Murder! (1930)

Actress Edna Druce is found dead, and fellow thespian Diana Baring (Norah Baring) can't explanation why she's holding the murder weapon. Diana seems destined for conviction and the death penalty, but juror Sir John Menier (Herbert Marshall) thinks she's innocent. An actor himself, Sir John collects clues and revisits the crime scene in an attempt to clear Diana, but his noble efforts might finger another performer with ties to Edna and Diana's touring company.

Tchoupitoulas (2012)

Three brothers discover the late-night scene of New Orleans.

The Shadow of Chikara (1977)

Set during the Civil War, an Army captain and a woman go in search of hidden jewels.

Bundle Of Joy (1956)

When department store clerk Polly Parish (Debbie Reynolds) finds an abandoned baby, she unwittingly falls victim to her gossip-crazed coworkers. Even store owner John Merlin (Adolphe Menjou) assumes the baby is hers, and then goes so far as to demand that his son Dan (Eddie Fisher) step in and "do the right thing." Caught up in the moment -- and eager to spend time with the hunky younger Merlin -- Parish plays along. As Parish and Dan grow closer, she struggles to keep the truth from him.

Picture of Light (1994)

A film crew braves the rigors of the Canadian Arctic Circle in winter to document the beauty of the aurora borealis.

As You Like It (1936)

A duke usurps his brother's land and power, banishing him and his retinue into the forest of Arden. The banished duke's daughter, Rosalind, remains with her cousin Celia. She has fallen in love with Orlando, but he has his own tyrannical brother to contend with, so he joins those in the forest. Rosalind, now banished, disguises herself as a young man, with Celia as her servant, and follows Orlando into the forest. There, nature stirs love's fires in various rustics as well as in those from the court. Phebe, a shepherdess loved by Silvius, is herself smitten with the disguised Rosalind. Can true love find a way, and can brothers be reconciled and harmony restored?

Square Grouper (2011)

Filmmakers examine the 1970s and '80s pot-smuggling culture in South Florida, where the coastline and proximity to the Caribbean and Latin America made the location ideal for trafficking.

The Ranger and the Lady (1940)

A Texas Ranger (Roy Rogers) and his partner (George "Gabby" Hayes) try to tax a woman's (Jacqueline Wells) wagon train on the Santa Fe Trail.

When the Lights Go On Again (1944)

A couple hurdle many objections on their way to the altar, only to learn that the husband must go off to war.

Room For One More (1952)

Poppy (Cary Grant) and Anna Rose (Betsy Drake) have a soft spot for young people in need. Despite having three children of their own, they can't help but take action when they meet a pair of troubled young orphans. Young Jane (Iris Mann) is horribly depressed, while Jimmy (Clifford Tatum Jr.) is physically disabled and has a long history as a troublemaker. As they welcome the pair into their home, the Roses use love and understanding to help the orphans get to the bottom of their problems.

Pia de' Tolomei (2005)

In recent years not only music festivals but also important opera theatres have turned their attention towards the neglected masterpieces of the lyrical repertoire. Thus also Venice's Teatro La Fenice, in a commendable effort, staged this Pia de' Tolomei by Donizetti, with some of the best singers available today for this type of repertoire. Initial response to this opera, which was performed for the first time in 1837, was ambiguous, so much so that Donizetti re-worked it as many as three times. The version here recorded is that of the critical edition recently published by Ricordi, with the tragic finale originally conceived by the composer. The listener will undoubtedly wonder, once more, at Donizetti's wealth of melodic inspiration, especially when it comes to the character of Pia, wonderfully interpreted, here, by Patrizia Ciofi.

Death in Small Doses (1957)

A federal investigator (Peter Graves) poses as a truck driver to check pep-pill usage by long-haul truckers.

Joseph Campbell: Sukhavati (2005)

Through archival excerpts from his finest filmed lectures interwoven with exquisite images and evocative music from around the world, renowned mythologist Joseph Campbell takes us on a journey of transcendence and illumination, a trip through the mythological symbols and sagas left by our ancient forebears. What is revealed en route is "mankind's one great story," the grand drama played out by all cultures on all continents since time immemorial. This saga "projected" on the screen of the universe is the mythic adventure that became Campbell's "Sukhavati," what he passionately embraced as his life's work, his place of bliss. Created by Maxine Harris and Sheldon Rochlin, with the enthusiastic support of the Joseph Campbell Foundation, this hypnotic and mesmerizing film is a deeply personal, almost spiritual, portrait of Campbell, told in his own words, in his twilight years, at the summit of his career and the apex of his intellectual powers. Through it, this great American thinker is still "joyfully participating in the sorrows of the world."

