Jerico, the Infinite Flight of Days (2016)

Deep in the Andes lies a small Colombian village called Jericó. The people share their deepest secrets of love, loss, lust and motherhood.

Machetero (2008)

The Crow: Wicked Prayer (2005)

On his way to becoming an immortal demon, a gang leader orchestrates the murder of an ex-con and his girlfriend.

Veera Madakari (2009)

Veera Madakari is a 2009 Kannada action film directed by Sudeep. The film features Sudeep in a double role alongside Ragini Dwivedi in the lead roles. The film features background score and soundtrack compose by M. M. Keeravani and Produced by Dinesh Gandhi. The film released on 20 March 2009. This film is remake of Telugu blockbuster Vikramarkudu. The interval fight sequence of this movie was spoofed in the climax of 2015 Kannada movie Ram-Leela. The film was later dubbed in Hindi under the title Veer Madakari Iss Sadi Ka with Sudeep's voice dubbed by Ganesh Divekar.

The Thin Line (2008)

Fugu & Tako (2012)

The Other Half of the Sky: A China Memoir (1975)

The Other Half of the Sky: A China Memoir is a 1975 American documentary film directed by Shirley MacLaine and Claudia Weill. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

World's Biggest Penis (2006)

Planta 4ª (2003)

Planta 4ª (English: The 4th Floor) is a 2003 Spanish film directed by Antonio Mercero and starring Juan José Ballesta, Alejandro Zafra, Gorka Moreno, Luis Ángel Priego, and Monti Castiñeiras. It was nominated for Best Picture in the 2004 Goya Awards.

A Very Crazy Asylum (1970)

The Alienist (Portuguese: Azyllo Muito Louco, also known as O Alienista) is a 1970 Brazilian comedy film directed by Nelson Pereira dos Santos. The film was entered into the 1970 Cannes Film Festival.

The Day After Trinity (1981)

The Day After Trinity (a.k.a. The Day After Trinity: J. Robert Oppenheimer and the Atomic Bomb) is a 1980 documentary film directed and produced by Jon H. Else in association with KTEH public television in San Jose, California. The film tells the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer (1904–1967), the theoretical physicist who led the effort to build the first atomic bomb, tested in July 1945 at Trinity site in New Mexico. Featuring candid interviews with several Manhattan Project scientists, as well as newly declassified archival footage, The Day After Trinity was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature of 1980, and received a Peabody Award in 1981. The film's title comes from an interview seen near the conclusion of the documentary. Robert Oppenheimer is asked for his thoughts on Sen. Robert Kennedy's efforts to urge President Lyndon Johnson to initiate talks to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. "It's 20 years too late," Oppenheimer replies. After a pause he states, "It should have been done the day after Trinity."

Submarine: Hidden Hunter (2005)

Abbott and Costello Meet Jerry Seinfeld (1994)

Omid Djalili: Live in London (2009)

Lenin, You Rascal, You (1972)

Lenin, You Rascal, You (Danish: Lenin, din gavtyv) is a 1972 Danish comedy film directed by Kirsten Stenbæk and starring Peter Steen.

Tiempo sin aire (2015)

Una chica de Chicago (1958)

A Girl from Chicago (Spanish:Una chica de Chicago) is a 1960 Spanish comedy film directed by Manuel Mur Oti and starring Ana Bertha Lepe, Javier Armet and Rafael Durán.

My Prince. My King. (2011)

A Confession (2011)

For the End of Time (2008)

Península Mitre (2017)

Police Car 17 (1933)

Prince of Arcadia (1933)

Prince of Arcadia is a 1933 British musical comedy film directed by Hanns Schwarz and starring Carl Brisson, Margot Grahame, Ida Lupino and Peter Gawthorne. The screenplay concerns a Ruritanian Prince who is due to marry a princess with acting ambitions, but has fallen in love with another woman.

