Pray 2: The Woods (2008)

Exactly one year after his first appearance, a mysterious masked villain is on the loose and striking fear into the hearts of his targets.

The Hard Way (1979)

A hit man wants to retire, but his boss gives him one last job.

Maximum Security (1997)

An unjustly convicted policeman and others must save Los Angeles from a nuclear bomb planted in their prison.

Emilio (2014)

A young man leaves Mexico and must survive on the mean streets of LA.

Free to Leave (2007)

Distracted by the flirtatious behavior of Anna, station master Thomas causes a catastrophic train accident. He and Anna lie to escape blame, and their shared lie forges a bond between them.

Patanga (1971)

A traffic warden decides to land a job in Bollywood after he gets distracted by a pretty woman, resulting in an accident.

In the Doghouse (1962)

A British veterinarian (Leslie Phillips) exposes a colleague's (James Booth) scheme to send old horses to France.

Ho Sakta Hai (2006)

Mohan, a medical student studying in the United States, is called home by his grandfather after some of his family disappeared without a trace.

Holiday Camp (1947)

Various British characters (Flora Robson, Dennis Price, Jack Warner) vacation at a summer resort, including an unknown killer.

Easy Money (1948)

The lure of a $200,000 grand prize draws a variety of British office workers to their company's football pool.

Halima's Path (2012)

Halima, a strong-willed Muslim, unsuccessfully searches for the remains of her son. When Halima asks her estranged niece for help, they uncover horrifying facts that disrupt everyone's lives.

The Most Wanted Man (1954)

A case of mistaken identity ensues when a nearsighted worker accidentally walks off with a gangster's coat.

Tea Time (2015)

Friends since the 1950s, some Chilean septuagenarians keep their bond strong by meeting for tea and cake once a month.

Twice Upon a Time (1953)

Twin girls, separated by divorce, reunite at summer camp and plot to get back together.

Gordon Getty: There Will Be Music (2015)

Gordon Getty becomes a renowned classical composer, businessman and philanthropist.

Those Secrets (1992)

The confession of a sports agent's (Arliss Howard) infidelity brings up the issue of his wife's (Blair Brown) call-girl past.

The Shadow (1937)

Mary Gillespie works to return her father's circus to its former glory following his death.

The Invention of Flesh (2009)

Two individuals (Diego Benedetto, Umbra Colombo) form an impossible relationship.

Cry of the Innocent (1980)

U.S. insurance executive and ex-Green Beret Steve Donegin (Rod Taylor) is on vacation in Ireland with his family when a private plane crashes, killing his wife and children. Donegin becomes suspicious when he discovers that a scientist was on board the aircraft and that his death may have been the work of criminals. Joining him in the investigation is Candia Leighton (Joanna Pettet), a beautiful journalist who bears a striking resemblance to Donegin's dead wife, Cynthia.

Water, Wind, Dust (1989)

An Iranian boy travels through the desert to find his family.

Flame of Calcutta (1953)

A British captain (Patric Knowles) and a French official's daughter (Denise Darcel) save the East India Company.

Broadway Bound (1992)

Two aspiring comedy writers incite their relatives when they use familial foibles as a basis for a new radio series.

The Corporal's Diary (2008)

A soldier documents his experiences in Iraq -- before meeting an untimely end.

Rain (2009)

Stuck in a traffic jam, a woman (Valeria Bertuccelli) befriends a stranger (Ernesto Alterio) who jumps into her car.

Let's Be Happy (1957)

A salesman (Tony Martin) woos a Vermont heiress (Vera-Ellen) wooed by a needy lord (Robert Flemyng) in Scotland.

Being at Home with Claude (1992)

The relationship between lovers Yves (Roy Dupuis) and Claude (Jean-Francois Pichette) comes to an abrupt conclusion when, as the couple are making love, Yves slices Claude's throat, killing him. After being taken into custody for his crime, the police inspector (Jacques Godin) demands to know the reason behind Yves' actions. Yves then weaves the tale of his life with Claude, explaining the origins of their relationship and how it reached a point where murder was the only possible conclusion.

Jungle Stampede (1950)

African safari explorers see wild animals, pygmies and native wedding rituals. Ronald Davison narrates.

Dr. Broadway (1942)

A New York doctor (Macdonald Carey) saves a chorus girl (Jean Phillips) from a window ledge, twice, and rounds up racketeers.