Searching For Angela Shelton (2004)

Filmmaker Angela Stanton travels across the country interviewing women of the same name.

Death to the World (2015)

Since Nick's arrival, Weston has been plagued by fear and murder. The unprepared police force has proven to be an asset to Nick, and the small town has become a safe haven for his dark deeds. Nick's life begins to unravel, however, as new relationships threaten to reveal his secret - a secret he has killed to protect. But he soon discovers that he is not the only one with secrets...

Athena (2015)

Carl and Emily have no idea they need each other until a voice tries to get them together.

Sylvia (1965)

A private detective (George Maharis) falls in love with a poet (Carroll Baker) whose shady past he has been hired to check.

A Drowning Man (2001)

A man finds his wife dead in the bathtub. He picks up the phone to call an ambulance, but put sit down before dialing emergency. Instead he makes himself a cup of coffee. Then, he drains the bath and brings his wife's corpse to the living room couch, where he falls asleep beside her. The next morning, he is stunned to find himself in his bed. Even more surprising, his wife walks into the bedroom like nothing happened. Why is she alive? Last night, she died. Today, she is alive. The husband becomes obsessed with the improbability of his wife's resurrection.

A Tale of Egypt (1997)

A Tale of Egypt is an animated children's film about the life of Moses. Egypt is in a time of great crisis. The people have become slaves under the evil pharoah, and there seems to be no hope for the Egyptians. A man named Moses shows up to save the day. Moses leads the people to freedom, while singing songs.

The Little Savage (1959)

A marooned Spanish pirate (Pedro Armendriz) and boy (Terry Rangno) wait years to be rescued from a desert island.

Illegal Use Of Joe Zopp (2008)

Joe returns to his hometown to solve his murder.

Before the Flood (2005)

In this landmark documentary, residents of the historic town of Fengjie fight forced evacuation and government corruption over the building of the world's largest dam. China's Three Gorges Dam, the largest ever-built on earth, has displaced millions of local residents whose towns and villages have been flooded. Fengjie, a city that has thrived along the Yangtze River for a thousand years, has only a few months left before being submerged completely under water. Its citizens contend with administrators and each other over the residences in 'New Fengjie', allocated via lottery and far smaller than the homes they've worked a lifetime to build. Communist collectivism gives way to individual ruthlessness, while the community battles against bureaucratic mismanagement. Shot over two years, BEFORE THE FLOOD is a breathtaking achievement in verité-style documentary filmmaking. Directors Yan Yu and Li Yifan observe the death of a city, from streets teeming with life to a ghost town echoing with the sound of sledgehammers. A real-life disaster movie, BEFORE THE FLOOD has won awards around the world and inspired Jia Zhangke's Still Life, shot in the same city. This profound film shows the human effects of one of history's grandest social engineering projects, reflecting on the loss of both home and heritage.

European Surf Journal (2013)

Photographer Peter Sterling visits 11 European countries over two years to see some of the unique surf spots on the planet.

Lecciones para un beso (2011)

When a young boy falls for a girl, three men try to help him win her heart.

The Split (1968)

When professional thief McClain (Jim Brown) returns to Los Angeles, he meets up with old flame Gladys (Julie Harris) and hatches a scheme to rob a sports arena during a sold-out game. McClain rounds up a driver (Jack Klugman), a safecracker (Warren Oates), a sharpshooter (Donald Sutherland) and some muscle (Ernest Borgnine), and the group successfully pulls off the heist. Trouble arises, however, when a dirty cop (Gene Hackman) steals the money, and the gang thinks McClain is responsible.

A Life in the Theatre (1993)

David Mamet's backstage drama follows two actors (Jack Lemmon, Matthew Broderick) working through a season of repertory plays.

The Big Land (1957)

Civil War veteran Chad Morgan (Alan Ladd) and alcoholic ex-architect Joe Jagger (Edmond O'Brien) are taken in by kindly Kansas farmer Sven (John Qualen) and his widowed daughter-in-law, Kate (Julie Bishop). To repay their kindness, Chad and Joe concoct a plan to create a market town for cattle and grain, with the help of Joe's sister, Helen (Virginia Mayo), and her railroad executive fianc (Don Castle). But the violent boss of a nearby market (Anthony Caruso) will kill to keep his monopoly.

