Roman Holiday (1987)

A princess (Catherine Oxenberg) slips away with a U.S. newsman (Tom Conti) in Rome, providing a scoop caught on camera by his buddy (Ed Begley Jr.).

No Man's Woman (1955)

The police have five suspects after a rich man's (John Archer) scheming wife (Marie Windsor) is found slain in her art studio.

The Flying Deuces (1939)

All the way from the Midwest, Stan (Stan Laurel) and Ollie (Oliver Hardy) find themselves in Paris. When Ollie falls in love with the innkeeper's daughter (Jean Parker), Stan encourages him to propose, which leads to a devastating rejection. After talking to a convincing officer (Reginald Gardiner), Ollie joins the French Foreign Legion to forget her, bringing Stan along. The two are shipped to Morocco, where they soon make a mess of things. When they go AWOL, it only makes matters worse.

Wallace & Gromit in The Wrong Trousers (1993)

Gromit suspects something's up when he catches their new boarder, a mute penguin, altering Wallace's new techno-trousers.

The Bells of Death (1968)

After the murder of his family, a martial artist searches for his kidnapped sister.

Polite People (2011)

A desperate engineer from a big city lies his way into a small farming community, and has no idea he is walking into the middle of a local war of small town politics.

Sex with a Smile (1976)

Five comic sketches of Italian sexual humor.

Risk (1994)

A New York artist (Karen Sillas) leaves the country in a stolen car with a man (David Ilku) she met on a bus.

Sabina K. (2015)

A divorced mother with two children falls in love with an old friend until things go terribly wrong.

Vive L'Amour (1994)

A Taiwanese real estate agent (Kuei-Mei Yang), a salesman (Lee Kang-sheng) and a sidewalk vendor (Chen Chao-jung) cross paths in an urban apartment.

Relax, Freddie (1966)

A Danish salesman (Morten Grunwald) gets mixed up with spy girls keeping a kidnapped Chinese big shot in a trunk.

Planet Single (2016)

A talk-show host looking for a hit and a shy teacher looking for Mr. Right create a TV hit. They seem destined for love until the teacher finds Mr. Right online.

The Shortest Day (1963)

Two Italian draftees go to the front during World War I and accidentally destroy Big Bertha, the kaiser's secret weapon.

Sundown (1941)

William Crawford (Bruce Cabot) is a British officer stationed in East Africa during World War II. His outpost is strategically important in the war effort and is constantly under risk of attack. Jan Kuypens (Carl Esmond), a Dutch scientist, and a mysterious woman named Zia (Gene Tierney) seek refuge in Crawford's fort. Zia reveals Kuypens is a traitor, forcing Crawford and his fellow British soldiers to defend the fort from Kuypens, or allow it to fall into the hands of the Nazis.

Mania (1959)

Dr. Knox (Peter Cushing) is an Edinburgh-based doctor of anatomy whose ideas about research on deceased human bodies are in direct conflict with a law that limits the study of cadavers to criminals who have been executed. With these legal cadavers in short supply, a pair of lower-class greedy grave robbers, William Burke (George Rose) and William Hare (Donald Pleasence), appease the doctor's needs by presenting him with illegal bodies they have exhumed. The pair soon escalate to murder.

Tickle (2014)

After the baby sitter tells a young boy a story about a troll, gruesome things begin to happen.

Nocturnal Agony (2011)

A highly successful middle-class woman's perfect world turns upside-down when secrets from her past suddenly resurface, painfully forcing her to examine her life.

The Return of Wildfire (1948)

A cowboy drifter (Richard Arlen) defends the daughters (Patricia Morison, Mary Beth Hughes) of a rancher slain by a horse-grabber.

Slumber Party Massacre II (1987)

A teen (Crystal Bernard) and her friends are terrorized by a rock star (Atanas Ilitch) whose guitar is fitted with a drill bit.

