police catch up with them. At their hearing, the magistrate passes a fairly lenient sentence with the suggestion that they join a youth club and reform their ways. But while there, Roy and Alfie use the building as a base for their growing operation, intimidating other members of the club, increasing their numbers and slowly getting in over their heads.

The Unknown (2005)

Hunters and high-school students pursue a mysterious manlike creature on a deadly rampage.

Naan Sigappu Manithan (2014)

Naan Sigappu Manithan (English: I am a Red Man) is a 2014 Tamil neo-noir psychological thriller film directed by Thiru and produced by UTV Motion Pictures. Co-produced by Vishal, the film stars himself in the leading role with Lakshmi Menon and Iniya in supporting roles, while G. V. Prakash Kumar composed the film's music. The film deals with narcolepsy. It was released on 11 April 2014. It is dubbed into Hindi as Pyaar Reloaded and also in Telugu as Indhrudu. The movie was remade in Odia in 2017 as Shiva Not Out.

The Lady Confesses (1945)

The Lady Confesses is a 1945 American film noir directed by Sam Newfield.

Shock (1946)

Shock is a 1946 American film noir directed by Alfred L. Werker

Little Book of Love (1997)

A woman (Andra Beltro) meets a researcher (Daniel Dantas) in the middle of an unpleasant divorce, and they fall in love.

National Security (2012)

National Security is a 2012 South Korean prison drama film based on the memoir by Kim Geun-tae, a democracy activist who was kidnapped and tortured by national police inspector Lee Geun-an for 22 days in 1985 during the Chun Doo-hwan regime.

The Mole People (1956)

The Mole People is a 1956 science fiction film directed by Virgil W. Vogel.

The Plague of the Zombies (1966)

Young workers are dying because of a mysterious epidemic in a little village in Cornwall. Doctor Thompson is helpless and asks professor James Forbes for help.

On The Beat (1962)

On the Beat is a 1962 British comedy film starring Norman Wisdom, and directed by Robert Asher.

Ladybug Ladybug (1963)

Ladybug Ladybug is a 1963 American motion picture directed by Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Frank Perry. The film is a commentary on the psychological effects of the Cold War, the title deriving from the classic nursery rhyme. It marked the film debuts of William Daniels, Estelle Parsons and Jane Connell.The film was inspired by a McCall's magazine story about an actual incident at an elementary school.

Rogue's March (1953)

Rogue's March is a 1952 film.

The Parson of Panamint (1941)

The Parson of Panamint is a 1941 American drama film directed by William C. McGann and written by Adrian Scott and Harold Shumate. The film stars Charlie Ruggles, Ellen Drew, Phillip Terry, Joseph Schildkraut, Porter Hall and Henry Kolker. The film was released on July 25, 1941, by Paramount Pictures.

The Boss of Big Town (1942)

The Boss of Big Town is a 1942 American film directed by Arthur Dreifuss.

Niceland (Population. 1.000.002) (2004)

Niceland (Population. 1.000.002) is an Icelandic drama directed by Friðrik Þór Friðriksson

Voodoo Woman (1957)

Voodoo Woman (1957) is a horror film directed by Edward L. Cahn and released by American International Pictures as a double feature with The Undead.

Rock'n Roll Never Dies (2006)

A young man (Samuli Edelmann) tries to attain music stardom without compromising his values. When his town's factory is threatened with closure, he discovers that the owner is his musical idol.

Looking Is the Original Sin (2013)

Anna struggles to understand her mother Helene's frequent depressions and obsession with photography. Anna wakes up one day and discovers her mother has moved out, which begins a search for herself and her wayward mother.

Shake Hands with the Devil (1959)

Shake Hands with the Devil is a 1959 film directed by Michael Anderson. The picture was filmed in Dublin, and at Ardmore Studios in Bray, Ireland. The film is set in 1921 Dublin, where the Irish Republican Army battles the Black and Tans, ex-British soldiers sent to suppress the rebels. It stars James Cagney and Don Murray. Also featured are Dana Wynter, Glynis Johns, Sybil Thorndike and Michael Redgrave.

Zander the Great (1925)

Zander the Great is a 1925 silent drama film directed by George W. Hill, in his first directing role for MGM. The film stars Marion Davies. The screenplay by Frances Marion is based upon Edward Salisbury Field 1923 play.

