You're Darn Tootin' (1928)

Bumbling band members (Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy) hit a sour note.

Tit for Tat (1935)

Laurel & Hardy face off with a grocery store owner.

Bannerline (1951)

Small-town newspaper reporter Mike Perrivale (Keefe Brasselle) learns that elderly history teacher Hugo Trimble (Lionel Barrymore) is on his deathbed. Hugo tells Mike he regrets not having motivated the townsfolk to stand up to local crime boss Frankie Scarbine (J. Carrol Naish). Mike concocts a phony front-page article for Hugo, hoping to convince the dying man that Frankie is finally facing charges. Unfortunately for Mike, Frankie reads the phony article too, and doesn't like it.

The Portrait (2017)

A mother is forced to confront her past after her daughter paints a portrait of her aging grandfather.

Act of Piracy (1988)

A mercenary (Ray Sharkey) with business in Greece and Zimbabwe hijacks a yachtsman (Gary Busey) bound for Australia.

All Yours (2016)

Cass, a busy, single mother, hires her friend Matt to help her take care of the kids. Eventually, she realizes that the person who could complete her family may have been there the whole time.

Sparkle (2007)

Sam has a chance to be a public relations guru, until true love turns his world upside down.

Barbed Wire (1952)

The Texas cattle trails to Kansas have been obstructed by settlers stretching miles of barbed wire across their territories. Kansas-based cattle buyer Gene Autry (Gene Autry) goes to Texas to find out what gives. He discovers that a dispute between ranchers and settlers has been actively fostered by unscrupulous speculator Sandy Reeves (Harry Shannon), who will benefit from railroad construction across the land -- which he is scheming to possess. It's up to Gene to stop him.

Million Dollar Baby (1941)

Heiress Cornelia Wheelwright (May Robson) is scandalized to discover that the family fortune was earned by her father when he swindled an old business partner. Desperate to rectify matters, Cornelia travels to New York City, where she gives the cheated man's granddaughter, sales clerk Pam McAllister (Priscilla Lane), a million dollars. But the generous gift turns out to be a mixed blessing when Pam's friends and beloved boyfriend, Pete (Ronald Reagan), turn on her.

All Neat In Black Stockings (1969)

An irresponsible window cleaner believes that he has found true love with a woman he picked up in a tavern.

Listen (2013)

Hoping to finally win the woman of his dreams, a graduate student (Joshua Mikel) with a powerful gift invents a device that helps him manipulate the music he hears emanating from the soul of everyone he meets.

The Bashful Bachelor (1942)

Lum (Chester Lauck) finds out Abner (Norris Goff) traded the official general-store delivery car for a racehorse.

Submerged (2000)

Navy SEALs launch a rescue mission after terrorists plunge a jet carrying a missile-launching computer into the sea.

Out Of Sight (2006)

A blind college student investigates her cousin's death.

La vie avec mon père (2005)

Two brothers put their differences aside while coping with their troubled father.

Possible Worlds (2000)

A man (Tom McCamus) living parallel lives meets a woman (Tilda Swinton) as four separate incarnations.

Hex (2018)

In 1919 Nebraska, a motorcycle gang stops at a farm run by two sisters (Tina Herazo, Hilarie Thompson) with occult powers.

The Flying Camel (1994)

A Jewish professor (Gideon Singer), an Arab garbage collector (Salim Dau) and a sexy nun (Laurence Bouvard) unite to build a statue.

Battle of the Amazons (1973)

Man-hating women warriors (Lincoln Tate, Lucretia Love) meet farmers who know karate in ancient Asia Minor.

He Couldn't Say No (1938)

An office clerk's (Frank McHugh) purchase of a racy statue sends his girlfriend (Jane Wyman) and her mother (Cora Witherspoon) packing.

Reaper (2014)

Criminals (Danny Trejo, Vinnie Jones) and a beautiful hitchhiker (Shayla Beesley) battle a supernatural force known as the Reaper.

The Beast of Budapest (1958)

The secret-police chief (Gerald Milton) helps the Soviets take over during the 1956 Hungarian revolution.

Beauties of the Night (1952)

A daydreaming French composer (Michel Simon) sees himself as a fine figure dashing through history.

Bouquet final (2008)

An American funeral director moves to Paris for a new job.

Bedside (1934)

A drunken fraud (Warren William) plays doctor with a fake diploma and is forced to operate on his girlfriend (Jean Muir).

Bedtime Story (1941)

Acclaimed playwright Lucius Drake (Fredric March) has plans for a new opus, but his wife, actress Jane Drake (Loretta Young), would rather retire to the idyllic countryside than star in another play. Alas, their union dissolves in divorce, and Jane marries banker William Dudley (Allyn Joslyn), who is more amenable to her plans. On their honeymoon, however, Jane discovers that her divorce from Lucius was invalid, and Lucius does all he can to prevent her from consummating her marriage to Dudley.

