Zephyr Springs (2013)

Dawn (Amy Pietz) and her daughter Kayla (Tracey Fairaway) reunite for a weekend at a popular spa resort, and have to fight for their lives when a guru's deadly cult targets them.

Realive (2017)

Marc is diagnosed with a disease and is given a short time to live. Unable to accept his own end, he decides to freeze his body. Sixty years later, in the year 2084, he becomes the first cryogenically frozen man to be revived in history. Marc discovers a startling future, but the biggest surprise is that his past has accompanied him in unexpected ways.

Adjustment & Work (1986)

People learn to live with impairments.

Smoking Guns (2016)

Smoking Guns is a 2016 British crime comedy film written and directed by Savvas D. Michael. The film is produced by John Pavlakos, Andrew Neophytou and Executive produced by Hollywood Producer Steven Paul, Lara Minassian and Andrew Downer. It stars Dexter Fletcher, Daniel Caltagirone, Count Prince Miller, Ewen MacIntosh, Andreas Karras, Jamie Crew, Tommy O'Neil and Mem Ferda. Smoking Guns premiered at the 2016 Beverly Hills Film Festival where it would go on to win the 'Grand Jury Prize'. It was released on April 4, 2017 in the U.S.A. and Canada by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Smoking Guns was released in the United Kingdom and Ireland On Digital HD September 11 and DVD September 18 2017. The film was originally titled A Punters Prayer.

The Train of Salt and Sugar (2017)

The Train of Salt and Sugar is a 2016 internationally co-produced adventure film directed by Licínio Azevedo. It was selected as the Mozambican entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 90th Academy Awards, but it was not nominated.

Mosagadu (1980)

Mosagadu is a 1980 Telugu film directed by K. Raghavendra Rao. The film stars Sobhan Babu, Chiranjeevi and Sridevi Kapoor in important roles. This movie is loosely based on the Raj Kapoor, Shatrughan Sinha-starrer Khaan Dost.

5150 (2003)

A detective story set in Chicago's inner-city.

Çok Filim Hareketler Bunlar (2010)

Çok Filim Hareketler Bunlar is a 2010 Turkish comedy film, directed by tr:Ozan Açıktan and written and performed by the BKM theater players based on the group's theatre work and television series Çok Güzel Hareketler Bunlar, which consists of an assortment of sketches illustrating comic predicaments related to the summer holidays. The film, which went on nationwide general release across Turkey on March 26, 2010 (2010-03-26), was one of the highest-grossing Turkish films of 2010.

Easter Sunday (2014)

Hard-partying teenagers unwittingly conjure the spirit of a long-dead serial killer.

The Stone Boy (2015)

Marina embarks on a journey to help a little boy whose anger turned him to stone.

Americana (2016)

Two years after losing his job because of his alcoholism, Avery returns to San Francisco to finish editing a film starring his sister Kate. When Kate is shot and killed, Avery searches for an answer to why his movie star sibling was murdered.

The Stars Heavenly Home (1974)

A woman slowly drinks herself to death while she is physically and emotionally used by multiple men.

Miraculous Flower (1981)

An orphaned girl becomes a master fighter to avenge her family and uncovers an evil monk's plot.

Kung Fu Master Named Drunk Cat (1978)

A man discovers his jar of sweets actually contains diamonds belonging to ruthless smugglers. He soon realizes they won't stop until they've got the diamonds back, and he'll have to fight them all to stay alive.

Hospitality Department (2013)

Based on the novel by Hiro Arikawa.

The Maladjusted (2013)

Three friends struggle to maintain their free-spirited lifestyles as they approach 30.

Juvenile Court (1973)

Filmmaker Frederick Wiseman offers an unobtrusive examination of the goings-on of a children's court, Memphis Juvenile Court 616.

Smokings (2014)

The Messina brothers, the founders of an online store for cheap cigarettes, get sued by Big Tobacco.

Valentine's Again (2017)

Katherine, an ad executive, endures the worst Valentine's Day date of her life. On her walk home, a gypsy weaves a magical spell on her. When she wakes up the next morning, she realizes she's reliving the day until she finds the right man.

