Nefertiti's Daughters (2015)

Egyptian artists discuss the critical role street art played during the Egyptian uprisings.

Shaft's Big Score! (1972)

Private detective John Shaft runs afoul of feuding mobsters as he searches for the truth behind a friend's death.

Dallas Doll (1994)

A sassy woman (Sandra Bernhard) seduces an Australian (Frank Gallacher), his frustrated wife (Victoria Longley) and their virginal son.

The Perfumer (1996)

A shy perfumer discovers that an orchid's scent acts as an aphrodisiac on his friends.

Shooting Fish (1997)

Two con artists (Dan Futterman, Stuart Townsend) hire an unwitting medical-school student (Kate Beckinsale) as a secretary for their latest scam.

Trucker's Woman (1974)

An angry young man in an 18-wheeler avenges his father's supposedly accidental death.

The Unborn II (1994)

A mother (Michele Greene) and her friend (Scott Valentine) must decide what to do about a generation of bad-seed superbabies.

Saints-Martyrs-des-Damn├ęs (2005)

A journalist (Franois Chnier) and a photographer (Patrice Robitaille) investigate mysterious disappearances.

Life of Oharu (1952)

In feudal Japan, Oharu (Kinuyo Tanaka), the daughter of royal samurai Shinzaemon (Ichiro Sugai), secretly has a passionate romance with Katsunosuke (Toshir Mifune), a man with a meager social standing. When the couple is found out, the law comes down hard on this breach of class: Katsunosuke is put to death and Oharu and her family are banished from the kingdom. Destitute and disgraced, Shinzaemon sells Oharu into prostitution, and she spends years searching for love.

The Brothers Grimsby With Hilarious Outtakes (2016)

Wrongfully accused and on the run, a top MI6 agent (Mark Strong) joins forces with his dimwitted brother (Sacha Baron Cohen) to save the world from a sinister plot. Bonus content is not rated.

Search and Destroy (1981)

Years after being stranded by GIs in Vietnam, an Asian official tracks two of them (Perry King, Don Stroud) to Niagara Falls.

The Place Without Limits (1978)

A transvestite wants to sell his Mexican brothel over his daughter's objections.

The Worst Woman in Paris (1933)

An American art student (Benita Hume) comes home from Paris, scandalized as a millionaire's (Adolphe Menjou) mistress.

Sirf (2008)

Fated to meet one another in a variety of ways, four families face their own problems but find their lives intertwining, changing them forever.

The Counterfeit Contessa (1994)

A Manhattan businessman (David Beecroft) mistakes a working girl (Tea Leoni) from Brooklyn for an Italian countess.

Parents (2013)

A married couple with two children discover the difficulties of balancing family and careers.

Field of Dogs (2014)

Adam loses his loved one in a car crash and gives up his job as professor of literature to work at a supermarket.

The Dog Who Saved Easter (2014)

A canine (Mario Lopez) springs into action when three criminals try to sabotage a day care for dogs.

Tromba, the Tiger Man (1952)

Tiger tamer Tromba hypnotizes jungle cats and women as the star of a circus in Germany.

RiP! A Remix Manifesto (2009)

An exploration of music and copyright laws affecting DJs.

Vanishing Son (1994)

Two brothers (Russell Wong, Chi Muoi Lo), skilled in martial arts, flee China to the United States where they part ways.

Silent Screams (2015)

Strange occurrences and Russian mobsters plague a family after a Russian foreign exchange student (Sasha Kolos) arrives.

Three Desperate Men (1951)

Three ex-lawmen Texas brothers become outlaws when one is framed for robbery and murder.

The Stone Council (2006)

Strange events plague a Parisian interpreter (Monica Bellucci) when she adopts an Asian boy (Nicolas Thau) in Russia.

Oliver Twist (1933)

Dickens' London waif (Dickie Moore) joins Fagin's (Irving Pichel) crime gang led by brutish Bill Sikes (William "Stage" Boyd) and the Artful Dodger.

Riding the Sunset Trail (1941)

Cattle-association detectives help put a stop to a crooked rancher's scheme.

