Floating (1997)

Floating is a 1997 American drama film starring Norman Reedus.

A Gun in Each Hand (2012)

A Gun in Each Hand (Spanish: Una pistola en cada mano) is a 2013 Spanish comedy film directed by Cesc Gay.

Adrift (2009)

From Focus Features, the premiere global brand in original and daring cinema, comes Focus World. Charged with finding the most exciting new voices in international and independent film, Focus World is proud to bring you Adrift, the sexy new thriller produced by Fernando Meirelles, Oscar®-nominated director of City of God and Focus' Oscar®-winning The Constant Gardener. Adrift is written and directed by Heitor Dhalia. While spending summer vacation with her family on the idyllic southeast coast of Brazil, fourteen-year-old Filipa (newcomer Laura Neiva) discovers that her father (Vincent Cassel of Black Swan), a famous author, is betraying her mother by dallying with a beautiful young American woman (Camilla Belle of From Prada To Nada). Wrestling with the truth, Filipa will soon discover that her father's infidelity is only the first of many dark secrets that lurk beneath the surface of her seemingly perfect family…

Rampo Noir (2005)

Stunning visuals frame this adaptation of the short stories of Edogawa Rampo, often referred to as the Japanese Edgar Allen Poe, starring an ensemble cast lead by the versatile Asano Tadanobu and Ryuhei Matsuda.

Woman of Tokyo (1933)

Woman of Tokyo (東京の女, Tokyo no Onna) is a 1933 Japanese film directed by Yasujirō Ozu. The film's working title was Her Case, For Example (例えば彼女の場合 Tatoeba kanojo no baai) The film tells of a student whose sister supports his studies by moonlighting as a translator. When he hears that, in reality, she is working as a hostess in a seedy dance-hall, he is devastated.

The Crooked Web (1955)

The Crooked Web is a 1955 film directed by Nathan Juran. It stars Frank Lovejoy, Mari Blanchard and Richard Denning.

The County Chairman (1935)

The County Chairman is a 1935 comedy film directed by John G. Blystone and starring Will Rogers, based on the 1903 play of the same name.

A Lady in Paris (2012)

Anne (Laine Mgi) leaves Estonia to care for Frida in Paris. Anne realizes Frida (Jeanne Moreau) does not want her there -- all Frida wants is the attention of Stephane (Patrick Pineau), her younger lover from years before.

Stars Over Texas (1946)

Stars Over Texas is a 1946 American film directed by Robert Emmett Tansey.

Wet Asphalt (1958)

Nasser Asphalt (Wet Asphalt) is a 1958 West-German thriller starring Horst Buchholz and featuring Gert Fröbe, written by Will Tremper and directed by Frank Wisbar.

Billy Owens And The Secret Of The Runes (2010)

Bill Owens and the Secret of the Runes is a 2010 fantasy film, a sequel to The Mystical Adventures of Billy Owens. The low-budget film was produced as a mockbuster, capitalizing on the success of Harry Potter film series The film follows the adventures of Billy Owens and his friends Mandy and Devin, as they attempt to save the town of Spirit River from the curse of the Norse God Loki.

The Man In The Iron Mask (1977)

Dumas' classic about good and evil twin brothers: the imprisoned man in the hideous iron mask and his foppish, elegant twin brother, King Louis XIV of France. The man encased in the mask is Philippe, assumed dead, twin to the king who, though the rightful heir to the throne, was spirited into obscurity from birth for political motives. His destiny is to assume the throne in place of his brother, Louis, who is manipulated by Fouquet. Captain of musketeers, D'Artagnan and Colbert, the King's minister for home affairs, plan to restore the wilting fortunes of the throne by substituting Philippe for the King. The plan succeeds and Phillippe assumes the throne while his brother is condemned to encasement in the mask of iron.

