The Gamers: Hands of Fate (2013)

Natalie, one of the world's top Romance of the Nine Empires players, challenges Cass to win this year's championship to earn a date with her. As Cass trains to win the card tournament, several hardcore gamers raise the undead to win for themselves.

Black Mass (2005)

During World War II, four American soldiers learn the Nazis have been accessing supernatural powers, and they have to fight evil in its extreme form.

Mystery Broadcast (1943)

A radio-show mystery writer (Ruth Terry) and her rival (Frank Albertson) solve real murders.

Gone South: How Canada Invented Hollywood (2014)

The long history and major influence Canadians have had on the development of American pop culture.

15 Février 1839 (2001)

French Canadians face execution after a revolt against British bureaucrats in Quebec.

In the Hands of the Enemy (1915)

After being captured by an elite American Special Forces unit, Palestinian terrorist Salim Ajami (Robert Davi), accused of masterminding a bombing in Spain that killed four American tourists, is brought to the United States to stand trial. Prosecutor Jim Delmore (Sam Waterston) and defense attorney Simon Resnick (Ron Leibman) are assigned to the case and offer their arguments for and against the defendant. In extended courtroom scenes, the controversial case unfolds with unexpected twists.

The Go Masters (1982)

Young Chinese Kuang Yishan (Sun Daolin), an apt player of the ancient strategy game Go, is sent to Japan to study with one of its great masters, Rinsaku Matsunami (Rentar Mikuni). Through Matsunami's tutelage, the boy grows into a champion. But during World War II, he's forced to swear allegiance to Japan. When his son with a local woman is killed in combat, he attempts to get revenge through the game, challenging his former master to a match that lasts for more than three decades.

Frankie and Johnnie (1936)

A woman is done wrong by a man.

Polite People (2011)

A desperate engineer from a big city lies his way into a small farming community, and has no idea he is walking into the middle of a local war of small town politics.

Tito On Ice (2012)

Max Andersson and Lars Sjunnesson tour former Yugoslavia countries with a mummified effigy of Marshal Tito in a refrigerator.

Solar Superstorms (2015)

One of the most powerful solar eruptions to hit Earth in recorded history.

Heaven Is Only Open to the Single (2012)

A not-very-desirable comedian dumps a famous actress, Choi Yoon-so, then he begs to get his love back.

George's Island (1989)

George (Nathaniel Moreau) lives with his grandfather, Captain Waters (Ian Bannen), a former sailor. When the young boy's behavior annoys his teacher, Miss Birdwood (Sheila McCarthy), she suspects the captain's bad influence is to blame and has the child placed in foster care. Captain Waters comes to rescue George and his fellow foster child, Bonnie (Vicki Ridler), from their abusive guardians. The trio flee to George's Island, where they meet the ghost of pirate Captain Kidd (Gary Reineke).

Copenhagen (2002)

In 1941, physicists Niels Bohr (Stephen Rea) and Werner Heisenberg (Daniel Craig) meet to discuss atomic energy and the Nazis.

The Fantasist (1986)

A young Dublin woman (Moira Harris) is stalked by a telephone charmer who poses victims nude and then stabs them.

Farewell to Hollywood (2013)

A terminally ill teenager's wish leads to a deep, loving and controversial relationship with a 55-year-old filmmaker. As her life nears its end, Reggie risks everything to fight for the life, art and love she chooses.

Federal Hill (1995)

A young hoodlum becomes enamored of a college coed in this tale of five longtime friends in Providence, R.I.

Titon From Havana to Guatanamera (2008)

The life and work of Cuban filmmaker Tomas Gutierrez Alea.

Famous Monster: Forrest J Ackerman (2007)

The life of a science fiction fan, Forrest J. Ackerman.

Supervention (2013)

Skiers and snowboarders hit the slopes in Norway, Sweden, Canada and the United States.

Tiramisu (2008)

Jacob, a bookkeeper, meets Anne, an actress and his newest client. Her personal finances are in terrible shape and she has to sell her beloved houseboat. Jacob buys the boat and plans to give it to Anne, but she comes up with a plan of her own.

Falling Through (2000)

A security expert at the U.S. Embassy in Paris uncovers a ring of counterfeiters selling American visas.

Devilman (2004)

A powerful demon (Hisato Izaki) tries to prevent an apocalyptic war between his race and mankind.

