Rise Above the Mark (2014)

Rise Above the Mark is a documentary narrated by Peter Coyote that brings to light the heartbreaking realities of public education. It's the story of what happens when politics enters the classroom. Public schools are boxed in by current corporate reforms. Rules and regulations restrict vision, depreciate funding, demoralize teachers, and turn students into test-taking machines, robbing them of time to foster creativity. Rise Above the Mark focuses on Indiana's struggles with public school reforms—the same types of struggles experienced in schools throughout the United States. Hear directly from teachers who fight for our kids every day, and experts Diane Ravtich, Linda Darling-Hammond, Marc Tucker, and Pasi Sahlberg as they discuss how America can make positive changes to provide an exceptional public school system for all children.

Robert Williams Mr. Bitchin' (2013)

A portrait of artist and underground legend Robert Williams provides insight on American counterculture.

Running America (2009)

The life and accomplishments of Marshall Ulrich, the first person to be an ultra runner, an adventure racer and extreme mountain climber.

Samantha: An American Girl Holiday (2004)

Ignoring the social code of 1904, a wealthy child (AnnaSophia Robb) befriends three sisters whose family members work as servants next door.

Ski School 2 (1994)

A ski buff takes his buddies along on a quest to send his ex-girlfriend's upcoming nuptials on a downhill slide.

Soldiers Of Conscience (2007)

Narrated by Emmy® winner Peter Coyote, this acclaimed film profiles soldiers wrestling with the morality of killing in war - revealing that far more refuse to kill than we might expect.


The life and music of violinist and founding member of the Juilliard String Quartet.

Spirit of the Marathon II (2013)

Runners from around the world train and run in a marathon on the streets of Rome.

Star Kid (1997)

A withdrawn boy (Joseph Mazzello) dons the shell of an amiable space robot (Alex Daniels), gains superpowers and must fight a giant alien.

Stop the World: I Want to Get Off (1966)

A man's allegorical rise to success is countered by his instable private life.

Stormhouse (2011)

A psychic's presence accidentally allows a supernatural entity to escape its confines and plunge a military base into a horrific nightmare.

SubHysteria (2010)

Sixteen people become stuck in a subway car for several days.

The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond (1960)

The New York killer (Ray Danton) goes from mob bodyguard to mob boss to mob target.

The Sublime and Beautiful (2014)

After a tragedy strikes his family, David must come to terms with his grief while maintaining a grasp on his home life. He does everything he can to hold on, but his desire for retribution leads him to the breaking point.

The Unholy (1988)

An archbishop (Hal Holbrook) puts a priest (Ben Cross) in a New Orleans parish where Satan poses as a temptress in black.

Rob Zombie: The Zombie Horror Picture Show (2014)

From the maniacal, twisted mind of Rob Zombie comes his first ever concert film complete with hair-raising theatrics, animatronic robots, oversized LED screens, a spectacular light and video show, pyrotechnics, insane guitar riffs and vicious beats. Directed by Rob Zombie, The Zombie Horror Picture Show captures the elaborate, multi-media production conceived by the horror film and hard rock master mind that was unleashed to audiences during his 2013 tour. Filmed in Texas, the concert explodes with a blistering set of sixteen Zombie staples including "Dragula," "Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Supertown," "Superbeast" and "Living Dead Girl."

This Ain't California (2012)

Cameras record three teenagers born in the '70s as they rebel in the '80s -- until their lives change forever.

Three for the Show (1955)

Julie (Betty Grable), a beloved singer, is married to songwriter Marty Stewart (Jack Lemmon), who disappears while serving in the Korean War. Eventually, Julie assumes that her husband has died and marries Marty's closest pal, Vernon Lowndes (Gower Champion). Vernon and Julie have a happy marriage until Marty suddenly arrives back home, alive and well. The two men are at one another's throats, and Julie is mortified -- that is, until she realizes there may be an advantage to having two husbands.

Three Loves Has Nancy (1938)

An author (Robert Montgomery) and his publisher (Franchot Tone) vie for the attention of a young woman (Janet Gaynor) who is stranded in New York.

Tish (1942)

When a busybody (Marjorie Main) tries setting up her nephew with a friend's daughter, he instead falls for the daughter of his aunt's enemy.