Bell-Bottom George (1944)

Bell-Bottom George is a 1943 black and white British comedy musical film, directed by Marcel Varnel, starring George Formby and Anne Firth. A wartime morale buster, it features the songs, "Swim Little Fish", "It Serves You Right", "If I Had A Girl Like You" and "Bell Bottom George." Future Carry On star Charles Hawtrey appears in a small role.

Four Men and a Prayer (1938)

Four Men and a Prayer is a 1938 American adventure film directed by John Ford and starring Loretta Young, Richard Greene and George Sanders.

Bad Girl (2012)

Bad Girl (original title: Mauvaise Fille) is a 2012 French drama film directed by Patrick Mille.

So Goes My Love (1946)

So Goes My Love (released as A Genius in the Family in the UK) is an American 1946 comedy film, produced by Universal Pictures. It is based on a true story, A Genius in the Family, the memoir of Hiram Percy Maxim, and focusing on the relationship between Maxim and his father, Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim. The film was Myrna Loy's first starring role as a freelance artist following her departure from M-G-M.

Dynamite (1949)

Dynamite is a 1949 American film noir drama film directed by William H. Pine and written by Milton Raison. The film stars William Gargan, Virginia Welles, Richard Crane, Irving Bacon, Mary Newton and Frank Ferguson. The film was released on January 18, 1949, by Paramount Pictures.

Old Bill and Son (1941)

Old Bill and Son is a 1941 British black-and-white comedy war film directed by Ian Dalrymple and starring Morland Graham, John Mills, Mary Clare and Ronald Shiner as Herbert 'Bert' Smith. It is executive produced by Alexander Korda for Legeran Films.

Al Jennings of Oklahoma (1951)

Al Jennings of Oklahoma is a 1951 American Technicolor Western film directed by Ray Nazarro and starring Dan Duryea and Gale Storm. It is based on the story of Al Jennings, a former train robber turned attorney.

21 Days Together (1940)

21 Days (a.k.a. 21 Days Together, The First and the Last and Three Weeks Together) is a 1940 British drama film based on the short play The First and the Last by John Galsworthy. It was directed by Basil Dean and stars Vivien Leigh, Laurence Olivier and Leslie Banks. The film was renamed as 21 Days Together for the US market.

This Angry Age (1957)

This Angry Age (also known as The Sea Wall, Barrage contre le Pacifique and La diga sul Pacifico) is a 1958 drama film directed by René Clément and produced by Dino De Laurentiis. It is an adaptation of Marguerite Duras' 1950 novel, The Sea Wall. The film stars Anthony Perkins and Silvana Mangano. The original novel was adapted again in 2008 by Rithy Panh as The Sea Wall, starring Isabelle Huppert.

Sin Takes a Holiday (1930)

Sin Takes a Holiday is a 1930 American pre-Code romantic comedy film, directed by Paul L. Stein, from a screenplay by Horace Jackson, based on a story by Robert Milton and Dorothy Cairns. It starred Constance Bennett, Kenneth MacKenna, and Basil Rathbone. Originally produced by Pathé Exchange and released in 1930, it was part of the takeover package when RKO Pictures acquired Pathe that year; it was re-released by RKO in 1931.

Yesterday's Hero (1979)

Yesterday's Hero is a 1979 British film starring Ian McShane, Suzanne Somers (in her film debut), Adam Faith, Paul Nicholas and Cary Elwes (in his film debut). It also features Glynis Barber and Emma Samms in their early performances. The story of an alcoholic ex-footballer attempting a comeback with the Saints who are owned by a wealthy pop star. When a striker gets injured, Turner (McShane) is signed by the third division team and helps to get them to Wembley where they play 'Leicester Forest' in the final. But can he stop drinking and make it to the final?. The screenplay was written by novelist Jackie Collins, but was an original work and not based on one of her books. Though it bears a striking resemblance to the life of the former player George Best, the film is not biographical. The cup final at Wembley uses footage from the Southampton v Nottingham Forest league Cup Final. The film is currently being shown by TalkingPictures TV (Sky 343 Freeview 81)

The Girl (1996)

A dying woman brings her daughter, Hannah, to live with the man who fathered her -- and the man's bitter and vindictive wife.