El Sacrificio (2016)

Back at the Staircase (2018)

Mail Early for Xmas (1959)

Write of Passage (2011)

Depression: Out of the Shadows (2008)

Cool It, Charlie (1969)

Cochise County USA: Cries from the Border (2005)

The Private Life of Helen of Troy (1927)

The Private Life of Helen of Troy is a 1927 American silent film about Helen of Troy based on a novel by John Erskine and adapted to screen by Gerald C. Duffy. The film was directed by Alexander Korda and starred María Corda as Helen, Lewis Stone as Menelaus, and Ricardo Cortez as Paris. Coming at the end of the silent film era, it received the honor of being nominated for an Academy Award in 1929, the year of the Awards' inception, in the category of Best Title Writing. However, Gerald Duffy died on 25 June 1928, and he has the distinction of being the first person to be posthumously nominated for an Academy Award. That same year, the first "talkie", The Jazz Singer, received an honorary award for introducing sound to film, and the category for which The Private Life of Helen of Troy was nominated was dropped by the second Academy Awards. Two sections from the beginning and end, running about 27–30 minutes in total, are reportedly all that survive of The Private Life of Helen of Troy; they are preserved by the British Film Institute.

Hammer & Tickle (2007)

Hammer & Tickle: The Communist Joke Book is a 2006 documentary film about nature of Russian political jokes under the powerful and socially restrictive Communist regime of the Soviet Union and her satellite nations. The film's name exemplifies the kind of mockery or criticism of the regime that the Soviet government would have found to be disagreeable by playing on the symbol of communism itself, the hammer and sickle. The film tells the story of the power that jokes had to enable social and political change and advance personal freedoms from within the USSR - the film's opening scene takes quote from George Orwell's 1984: "Every joke is a tiny revolution."

Leaving Amish Paradise (2011)

Wenn die Alpenrosen blüh'n (1955)

When the Alpine Roses Bloom (German: Wenn die Alpenrosen blüh'n) is a 1955 West German drama film directed by Richard Haussler and Hans Deppe and starring Hertha Feiler, Claus Holm and Marianne Hold. Along with As Long as the Roses Bloom it was one of two follow-ups directed by Depp to his hit 1953 heimatfilm When the White Lilacs Bloom Again It was shot at the CCC Studios in Berlin and on location in the Austrian state of Tyrol. The film's sets were designed by the art director Heinrich Weidemann.

Super Robot Dumbass (2011)

Marco und der Wolf (2004)

The Lowdown on Lowbrow (2006)

Against The Wild (2013)

Against the Wild is a 2013 Canadian direct-to-video children's film starring CJ Adams, Erin Pitt, Natasha Henstridge and Ted Whittall. The film is directed by Canadian director Richard Boddington.

VeggieTales: Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler (2006)

Larry the Cucumber is detective dynamo Sheerluck Holmes and Bob the Tomato his venerable sidekick Dr. Watson. Together their superlative powers of observation and forensic fortitude can solve any crime. But because Sheerluck takes all the credit for the pair's sleuthing savvy, the missing Golden Ruler - the most valuable and prized treasure in all of Buckingham Palace - may never be recovered. Will Sheerluck remember the all-important golden rule in time to rescue the ruler and save his friendship? Find out in the nail-biting VeggieTales mystery Sheerluck and the Golden Ruler. Plus Archibald Asparagus as Don Quixote in "The Asparagus of LaMancha."

Raggedy Man (1981)

Raggedy Man is a 1981 film starring Eric Roberts and Sissy Spacek. It was filmed in Lockhart, Texas. The story is about people in the small Texas town of Gregory during World War II. Raggedy Man is the title of a novel by William D. Wittliff and Sara Clark, published in 1979, on which the movie of the same title is based.

If A Tree Falls: A Story Of The Earth Liberation Front (2011)

If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front is a 2011 American documentary film by filmmaker Marshall Curry. It tells the story of eco-terrorist Daniel G. McGowan of the Earth Liberation Front (ELF), from his first arson attacks in 1996 to his 2005 arrest by the Department of Justice. The film also examines the ethics of the ELF at large and how terrorism is to be defined. Premiering at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, If a Tree Falls was rapidly acclaimed by critics. Many considered it one of the best documentaries of 2011 for its thought-provoking portrayal of complex environmental and political issues. It won a number of awards, and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

A Lawless Street (1955)

A Lawless Street is a 1955 American Technicolor Western film directed by Joseph H. Lewis and starring Randolph Scott and Angela Lansbury. The film is also known as The Marshal of Medicine Bend in the United States.

Justin Bieber: Always Believing (2011)

Go beyond the music to learn what it took for Justin Bieber, a boy from small town with a passion for music, to dominate the pop charts around the world. Packed with exclusive interviews with fellow touring artists Mindless Behavior as well as friend and rapper Lil Twist, this comprehensive biography also features rare footage of Selena Gomez and celebrity insights on the "Bieber Phenomenon" from Usher, Drake, Sean Kingston and Nicki Minaj. Experience Justin's remarkable journey from YouTube sensation to the biggest superstar on the planet... a story that will keep millions of fans always believing!