To Catch A Dollar (2010)

Nobel Prize-winning economist Muhammad Yunus opens the Grameen Bank to help eradicate poverty in Bangladesh and New York.

Two Night Stand (2014)

An online hook-up turns into something more after a snowstorm traps two lovers (Miles Teller, Analeigh Tipton) in one's New York apartment.

Twogether (1992)

An artist (Nick Cassavetes) and a rich girl (Brenda Bakke) have an off-and-on California relationship confused by fame and a baby.

War Of The Dead (2011)

Capt. Martin Stone leads a raid on a German bunker, which goes poorly. His men are driven back into the forest where they are attacked by the reanimated bodies of the men they killed.

Zombie eXs (2012)

Although Zach's ex-girlfriends have been turned into zombies, they all want to get back together with him. Zach and two of his friends must defeat them to save the world.

Zombie High (1987)

An academy coed (Virginia Madsen) discovers a faculty plot to achieve immortality with a serum made from students' brains.

13 Families (2009)

People lose loved ones, April 20, 1999, in Columbine, Colo.

AKA Private (2011)

This documentary explores the lives of various different actors. It will inform the viewer of the actor and actresses childhood, what their original inspiration for acting was, what it took to get into Hollywood, and what there sacrifices were. Various different interviews will be given by experts.

Alfred Eisenstaedt: Photographer (1981)

Alfred Eisenstaedt: Photographer is a documentary film that was released in 1989. The film takes a look at the work of Alfred Eisenstaedt who was one of the most prominent photographers for Life Magazine. The film follows his move to American from Germany, and his eventual work as a photographer. During his career Alfred Eisenstaedt took pictures of some of the most iconic figures in history, and his pictures are still used when discussing those people.

Amazonia: A Perilous Journey (2011)

Bruce Barron and Marshall Pickard lead an expedition to the Amazon Jungle to retrace British explorer Percy H. Fawcett's footsteps.

Kenner (1968)

A U.S. seaman (Jim Brown) befriends an Indian boy (Ricky Cordell) and his mother (Madlyn Rhue) while hunting a killer in Bombay.

Kinderblock 66: Return to Buchenwald (2012)

Four men who survived the Nazis' Buchenwald concentration camp as children return to the compound for the 65 anniversary of their liberation.

Knifed Up (2014)

Black Americans try to achieve a manufactured idea of perfection.

Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi (2014)

Longtime friends suffer a rift in their relationship when their dreams and family obligations arrive at odds with each other.

Lamb of God: The Making of As the Palaces Burn Album (2005)

Thrash-metal band Lamb of God's Killadelphia features a set recorded at The Trocadero in 2005 in support of Ashes Of The Wake, along with great candid footage of the group at work and at play, for an exciting all-access portrait.

Larry the Cable Guy's Hula-Palooza Christmas Luau (2009)

Never one to settle for just another Larry Christmas, Larry The Cable Guy makes a mad dash to the Islands to escape his eccentric family and get some peace of mind. But things are never what they seem as Larry lands on the enchanted island of Hula Poola and the holiday hilarity ensues. Packed with plenty of skits, music, and all-around good cheer, Larry The Cable Guy's Hula-Palooza Christmas Luau is feel-good fun for the entire family and a great way to add some Git-R-Done to the Christmas season!

Last Kind Words (2012)

Eli (Spencer Daniels) and his family move into the backwoods of Kentucky, where he encounters beautiful and mysterious Amanda (Alexia Fast). He thinks she is the perfect woman until he realizes that the forest and Amanda harbor dark secrets.

Lepke (1975)

Gangster Louis "Lepke" Buchalter (Tony Curtis) moves to Brooklyn and forms the 1930s syndicate Murder Inc.

Let There Be Zombies (2014)

Drew (Sydney Daly), a nerdy teacher who always backs down from confrontations, flees to the country when zombies start overrunning communities. She encounters a cast of characters who help and hinder her quest to find the inner strength to survive.

Marie And Bruce (2004)

While attending a friend's party, a restless woman (Julianne Moore) plans to tell her husband (Matthew Broderick) that she is leaving him.

Meadowoods (2010)

Three college students devise a plot to torture and murder a stranger (Ila Schactler).