Their Purple Moment (1928)

Their Purple Moment is a 1928 short comedy silent film starring Laurel and Hardy and directed by James Parrott.

Highly Strung (2015)

The passions of the world of classical music.

Forgiving Chris Brown (2015)

Three stylish women hope to heal their shattered hearts with revenge.

Anatomy of a Male Ballet Dancer (2017)

An intimate, behind-the-scenes portrait of Brazilian ballet star Marcelo Gomes. Widely considered the greatest partner of his generation, every ballerina wants to dance with him.

Queen of Thursdays (2016)

She was the very pinnacle of grace and talent-yet for years Rosario Suárez, the ballerina of the Ballet Nacional de Cuba, was rarely showcased on the weekend programs. This went on for so long that Rosario became known as the Queen of Thursdays. Her career in Cuba remained for years in the shadow of the all-powerful founder, director and Prima Ballerina Assoluta, Alicia Alonso. When Rosario finally became prima ballerina, long after she had reached the age where most dancers retired, a family crisis brought her to exile in Miami

Shelter (2015)

Shelter was a movie shot as a passion project for under $100,000 and released in 2012. It has been featured at a number of festivals including the 2013 Eerie Horror Film Festival where it won Best Director, and the 2012 Williamsburg Independent Film Festival where it won Best Narrative Feature Film.

La última fiesta (2016)

Three friends have to recover a priceless painting that was stolen from a house they used to throw a huge party.

The Soilers (1923)

The Soilers is a 1923 American silent comedy film starring Stan Laurel, and was released in the same year as the Western silent movie drama The Spoilers. The name of one character from the original, "McNamara", may have a parody in the name of the James Finlayson character.

Mission: Kiss and Kill (1979)

Constable Lu, an honest cop, embarks on a mission to deliver jade miniature horses to a wealthy lord.

Night of the Slasher (2015)

A teenager realizes she must commit horror movie sins, drink alcohol, do drugs, and have sex to lure a killer out to finish him off.

Yellow Fever (2012)

The effect of globalization on the African woman's definition of beauty.

L'Engrenage (1919)

People have to overcome their weaknesses to face reality.

Scrap Happy Daffy (1943)

Scrap Happy Daffy is a Warner Bros. World War II short featuring Daffy Duck, directed by Frank Tashlin and released in 1943. Daffy is the guard of a scrap yard, doing his part to help America win the war against the Nazis, but the Nazis decide to destroy his scrap pile by sending a billy goat out to eat everything in sight. The short was also the final appearance of Daffy Duck in black and white.

The Little Hero of Shaolin Temple (1972)

Child monks battle against ninjas to save their temple and protect a Ching prince.

Single (2015)

A young, unemployed singleton embarks on a quest to find a date for his younger brother's wedding to save face in front of his family.

Stelvio. Crocevia della Pace (2015)

The Stelvio Pass in the Italian Alps offers a breathtaking landscape and summer skiing, but just 100 years ago, it was the highest and coldest battlefield of World War I.

David (2015)

Suffocated by his overprotective parents, a troubled young man decides to leave the security of his family to find his place in life.

Barber's Tales (2013)

Barber's Tales is a 2013 Filipino drama film by Jun Robles Lana. The film stars Eugene Domingo as Marilou, a widow who is forced to take her late husband’s job as community barber during the end of Marcos era. The film is the follow up to Lana’s film Bwakaw and second of a trilogy focused on the small town life in the Philippines. The film had its world premiere and competed at the 2013 Tokyo International Film Festival, where it won the Best Actress Award for Eugene Domingo's performance.

Making a Killing: Guns, Greed, and the NRA (2016)

This documentary tells the stories of how guns, and the billions of dollars made off from them, affect the lives of everyday Americans. It features personal stories from people across the country who have been affected by gun violence, including survivors and victims' families and exposes how the powerful gun companies and the NRA are resisting responsible legislation for the sake of profit -- and thereby putting people in danger.

Bold Evil Liar (2015)

An unfaithful man's family pays the price for his infidelity when his mistress begins stalking them.

Cumbres (2013)

A girl is given a strange mission to take the family car and protect her older sister.

