Night Life in Reno (1931)

A man leaves his wife, she meets a fun guy, and the fun guy's wife finds out.

Gallant Lady (1942)

A country doctor offers refuge to a woman doctor convicted and jailed for participating in mercy killings.

Chick Magnets (2012)

Fitch (Dashiell Wolf) and Ryan (Jason K. Wixom) try to help their pal Truman (Josh Putnam) get noticed by the cutest girl in school; the problem is they are the biggest nerds in their school and have no clue about how to impress girls.

Ten Laps to Go (1938)

An auto racer (Rex Lease) rivals a foul-player (Duncan Renaldo) for a woman (Muriel Evans) and the checkered flag.

Kronos (1957)

Mankind faces its greatest challenge when an alien robot ravages the countryside intent on absorbing Earth's energy.

The Snowman (2009)

A daughter tries to uncover a 30-year-old mystery.

Girl From Alaska (1942)

A prospector on the run from the law falls in with a murderous Englishman.

Maigret at the Crossroad (1992)

Inspector Jules Maigret (Bruno Cremer) investigates the murder of a diamond merchant who was found in a car.

Maigret and the Headless Corpse (1992)

A murder investigation is slowed by an inability to identify the victim after his body is fed through the propeller of a canal barge. With Bruno Cremer, Serge Beauvois and Philippe Polet.

The Gentle Trap (1960)

A young woman helps a gangster flee from police and a crime boss.

Take a Leap of Faith (2008)

Rose (Yvette Saunders) places her love life in the hands of God and is rewarded with a man who loves her completely.

Je T'aime, I Love You Terminal (2010)

While traveling to his wedding, Ben meets Emma in an airport, and the two quickly form a deep connection that has them second-guessing their lives and relationships.

Mister Scarface (1977)

A young man of the slums fights the Mafia in Italy to avenge his father's death.

Diary of the Dead (1976)

A heel of a husband (Hctor Elizondo) lands the opportunity to eliminate his shrewish mother-in-law (Geraldine Fitzgerald) and claim her small fortune.

Too Much Sleep (1997)

Chronicles the life of Jack Crawford (Marc Palmieri), a 24-year-old security guard who works nights and still lives at home. Jack negotiates a peculiar suburban underworld in his search for his stolen gun, which he inherited from his father. Encountering a slew of oddball characters, some bizarre coincidences and a beautiful young woman named Kate (Nicol Zanzarella) along the way, Jack navigates through the emotional emptiness and spiritual longing lurking beneath contemporary suburbia.

Conversation Piece (1974)

A U.S. professor (Burt Lancaster) in Rome rents apartments to a decadent countess (Silvana Mangano), her family and her lover (Helmut Berger).

The Dress (1996)

A woman's garment has a strange power over everyone who comes into contact with it.

Wanted: Dead or Alive (1951)

A U.S. marshal (Whip Wilson) and his sidekicks (Fuzzy Knight, Jim Bannon) track a gang of bounty hunters.

Una parisina (1958)

In this romantic comedy, Brigitte Laurier (Brigitte Bardot), the beautiful daughter of the French premier, falls for the womanizing Michel Legrand (Henri Vidal), one of her father's aides, and attempts to get him to settle down with her. When Michel can't curb his flirtations with other women, Brigette makes a play to seduce the married Prince Charles (Charles Boyer), resulting in an entertaining battle of the wills between the gorgeous girl of privilege and her beau.

La Mano que Aprieta (1964)

Three wrestler friends investigate the kidnapping of a young woman and find out that two bands are fighting for a special weapon.

El Mofles y los Mecánicos (1985)

A poor mechanic (Rafael Incln) finds a bag full of stolen cash, and has a run-in with the thieves who want it back.

La Casa del Pelícano (1978)

A woman who was raped by a mentally retarded person has a child and becomes a possessive mother.

The Naked Country (1985)

Farmer Lance Dillon (John Stanton) and his wife, Mary (Rebecca Gilling), settle on the plains of the Australian Outback, but the challenges presented by the unforgiving terrain and the unwelcoming locals threaten their marriage and Lance's life. The often-ignored Mary slowly falls into the arms of lawman Neil Adams (Ivar Kants). Meanwhile, Lance becomes involved in a land dispute with nearby Aborigines, and, after a burst of violence, finds himself injured, lost and alone in the wild.

International House (1933)

The International House hotel in Wuhu, China, is hosting the debut of Dr. Wong's latest invention: a television-like device he calls a "radioscope." From around the world, agents and collectors, including Professor Henry Quail (W.C. Fields), arrive to purchase the rights to the invention--or perhaps steal it. Elsewhere in the hotel, a young man is due to wed his blushing bride, if only he can stop falling ill. When the groom breaks out in a rash, the hotel guests are quarantined together.

