Pleure pas la bouche pleine (1973)

A 16-year-old girl feels detached from her family, which consists of a grumpy father, a loving mother, a 12-year-old sister and a 19-year-old brother.

The Dropout (1982)

A determined detective (Ken Ogata) uses his girlfriend as a decoy to catch a psychopathic killer.

Yaar Meri Zindagi (2008)

Two close friends, an upper-caste landlord and an upper-caste doctor, turn into arch rivals owing to a clash of egos.

A Bullet for Billy the Kid (1963)

The notorious outlaw makes his way to the safety of a family ranch with lawmen and gunslingers in close pursuit.

Came the Brawn (1938)

Alfalfa enters a rigged wrestling match against the Masked Marvel, unaware that neighborhood bully Butch has secretly donned the disguise of his opponent.

Camera Shy (1930)

A rambunctious visitor (Lloyd Hamilton) to a movie set regales the crew with personal stories that he believes would make good films.

Gold of Rome (1961)

A group of Roman Jews surrenders its gold to the Nazis only to find that the Nazis aren't satisfied with the quantity.

Hillbrow Kids (1999)

Street children driven from townships that bear the scars of apartheid seek a better life in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Horseplayer (1991)

A blonde (Sammi Davis) seduces a quirky liquor-store worker (Brad Dourif) as inspiration for her artist boyfriend (M.K. Harris).

Thanks for Life (1991)

A sinister doctor (Grard Depardieu) purposely infects a promiscuous woman (Anouk Grinberg) with a sexually transmitted disease.

Have Sword Will Travel (1969)

Engaged knights of the Peerless manor are suspicious of a stranger's arrival as they prepare to ship silver to the capital. They are forced to work with the stranger when members of the Flying Tiger Clan try to steal their shipment.

King Solomon's Mines (1985)

Ever in search of adventure, explorer Allan Quatermain (Richard Chamberlain) agrees to join the beautiful Jesse Huston (Sharon Stone) on a mission to locate her archaeologist father, who has been abducted for his knowledge of the legendary mines of King Solomon. As the kidnappers, led by sinister German military officer Bockner (Herbert Lom), journey into the wilds of Africa, Allan and Jesse track the party and must contend with fierce natives and dangerous creatures, among other perils.

Lost and Found (1996)

A beautiful young woman diagnosed with leukemia, Lam (Kelly Chan) falls for Ted (Michael Wong), a sailor from Scotland, but the two separate when she isn't willing to return with him to his homeland. Later, Lam meets the oddly named Mr. Worm (Takeshi Kaneshiro), who runs a company specializing in unusual investigations, and she decides to enlist his help in tracking Ted down. As Lam and Mr. Worm travel the globe, they form a surprisingly close bond.

No Mercy (2010)

A forensic pathologist must save his kidnapped daughter from a sadistic killer.

Cobra Woman (1944)

A man (Jon Hall) tracks his kidnapped bride (Maria Montez) to a jungle island, where her twin is the high priestess.

Damarukam (2012)

The film revolves around an atheist named Mallikarjuna who falls in love with an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva; when an evil power threatens the world and his beloved, he decides to stand up against it and fight to save the world.

The Exchange Student (1967)

The headmaster (Louis De Funs) of a French boarding school embarks on a madcap journey to find his wayward son, who ran off with an attractive English exchange student.

Windcroft (2007)

A history of violence and deception surrounds a man's childhood home.

For 80 Days (2010)

As young people in a more-repressive era, Axun and Maite never allowed their relationship to develop, then they meet again 50 years later.

Man in the Raincoat (1956)

A clumsy hero inadvertently finds himself involved in a murder case.

A Girl at the Window (2001)

A woman with a heart condition (Fanny Mallette) moves to the city, meets musicians and artists and lives a carefree lifestyle in the 1920s.

One More Kiss (1999)

After learning she has brain-stem carcinomas, a woman (Valerie Edmond) decides to affirm relationships with her widowed father (James Cosmo) and her ex-boyfriend (Gerry Butler).

