The Shadow of the Cat (1961)

The Shadow of the Cat is a 1961 British horror film directed by John Gilling for Hammer Film Productions. It stars André Morell and Barbara Shelley. It was photographed in black-and-white by Arthur Grant.

The Hunt for the Hidden Relic (2002)

The Hunt for the Hidden Relic is a 2002 TV-film. The film is directed by Sebastian Niemann which stars Matthias Koeberlin, Naike Rivelli and Manou Lubowski. It is based on the novel Jesus Video, by Andreas Eschbach.

GODSPEED: The Story of Page Jones (2015)

A racecar driver's continuing recovery from a severe traumatic brain injury.

Godmonster of Indian Flats (1973)

The mayor of a remote town schemes to profit from a sheep's monstrous offspring by putting it on display.

Tumbledown (2013)

Inspired by true events, Todd Verow’s Tumbledown is an explosive cocktail- an emotional rollercoaster ride through the dark sides of sexuality. A complicated love triangle develops after hunky Jay meets bartender Nick and invites him to spend the weekend with him and his partner in their country cabin. Soon, copious amounts of sex, drugs and alcohol lead to a dark obsession and even darker complications. Always bold and never less than riveting, Tumbledown is sure to leave you breathless.

Surreal Estate (1976)

Surreal Estate (French: Sérail) is a 1976 French mystery film directed by Argentine filmmaker Eduardo de Gregorio, who is best known for his screenwriting work with Jacques Rivette.

Callaway Went Thataway (1951)

Callaway Went Thataway is a 1951 American comedy film starring Fred MacMurray, Dorothy McGuire, and Howard Keel. It was written, directed, and produced by Melvin Frank and Norman Panama. Also known as The Star Said No, it was a satire of the television program Hopalong Cassidy.

Ninja: Prophecy of Death (2011)

A top female assassin is left for dead by her sect when she opposes the execution of a young woman.

The Lazarus Child (2005)

The Lazarus Child (entitled The Last Door in Canada) is a 2005 American drama film directed by Graham Theakston. It was filmed in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Deep Rescue (2005)

Crew members (Tamara Davies, Dale Midkiff, Stan Kirsch) struggle to survive after their aircraft falls from the sky to the bottom of the ocean.

Death Metal Angola (2014)

Death Metal Angola is a 2012 Portuguese music biographical film directed by Jeremy Xido.

Tectonics (2012)

A survey of the physical qualities and metaphysical quandaries of the border with Mexico.

Carlo Giuliani, Boy (2002)

Carlo Giuliani, Boy (Italian: Carlo Giuliani, ragazzo) is a 2002 Italian documentary film directed by Francesca Comencini. It was screened out of competition at the 2002 Cannes Film Festival. It details the death of Carlo Giuliani, who was shot dead by a police officer during the demonstrations against the Group of Eight in 2001.

The Undead (1957)

The Undead is a 1957 horror film directed by Roger Corman starring Pamela Duncan, Allison Hayes, Richard Garland and Val Dufour. It follows the story of prostitute, Diana Love (Duncan), who is put into a hypnotic trance by psychic Quintis (Dufour), thus causing her to regress back to a previous life. Hayes later starred in Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (1958). The film was released by American International Pictures as a double feature with Voodoo Woman.

The Life and Death of Tommy Chaos and Stacey Danger (2014)

Dinosaurs invade Earth from outer space, but neither Tommy nor Stacey care, now that they've found each other. They escape the war, but wherever they go, conflict seems to follow.

The Crimson Blade (1963)

The Scarlet Blade (released in the United States as The Crimson Blade) is a 1963 British adventure film directed by John Gilling for Hammer Film Productions. It is a period drama set during the English Civil War and stars Oliver Reed and Lionel Jeffries.

Shadow of the Hawk (1976)

Shadow of the Hawk is a 1976 American horror film directed by George McCowan and written by Norman Thaddeus Vane and Herbert Wright. The film stars Jan-Michael Vincent, Marilyn Hassett, Chief Dan George, Pia Shandel, Marianne Jones and Jacques Hubert. The film was released on July 14, 1976, by Columbia Pictures.