Hopper (2011)

A mockumentary look at champion Brody Mullet and his life in the dangerous world of "Hopper Rodeo."

Gone Too Soon (2010)

Filmmaker Ian Halperin examines the life and final days of pop superstar Michael Jackson.

Monday (2006)

A 30-year-old loser has his worst day ever.

Meet The Family (2005)

The Rumps welcome home the girlfriend of their eldest son.

Savage Sam (1963)

Travis (Tommy Kirk) and Arliss Coates (Kevin Corcoran) are in charge of the family farm when their parents leave to visit their ailing grandmother. Thankfully, they have Old Yeller's son, Savage Sam, to keep them company and help them with tracking. Initially, Travis and Arliss bump heads because Travis is older and more responsible, and Arliss wants to shirk his duties. When the boys and a neighbor's daughter are taken captive by a tribe of Apaches, it is up to Savage Sam to save the day.

Hot Tamales Live (2010)

Direct from the LOL Comedy Festival in Los Angeles, Kiki Melendez presents Hot Tamales Live bringing together seven of today's hottest and funniest stand-up comedians. Also featuring Kiki Melendez' Hot Brazilian Dancers.

The Grail (2002)

Unfolding like an intricate puzzle, The Grail is a smart, comedic film that traces three interconnected stories centered around a convenience store murder and a beautiful Swedish au pair. With dialogue "you can't get enough of" (FilmCentury), a script that is "damn impressive" (Simply Scripts), and a feel that is "a little more Memento than Pulp Fiction" (, The Grail might just be the best written film that you know nothing about. We'd tell you more about writer-director Kurt Volkan's multiple award-winning debut feature but, as Christopher Null of warns, "to explain too much of the plot would ruin the fun of watching the film."

Happy Landing (1934)

(1934, Monogram) Ray Walker, William Farnum, Julie Bishop, Noah Beery, Warner Richmond. Don't let the dopey title fool you, this is a great poverty row thriller about U.S. Flying Service agents who wage war against a band of airborne smugglers. Walker does a great job as the flying hero, who at one point has to clear his name. Beery and Richmond are two of the best heavies in B-film history. Some cool flying scenes, lots of snappy dialogue, an overall minor gem that you don't want to miss. 16mm.

UFO Chronicles: You Can't Handle the Truth (2013)

Whether you believe in UFOs or not, this movie is one that will leave you with questions. Investigtive reporter Sean Morton goes behind the scenes of some of the most noted UFO cases to try to determine whether they might be authentic or not. One of the cases that he is known for is Area 51, and this is the prominent case that he explores as he tries to expose the government in a cover up of the incident.

When I Was a Human (2001)

A rescued dog gets his wish and turns into a man to win a young woman's heart.

The Art Of Dying (1991)

A police detective (Wings Hauser) tries to solve a series of slayings staged like famous Hollywood death scenes.

Tsunami (2005)

This is a slideshow of the Tsunami shot and produced by Mike Shiley, Director, Shidog Films. Video footage is a compilation of video gathered by witnesses and news outlets. Mike Shiley is an award-winning filmmaker, freelance photographer, and journalist, developing exclusive stories in Iraq for ABC World News Tonight, Nightline and Good Morning America as well as ABC affiliates KATU-Portland, OR, KMGH-Denver, CO and WFTS-Tampa, Fl.

Pivot (2010)

How different could your life be, if you just decided that it could?

Voulez-vous coucher avec God? (1972)

Experimental film featuring a groundbreaking mix of live action and animation, backed by a soundtrack of 1960s hits.

S4 (2008)

