Show Business (1932)

A monkey terrorizes a woman (Anita Garvin) on a train.

Family (2019)

Roddy Doyle wrote the screenplay for this tale of the problems faced by a working-class family in Dublin.

Enemy of the Mind (2012)

A veteran cop tracks a serial killer whose trail of bodies begins with the murder of his wife, and each new victim deepens the mystery.

Chickens Come Home (1931)

Stan (Stan Laurel) and Ollie (Oliver Hardy) must thwart a blackmailer.

Buffalo Rider (1977)

Nineteenth-century Oregon is the setting for this account of the exploits of folk hero C.J. "Buffalo" Jones.

Ring of Fire (1991)

Viewers of "Ring of Fire" will come heart-stoppingly close to the great circle of volcanoes and seismic activity that rings the Pacific Ocean. Spectacular volcanic eruptions are featured, including Mt. St. Helens, Navidad in Chile, Sakurajima in Japan, and Mt. Merapi in Indonesia. Extensive aerial photography and computer animation help tell the story of the geologic forces that impact the ring and the lifestyles of the people who dwell on its fiery boundary.

Winners of the West (1940)

Indians kidnap a businessman's daughter (Anne Nagel) while battling cowboys over the building of a railroad.

Woman in the Moon (1929)

Spaceship passengers reach the orb and learn if its atmosphere can sustain human life.

The Gorilla Hunt (1939)

A hunter encounters various oddities and singing natives in Africa as he tries to capture a gorilla.

She's Crushed (2009)

Ray (Henrik Norln) has a one-night stand with Tara (Natalie Dickinson) and tries to forget it -- but she goes to extreme lengths to keep him as her man.

The Uninvited (2008)

Malevolent spirits visit a remote house to torment a woman (Marguerite Moreau) who has a history of agoraphobia.

The Grasshopper and the Ants (1934)

Industrious ants store away food for the winter, while a lazy grasshopper engages in frivolous song and dance.

The PyraMMMid (2011)

A mathematician creates an elaborate Ponzi scheme in post-communist Russia that leaves millions of people with nothing.

Salt (2011)

A Spanish film director goes to Chile to scout locations for his movie and he is mistaken for someone with a dangerous enemy.

La Ilusión Viaja en Tranvía (1953)

Two drivers steal a streetcar and in order not to be discovered they have to put it in service, experiencing entertaining adventures.

The Wild Man of Borneo (1941)

A medicine-show liar (Frank Morgan) rooms with his long-lost daughter (Mary Howard) at a theatrical boardinghouse in New York.

The River and Death (1955)

In a small town, men are locked in a permanent blood feud and the dead are put in the river.

The Tree, the Mayor and the Mediatheque (1992)

The socialist mayor of a small village in France dreams of building an arts center but he runs up against some opposition.

Limelight (1936)

A chorus girl (Anna Neagle) discovers a singer (Arthur Tracy) in the streets and asks her producer to give him a shot at stardom.

Court Martial (1955)

An English-officer war hero (David Niven) with money woes and a nagging wife (Margaret Leighton) is put on trial for taking funds.

Desde el Corazón (2009)

A look at Chilean rural medicine through the eyes of young doctor.

Millhouse: A White Comedy (1971)

Filmmaker Emile de Antonio uses footage and interviews to chronicle Richard Nixon's political career.

One Day Less (2009)

Eme and Carmen count the days until the next holiday celebration when their house will be full.

High Powered (1945)

A construction worker (Robert Lowery) tries to overcome his fear of heights after a fatal accident.

Powerless (2013)

People risk their lives to steal power in a city with frequent outages.

Going Vertical: The Shortboard Revolution (2009)

Searching for the origin of the short-board revolution.

Sleepytime Gal (1942)

A singing kitchen maid hits all the right notes in a beauty contest.

Haunted Ranch (1943)

The Range Busters learn that villains are responsible for a man's death and missing gold.

Cancerpants (2011)

Ro Poulson involves her partner, family and friends in her struggle against breast cancer.

Northwest (2013)

Casper lives in one of Copenhagen's most impoverished areas and does what it takes to survive. When organized crime moves into the community, Casper digs in to resist being run out.

The Prize (2011)

A seven-year-old girl (Paula Galinelli Hertzog) must keep a secret or her family will die.

Tomorrow (1972)

In 1930s Mississippi, lonely Jackson Fentry (Robert Duvall) lives by himself as the sole caretaker of a sawmill. One day, close to the property, he discovers a young woman, Sarah Eubanks (Olga Bellin), who is three months pregnant. Since she was abandoned by both her husband and her family, Jackson takes her in. The two fall in love and get married just before her death. Jackson raises the child as his own, until the boy's uncles arrive to demand he be returned to the family.

The Game Is Over (1966)

The wife of a wealthy financier asks for a divorce after she falls in love with his stepson.

Norberto's Deadline (2010)

A man begins a new job without telling his wife and learns that he is best at lying to himself.

American Stag (2006)

Filmmaker Benjamin Meade reviews the history of stag movies.