Ready to Fly (2011)

Lindsey Van and her ski-jumping family fight for gender equality in the Olympic Winter Games.

Arctic Manhunt (1949)

Insurance agents head to the icy wilderness to collect an ex-con in possession of $250,000 in stolen funds.

Are Parents People? (1925)

A young girl tries to bring peace to the lives of her bickering parents.

Nightwish (1990)

Coeds (Alisha Das, Elizabeth Kaitan) enter a nightmarish world by way of a deep-sleep researcher's experiments.

Today (2012)

Satch recounts his life as he gets ready to die.

Echoes of a Storyteller (2010)

A Kyrgyzstani elder instructs a teenage student in the tradition of oral storytelling.

Idol of Evil: Hell Is Forever (2009)

The Vatican hires mythologist David Hilton (Richard Cambridge) to rescue Dr. Karen Kixley (Tracey Sheldon) from deranged Satanists.

A Minute to Pray, a Second to Die (1968)

An outlaw (Alex Cord) hides out from good guys and bad guys, seeking amnesty, trying to go straight.

Bebo's Girl (1964)

A woman is bound by integrity to wait for the man she loves, a man convicted of political murder.

The Golden Touch (1935)

King Midas discovers that the ability to turn objects into gold is more of a curse than a blessing.

Dry Wood, Fierce Fire (2002)

Myopic, awkward Alice (Miriam Yeung) writes for a women's magazine whose staff is being combined with that of a men's magazine. In the new office environment, she meets Ryan (Louis Koo), a dreamy coworker prone to fainting spells. The two strike up a friendship and Alice coaches Ryan on how best to woo the powerful editor Michelle (Flora Chan). As the two spend more time together, they begin to realize that perhaps they could be more than just friends.

Avalanche (1978)

Hanging over a new ski resort are charges of corruption and a big snow wedge that's been there for years.

Rosie the Riveter (1944)

War-plant workers, two men and two women (Jane Frazee, Vera Vague), share a room in a busy boardinghouse.

Ek Aur Mard Action Man (2009)

When planter Virendra Mallaya goes to Chembanadu, in Karnataka, to buy a coffee plantation, he finds it overrun with criminals, so he takes it upon himself to clean the place up.

Man From Headquarters (1942)

Reporter Larry Doyle (Frank Albertson) is on top of the world when he exposes the crimes of organized crime boss Louis Pedroni (Max Hoffman Jr.). His success, however, is spoiled in one fell swoop: He's fired from his job, kidnapped by Pedroni's thugs, knocked out and thrown on a train. Eventually, he wakes up in St. Louis, where he meets the lovely Ann (Joan Woodbury). But when he is then framed for an armed robbery, Larry must outsmart the criminals who want to prevent him from testifying.

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Super Fusion! Bonds That Transcend Time (2010)

Yusei falls through a time slip and looks for help to defeat the evil Paradox that is trying to destroy Pegasus.

Impulse (1974)

A teenager (Kim Nicholas) is suspicious of a charming stranger (William Shatner) who's romancing her widowed mother (Jennifer Bishop).

The Rangers Step In (1937)

A Texas Ranger resigns when his superiors refuse to allow him to settle a feud between his kin and a rival family.

Where the Buffalo Roam (1938)

A singing marshal (Tex Ritter) avenges his mother and nabs buffalo skinners.

Billy the Kid in Texas (1940)

After he's framed for a murder he didn't commit, Billy the Kid (Bob Steele) ends up in a frontier town that's being terrorized by a local outlaw, Flash (John Merton). Billy teams up with old pal Fuzzy (Al St. John) to take Flash down. The grateful town makes Billy their new sheriff, and he decides to retrieve Flash's stolen loot. But, before Billy can go anywhere, a band of stagecoach robbers rides into town, and Billy is surprised to see his brother, Gil (Carleton Young), among them.