West Point of the Air (1935)

Sgt. "Big Mike" Stone (Wallace Beery), a decorated veteran now serving as an instructor at an Army Air Corps flying school, presides over the budding military career of his son, "Little Mike" (Robert Young). Big Mike wants to make sure his son follows in his footsteps, learning to become a man and making the right choice between the nice girl (Maureen O'Sullivan) and the salacious divorce (Rosalind Russell). Little Mike is unsure about both matters of the heart and his military service.

Secrets of Scotland Yard (1944)

A man sets out to trap the Nazis who killed his twin brother, an agent trained to decode wartime messages.

The Show Off (1926)

In this silent feature, Aubrey (Ford Sterling) is a born braggart, forever boasting of fortunes he doesn't have. Everyone can see right through him -- everyone except the mooning girl next door, Amy (Lois Wilson). The two marry, but Aubrey struggles to pay the bills, so he leans on her family. Her brother, the struggling inventor Joe (Gregory Kelly), is Aubrey's opposite: gifted and humble. When the family bankrolls Joe's latest invention, Aubrey intervenes. Will he save the day, or ruin it?

Sleeping Beauty (1955)

Cursed by a witch, a princess falls asleep on her sixteenth birthday.

Operation Oman (2014)

The history of Britain's secret war in Oman.

Monster Under Skin (2016)

A woman filled with paranoia and insecurities makes plans to wreak havoc on the people around her.

White Lies (1998)

An articulate student (Sarah Polley) becomes attracted to the rhetoric of white supremacists.

The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes (1935)

Sherlock Holmes (Arthur Wontner) puts his retirement on hold to investigate one last murder. With his trusty sidekick, Dr. Watson (Ian Fleming), in tow, Holmes uses his unique insights and techniques to find clues about the murderer. He soon discovers that the diabolical plot involves not only his arch rival, professor Moriarty (Lyn Harding), but also an international cabal including American gangsters and a secret society. Holmes must unravel the case before it's too late.

Vendetta (1996)

Husband and wife detectives search for the serial killer responsible for their daughter's death and discover a fellow cop may be the culprit.

Movie Struck (1937)

An Iowa girl (Rosina Lawrence) with hopes of stardom heads to Hollywood for a screen test.

Where the Buffalo Roam (1938)

A singing marshal (Tex Ritter) avenges his mother and nabs buffalo skinners.

Sailor Beware (1952)

At a Navy recruitment center, allergy-prone Melvin Jones (Jerry Lewis) and suave singer Al Crowthers (Dean Martin), who has bum knees, fret about being accepted. But both men pass and are sent to a San Diego training base, where Melvin's phobias and allergies antagonize Chief Petty Officer Lardoski (Robert Strauss). Dragged into a kissing contest with local girls -- which causes his allergies to flare up -- Melvin is put on the spot to win a kiss from film star Corinne Calvet (as herself).

One-Armed Boxer (1972)

A martial-arts student (Yu Wang) learns the iron-fist and death-grip techniques to avenge his teacher's death.

Tremors II: Aftershocks (1996)

After spending all the reward money from his first encounter with the giant man-eating worms called "Graboids," Earl Bassett (Fred Ward) agrees to hunt more of the deadly creatures at a Mexican oil refinery for $50,000 each. Knowing that he cannot face the monsters alone, Earl recruits Burt Gummer (Michael Gross), another veteran of the incident in Nevada, to supply the firepower. There is only one problem: The Graboids have now evolved to attack above ground.

Secret Sunshine (2007)

Tragedy follows a young Korean widow (Jeon Do-yeon) after she and her son move to another town to make a fresh start.

Hellbilly (2003)

Hell breaks loose when a disfigured hillbilly decides to dismember anyone who gets in his way.

Tony Draws a Horse (1951)

A British doctor (Cecil Parker) and his analyst wife (Anne Crawford) argue over their son's drawing of an anatomically correct horse.

Le Grand Chef (2007)

Seong-chan's retires from his job as a chef and moves back in with his grandfather. He is content with a quiet life until his long-time rival enters a national cooking competition, giving him a final chance to take him on.

