Castor (1999)

Terrorists threaten to explode a train filled with radioactive waste.

Confessions of a Serial Killer (1992)

Caught by Texas Rangers and muzzled, he recalls his crimes and method of operation.

Bruce and Shao Lin Kung Fu (1980)

A kung fu student (Bruce Le) goes to Korea to avenge his master's death.

The Muse (2012)

A recording artist with one hit struggles with writer's block and finds a strange inspirational force at a secluded lake house.

Harlem Is Heaven (1932)

Stage lovers are reunited by a dancer/director (Bill Robinson) in trouble with a racketeer.

Clouds Over Israel (1962)

After his plane is shot down over enemy territory, an Israeli pilot works with a lost army officer and a Bedouin woman to escape their dire situation.

Broadway Musketeers (1938)

Three orphans stand together as young women (Margaret Lindsay, Ann Sheridan, Marie Wilson) having trouble with men, money and mobsters.

Rising Damp (1980)

A bigoted landlord (Leonard Rossiter) tries to woo a spinster (Frances de la Tour) even though she fancies another man.

Burst City (1982)

Punk bands protest a nuclear power plant and are attacked by yakuza thugs until a pair of metal-clad bikers arrives.

Burial Ground (1979)

Skeletal ghouls greet visitors at the mansion of a professor studying the ancient Etruscans.

Fist of the Reich (2010)

Max Schmeling, a skilled boxer, initially cooperates with the Nazi government, and later he risks his life to defy Hitler's regime.

The Manhandlers (1973)

The shapely new owner of a massage parlor fights back when local mobsters demand a piece of her business.

Police Patrol (2009)

An electrical cable zaps a police car, and the jolt gives the vehicle special power, making it able to deal with the Badger Brothers and stop them from stealing the town's water supply.

The Girl in the News (1941)

A nurse with a dark past finds herself being held responsible for the death of her employer.

Aakrosh (1981)

Baskhar (Naseeruddin Shah), a public defender, has been assigned to a case opposite the experienced and respected prosecutor Dushane (Smita Patil), his legal mentor and personal friend. Unfortunately, Lahanya (Amrish Puri), the man he's been tasked with representing, is accused of killing his wife and he isn't speaking to Baskhar or anyone else. Desperately seeking the full story, Baskhar investigates the case himself, but he's met with resistance and even violence at every turn.

Boo Moon (1954)

Casper the Friendly Ghost comes to the rescue when King Luna and his moon people are attacked by invading Tree Men.

Village at the End of the World (2012)

A village with 59 residents and 100 sled dogs survives against the odds.

White Elephant (2012)

Julian and Nicolas work tirelessly to help people in a shantytown outside Buenos Aires. After a project is ruined, Nicolas joins Julian in the jungle and finds comfort in Luciana, an attractive social worker.

The Girl on the Bridge (1951)

The life of an elderly jeweler takes a turn for the worse after he prevents a young woman from committing suicide.

The Boy and the Wolf (1943)

A little Mexican shepherd's trusty canine companion comes to the rescue when a wolf wanders in from the desert.

Is She or Isn't He? (2010)

Growing up as a boy, Graham seems more like a girl. When he gets older, he becomes Ashleigh, who desperately wants to be accepted as female.

Small Blind (2012)

Denise hits middle age, divorces her husband and retires from her job. Then she moves back to her old neighborhood and becomes obsessed with poker.

Souls in Pawn (1940)

A pregnant college student with nowhere else to turn enters a maternity home and subsequently loses her baby to a burlesque performer.

Border Fence (1951)

Cattle rustlers find the perfect cover for their crimes by hiring on with a former cohort now working on his sister's ranch.

Serengeti (2011)

Gazelles, zebras, lions and leopards roam the plains of the Serengeti.

Girls Demand Excitement (1931)

It's the men against the women after a campus battle of the sexes erupts into an all-out war.

Something to Sing About (1937)

Dancer and bandleader Terry Rooney (James Cagney) heads to Hollywood, Calif., to try a career in movies, leaving behind his singer girlfriend, Rita (Evelyn Daw). Despite the enthusiastic support of both the studio head and publicity man Hank Meyers (William Frawley), Terry fears his first film will be a disaster and elopes with Rita on a steamer. When they return, Terry discovers he's a star -- but his new contract stipulates he must remain single, providing a challenge for him and Rita.