El Compadre Mendoza (1933)

A landowner survives the Mexican Revolution by supporting both sides at the same time.

La Viaccia (1962)

Amerigo (Jean-Paul Belmondo), a young man from a wealthy rural Italian family, is used to life in the country but becomes fascinated with urban life when he ventures into the city. Falling for a gorgeous prostitute named Bianca (Claudia Cardinale), Amerigo soon burns through his money trying to keep up with her expensive tastes. Determined not to lose her, Amerigo resorts to extreme measures to stay with Bianca, and this alienates him from his relatives.

Humayun (1945)

Two men form an unlikely friendship after they fight on opposite sides of a battle.

Bhai Thakur (2000)

A dacoit wants to kill a villager, Gajendra, because she believes he killed her father. Meanwhile, a reporter with a secret agenda arrives to interview Gajendra.

Bound & Gagged: A Love Story (1993)

An impulsive woman enlists a best friend (Chris Denton) to help her kidnap her lover (Ginger Lynn Allen) from an abusive husband.

Chitkabrey (2011)

An emotionally scarred woman confronts the men who attacked her 15 years earlier.

Leap Year (1924)

A man (Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle) finds that marriage advice and lady friends do not mix.

Murder at 3:00 A.M. (1953)

When news that a violent crime has been committed leaks out, a chain of similar crimes begins to occur.

Fall Guy (1945)

A bank teller takes the blame when a colleague commits a crime.

The Farmer (1977)

In danger of losing his farm, a decorated World War II veteran (Gary Conway) earns extra money by becoming a hired gun for a gambler being squeezed by the mob.

Murder in Greenwich Village (1937)

A struggling photographer becomes the unsuspecting patsy of a deadly debutante.

Lupin the 3rd: The Fuma Conspiracy (1987)

Lupin must rescue his companion Goemon's bride-to-be after she is kidnapped by a ninja clan.

Captain Salvation (1927)

Theology student Anson Campbell (Lars Hanson) returns to his New England village with hopes of becoming a pastor. When he notices the town's intolerance and persecution of a prostitute, Bess Morgan (Pauline Starke), he protects the girl from their puritanical judgments and reminds them of their Christian duties. But in this noble act of protest, he sacrifices his position in the church, as well as his marriage to the pastor's daughter, Mary (Marceline Day).

Mutiny on the Blackhawk (1942)

An investigator tries to instigate a rebellion among a shipload of slaves.

The Comeback (1978)

A U.S. singer (Jack Jones) trying for a comeback meets his wife's London killer in a spooky English mansion.

Asterix in Britain (1986)

In this animated feature, Roman troops are storming through Europe in the first century B.C., and just a sliver of British soil remains free of Caesar's grasp. After learning of the British plight, Asterix (Roger Carel) and Obelix (Pierre Tornade), two brave souls from similarly besieged Gaul, set out to aid their northern neighbors. Their quest: to deliver a potion that will boost British resolve and fighting skills. By turns, their journey proves whimsical, arduous and terrifying.

Stakeout on Dope Street (1958)

Three adolescents think their prayers have been answered when they stumble upon heroin abandoned by drug dealers.

Misión Cumplida (1970)

An honest Public Ministry agent has a daughter studying law and a son who goes to prison for being reckless.

Five Hours From Paris (2009)

Two people with opposite personalities date.

Riders to the Stars (1954)

Dr. Richard Stanton (William Lundigan) and Dr. Jerry Lockwood (Richard Carlson) are two daring young scientists who put their lives on the line to explore the universe. Seeking to discover a metal better suited to space travel, these pioneers launch into outer space to retrieve a meteorite. But, after fellow astronaut Walter Gordon (Robert Karnes) is violently killed when attempting to wrangle an enormous meteor, Lockwood panics, leaving Stanton to complete the mission on his own.

Cheatin' Hearts (2011)

A man and woman stray after six years of marriage, and they try to salvage their relationship until they realize they were sleeping with the same woman.

The Last Summer of La Boyita (2009)

Jorgelina escapes to the countryside with her father to get away from her boy-crazy sister but her lifelong playmate Mario is undergoing changes of his own.

Pyar Kiya Hain Pyar Karange (1986)

Anand is a Hindu orphan living with a Muslim guardian, Abdul Rehman, in the Northern-most part of India. Anand is a champion skier, and one day Usha watches him ski.

The Lawn Boy (2008)

An upscale career woman and a young man who mows lawns upset their friends when they fall in love.

The Terry Fox Story (1983)

A runner (Eric Fryer) loses his leg to cancer and sets out across Canada on a 1980 fundraising marathon.