Mercury Undercover (2011)

The cause and effect of mercury contamination is seen through the eyes of doctors, scientists, environmentalists and survivors.

Mining For Ruby (2014)

A grieving widower falls in love with an environmental engineering grad student (Antoinette Kalaj) who has a troubled past.

Mister Johnson (1990)

In 1920s Africa, young black accountant Mister Johnson (Maynard Eziashi) is talented enough to get an accounting job at the English colonial offices, but he quickly learns that his race prevents him from advancing to the respectable kind of position he desires. Hoping to impress his superior, Harry Rudbeck (Pierce Brosnan), he decides to fudge some numbers and save his boss thousands. When his plan backfires, however, Johnson desperately turns to even more illegal measures in order to succeed.

Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet (2002)

The documentary tells the story of the seventh century prophet who changed world history in 23 years, and continues to shapes the lives of more than 1.2 billion people. The film takes viewers not only to ancient Middle Eastern sites where Muhammad's story unfolds, but into the homes, mosques and workplaces of some of America's estimated seven million Muslim to discover the many ways in which they follow Muhammad's example.

Music From The Inside Out (2004)

Documentary filmmaker Daniel Anker profiles the diversity of talented musicians who make up the world-renowned Philadelphia Orchestra. Beginning with the difficult philosophical question "what is music?" and continuing with an exploration of the nature of the creative process, Anker -- using a mix of candid personal accounts from the musicians, plus larger group discussions -- offers an insightful look into the often misconstrued or marginalized world of classical music.

Nephew Tommy: Just My Thoughts (2011)

Nephew Tommy: Just My Thoughts is a 90 minute comedy special that was released straight to DVD in 2011. The "King of Prank Phone Calls" from the Steve Harvey Morning show performs his comedy routine in Detroit and brought the audience laughing in tears. In the special, he talks about how adults needs to go back to the old school and have an old fashion "whooping" to how he feels about politics. The comedian goes out of the box in his delivery and at the end of the evening, have the audience smiling. Nephew Tommy: Just My Thoughts definitely invite the fans into Nephew Tommy's world.

Neseli Hayat (2009)

Life is going rather off course for Rıza Şenyurt, until he finds a one-month job. He is to be Santa Clause until New Year’s night. Rıza Şenyurt however, is a Santa with problems. For one thing, he doesn’t even know what Santa Clause does. But now there’s no way out of it. With the weight of the world on his shoulders, Santa Rıza Şenyurt finally discovers the trick to ‘santahood’: The thing we call ‘life’ is no more real than those little white lies that kids fall for.

The Affairs of Cellini (1934)

Benvenuto Cellini (Fredric March) is a goldsmith, artist, womanizer and swashbuckler known throughout Florence, Italy. When he enters the royal palace of the Medicis, he instantly has eyes for the Duchess of Florence (Constance Bennett), who openly returns his ardor. The dithering, dim-witted Duke (Frank Morgan) barely notices because he's too besotted with an airhead model (Fay Wray). However, when Cellini gets too cocky, he suddenly finds himself flirting with execution.

The All-American Boy (1973)

Vic "Bomber" Bealer (Jon Voight) is a handsome, manipulative boxer who aspires to something greater than the small-town life he knows in Texas. But, even when opportunities present themselves, Bealer is too restless and indecisive to take advantage. Despite being on the cusp of making the Olympic boxing team, his life is in total disarray as he juggles relationships with an old flame (E.J. Peaker), a girl who's way too young for him (Anne Archer) and a gay trainer (Ned Glass).

The Avenging Eagle (1978)

With help from a mysterious warrior (Fu Sheng), a man (Ti Lung) targets his former gang leader (Ku Feng).

The Baby Maker (1970)

A free spirit (Barbara Hershey) is hired to conceive a child with a middle-class man (Sam Groom) whose wife (Collin Wilcox-Horne) cannot.

The Ballad of Shovels and Rope (2014)

A two-man family band uses hard work and ingenuity to emerge as "artist of the year."

The Bamboo Blonde (1946)

A B-29 pilot (Russell Wade) meets a nightclub singer (Frances Langford), and his crew paints her picture on the nose of their plane.

The Bears and I (1974)

A Vietnam veteran (Patrick Wayne) visits a fallen comrade's Indian father (Chief Dan George), then stays to raise bear cubs.

