The Old Plantation (1935)

Good Little Monkeys (1935)

La Polka des Menottes (1957)

Hasan Arbakesh (1965)

Front in the Rear of the Enemy (1981)

Copenhagen Dreams (2010)

La fusée (1933)

Nevalyashka (2007)

Our Last Spring (1960)

Our Last Spring is a 1960 Greek drama film directed by Michael Cacoyannis and based on the 1938 novel "Eroica" by Greek writer Kosmas Politis. It was entered into the 10th Berlin International Film Festival.

That still Karloson! (2012)

To the Last Day (1960)

To the Last Day is a 1960 South Korean drama film directed by Shin Sang-ok. It was entered into the 12th Berlin International Film Festival where it won the Silver Bear Extraordinary Jury Prize.

The Country Mouse (1935)

Watch Your Step (1922)

Watch Your Step is a 1922 American silent comedy film directed by William Beaudine. It stars Cullen Landis, Patsy Ruth Miller, Bert Woodruff, and George C. Pearce. Life considered to film to be a "fabulously expensive production".

Maya and the Starboy (1988)

The Extraordinary Waiter (1902)

The Extraordinary Waiter is a 1902 British short silent comedy film, directed by Walter R. Booth, featuring a brutish colonialist failing to destroy a blackfaced waiter. The film, "makes for somewhat uncomfortable viewing," but according to Michael Brooke of BFI Screenonline, "it's just about possible to read this as a metaphor for the rather more widespread frustrations arising from British colonial rule, though it seems unlikely that this was intentional on Booth's part."

Das Geheimnis der roten Katze (1931)

After We're Gone (2005)

Il maestro di violino (1976)

Das Spukschloß im Salzkammergut (1966)

The Old Thieves: Artegio's Legend (2008)

Women Don't Lie (1998)

Hemsöborna (1944)

Alma provinciana (1925)

Prometheus... banker (1921)

The Story of My Son (1990)

It Was Not in Vain (1957)

It Was Not in Vain is a 1957 Yugoslavian drama film directed by Nikola Tanhofer. It was entered into the 7th Berlin International Film Festival.

Front Beyond the Front Line (1977)

South Side Story (2000)

The Temptress and the Monk (1957)

The Temptress and the Monk is a 1958 Japanese fantasy film directed by Eisuke Takizawa. It was entered into the 8th Berlin International Film Festival. The screenplay was based on a novel, Koya hijiri by Kyoka Izumi. The film was in CinemaScope and Eastman Color. It was not dubbed in English, but was distributed internationally in May 1963 in subtitled format.

A Party in Hell (1956)

A Party in Hell is a 1956 Iranian film directed by Samuel Khachikian and Mushegh Sarvarian. It was entered into the 8th Berlin International Film Festival.

Schicksalsspiel (1993)

Hoya! Lero! (1952)

Hassel - Förgörarna (2000)

Hassel 04 - Säkra papper (1989)

Dangerous Dreams (2013)

Die türkischen Gurken (1962)

Birth of Civilization (2007)

The Perfect Education (1999)

Vento di primavera (1958)

Die zwölf Geschworenen (1963)

Hassel 09 - Botgörarna (1992)

Orden für die Wunderkinder (1963)

Zorro the Avenger (1962)

The Radio Burglary (1951)

Radio tekee murron (1951) is a Finnish crime comedy directed by Matti Kassila and starring Hannes Häyrinen. The idea for the movie came from an actual radio program done by sensationalist reporter Usko Santavuori, in which he committed a fake burglary of which local police forces had not been made aware, with the exception of the commander.

Pohjanmaa (1988)

Fire of Waters (1965)

Fire of Waters is an experimental short film by Stan Brakhage, produced in 1965.

Oh, Moon! (1988)

The Happy Years of the Thorwalds (1962)

Riviera-Story (1961)

Räkan från Maxim (1980)

Sigrid & Isaac (2005)

Before Dawn (1984)

Mexican Mousepiece (1966)

Daffy Duck, who has mice living in his house, decides on a way to dispose of them; to send them across the seas for starving cats over there to feast on. He pretends to be helpful to the mice, however, the mice are on to him and enlist the help of Speedy Gonzales. He knows of the plan and foils the plan by tricking him into having the wrong box into a box of fireworks that injure Daffy. At the end with the mice on an opposite cliff than Daffy Duck, Daffy tries to catapult himself across. Unfortunately, he is flattened and Speedy suggests they send HIM over the seas.