Ferocious (2013)

Amanda Crew stars as Leigh Parrish, a successful actress on a trip home to visit her small town roots. While dodging the careful eye of her manager (Dustin Milligan), Leigh steps out from the lights and cameras and into the shadows of her old life, confronting her unsavory past and ex-employer, Maurice (Kim Coates).

Desert of Lost Men (1951)

Desert of Lost Men is a 1951 American western film directed by Harry Keller and starring Allan Lane, Mary Ellen Kay and Irving Bacon. The film's art direction was by Frank Arrigo.

Zion and His Brother (2009)

Zion and His Brother is a 2009 French-Israeli drama film starring Reuven Badalov and Ronit Elkabetz. The film, directed by Eran Merav premiered on 17 January 2009 at the Sundance Film Festival.

What Became of Jack and Jill? (1972)

What Became of Jack and Jill? is a 1972 British horror movie.

A Shot in the Dark (1935)

A Shot in the Dark is a 1935 American mystery film directed by Charles Lamont.

Hit & Stay (2013)

Hit & Stay is a 2013 documentary directed by Joe Tropea and Skizz Cyzyk. It looks at the actions of The Catonsville Nine and The Baltimore Four taken in protest of The Vietnam War, and the influence of these actions and the activists behind them on subsequent progressive political protests. The press labeled this group "the Catholic Left." The film contains interviews with many of the activists who took part in these actions, as well some of the F.B.I. agents who monitored them. It also contains contemporary commentary on the influence of these actions from such names as Bill Ayers, Noam Chomsky, Ramsey Clark, Amy Goodman, Howard Zinn, and Laura Whitehorn. Hit & Stay premiered at The 2013 Chicago Underground Film Festival, where it won the Audience Award. It made its Baltimore premiere at the Maryland Film Festival. The documentary made its premiere in the South at the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival where it won the Best Documentary Feature award.

Extreme Justice (1993)

When a detective is suspended from the police force because of his use of excessive force, he is recruited by an old buddy to join an elite squad of the police. This special group believes in talking the law into their own hands.

Stand Up and Cheer! (1934)

Stand Up and Cheer! is a 1934 American musical film directed by Hamilton MacFadden. The screenplay by Lew Brown and Ralph Spence was based upon a story idea by Will Rogers and Philip Klein. The film is about efforts undertaken during the Great Depression to boost the morale of the country. It is essentially a vehicle for a string of vaudeville acts and a few musical numbers. This film is best known for providing the first big breakthrough role for legendary child actress Shirley Temple. A little known bit player prior to this movie, by the end of the year, she would appear in 10 movies, including 4 starring roles in major feature-length films.

Ginostra (2002)

