Ouija House (2018)

A graduate student and her friends unwittingly summon an evil entity.

Perdida (2018)

A policewoman investigates the disappearance of a friend in the Argentine Patagonia. She soon discovers that her own life is in danger.

Birth Reborn (2013)

Medical professionals and mothers in Brazil talk about the increasing number of caesarean deliveries with traumatic and unnecessary interventions, as opposed to natural labor.

Turf War (2017)

A detective chases down rogue cops who have been framing bikers for murder.

Polar Bear (2017)

A man gives his former bullies a ride to a school reunion.

Anything Once! (1927)

An employee in a tailor shop has misadventures with her boss.

Lousy Neighbor (2015)

A small-town makeup artist moves to the big city to find her fortunes.

Black Gravel (1961)

A West German trucker who illegally sells black gravel reunites with a former lover, now married to an American.

Aatagadharaa Siva (2018)

A prison escapee accidentally ends up traveling with a retired veteran of a police department.

Livingston Taylor: Life Is Good (2017)

The singer-songwriter gives back to the music that nurtured him through his teachings at the world renowned Berklee College of Music.

Oru Pazhaya Bomb Kadha (2018)

A physically challenged young man finds himself in a difficult situation.

Les filles au Moyen Âge (2016)

An old man regales children with tales of women who lived in the Middle Ages.

Mrs. Judo: Be Strong, Be Gentle, Be Beautiful (2012)

Throwing thousands of years of tradition to the wind, Keiko Fukuda chooses to follow her own destiny and becomes the highest-ranking woman in judo.

Kill the Monsters (2018)

When young man in a three-way relationship falls ill, his two older partners decide they will all go west to seek holistic treatment and new adventures.

Candice & Peter's Smokin' Hot Date (2016)

While trying to cook a romantic dinner at home, a couple get into a dispute over which wine pairs best with their pork chops. As the debate intensifies, their romantic evening looks like it's going to go up in smoke.

I Believe in Halloween (2018)

A celebration of Halloween using stories from children.

Oil and Vinegar (2015)

An artist enlists a panhandler, a powerful businessman and a piano teacher to help him keep a promise to his grandfather.

Le Meroir (2010)

A man ages rapidly in front of a mirror.

From San Francisco With Love (2016)

A political science student encounters a young African-American man who is taking a sabbatical year in France.

A Bun in the Oven (2016)

An almost 50-year-old woman is dismayed to discover that menopause is not the cause of her recent symptoms, she's pregnant.

Frank en Eva (1973)

A man who constantly cheats on his girlfriend becomes upset when she takes a new lover.

Se battre (2014)

Filmmakers follow working-class French people who struggle to make ends meet.

Date & Time (2017)

A young couple's fragile bond is tested when they go back in time.

Inspiration (2016)

Terrible things happen when a young author returns to her horror roots.

Gamer Girl (2016)

A digital woman fights for the love of her life.

Le puits aux trois vérités (1961)

Police use a woman's diary to unravel the mystery behind her death.

The Final Escape (2010)

As a key figure in the Spanish resistance, Miguel Núñez paid a heavy price for confronting the Franco regime. After being diagnosed with a serious illness, his final battle became the right to a dignified death.

F-27 (2014)

In 1987 a plane carrying the Peruvian soccer team, Alianza Lima, crashes and nearly everyone on board dies. Years later, people deeply affected by the tragedy start finding clues that might reveal a bigger plot behind the accident.

The Holy Man 2 (2008)

A former rapper turned monk takes over at a rural temple. When a crisis develops, he uses his hip-hop skills and dharma skills to solve the problem.

La révolution sexuelle n'a pas eu lieu (1999)

As she approaches 30, a woman tries to clear her mind and unravel the muddle that has resulted from her desires.

Stay-at-Home Dads (2014)

Two stay-at-home dads rob a money laundering operation.

Himmel Oder Hölle (1990)

A woman's perfect relationship crumbles when detectives come looking for her boyfriend.