Documented (2014)

Journalist Jose Antonio Vargas becomes a crusader for immigration reform.

Heroic Trio 2: Executioners (1993)

Executioners, is a 1993 Hong Kong action film and a sequel to The Heroic Trio, both films which were directed by Johnny To, starring Michelle Yeoh, Anita Mui and Maggie Cheung, returning as the main characters of the first film. Other cast include Damian Lau, Anthony Wong, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Lau Ching-Wan, Paul Chun and Kwan Shan.

Walk Into Hell (1956)

Walk Into Paradise (also known as Walk Into Hell) is a 1956 French-Australian international co-production adventure film directed by Lee Robinson and Marcello Pagliero shot on location in the highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Fortress (1992)

Fortress is a 1992 Australian-American science fiction film directed by Stuart Gordon and shot at Warner Bros. Movie World in Queensland, Australia. The story takes place in a dystopian future. The main character in the movie, John Henry Brennick (Christopher Lambert) and his wife Karen B. Brennick (Loryn Locklin) are sent to a maximum security prison because they are expecting a second child, which is against strict one-child policies. It was followed by a sequel, Fortress 2: Re-Entry in 2000. The film was a financial success, but critical reviews were mixed.

Winning of the West (1953)

Winning of the West is a 1953 American western film directed by George Archainbaud and starring Gene Autry and Gail Davis.

Prime Suspect: The Scent of Darkness (1995)

After a series of murders occur similar to an earlier crime, Superintendent Jane Tennison (Helen Mirren) fears she may have jailed an innocent man.

Last Gasp (1995)

A real estate developer (Robert Patrick) goes on killing sprees while possessed by the spirit of a Mexican Indian he killed years earlier.

Olivia Twist (2014)

Olivia, an orphan from Afghanistan, finds shelter with Bob and his gang of metal thieves as she fights for her innocence and freedom.

Josh Kirby: Time Warrior! Chap. 6: Last Battle for the Universe (1996)

Time traveler Josh (Corbin Allred) and his teen friend Azabeth (Jennifer Burns) continue their quest to keep the destructive Nullifier device out of evil hands. But they've been betrayed by Irwin 1138 (Barrie Ingham), a scientist who pretended to take their side to get to the Nullifier. Meanwhile, the evil Dr. Zeotrope (Derek Webster) makes a heroic turn, and with the clock ticking, Josh time-hops back to his infancy to see his late mother then forward for a final showdown with Irwin 1138.

Simon (1980)

Simon is a 1980 American comedy film. It was written and directed by Marshall Brickman and stars Alan Arkin.

ABCD (1999)

"ABCD" is the story of Raj and Nina, first generation Asian-Indian immigrant children who have grown up in America, and their mother, Anju, who is desperately trying in her old age to reconcile her decision to come to America long ago. "ABCD" revolves around characters who are culturally lost. They can no longer fully adhere to the customs of the country they have left behind, and yet do not belong to the mainstream American culture because of their ethnicity.

Spin (2010)

Spin (also known as You Are Here) is a 2007 American comedy-drama film directed by Henry Pincus, and featuring Patrick Flueger, Adam Campbell, Katie Cassidy and Lauren German.

Jenny, Juno (2005)

Jenny, Juno is a 2005 South Korean romance film written and directed by Kim Ho-jun. It was released in South Korea on February 18, 2005 and pulled in a total of 289,829 admissions.

Maxie (1985)

A San Francisco librarian's (Mandy Patinkin) wife (Glenn Close) shares her body with the ghost of a Roaring '20s flapper.

Troubleshooter (2010)

Framed for murder, a private detective (Kyung-gu Sol) must carry out a blackmailer's demands in order to establish his innocence.

Deewanapan (2001)

A middle-class man (Arjun Rampal) battles his girlfriend's (Diya Mirza) wealthy father (Vinod Khanna), who has tried to end their affair.

El Guachiman (2011)

Alex, a humble policeman, decides to steal $80,000 after his girlfriend breaks up with him so he can live a life of adventures.

Incident (1948)

Incident is an American film noir directed by William Beaudine and featuring Warren Douglas, Jane Frazee and Robert Osterloh.