Ginostra is 2002 crime fiction film written and directed by Manuel Pradal, starring Harvey Keitel (Matt Benson), Andie MacDowell (Jessie). The story is about an FBI officer (Harvey Keitel) investigating the murder of a would-be informant, attempts to contact the only person who knows the truth behind the killings - the dead man's eleven-year-old son. As the film opens, we learn that Benson, a New Yorker, has been entrusted with protecting the 11-year-old boy. The style of the film is intentionally ambiguous, and details about only obtained through the dialogue between the main characters, in many cases, in a way that only makes sense once later scenes are viewed. The boy, as is revealed later, is with Benson because his father had appealed for protection from the authorities in return for his testimony against a local mobster, Manzella. The title of the film refers to the location of the main characters, who live on an island that is remote enough from the mainland that fresh water must be shipped in. Also on the island is a mysterious convent of nuns who make a living producing what appears to be wine and food seasonings, mainly using the local plants. The convent is located high in the mountains, and takes its heat from the active volcano on the island. Benson finds that his efforts to get the child to talk to him about the murder of his father, who was to be under protection at the time that he was killed (the plot does not reveal when the killing took place) are frustrated by the boy's strong desire to exact his own revenge. From the actions of Manzella and others, it becomes apparent that the boy was either present when his father was killed, or knows details relevant to the murder. Much of the story revolves around a cat-and-mouse style chase between Manzella and the boy. All the while, Benson must deal with the local police, who have themselves been infiltrated by Manzella's organization (this, we learn, was how the boy's father was betrayed). Romantic tension in the story is provided by Andie MacDowell's character, Jessie. She has come to stay on the island with Benson, and their young daughter. Because of the secretive nature of the case, however, there is very little that Benson can reveal to Jessie about their reason for being in Italy, and this begins to place a strain on their marriage. Jessie regards the boy as her own, and attempts to find things to occupy his time while her husband and the local police are investigating Manzella. About midway through the story, we learn from the local detective, Giovanni Gigli, that the authorities are powerless to arrest Manzella, because he has the sympathy of those in the community of Naples, and it would be too dangerous to simply arrive in daylight with a warrant.

Puss 'N Boots Travels Around the World (1976)

Puss 'n Boots accepts a challenge from the villainous Rumblehog to travel around the globe in 80 days.

Tell It to the Marines (1927)

“Lon Chaney is superb” (Leonard Maltin) as the hard-boiled sergeant with a heart of gold in this two-fisted tale of Marine Corps life, costarring William Haines and Eleanor Boardman. When Skeet Burns (Haines) joins the U.S. Marines, he winds up under Sergeant O’Hara (Chaney), the toughest leatherneck in the Corps., and both men fall for Navy nurse Norma Dale (Boardman). When they’re stationed in the Philippines, Skeet’s dalliance with a native girl (Carmel Myers) tips the scale in O’Hara’s favor. Reassigned to China, the two must put their differences aside when they’re ordered to Hangchow to rescue Norma and the nurses from a bandit leader (Warner Oland), whose gang has invaded the city. The first film made with the full cooperation of the Corps, Tell It to the Marines was Chaney’s highest-grossing picture at MGM. His performance earned him the title of Honorary Marine, the first actor to receive it.

Found Alive (1933)

A divorcee (Barbara Bedford) takes her son (Maurice Murphy) from her husband (Robert Frazer) and flees with her butler to the Mexican jungle.

Tiembla y Titubea (1930)

After finding a wallet, Stan and Ollie treat a policeman to dinner.

NN (2014)

NN is a 2014 Peruvian drama film directed by Héctor Gálvez. The film was selected as the Peruvian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th Academy Awards but it was not nominated.

Old No. 587: The Great Train Robbery (2000)

A group of quick-witted children enlists the help of a retired railroad engineer in saving an old steam locomotive from certain destruction.

Masterson Of Kansas (1954)

Masterson of Kansas is a Technicolor 1954 Western directed by William Castle and starring George Montgomery as Bat Masterson and Nancy Gates.

Bashing (2005)

Bashing is a 2005 film by Masahiro Kobayashi. It premiered at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival where it was nominated for the Palme d'Or. Bashing went on to win special jury award at the Fajr Film Festival and won grand prize at Tokyo FILMeX.

The Dakota Kid (1951)

The Dakota Kid is a 1951 American western film directed by Philip Ford and starring Michael Chapin, Eilene Janssen and James Bell. The film's sets were designed by the art director Frank Hotaling.

My Dog Rusty (1948)

My Dog Rusty is a 1948 American drama film directed by Lew Landers and starring Ted Donaldson, John Litel and Ann Doran. It was part of the Rusty series of films produced by Columbia Pictures.

Triggerman (1948)

A Wells Fargo agent uncovers a plot to steal a pretty rancher's spread.

