Karma (2017)

A greedy woman learns the value of true love.

Bonded by Fate (2018)

A woman returns to the city where she had an accident and lost her sight.

Postponed (2016)

When three people die, their first step post-mortem is meeting a death consultant who allows them to each ask one question about anything.

Siargao (2017)

A love triangle plays out between a rock singer and two women on the island of Siargao.

I Got Your Back (2017)

A couple spoil their only child.

Marty: A Wild West Neverland (2016)

In a western town, populated only by children, Marty and Dee cross paths with the ruthless One-Eyed Johnny and his gang of ruffians.

Mythos (2016)

In a college town, a man goes out for the night. After having a good time at a bar with two guys he just met from the university's beloved football team, things quickly go in a different direction.

Molehill (2016)

A proposal misfires during a contentious weekend getaway.

Escape to Entrapment (2014)

Escaped prisoners resort to cannibalism to survive in the harsh Tasmanian bush.

Promise Child (2017)

A woman becomes possessed by an evil spirit.

The Wedding Dress (2014)

Three generations of women wear the same wedding dress.

Hipnos (2004)

A traumatic incident in her youth results in a woman not being able to determine reality from fantasy.

Le capitaine Fracasse (1961)

An impoverished nobleman joins a traveling theater troupe.

Vai Raja Vai (2015)

Karthik, an engineer, possesses precognition abilities and uses them to his advantage. But when he decides to use his abilities to earn money by gambling, he lands in trouble.

Peninsula (2014)

Filmmaker Luca Merli explores the history of surfing in Italy.

La valise (1973)

An Israeli secret service agent believes he's in danger.

In Orange (2004)

A father's death jeopardizes an 11-year-old soccer player's dream of playing on the national team.

Edge of Darkness (2017)

The house of a respectable man of God is rocked by scandal.

Blind to See (2017)

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight without vision.

Lonely Heart (2013)

A bright young journalist battles homelessness after her drug-addicted sister throws her out of the house.

One Nation Under God: An Untold Story (2014)

Looking past common misconceptions, this is a look at the many Muslim-Americans who, inspired by their faith, stand united with their fellow Americans.

Virus Tropical (2017)

The life of a young woman is followed from conception through the years when she strikes out on her own as a young adult.

Resistance Is Life (2017)

An 8-year-old girl who escaped from a village in Kobane, Syria, lives in an overcrowded refugee camp on the edge of the Turkish-Syrian border. She joins the adults who pray and sing on the border, watching the smoke rise above their beloved Kobane.

Desert Ambush (2011)

A hostage crisis erupts upon the kidnapping of two scientists investigating the conditions in a Nigerian uranium mine operated by a French corporation, at the very moment when France and Niger attempt to renegotiate the price of uranium.

The Giant Killer (2017)

A 4-foot-9-inch man becomes the smallest member of the Green Berets and fights in Vietnam.

The French Way (1945)

A cabaret star helps young lovers stay together.

Consult and Conquer (2016)

A woman breaks into her boyfriend's apartment to search for evidence of infidelity.

Jose (2016)

An impoverished family makes a heartbreaking decision.

El Bombero Atómico (1952)

A firefighter and policeman unexpectedly undertakes the mission of looking after a girl whose mother died.

Soy un prófugo (1946)

A bank janitor is falsely accused of robbery and sent to prison. After escaping, he tries to find the real criminals.

Tin Tan (2010)

An overview of the life and career of Germn Cipriano Gmez Valds Castillo, stage name Tin Tan, who goes on to become one of Mexico's most popular comic actors.

High School Musical - O Desafio (2010)

A new school year begins; students are invited to the first music competition, but only one band can win.

We Are Happy (2015)

Sarah and Paul believe that they have the perfect marriage, until their best friends announce their own plans to divorce.

Medardo (2015)

Ecuadorian poet Medardo Ángel Silva becomes one of the most important writers of the 19th century.

Date & Time (2017)

A young couple's fragile bond is tested when they go back in time.

The Final Escape (2010)

As a key figure in the Spanish resistance, Miguel Núñez paid a heavy price for confronting the Franco regime. After being diagnosed with a serious illness, his final battle became the right to a dignified death.

Wildlands (2017)

Writer Rusty Young returns to Bolivia to uncover the realities of the cocaine trade.

Pottu Amman (2000)

A man kills 27 babies, each born under a different star, to attain extraordinary powers. However, he realizes that he has to kill one more baby born under a rare star to become omnipotent.

Boonchu 5 (1990)

Boonchu tries to impress his girlfriend by running for university president.

The Beatles: Made on Merseyside (2018)

The history of the band and why it took so long to find success.

Fail State (2018)

An investigation into the dark side of higher education.

Mes meilleurs copains (1989)

Five aging friends recall their youth at a reunion with a woman (Louise Portal) from their '60s rock band.

L'Amour aller-retour (2008)

A French writer travels to Canada to get her ex-boyfriend's permission to publish a book about their relationship.

Mariage chez les Bodin's (2008)

Journalists film the everyday life of a 50-year-old man who lives with his mother.

Moi, Michel G, Milliardaire, Maître Du Monde (2010)

A powerful businessman agrees to be interviewed by an impertinent journalist.

Speechless (2013)

Although a woman who works as a telemarketing phone operator for a financial institution thought she had heard every excuse for non-payment, a phone call with a customer leaves her speechless.

Moi à ton âge (2012)

A single mother and her rebellious daughter switch bodies.

The Mountain (2015)

A 14-year-old becomes the man of the house while his grandfather is in the hospital.

Bones of Contention (2017)

Filmmaker Andrea Weiss explores LGBT repression under the Franco regime in Spain.

Cradle (2016)

A 14-year-old girl tries to outwit the failing computer system on a crippled spaceship.