Fangs of the Living Dead (1969)

"A mixture of Italian Gothic and both Hammer and Universal horror …" – Danny Shipka, Perverse Titillation: The Exploitation Cinema of Italy, Spain and France, 1960-1980 Beautiful fashion model Sylvia Morel (Anita Ekberg) receives news that she has inherited a castle from her uncle. Her curiosity leads her to journey to a remote village to see her new house. Once there, she learns of her family's history and soon falls under the spell of her uncle. He wants her to become the new matriarch of the family … a clan of vampires! This chilling tale of bloodsuckers was directed by Spanish horror director Amando de Ossorio (The Lorely's Grasp, Night of the Sorcerers, the Blind Dead series).

Midden in De Winternacht (2013)

Max is convinced Christmas will be boring when his father cannot make it home until a talking moose searching for Santa Claus crashes through the roof.

El Cinco (2014)

El 5 de Talleres, also known as El Cinco (English: The 5), is a 2015 drama film written and directed by Adrián Biniez, about an Argentine footballer in the Talleres de Remedios de Escalada club who contemplates an alternate career after receiving an unjust suspension. The film is a co-production between Argentina, Uruguay, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

Golub: Late Works Are the Catastrophes (2004)

The works of American artist Leon Golub.

Hooks to the Left (2006)

A former male hustler re-enters the world of prostitution after 10 years of being in a celibate relationship.

Blood Sisters: Vamps 2 (2002)

The sisterhood of a happily married vampire threatens her life of stripping, dancing and blood smoothies.

Stronger Than Desire (1939)

Stronger Than Desire is a 1939 American drama film directed by Leslie Fenton.

Trenk, the Little Knight (2015)

A boy has to learn what heroism and courage are before he can rise from a peasant to become a knight.

Ju-on Car (2008)

A group of college friends take a road trip, not realizing that the car is possessed by the tortured spirit of a woman who was murdered in the vehicle.

Second Nature (2003)

Second Nature is a 2003 mystery-drama-science fiction television film directed by Ben Bolt starring Alec Baldwin, Powers Boothe and Louise Lombard. It was written by E. Max Frye and released on 4 October 2003 in the United Kingdom.

Rabbit on the Moon (2004)

A conspirator in an assassination implicates an innocent man (Bruno Bichir) with the killing.

Wildcat (1942)

Wildcat is a 1942 American drama film directed by Frank McDonald and written by Richard Murphy and Maxwell Shane. The film stars Richard Arlen, Arline Judge, William Frawley, Buster Crabbe, Arthur Hunnicutt, Elisha Cook, Jr. and Ralph Sanford. The film was released on September 3, 1942, by Paramount Pictures.

The Burnt House (2009)

A young couple seeking a fresh start following the death of their infant son find old secrets starting to resurface and the horrors of the past threatening to repeat themselves after relocating to a remote house in the country.

Brides (2014)

Brides is a 2014 Georgian-French film directed by Tinatin Kajrishvili. and produced by Gemini, Millimeter Films and ADASTRA Films.

I Want Your Love (2012)

I Want Your Love is the title of both a 2010 short film and a 2012 feature-length film. Both films were directed and written by Travis Mathews. The drama films both revolve around the friends and ex-lovers of Jesse Metzger, a gay man in his mid-thirties who is forced to move back to his hometown from San Francisco due to financial reasons. The actors' own names, along with much of their real-life stories, were used for their characters in both films, which features graphic sexual scenes. The production of both films was aided by the gay pornographic studio NakedSword. This led to the full-length film being refused exemption from classification, which would have allowed it to screen at the Melbourne Queer Film Festival, a decision to which actor James Franco (who invited Mathews to collaborate on Franco's film Interior. Leather Bar.) reacted negatively.

Inertia (2002)

Inertia is a Canadian drama film, directed by Sean Garrity and released in 2001. The film stars Jonas Chernick, Sarah Constible, Gordon Tanner and Micheline Marchildon as Joseph, Laura, Bruce and Alex, four young professionals in Winnipeg, Manitoba who are embroiled in a "love rhombus" in which each is in unrequited love with one of the others. The film won the award for Best Canadian First Feature Film at the 2001 Toronto International Film Festival,

Mutiny on the Elsinore (1937)

The Mutiny of the Elsinore is a 1937 British action film directed by Roy Lockwood and starring Lyn Harding, Jiro Soneya and Paul Lukas. The screenplay concerns a mutiny on a ship against a brutal captain. It was an adaptation of the novel The Mutiny of the Elsinore by Jack London.