The Secret of Arkandias (2014)

A boy discovers a magical book that allows him to make a ring of invisibility.

Changing Seasons (2015)

Anneliese leaves behind her past to start a new life with her son in the small town of Pine Grove. She meets a man who helps her get a job and takes her son under his wing, but things start to unravel when her ex-husband is released from prison.

Le Complot (1973)

French paramilitary dissidents prepare to spring Gen. Challe from jail in Tulle.

Litan (1981)

A young couple passes through the village of Litan as the locals hold a Festival of the Dead.

Retribution (2017)

Shortly after the death of her parents, an accomplished flautist attends a music academy and falls in love with a fallen angel.

Mater (2017)

A single man in his 30s meets a lesbian couple who are willing to go to extreme lengths to conceive a child.

Consume (2017)

Jacob struggles to hang onto his land and his indigenous identity while his personal demons resurface and manifest in the form of the Wendigo spirit.

A Photo of Me (2017)

A child wakes up to the flickering images of a film noir.

The Tesla World Light (2017)

Nikola Tesla spends the finals days of his life in New York.

The Rapture (2007)

Two superhumans clash in a violent game of cat and mouse.

Chronicles of Humanity: Renegades (2014)

Human rebels search for a way to drive their alien overlords back into space.

Hit Men (2016)

A man and his ex-boyfriend reluctantly agree to work together on a songwriting project.

Mesrine (1984)

France's most-wanted criminal escapes from prison in 1978 and spends 18 months on the lam.

Inner Revolution (2017)

Three young men embark on a journey of self-discovery as they sail from northern Brazil to Ushuaia in Argentina.

The Best Day of My Life (2005)

Before the announcement of the marriage of some friends, the members of a couple who live together for a long time begin to discuss and separate.

Chinnadana Nee Kosam (2014)

Happy-go-lucky Radha and Krishna are trainees at the police academy. Krishna witnesses a murder but is reluctant to testify.

Dr. Sugarloaf (2016)

A frumpy woman joins a dating website and meets a mysterious stranger.

Hellstone (2016)

A satanic cult attempts to use a mystical stone to summon a demon.

Love in Design (2018)

A television star returns to her small New England hometown to renovate a historical manor. When an old flame is assigned to approve her designs, the two must find harmony between the old and the new.

All In (2016)

A girl from the city heads to a rural ranch to figure her life out.

Birth of a Family (2016)

Three sisters and a brother meet for the first time after they were adopted as infants.

Cindy (2015)

Cindy discovers that she has been cursed and must burn alive any boy who happens to touch her.

Sophie's Ways (1971)

A liberated woman marries a conservative man, only to discover that he is more interested in appearances than he is in having a working relationship with her.

The Taste of Salt (2016)

After the death of his father, a fisherman who now lives as a vagrant begins to move on with his life thanks to support from his dog.

Il grande colpo di Surcouf (1966)

A privateer undertakes a mission for Napoleon Bonaparte.

Tokyo Family (2013)

An elderly couple journey to Tokyo to visit their grown children, only to find them preoccupied and self-involved.

LasseMajas detektivbyrå - Skuggor över Valleby (2014)

Two amateur sleuths help prevent the closure of their town's police station.

Les anonymes (2013)

The 1998 shooting of a prefect in the Corsica region leads to upheaval and drama.

Good As You - Tutti I Colori Dell'amore (2012)

A power outage on New Year's Eve in Rome brings eight strangers together in romance.

Los Rollos Perdidos (2012)

Issues arise when film is lost or destroyed.

Looking for Her (2016)

A physiotherapist moves with her son to Dunkirk, where she was born to unknown parents, in search of her birth mother, who refuses to reveal her identity.

Let Sleeping Cops Lie (1988)

A group of cops carry out their own type of justice.

Fist of Jesus (2012)

Jesus and Judas battle a hoard of flesh eaters.