The Champagne Music of Lawrence Welk (1939)

The bandleader and his orchestra perform "Bubbles in the Wine," "Ain't She Sweet," "When Paw Was Courtin' Maw" and other tunes featuring the accordion and electric organ.

The Green-Eyed Blonde (1957)

A tempestuous teenager winds up involved with two homicide charges before fate waves its tragic wand for her.

Circus Stars (1958)

Crowd-pleasing performances from renowned clown Oleg Popov, tiger trainer Margarita Nazarova, dancing bears and others highlight this profile of a Russian circus.

The Judge (2005)

A judge (Peter Gantzler) deals with political fallout from a courtroom incident and the unwanted return of his teenage son.

Diamond's Edge (1988)

A little man asks two London private eyes (Colin Dale, Dursley McLinden) to guard a box of candy, then later turns up dead.

Royal Rabble (1945)

Three generations of an acting family.

Laura (2011)

Director Fellipe Barbosa follows an enigmatic woman who crashes social events and rubs elbows with New York's rich and famous.

Gun Justice (1934)

Desperadoes hire a look-alike to impersonate a murdered rancher's heir to gain control of a vast spread.

Gun Law (1933)

An outlaw hellion rides rampant through Arizona, leaving a trail of violence in his wake.

Field of Vision (2011)

A high-school football player (Tony Oller) must make a difficult decision regarding bullies.

The Chief (2010)

The life and accomplishments bootlegger, gambler and politician Art Rooney Sr.

Patthar Ke Sanam (1967)

A prank backfires when two best friends learn they both love the same man.

My Movie Girl (2009)

Adam (Adam Bronstein) uses his movie knowledge to create the perfect movie scene with Kate (Desiree Matthews), the woman of his dreams, but he re-casts her after they fail to make a connection and finally finds the perfect woman.

Impure Thoughts (1986)

A family man (Brad Dourif), a businessman (Terry Beaver) and two other men in purgatory are 1960s alumni of the same parochial school.

Gunman's Code (1946)

A pair of Wells Fargo agents becomes involved in the hunt for a gang of stagecoach robbers.

The Rubber Room (2010)

Filmmaker Jeremy Garrett documents the daily routines of teachers accused of misconduct or incompetence.

The Door (2009)

A man (Mads Mikkelsen) travels back in time to the day that his daughter (Valeria Eisenbart) drowned in a pool.

Four Days Leave (1950)

A U.S. sailor (Cornel Wilde) falls for a watchmaker's daughter (Josette Day) on a ski trip in Switzerland.

Azienda (2012)

Carmelo (Michael Girgenti) and Gino (Josh Abraham Webber) are raised by their mob-boss grandfather, Salvatore (Bill T. Williams). When someone guns down Salvatore, Carmelo and Gino go on a mission to track down and kill the assassins.

Jive Junction (1944)

A classical-music student (Dickie Moore) switches high schools and changes his tune for the war effort.

Forgotten Women (1931)

Roommates Fern (Beryl Mercer) and Patricia (Marion Shilling) are a pair of stage actresses consigned to work as extras in the competitive world of movies in Hollywood, Calif. They meet young reporter Jimmy (Rex Bell) when Fern gives him a tip on mob ties in Hollywood. Jimmy woos Patricia, but, as his career picks up steam -- thanks to Fern's insider info -- he seems to become more interested in the daughter of his publisher. Will the struggling Fern and Patricia be left behind by Jimmy, too?

Gunsmoke Trail (1938)

An honest cowboy sees through a conniving killer's plot to steal a woman's property.

College Boarding House (1948)

A young man's father sends him to college to study law. He stays at an inn called the House of Troy.

Bruce the Super Hero (1978)

A kung-fu fighter (Bruce Le) avenges his father, slain by the Black Dragon Society.

Cleaning House (1938)

The first entry in the MGM animated series "The Captain and the Kids" finds the Captain faking illness and rambunctious children Hans and Fritz pretending to be doctors.

Summer I Love You (2002)

A depressed and lonely woman (Candy Lo) falls for a disabled man (Richie Ren) whose condition is deteriorating.

Climbing the Matterhorn (1947)

Local villagers mount a torchlight rescue of a British couple trapped on the famous mountain in this Academy Award-winning short.

A Matter of Morals (1961)

A seductive hostess (Maj-Britt Nilsson) lures an American bank employee (Patrick O'Neal) into a scheme to destroy a Swedish tycoon's business empire.

John Hus (1977)

The life story of the 15th-century Bohemian religious reformer and martyr also known as John Hus.