Death Rides the Range (1940)

A wounded archaeologist (Michael Vallon) crawls into the camp of three kindhearted cowboys -- Ken (Ken Maynard), Panhandle (Ralph Peters) and Pancho (Julian Rivero). When the cowboys bring him to a nearby trading post, he's murdered after he lets slip a secret about a hidden cave. Investigating his death, Ken and his friends encounter a land dispute between a pair of neighboring ranches, an arrogant German baron (Sven Hugo Borg) and a mysterious shack that houses a great secret.

Power Play (1994)

An attorney (Marietta DePrima) tries to persuade a retired hockey player (Ken Olandt) to return to the game.

Sleepy Heads (1997)

Japanese immigrants in New York have a corpse on their hands after a friend dies from a drug overdose.

The Walls Came Tumbling Down (1946)

A newspaperman solves the murder of a priest and the disappearance of a pair of valuable Bibles.

Tanganyika (1954)

The leader (Van Heflin) of a safari hunts an English killer causing tribal terror in early 1900s East Africa.

An Old Spanish Custom (1936)

A temptress (Lupita Tovar) dupes a wealthy yachtsman (Buster Keaton) who falls for her while docked in Spain.

Rowdy Leader (2012)

A normal guy decides to enter politics after a bad situation with his family.

Sunayana (1979)

Raju meets Sunayana by saving her from being run over. After learning she is blind, Raju attempt to find a cure for her blindness end him up in jail, losing his freedom and Sunayana at the same time.

Wild Horse Hank (1979)

A rancher's (Richard Crenna) daughter (Linda Blair) saves horses from industrial slaughter by herding them 150 miles to federal land.

McCullin (2012)

The work of photographer Don McCulli brought the reality of human conflict to the readers of newspapers.

Muertos de Risa (1957)

A group of interesed relatives attempts to cause the death to an old woman by using bombs, scares and secret passages.

Chameli (2004)

Aman Kapoor, an investment banker, and Chameli, a prostitute, form a bond while finding shelter during the monsoon. He decides to free her from her pimp as his outlook to life changes after he meets her.

The Wreck of the Hesperus (1948)

A former sea captain becomes involved in a crooked attempt to increase business for his salvage company.

Killers Are Challenged (1966)

A Lebanese beauty (Wandisa Guida) leads a U.S. spy (Richard Harrison) to stolen microfilm of Soviet military secrets.

Manzil Manzil (1984)

Mr. Malhotra would like his daughter to marry Pawan. She likes that idea, and agrees to meet Pawan. On her way to see him, she meets another man and both fall in love.

Totalmente Inocentes (2012)

Da Fe is a good man that embarks on a fun filled mission to become the traffic guiding leader of the hill where the girl of his dreams lives.

Texas Justice (1940)

A cowboy (George Houston) tries to protect an old friend from a power-hungry rancher.

Rolling Down the Great Divide (1942)

Two heroes (William Boyd, Art Davis) get government assistance to stop rustlers from using shortwave radios to track lost cattle.

Herschell Gordon Lewis: The Godfather of Gore (2010)

John Waters, Joe Bob Briggs and Frank Henenlotter are among those interviewed in a career overview of exploitation-film titan Herschell Gordon Lewis.

Coney Island at Night (1905)

From Luna Park to Dreamland.

Stronghold (1951)

A bandit (Arturo de Crdova) and his gang kidnap an American (Veronica Lake) and her mother during the Mexican Revolution.

The Viking (1931)

Rivalry flares between a Newfoundland seal hunter (Arthur Vinton) and a town jinx (Charles Starrett) during an Arctic seal-hunting expedition.

Shark Week (2012)

Trapped on a madman's (Patrick Bergin) island, a group of people must survive a barrage of shark attacks.

In the Land of the Moose (2010)

A mother moose teaches her new calf how to survive the dangers of the Canadian wilderness.

I M 24 (2010)

A balding 42-year-old writer (Rajat Kapoor), uncharacteristically, cooks up an impressive series of lies and cover-ups to woo a young beauty queen.

I See Ice (1938)

Slippery hilarity ensues when a hapless shutterbug literally hits the ice for hockey.

Too Busy to Work (1939)

The life of the Jones family becomes chaotic when dad decides to run for mayor and mom joins a theater group.

Maicol (1989)

A 5-year-old boy retreats into fantasies to escape from his uncaring mother and a bleak urban lifestyle.

Law of the West (1932)

A young man's true identity is concealed by the gang of outlaws who kidnapped him years earlier.

Love Translated (2010)

Ten men travel to the Ukraine to meet women to marry, but in the end only one couple will make it.

The Third Wave (2007)

Four volunteers in Sri Lanka arrive after a tsunami and find heartbreak and rebirth in the ruins.

The Silver Cliff (2011)

Shocked by her husband's unexpected abandonment, a woman (Alessandra Negrini) seeks comfort by wandering the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

Smart Things (1973)

In a busy bazaar there is an inconspicuous store filled with great wonders.