Sergeant Ryker (1968)

In the wake of a failed raid during the Korean War, Sgt. Paul Ryker (Lee Marvin) is charged with aiding the enemy. Ryker's defense rests on the notion that he was ordered to carry out a secret offensive against the North Koreans. But because the mission was so closely guarded, nobody can vouch for him. Capt. David Young (Bradford Dillman) is the Army's prosecutor, but his impartiality comes under scrutiny when it's revealed that he has been wooing Ryker's wife, Ann (Vera Miles).

Night Has a Thousand Eyes (1948)

A mind reader (Edward G. Robinson) discovers he has been cursed with the gift of seeing the future.

Rock and Roll Fantasy (1994)

The party never stops when wild-and-woolly sorority sisters hold a famous rock star hostage.

The Case of Sergeant Grischa (1930)

During World War I, a Russian POW escapes from a prison camp and makes his way toward Russia.

Deepavali (2007)

The son of a respected and loved leader falls in love with a girl who comes to live in their locality.

Tales from the Dark 1 (2013)

A horror movie directed by Fruit Chan, featuring Jeannie Chan.

The Red Balloon (1956)

A red balloon with a life of its own follows a boy around Paris.

The Cowboy (1954)

The evolution of the American cowboy is the subject, with songs.

The Glamour & the Squalor (2015)

Filmmaker Marq Evans examines the life and career of Seattle disc jockey Marco Collins.

On the Banks of the Tigris: The Hidden Story of Iraqi Music (2015)

Majid Shokor discovers that the songs he loved as a child in Baghdad have a hidden history.

The Woman Eater (1959)

A deranged scientist returns from the Amazon with a carnivorous plant that has the power to restore life to the dead.

South of Panama (1941)

The sister of a government chemist realizes she is being followed by some agents who are after her brother.

Fast Lane Fever (1984)

A factory worker (Terry Serio) goes all out to beat a drag racer whose girlfriend (Deborah Conway) he loves.

On the Way to School (2013)

Four students from different parts of the world travel long distances to attend school.

The Perfect Husband (2014)

A married couple's weekend getaway in a remote cabin turns into pure madness.

Reflections on a Crime (1995)

An inmate (Mimi Rogers) on death row for killing her husband recalls for a guard (Billy Zane) the events leading up to the murder.

Nothing in Return (2015)

A teenager finds a surrogate family in Madrid.

Joyride (1997)

Three excitement-craving friends get more than they bargained for when they steal a hit woman's automobile.

No Time for Flowers (1952)

Communists use an actor (Paul Christian) to test the weakness of a Czech secretary (Viveca Lindfors) eyed for a U.S. post.

Shadow of the Eagle (1950)

Catherine the Great (Binnie Barnes) sends Count Orloff (Richard Greene) to Venice to kidnap Princess Elisabeth (Valentina Cortese), pretender to the throne.

Skeeter (1994)

When a money-hungry real estate developer starts carelessly disposing of massive amounts of toxic waste in old mines, the consequences are both unexpected and disastrous. The chemicals cause the local mosquito population to morph into giant, terrifying beasts that are thirsty for human blood. It is up to local sheriff Roy Boone (Jim Youngs) and his girlfriend, Sarah (Tracy Griffith), to come up with a way to stop the killer bugs before it is too late.

Raising the Bar (2016)

A talented gymnast quits her sport after moving to Australia, but she regains her love for competition when she decides to help a new friend.

Hacks (1997)

A burned-out writer (Stephen Rea) becomes obsessed with a story about a woman's (Illeana Douglas) unusual romantic encounter.

Samasthanam (2002)

Two inseparable friends are so close that one of them selects the bride for the other, but there is one man who wants to destroy their friendship.

Oleg and the Rare Arts (2016)

The life and music of Russian pianist Oleg Nikolaevitch Karavaychuk.

Parts: The Clonus Horror (1979)

An escaped clone (Tim Donnelly) tries to expose a government plot to clone everyone and make a perfect society.