It is 1952, and Captain Maxwell Carter, USMC, is having a bad day. Waking up naked in the middle of the freezing desert, an alien device around his neck, Carter is picked up by Capt. Jake Mason, an enigmatic Air Force officer assigned to transport him to a mysterious, anonymous military test facility in a remote section of Area 51. Mason, however, offers no clarity as to the situation, and Carter's ride begins. Once ensconced in the security of the test facility, Captain Carter learns that he is part of a nightmarish experiment - he is pregnant with an alien baby! "S4" follows the gestation of the Trugollion/Human hybrid infant and its effect on Carter (his sudden ability to read minds at random, his desire to consume live birds, his emotional break downs and mimicking of the hormonal instability associated with pregnancy), and the struggle of Captain Jake Mason, the stoic foil to Carter's emotional deterioration, to maintain his charge through the care and nurturing of the military's best test subject. Faced not only with an emotionally unstable, mind reading pregnant Marine, Mason must also cope with the manipulative Colonel Thadeus Drake, a career hungry Air Force doctor - mad scientist - evil administrator who seeks to entangle Mason in his twisted plans, and "Angie", the high level alien liaison from the Trugollion Empire. 'Angie' has been stuck on Earth awaiting her replacement since 1947, and finds herself 'going native' as her attraction to Jake Mason heats up. Sent to Earth in a pleasing human female form, Angie struggles with her desire to return to her home world and her lust for Captain Mason. Shot in black and white and with a simple, one camera technique that harkens perfectly back to the 1950's heyday of "B' movies and fun sci-fi, "S4" delights audiences in theatres and on DVD, and had already developed an avid following of viewers demanding "S4-2"!

Living Your Life's Purpose with Jackee Turks (2009)

The TV Pilot for a New Inspirational Christian talk show that everybody has been raving about. The subject of this first episode is "Love Addiction". Jackee Turks talks openly to guests about the love addiction she suffered from for many years. Going from one bad relationship to another looking for a father figure. She also talks about how to Break Free from it and shares how you too can be Free from the bondage of love addiction and live a life of much purpose no matter what you have been through or what you are going through.

Ashanti: Princess Of Hip Hop/Soul (2004)

As a young girl growing up in New York, Ashanti had her heart set on entertaining. Singing and dancing in front of her family, she dreamt of one day being a star. Now, that dream has become a reality. The Hip Hop Princess has graced the cover of nearly every major magazine and won numerous awards for writing and performing her own music. She has certainly come a long way since those days of performing in the living room. Take a ride with us as we explore the life of Ashanti - how she found music, and how music found her.

My Bloody Wedding (2010)

The groom and his men must stop the demon-possessed bridal party before the entire wedding is devoured.

10th District Court (2004)

This fascinating documentary is meant to tell a tale of the human mind, and how each individual on this planet has a different way of thinking, and conjuring up information. The film focuses on the career of a female judge in the courtrooms of a turbulent Paris, France. The film portrays over 200 court hearings ranging from civil matters which harbor little to no violence, all the way to the most violent of criminals fighting to defend their names while being tried for harsher crimes. The film focuses on the human mind, drawing attention to the differences between people who are guilty from those who are innocent.

Empire Of The Apes (2013)

Three escaped female convicts must fight for their lives after they crash on a planet dominated by a race of intelligent, warlike apes.

Erik Myers: Dopeless Romantic (2013)

Erik Myers is a fast-paced, high-energy comedian with a machine gun delivery that barely gives the audience a chance to catch their breath. He began comedy twelve years ago in Baltimore, Maryland and has since been touring all over the country, exciting crowds with his unique brand of upbeat lovable humor. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the business and his crowd pleasing act is definitely a must see! This feature length stand-up comedy was shot at the historic Polk Theatre before a sold-out crowd of 1,400 people.

The Distant Drummer: Flowers of Darkness (1972)

The life of man is poor and nasty. A few plants give temporary relief: marijuana, alcohol, and opium. After a history of opium, including the 19th-century Opium Wars, we learn of the discovery of heroin; the rest of the film examines heroin trade and addiction in the U.S.

F It (2010)

Special Blend, Forum and Foursquare present F' It, their 7th team-inspired film. Starring John Jackson, Stevie Bell, Nic Sauve, Jake Welch, Niko Cioffi, Cameron Pierce, Austen Sweetin and The Youngbloods. Co-starring Peter Line, Pat Moore, Andreas Wiig and Daniel Ek. Snowboarders across the globe know that each and every season has its fill of hardships. But it's how you respond that's really going to matter. There are those who submit to Mother Nature or Murphy and his laws, but this project is dedicated to those who refuse to surrender and in the face of adversity have one solution for every problem . . . F IT! It's about having fun snowboarding with your friends.

No Highway In The Sky (1951)

Theodore Honey (James Stewart) is a mathematician charged with discovering what caused the crash of a "Reindeer" airliner. As he travels to investigate, he realizes en route that he's flying on the very same type of airplane. Convinced it will suffer a similar accident, he deliberately sabotages it once it lands, and soon finds himself defending his sanity in an English courtroom. Fortunately, a sympathetic actress (Marlene Dietrich) and a stewardess (Glynis Johns) come to his defense.