Lady Audley's Secret (1999)

A Victorian (Steven Mackintosh) suspects that an old schoolmate was killed by Lucy Graham (Neve McIntosh), his uncle's (Kenneth Cranham) much younger wife.

A Fugitive From Justice (1940)

An insurance investigator (Roger Pryor) tries to keep a $1,000,000 policy-holder away from gangsters and police.

The Pasta Detectives (2014)

Rico, a 10-year-old boy with mental limitations, uses his heightened observation skills to find out what happened to his mentally gifted friend.

Rare Talk (1984)

Sports photographer Alok Prakash (Farooque Sheikh) is shooting a female hockey game when he's hit with a stray puck. Prakash is hospitalized but only suffers from minor injuries, though his enterprising brother-in-law, Prem Sagar (Sanjeev Kumar), sees an opportunity to make some easy money. Sagar, a lawyer, asks Prakash to exaggerate his injury so he can file a lawsuit and they can live off the settlement. Soon, the whole family is involved, and Prakash and Sagar find the ruse hard to keep up.

They Will Outlive Us All (2013)

Margot and Daniel avoid going out after a series of superstorms brings down the city's infrastructure. When three strange deaths occur in their apartment building, they lay off booze and drugs to find out what is going on.

Give Me Liberty (1936)

Patrick Henry (John Litel) makes a passionate argument for Colonial independence.

To New Shores (1937)

Gloria takes the blame for Sir Albert Finsbury's forgery and is sent to Australia. Sir Albert refuses to marry her and free her from prison after he makes a strategic proposal to a governor's daughter, leaving Gloria to marry a local farmer.

Flying Fool (1929)

A stunt pilot (William Boyd) and his younger brother (Russell Gleason) fight over a nightclub singer (Marie Prevost).

Melody of the Plains (1937)

Rancher Steve Condon (Fred Scott) is attacked by outlaw Cass (Charles "Slim" Whitaker) and his gang. In the ensuing gunfight, Steve's cohort Bud Langley is killed. Thinking he fired the fatal shot, Steve is morose. It gets worse when he takes a job on a ranch and realizes that owner "Dad" Langley (Lafe McKee) is the dead man's father. Land developer Gorman (Hal Price) is after Langley's cattle and gets Cass to spread rumors that Steve killed Langley's son to get him out of the picture.

Pillars of Society (1935)

A Norwegian rancher living in America returns to his home after 20 years and his presence exposes his brother-in-law's crooked dealings.

She'll Have to Go (1962)

Two disinherited brothers plot to regain their fortune by marrying or murdering their now-wealthy cousin.

Saddle Aces (1935)

A cowboy (Rex Bell) and his pal escape from a train and help a woman (Ruth Mix) save her land.

The Long Shadow (1992)

A Hungarian actor (Michael York) visits his father's Jerusalem grave and confronts his heritage and his stepmother (Liv Ullmann).

Casual Encounters (2013)

A compulsive Internet dater loses track of her multiple accounts and causes confusion with her casual hook-ups.

Mr. Brown (2006)

Mr. Brown, a middle-aged black man who must use a wheelchair, imagines that his two young helpers -- a Russian social worker and a black attendant -- are involved in a passionate love affair.

Brasslands (2013)

A tiny Serbian village is visited by half a million people during the 50th anniversary of the world's largest trumpet festival.

Distiller (2016)

A renowned ghost hunter disappears and leaves everything to his niece. When she hosts a party, she accidentally releases angry spirits trapped in liquor bottles.

Where The Red Fern Grows (2003)

After saving for two years, a 12-year-old boy (Joseph Ashton) buys two puppies and trains them to be hunting dogs.

Time Gentlemen, Please (1951)

An English village could boast full employment if not for an old Irishman (Eddie Byrne) who refuses to work.

The Oasis (2008)

Paul battles to save street kids from a harsh life.

Zouzou (1934)

As children, Zouzou (Jos├ęphine Baker) and Jean (Jean Gabin) performed together in a circus. Onstage, they were falsely billed as brother and sister, but in truth Zouzou harbored a secret love for her costar. As an adult, she now works as a laundress, and it seems as if her showbiz days are over. But everything changes when Jean helps land her a spot dancing at a Paris theater. Zouzou rockets to stardom, even as Jean's romance with her friend Claire (Yvette Lebon) leaves her lovelorn.