How To Win Enemies (2015)

After meeting a woman at a cafe and spending the night with her, a man wakes up to find that she has robbed him.

Darkest Night (2012)

Darkest Night is a 2012 independent film in the horror film genre, directed by Filipino Noel Tan and written and produced by American Russ Williams. It stars DJ Perry, Anne Gauthier, Issa Litton, and Nic Campos. Its story is set in the Philippines, the mountains of Luzon. A large family gathers for a happy reunion and marriage announcement on Christmas Day at an isolated mansion, only to encounter a series of bizarre, demonic, and tragic events. The film started shooting on May 2, 2011 and had its U.S. premiere at the Filipino Arts and Cinema (FACINE) International Film Festival in San Francisco on October 20, 2012. At this festival, the film won a special award for Valuable Contribution. Darkest Night received a limited U.S. theatrical release on July 1, 2013 and full video release on July 16. Largely good reviews greeted the film from critics, its festival audience and general audiences alike. The film seeks to build bridges between Asian and American cultures, producing horror with a blend of both.

The Land of College Prophets (2005)

The Land of College Prophets is a 2005 independent comedy film produced by the Hale Manor Collective, a trio of Connecticut filmmakers consisting of Mike Aransky, Phil Guerrette and Thomas Edward Seymour. The film mixes comedy with science-fiction in a tale of two brawling college students (Guerrette and Seymour) who accidentally reactivate a dormant well that spews toxic liquids into the surrounding community, resulting in abrupt and deadly changes within nature and people. The Land of College Prophets was shot in digital video on locations across Connecticut in 2003. The film premiered in New York in 2005,and later won five awards at the 2005 B-Movie Film Festival, including Best Picture. It also won the Best Picture Award at the 2005 New Haven Underground Film Festival and the Best Ensemble Award from Bare Bones International Film Festival. Reviews were generally positive, with Rick Curnutte of The Film Journal proclaiming that it “could easily become the first genuine cult hit of the DV era.” The film was released on DVD in 2005 by York Entertainment.

The Man from Button Willow (1965)

The Man from Button Willow is a 1965 American animated Western film about the adventures of Justin Eagle, the first U.S. Government Agent. It was released on 3 April 1965 in the United States.

Come Spy with Me (1967)

Come Spy with Me is a 1967 American spy film produced by Arnold Kaiser, directed by Marshall Stone, and released by 20th Century Fox.

Crónica sentimental en rojo (1986)

A gruesome murder sets off a battle over a family's fortune.

Ilzaam (1986)

Ilzaam is a 1986 Bollywood film starring Govinda in his film debut alongside Neelam, Shatrughan Sinha, Shashi Kapoor, Prem Chopra and Anita Raj.

Game Show Dynamos (2015)

Bernard and Claire appear on national television game shows 28 times.

Murderous Intent (1986)

An out-of-work writer becomes suspicious of his young wife and begins having bizarre dreams.

Chakkiligintha (2014)

Chakkiligintha is a 2014 Telugu film starring Sumanth Ashwin and Chandini Sreedharan as the lead pair.Yet another debutante director Vema Reddy comes from Sukumar school of direction, so the film creates some sort of curiosity.

Hiding In Plain Sight (2012)

Darius and Josephine are forced to live out of their car with their two children. Darius begins to lose his faith until he crosses paths with a man who will make an unimaginable difference in his family's life.

The Old Texas Trail (1944)

The Old Texas Trail is a 1944 American Western film directed by Lewis D. Collins and written by William Lively. The film stars Rod Cameron, Eddie Dew, Fuzzy Knight, Ray Whitley, Virginia Christine, Joseph J. Greene, Marjorie Clements, George Eldredge and Edmund Cobb. The film was released on December 15, 1944, by Universal Pictures.

Utopia (2015)

Utopia is a 2015 Afghan drama film directed by Hassan Nazer and Produced by Chris Robb. The film was selected as the Afghan entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th Academy Awards but it was not nominated. However, it was disqualified a few days prior to its Academy screening for having too much dialogue in English. The Afghan filmmakers union tried to appeal, bringing the language breakdown by minutes, but they were unsuccessful.

Hans Richter: Everything Turns, Everything Revolves (2016)

Hans Richter: Everything Turns – Everything Revolves celebrates the life of the Dadaist, abstract painter and experimental filmmaker who was a major force in redefining art in the 20th century.