Broadway Limited (1941)

Hoping to capitalize on a publicity tour by film star April Tremaine (Marjorie Woodworth) from Chicago to Broadway, producer Ivan Ivanski (Leonid Kinskey) decides April should travel with a baby, and he orders his secretary, Patsy Riley (Patsy Kelly), to locate one. A stranger who overhears Patsy telling the plan to an engineer at the train station offers a baby for $500. But, soon after the group boards a train with the infant, news leaks out about the kidnapping of a wealthy family's baby.

The Gateway Arch: A Reflection of America (2006)

People said that it would fall and that a poorly funded project would leave the nation with a half finished monument. In the end, it would become an international symbol of the United States. It is an architectural and design masterpiece that has touched everyone who has touched it. From the individuals who worked tirelessly to champion funding, to the Steel Workers who dangled 630 feet in the air during construction, it is a triumph that will forever mark the lives of those involved with it. It is... The Gateway Arch. The Gateway Arch: A Reflection of America chronicles for the first time the complete story of this great American symbol... from Thomas Jefferson, Lewis & Clark, and St. Louis' role in westward expansion; to the eventual construction of the largest stainless steel structure in history. The film is narrated by Academy Award-winner and St. Louis native Kevin Kline and produced by Civil Pictures, producers of the international award-winning documentary The World's Greatest Fair. Extensive research was conducted at archives across the United States to produce this documentary. Over 10,000 documents and images were examined, including Eero Saarinen's private papers and earliest conceptual drawings held at Yale University. The production team spent months tracking down long lost construction footage; transferred and seen here for the first time in digital cinema. The production team conducted countless behind-the-scenes interviews and 24 on-camera interviews over the course of two years. This process brought to light information previously unknown to the general public; including the fact that engineers feared the Arch would buckle when placing the final piece resulting in a catastrophic failure. Interviews with World Trade Center Memorial architect Daniel Libeskind, New York-based architecture critic Jayne Merkel, and Eero Saarinen's daughter Susan, give new insight into the genius of Saarinen's design as well as the fact

Arcana (2013)

In a world where it's possible for "doppelgangers" to split off from a human and live separately from the original version of them, a detective named Murakami meets an amnesiac hospital patient named Maki during an investigation. He soon discovers Maki has the ability to communicate with spirits of the dead that tell her how to solve crimes. The pair teams up to stop a mass murderer and Murakami finds himself falling in love. Eventually, Maki's true nature is revealed, as well as her connection to a woman named Satsuki.

Day of Wrath (2006)

A 16th-century Spanish lawman (Christopher Lambert) investigates the gruesome murders of high-ranking nobles.

Copenhagen (2014)

While trying to track down his grandfather in Denmark, a surly Canadian (Gethin Anthony) strikes up a friendship with a teenage waitress (Frederikke Dahl Hansen) who agrees to serve as his translator and guide.

Diamond Dawgs (2009)

Rappers take the law into their own hands when thieves steal their master tapes.

Don't Go to the Reunion (2013)

Former students pay the price for a vicious prank from high school at their 10-year reunion.

Blume in Love (1973)

A California lawyer (George Segal) tries to win back his ex-wife (Susan Anspach) from her lazy live-in boyfriend (Kris Kristofferson).

Splash Area (2012)

Halloween night. A gang of killer clowns are on the rampage and after seeing their friend mutilated by them, three friends decide to go above the law in a bid to stop the red nosed crazies. Following them to an old asylum, they soon become the hunted in this fun house of blood and guts, fighting for survival against muscle, madness and chainsaws... Putting a spin on the usual 'teens vs killers' flick, Splash Area delivers a grindhouse horror with a cast of fresh faces, plenty of action and enough black comedy to keep everyone happy! "Messy, funny, sick and gore filled, Splash Area is every clown haters worst nightmare." -

Wyclef Jean: All Star Jam at Carnegie Hall (2004)

Multi-platinum award winning superstar Wyclef Jean welcomes an all star gathering to New York City's legendary Carnegie Hall for the first annual Clef's Kids concert in aid of the Wyclef Jean Foundation for inner city youth musical education. Backed by a dazzlingly talented array of teenaged Clef's Kids musicians, the show is fronted by Wyclef Jean and features guest appearances from a stellar line up of guests including Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, Destiny's Child, Macy Gray, Marc Anthony, Charlotte Church, Third World and Mary J Blige. Wyclef Jean was born in Haiti and brought up in New York. He first found fame as a member of The Fugees, with whom he enjoyed global success, before embarking on an eclectic solo career which has maintained his profile at the highest level. Outspoken on many social issues he has worked tirelessly for a number of charities and in 1998 founded the Wyclef Jean Foundation with the specific aim of bringing musical education to deprived youngsters. This concert is ample proof of the fantastic work the Foundation has done.