Bailando con Margot (2016)

In the 1950s, a wealthy widow gets caught up in an investigation over the theft of a priceless painting. Margot must prove her innocence while concealing the secrets of her past when a detective comes to visit.

Man on Pink Corner (1962)

Hombre de la Esquina Rosada (Man on Pink Corner) is a 1962 Argentine film directed by René Múgica, based on the story by Jorge Luis Borges. It was shown at the Cannes and San Sebastián film festivals.Borges viewed the film favourably, commenting "he did a good job with the possibilities provided by the plot".

Borbetomagus: A Pollock of Sound (2016)

The history of the band over the last 37 years.

Durango Is Coming, Pay or Die (1971)

A ruthless gunfighter settles the score when a corrupt businessman refuses to pay up.

The Gate (2014)

The Gate (French: Le Temps des aveux) is a 2014 French-Belgian-Cambodian drama film directed by Régis Wargnier, based on the books by François Bizot. The film debuted at the Telluride Film Festival on 29 August 2014. It was also screened in the Special Presentations section of the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival in September 2014.

Skateboarding's First Wave (2016)

An examination of the early days of skateboarding culture in Southern California and the kids that shaped its role in the media and in society.

Disgruntled (2008)

Staff members at a publishing firm try to survive one terrifying night in the office when a fired co-worker exacts bloody revenge on anyone unlucky enough to be working late.

The Twilight Hour: Visions of Ireland's Haunted Past (2002)

The legends, ruins and restless spirits that haunt Ireland's countryside.

Nebraska (2013)

An aging, booze-addled father makes the trip from Montana to Nebraska with his estranged son in order to claim a million-dollar Mega Sweepstakes Marketing prize.

48 Hours to Live (1959)

An overseas journalist tries to protect an atomic scientist being hunted by thieves seeking vital nuclear secrets.

Sanctuaire (2015)

A priest's church is put up for sale and the family of illegal immigrants he shelters are about to lose their home.

The Frontier Phantom (1952)

Two U.S. marshals masquerade as twin brothers, one the "Frontier Phantom," to catch the leader of a counterfeit gang.

Play It Like Godard (2012)

J.C. is a teenager who has become an award-winning filmmaker but, despite his success, has to resolve issues pertaining to his age.

Experiment in Torture (2007)

Several exotic dancers are lured to a mansion by money and once there are drugged and slowly tortured to death.

Minimal Knowledge (2002)

A burned out detective partners with a beautiful woman to find a killer who may have killed her in a previous life.

Nishchaiy (1992)

Nishchaiy is a 1992 Indian Bollywood film directed by Esmayeel Shroff and released on 17 July 1992. The film stars Vinod Khanna, Salman Khan and Karisma Kapoor.

The Moving Creatures (2013)

In Caetano Gotardo’s lyrical omnibus film The Moving Creatures, three very different mothers are confronted, through three very different trials-by-ordeal, with the limits of what a mother “just knows”.

Yeh Majhdhaar (1996)

Majhdhaar is a 1996 Indian Bollywood film directed by Esmayeel Shroff. The cast of the movie includes Salman Khan, Manisha Koirala and Rahul Roy.

To My Great Chagrin: The Unbelievable Story of Brother Theodore (2007)

Filmmaker Jeff Sumerel examines the life and work of Brother Theodore, comic and actor.

Retornos (2010)

A man (Xavier Estvez) returns home after leaving his wife (Xos Manuel Olveira 'Pico') and daughter (Manuela Vells) 10 years earlier.

I Am A Woman Now (2012)

The first generation of transsexuals who had sex changes in Casablanca back in the mid-1950s discuss their lives and experiences as women.

Handphone (2009)

Handphone is 2009 South Korean crime film.

Zombadings 1: Patayin sa shokot si Remington (2011)

Remington and the Curse of the Zombadings is a 2011 Philippine indie suspense comedy film directed by Jade Castro, and starring Martin Escudero. Castro co-wrote the screenplay with Raymond Lee and Michiko Yamamoto.

It Was in May (1970)

It Was in May is a 1970 Soviet drama film directed by Marlen Khutsiev that depicts first weeks after the war had ended.