Bridal Bail (1934)

Chaos results after a theater offers a free wedding to a lucky couple.

House of a Thousand Candles (1936)

An English diplomat's (Phillips Holmes) girlfriend (Mae Clarke) tags along as he takes a coded message to Geneva.

Brothers (1930)

Orphaned identical twins are reunited years later when a crime committed by the wealthy brother is blamed on the good-hearted but poor sibling.

Therese and Isabelle (1968)

Two young women (Essy Persson, Anna Gael) become lovers after unfulfilling and brutal encounters with men.

In Passing (2006)

Two lonely New Yorkers (Veronica Mittenzwei, Lisa Rothe) have a lesbian romance.

The Room Upstairs (1946)

A building contractor's attempts to impress a woman ruin him financially.

Sherlock Holmes and the Deadly Necklace (1962)

The London sleuth (Christopher Lee) and Dr. Watson (Thorley Walters) fight professor Moriarty for a jewel from Cleopatra's tomb.

Machete Language (2011)

Ray and Ramona hate injustice and fight for a just world until Ray's self-sabotage drags them down until they commit an act of poetic terrorism.

The Gay Buckaroo (1932)

An East Coast gentleman convinces a wild Western woman to change her ways.

Blood Beat (1982)

A young woman travels to rural Wisconsin to meet her boyfriend's family and a samurai warrior's spirit possesses her body to go on a bloody killing spree.

Wild Wheels (1992)

Documentarian Harrod Blank, son of acclaimed filmmaker Les Blank and foremost expert on the art car phenomenon, examines the obsession that drives him and others to modify automobiles and motorcycles into fanciful vehicular monstrosities such as the Wrought Iron VW Bug, the Hippomobile or the Cowasaki. Profiling dozens of unusual art car creations, along with their eccentric owners, Blank provides a unique look inside a bizarre yet charming automotive subculture.

The Bo$sé Empire (2012)

A man starts with nothing and works hard to become one of the richest men in the world by getting involved in every sector that has made money since the Quiet Revolution.

Club Life (1985)

A couple is exposed to the dark side of Hollywood when he becomes a bouncer and she falls in league with a drug dealer.

Love Unto Death (1984)

An archaeologist (Pierre Arditi) and a Frenchwoman (Sabine Azma) fall deeply in love, until his encounter with death shatters their lives.

Neutral Port (1940)

When a port refuses to let a captain (Will Fyffe) seize a Nazi supply ship after his is torpedoed, he takes matters into his own hands.

Twigson in Trouble (2011)

A boy (Adrian Grnnevik Smith) finds an abandoned baby while searching for his little friend (sleik Engmark).

Bands on the Run: The Rubber Band Movie (2011)

Five rubber bands fall off a delivery truck and make their way to a toy store so they can be bought by children.

Naked Fury (1959)

Four robbers kill a night watchman and take his daughter hostage.

Machine Gun Mama (1944)

Two truckers from Brooklyn set out for Mexico with their pet elephant for some south-of-the-border excitement.

Jane Doe: The Wrong Face (2005)

Agent Davis (Lea Thompson) must find the U.S. attorney's missing wife and ensure that a long-term investigation does not fall apart.

Donkey (2010)

An ex-convict (Matthew Stefiuk) tries to save the daughter (Cassandra Petrella) of a gangster (Xavier Sotelo) from three kidnappers.

Street Wars (1994)

A pilot (Alan Joseph) inherits his brother's (Bryan O'Dell) Los Angeles drug operation and adds ultralight aircraft to its arsenal.

Pastoral Symphony (1946)

Based on a novel by Andr Gide.

The Border (2011)

Six high-school students try to find the truth of the illegal-immigration issue in America.

Where Is Musette? (1992)

The making of the film "La Vie de Boheme."

Chaos (2008)

Chaos is set in a restricted region of the city where gambling, prostitution, and drugs reign, and police dare not enter.

Giants of Rome (1963)

The Gauls give Caesar a hard time with their secret weapon: a big catapult.

College Kickboxers (1991)

A mild-mannered martial artist reluctantly agrees to train an assault victim in the deadly art of kung fu.