No, No, Nanette (1930)

No, No, Nanette is a 1930 American pre-Code musical comedy film with Technicolor sequences produced and released by First National Pictures. It was adapted from the play of the same title by Otto A. Harbach and Frank Mandel. No, No, Nanette was a popular show on Broadway, running for 321 performances, and was produced and directed by Harry Frazee.

Turning April (1996)

Kidnapped by thieves, an Australian housewife (Tushka Bergen) falls for one (Aaron Blabey) and joins their ranks.

Beyond the Stars (1989)

Beyond the Stars is a 1989 drama film written and directed by David Saperstein and starred Martin Sheen, Christian Slater, Sharon Stone, Olivia d'Abo and F. Murray Abraham. This science fiction drama centers on Eric, teenage son of a computer scientist who worked for the Apollo program which sent the first humans to the moon. Eric, determined to become an astronaut himself one day, befriends Paul Andrews, the thirteenth man on the moon. Paul is avoided by other astronauts nowadays because he was very rude and rebuffing when he returned from space. Eric slowly learns that Paul discovered something during his excursion on the moon that he keeps as a secret. The movie was filmed in and around Huntsville, Alabama and the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, and outside of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Newark Ave. (2015)

In 1981, undercover FBI agents staking out high profile mafia figures in New Jersey disappear after viewing surveillance footage. Decades later, the footage resurfaces, and investigators hope it will shed light on the mystery.

Complicity (2000)

Complicity (or Retribution in the US market) is a 2000 film based on the novel Complicity by Iain Banks. The screenplay was written by Bryan Elsley. It was directed by Gavin Millar. These two had previously adapted Banks's The Crow Road into a TV serial. Scenes were filmed in Edinburgh and the Firth of Forth (particularly Inverkeithing, South Queensferry, and Inchmickery), and in Dunning, Glenturret, Kippen, Lochgoilhead, Lochailort, Glen Coe, and on Rannoch Moor. One scene from the film was set in the Snaffle Bit bar in Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, where actual bar staff and customers were used.

The Toy That Saved Christmas (1996)

A toy searches for the true meaning of Christmas.

Visions Of Murder (1993)

Visions of Murder is a 1993 American made-for-television psychological thriller film directed by Michael Ray Rhodes and starring Barbara Eden and James Brolin. The film was based on a teleplay written by Julie Moskowitz and Gary Stephens and was shot on location in San Francisco, California and San Jose, California. It premiered as a presentation of NBC Friday Night at the Movies on May 7, 1993.

Colorado Sunset (1939)

Colorado Sunset is a 1939 American Western film directed by George Sherman and starring Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette, and June Storey. Written by Betty Burbridge and Stanley Roberts, based on a story by Luci Ward and Jack Natteford, the film is about a singing cowboy and his buddies who discover that the ranch they bought is really a dairy farm—and worse, it's subject to intimidation from a protection racket that prevents dairy products from safely reaching the market.

Hiroshima: Out of the Ashes (1990)

Hiroshima: Out of the Ashes is a 1990 American made-for-television historical war drama film about the Atomic bombings of Hiroshima. It was nominated for 2 Primetime Emmy Awards and other awards. Hiroshima: Out of the Ashes was directed by Peter Werner.

Shadows on the Range (1946)

Shadows on the Range is a 1946 American Western film directed by Lambert Hillyer and written by Adele Buffington. The film stars Johnny Mack Brown, Raymond Hatton, Jan Bryant, Jack Perrin, John Merton and Marshall Reed. The film was released on October 16, 1946, by Monogram Pictures.

Shadows in the Night (1944)

Shadows in the Night is a 1944 American mystery film directed by Eugene Forde and starring Warner Baxter, Nina Foch and George Zucco. It is part of the Crime Doctor series of films made by Columbia Pictures. It is also known by the alternative title of Crime Doctor's Rendezvous.

Possessed (2000)

Possessed is a 2000 Showtime original film starring Timothy Dalton, based on events appearing in the book Possessed by Thomas B. Allen, which was inspired by the exorcism case of Roland Doe.

