The Nun (2007)

All Wet (1927)

Little Men (2005)

The Astrologer (1975)

Before he became NYC’s favorite ‘80s action auteur with hits like THE EXTERMINATOR, THE PROTECTOR and SHAKEDOWN, as well as executive producer of grindhouse classics that included MANIAC COP, FRANKENHOOKER and BASKET CASE 2 & 3, writer/director James Glickenhaus made his feature debut with this bizarre tale of government skullduggery, satanic killings, zodiacal mayhem and messianic horror. Playboy centerfold Monica Tidwell (NOCTURNA) stars in the “ultra obscure and undeniably fascinating” ( thriller – also known as SUICIDE CULT and a one-time U.K. Section 3 ‘Video Nasty’ – based on the acclaimed novel by John Cameron, now featuring a 4k scan from the director’s personal answer print and loaded with all-new Special Features.

Travelers (2013)

Travelers: Jigen Keisatsu is a Japanese science fiction film directed by Koichi Sakamoto, starring Nao Nagasawa, Ayumi Kinoshita and Yuko Takayama. It was released in Japan on April 13, 2013.

Qalb el-Asad (2013)

FC Venus (2006)

Buried (2009)

Wishes (2021)

Kiss Me (2012)

Cleopatra (2021)

Innocent (2010)

Innocent, also known as Helix, is a 2009 American action drama film directed by Aram Rappaport, filmed in downtown Chicago, Illinois in one continuous take. There are no cuts in the filming. Innocent is one of the first ever feature-length films to be shot in one take, and it is a kidnapping thriller that circumnavigates downtown Chicago on foot and by car.

Dough Boys (2008)

Laugh It Off (1940)

Laugh It Off is a 1940 British musical comedy film directed by John Baxter and Wallace Orton and starring Tommy Trinder, Jean Colin, Anthony Hulme and Marjorie Browne. It was made at Walton Studios with November 1939 just after the outbreak of war.

Sommarstället (2013)

Hong tian mi ling (1994)

Another (2013)

Yi qi liang fu (1988)

Ren he gui (1984)

Everything Will Be Fine (2009)

The Border (2007)

The Border (Finnish: Raja 1918, Russian: Граница 1918, tr. Granitsa 1918) is a 2007 Finnish-Russian war drama film directed by Lauri Törhönen. Set in the spring of 1918, right after the Finnish Civil War, the film is about a Finnish soldier who is sent to the village of Rajajoki to form a border between Finland and Soviet Russia. The film is based on Jörn Donner's fathers Kai Donner's experions post-civil war period in the Finland. The movies main character Carl von Munck is based to Kai Donner.

Whatever (1999)

Whatever is a 1999 French drama film directed by Philippe Harel, starring Harel and José Garcia. The original French title is Extension du domaine de la lutte, which means "broadening of the battlefield". It tells the story of a man whose misanthropy goes out of control due to a business trip together with a colleague. It is based on the novel Whatever by Michel Houellebecq. The film was released on 13 October 1999 through Mars Distribution. It had 55,967 admissions in France.

The Voyeur (1995)

The Journey (1992)

The Journey (Spanish: El viaje) is a 1992 Argentine drama film directed by Fernando Solanas. It was entered into the 1992 Cannes Film Festival.

Doorman (2006)

Perfect (2006)

Scent (2014)

Ninnu Thalachi (2019)

Todas as Manhãs do Mundo (2017)

The Refugees of Shangri-la (2015)

Sad People Factory (2014)

The Flood (2018)

In the heart of southern Africa’s largest desert lies a miracle — the Okavango Delta in Botswana. One of the most diverse habitats on Earth, each year it undergoes an epic transformation as desert becomes water wonderland. For many, the floodwaters are a lifeline. For others, they bring harsh challenges. But for all, life is ruled by the pulsing of Africa’s great flood.

Love (2008)

Love is a 2008 Indonesian romance film directed by Kabir Bhatia as a remake of the 2006 film Cinta. The film marked the last appearance of actor Sophan Sophiaan before his death in 2008. Sophiaan appeared opposite his real-life wife, Widyawati.

Spellbound (2019)

Only in L.A. (2013)

Diallelos (2016)

Pyromaniac (1995)

Lucky Number (1951)

Lucky Number is a 1951 Donald Duck cartoon featuring Donald Duck and his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

Astraea (2014)

Fröhliche Weihnachten (2007)

Little People (1988)

Clean (2015)

Prism (2015)

My Name Is Nobody (2014)

Happy Holidays (2007)

Steam (2009)

Muck (2015)

Eight (2015)

Mold (2012)

Minutemen (2008)

Girls Like Us (2013)

The Animal (1968)

Unser Opa ist der Beste (1995)

Der Hafenpastor (2012)

Theresa & Allison (2019)

The Call (2006)

Theater of Life (1983)

Theater of Life is a 1983 film directed by Kinji Fukasaku, Sadao Nakajima and Junya Satō.

Daddy (2004)

Water (2006)

Water, also released as The Great Mystery of Water is a 2006 documentary television film directed by Anastaysia Popova about the memory of water. The film was part of television channel Rossiya 1's project The Great Mystery of Water.

3 Minutes (2011)

3 Minutes is an action-oriented short film that was released on January 10, 2011. Production on the film commenced in 2010, with director Ross Ching at the helm, alongside producers Don Le and George Wang. The film stars Harry Shum, Jr., Stephen "tWitch" Boss, Katrina Law, and Thaine Allison Jr. The special effects work was provided by David Adametz and the score composed by Paul Dateh.