Almost Married (2014)

Three months before his wedding to Lydia (Philip McGinley), Kyle (Emily Atack) goes out with the guys for a wild stag night and brings something extra home -- an STD. Now he needs to avoid his fiancee until the all-clear test comes back.

Savages Crossing (2011)

In the Outback, rising floodwaters trap several strangers in a roadhouse, and it quickly becomes clear that the threat within the group is more dangerous than the raging water.

Mahek (2007)

Mahek is an award-winning Indian children's film by writer-director Kranti Kanade.

Yesterday's Enemy (1959)

Yesterday's Enemy is a 1959 Hammer Films British war film in MegaScope directed by Val Guest and starring Stanley Baker, Guy Rolfe, Leo McKern and Gordon Jackson set in the Burma Campaign during World War II. It is based on a 1958 BBC teleplay by Peter R. Newman, who turned it into a three-act play in 1960. Gordon Jackson repeated his role from the BBC teleplay as Sgt. Ian Mackenzie. Columbia Pictures co-produced the film with Hammer Films in an agreement for five co-productions a year with Columbia providing half the finance. The film was shot on indoor sets in black and white and Megascope. The film has no musical score. Director Val Guest later said that Yesterday's Enemy was one of his films of which he was the most proud. In 2013, film magazine Total Film included Yesterday's Enemy in their list of 50 Amazing Films You've Probably Never Seen. The TV play was reportedly based on a war crime perpetrated by a British army captain in Burma in 1942.

Amdavad Junction (2013)

Two detectives have a difficult time making headway in a murder investigation.

Bab'Aziz: The Prince That Contemplated His Soul (2005)

Bab'Aziz: Le prince qui contemplait son âme (English: Bab'Aziz: The prince who contemplated his soul), often abbreviated to Bab'Aziz, is a 2005 film by Tunisian writer and director Nacer Khemir. It stars Parviz Shahinkhou, Maryam Hamid, Hossein Panahi, Nessim Khaloul, Mohamed Graïaa, Maryam Mohaid and Golshifteh Farahani. It was filmed in Iran and Tunisia.

Very Little Time (2009)

A padlocked box found behind his house intrigues Ryan, but he is unable to open it, and strange events begin to threaten his life.

Sorte Nula (2004)

Sorte Nula is a Portuguese film directed by Fernando Fragata. It stars António Feio and was the highest-grossing Portuguese film in 2004.

Children Must Laugh (1936)

Jewish life in Poland before World War II.

Seawards Journey (2003)

Several Uruguayan villagers set out on a journey to see the ocean for the first time.

The Christmas Season Massacre (2001)

The Christmas Season Massacre is a 2001 horror comedy film written and directed by Jeremy Wallace, and co-written by Eric Stanze.

Man for a Day (2012)

Gender activist Diane Torr hosts a workshop in Berlin for women discovering the secrets of masculinity.

The Family Nobody Wanted (1975)

A minister (James Olson) and his wife (Shirley Jones) bring 12 ethnically mixed children into their home.

The Chorus Kid (1928)

The Chorus Kid is a lost 1928 silent film comedy drama directed by Howard Bretherton and starring Virginia Brown Faire and Bryant Washburn. It was produced and released by independentsts Gotham Productions and Lumas Film respectively.

The Lottery Bride (1930)

The Lottery Bride is a 1930 American Pre-Code movie musical starring Jeanette MacDonald, John Garrick, ZaSu Pitts, and Joe E. Brown. The film was produced by Joseph M. Schenck and Arthur Hammerstein, based on the musical by Rudolf Friml, and released by United Artists. William Cameron Menzies is credited with the production design and special effects. The film's final reel was in Technicolor in the original 80-minute release in 1930. However, most existing prints are black-and-white prints of the shorter (67-minute) 1937 re-release.

Brave Miss World (2013)

A woman tries to turn a personal tragedy into global awareness.

Three Hours Between Planes (2014)

While in his hometown on a layover, Donald Plant decides track down his first love.

Rettet Raffi! (2015)

An 8-year-old boy has to rescue his hamster after a crook nabs it for its special talents.

Das Ungeheuer von London-City (1964)

The Monster of London City (German: Das Ungeheuer von London-City) is a 1964 West German crime film directed by Edwin Zbonek and starring Hansjörg Felmy, Marianne Koch and Dietmar Schönherr. The film's sets were designed by the art director Hans Jürgen Kiebach and Ernst Schomer. It was shot at the CCC Studios in Berlin and on location around London.