Phantom of the Jungle (1955)

A scientific safari in Africa turns deadly when angry tribesmen demand the return of a sacred golden tablet.

Ancient Astronauts (1967)

A premise suggests that space travelers visited Earth before recorded history and altered the life of primitive people.

Death of a Snowman (1978)

A reporter (Ken Gampu) fights for his life while investigating a vigilante group in Johannesburg.

The Beachcomber (1955)

Womanizer and incessant drinker Ted Wilson (Robert Newton), known as "Honorable" Ted, is shipped to a tropical island by his family to keep him out of their way. There he meets sanctimonious missionary Owen Jones (Paul Rogers) and his nurse sister, Martha (Glynis Johns). Initially disgusted by Ted's behavior, Martha is surprised when Ted sails to an outlying island to retrieve her and is unexpectedly chivalrous. Ted then agrees to help Martha deal with a cholera outbreak on another island.

The Story of Vernon & Irene Castle (1939)

Aspiring dancer Irene (Ginger Rogers) convinces vaudevillian Vernon Castle (Fred Astaire) to give up his comic act for something more serious: ballroom dancing. Together, they work on perfecting their dance routine and take the act to Paris. It's a rocky road at first, but, after a knockout appearance at the Caf de Paris, the duo become a sensation. With their fame steadily rising, the Castles seem on top of the world. But the outbreak of World War I threatens everything.

Camila Jam (2007)

A young woman struggles to become a writer.

To the Shores of Tripoli (1942)

After being expelled from his academy, wealthy youngster Chris Winters (John Payne) lives it up with his socialite girlfriend, Helene Hunt (Nancy Kelly). But soon his military hero father forces Chris to enlist in the marines. There Chris must overcome his reputation as a spoiled brat to earn the respect of iron-willed Sgt. Dixie Smith (Randolph Scott). Meanwhile, the new recruit struggles to impress Mary Carter (Maureen O'Hara), a beautiful nurse who outranks him.

Stiff (2010)

Complications arise when a necrophiliac woman (Lulu Benton) promises to help a man (Bill Scott) kill himself.

Bubu de Montparnasse (1970)

At the turn of the century, a young woman enters the world of prostitution after her lover quits his bakery job.

Fever Heat (1968)

A stock car driver banned from racing helps an Iowa widow turn her rundown garage into a financial success.

Cross (2012)

A man enters the police station and tells the police he killed people so they could go to heaven.

Alyce Kills (2011)

A woman (Jade Dornfeld) unravels in violent fashion after accidentally knocking a friend off a roof -- killing her.

The Dirt Bike Kid (1985)

A teenager (Peter Billingsley) and his magic motorcycle stop a banker (Stuart Pankin) out to close a friend's hot-dog stand.

Fatty and Mabel Adrift (1916)

Fatty and Mabel have no idea villains have set their beach house out to sea, and when they wake up, they find their beds floating in the sea.

Identities (2008)

A look at the multi colored, multi cultural transgender community in Ireland.

Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai (1960)

A simple man (Raj Kapoor) encounters love and death on a pilgrimage.

Stranger From Santa Fe (1945)

An outlaw gang convinces a lawman who is posing as a civilian to take part in a stage robbery.

Time for Revenge (1981)

An explosives expert (Federico Luppi) fakes an accident to con the corrupt mining company he works for in Argentina.

The Mad Executioners (1963)

Scotland Yard searches for a link between a series of bizarre beheadings and mysterious sex crimes plaguing London.

No, or the Vain Glory of Command (1991)

Flashbacks paint a picture of the military history of Portugal.

Rider From Tucson (1950)

A rodeo rider (Tim Holt) and his Mexican-Irish sidekick (Richard Martin) rescue a gold miner's kidnapped bride (Elaine Riley).

Heist (2015)

Four people realize there is a double-crosser among them after they join forces to rob a mobster.

Sucker Punch (2008)

A fight promoter and his new client land in trouble with a loan shark.

The Mad Parade (1931)

During World War I, nurses of different backgrounds tend to the dead and the dying in no man's land.

Maid for Murder (1962)

Two disinherited brothers plot to regain their fortune by marrying or murdering their now-wealthy cousin.

Las Tres Perfectas Casadas (1952)

Three married couples gather to celebrate the eighteenth anniversary of their marriage and regret the absence of a friend who was godfather to all three weddings.

El Pianista (1998)

Two gifted musicians take different paths in life during the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War.

Killer Workout (1987)

Patrons at a posh Hollywood health spa fall victim to a mysterious killer.

Spy Smasher (1942)

A freelance American agent sets out to smash a German spy ring headed by the sinister Mask. A 12-chapter Republic serial.

The Winds of Autumn (1975)

An 11-year-old Quaker boy sets out across the grasslands of 1880s Montana to avenge his family's deaths.

Le Tigre: On Tour (2010)

The band documents its final tour and spotlights its 10-year history.

The Todd Killings (1971)

A disturbed 23-year-old weaves a spell of influence and murder around a group of California teenagers.