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (1968)

Richard Basehart narrates a history of Adolf Hitler, based on the book by William L. Shirer.

15 Reasons to Love (2014)

After running into a neighborhood acquaintance who shares his list of 15 reasons to live, Alan Zweig feels a strong compulsion to make a film on the subject.

Angels Die Hard (1970)

Members of a motorcycle gang swear revenge after one of their number is killed in a backwater California town.

Leader of the Band (1987)

A down-and-out musician (Steve Landesberg) gets a job shaping up a wild high-school marching band in Georgia.

Viva Zapatero! (2005)

Mimic and physical comic Sabina Guzzanti has a brief stint on Italian public television, but the show is canceled after one episode because she ridiculed Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Crazy Knights (1944)

Three goofy guys (Shemp Howard, Billy Gilbert, Maxie Rosenbloom) run into ghosts, a gorilla and a haunted house.

Thoughtcrimes (2003)

A government researcher (Peter Horton) has an ulterior motive for training a young woman (Navi Rawat) to control her telepathic gift.

Roar of the Dragon (1932)

A riverboat pilot (Richard Dix) with a machine gun protects his passengers from bandits in war-torn Manchuria.

The Law West of Tombstone (1938)

A young gunslinger falls in love with the daughter of a judge who dispenses justice from a frontier saloon.

For Love and Gold (1966)

A band of rogues steals a scroll and tries to take over some land, with help from a shaggy knight.

Aces Go Places (1982)

An ace detective and a gung-ho lady police inspector are paired to solve a burglary case and end up falling in love.

Death of a Saleswoman (2010)

Every resident of Mametville is named as a suspect in a woman's death.

The Carpenter (1988)

An executed killer's ghost (Wings Hauser) appears to a married woman (Lynn Adams) as a carpenter bent on renovating her house.

My Way (2012)

This documentary.examines the appeal and staying power of the phenomenally popular anthem to individualism.

Some Like It Hot (1939)

Nicky Nelson (Bob Hope), a concession stand barker on the Atlantic City boardwalk, loses his stand despite having Gene Krupa and his band play to bring in crowds. Undaunted, Nicky approaches Stephen Hanratty, who owns a dance pavillion, to emcee Krupa's band at his place -- only to be refused. Nicky then tries but fails to convince up-and-coming singer Lily Racquel (Shirley Ross) to let him manage her. But he writes a song for her that might prove to be their ticket to success.

The Right Hand Man (1987)

A stagecoach driver (Hugo Weaving) goes to work for a dying, one-armed aristocrat (Rupert Everett) in 1860s Australia.

Glorious Betsy (1928)

Napoleon Bonaparte (Pasquale Amato) interferes with his brother's (Conrad Nagel) marriage to an American (Dolores Costello).

Kentucky Moonshine (1938)

In New York City, the twangy music of America's heartland is booming in popularity, yet city slickers the Ritz Brothers (as themselves) and Caroline (Marjorie Weaver) can't seem to get anywhere on the entertainment circuit. When radio big shot Jerry (Tony Martin) heads for Kentucky to unearth some small-town talent, the brothers and Caroline follow him there and pose as yokels. Jerry books them and brings them back to the city to perform -- and chaos ensues as the charade grows complicated.

Midnight Limited (1940)

A detective (John King) flirts with a passenger (Marjorie Reynolds) robbed on a New York-to-Montreal train.

The Last Alarm (1940)

A veteran fireman heads up an arson squad searching for a dangerous pyromaniac who is intent on setting the city ablaze.

Ghost of the China Sea (1958)

The captain (David Brian) and passengers of a rusty ship avoid the Japanese during World War II.

Never Trust a Gambler (1951)

A Los Angeles homicide detective (Tom Drake) falls for a fugitive's (Dane Clark) ex-wife (Cathy O'Donnell).

The Little Medic: Secret Mission of the Bodynauts (2014)

A boy, his friend and a pink rabbit use a miniaturized submarine to travel inside a man's body and save him from an evil, tiny robot.

Meet the Stewarts (1942)

Newlyweds (William Holden, Frances Dee) split up because the bride cannot stick to the bridegroom's budget.

A Short Epic About Love (2014)

A young actress on the set of the 1963 blockbuster has her own emotional romance while the world focuses on the love affair of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton during the final days of shooting.

Retour de manivelle (1957)

A wealthy businessman's wife tries to cover up his suicide to cash in his life insurance policy.