Die Frau, Die Sich Traut (2013)

Beate, a former top swimmer for Germany now in her 50s, receives devastating news on her health and prepares to live out her dream of swimming the channel.

The Whispering Skull (1944)

The Whispering Skull is a 1944 American Western film directed by Elmer Clifton and written by Harry L. Fraser. The film stars Tex Ritter, Dave O'Brien, Guy Wilkerson, Denny Burke, I. Stanford Jolley and Henry Hall. The film was released on December 29, 1944, by Producers Releasing Corporation.

American Samurai (1992)

American Samurai is a martial-arts action film, starring David Bradley and Mark Dacascos and produced by Cannon Films. The movie was filmed in Turkey and released in the U.S. in 1992. This movie represents the first major role for actor Mark Alan Dacascos.

Pound (1970)

Pound is a 1970 film directed and written by Robert Downey Sr. It was based on The Comeuppance, an Off-Off Broadway play written by Downey in 1961. It is about several dogs, along with a Siamese cat and a penguin, at a pound, as they await being euthanised; the animals are played by human actors. It was the film debut of Robert Downey Jr., the director's 5-year-old son, as a puppy.

The Judge Steps Out (1947)

The Judge Steps Out is a 1949 American comedy film directed by Boris Ingster and written by Boris Ingster and Alexander Knox. The film stars Alexander Knox, Ann Sothern, George Tobias, Sharyn Moffett, Florence Bates, Frieda Inescort and Myrna Dell. The film was completed in March 1947, but RKO held up its American release until June 11, 1949, by RKO Pictures. The film was retitled Índian Summer in Great Britain and the Commonwealth.

Indian (1996)

Indian is a 1996 Indian Tamil vigilante film directed by Shankar and produced by A. M. Rathnam. The film stars Kamal Haasan in dual roles with Manisha Koirala, Urmila Matondkar, Sukanya and Goundamani appearing in other pivotal roles. The film's score and soundtrack are composed by A. R. Rahman, while cinematography was handled by Jeeva. The film focuses on an ex-freedom fighter turned vigilante bent on rooting out corruption and his son, who is at the other end of the spectrum by facilitating corrupt practices leading to unfortunate events. The film opened to positive reviews from critics on the way to becoming a commercial blockbuster in the Tamil film industry. Indian was selected by India as its entry for the Best Foreign Language Film for the Academy Awards in 1996, but was not nominated. The film also went on to win three National Film Awards including that of Best Actor for Kamal Haasan's portrayal, while his performance also saw him win at the Filmfare Awards and the Tamil Nadu State Film Awards. The film was dubbed and released in Hindi as Hindustani with a few scenes reshot and also in Telugu as Bharatheeyudu. It was also the highest grossing Tamil film upon its release, until surpassed by Padayappa, three years later.

Breaking A Monster (2015)

Breaking A Monster begins as the three members of band, Unlocking The Truth, are all in 7th grade, spending their weekends playing a blend of heavy metal and speed punk in Times Square - often drawing substantial crowds.  They take on a manager: a 70- year-old industry veteran.  With his guidance they are soon on their way to a 1.8 million dollar record deal and a precarious initiation into the music industry.

The Arms Drop (2014)

Peter Bleach, a British arms dealer, searches for the agent who lied in court when he was on trial in India for giving West Bengal rebels weapons.

Texas Wildcats (1939)

Texas Wildcats is a 1939 Western film starring Tim McCoy.

Mafia (1968)

The Day of the Owl (Italian: Il giorno della civetta) (also known as Mafia) is a 1968 Italian mafia crime thriller film directed by Damiano Damiani. Inspired by Leonardo Sciascia's novel with same title, it stars Claudia Cardinale and Franco Nero. It was released in USA in 1970. The film was entered into the 18th Berlin International Film Festival.