The Showdown (1950)

A former Texas lawman, Shadrach Jones (William Elliott) sets out to discover who killed his brother and stole their combined savings. While at the saloon run by the beautiful Adelaide (Marie Windsor), Jones becomes convinced that the thieving murderer is one of a group of cowboys on a cattle drive led by Captain MacKellar (Walter Brennan). Determined to find justice, Jones joins the cattle drive and slowly gets closer to uncovering the identity of the killer.

Night Watch (2005)

A male prostitute (Gonzalo Heredia) encounters danger while working the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Reggie's Prayer (1996)

A frustrated pro football player (Reggie White) retires to coach an Oregon high-school team, where he befriends a troubled student.

Open House (2004)

Visitors to a newly for-sale house include lovestruck police officers and a jewel thief.

The Magnificent Seven Ride! (1972)

Erstwhile gunslinger Chris Adams (Lee Van Cleef) has put his rowdy days behind him, settling down with a wife (Mariette Hartley) and serving as the sheriff of his town in the Arizona territory. So when his old pal Jim Mackay (Ralph Waite) asks for help defending the border town of Magdalena, Mexico, from a marauding bandit named De Toro, Chris refuses. It's only after De Toro's gang kidnaps Chris's wife that he changes his mind, enlisting a cutthroat gang of prisoners to help him.

Pinky Moge Wali (2012)

A woman (Neeru Bajwa) stages her own kidnapping to gain attention from her wealthy father.

The Last Elvis (2011)

A tragic accident forces Gutirrez, an obsessive Elvis impersonator, to grapple with his real-world responsibilities.

Revenge of the Living Dead Girls (1987)

After toxic waste contaminates their graves, zombies arise to satisfy their hunger for revenge.

It's a Mismatch (2006)

Aman meets Neha and they have a perfect life until their families meet and sparks fly when their fathers lock horns. The couple stay true to their love and find ways to get their parents on board with their upcoming nuptials.

The Adventures of Pinocchio (1978)

A fairy magically brings to life woodcarver Geppetto's puppet, Pinocchio.

The Dark (1979)

A writer (William Devane) and a TV newswoman (Cathy Lee Crosby) link a California killing spree to an alien werewolf in blue jeans.

The Jazz Singer (1953)

Jerry Golding (Danny Thomas) is a Jewish-American singer who has dreams of starring in musical theater, which upsets his traditional parents. His religiously conservative father, David (Eduard Franz), wants Jerry to follow in his footsteps as a cantor in their synagogue when he retires. When Jerry decides to enter show business after all, despite his father's wishes, David disowns him. Then his father becomes ill, and Jerry must weigh the importance of family versus success.

Paternity (1981)

Madison Square Garden's manager (Burt Reynolds) wants a baby but not a wife, so he hires a surrogate mother (Beverly D'Angelo).

Nell Gwyn (1934)

England's King Charles II (Cedric Hardwicke) pushes aside his favorite mistress for the favors of an uncouth dance-hall girl (Anna Neagle).

Out of Season (1998)

Forced to care for her dying uncle (Dennis Fecteau) in suburban New Jersey, a city woman (Carol Monda) falls for his female friend (Joy Kelly).

You Can Thank Me Later (1998)

A woman (Ellen Burstyn) and her adult children (Amanda Plummer, Ted Levine) await the outcome of their patriarch's surgery at a Montreal hospital.

The White Lioness (1996)

A small-town Swedish cop (Rolf Lassgrd) discovers a mysterious connection between a woman's death and an assassin.

Secret Enemies (1942)

After the death of a close friend who worked as a secret agent, Carl Becker (Craig Stevens) is spurred to leave his law practice and girlfriend (Faye Emerson) behind to avenge the death of his lost confidante. Becker goes deep undercover to hunt out a dangerous nest of Nazis led by the notorious Dr. Woodford. However, this daring American finds more than he bargained for when he discovers his duplicitous lady love is in league with America's enemies.

November Conspiracy (1995)

Her boyfriend's assassination alerts a journalist (Paige Turco) to a shady organization's plot to infiltrate U.S. politics.