The Last Song (1980)

An aspiring singer is terrorized after she accidentally discovers tapes that reveal a deadly coverup.

NSFW (2013)

The line between role-playing and a real relationship gets blurred when a sex blogger ropes an unsuspecting male into her latest kinky game.

Naniwa no Koi no Monogatari (1959)

A wealthy man (Kinnosuke Nakamura) falls in love with a prostitute (Ineko Arima).

Trophy Heads (2014)

An obsessed fan of horror movies kidnaps actresses and forces them to reenact their famous roles with deadly results.

Stand Your Ground (2013)

A woman struggles to retain her faith after her son is falsely accused of murder.

It's Good to Be Alive (1974)

In 1958, baseball star Roy Campanella (Paul Winfield) nearly loses his life in a car crash. Although lucky to be alive, the accident leaves him paralyzed, without any hope of ever playing ball again. Emotionally shattered by the event, Campanella grows resentful of his plight, pushing away his wife, Ruthie (Ruby Dee), and son, David (Ty Henderson). But with the help of a dedicated physical therapist, Sam Brockington (Lou Gossett), Campanella begins to brighten his outlook on life.

Night of the Living Dead (2014)

Random strangers become trapped in an abandoned farmhouse by an army of the undead.

Saint Seiya: Warriors of the Final Holy Battle (1989)

Lucifer is awakened by Eris, Abel and Poseidon, and sets out to destroy Athena to become the strongest of all the gods.

Once Upon an Angel (2002)

A teenage maid follows her first lover to another town and later discovers she is pregnant.

The Oyler House: Richard Neutra's Desert Retreat (2012)

A resident of a small desert town befriends architect Richard Neutra and builds a home based on his designs.

No Matter Where (2014)

Patients, health care providers, and advocates try to link all health care providers using technology.

Bahu Ki Awaaz (1985)

A woman is forced into an arranged marriage and a few months later she goes missing.

The Way of All Flesh (1940)

Bilked in the big city and taken for dead, a bank teller (Akim Tamiroff) goes years without seeing his wife (Gladys George) and family.

Revolt of the Zombies (1936)

A French soldier strays in World War I Cambodia, long enough to raise a regiment of the walking dead.

The Offering (2015)

A journalist travels to Singapore to uncover the truth behind her sister's bizarre suicide.

Perry Mason: The Case of the Killer Kiss (1993)

A soap opera star, Kris Buckner (Genie Francis), is accused of murdering another actor, Mark Stratton (Sean Kanan), who also worked on the hit show and tried to get Buckner fired. The evidence against Buckner is compelling, since she threatened to kill the disagreeable Stratton when he almost got her axed. But Perry Mason (Raymond Burr) and his experienced investigative team believe she is innocent and do everything they can to prove it with the help of a die-hard soap fan.

The Beast of Hollow Mountain (1956)

A Mexican cattleman's (Eduardo Noriega) beef with a rancher (Guy Madison) is settled by a tyrannosaur from the local swamp.

The Flame Within (1935)

A psychiatrist (Ann Harding) treats an alcoholic she loves and a suicidal girl (Maureen O'Sullivan) who loves him.

The Birds II: Land's End (1994)

Killer birds infest a seaside town where parents (Brad Johnson, Chelsea Field) take their children for vacation.

Drained (2006)

A pawn shop owner plays power games with poor locals, until a rump and toilet make him lose control.

Tourist Trap (1998)

A man (Daniel Stern) and his family encounter adventure on the road as they try to recapture an ancestor's Civil War glory.

Snapshot (1976)

An accident-prone sports photographer (Jim Henshaw) gets carried away with his work.

Twisted Obsession (1990)

An American screenwriter (Jeff Goldblum) feels drawn to a British director's strangely erotic sister (Liza Walker) in Paris.

Red: The Dark Side (2007)

A billionaire who has a serious heart condition and is in need of a heart meets a woman and falls in love with her.

Pair of Aces (1990)

With a con-man safecracker (Willie Nelson) in his custody a Texas Ranger (Kris Kristofferson) hunts a killer of teenage girls.