The McMasters (1970)

An Indian (David Carradine) and his tribe help a rancher (Burl Ives) and a former slave (Brock Peters) fight outlaws after the Civil War.

The American West of John Ford (1971)

The Great American West of John Ford is a documentary about John Ford's western movies and his influence on Hollywood westerns. Narrated by John Wayne, Henry Fonda, and James Stewart, this 52 minute documents interviews dozens of actors and actresses as to what it was like working with director John Ford. There are also scenes from many of his award-winning movies.

My Way to Olympia (2013)

Filmmaker Niko von Glasow travels the world to meet Paralympic competitors.

Moody Blues - Live at Montreux 1991 (2005)

The Moody Blues were formed in Birmingham in the early sixties and were immediately successful, going to No.1 with their second single Go Now. As the sixties progressed their music evolved into a more lush, psychedelic sound and with the arrival of Justin Hayward and John Lodge the classic line up came together and produced the masterpiece Days Of Future Passed, which contained their classic hit single Nights In White Satin and Tuesday Afternoon. This propelled the band to a new level of success which they have sustained ever since. This show from July 1991 is the band's only Montreux appearance to date. With a line up including John Lodge, Justin Hayward, Ray Thomas and Graeme Edge they made it a very special night with inspired performances of classics such as Gemini Dream, Question, Isn't Life Strange, I'm Just A Singer (In A Rock And Roll Band), Your Wildest Dreams and of course Nights In White Satin.

Twenty Five Hundred & One (2009)

Like countless villages across the globe, the pueblo where Oaxacan artist Alejandro Santiago was born is only grandparents and children, the adults gone, victims of globalization seeking jobs in other countries. To focus attention on this crucial issue, Alejandro devoted six years of his life sculpting 2,501 life size figures to honor his pueblo's "lost souls." His "migrantes" hauntingly portray issues we must confront. Grand Prize - San Antonio Film Festival Best Documentary - Sacramento and Reel HeART International Film Festivals

A Way We Go (2002)

A Way We Go. That's the name of the game. Our 2013 full length film. Number twelve in a row. A film about snowboarding, friendship and adventure. This year's film documents the season of Alex Tank, DBK, Stephan Maurer, Wojtek Pawlusiak and Ludde Lejkner, on their journey through the world and their home countries in search of the best snow, the best spots and most of all: The best times! They are joined by the usual suspects Marco Smolla, Fips and Tobi Strauss and there are a bunch of cameo appearances by many other homies, new and old. This film will give you more insight on what goes on during our trips to far away places and there will still be more snowboard action than you can shake a stick at. We hope you'll love it. Because Isenseven loves you!

Tarka the Otter (1979)

The life of a mischievous otter is traced from his birth to his epic battle with the leader of a hound pack.

Myth of Father (2001)

Myth of Father is a documentary that follows a son trying to come to terms with the fact that his father is assuming a new gender as a transexual woman named Jodie. As his father becomes more and more feminine the author struggles to cope. The film explores the how the film maker dealt with questions from family members and co-workers , as well as questions that he had in his own mind. The author sometimes wonders if he still has a father, or simply a new person in his life that he does not know at all.

Children of the Wind (2013)

Two brothers and their cousin go from humble fishing families on a Caribbean island to three of the world's best windsurfers.

The Yellow Wallpaper (2012)

After their house is destroyed in a fire, Charlotte and John decide to rent a house in the country. They are hoping for peace and quiet, a chance to start over and put the trauma of recent events behind them. As Charlotte begins to see terrifying visions in the country house, she begins to spend time in the attic, withdrawing from her husband and losing herself in a dream world.

Jesse (2011)

Nassau County, New York Police detective Jesse turns vigilante as she investigates her brother's murder and enters into a world of crime, corruption, and shocking deception.

Girl from Rio (1939)

A newsman (Warren Hull) helps a Brazilian singer (Movita) get her brother out of trouble in New York.