Romance (1930)

An opera star (Greta Garbo) kept by an older man (Lewis Stone) falls in love with a preacher (Gavin Gordon) from a rich American family.

Finding Home (2012)

Katie tells Wesley a secret while camping and runs away into the woods when he gets angry. Wesley finds her hours later and they make up -- but neither of them can remember how to get back.

The Red Dwarf (1998)

A lonely dwarf (Jean-Yves Thual) turns violent when a torrid affair with a business client (Anita Ekberg) ends.

The Old Barn Dance (1938)

Mr. Thornton (Ivan Miller), the wealthy owner of an exploitative tractor company, drives horse breeder Gene Autry (Gene Autry) and his faithful sidekick, Frog Millhouse (Smiley Burnette), out of business. Thornton swindles the townspeople and -- to add insult to injury -- secretly signs on as the underwriter of Autry's new singing cowboy radio show. After angry listeners confront him about his affiliation with the tractor company, Autry struggles to stop Thornton and clear his own sullied name.

Rose of Cimarron (1952)

A marshal (Jack Buetel) tries to head off a cowgirl (Mala Powers) on a manhunt to avenge her Indian foster family.

Easy Wheels (1989)

She-Wolf (Eileen Davidson) and her biker gang, Women of the Wolf, clash with male bikers led by a man called Bruce (Paul Le Mat).

Secrets of Eden (2012)

A small-town minister (John Stamos) becomes the prime suspect in the deaths of two parishioners.

Night Beat (1948)

Two British commando buddies (Maxwell Reed, Ronald Howard) join opposite sides of the law after the war.

White Wolves III: Cry of the White Wolf (1998)

Two juvenile delinquents are left to fend for themselves after their plane crashes in the wilderness.

The Tomorrow Man (1996)

A computer expert and a time-traveling android contend with a deranged scientist while trying to save humanity.

Octavia (1984)

An escaped convict (Neil Kinsella) helps a blind teen (Susan Curtis) escape from her disturbed father's (Jake Foley) mansion on a white horse.

Return to Treasure Island (1998)

Merchant trader Jim Hawkins (Dean O'Gorman) encounters old adversary Long John Silver (Stig Eldred) and the pirate Joseph Savage (Jed Brophy).

Be Easy (2007)

Three friends find a bag full of money but they soon realize money does not bring happiness.

Let's Talk About Sex (1998)

A Miami advice columnist (Troy Beyer) and her friends (Paget Brewster, Randi Ingerman) make a documentary about what women want in relationships.

One Wild Oat (1951)

A lawyer's plan to break up his daughter's budding romance backfires when the boyfriend's father becomes involved.

Riders of the Range (1949)

A cowboy (Tim Holt) and his Irish-Mexican sidekick (Richard Martin) help a woman (Jacqueline Wells) whose brother is in debt.

Oi! Warning (1999)

A young man (Sascha Backhaus) gets caught up in a conflict between his friends, a skinhead (Simon Goerts) and a gay anarchist.

The Incredible Melting Man (1978)

An astronaut is transformed into a murderous gelatinous mass after returning from an ill-fated space voyage.

Hangman's House (1928)

Hogan (Victor McLaglen), a soldier of fortune, goes AWOL from service in the French army in Algiers to return home to Ireland, determined to take revenge on John D'Arcy (Earle Foxe), who deserted his sister. Before Hogan's arrival, however, terminally ill Judge O'Brien (Hobart Bosworth) pleads with his daughter, Connaught (June Collyer), to marry John, although she is in love with horse racer Dermot McDermot (Larry Kent). Connaught reluctantly complies, just as Hogan appears in disguise.

Singularity Principle (2012)

Consequences arise when scientists delve into parallel universes.

The Imported Bridegroom (1989)

A Jewish landlord (Gene Troobnick) brings a scholar (Avi Hoffman) from Poland to marry his daughter (Greta Cowan) in circa-1900 Boston.

