Red Bull Project X (2010)

Insane Clown Posse (2003)

Where Are We? (2017)

The Makings (2018)

Baby Brother (2018)

War and Peace: Part II - Natasha Rostova (1966)

A Ghost In The Making (2016)

Robin Williams Live (2002)

Lone Justice 2 (1995)

National Geographic: Inside The Pentagon (2002)

The Sheets Must Be Silk (2010)

Watchers 3 (2011)

Herb & Dorothy (2009)

Herb and Dorothy is a 2008 documentary film by Megumi Sasaki. The film tells the story of two middle-class collectors of contemporary art, Herbert and Dorothy Vogel, and the enormous and valuable collection of conceptual art and minimalist art they amassed in spite of their relatively meager salaries as New York City civil servants. Many artists are interviewed in the film, including Christo, Chuck Close, Robert Mangold, and Pat Steir. As of September 2009, the film had made $194,721 at the box office.

The Exotic Dreams of Casanova (1971)

Native Silence (2013)

Native Silence is a 2013 documentary short film telling the story of two Native Americans from Minnesota who were taken away from their families at a young age. Jane Wells of 3 Generations directed the film. It follows the story of Joyce, a recovering drug-addict who now works as a nurse in a mental institution, and Paulette, a mother who doesn’t associate with the natives in her town. Both of them are now grandmothers. The film is told from the perspective of not only them, but also their daughters, Amy and Dawn. Native Silence was selected for screening at the Aspen Shortsfest, the American Indian Film Festival and the Red Nation Film Festival. Native Silence is a film that tackles the issues of Native Americans from the previous generation who almost never got a chance to tell their story. It documents the historical trauma, drugs, alcoholism, familial estrangement and sexual violence that dominates the Native American population. In spite of these pressing issues, most Americans remain unaware of them.

Lugosi: Hollywood's Dracula (1997)

An Object at Rest (2015)

Three Nights of Love (1964)

Three Nights of Love (Italian: Tre notti d'amore) is a 1964 drama film directed by Renato Castellani, Luigi Comencini and Franco Rossi and starring Adolfo Celi, Enrico Maria Salerno and Catherine Spaak.

Nightcats (1956)

In Shifting Sands: The Truth About Unscom and the Disarming of Iraq (2001)

In Shifting Sands: The Truth About Unscom and the Disarming of Iraq is a 2001 documentary by Scott Ritter that discusses the UNSCOM inspections in Iraq. Ritter was a chief United Nations weapons inspector in Iraq from 1991 to 1998. These inspections were in search of "weapons of mass destruction" during the later years of the regime of Saddam Hussein. The film was completed and distributed for theatrical release prior to the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

The Customer Is Always Right (2006)

Massage Parlor Of Death (2015)

The Stars Shine (1938)

The Stars Shine (German: Es leuchten die Sterne) is a 1938 German musical revue directed by Hans H. Zerlett and written by Zerlett and Hans Hannes.

Aviary (2013)

Mr. Resistor (1994)

Twiztid: Born Twiztid (2001)

Damsel in Distress 2 (1994)

Lethal Obsession (2010)

Iron Maiden: En Vivo! (2012)

Project X (1949)

Dinner for Two (2000)

John Entwistle Band: Live (2004)

Golden Sita (1977)

Sultry Assassin 2: Ninja Brainwash (2011)

Sasha and Digweed: Delta Heavy (2006)

Space/Time (2017)

Red Car (2013)

Girls Level Up (2018)

En Plein Air (2014)

Come Swim (2017)

Come Swim is a 2017 American short film written and directed by Kristen Stewart. The short was produced by David Ethan Shapiro of Starlight Studios. Stewart worked together with Shapiro on the film for three years. It was shown in the 70th Anniversary Events section at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, and was part of the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.

Banjoes, Fiddles & Riverboats: John Hartford and the General Jackson (1991)

Ðoi Cho Ta bao Lan Ðôi Muoi (2017)

Slash 2 (2014)

For the Service (1936)

For the Service is a 1936 American Western film directed by Buck Jones and written by Isadore Bernstein. The film stars Buck Jones, Phillip Trent, Edward Keane, Fred Kohler, Beth Marion, Frank McGlynn, Sr. and Ben Corbett. The film was released on June 1, 1936, by Universal Pictures.