Cómo Está el Servicio! (1968)

A Spanish woman (Gracita Morales) from a rural area goes to Madrid to seek employment as a servant.

Hunger (1966)

Toward the end of the 19th century, destitute, selfless and lonely, Swedish writer Pontus (Per Oscarsson) is trying to piece together a living in a working-class neighborhood. His interactions with the local newspaper lead to frustration when an editor tinkers with an article he's written. What little money he can scrounge he donates to the city's homeless. Frustrated and hungry, Pontus tries to find various jobs that will, at the very least, buy him a meal and alleviate his isolation.

The Children of An Lac (1980)

In April 1975, as American forces prepare to withdraw from Saigon, three women come together to rescue orphaned Vietnamese children and fly them to the United States before communist forces take over the city. Television actress Ina Balin (Ina Balin) arrives to help orphanage director Madam Ngai (Beulah Quo) and housewife Betty Tisdale (Shirley Jones). While convincing the government to let them use a military plane to carry children, they race against time as chaos overtakes the city.

Women of the Prehistoric Planet (1966)

Alien astronauts (Wendell Corey, Keith Larsen, John Agar) land on a strange place, but it's only the beginning of Earth.

Siegfried & Roy: The Magic Box (1999)

"Siegfried & Roy: The Magic Box" is the compelling life story of how two boys from war-torn Germany turned their never-ending dreams into reality. This ultimate story of success is recounted within the virtual realms of the magic box, a surreal environment where past and present converge into fantastic 3D storybook reflections on their life's journey.

The Ape (2009)

A disturbed man (Olle Sarri) tries to make sense of the world.

Mockery (1927)

During the tumultuous days of the Russian Revolution, Countess Tatiana Alexandrova (Barbara Bedford) must leave Siberia and travel to Novokursk, Russia in disguise, for fear of being attacked by Bolsheviks. She enlists the help of a peasant, Sergei (Lon Chaney), to get her there safely. They bond, and when they finally arrive at the palace, she reveals who she really is. Sergei is given work there, but he's influenced by the Bolsheviks and considers turning Tatiana over to the revolutionaries.

Angélique (1964)

A woman (Michle Mercier) is forced to abandon her lover and marry a French nobleman.

The 70 Percent Club (2010)

A group of friends prepares for a friend's wedding and struggles with being single.

P (2005)

An evil entity wreaks havoc when a Thai witch breaks three rules.

Christmas Rematch (2004)

Tensions rise when five men (Diego Abatantuono, Gianni Cavina, George Eastman) gather to play poker.

Albuquerque (1948)

A young man stands up to his tyrannical uncle and saves a wagon line.

Unearthed (2004)

After a mysterious artifact is unearthed, a string of homicides spreads across a Florida city.

Alias the Deacon (1940)

A clever card player is mistaken for a town's new deacon and becomes involved in a high-stakes game.

Brady's Escape (1984)

Hungarian cowboys, an orphan (Kelly Reno) and a young woman (Ildiko Bansagi) help a ranch-raised American bomber pilot (John Savage) downed by Nazis.

The Aurora Encounter (1986)

The sleepy existence of a small turn-of-the-century Texas town is shaken by the arrival of a most unusual visitor.

Along the Oregon Trail (1947)

A trail guide and his group confront an evil land baron using Indians to run off pioneers.

Gordon of Ghost City (1933)

A cowboy battles prairie fires, stampedes and outlaw bullets to snare a cattle rustler.

El cara parchada (1980)

A young man fights his bitterness while looking for his father.

Notorious Gentleman (1945)

Vivian Kenway (Rex Harrison) is known as a cad, a playboy and a scoundrel. Seducing his best friend's wife (Jean Kent) and his father's secretary (Margaret Johnston) before ultimately marrying for money may be considered reprehensible and foolish. But when his questionable behavior gets him expelled from Oxford University and results in his serving England in the British Army during World War II, Kenway's actions and decisions may lead him to redemption.