W (2014)

W is a 2014 musical thriller Hindi film directed by Tarun Madan Chopra, based on a script written by Daboo Sardar Malik. The movie starred Leeza Mangaldas, Leslie Tripathy, Sonal Giani, Raaj Singh Arora, Abhey Jit Attri and Danish Pandor and released on 14 March 2014.

Stars on Parade (1944)

Stars on Parade is a 1944 American film starring Larry Parks.

Die Hexe (1954)

The Witch is a 1954 West German drama film directed by Gustav Ucicky and starring Anita Björk, Karlheinz Böhm and Attila Hörbiger.

Infection (2003)

Infection (Infekcija) is a 2003 Croatian film directed by Krsto Papić. It has been described as both a sequel and a remake of The Rat Savior, Papić's 1976 film.

D.E.B.S. (2003)

D.E.B.S. is a 2003 American action comedy short film written and directed by Angela Robinson. D.E.B.S. made the film festival circuit including the Sundance Film Festival, L.A. Outfest and New York Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, receiving a total of seven film festival awards.

The Black Pirate (1944)

El Corsario Negro is a 1944 Mexican film. It was directed by Chano Urueta and stars Pedro Armendariz, Jose Baviera, June Marlowe, and Maria Luisa Zea. The film is based on the novel The Black Corsair by Emilio Salgari. It is the story of a seventeenth-century pirate who declares a ceaseless war against the injustice of a cruel governor of Maracaibo. In the course of his struggle, he finds the love of a beautiful maiden, and loses his childhood friend.

Romeo and Juliet (1912)

I Was an Adventuress (1938)

Phantom (2002)

Phantom is a 2002 Malayalam action film directed by Biju Varkey. It stars Mammootty in the title role, and Manoj K. Jayan, Innocent, Nishant Sagar, Nedumudi Venu and Lalu Alex in other pivotal roles. The film was dubbed in Tamil as Surya Devan

Bad Romance (2011)

Bad Romance is a mainland China 2011 independent drama film. Its English-language title was based on the song "Bad Romance", by singer/songwriter Lady Gaga. It was written and directed by first-time filmmaker François Chang, who has taken the essence of the song to create a story focussing on seven lonely individuals whose lives could be transformed after experiencing love at first sight.

Les trois mousquetaires (1974)

The Three Musketeers, also known as The Glorious Musketeers in the UK, is a 1974 French-Italian-British animated adventure film, directed by animator John Halas. It is based on Alexandre Dumas's classic French novel, The Three Musketeers, first published in 1844.

The Bandmaster (1931)

The Bandmaster is a 1931 short film by Walter Lantz Productions, starring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. As with a few films from the series, the cartoon is in the public domain.

The Whore (2010)

The Whore is a 2010 German television film, adapted from a novel by the same name. The film is set in Konstanz, Germany in the years 1414 and 1415.

I Was a Soldier (1971)

T-Rex (2014)

Placebo (2013)

Going the Distance (2016)

Mystery (2011)

Pepper (2013)

Foreclosure (2013)

Passo a due (2005)

The Brute (1961)

The Brute is a 1961 Hungarian film directed by Zoltán Fábri. It was entered into the 1961 Cannes Film Festival.

Rich Girl (1990)

The work's cut out for a highly trained bodyguard, tasked with protecting a wealthy businessman's pampered and beautiful fine arts connoisseur daughter. She's a girl who doesn't believe she needs protection from anyone! The two end up kidnapped by thugs, while the crooks have no clue as to what they have in store. Director Tonie Van Der Merwe, one of the most popular filmmakers among black audiences in the 1970s and '80s with 400 films to his credit, helmed this drama starring Innocent "Popo" Gumede, who was featured in many of Van Der Merwe's films.

Having It All (2015)

Los inadaptados (2011)

The Misfits, is a Mexican film, written and starring Luis Arrieta in 2011. It features performances of Ana Serradilla, Luis Ernesto Franco, Paola Núñez and Tiaré Scanda.

Killer (1972)

Iria: Zeiram the Animation (1994)

2048 (2010)

Dog Eat Dog (2015)

Intruders (2014)

Niagara (1991)

Anna Nicole (2011)

The Bright Day (2014)

The Bright Day is a 2013 Iranian social drama film directed by Hossein Shahabi.

Red Sea (2021)

LaMB (2009)

LaMB is a 2009 Singaporean-Japanese animated film directed by Ryosuke Tei based on a script written by Carmelo S. J. Juinio and illustrated by Yasufumi Soejima, produced by Animax. The film tells the story of a futuristic inhabited planet that has seemingly perfected a system of justice and imprisonment, called "Lamination". Individuals convicted of serious crimes are encased in laminated suits, which results in virtual slavery. The criminals are referred to as "LaMBs". The protagonists struggle with the political and ethical system of laminated imprisonment, leading to the eventual development of a romantic relationship between a free citizen and a LaMB.

The Date (2012)

Toxin (2014)

Lieutenant John Paxton wants revenge against the government he and his men swore their lives to defend. The very government that abandoned and betrayed him, leaving him to die after a secret biological warfare experiment went horribly wrong. John will discover revenge is a journey that will ultimately leave millions infected, countless dead, and the lucky few survivors struggling to find the last safe corner for humanity.

Beyond the Walls (2014)

Lights (1984)

The Grind (2012)

The Grind is a 2012 crime drama film written and directed by Rishi Opel, and starring Jamie Foreman, Freddie Connor, Gordon Alexander, Zoe Tapper, Danny John-Jules and Kellie Shirley. It is a re imaging of the film Baseline.