Camarón: Flamenco y Revolución (2018)

From humble roots and rock star status to a tragic early death, the life of Camarón de la Isla.

El club de los buenos infieles (2018)

Four childhood friends create a club of infidels to act as a cover when they want to have fun.

Pyros (2015)

A relentless bounty hunter sets out to track down an AWOL organic weapon.

Cuban Wave Riders (2018)

Four Cuban surfers journey to find waves that have never been ridden.

High/Low (2011)

In Hong Kong and Macau, four gamblers journey into a world of winners and losers created by a culture of speculation, addiction and debt.

Under the Hat (2016)

When a mosque prayer caller loses his voice, he asks a heavy metal singer to replace him.

Turning Point (2011)

Three high school students take a life-changing road trip.

The Gods Obscure (2016)

A disembodied brain and an artificial intelligence tasked with running remote viewing experiments embark on an unusual odyssey.

Sunshine Girl and the Hunt for Black Eyed Kids (2012)

A paranormal investigator and her friends search for evidence of an urban legend.

Lucky Bastards (2018)

Five amateur criminals prepare an armed robbery.

Les Aiguilles rouges (2006)

While hiking in the mountains, some boys are put to the test.

Il gèle en enfer (1990)

A convict and a prostitute plan a robbery.

Gregory Go Boom (2013)

A paraplegic man leaves home and strikes out on his own.

Lost Vegas Hiway (2017)

A heartbroken musician encounters a group of shady characters at a dive motel in Las Vegas.

Jerusalem (2013)

Tempted by the promise of heroism, James Jenkins volunteers to fight for Britain in the trenches of World War I, prompting his older brother William to do the same in the hope of keeping James safe.

Patries: Homelands (2015)

Two young men from different backgrounds become friends.

Perempuan Melayu Terakhir (1999)

A movie producer falls in love with a woman who's already engaged.

Puteri Impian (1997)

A factory worker wins a contest to live as a princess for 10 days.

Puteri Impian 2 (1998)

A prince falls in love with a factory worker, but she rejects his proposal.

Empty Quarter: A Woman in Africa (1985)

A man invites a troubled woman to share his hostel room, eventually falling in love with her.

Schoolgirl Apocalypse (2011)

A Japanese high school girl uses her archery skills to fend off zombies.

Overpass (2015)

Seventeen-year-old Mathieu sprays graffiti on an overpass the day before an important family event.

Chatriyan (1990)

An ex-police officer's life takes a turn after a gangster gets released from jail.

Sangue (2013)

A former leader of the Red Brigade talks to actor-director Pippo Delbono about the Italian armed struggle.

Orgies of Caligula (1984)

Roman emperor Caligula falls for a slave dancer conspiring with his cousin to dethrone him.

Deadly Shores (2018)

Anna moves to a remote island as the new bride of a famous mystery writer. Once there, she uncovers secrets about her new husband's dead former wife.

The Final Goodbye (2018)

An aging private eye falls into a web of kidnappings, murder and Nazi treasure.

Bible Town (2017)

Three friends travel to Bible Town, where all of the inhabitants tell inspirational bible stories.

Cannibal Mercenary (1983)

Mercenaries plunge into the dark jungles of Vietnam to confront an army of cannibals.

Give & Take (2015)

An enigmatic man lures seemingly unconnected people from various walks of life to a bar where he offers them a chance for salvation or for ruin.

Erased (2016)

A heroin addict descends into madness.

The Man with Elephant Hands (2016)

A man goes to great lengths to hide his ugly hands.

Hindsight (1996)

A playboy's actions catch up with him when a one-night fling with his manager results in a physical attack. After falling in love with a nurse who aids his recovery, people from his past threaten the new relationship.

The Dutchman (2016)

When a billionaire's son inexplicably drops out of college and goes in search of The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine, his family sends a private investigator to find him.

Dracula's Angel (2014)

A woman falls in love with Dracula.