Desperate Search (1952)

Desperate Search is a 1952 adventure film directed by Joseph H. Lewis from a novel by Arthur Mayse. It stars Howard Keel, Jane Greer, Patricia Medina and Keenan Wynn in a drama revolving around two lost children in the Canadian north.

Making Rounds (2015)

Leading cardiologists Dr. Valentin Fuster and Dr. Herschel Sklaroff care for critically ill heart patients at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.

Night of Terror (1986)

After being committed to a sanatorium by her wealthy husband, a rich heiress is on a race against the clock to prove her sanity and to expose the savage medical experiments that are being performed in the asylum. Massacre Video, in collaboration with Vinegar Syndrome, presents the obscure Escape from the Insane Asylum on DVD for the first time ever, staring legendary cult writer / producer / actress Renee Harmon (Frozen Screams, Cinderella 2000, The Executioner 2, and many other classics).

States of Grace (2014)

An HIV/AIDS doctor survives a horrific head-on crash on the Golden Gate Bridge and struggles to re-create a meaningful life despite her severe physical disabilities.

State of Control (2016)

In the harrowing documentary State of Control, two American filmmakers go undercover in Tibet during a full scale media blackout.

The Boogie Man Will Get You (1942)

The Boogie Man Will Get You is a 1942 horror comedy film, directed by Lew Landers and starring Boris Karloff and Peter Lorre. It was the final film Karloff made under his contract with Columbia Pictures, and it was filmed in the wake of his success in the Broadway production Arsenic and Old Lace. As he had done several times previously, Karloff played the part of a "mad scientist", Professor Billings, who is using the basement of his inn to conduct experiments into using electricity to create a race of superhumans. The inn is bought by a new owner, who is initially unaware of the work Billings is conducting.

Peace After Marriage (2013)

A Palestinian-American man and an Israeli woman agree to marry so that she can get a green card, prompting a re-evaluation of familial and cultural traditions.

Until I Lose My Breath (2015)

Working long hours in a cramped clothing workshop, Serap takes matters into her own hands when her father stalls their move into an apartment.

Ahwak (2015)

Dr. Sherif falls in love with his patient.

Love Never Dies (2012)

Jane shows her love for Michael, even after death.

Forty Little Mothers (1940)

Forty Little Mothers is a 1940 American film directed by Busby Berkeley and starring Eddie Cantor. It is a more-or-less straight drama with some musical numbers and a little comedy thrown in.

One Man Out (1989)

A photojournalist (Deborah Van Valkenburgh) tells a tormented mercenary (Stephen McHattie) the truth about a dictator (Aharon Ipalé) in South America.

Walk-ins Welcome (2012)

A baker loses his memory when he gets zapped by lightning. As he starts to unravel the mystery of his own death, he wrangles with his buried past until he is forced to choose between pastries and immortality.

As Seen Through These Eyes (2008)

Prisoners in concentration camps create art and music to survive; Maya Angelou narrates.

Incontro (1971)

A married woman is torn between fidelity and passion when she falls in love with another man.

Corporate (2006)

Corporate is an Indian Hindi business drama film released in July 2006. The film directed by Madhur Bhandarkar stars Bipasha Basu, Kay Kay Menon, Payal Rohatgi, Minissha Lamba and Raj Babbar. The movie revolves around the power game between two powerful industrialists. And based on the Pesticides issue in India on 2003 when Delhi non-profit Centre for Science and Environment published a disputed report finding pesticide levels in Coke and Pepsi soft drinks sold in India at levels 30 times that considered safe by the European Economic Commission. The movie got acclaimed from critics. It grossed 163.8 million at box office, well above its 40 million budget.

Suspension (2015)

After escaping from a mental hospital, a murderer (Barry Nerling) targets his young daughter (Ellen MacNevin) and her friends during a bloody rampage.

Inspector Blunder (1980)

Inspector Blunder (French: Inspecteur la Bavure) is a 1980 French comedy film directed by Claude Zidi.

The Trap (2007)

A group of hikers discover a corpse and a cash-stuffed bag, but soon a pair of murderers arrives to take what is theirs.