Indianapolis Speedway (1939)

Famous car racer Joe Greer (Pat O'Brien) pays for the education of his younger brother, Eddie (John Payne). Joe is furious when he learns that Eddie has dropped out of school to follow in his big brother's footsteps and pursue a dangerous career on the track. Then, against Joe's wishes, Eddie refuses to leave his no-good girlfriend, Frankie (Ann Sheridan), and the brothers have a major falling out. However, they get a shot at patching things up when they're reunited at the Indianapolis 500.

Zoo in Budapest (1933)

The tiger escapes and the moon shines on the night a runaway (Loretta Young) falls in love with a Budapest zoo-keeper (Gene Raymond).

Vanished Empire (2008)

Two teenagers (Aleksandr Lyapin, Yegor Baranovsky) must re-evaluate their friendship after they both become involved with the same gal (Lidiya Milyuzina).

Le Passager de l'été (2006)

A worker (Grgori Derangre) on a 1950s French farm soon finds his way into the beds of his employer (Catherine Frot) and her daughter (Laura Smet).

Death Machine (1994)

A 21st-century genius seeks revenge on the woman who fired him, with a killing machine that senses fear.

The Tell-Tale Heart (2016)

A tormented man constantly readmits himself to a medical facility to escape his madness.

Ten Nights in a Bar-Room (1931)

Joe Morgan hangs out at the Cedarville saloon, loses his flour mill then goes on the wagon in this Prohibition promotion.

Hell's Angels '69 (1969)

Two rich kids (Tom Stern, Jeremy Slate) use the Oakland chapter of Hell's Angels as a diversion to rob Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Monk with a Camera (2014)

Nicky Vreeland, son of Vogue editor Diana Vreeland, gave up photography to become a Buddhist monk. Years later, he picked up his camera again to earn money to rebuild his monastery.

Backroads (1997)

A salesman and his teenage son travel the Spanish coast during the final days of Gen. Francisco Franco's reign.

Boss Wants a Happy Ending (2014)

Sinan meets several odd characters while writing a screenplay.

Tit Coq (1953)

An arrogant soldier (Gratien Glinas) becomes bitter after the woman (Monique Miller) he courts marries another man.

The Other Side of the Mountain (2012)

A soldier from South Korea and a North Korean nurse meet during war but are separated by borders.

Lock Charmer (2014)

Sebastian is a locksmith who discovers that whenever he fixes someone's locks, he gets a vision into their lives. This power begins to complicate his own life.

Water (1985)

Various forces vie for control of a Caribbean island rich in an especially tasty brand of mineral water.

We Who Are Young (1940)

Married office co-workers (Lana Turner, John Shelton) lose their jobs and furniture, with twins on the way.

It Begins with the End (2010)

A French couple's (Emmanuelle Béart, Michaël Cohen) passionate love-hate relationship unfolds from the point of its dissolution.

Hulk Blood Tapes (2015)

Five friends on a road trip to see their favorite band are detoured along the way, and when they become lost, they find they're willing to do anything to survive the night.

Letters from the South (2013)

A collection of six short films about the topic of the Chinese Diaspora in South-East Asia. Each film is presented as a letter representing the filmmaker's feelings and emotions toward their original homeland, China.

Crest Of The Wave (1954)

A Navy lieutenant is borrowed by the British to supervise torpedo experiments after one of their scientists is killed.

Bjork: Biophilia Live (2014)

Icelandic musician Bjrk performs in concert at London's Alexandra Palace in 2013.

The Mutilator (1985)

Years after the accidental death of his wife, a deranged man (Jack Chatham) starts to slice and dice his son's (Matt Mitler) friends at a beachfront condominium.

Ansiedad (1953)

A recently widowed singer (Libertad Lamarque) must contend with two troublesome sons.

7 Grandmasters (1977)

An aging martial arts expert embarks on a journey to defeat seven grand masters to become the kung-fu world champion.

Abduction (1975)

Militants kidnap a California coed (Judith-Marie Bergan), then order her rich father (David Pendleton) to blow up a high-rise.

Abilene Trail (1951)

The Kansas Kid (Whip Wilson) and his partner (Andy Clyde) chase rustlers and drive steers to market.

Boy Interrupted (2009)

Evan Scott Perry received a diagnosis of bipolar disorder when he was a preteen, and in 2005, committed suicide at the age of 15. There was a family history of mental illness; his Uncle Scott had killed himself at 22 in 1971.Evan had first exhibited suicidal tendencies when he was only 5. Directed by his mother, filmmaker Dana Heinz Perry, the film traces Evan's growing mental illness, including videotapes made throughout his short life and interviews with his friends and doctors.

Love and Other Catastrophes (1996)

Mia (Frances O'Connor), an Australian college student, is suffering through an ugly breakup with her girlfriend (Radha Mitchell) and unsuccessfully trying to switch majors. Her roommate, Alice (Alice Garner), is late on her honors thesis and can't choose between a handsome part-time gigolo (Matthew Dyktynski) and a coy medical student looking to rent a room in their apartment (Matt Day). Together, the two friends attempt to manage their relationships and the frustrations of college life.