Alfred Hitchcock: Master of Suspense (2013)

This is a wonderful and revealing film about famed horror and suspense director Alfred Hitchcock. You'll see behind-the-scenes of some of his most famous films including Psycho, Rear Window, Dial M for Murder, Vertigo and many more! Containing interviews, unique production shorts, trailers, film clips, news segments, and more, this collection offers a rare look into the life and times of this man who became a Hollywood legend and the undisputed Master of Suspense!

Punk Revolution NYC: The Velvet Underground, The New York Dolls And The CBGBs Set (2012)

The history of the New York punk movement from the VU years through the Dolls reign.

Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders (1996)

Adults remain unconvinced when the famous wizard appears in the 20th century to dazzle a modern-day audience.

Zombie Beach (2010)

The undead tread among the living.

Legend of the Chupacabra (2000)

Maria tracks down the thing that killed her uncle.

Bailout at 43,000 (1957)

An Air Force major resents being relieved from making the first dangerous test of a B-47 automatic ejection seat.

The March Sisters At Christmas (2012)

Four sisters (Julie Marie Berman, Melissa Farman, Kaitlin Doubleday) fight to save the family home during the holidays.

The Black Mountain Madman (2010)

In the early 1990's the DEA and local law-enforcement began a statewide crack down on hundreds of marijuana fields hidden in the forests of Oregon. Although rigged with bobby-traps and carefully concealed in the backwoods of several national parks the DEA was able to locate and shutdown all but a handful of the fields. It was just shortly after these events that a legend was born in the surrounding county of the Black Mountain State Park. Hikers enjoying the trails of the Black Mountain Park started disappearing, never to be found. Potheads looking for the remnants of the marijuana fields would venture into the woods and never come out. Some of the locals reported sightings of two men who would later come to be known as the Black Mountain Madman and his unholy servant Pillowcase... they call him that on account of he wears a pillowcase on his head. This local legend is the reason that brought five friends to the Black Mountain National Park. Disbelieving the legend as a scary story told over a beer by the locals, Jeff and his best friend Eddy, decide that instead camping at their usual site, this year they would try something different. Looking to relive some of their childhood campouts with scary stories around the campfire at night and hiking during the day they plan to camp in the very woods the stories talk about. Unfortunately their trip turns into their worst nightmare when they are terrorized by none other than the sadistic cannibal hillbillies, Madman and Pillowcase.

Not Yet Begun to Fight (2012)

Retired Marine Colonel Eric Hastings remembers flight missions 'high above the death and destruction' in Vietnam. From the cockpit, he traced meandering ribbons that cut through the jungle. He recognized the shapes of the trout streams of home. Every night, he dreamed about fly-fishing. When he returned home to Montana in 1969, to a nation decades from diagnosing PTSD, he went to the water. He tied a fly onto a line and cast. The river, he says, healed him. For months, Captain Blake Smith lived in a delirious purgatory. Certain that he died when his helicopter fell nine hundred feet from the black of night in Helmand Province, he navigated frightening hallucinations. When he finally woke in the Bethesda Naval Hospital, he faced another nightmare: amputation, paraplegia and shame. Navy Seal Elliot Miller was blown up twice. He can't walk. He can't speak. But he still wants to be a dad. Sergeant Mark Hupp has disassembled hundreds of bombs. His injury is invisible. The only view of humanity he can conjure is 'vile and cruel.' NOT YET BEGUN TO FIGHT offers an intimate and compelling view of the human cost of war, as the Colonel reaches out to five men, a new generation returning from combat. He brings them to the river and shares his secret: there are places where you can still be consumed by a simple act, find joy in a fight, and be redeemed as you gently release another creature, unharmed, into quiet waters.

Debra Digiovanni: Single, Awkward, Female (2011)

Debra is a comedy star who is moving up in the world. She has been selling out many venues where she performs and has won a few awards. Her latest film is about dating and her views on love presented in a way that only she can get across.

Metamorphosis (2012)

Harry Houdini, the world's greatest escape artist, was unable to find his way out of the one trap that stands before all mankind - Death. Tragically he understood the one key that allows any man to break free from death and find life everlasting. In this dramatic illustrated message, Daniel recreates Houdini's most famous escape act and shares how Metamorphosis parallels the life of the believer.

Latter-Day Night Biscuit (2005)

Stand-up comedian Johnny Biscuit stars in this feature-length comedy film, bringing his trademark wit and searing insight to LDS culture!The Biscuit riffs on everything from handcarts to handicrafts to everyday oddities found in Mormon culture.Replete with laugh-out-loud moments, Latter-day Night Biscuit will leave you in stitches!