A Love Affair: The Eleanor and Lou Gehrig Story (1978)

New York Yankees slugger Lou Gehrig (Edward Herrmann) was not a superstar player on the level of his rambunctious, cocky teammate Babe Ruth (Ramon Bieri), but he was a reliable and committed team player right up until he was forced to retire in 1939 due to the illness that would soon become known as "Lou Gehrig's Disease." This biopic, which focuses less on Gehrig's rivalry with Ruth than on his loving marriage with wife Eleanor (Blythe Danner), is based on her memoir.

Ti-Mine, Bernie pis la gang (1977)

A Canadian man and his family take his brother along when they move to Florida.

Fly Me (1972)

A stewardess uses martial arts to battle hijackers aboard a plane.

One Crowded Night (1940)

Detectives, an escaped convict, a gun moll (Billie Seward), a truck driver (William Haade) and others stop at a tourist camp.

...and the Wild Wild Women (1962)

When the wide-eyed Lina (Giulietta Masina) lands in a women's prison, she meets a world-weary prostitute named Egle (Anna Magnani) who looks out for her. After Egle teaches Lina what she knows and begins to harden the girl, Lina commits another crime on the outside and winds up back in jail, a shell of her former self. Egle, meanwhile, who had taken a genuine liking to Lina, has tried to better herself and is shocked to see what has become of -- and what she's done to -- her former protg.

The Journey (1959)

During the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, a group of international travelers tries to get out of Budapest, but are thwarted at every turn by the Soviets. With the airport closed, they decide to flee by bus, but are stopped at the Austrian border by Major Surov (Yul Brynner). He delays them indefinitely, very much interested in British Baroness Diana Ashmore (Deborah Kerr), and little knowing that her lover is a Hungarian freedom fighter (Jason Robards Jr.).

Eloïse (2009)

A beautiful woman (Ariadna Cabrol) begins a lesbian affair with an 18-year-old high-school student (Diana Gmez).

Covert Action (1988)

A Vietnam vet and former CIA agent faces prosecution when a mission leads to the murder of a Latin American diplomat.

Bodyhold (1950)

A plumber (Willard Parker) with a girlfriend (Lola Albright) turns pro wrestler for a crooked promoter.

Terror at Tenkiller (1986)

Two girlfriends try to relax at Lake Tenkiller, but a slasher won't let them.

Smith! (1969)

Having been raised by Nez Perce tribe member Ol' Antoine (Chief Dan George), rancher Smith's (Glenn Ford) sympathy for Native Americans is well known. When young Indian Gabriel (Frank Ramierez) is falsely accused of murder, he takes refuge on Smith's land rather than turn himself in to Deputy Sheriff Vince (Keenan Wynn). Though initially convinced Gabriel will receive a fair trial, Smith is forced to stand up for the young boy after both he and Ol' Antoine are arrested by the racist authorities.

Jewish Vendetta (1997)

A man attempts murder after learning that his wife and best friend had an affair 30 years earlier.

Villu (2009)

A man (Vijay) seeks revenge against his father's killers.

Hit Parade (1953)

A musical comedy directed by Erik Ode, featuring Germaine Damar.

Las Traigo Muertas (1987)

The luck has a surprise for a gigolo, who only has fortune with women.

Disney's Rootin' Tootin' Roundup (1990)

The Wild West salute includes "Pueblo Pluto," "Two Gun Goofy," "Dude Duck," "The Lone Chipmunks."

Slaughter Tales (2012)

A teen steals a video tape but ignores a ghostly apparition's warning not to watch it. As he does so, evil is released and nightmares turn into reality.

Ek Deewana Tha (2012)

A filmmaker from Mumbai falls in love with a woman from a strict Orthodox Christian family.

The Beat (2003)

A young man (Rahman Jamaal) must choose between working as a policeman or following his dream of becoming a rapper.