Aldo (2014)

Aldo, a hairstylist, gets in deep trouble with a loan shark after he loses a huge bet.

Lone Wolf And Cub: Baby Cart In Peril (1972)

Ogami (Tomisaburô Wakayama) is hired to kill a female assassin covered with tattoos.

Brice the Nice (2005)

An obnoxious man (Jean Dujardin) and his dimwitted friend (lodie Bouchez) enter a surfing competition.

Fine Things (1990)

When an executive's (D.W. Moffett) wife (Tracy Pollan) dies of cancer, her former husband demands custody of their daughter.

Life After Manson (2014)

Manson Family member Patricia Krenwinkel discusses her relationship with Charles Manson.

Eden A L'ouest (2009)

Illegal immigrants struggle to live in the EU.

Into the Clouds We Gaze (2014)

A study of a proud petrol head living in Bohemia and the culture of aimless Czech youth around him.

Children of the Dark (2011)

Parents (Peter Horton, Tracy Pollan) learn their two children have a disease where exposure to sunlight is fatal.

The Naked Witch (1961)

A student researching German settlements unearths a buried witch, who rises from the grave to begin a campaign of seduction and murder against the descendants of her persecutors.

The One-Armed Executioner (1981)

An Interpol agent (Franco Guerrero) hunts masked drug smugglers for killing his wife (Jody Kay) and cutting off his arm.

His New Profession (1914)

Charlie cares for an invalid while wooing a young woman.

TekWar: TekJustice (1994)

An ex-policeman (Greg Evigan) stands trial for a murder involving the TekLords and a computer program in 2044.

Jazbaat (1980)

Kumar regrets not having married Sapna, who has become rich and famous and is set to return to her village.

The Dark Light (1951)

Two lighthouse caretakers rescue bank robbers stranded off the coast of England.

Flight of the Spruce Goose (1986)

A Pittsburgh miner (Dan O'Shea) kidnaps a model (Jennifer Runyon) and drives her to Hollywood to see Howard Hughes' plane, the Spruce Goose.

The Good Times Are Killing Me (2009)

A Canadian lawyer (Kelly Rowan) pieces together her past when she reluctantly enters an alcohol rehabilitation facility.

Omisión (2013)

A priest faces a crisis of faith when a serial killer confesses his sins.

Folsom Forever (2014)

A history of the Folsom Street Fair tells how it grew to become the world's biggest outdoor kink-and-fetish event.

Alcatraz Is Not An Island (2012)

A group of Native Americans change their sovereign rights by occupying Alcatraz Island.

Borrowed Trouble (1948)

Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) saves a kidnapped schoolmarm (Helen Chapman) opposed to a saloon near school.

Country (2000)

Young teenagers Jack (Dean Pritchard) and Con (Gary Lydon) are two brothers living in a rural village in 1970s Ireland. Their father, Frank (Des Cave), is a widower and leads a lonely existence, often taking out his frustration on his two sons. After a favorite uncle dies, the boys are even more adrift -- until their Aunt Miriam (Lisa Harrow) comes to live with the family. Her influence softens Frank's rougher edges, and she provides a motherly presence for the boys that is sorely needed.

Under the Mud (2006)

On the occasion of daughter Olivia's (Jasmine Mubery) communion, the Potts family falls apart as parents Joe (Andrew Schofield) and Sally (Lisa Parry) must decide whether to stay together, especially when an old beau of Sally's shows up. Olivia and her brother go missing, but oldest daughter Paula (Lauren Steele) is too busy tracking down her absent boyfriend to find them. Magic (Lenny Wood), a lodger who has "adopted" the Potts, tags along, all the while suppressing his feelings for Paula.

The Story of Gilbert and Sullivan (1953)

This film details the real-life partnership between British writer William S. Gilbert (Robert Morley) and composer Arthur Sullivan (Maurice Evans). Although both men became known in their fields, their careers did not truly take off until they began working together regularly under the guidance of savvy theater impresario Richard D'Oyly Carte (Peter Finch). The movie depicts how Gilbert and Sullivan thrived and clashed, on both personal and creative levels.