Sunshine Becomes You (2015)

Sunshine Becomes You is a 2015 Indonesian romance film directed by Rocky Soraya and based on novel with same name by Ilana Tan. The film was about love story of Alex Hirano and Mia Clark. Shooting location was on New York, United States from 27 July 2015 until 30 September 2015.

Fields Afire (2016)

After surviving a meteorite impact, some misfit kids believe that they have acquired super powers.

Eat (2001)

Shenanigans at a fancy restaurant.

Anima (2013)

In the wake of a devastating accident, a rogue scientist struggles to keep his wife alive inside a computer system.

Heroes Don't Come Home (2016)

A broken promise forces two men to consider who they were and who they've become.

Messner (2012)

Reinhold Messner becomes a world-renowned mountaineer.

Thicker Than Water (1935)

Thicker than Water is a short film starring Laurel and Hardy, directed by James W.Horne, produced by Hal Roach, and released in 1935 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The short also features James Finlayson and Daphne Pollard in supporting roles. It was the last two-reel comedy starring the comedy team, as Hal Roach decided to move them into feature films.

The Short & Curlies (1987)

The Short and Curlies is a 1987 short film written and directed by Mike Leigh. It stars Alison Steadman, Wendy Nottingham, Sylvestra Le Touzel and David Thewlis. The hairdressers 'Cynthia's' was in Willesden and exterior locations were in nearby Harlesden. Channel Four put up money for the film and, pending the success of this project, agreed to co-produce with Portman Productions Leigh's first feature film since Bleak Moments – what became 1988's feature movie High Hopes (with music by Rachel Portman). The short, 18-minute film, made after three weeks of rehearsal, concerns a chatty hairdresser, Betty (Alsion Steadman), her shy daughter, Charlene (Wendy Nottingham), and one of her customers, Joy (Sylvestra Le Touzel). Joy works in a chemist's shop and is chatted up by Clive (David Thewlis, in the first of his three Leigh roles) over the Durex counter. "On the one hand there is ritual, physical indignity, rubber, prevention; on the other, new life, love, marriage. Charlene slips sadly and silently between two stools..."

Diagnostic (2013)

Dr. Semyc practices the difficult art of delivering disappointing diagnoses.

The Diplomat Hotel (2013)

A disgraced reporter (Gretchen Barretto) seeks redemption by spending one night with her documentary crew at a hotel that is infamously known for its bloody past.

Tommy (2007)

Once a famous ballet dancer, an embittered man spends all of his time alone in a house he has named after himself.

I Know You're in There (2016)

After his mother's death, a man discovers he has a long-lost sister who can neither move nor speak. He brings her to his mother's old house, hoping to study her condition, only to be greeted by an evil presence that threatens his sanity.

The Tortoise and the Hare (1935)

Big race. Hare, fast and in lead, stops to loaf and show off to girl bunnies. Tortoise, plodding along at steady, slow pace, wins, although hare tries a last minute burst of speed. (3rd Academy Award winner, 1933-34) This program is presented as originally created. It may contain outdated cultural depictions.

Parallel (2016)

Love at first sight leads two people into a whirlwind romance, which becomes threatened by a mysterious medium's visions of alternate realities.

The Last Exit (2013)

Friends battle a werewolf that is terrorizing a small town.

Safar (1970)

Safar is a 1970 Indian Hindi film produced by the Mushir-Riaz duo and directed by Asit Sen, based on a novel by Bengali writer Ashutosh Mukherjee. The film stars Ashok Kumar, Rajesh Khanna, Sharmila Tagore and Feroz Khan in lead roles. The film became the tenth top-grossing production of the year. It won one Filmfare Awards and four BFJA Awards. Rajesh Khanna received a nomination for BFJA Awards for Best Actor (Hindi). Asit Sen remade the 1956 Bengali film Chalachal, which was directed by him, in Hindi as Safar (1970). As per review by critics, Safar was carried more than ably by Khanna's immense charm at the peak of his popularity. Rajesh Khanna beautifully conveys his character's desperation and his conviction that surviving by a slender thread is not really living. This film is counted among the 17 consecutive hit films of Rajesh Khanna between 1969 and 1971, by adding the two-hero films Marayada and Andaz to the 15 consecutive solo hits he gave from 1969 to 1971. The movie is a remake of director's own 1956 Bengali movie Chalachal.