The Best of Walt Disney's True-Life Adventures (1975)

Highlights from the nature-film series range from the 1949 "Seal Island" to the 1960 "Jungle Cat."

The Black Fables (2015)

Four tales of terror.

The Brussels Business (2012)

The lobbyists who hold sway in Brussels have an influence on nearly every decision that gets made for the average country in the European Union.

The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb (1964)

Greedy American Alexander King (Fred Clark) makes an excursion to Egypt, where he hopes that archaeologist Sir Giles Dalrymple (Jack Gwillim) and young assistant John Bray (Ronald Howard) can help him unearth ancient treasures. But they eventually run into Adam Beauchamp (Terence Morgan), an accursed man with a long family history of hauntings. Adam's mere presence is enough to awaken mummy Ra-Antef (Dickie Owen), putting the entire expedition in grave danger.

The Death of Alice Blue (2009)

Alice (Alex Appel) discovers ancient secrets about her genetics after starting a new job at an advertising agency and joining with a group of fellow employees nicknamed 'The Resistance'.

The Defector (1966)

A U.S. scientist (Montgomery Clift) spies for a CIA agent (Roddy McDowall) in East Germany; a Soviet agent (Hardy Kruger) tries to get him to defect.

The Devil Is A Sissy (1936)

Proper little Claude (Freddie Bartholomew), transplanted British schoolboy, tries to be one of the gang (Mickey Rooney, Jackie Cooper) in New York.

The Devil's Dosh (2012)

Marcus, a London crime boss, has a tragic ending.

The Distracted Mind with Dr. Adam Gazzaley (2011)

Hosted by renowned neuroscientist and M.D., Ph.D., Dr. Adam Gazzaley, The Distracted Mind delves deeply into attention, distraction, the myth of multi-tasking, and how to use the latest research to possibly improve our skills and abilities at any point during our lives. While the brain can seem almost boundless in its potential, it has limitations, such as processing speed, attentional limitations, working memory limitations, and sensitivity to interference, which can be both internal and external. Dr. Gazzaley explores the impact that multi-tasking has on our safety, memory, education, careers and personal lives. Most importantly, The Distracted Mind tells us what we can do to improve our attentional abilities and our focus as we age, and as media continues to dominate our landscape. From changing our behaviors, to literally changing our brains, Dr. Gazzaley shares information you need to survive and thrive in the information age.

The Echo Game (2009)

A woman (Alisha Seaton) receives a letter from her presumed-dead ex-lover, warning her that a rogue scientist is after their telepathic daughter.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore (2011)

In an allegory about the curative power of story, books return the favor to those who care for them.

The Fuller Brush Girl (1950)

Milquetoast Humphrey Briggs (Eddie Albert) and his impetuous girlfriend, Sally Elliot (Lucille Ball), are office workers at a shipping firm whose corrupt owner, Harvey Simpson (Jerome Cowan), uses his company as a front for a massive smuggling operation. When an accident causes Simpson's rich and jealous wife (Lee Patrick) to assume he's cheating on her, the lovebirds get unwillingly drawn into a murder investigation involving a stripper (Gale Robbins) and a hired killer (Fred Graham).

The George Raft Story (1961)

A Broadway dancer (Ray Danton) goes to Hollywood and begins his movie career as a gangster in "Scarface."

The Ghosts of Buxley Hall (1980)

The ghostly founders (Dick O'Neill, Victor French, Louise Latham) of a military academy try to undo a merger with a girls school.

The Gift of Winter (1974)

In a world with no snow and no winter, an unlikely bunch of heroes strive to bring a magical gift to the world.

Beijing Punk (2010)

Underground punks are followed around China during the Olympics.

Bolero at Night (2011)

A folk singer decides to sell his soul to the devil in exchange for fame, but the devil wants more. The demon challenges the man to get a woman to fall in love with him before he will grant his request.

Brownstones to Red Dirt (2010)

Children in Brooklyn become pen pals with orphans from Sierra Leone.

Capital Games (2013)

Two ambitious men go to work in a Los Angeles advertising firm and compete for the same high ranking job. After a crazy night in the Santa Fe desert, the men become torn between passionate love and hatred.