Busy Bodies (1933)

Stan and Ollie battle inanimate objects, coworkers, and the laws of physics in a sawmill.

Plunder (1923)

Groups of people undertake a search for buried treasure.

The Last Hit (2013)

Simon, an elite killer for a crime lord, saves a girl he is sent to kill. He defends the girl from an assortment of killers and mercenaries hired to track them down.

My Brilliant Life (2014)

Dae-soo and Mi-ra have Ah-reum when they are 17. Ah-reum is diagnosed with progeria, and as his body rapidly ages, his finds comfort in writing a story about how his young parents fell in love.

Mystery of the Sacred Shroud (1978)

The Shroud of Turin is examined as a medieval hoax and as proof of the Crucifixion. Richard Burton narrates.

Diesel (1985)

A prostitute tries to straighten out her life after she's released from prison, only to find that a slave ring has other plans for her.

Cooper & Hemingway: The True Gen (2013)

As unlikely as their separate personalities might suggest, actor Gary Cooper and author Ernest Hemingway became the best of friends from 1940 until 1961, when death claimed them both just seven weeks apart.

Grand Tour: Disaster In Time (1992)

An innkeeper (Jeff Daniels) and his daughter (Ariana Richards) wonder why historical-disaster witnesses from the future are in Ohio.

After the Tone (2014)

Onno's co-workers, friends and family leave him a series of voice mail messages after he disappears.

Nailed (2006)

Upon taking shelter in what they think is an abandoned house, two fugitives encounter a bedridden, bandaged man and his enigmatic caretaker.

fallen souls (2013)

A man (Rick Vargas) is swept up in a spiritual war between good and evil as he hunts for the serial killer who slew his wife and child.

The Basketball Game (2012)

A young boy attending Jewish summer camp for the first time is curious and afraid.

I.R.A. King of Nothing (2006)

An angry member of the Irish Republican Army threatens a delicate peace process.

Deal with the Devil (2000)

Catastrophe results after a young woman becomes involved with her manipulative boss and chooses material goods over integrity.

Martha, Ruth and Edie (1988)

Three Toronto women (Jennifer Dale, Andrea Martin, Lois Maxwell) bare their souls, in separate vignettes, at a self-help conference.

Love Crimes (1992)

An Atlanta prosecutor (Sean Young) sets her own trap for a sexual dominator (Patrick Bergin) who poses as a famous photographer.

The Lone Rider in Cheyenne (1942)

A singing cowboy (George Houston) and his sidekick (Al St. John) clear a man accused of murder.

Mako: The Jaws of Death (1976)

A Vietnam veteran with an eerie influence over sharks unleashes his fearsome allies against his enemies.

A Gangster's Word (2013)

The neighborhood of Los Angeles, known for drugs, violence, and corruption, is about to go to war. Two childhood friends are forced to confront a deep secret that has kept them apart for 15 years.

Behind the News (1940)

A has-been newsman (Lloyd Nolan) sobers up for a scoop with a cub reporter (Frank Albertson) from journalism school.

Thunder at the Border (1966)

Winnetou (Pierre Brice) and his friend (Rod Cameron) defend a town from outlaws while Winnetou's sister falls for a gunman.

Man on the Run (1949)

British Army deserter Peter Burden (Derek Farr), perpetually on the run in postwar England, one day finds himself in a pawnshop. When armed men suddenly burst in and rob the store -- assaulting the owner and killing a police officer -- Burden is mistakenly pegged as the criminal. Knowing he is innocent yet under suspicion as a deserter, Burden finds refuge at the home of attractive war widow Jean Adams (Joan Hopkins), who offers to help clear his name.

The Comet (1999)

A beautiful fugitive and a French cameraman each introduce a Mexican teen to the joys of love and filmmaking.

Stage Mother (1933)

Kitty Lorraine (Alice Brady) has one purpose in life: turning her daughter Shirley (Maureen O'Sullivan) into a star. Kitty controls every aspect of the girl's nascent career -- even blackmailing a stage manager so that Shirley can take a more prestigious gig. But Kitty goes too far when she breaks up her daughter's budding relationship with sweet artist Warren Foster (Franchot Tone). Heartbroken, Shirley sets off on a series of disastrous but profitable relationships.

The Fall of the Male Empire (2013)

A music instructor who lives happily among his wife and their two charming daughters begins to question his declining manhood when a decorator enters his life.