Largo Baracche (2014)

Seven boys show the beating heart of the Spanish Quarter of Naples.

Dharmputra (1961)

Dharmputra is a 1961 Hindi film directed by Yash Chopra based on a novel of the same name by Acharya Chatursen. This is Yash's second directorial venture. It was the first Hindi film to depict the partition of India, and Hindu fundamentalism. Produced by his elder brother B.R. Chopra, who was himself uprooted from Lahore, during the partition of India and established B.R. Films in Mumbai in 1956. The film dealt with issues of religious bigotry, fanaticism and communalism amidst the backdrop of the partition. Two years earlier, Yash Chopra had made his debut with Dhool Ka Phool (1959), steeped in Nehruvian secularism, wherein a Muslim brings up an "illegitimate" Hindu child and featured the classic song "Tu Hindu Banega Na Musalman Banega, Insaan Ki Aulaad Hai, Insaan Banega". The theme was reversed in this film as herein a Hindu family brings up an illegitimate Muslim child.

The Precipice (1958)

Uozo confronts a rope manufacturer after his friend falls to his death when their rope broke.

Forgiven (2007)

A woman (Lucy Cohu) tries to hold her family together after learning that her husband (Derek Riddell) sexually abused their daughter.

Traffic with the Devil (1946)

Traffic with the Devil is a 1946 American short documentary film about traffic problems in Los Angeles, directed by Gunther von Fritsch. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short.

Die große Liebe (1942)

Die große Liebe (The Great Love) is a German drama film of the National Socialist period, made by Rolf Hansen, starring Zarah Leander and Viktor Staal. It premiered in Berlin in 1942 and went on to become the most commercially successful film in the history of the Third Reich.

One in the Gun (2010)

A struggling artist (Steven Man) and his lover (Katherine Randolph) plot against her abusive spouse.

Winter Comes Early (1971)

Face-Off is a 1971 Canadian feature film produced by John F. Bassett starring Art Hindle, Trudy Young and John Vernon. The story line concerns a rookie Toronto Maple Leafs ice hockey player and his romance with a musician. Several National Hockey League players also appeared in the film.

Handcart (2002)

Brigham Young introduces the handcart to Mormons in 1856 to make traveling long distances more efficient.

Notes from the Tilt-a-Whirl (2011)

Author N.D. Wilson discusses his views on life, faith and death, and questions why a loving God would allow bad things to happen.

The Maiden Danced to Death (2011)

The Maiden Danced to Death (Hungarian: A halálba táncoltatott leány) is a 2011 Canadian-Hungarian-Slovenian co-production drama film written and directed by Endre Hules. The film was one of the six films shortlisted for the Hungarian entry for the Best Foreign Language Oscar at the 85th Academy Awards.

My Scary Girl (2006)

My Scary Girl is a 2006 South Korean black/romantic comedy film written and directed by Son Jae-gon.

What Really Frightens You (2009)

Three people tell what really frightens them and after their worst fears come true.

Christmas Mail (2010)

A mail carrier (A.J. Buckley) falls for a new employee (Ashley Scott), who answers children's letters to Santa Claus.

Almost Angels (1962)

Set against the majestic backdrop of Vienna, Austria, comes a heartwarming tale of friendship, loyalty and perseverance. Despite his father's objections, 12-year-old Tony joins the famed Vienna Boys' Choir, but the working-class youth struggles to fit in and Peter, an older boy jealous of Tony's talent, will do everything in his power to get him thrown out, including an attempt to ruin Tony's public performance.

Barney: A Very Merry Christmas: The movie (2011)

The purple dinosaur travels to the North Pole to see Santa's workshop.

Shorebreak: The Clark Little Story (2016)

Photographer Clark Little captures the beauty of Hawaii's powerful shore break waves from inside the impact zone.

Moonlight Boy (1993)

The spirit of a 13-year-old wanders for 30 years.

Kamper (2016)

A young couple learn the sad truth about relationships.

Terrortory (2016)

Six nightmarish tales from the Terrortory land.