I Drink Your Blood (1971)

A group of satanic hippies becomes rabid and cannibalistic after being fed meat pies injected with dog blood.

Billy the Kid in Santa Fe (1941)

Billy the Kid (Bob Steele) is sent to prison on a bogus murder charge and vows revenge on the man who framed him, Steve Barton (Charles King). Billy escapes from jail with the help of his friends, Jeff (Rex Lease) and Fuzzy (Al St. John), and the trio set out for Santa Fe. When they arrive in New Mexico, they realize that Joe (Dave O'Brien), the man Barton bribed to lie about Billy's involvement in the killing, is in town. And Billy hatches a plan to exact revenge.

The Foxiest Girl in Paris (1957)

A sultry fashion model turns amateur sleuth to crack a burglary and a murder.

Friendly Neighbors (1940)

When a dry spell threatens their livelihood, two farm brothers become vagrants.

Donoma (2010)

A female teacher begins an ambiguous relationship with a student.

Frisco Lil (1942)

A spunky girl comes to the aid of her father, who is accused of a crime he didn't commit.

True Grit (1978)

Gruff Old West Marshal Rooster Cogburn (Warren Oates) escorts a teenage girl (Lisa Pelikan) who has a mission to change him.

The Green-Eyed Blonde (1957)

A tempestuous teenager winds up involved with two homicide charges before fate waves its tragic wand for her.

The Green Scarf (1954)

A deaf, dumb and blind man, Jacques Vauthier (Kieron Moore), confesses to committing a murder, apparently without motive. He depends on his defense attorney, Delfot (Michael Redgrave), to unravel the mystery behind his actions. To understand Jacques' life and character, the flamboyant Delfot turns to the man's estranged wife, Solange (Ann Todd), with whom Jacques grew up but now has mysteriously abandoned, and his longtime friend and tutor, Rodelec (Leo Genn).

Streets of Ghost Town (1950)

The Durango Kid (Charles Starrett) and his sidekick (Smiley Burnette) look for stolen gold with a history.

Patthar Ke Sanam (1967)

A prank backfires when two best friends learn they both love the same man.

The Gunman (1952)

Terrorized citizens send for a Texas lawman to rid their town of bandits.

Secrets of Wu Sin (1933)

A rookie San Francisco newswoman (Lois Wilson) tracks Chinatown smugglers for her editor (Grant Withers).

A Touch of Zen (1971)

Ku Shen Chai (Chun Shih), an unmotivated artist in his early 30s, still lives with his mother, but he is shaken from his comfortable rut by the arrival of beautiful and mysterious Yang Hui-ching (Feng Hsu), a princess on the run from Gen. Ou-Yang Nin (Tien Peng), who murdered her entire family. Yang brings Ku into her circle of protectors, including Nin's rival, Gen. Shih Wen-Chiao (Pai Ying), and the nameless monk (Roy Chiao) whose spiritual guidance transforms Ku into a valiant fighter.

Sampson (1961)

Imprisoned for manslaughter and released after the start of World War II, a Polish Jew seeks to redeem himself.

Summer I Love You (2002)

A depressed and lonely woman (Candy Lo) falls for a disabled man (Richie Ren) whose condition is deteriorating.

La Mujer Ajena (1954)

A villain wants the wife of another man who is already the lover of a player.

The Hands of Orlac (1924)

After losing his hands in an accident, a world-famous pianist receives transplanted hands that once belonged to a murderer.

Illusive Tracks (2003)

On a train heading from Stockholm to Berlin just after World War II, passengers deal with murder, adultery, religion and Santa Claus.

Good Morning, Judge (1943)

A young female attorney defends her songwriter-boyfriend against a slander suit.

Buffalo Bill, Hero of the Far West (1965)

Buffalo Bill (Gordon Scott) is hired to stop Donaldson (Mario Brega) from selling guns to renegade Indians.

War of the Planets (1966)

In the 21st century, mankind has finally made contact with intelligent life forms from another planet. Alas, the aliens are hostile. First they invade Mars, usurping all of mankind's space stations and annihilating their crews. They plan to use the red planet as a launching pad for their sweeping attack on Earth. The future of human civilization is in the hands of space Cmdr. Mike Halstead (Tony Russel) and his intrepid crew, the last line of defense between the aliens and Earth.