Cyclone Fury (1951)

The Durango Kid puts the skids on a bandit bent on sabotaging an Indian's bid for a government contract.

Foolish Heart (1998)

A 17-year-old Argentine (Walter Quiroz) falls in love with an older woman (Maria Lusa Mendona) while pursuing a career as an artist.

American Nudist (2011)

Taylor (Tony T.L. Young) and his new muse Jennifer (Magda Marcella) explore the world of naturism for his latest film.

Pecos River (1951)

The Durango Kid (Charles Starrett) and his singing sidekick (Smiley Burnette) catch mail robbers.

Eight Iron Men (1952)

In Italy during World War II, a squad of American soldiers is scattered by sniper fire, leaving one soldier, Pvt. Small (George Cooper), trapped inside a foxhole. Pvt. Coke (Richard Kiley) reports back to camp and presses his commanding officer, Sgt. Joe Mooney (Lee Marvin), to dispatch a rescue team. But orders for the division to pull out of the area place the squad in the uncomfortable position of attempting the rescue at the risk of going against military protocol.

Edgar (2009)

Since his wife's death, Edgar has had no purpose in life until he has a run-in with a store cop.

The Journey of Alice Tremblay (2002)

A mother (Sophie Lorain) is drawn into the universe of the bedtime story she is reading to her daughter.

The Secret Garden (1975)

Young Mary Lennox (Sarah Hollis Andrews) becomes an orphan in 19th-century India after her parents succumb to cholera. She's sent to live with her uncle Archibald Craven (John Woodnutt) in the English countryside and gets to know the servants, who become her only real friends in the large house. Her world changes dramatically, however, when a mysterious robin introduces her to a secret garden full of adventures, and she encounters a cousin she never knew she had.

Hennessy (1975)

Former Irish Republican Army member Niall Hennessy (Rod Steiger) lives in Belfast, Ireland, with his wife and daughter amid the ongoing Irish-British conflict. Though he still knows people in the IRA, including fugitive leader Tobin (Eric Porter), Niall has given up his violent ways. One day his family is caught in a chaotic street shootout and killed by British forces. Overwhelmed with rage and hunted by a Scotland Yard inspector, Niall heads to London to exact his deadly revenge.

The Barefoot Savage (1952)

A dangerous love triangle develops among brothers and an immigrant woman hired to work the fields.

Dushman (1971)

After a night of heavy drinking, truck driver Surjit Singh (Rajesh Khanna) accidentally runs over a farmer. Sentenced by the judge to look after the dead man's relatives, Surjit is greeted with anger by neighboring villagers on his way to their land. Upon his arrival, he is introduced to the whole family, including Ganga Din (Nana Palsikar), the farmer's father, his widow, Malti (Meena Kumari), and her two children. Despite their initial hatred for him, the family grows fond of repentant Surjit.

Scooby-Doo & The Sea Monsters (2012)

Scooby and the gang investigate sightings of a monster.

La miel se fue de la luna (1952)

A womanizing doctor pretends to be a friend to date two women at once.

The Man on the Balcony (1993)

A detective relies on a known thief to help trap a serial killer roaming the streets of Stockholm, Sweden.

Beauty and Brawn (1963)

A carhop and a dishwasher, each pretending to be wealthy and sophisticated, go exploring on a whirlwind three-day date.

Billi Pig (2011)

Aspiring actress Marivalda, her husband Wanderley, and a false priest end up in the hands of a drug boss when they promise to save his daughter from a coma. A huge cash reward is at stake and all three have to chase the miracle.

Mr. X in Bombay (1964)

Shobha Mathur's father is a professor who is carrying out experiments on various issues. One day while doing so, he makes an employee named Manohar drink a portion, which results in his death.

Man of the East (1972)

A dude (Terence Hill) arrives from New England with books and a bicycle, ready to claim his father's rowdy ranch.

Blazing Guns (1943)

The governor sends the Trail Blazers (Ken Maynard, Hoot Gibson) to tame a cow town.