The Most Wonderful Evening of My Life (1972)

In this adaptation of a stage play, wealthy industrialist Alfredo Rossi (Alberto Sordi), who has gotten rich through questionable business practices, crosses paths with four retired legal professionals (Pierre Brasseur, Michel Simon, Charles Vanel, Claude Dauphin) who miss courtroom life. They decide to put Rossi on trial within the confines of a castle in the mountains of Switzerland -- and what at first seems like a game, turns out to have very serious consequences.

Conqueror of the Orient (1961)

The son of a sultan impresses a princess by winning back his father's throne from a traitor.

Flyover Country (2013)

Todd and Russ' new friendship is tested when Russ learns Todd is gay, and his family thinks he is as well.

The Drew: No Excuse, Just Produce (2016)

The story of an elite summer basketball league, the community that birthed it, the man who led it, and the players that call it home.

The Little Thief (1988)

In the aftermath of World War II, 16-year-old Janine Castang (Charlotte Gainsbourg) is sent to live with her aunt and uncle in the country. Unhappy with her new living arrangements, Janine begins acting out by compulsively stealing. After more than one encounter with the police, the troubled girl runs away to the city. There, she finds work as a maid and begins an affair with an older, married man (Didier Bezace), but still can't escape her kleptomania.

The Great Wallendas (1978)

Tragedy follows Karl Wallenda's (Lloyd Bridges) family of high-wire artists known for the spectacular Flying Pyramid.

Mister Antonio (1929)

The life of a genial florist in a small town.

Kill the Referee (1984)

Disgruntled soccer fans stalk a referee (Eddy Mitchell) and his girlfriend (Carole Laure) after a ruling goes against their team.

Raising Shrimp (2013)

Filmmaker Joe Cunningham explores the world of shrimp farming.

The Road to Ruin (1934)

A sweet-natured good girl, Ann Dixon (Helen Foster), plunges into depravity after she meets vampy Eve Monroe (Nell O'Day) and gains a taste for alcohol, marijuana and sex. Dixon is insatiable, but she quickly wants more than what her boyfriend, Tommy (Glen Boles), has to offer. She gets involved with a much older and more experienced Lothario, Ralph Bennett (Paul Page), who introduces her to an even darker world of venereal disease, teen pregnancy, prostitution and back-alley abortions.

Up from the Ape (1975)

Man as killer is explored, based on anthropologist Robert Ardrey's "African Genesis," "The Territorial Imperative" and "The Social Contract."

Por Ellos ... Todo (1948)

A father tries to make his four children happy.

Danny Johnson Saves the World (2015)

Danny has to use his intelligence and spirit to stop pint-sized aliens from brainwashing children.

In Our Son's Name (2015)

After their son is killed in the World Trade Center, Phyllis and Orlando choose reconciliation and nonviolence over revenge.

Modern Life (2008)

Farmers and their families and how they live in France.

The Next-Door Neighbour Is Alive (2005)

After moving into a new house, a woman hatches a plot against her mysterious neighbor.

Guess What We Learned in School Today? (1971)

Sex education, skinny-dipping and a detective's crusade keep suburbanites guessing.

Schwer verknallt (2003)

Self-conscious about her weight, a woman (Katrin Filzen) meets a man on the Internet.

Fly Colt Fly (2014)

Teenage fugitive Colton Harris-Moore becomes a modern folk hero after stealing a small plane and disappearing into the wilderness.

Capital Punishment (1991)

A DEA agent's (Gary Daniels) task to get a new drug off the street puts him on a collision course with a corrupt cop (David Carradine) and a drug lord (Tadashi Yamashita).

Demons (2014)

A young rock band uses a deserted house to record a new album, and things take a horrible turn when their Satan worshipping manager tries to open the gates of Hell.

Are You In The House Alone? (1978)

In this made-for-TV adaptation of the Richard Peck novel, Anne (Blythe Danner) and Neil Osborne (Tony Bill) have moved to a new town with their virginal teenage daughter, Gail (Kathleen Beller), after being burglarized. When Gail finds a mysterious, threatening note, she assumes it's just a prank. But when more letters arrive -- along with increasingly frightening phone calls -- she realizes she has a stalker and sets out to use her photography skills to catch him in the act.

Return of the Dragon (1974)

An Asian (Bruce Lee) in Rome uses whirling "nunchakus" on a gang and fights a karate champ (Chuck Norris) in the coliseum.

Scratch (2015)

A young hip hop performer's shot at fame is ruined when a rival attacks him on a crucial night.