Ramta Jogi (2015)

Ramta discovers that a beautiful young woman from a rich family loves him, and they must defy the odds to be together.

Sam Kinison: Why Did We Laugh? (1997)

Sam Kinison's wild life and tragic end are examined by such stars as Rodney Dangerfield and Richard Pryor.

Shock (2004)

A newly married couple find the perfect apartment in the city, but little do they know about its horrifying past.

Rabba Main Kya Karoon (2013)

Sahil is about to get married and his elder brother's three mamas tell him the secret to a happy life is to cheat on your wife.

The Office Wife (1930)

A personal secretary (Dorothy Mackaill) dumps her boyfriend to date her unhappily married boss (Lewis Stone).

You, the Living (2007)

In the Swedish city of Lethe, people from different walks of life take part in a series of short, deadpan vignettes that rush past. Some are just seconds long, none longer than a couple of minutes. A young woman (Jessica Lundberg) remembers a fantasy honeymoon with a rock guitarist. A man awakes from a dream about bomber planes. A businessman boasts about success while being robbed by a pickpocket and so on. The absurdist collection is accompanied by Dixieland jazz and similar music.

Panama Patrol (1939)

An Army major (Leon Ames) and his aide (Charlotte Wynters) crack codes to stop an Asian spy ring on the Panama Canal.

The Pure Hell of St. Trinian's (1961)

Naughty British schoolgirls wind up in Arabia, taken there by a professor (Cecil Parker) to be wives for an emir's sons.

Seven Nights in Japan (1976)

A British prince (Michael York) in the navy falls in love with a tour-bus guide (Hidemi Aoki) while on shore leave in Tokyo.

The White Squaw (1956)

A Swedish settler (David Brian) starts a war when he tries to drive Dakotas off their Wyoming reservation.

The President's Man: A Line in the Sand (2002)

The president (Robert Urich) sends a secret agent (Chuck Norris) to stop terrorists from detonating a nuclear bomb in a major city.

Portrait of an Escort (1980)

A divorcee (Susan Anspach) with a day job works nights at an escort service to support her teenage daughter.

Problem of Evil (2013)

While struggling with his own loss of faith, a filmmaker searches for a cult leader who claims to be an angel sent by God.

The Miracle (1959)

A novice (Carroll Baker) leaves a Spanish convent to follow a 19th-century British soldier (Roger Moore) she loves.

The Night Stalker (1987)

A Los Angeles police detective (Charles Napier) hunts a killer who paints Chinese characters on slain prostitutes.

The Adventures of Edson Jean (2012)

A young man in need of money for his college tuition turns to a his neighborhood's "connected" man for help.

The Children of Sanchez (1978)

A lusty Mexican laborer (Anthony Quinn) lives with his family in one room, drives out a daughter (Lupita Ferrer), wins a lottery and builds a house.

The Accusing Finger (1936)

A district attorney (Paul Kelly) sends a young man (Robert Cummings) to the electric chair, then lands in the death house himself.

To Dance With the White Dog (1993)

Shortly after celebrating 50 years of marriage, elderly farmer Sam Peek (Hume Cronyn) loses his wife, Cora (Jessica Tandy), to a heart attack. Though overwhelmed with grief, Sam stubbornly insists that he continue to tend to his orchards, refusing to entertain his family's suggestions that he slow down. But when Sam cautiously reveals that he believes Cora has returned in the form of an elusive white dog, his adult children and grandson Bobby (Harley Cross) grow concerned about his sanity.

Uncle Vanya (1958)

A country doctor (Franchot Tone) loves but cannot have a professor's wife (Clarence Derwent) in Chekhov's play set in czarist Russia.

The Second Awakening of Christa Klages (1977)

A German mother (Tina Engel) and her lover rob a bank to fund her day-care center.

The Masked Bride (1925)

An American millionaire wants to reform a Parisian cabaret singer who moonlights as a jewel thief.

En Sarmatie (2013)

Filmmaker Volker Koepp revisits locations from his previous films.