Laila at the Bridge (2018)

Laila Haidari battles a severe drug crisis in Kubul, Afghanistan, through her narcotics anonymous program.

Kaaliyan (2017)

An aggressive fisherman's children have to face the consequences of their father's mistakes.

Gachinko Fighting (2010)

An epic gang battle ensues when Saeki, the former gang leader of East Asuka High School, transfers to West Asuka.

Lechmi (2017)

A dramatic event changes the lives of four bachelors.

Minnaminungu the FireFly (2017)

The life of a single mother in Kerala.

Mythily Veendum Varunnu (2017)

After losing her father, a young woman moves to the city to earn money. When she finds a job at a mysterious bungalow, her worst nightmares come true.

A Sors Akarata (2018)

A man is in debt and faces down the local village criminals by protecting his girlfriend from them.

Mes amis (1999)

Two friends panic when they discover a dead woman in their apartment.

Le colis (2011)

A debt-ridden man agrees to kidnap an arrogant businessman on behalf of an unscrupulous creditor.

Dream Wife (2014)

A man meets the girl of his dreams on the day he's supposed to marry another woman.

Retribution (2017)

Shortly after the death of her parents, an accomplished flautist attends a music academy and falls in love with a fallen angel.

A Photo of Me (2017)

A child wakes up to the flickering images of a film noir.

The Tesla World Light (2017)

Nikola Tesla spends the finals days of his life in New York.

City Council: Parrhesia in the Commons (2014)

A city council meeting in Pennsylvania devolves into chaos.

Fun in Boys Shorts (2014)

An anthology of shorts about the gay experience.

Paranormal Retreat 2: The Woods Witch (2016)

Paranormal investigators encounter something in the forest.

Live (2018)

A private detective uncovers the horrors of the dark web while searching for a woman who was abducted while streaming on Facebook.

Chronicles of Humanity: Renegades (2014)

Human rebels search for a way to drive their alien overlords back into space.

Katheyondu Shuruvagide (2018)

A young resort owner goes through a tough time.

The Measure of Your Faith (2016)

A young pastor has his faith challenged by a supernatural event.

Killers (1996)

Two murderous brothers escape from death row and take, what they assume is, a typical American family hostage.

Teenage Superstars (2017)

A look at the bands from the alternative pop music scene in Glasgow from the mid 80's to early 90's.

Simon & Theodore (2017)

An immature man who can hardly take care of himself is about to become a father. He meets an angry, rebellious teenager, and they go on a journey of self-discovery through the cold streets of Paris.

Fighting Beat (2007)

Muay Thai experts use their deadly art to protect themselves and their mentor's daughter when extortionists threaten to kill her.

Poorna (2017)

A 13-year-old girl from Telangana becomes the youngest female in history to climb Mount Everest.

Nuclear Family (2012)

A man and his wife search for their missing son in the wake of nuclear war.

The Bund (1983)

A young man rebuilds his life after losing everything in 1920s Shanghai by rising into power in an organized crime syndicate.

Mrs. Judo: Be Strong, Be Gentle, Be Beautiful (2012)

Throwing thousands of years of tradition to the wind, Keiko Fukuda chooses to follow her own destiny and becomes the highest-ranking woman in judo.

From San Francisco With Love (2016)

A political science student encounters a young African-American man who is taking a sabbatical year in France.

A Bun in the Oven (2016)

An almost 50-year-old woman is dismayed to discover that menopause is not the cause of her recent symptoms, she's pregnant.

Herr Lehmann (2003)

A West Berlin slacker's life changes in the weeks before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Global Player: Wo wir sind isch vorne (2013)

A middle-class entrepreneurial family deals with globalization.

Los Rollos Perdidos (2012)

Issues arise when film is lost or destroyed.

The Glass Coffin (2016)

A maniac traps an actress in a limousine, feeding her commands through a distorted speaker. She must comply with his deranged demands if she ever wants to leave the limo again.

Camarón: Flamenco y revolución (2018)

From humble roots and rock star status to a tragic early death, the life of Camarón de la Isla.

Club Frontera (2016)

Soccer club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles has a positive impact on the city of Tijuana, Mexico.

Strawberry Estates (2001)

An expedition into a haunted insane asylum.

Pyros (2015)

A relentless bounty hunter sets out to track down an AWOL organic weapon.

Horse Dreams in BBQ Country (1997)

Mario and David have fashioned a life together in South Texas that revolves around horses and each other.

Disconnect (2017)

Although true love is the greatest of man's creation, it is only proven if it is posted on a social media platform.

Lucky Bastards (2018)

Five amateur criminals prepare an armed robbery.

Les Aiguilles rouges (2006)

While hiking in the mountains, some boys are put to the test.

God's Offices (2008)

Women visit a family planning center for help making informed decisions about their futures.

Lost Vegas Hiway (2017)

A heartbroken musician encounters a group of shady characters at a dive motel in Las Vegas.

Solan og Ludvig - Herfra til Flåklypa (2015)

When Louis secretly puts Alfie's house on a bet in the traditional cheese race, the gang must come together and beat their opponent in the race to secure the house and save their friendship.

Concealed (2017)

A struggling actor living in South Africa travels to Sydney, Australia, to visit his girlfriend. Things go wrong for the couple when the girlfriend suddenly disappears.

City Federal (2015)

A couple's plans for a night out change when a dangerous man from their past resurfaces and forces them into an impossible situation.

Living Universe (2018)

Using CGI, scientists explore the universe to view distant planets.

Copa de Elite (2014)

When an admired police officer saves the Argentinean soccer star from being kidnapped on the eve of the World Cup, everyone in his country starts to hate him.

The Big Bang (1987)

A retired superhero attempts to stop World War IV.