Monday Morning (2012)

Thomas (Victor Browne) meets a woman who sees his true nature and, through a series of setbacks, he ends up among the homeless of Los Angeles.

Who Killed Aunt Maggie? (1940)

People die and a niece wonders why; the sheriff (Arthur Kennedy) doesn't know either.

She Couldn't Say No (1954)

Corby Lane (Jean Simmons) is an heiress with a heart as big as her bank account. In her youth, the small town of Progress, Ark., banded together to fund a crucial medical operation for Corby. As an adult, she now wants to thank them by awarding the residents an enormous anonymous check. Local doctor Robert Sellers (Robert Mitchum) tries to convince Corby that flooding the town with cash isn't the best method of gratitude. But, as they argue, he learns even he cannot withstand her charms.

Switchin' the Script (2012)

During a weekend corporate retreat, Lonnie's best friends convince her to take control when dealing with men. Lonnie's new attitude impresses every man she meets, especially her boss's good-looking son, David.

Vermont Is for Lovers (1992)

Two New Yorkers (George Thrush, Marya Cohn) plan to have their wedding on a farm up in New England, just to be different.

The Girls of San Frediano (1955)

In Italy, handsome auto mechanic Andrea (Antonio Cifariello), who calls himself Bob, can't pass up the opportunity to make dates with the beautiful women around him. While on his way to see the fiery Tosca (Rossana Podesta), Bob considers chorus girl Silvana (Giulia Rubini), and later Bice (Corinne Calvet), a clothing designer -- and her assistant. Bob also finds time for schoolteacher Loretta (Luciana Liberati), all the time unaware that his neighbor, Gina (Marcella Mariani), pines for him.

It's Showtime (1976)

This documentary honors the contributions of animal actors to the world of cinema. After all, where would Roy Rogers be without his trusted horse, Trigger? Among those featured are heroic canines Lassie and Rin Tin Tin, as well as their courageous comrade from the sea, Flipper the dolphin. Excerpts from their film work show these talented creatures at their very best -- even upstaging high-powered human co-stars such as Cary Grant, James Cagney and Charlie Chaplin.

Black Fury (1953)

A naturalist leads a group of hunters as they pursue a rogue bear through Georgia's Okefenokee Swamp.

The Lost Romance (1921)

A couple with a rocky marriage reconcile after the kidnapping of their child.

Blitz Wolf (1942)

The well-prepared Sgt. Pork defends his porcine pals when the no-good Adolf Wolf violates his nonaggression pact and invades peaceful Pigmania.

Get Going (1943)

A woman finds the Washington social life a bit dull, so she decides to pose as a "public enemy" to attract attention.

Angels' Brigade (1979)

Female vigilantes use a high-tech combat van in an all-out war to eradicate the drug lords infesting the city.

A Night for Crime (1943)

Murder baffles a newswoman, a PR man and others at a Hollywood studio.

Gallant Lady (1942)

A country doctor offers refuge to a woman doctor convicted and jailed for participating in mercy killings.

Gibraltar (1964)

British and Nazi agents tangle in Tangier during World War II.

Maigret at the Crossroad (1992)

Inspector Jules Maigret (Bruno Cremer) investigates the murder of a diamond merchant who was found in a car.

Beck: Sender Unknown (2001)

A reporter contacts Martin Beck for help when it seems that his life is being threatened because of his latest story.

Maigret and the Flemish Shop (1991)

Inspector Jules Maigret (Bruno Cremer) investigates a single mother's disappearance after she leaves her lover's shop.

Overland Stage Coach (1942)

The Lone Rider (Bob Livingston) and his partner (Al "Fuzzy" St. John) unmask a bandit.

Take a Leap of Faith (2008)

Rose (Yvette Saunders) places her love life in the hands of God and is rewarded with a man who loves her completely.

Girls' Town (1942)

Two aspiring starlets head for the bright lights of Hollywood.

El Charro Negro en el Norte (1949)

Charro Negro returns to defend a girl and some orphans from a gang trying to steal a gold mine on their land.

Overland Telegraph (1951)

A range rider (Tim Holt) and his Irish-Mexican sidekick (Richard Martin) guard a woman's (Gail Davis) telegraph line.