George Carlin: George's Best Stuff (1996)

George's Best Stuff is a compilation of some of Carlin's legendary routines;including "A Place For My Stuff," "Dogs and Cats," "Baseball and Football," "Losing Things," "Al Sleet the Hippy-Dippy Weather Man," the notorious "Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television," and many more. A great collection of some of the best standup comedy ever performed.

Thorium Remix 2011 (2011)

While researching means of powering a NASA space colony, Kirk Sorensen stumbles across ORNL's Thorium Molten Salt Reactor. History of this design is recounted as well as the politics (and lack of weaponizable byproduct) which killed it.

The Land Before Time XIII: The Wisdom of Friends (2007)

Get ready for lots of laughs with your favorite prehistoric pals and their new friends in their funniest journey ever! Featuring memorable new songs and the hilarious voice talents of Academy Award® winner Cuba Gooding Jr. and Golden Globe® winner Sandra Oh (Grey's Anatomy), it's an adventure filled with dino-riffic fun and heartwarming friendship! Littlefoot, Cera, Spike, Petrie and Ducky are excited to meet two goofy and lovable yellow-bellied Beipiaosauruses, Loofah and Doofah, who have lost their way while traveling to the distant Berry Valley. Loofah and Doofah seem to be too clumsy to find the way back, so Littlefoot and the others decide to help their new friends while sharing important life lessons called Wisdoms along the way. By the time they reach Berry Valley, Littlefoot realizes that even though the Yellow Bellies don't follow his Wisdoms very well, their silly techniques work just fine.

The Making of 'Nightmare on Elm Street IV' (1989)

This one hour behind-the-scenes look at the Niightmare On Elnm Street films, covers the first four installments with a look at how the amazing special effects, stunts, and Freddy Kruger make-up were created. Interviews with the cast and crew of Nightmare On Elm Street 4, as well as the legendary director and creator of the Nightmare franchise Wes Craven.

Ronald Reagan: An American Journey (2011)

A history of the political career of the 40th president of the United States spotlights milestones that he helped to establish.

The War of the Worlds (2005)

H. G. Wells's The War of the Worlds (a.k.a. The Classic War of the Worlds or just War of the Worlds) is the first of three reworked direct-to-video film versions, first appearing in 2005, that adapts H. G. Wells' novel of the same name about a Martian invasion of southern England. This version, noted for its faithfulness to Wells's novel, was produced by the independent film company Pendragon Pictures. Unlike the adaptations set in the current day United States, this was the first film set in the novel's original 1898 Victorian England.

BMF: The Rise and Fall of a Hip-Hop Drug Empire (2012)

BMF Entertainment served as the front for a nation-wide cocaine trafficking enterprise that was headed by the Black Mafia Family. The film documents the 15-year-long sting operation carried out by the FBI, DEA, and HIDTA to bring the drug empire down.

Elementary My Dear Watson: The Man Behind Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Without doubt Sherlock Holmes is the most famous detective in print and on film. He has been with us for generations and is constantly remade and retold. He became more widely known than his author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and thousands even believe he actually existed as a real man and lived in Baker Street, London. There is another character in the stories that is often neglected and misunderstood and that is Dr. Watson. We take a deep look into the character of Dr. Watson to expose his origin. He may have been more than just a story telling device used to highlight the genius of Watson. Join us as Philip Gardiner and Brian Allen unlock the mysteries of Dr. Watson, the man behind Sherlock Holmes.

Mama Africa (2002)

Powerful and wealthy elites in the military and civilian life take advantage of the helpless masses.

The Last Playlist (2014)

Told he has mere months until he'll be deaf, aging record producer Nick Silver sets out to prove that he's still relevant.

Amore tra le rovine (2015)

A long-lost Italian silent film is discovered.

7 Witches (2017)

As their big day approaches Aggie and Rose should be celebrating, they’ve got their family with them, they’ve rented an island for the big day, but unbeknownst to them their wedding falls on the day when a 100 yeah old curse comes to fruition. Instead of celebrating they find themselves fighting for their lives as a coven of witches rise for revenge.

In Their Room: London (2013)

This candid view into the lives and bedrooms of gay men living in London highlights the ways in which men in disparate cultures deal with connection, intimacy and loneliness in the modern world.