The Game (1989)

During the mayoral election in New York City, Leon Hunter (Curtis Brown), a talented African-American advertising executive, agrees to work on the campaign of candidate Carl Rydell (Carolina Beaumont). Rydell is a white bigot with reactionary views and seems the polar opposite of Hunter. His friends are appalled at his apparent lack of ethics, but Hunter, ever the master strategist, has an ace up his sleeve that may ultimately help the black candidate in the race.

The Stranger I Married (2005)

After a near-fatal car crash, a man awakens from a coma with no memory of his wife (Wendy Crewson) and children.

Sky Patrol (1939)

A government trainer (John Trent) sends cadets to guard the Mexican border, where one is shot down and captured by smugglers.

S... Year (2010)

A desperate actress in the twilight of her career has an affair with a much young actor.

The Boat (1921)

Buster's building a boat that sinks underneath him.

Surge of Power: The Stuff of Heroes (2004)

Gavin Lucas is turned into a superhero when a freak accident gives him special powers.

People of No Importance (1956)

An aging truck driver (Jean Gabin) prepares to leave his family after falling in love with a maid (Franoise Arnoul).

Europe's Roswell (2009)

People investigate evidence of a possible crash of an alien ship near a Welsh village.

Rubber Tires (1927)

A girl and her family heading West packed in a 1910 flivver discover that the car is worth $10,000.

Passion Plantation (1976)

A Southern sadist (Malisa Longo) keeps the workers on her father's plantation in check with a bullwhip and her raging libido.

Wrestling Women vs. the Aztec Ape (1963)

A mad doctor kidnaps women for brain experiments using an ape, then a female wrestler seeks revenge.

The Past of Mary Holmes (1933)

An alcoholic former opera singer (Helen MacKellar) resents the promising career of her son (Eric Linden) and his recent engagement to an actress (Jean Arthur).

The Clamdigger's Daughter (1974)

In a New England seacoast town, a young woman enters into a forbidden romance with the son of her father's most-hated rival.

The Briefcase (2011)

Jason (Kip Pardue) is handcuffed to Dan (Keith Nobbs) and chased through the woods by fellow crooks searching for a prized briefcase that Dan has stolen.

The Fall Guy (1930)

A drug dealer leaves a suitcase with a loser (Jack Mulhall) who lives with his wife (Mae Clarke) and brother-in-law (Ned Sparks).

Orthodox Stance (2007)

A young Russian immigrant searches for meaning in life as he devotes himself to his boxing career.

Phantom (1922)

Lorenz (Alfred Abel), an office worker of meager means, lives in a tiny apartment with his mother and two siblings and harbors artistic aspirations. But when Lorenz spies the mysteriously alluring Veronika (Anton Edthofer) riding in a carriage, he begins neglecting all his responsibilities in his relentless pursuit of the unattainable beauty. He later meets Mellitta (also De Putti), a conniving woman who resembles Veronika, and she dupes him into doing her bidding, with devastating results.

The Bachelor's Daughters (1946)

To help four salesgirls lure men, a floorwalker (Adolphe Menjou) poses as their father in a rented Long Island mansion.

Sh! The Octopus (1937)

Two numskull detectives (Hugh Herbert, Allen Jenkins) check out a lighthouse.

Too Young to Know (1945)

A World War II pilot (Robert Hutton) comes home to his ex-wife (Joan Leslie) and the son she gave up for adoption.

This Savage Land (1968)

An Ohio widower (Barry Sullivan) and his family (Andrew Prine, Brenda Scott) face marauders in post-Civil War Kansas.

The Flame (1947)

Avaricious George MacAllister (John Carroll) convinces his girlfriend, Carlotta Novak (Vera Ralston), to marry his wealthy brother, Barry (Robert Paige), because he has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and hasn't long to live. Barry, who has long admired Carlotta, defies family advisers and, on his own, proposes to Carlotta. Delighted that his plan is in motion, George gets involved with a gangster's girlfriend, which throws a wrench into his plans to get the family fortune.

Bone Daddy (1998)

A medical examiner-turned-author hunts for a serial murderer who enjoys removing bones from his still-living victims.