Nauker (1979)

Nauker, is a 1979 Indian Hindi film, directed by Ismail Memon. The movie is perhaps best remembered for Jaya Bhaduri's performance as the servant Geeta. This role earned her third Filmfare Award for Best Actress.

Bangkok Haunted (2001)

Bangkok Haunted is a 2001 Thai horror film compilation, directed by Oxide Pang and Pisut Praesangeam. It is a trio of ghost stories, as told by three people sitting around in a darkened Bangkok bar.

Goodbye, New York (1985)

Goodbye, New York is a 1985 Israeli-American comedy-drama produced, directed and written by Amos Kollek, who also co-stars in his directorial debut.

Dance Charlie Dance (1937)

Dance Charlie Dance is a 1937 American comedy film directed by Frank McDonald and written by Crane Wilbur and William Jacobs. The film stars Stuart Erwin, Jean Muir and Glenda Farrell. The film was released by Warner Bros. in August 14, 1937. A stage-struck rural heir is tricked into financing a bad play. But the play turn out to be a hit and problems arise when he is sued for plagiarism.

Super Speedway (1997)

Super Speedway is a 1997 documentary racing film chronicling one man's quest to get his new Champ Car Lola chassis up to speed, and another's goal of rebuilding an old 1964 roadster once driven by the legendary Mario Andretti. The film was directed by renowned IMAX director Stephen Low and produced by Pietro Serapiglia. It was narrated by Paul Newman (who was himself an avid racer and co-owner of Newman/Haas Racing). It first premiered at IMAX theaters nationwide.

Kung Fu Massacre (1974)

A young fighter searches for the criminals that killed his family.

La Bohème (1965)

La Bohème is a 1965 West German film production of the opera of the same name by Puccini, filmed in a Milan studio and recorded at the Munich Opera. The film director and producer and set designer was the Italian director Franco Zeffirelli; Herbert von Karajan conducted the chorus and orchestra of La Scala and was the artistic supervisor. This is not a stage live recording: the singers mime to their own pre-recordings.

Crossover Dreams (1985)

Crossover Dreams is a 1985 film. The film follows singer Rudy Veloz (played by Ruben Blades) on his rise to fame. The film has moments of pathos but is anything but melancholy. "Its heart has the ebullient salsa beat. Like Rudy Veloz, it appreciates the irony of the sometimes humiliating situations he lands in, but it never looks back in sorrow or defeat... and though it's small and made on a modest budget, it's a sagely funny comedy, both heartfelt and sophisticated, a movie that may well realize the crossover dreams that elude Rudy."

Run Home, Slow (1965)

A woman determined to avenge her father's hanging organizes her relatives into a band of murderous bank robbers.

Meet the Fokkens (2011)

Meet Louise and Martine Fokkens: 69-year-old identical twins who have worked as prostitutes in Amsterdam's red light district for over 50 years.

Zulmi (1999)

Zulmi is an Indian Hindi action film released on 16 April 1999. It stars Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna as the lead protagonists.

The Final Member (2012)

The curator of the world's only penis museum tries to complete his collection by locating a human donor.

Tony Curtis: Driven to Stardom (2012)

The life of Tony Curtis, from his humble beginnings in the Bronx through his most striking movie roles.

Frenchman's Creek (1944)

Frenchman's Creek is a 1944 adaptation of the Daphne du Maurier novel (about an aristocratic English woman who falls in love with a French pirate), released by Paramount Pictures. The film starred Joan Fontaine, Arturo de Córdova, Basil Rathbone, Cecil Kellaway, and Nigel Bruce; at the time Rathbone and Bruce were appearing respectively as Holmes and Dr. Watson in the Sherlock Holmes films by Universal Studios. Filmed in Technicolor, it was directed by Mitchell Leisen. The musical score was by Victor Young, who incorporated the main theme of French composer Claude Debussy's Clair de Lune as the love theme for the film. The film is a mostly faithful adaptation of the novel, taking place during the reign of Charles II in the mid seventeenth century, mostly in the Cornish region of England. Fontaine was under contract to independent producer to David O. Selznick, who only produced a few films each year. Typically, he loaned out his contract players and director Alfred Hitchcock (who had a contract with Selznick from 1940 to 1947) to other studios. In this case, Fontaine was loaned to Paramount for this lavish production. She later complained about her work with director Leisen and some of her costars. The film's budget of $3.6 million made it the most expensive production in Paramount history up to that time. Although the film has not been released on DVD, it has been shown on American Movie Classics.