Victimized (2014)

Matt Miller has spent his entire life living in the shadows of his brother. He believes if his brother were to disappear then so would all his problems. So one deadly night Matt decides to take matters into his own hands.

Beyond Here (2015)

Basile and Léa cross a desolate mountain region, stopping only to rob shelters of food and ammo.

Brakes (2017)

Nine couples experience breakups before meeting someone new.

By Any Name (2017)

By Any Name is a 2016 British action thriller film, that has won two awards at the 2016 North Wales International Film Festival and is based on the book of the same name by Catrin Collier. The film follows the story of John West who is admitted to a psychiatric ward suffering from trauma-induced amnesia after he was found half naked running down a motorway and covered in blood. He has no memory of who he is. All he can recall is a detailed knowledge of sophisticated weaponry and military techniques that indicates a background in terrorism. When two armed soldiers guarding his room are murdered and Dr Liz Santer Samira Mohamed Ali, the psychiatrist assigned to his case, is abducted at gunpoint, a desperate hunt begins for a dangerous killer. Liz attempts to help her capture recover his memory despite all the warnings of what she might find. Is Liz in the hands of a homicidal terrorist or an innocent pawn? Her life depends on the right answer.

Yesterday Is Still Gone (2014)

Three friends come face to face with their pasts, confronting long-buried secrets.

Dynamite Shaolin Heroes (1978)

Loyalists fight to restore the Ming dynasty to power after China is thrown into turmoil.

Hello Vietnam (2017)

A man sneaks away from a retirement home to celebrate his wife's death anniversary.

Outside the Law (1930)

Outside the Law is a 1930 American Pre-Code crime film directed by Tod Browning and starring Edward G. Robinson. The picture is a remake of the 1920 film of the same name, starring Lon Chaney and also directed by Browning.

Don't Bet on Love (1933)

Don't Bet on Love is a 1933 American comedy film directed by Murray Roth and written by Howard Emmett Rogers, Murray Roth and Ben Ryan. The film stars Lew Ayres, Ginger Rogers, Charley Grapewin, Shirley Grey, Tom Dugan and Merna Kennedy. The film was released on July 1, 1933, by Universal Pictures.

Tigers at the Top (1975)

Two people team up to defeat an evil warlord.

This Woman Is Mine (1935)

18 Minutes is a 1935 British drama film directed by Monty Banks and starring Gregory Ratoff, John Loder and Benita Hume. Its plot concerns a lion tamer who adopts an orphaned girl.

The Inquisition of Camilo Sanz (2014)

A desperate man seeks money from a loan shark to pay for a fraudulent marriage and avoid deportation.

Reminiscence: The Beginning (2014)

A couple have to face something beyond the human mind when they experiment with parallel time, time breaks and black holes.

Andrew W.K. Party Safari (2014)

Rock star and motivational speaker Andrew W.K. visits a wildlife park.

Bloody Destiny (2015)

A gangster kidnaps an underground boxer's lover to force him to fight.

The Bill Collector (2010)

The Bill Collector is a family drama film featuring Danny Trejo and written and directed by Cristobal Krusen.

Skeleton on Horseback (1939)

Skeleton on Horseback (Czech: Bílá nemoc) is a 1937 Czechoslovak drama film directed by and starring Hugo Haas. It revolves around an infectious disease which breaks out during a war. It is based on the play The White Disease by Karel Čapek.

Alien Convergence (2017)

A state of the art fighter jet is humanity's last hope against flying reptilian creatures.

Kick Ass Cops: The Colgate Case (2016)

Two incompetent detectives deal with an unstoppable luchador, a shotgun wielding woman and a deadly assassin in their quest to solve a series of murders.

Mixed Match (2016)

Mixed Match is a 2016 animated/live-action documentary film directed by Canadian director Jeff Chiba Stearns. The documentary explores the challenges multi-ethnic blood disease patients face when trying to find a bone marrow match for transplant.

Trabant Goes to Africa (2010)

Five Czech adventurers take one of the world's cheapest cars across Africa.

My Geeky Nerdy Buddies (2014)

My Geeky Nerdy Buddies is a 2014 romantic comedy film directed by Kevin Chu. It was released on July 10, 2014 in China but the film was withdrawn on the next day, citing "malicious competition" from the studio Bona Film Group. The film stars Jam Hsiao as A Zhai, and Jiang Shuying as Yaling.

Fascinating India 3D (2014)

Filmmakers spend months discovering the cities, royal residences, and temple precincts of India.