Kehraus (1983)

Forklift driver Ferdinand Weitel takes a trip through German party life.

You're Never Too Young (1955)

When barber's assistant Wilbur (Jerry Lewis) unwittingly becomes involved in a heist, he tries to get away by train. He is unaware that gangster Noonan (Raymond Burr) has slipped a stolen diamond into his pocket. Unable to pay the fare, Wilbur dresses up as a young boy and sits with teacher Nancy (Diana Lynn). When one of Nancy's colleagues sees Wilbur, she concludes that Nancy is cheating on Bob (Dean Martin), her fiancé. Wilbur remains disguised to prove Nancy's innocence and evade Noonan.

Hollywood Cowboy (1937)

Eastern crime boss Doc Kramer (Charles Middleton) moves his protection scheme to Wyoming, where he preys on local cattle ranchers, among whom are Violet Butler (Maude Eburne) and her niece (Cecilia Parker). Meanwhile, Hollywood cowboy star Jeff Carson (George O'Brien), who is on vacation in the area, is persuaded to stick around by his friend Holmes (Joe Caits), a writer on the run from a divorce. Jeff hires on at Violet's ranch and soon finds himself facing off against the evil Kramer.

Blanche (1972)

The king and a servant fall in love with the wife of a castle master.

The Thirst (2007)

A woman who has a terminal illness discovers that she can survive, so long as she dies first.

Sticks and Stones (1970)

Although their parents are largely absent from their lives, Joey (Justin Isfeld) and his friends Book (Max Goldblatt) and Mouth (Chauncey Leopardi) are able to bond over their favorite sport, baseball, which they play all summer. But when a sadistic bully (Jordan Brower) targets them for abuse, even baseball can't possibly comfort them. As their tormentor ups the ante, the boys know they must defend themselves somehow. They plot revenge, but will they be able to fight violence with violence?

Let's Get Tough (1942)

Muggs and the gang (Florence Rice) foil a Japanese plot.

Journey to Shiloh (1968)

A Texas cowboy (James Caan) and his buddies ride hundreds of miles to Tennessee to fight for the Confederacy.

Wounded Love (2016)

A stranger saves a woman who is trapped in a troubled relationship, and their love becomes gives her the courage to face the darkness and save herself. But her past life isn't about to set her free.

Over the Line (1995)

An impulsive fling makes a college professor the obsession of a dangerous admirer.

Have a Good Funeral, My Friend... Sartana Will Pay (1970)

A drifter's reputation as a vicious gunman makes him the object of curiosity when he arrives in a small Western town.

The Way of the West (1934)

Cattlemen find themselves at odds with sheep ranchers in the Old West.

The Great McGonagall (1975)

An out-of-work Scottish weaver (Spike Milligan) wants to be Queen Victoria's (Peter Sellers) poet laureate.

The Angel of Pennsylvania Avenue (1996)

Three Depression-era kids ask President Hoover to free their unjustly jailed father (Robert Urich) for Christmas.

The Dog, the General, and the Birds (2003)

In this animated feature set in the early 1800s, a young Russian general (Michel Elias) saves Moscow by lighting the city's birds -- and thus the city -- on fire, causing an invading Napoleon Bonaparte to turn back. Unfortunately for the general, the birds never forgive him, and for years attack and terrorize him every time he steps outside. One day the general meets a friendly dog whose bark keeps the birds away, and together they begin a journey to make amends with the angry birds.

Watermark (2013)

This documentary brings together diverse stories from around the globe and explores our relationship with water and how it shapes humanity.

Triptych (1977)

The lives of three people intersect as they explore means of communication.

The Clown At Midnight (1999)

Upon the reopening of the opera house where her mother was murdered, a teen (Sarah Lassez) becomes the next target of the same clown-garbed killer.

Fast Workers (1933)

Two riveters (John Gilbert, Robert Armstrong) remain friends after a fight over a woman (Mae Clarke) sends one to the hospital.

Tante Hilda! (2014)

Hilda lives high above the city in her greenhouse until a genetically modified grain threatens to disrupt the natural harmony.

Stunt Pilot (1939)

Teenage comic-strip pilot Tailspin Tommy (John Trent) goes to Hollywood with pals Skeeter (Milburn Stone) and Betty Lou (Marjorie Reynolds).

Ring of Terror (1962)

A fraternity pledge is forced to confront his fear of death when he is sent to a crypt to steal a corpse's ring.

Last Summer (2013)

Gay teens (Samuel Pettit, Sean Rose) spend one final, sweet summer together before each goes his separate way.

Goin' Fishin' (1940)

Spanky and friends have trouble reaching their favorite fishing hole.

Choice of Arms (1981)

An escaped French convict (Grard Depardieu) holds a retired gangster (Yves Montand) and his wife (Catherine Deneuve) captive on their country estate.

Million Dollar Legs (1932)

The country of Klopstokia enters the Olympics, led by their president (W.C. Fields) who lifts weights.

In Debt We Trust: America Before the Bubble Bursts (2007)

Corporations make money when consumers make poor financial decisions.