Smouldering Fires (1925)

Attracted to young Robert Elliott (Malcolm McGregor), who works in the factory she manages, Jane Vale (Pauline Frederick) promotes him -- and then falls in love with him. To quell the rumors that begin spreading, Robert proposes to Jane. But before the wedding, Jane's younger sister, Dorothy (Laura La Plante), meets Robert and they fall in love. Robert marries Jane out of loyalty, but soon after, Jane realizes their age difference is too great, and conspires to bring him together with Dorothy.

Mamarazzi (2010)

The owner (Eugene Domingo) of a small funeral parlor continually meddles in the affairs of her three children.

Rat Fink (1965)

A sadistic rock singer (Schuyler Hayden) will do whatever it takes to become a star. After seducing an older woman in order to steal money from her, the singer travels to Hollywood, Calif., and hires an agent (Hal Bokar), eventually engaging in an affair with the man's wife (Warrene Ott). Meanwhile, he also impregnates a clueless teenager (Judy Hughes) and then forces her to get an abortion from a veterinarian, only to promptly dump her when he suddenly becomes famous.

Soul-Fire (1925)

Eric Fane (Richard Barthelmess) is a composer unwilling to compromise his dream for a steady job back home in the United States. After his studies in Italy, he moves to Paris, where he is forced to write popular songs for money when he stops receiving support from his father. He tires of selling out and, after an encounter with the mob, starts to travel. He begins a madcap journey from Paris to Port Said, Egypt, and to the South Seas, where he believes he has found love with Teita (Bessie Love).

Wasteland (2010)

A man travels across a barren land to gain revenge.

One War (2009)

Five Soviet women, branded traitors for bearing children fathered by enemy soldiers, await evacuation from their remote island prison camp.

We Don't Care About Music Anyway (2009)

Performers use musical instruments and electronics to create walls of noise that fit in with the group's unique definition of music.

French Conspiracy (1973)

A journalist (Jean-Louis Trintignant) lures a developing nation's leader (Gian Maria Volonte) to Paris, supposedly to make a television show.

Multiple Maniacs (1970)

The Cavalcade of Perversion, a traveling freak-show, is a front for a band of psychotic kidnappers and murderers.

The Disenchantment (1976)

Filmmaker Jaime Chvarri interviews the wife and three children of a Spanish poet who died in 1962.

Mi Compadre Capulina (1989)

Capulina is taken to prison for crimes he didn't commit. His neighbor helps free him but soon after he gets into trouble again.

Rules of the Game (1999)

When his friend is left paralyzed after a fight, a man (Louis Koo) joins the attacker's crime ring and works his way up the ranks to wreak vengeance.

Fall In (1942)

A sergeant (William Tracy) who has a photographic memory has zany misadventures with a buddy (Joe Sawyer).

The Tune (1992)

In this quirky animated comedy by cult cartoonist Bill Plympton, Del is a young songwriter, working for the bossy Mr. Mega, who must come up with a hit or face losing his job. Hoping to stay employed and close to the object of his affections, Didi, who happens to be Mega's assistant, Del sets out in search of musical inspiration and ends up in the strange town of Flooby Nooby. Will the odd denizens of the strange hamlet help him to create his all-important snappy tune?

False Faces (1943)

A district attorney sets out to vindicate his son who's been accused of murdering a nightclub singer.

Regretting Fish (2011)

Fisher has just stolen $500,000 from a French drug cartel and makes plans to escape from New York City. He gets help from his ex-fiance, Verity, and as the net tightens around them, Fisher realizes he cannot trust anyone.

Boris Godunov (1986)

A possible impostor (Alexander Soloviev) torments a newly crowned medieval czar (Sergei Bondarchuk) who may have ordered the real successor's death.

In the Heat of Passion (1991)

A woman (Sally Kirkland) and her lover (Nick Corri) pin her husband's death on the real-life rapist the lover portrays on a TV crime show.

When a Man's a Man (1935)

Drifter Larry Knight (George O'Brien) misses his train after stopping at a rodeo, and decides that he might as well stay and work as a ranch hand. Knight takes a job with Dean Baldwin (Richard Carlyle), whose water supply has been in crisis because of a landslide. Knight hatches a plan to divert water back to the Baldwin ranch. What he doesn't account for is the treachery of foreman Phil Action (Paul Kelly), who has been jealous of Knight ever since he strolled onto Cross Triangle Ranch.

The Angel Who Pawned Her Harp (1954)

An angel (Diane Cilento) comes to Earth on a goodwill mission and befriends an elderly London pawnbroker (Felix Aylmer).

Subbuteopia (2012)

Two Italian brothers fight Hasbro in the courts to keep making a copyrighted game.

High Explosive (2000)

A man (Patrick Bergin) defuses land mines, while a doctor (Dsire Nosbusch) treats the injured during Angola's civil war.