Cargo (2011)

A young Russian woman being smuggled into America bonds with the Egyptian transporter hired to drive her from Mexico to New York.

Champion (2005)

Filmmaker Joe Eckardt examines the life and work of actor Danny Trejo.

Ray Bradbury's Chrysalis (2008)

In a post-apocalyptic world, a scientist emerges from an underground bunker to plant some greenery. Chaos ensues among his comrades when he returns, falls ill, and begins to mutate.

Chuck Close (2007)

The movie Chuck Close is a documentary focused around Chuck Close, a renouned painter and print maker. This documentary lets Chuck Close tell the highlights of both his life and his career, as well as the downfalls that plagued him throughout his life. In this movie, viewers will learn about his childhood during the 1950s in Monroe, Washington, as well as how he played a part in the downtown art scene during the 1960s and 1970s. In addition, Chuck Close will tell the story of the blood clot that was found within his spine that caused him to be in a wheelchair.

College Musical (2014)

During a lustful musical daydream, Cooper fails the biggest exam of his life, so he has to seduce his pretty teaching assistant to save his scholarship.

Crawford (2008)

After announcing his candidacy for president, George W. Bush moves to the Prairie Chapel Ranch near the small town of Crawford, Tex. This documentary consists of unbiased portraits of Crawford's citizens and explores the effect Bush's move has on their lives over the span of his two terms in office. Many were proud to have Bush as a neighbor. But in 2005, when thousands of antiwar protesters swarm into Crawford, the divisions among the residents becomes much more pronounced.

Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy (2014)

Author Jim Marrs investigates the conspiracy behind President John F. Kennedy's death.

Cut! (2014)

An ex-con and an aspiring director try to make a horror film by scaring people, but when it goes too far and someone dies, they discover killing for real is the only way to make a terrifying movie.

Dangerous Toys (2014)

A group of people on a world wide search for oddities find themselves trapped in a nine hundred year old Italian castle when they accidentally unleash dangerous toys.

Dark Woods (2003)

As his terminally ill wife's condition deteriorates, a young man seeks escape through an affair with a local teenager that he saved from a sexual assault.

Delusions Of Guinevere (2014)

Obsessed with social media, a former child star (Ariana Bernstein) goes to extremes to become famous again.

Aeon: The Last Vampyre On Earth (2013)

Catherine flees a cataclysm and becomes trapped in a warehouse with the last living vampire. She engages the creature and learns alarming truths about humanity and its history.

Always (2011)

A former boxer turned parking lot attendant finds hope in the love of the blind telemarketer who walks into his booth one day.

Animalopolis (2008)

A lighthearted and imaginary look at a variety of animals.

Detour (2013)

An advertising executive (Neil Hopkins) tries desperately to save himself after a mudslide buries him in his car.

Dsknectd (2013)

Filmmaker Dominic H. White examines how digital-communication technology affects the way humans interact.

Dummy (2008)

An 18-year-old has to care for his younger brother when a tragedy occurs.

Eastsiders: The Movie (2014)

This dark comedy explores the aftermath of infidelity for a young gay couple in Los Angeles. A hilariously bittersweet tale of friends, love, drunken outbursts, and double standards, and the sad and funny messes we make out of our lives.

Elevate (2011)

Four exceptionally tall youths from Senegal come to the U.S. in the hope that eventually each will be selected for a position on a pro basketball team.

Favor (2013)

After a casual fling results in a woman's death, a man (Blayne Weaver) calls on an old pal (Patrick Day) to help him dispose of the body.

Finn's Girl (2009)

Finn deals with teen angst and violent protests when she is left in the care of her deceased partner's abortion clinic and 11 year old daughter.

Freakshow (2007)

Circus performers seek revenge against a band of thieves planning to steal money from their wealthy owner.

Freestyle (2000)

Artists discuss the art of freestyling -- the improvised rhythms and rhymes that highlight the skills of hip-hop MCs.

Friend (2001)

Four childhood friends go their separate ways, two go off to college while the others become rival gangsters.

Greece: Secrets of the Past (2006)

Exploring the ancient grandeur of the birthplace of democracy.

Grinders (2011)

An out-of-work filmmaker learns the true meaning of life, risk and fatherhood while playing in illegal poker games to support his wife and baby.