The Ghost of Saint Aubin (2011)

A Detroit gangster searches for his missing girlfriend with the help of a mysterious doctor and uncovers a dark mystery that plagues the city.

Spirit/Will/Loss (2015)

How the human spirit prevails in the face of tragedy.

Open Cage (2014)

Anna travels to Serbia to make a photo documentary on refugees.

Home Cooked News (2016)

A family creates oddball shows when its underground news network fails to take off.

The Magic Snowflake (2013)

A young boy named Nicholas is chosen to become the next Santa Claus.

A Kind of Magic (2015)

Despite agreeing to an arranged marriage to a childhood friend (Briana Lane), a successful businessman (Ryan McPartlin) tries to track down a beautiful woman (Nikki DeLoach) that he met at a Halloween party.

The Woman in the Hall (1947)

Lorna Blake, a widow and professional beggar, tells wealthy people of her woes to support herself and her two daughters.

The Last Dinosaur (1977)

The richest man in the world (Richard Boone) goes polar to hunt a Tyrannosaurus rex.

Vannin' (2013)

A subculture of van enthusiasts keep the 70s dream alive.

Pin (1988)

Leon (David Hewlett) and Ursula (Cyndy Preston), brother and sister, treat their doctor father's therapeutic dummy like a brother.

Thunderclump (1974)

A Swedish father chases his son who chases his sister's dolls who have run away with a tiny creature.

Melody Club (1949)

A British detective (Terry-Thomas) somehow captures crooks at a nightclub.

Being Awesome (2013)

Teddy and Lloyd meet at their high school reunion and realize they have to make changes in their pathetic lives.

The Visitor from Planet Omicron (2013)

Frieda Cloiselle (Inge Jaklyn) helps an alien hide from the government after he crash-lands in her backyard.

The Entertainers (1991)

A washed-up comedian (Bob Newhart) and his sidekick make one last attempt to become famous in Las Vegas.

Make-Out With Violence (2008)

Patrick and Carol mourn the loss of their friend Wendy until they discover her animated corpse. They search for ways of resurrecting her spirit or, failing that, satisfy their love between the living and the dead.

i.Mirror (2007)

Filmmaker Cao Fei records her experiences in the online social platform Second Life.

Hot Type: 150 Years of The Nation (2015)

Filmmaker Barbara Kopple examines the history of "The Nation," the oldest weekly publication in the United States.

Bolo (1977)

Two pardoned Ching dynasty prisoners are ordered to keep peace in a village.

3 American LPs (1969)

Peter Handke and Wim Wenders discuss American music from inside a car.

Deadline for Murder: From the Files of Edna Buchanan (1995)

The Miami-based crime reporter (Elizabeth Montgomery) probes the apparent gangland slayings of three.

Kino Eye (1924)

Dziga Vertov films the lives of youths in a Soviet combine.

Obsession (1997)

While in Berlin, a stonemason (Daniel Craig) becomes obsessed with a young musician (Heike Makatsch) who already has a boyfriend (Charles Berling).

How to Hook Up Your Home Theater (2007)

Goofy contends with a multitude of issues while trying to set up a home-theater system.

Love, Speed and Thrills (1915)

Chaos strikes when an injured man (Chester Conklin) flirts with a married woman (Minta Durfee).

Comrade Nikanorova Awaits You (1978)

Katia falls in love with myriad men, looking for the one to sweep her off her feet.

Sleep (1963)

John Giorno sleeps for five hours.

Up, Up, and Away (2000)

A teenage boy (Michael Pagan) tries to save his superhero parents (Robert Townsend, Cynthia Alex Datcher) from a criminal mastermind, even though he has no superpowers of his own.

Nirbhay the Fighter (2011)

A man (Jeeva) falls in love with a girl (Shriya Saran) after saving her from a thug.

Champagne Waltz (1937)

In Vienna, a new jazz club featuring American trumpeter Buzzy Bellew (Fred MacMurray) threatens the existence of its neighbor, the Waltz Palace, run by Franz Strauss (Fritz Leiber) and featuring his granddaughter, singer Elsa (Gladys Swarthout). Smitten by Elsa, Buzzy hides his identity and association with the club -- whose owner (Jack Oakie) intends to buy out the Palace property. When Elsa accidentally learns who Buzzy really is, it appears he may have to return to America alone.