The Girl from Missouri (1934)

Leaving Missouri to find a wealthy husband in New York City, Eadie Chapman (Jean Harlow) becomes a chorus girl and soon entertains at the lavish home of millionaire Frank Cousins (Lewis Stone). Cousins proposes to Eadie, only to then commit suicide due to bankruptcy. Fellow millionaire T. R. Paige (Lionel Barrymore) defends Eadie when the police question her for having Cousins' jewelry -- but when she becomes enamored with his son, Tom (Franchot Tone), Paige declares Eadie a gold digger.

Shotgun Love (2011)

A love-struck actor (Chang Jun Lim) is tricked into thinking he got his co-star pregnant.

Ogre (2008)

Teenage hikers find a town stuck in the 1800s where no one ages thanks to ritual sacrifices offered to the ogre that rules over them.

Idaho (1943)

When the esteemed Judge John Grey (Harry Shannon) finds himself on trial for the robbery of a local bank, singing cowboy Roy Rogers (Roy Rogers) comes to his friend's aid. Rogers suspects a frame-up, and the trail of clues leads directly to the crafty Belle Bonner (Ona Munson), a woman whose disreputable saloon has recently sparked the judge's ire. To clear Grey's name, Rogers must convince the townspeople of his innocence -- and face off against Belle and her gunslinging henchmen.

Steel of Fire Warriors 2010 A.D. (2008)

"First the world was normal, everyone was happy. Then, the apocalypse happened and everything changed. Politics failed. Civilization fell into disarray. Out of the muck of this primordial devastation rose the hideous, deformed and evil Mutantzoids destroying everything in sight with their horrible mutant powers and appearances. None would stand in their swath of destruction, with the possible execption of... STEEL OF FIRE WARRIORS 2010 A.D.!" Thus begins the most hilarious no-budget, post-apoclyptic sci-fi/fantasy/action/adventure/comedy epic ever made. Kevin Clarke and Travis Vogt star as Kevin and Travis, two Steel of Fire Warriors who must fight against the evil Lord Gilgazorg and his Mutantzoid horde, in order to regain peace in New World. Along the way they are joined in their battles by many strange allies including a robot, a magical "Waracle", a weird little monster, "shadow people", and even A Girl!

Memories Of Me (1988)

Abbie (Billy Crystal), a successful New York surgeon, has a heart attack and realizes he should reconnect with his father, Abe (Alan King), before it is too late. With his fiancée, Lisa (JoBeth Williams), he flies to Los Angeles, where Abe has made a career for himself as a film and television extra. Moreover, Abe regards his fellow background players as family, and they look up to him as their elder statesman. Abbie finds he must compete with Hollywood's unknowns for his father's attention.

Combat (2006)

"Combat" is the tale of two young men, both deeply in love, who can only express their feelings through acts of physical violence committed upon each other. Full moons and lush forests frame this deeply felt and moving love story between two beautiful, youthful men. In its entirety, "Combat" leaves the viewer with a sense of wonder and awe while contemplating the true meaning of love.

Extinction: Patient Zero (2014)

A group of scientists trapped in a safe room have a limited time to discover if they've been infected by a deadly virus and whether they can escape or face the exposure protocols that have been activated.

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band - London Calling Live in Hyde Park (2009)

Captured in London at the Hard Rock Calling Festival on June 28, 2009 in HD, the 172-minute film documents 27 tracks of live Springsteen that begin in daylight and progress through a gorgeous sunset into night.

A Breath Of Scandal (1960)

A Pittsburgh mining engineer (John Gavin) keeps an Austrian princess (Sophia Loren) from the Prussian prince her father (Maurice Chevalier) favors.

Deep Sleep (2013)

After murdering a woman, a killer that is traumatized from his childhood memories, gets a mysterious envelope slipped under his door. The hunter becomes the prey when he finds out that the envelope contains photos that show him killing the young woman. Filmed in the style of Italian giallo films. In Italian with English subtitles.

Homesick: Living With Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (2013)

People living with multiple chemical sensitivities search for a home that does not make them sick.

Angelique and the King (1966)

King Louis XIV asks Angelique to undertake a mission concerning the Persian ambassador. She eventually agrees. The diplomat soon falls in love with her and when she resists, takes her into captivity.

Nowhere in Particular (2011)

An American man goes to Ireland to recover from a broken heart.

Asad (2012)

A Somali boy tries his hand at fishing and lands an impressive first catch.