The Prophet (2016)

A woman becomes one of a guru's many devotees and decides to establish a personal relationship with him.

Tumse Achha Kaun Hai (1969)

A spoiled brat proves to be a match for an equally spoiled playboy.

Child Bride of Short Creek (1981)

Child Bride of Short Creek is a 1981 American made-for-television drama film written by Joyce Eliason, starring Diane Lane, Helen Hunt, Christopher Atkins, Conrad Bain and Dee Wallace. The film is a dramatization of the lives of the people of Colorado City, Arizona, and Hildale, Utah, United States, collectively known as "Short Creek," a community of members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a group that practices child marriage and polygamy.

Double Obsession (1992)

An obsession with Claire (Maryam d'Abo), a former college roommate, drives sadistic Heather (Margaux Hemingway) to murder.

The Adventurer of Seville (1954)

Adventures of the Barber of Seville is a 1954 Spanish comedy film directed by Ladislao Vajda. It was entered into the 1954 Cannes Film Festival.

Fountainhead (1956)

Based on the novel by Kunio Kishida.

Fatal Exposure (1989)

The descendant of Jack the Ripper continues his ancestor's grisly legacy and records the crimes on video.

Watch The Birdie (1951)

Watch the Birdie is a 1950 film comedy starring Red Skelton.

The Bandit Trail (1941)

The Bandit Trail is a 1941 Western film.

Level Five (1997)

Level Five is a 1997 French film, directed by the media artist Chris Marker, starring Catherine Belkhodja as the only human actor within a virtual reality world.

The Witch Beneath the Sea (1959)

An innocent woman becomes involved with a writer who is obsessed with a South American legend involving a dead girl.

The Ship Was Loaded (1957)

Carry on Admiral (released in the United States as The Ship Was Loaded) is a 1957 British comedy film directed by Val Guest and featuring David Tomlinson and Ronald Shiner; Joan Sims, who later became prominent in the Carry On series, has a small part. It predates and was not part of the Carry On series, and does not share any cast members beyond Sims, though it is similar in tone and style to the earliest films in the series. It was based on the 1947 stage play Off the Record, written by Ian Hay.

Round-Up Time in Texas (1937)

Round-Up Time in Texas is a 1937 American Western film directed by Joseph Kane and written by Oliver Drake. The film stars Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette, and Maxine Doyle. Despite its title, the majority of the film takes place in South Africa. The film is about a cowboy who delivers a herd of horses for his brother, a diamond prospector whose work has attracted the interest of a bunch of badguys.

Banjo (1947)

Banjo is a 1947 drama film directed by Richard Fleischer.

Done the Impossible: The Fans' Tale of 'Firefly' and 'Serenity' (2006)

Done the Impossible is a 2006 documentary film on the fan following for Firefly. Its focus is on how fans came to love the show and played a part in the production of its feature film continuation Serenity.

Condemned Women (1938)

Condemned Women is a 1938 American drama film directed by Lew Landers and written by Lionel Houser. The film stars Sally Eilers, Louis Hayward, Anne Shirley, Esther Dale and Lee Patrick. The film was released on March 18, 1938.

That Girl From Paris (1937)

That Girl from Paris is a 1937 American musical comedy film directed by Leigh Jason. The film was nominated for an Academy Award in the category Sound Recording (John Aalberg).