Trombone Trouble (1944)

Trombone Trouble is a Walt Disney cartoon that was released on February 18, 1944. It is the only Donald Duck cartoon where Roman/Greek gods play a role.

Marks (1995)

Tussilago (2010)

Dragon Around (1954)

Donald's Tire Trouble (1943)

Donald's Tire Trouble is a cartoon by Walt Disney Productions, featuring their character Donald Duck. It was directed by Dick Lundy, and released in 1943.

You're Lying! (1969)

The Godless City (1958)

Run Sister Run! (2010)

Pancharangi (2010)

Pancharangi is a 2010 Indian Kannada language romantic comedy film with philosophical overtones directed and produced by Yogaraj Bhat starring Diganth and Nidhi Subbaiah in the lead roles. The music has been composed by Mano Murthy, story and screenplay is written by Pawan Kumar. The film was predominantly shot in the coastal locales of Karnataka state.

The Eighth Brother (1971)

Stilleben (1985)

Stepmother Samanishvili (1977)

Åsa-Nisse slår till (1965)

Mai fu (1997)

Surveillance is a 1997 Chinese comedy film directed by Huang Jianxin. It was entered into the 47th Berlin International Film Festival.

The Idle Ones (2001)

Half a life (2009)

Falling Beauty (2004)

Donald's Off Day (1944)

Donald's Off Day is a 1944 Walt Disney animated short by Jack Hannah starring Donald Duck and Huey, Louie and Dewey. It stars the nephews tricking Donald into thinking he's seriously ill.

You're in Love, Charlie Brown (1967)

You're in Love, Charlie Brown is the fourth prime-time animated TV special based upon the comic strip Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz. It originally aired on CBS on June 12, 1967. This was the second non-holiday-oriented Peanuts special, following Charlie Brown's All-Stars.

The Life of a Cowboy (1906)

Koirankynnen leikkaaja (2004)

Dog Nail Clipper is a 2004 Finnish film directed by Markku Pölönen and starring Peter Franzén and Taisto Reimaluoto. The film is an adaptation of Finnish author Veikko Huovinen's 1980 novel of the same name.

Invitation to the Dance (1977)

All About My Bush (2007)

Otello (2006)

Sumo Do, Sumo Don't (1992)

In order to graduate from college in a timely manner, and to gain the job waiting for him due to his family connections, Shuhei must join the school's sumo team to please his professor. Shuhei and the other reluctant sumo wrestlers on the team are inspired by the professor's determination into doing their best for the school.

Kísértetek vonata (1933)

O statečném kováři (1983)

Aldrig i livet (1957)

Anaconda (1954)

Straydogs (1999)

The Professional (2003)

The Professional is a 2003 Serbian comedy/drama film, written and directed by Dušan Kovačević and based on his 1990 play of the same name. The film enjoys cult status and is a dark comedic retrospect of the relationship between dissenters and the State Security Service under the regime of Slobodan Milošević.

Middle of the Moment (1995)

What Happens When Love Comes to Town (1984)

Šta se zgodi kad se ljubav rodi is a 1984 Yugoslav comedy film directed by Zoran Čalić.

Grand Slam Opera (1936)

Grand Slam Opera is a 1936 American short comedy film starring Buster Keaton.

Geisterjäger John Sinclair: Die Dämonenhochzeit (1997)

Homeless Homer (1929)

Our Hodja (2014)

Provocation (1972)

Jag är min egen Dolly Parton (2011)

Das Zauberbuch (1996)

Haaveiden kehä (2002)

Fimfarum 2 (2006)

Profile in Anger (1984)

Profile in Anger is a 1984 Hong Kong action film produced by Raymond Chow and Leonard Ho, written, action choreographed, directed by and starring Bryan Leung. This film is Leung's directorial debut and is also the first film Leung starred in that is set in modern day.

The Kingdom of Serbia (2008)

Pursuit for Happiness (2005)

Ninja Kill (1987)

Lupin III Pilot Film (1969)

Lupin the Third: Pilot Film is a Japanese animated short film directed by Masaaki Ōsumi. It is the first animated adaptation of the Lupin III manga series, created by Monkey Punch in 1967. The 12-minute film was created by Tokyo Movie and intended to generate interest and secure funding for a larger production. Around 1971 it was reworked as a television pilot with new voice actors and the series was picked up by Yomiuri Television, leading to Lupin the Third Part I.