Las dos caras de Jano (2008)

Panda Paws (2015)

Drug Tiger (1993)

Speed to Burn (1938)

Speed to Burn is a 1938 American crime drama film, directed by Otto Brower. It stars Michael Whalen, Lynn Bari, and Marvin Stephens.

Desire in New York (2015)

Tortured Females (1965)

Just Add Water: The Story of the Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys (2016)

Marvel Then and Now: An Evening with Stan Lee and Joe Quesada (2007)

Fifty Million Years Ago (1925)

M*A*S*H: 30th Anniversary Reunion (2002)

The Forever People (2013)

Finding Beauty In the Rubble (2015)

How We Built the Bomb (2015)

Himaang (2017)

After having sought revenge, Himaang embarks on an adventurous journey to relieve himself but soon his life runs into danger when the man he had sought revenge on, appears wherever he goes.

Australian Psycho (2016)

So Many Years, So Many Tears (2006)

Impact Video Magazine (1989)

Tidewater (2017)

Phobos (2017)

Sofia Coppola's Little Mermaid (2014)

Dim Sum Take-Out (1988)

One point twenty one (2013)

Lenny Bruce in 'Lenny Bruce' (1967)

Blurred (2015)

The Secret Things of God (2008)

The Metropolitan Opera: La Boheme (2018)

The world’s most popular opera returns in Franco Zeffirelli’s classic production starring a cast of young stars, including Sonya Yoncheva as the fragile Mimì and Michael Fabiano as the poet Rodolfo. Marco Armiliato conducts.

Gipsy Kings: Live at Kenwood House in London (2007)

Winged Seduction: Birds of Paradise (2012)

Prom Fight: The Marc Hall Story (2002)

International Necktie Strangler (2000)

Artists Den Presents Lady Antebellum (2017)

Seven-time Grammy Award-winning group, Lady Antebellum, brings Nashville to uptown Manhattan in an unprecedented Artists Den performance at the United Palace in Washington Heights. Surrounded by the rococo detail of the former vaudeville theater, Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott, and Dave Haywood kept an intimate crowd on their feet for a fourteen-song set, featuring the first live performance of songs from their highly-anticipated album, HEART BREAK, as well as smash singles from their catalog ("Need You Now," "Love Don't Live Here Anymore"). This one-night event also features a look at the making of the HEART BREAK album, exclusive interviews and a special acoustic performance.

Machete Gillette... Mama (1989)

A Woman and War (2013)

Beneath the Surface: The Making of 'The Hunt for Red October' (2003)

Temple of Desire (1998)

Return to the Rafters (2008)

Dark Red Roses (1929)

Dark Red Roses is a 1929 British film directed by Sinclair Hill. The film includes a sequence featuring the Ballets Russes choreographed by George Balanchine.

He Knows My Name (2015)

Veil of Years (1977)

Exceptance (2016)

The Big Stuffed Dog (1981)

The Big Stuffed Dog is a 1981 children's film about the adventures of a plush Snoopy. It aired on NBC as part of its ill-fated Project Peacock series which featured family-based specials and programming.

We Are the Littletons: A True Story (2004)

Gogurt (2016)

After the Wall: A World United (2011)

Whitesnake: Live in the Still of the Night (2005)

Afro Black (2016)

Love and Doughnuts (1921)

Y2K: Shutdown Detected (1999)

A Travers Les Branches D'un Arbre (2012)

Tone Deaf (2014)

The Medal of Honor: The Stories of Our Nation's Most Celebrated Heroes (2012)

Fathom (2013)

Madame Spy (1934)

Madame Spy is a 1942 American spy film directed by Roy William Neill and starring Constance Bennett, Don Porter and John Litel. The screenplay concerns an American intelligence officer who goes undercover and infiltrates a ring of Nazi spies.

Hermie & Friends: Webster the Scaredy Spider (2004)

Golf For Dummies (2004)

Abstronic (1952)