My Friend's Rubber Ducky (2016)

A man enlists the help of his stoner roommate to kidnap an old friend who owes him $5,000.

Ten Little Indians (1987)

Desyat Negrityat (Ten Little Niggers, Russian: Десять негритят) is a 1987 Soviet film adaptation of Agatha Christie's novel And Then There Were None It was directed by Stanislav Govorukhin, who also penned the script. This version is unique in that virtually none of the novel is altered. Unlike the previous Hollywood/British adaptations of the story, none of the characters or their respective crimes are altered in any way and the film concludes with the grim finale from Agatha Christie's original novel, rather than the upbeat ending from the stage version that most other adaptations chose to follow.

Dark Skull (2016)

Dark Skull is a 2016 Bolivian drama film directed by Kiro Russo. It was selected as the Bolivian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 90th Academy Awards, but it was not nominated.

Nelson (1926)

Nelson is a 1926 British historical film directed by Walter Summers and starring Cedric Hardwicke, Gertrude McCoy and Frank Perfitt. A biopic of Admiral Horatio Nelson, it is based on the biography by Robert Southey.

Sinister Minister (2017)

When a single mother falls for a charismatic minister, she believes that she and her teenage daughter will finally have the stable home life she has always wanted.

Actually Quite a Lot (2016)

A man at a crossroads in his life meets a beautiful, free-spirited woman.

Morning (2010)

A couple descend into alcoholism and infidelity after the death of their child.

Homecoming (2011)

An Army medic reveals hidden fears to her friends while searching for fun on leave.

2:22 (2017)

2:22 is an upcoming American-Australian thriller film directed by Paul Currie and written by Nathan Parker and Todd Stein. The film stars Michiel Huisman, Teresa Palmer and Sam Reid.

The 2nd Law (2016)

A brilliant young scientist is willing to risk it all to find out if there is life after death.

Breakdown Lane (2017)

After her car breaks down in the desert, a woman fights dehydration, coyotes and the living dead.

Black Holler (2018)

In 1989, 11 college students headed to the woods on a scholarship competition, but they didn't know they'd be competing for their lives

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (2017)

In medieval England, Merlin and King Arthur banish the evil enchantress Morgana and her son Mordred to the ends of the universe as Morgana vows revenge. In present day, Knights descendant Penn doesn’t take much stock in the legends of his supposed ancestors, even as the descendants meet in Thailand to practice fighting. But when Morgana and her son return to earth, armed with alien technology and hell-bent on destroying every last descendant of King Arthur and his knights, Penn must to come to terms with who he was born to be, and bring together the new Knights of the Round Table to save themselves and the earth from Morgana's total vengeance.

I Am Sono Sion! (1985)

A published poet by his teens, Sion Sono became an important presence in poetry, experimental theater, and experimental film.

Brothers of the Night (2016)

Young Bulgarian Roma head to Vienna to support their families back home.

A Woman Deceived (2017)

A woman begins to realize that her new husband might be the man responsible for her first husband's death.

Rapturious (2007)

It’s like 8 Mile meets Jacob’s Ladder meets some other movie about horrible hallucinations and horrible music. At some point, our hero starts flipping through the screenplay of the movie that he’s in (was this a mistake or some serious Modernism shit) and then out of nowhere his hands are covered with blood and then the hot brunette that he’s with (horror icon Debbie Rochon) is in the bathroom topless rubbing blood and guts all over her tits. Then, they get down to some bloodsoaked making out. A truly awesome moment for any fan of bloodied tits! There’s also an extended fuck scene later on in which we see Ms. Cutie Brunette’s now unbloody, natural, big tits from a variety of angles and a weird scene in what we imagine was supposed to be hell where we see the very big tits of a very fat white woman. It’s like an amusement park ride that, much as it sickens you, you’ll want to ride again and again.

Generation on the Wind (1979)

Generation on the Wind is a 1979 documentary film produced by David Vassar. The film is a character study centered on a rag tag group of young artists, mechanics and environmental activists who successfully built the largest electrical generating windmill in the world. The documentary required two years of shooting to finish the film. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

Underneath (2015)

A heartbroken man who has little left to lose is confronted by a sketchy stranger who is insistent about being let in to use the phone.

Monochrome (2016)

A disillusioned woman becomes a serial killer and only a brilliant detective using his unusual neurological condition can stop her.

Selling Stupid (2017)

Two women working for an advertising firm have to come up with a campaign for a new video game.