Justice in a Small Town (1994)

With a co-worker's (John Shea) help, a woman (Kate Jackson) risks her children's safety to expose corruption within the Georgia Department of Labor.

Singing Behind Screens (2003)

Singing Behind Screens is a 2003 Italian adventure-drama film written and directed by Ermanno Olmi, loosely inspired to real life events of Chinese pirate Ching Shih. The film won three David di Donatello and four Nastro d'Argento Awards.

The Singing Sheriff (1944)

The Singing Sheriff is a 1944 American Western comedy film directed by Leslie Goodwins and written by Henry Blankfort and Eugene Conrad. The film stars Bob Crosby, Fay McKenzie, Fuzzy Knight, Iris Adrian, Samuel S. Hinds, Edward Norris, Andrew Tombes and Joe Sawyer. The film was released on October 6, 1944, by Universal Pictures.

Eating Happiness (2015)

Animal activist Genlin goes to the streets of Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, and China to expose the dog meat trade.

The Stoolie (1972)

The Stoolie is a 1972 comedy/crime thriller film co-directed by John G. Avildsen and George Silano. It stars comedian Jackie Mason in the lead role.

The Price of Crime (2014)

Alendelòn is an honest man until he gets involved with the Camorra crime syndicate. He starts as a light drug dealer and quickly gets assigned more important tasks until a mistake lands him in jail.

Just Breathe (2008)

Mom, Dad and Her is a 2008 television film directed by Anne Wheeler starring Melora Hardin and Paul McGillion. It was filmed in Fort Langley, Langley Township, British Columbia, Canada.

The Hit (2001)

A man (Maxwell Caulfield) makes arrangements to have his wife (Joanna Pacula) killed, then desperately tries to prevent it.

Walking (1968)

Walking is a 1968 Canadian animated short film directed and produced by Ryan Larkin for the National Film Board of Canada, composed of animated vignettes of how different people walk.

A Life at Stake (1955)

A Life at Stake is a 1954 American film noir directed by Paul Guilfoyle. It stars Angela Lansbury and Keith Andes. The film is also known as Key Man.

Bomb It (2008)

Bomb It is an international graffiti and street art documentary directed by Jon Reiss and premiered at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival. Filmed on five continents, featuring cities such as New York, Cape Town, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Berlin and Sao Paulo, Bomb It explores the interplay between worldwide graffiti movements, the global proliferation of "Quality of Life" laws, and the fight for control over public space. Graffiti artists across the globe joined forces with Jon to create the film which features original footage from many controversial graffiti writers beginning with the first graffiti writer Cornbread, to those who saw the take off of the art, TAKI 183 to more contemporary writers Shepard Fairey and Os Gemeos. In addition to TAKI 183, the film features Tracy 168, Terrible T-Kid 170, Cope2, Stay High 149, KRS-One, Revs, 2esae, Zephyr, Cornbread, DAIM, Blek le Rat, Shuck2, Ash, Skuf, Revok, Ron English, Chaz Bojorquez, Lady Pink, Mear One, Urban Theorists Stefano Bloch (UCLA Dept. of Urban Planning and University of Minnesota Dept. of Geography) and Susan Phillips (Pitzer College), actor and filmmaker Russ Kingston, Pez, Sixe, Falko, Faith47, Zezao, Ise, Kenor & Kode, Scage, Mickey, Chino, and Ket. George Kelling, co-author of Broken Windows, an Atlantic Monthly article that formed the basis for Rudy Giuliani's widely imitated gentrification campaign, was interviewed for this film.

Night Of The Running Man (1995)

Night of the Running Man is a 1995 American crime thriller directed by Mark L. Lester and written by Lee Wells, who adapted it from his novel of the same name. It stars Andrew McCarthy and Scott Glenn. The film debuted on HBO before being released direct-to-video.

Outside Out (2000)

Outside Out is the first full-length feature film from Phish bassist Mike Gordon. It premiered in theaters in early 2001 and starred Jimi Stout, Col. Bruce Hampton, Ashley Scott Shamp, Gordon, and others. The film revolves around the life of confused teenager Rick, who begins taking guitar lessons from Hampton. Hampton's unorthodox style of teaching infuriates Rick's parents, who insists he attend military school. Rick later meets the guitarist of country music group "Ramble Dove" (Gordon), and the true bizarreness of the film begins to take shape. The movie features a mixture of abstract editing, psychedelic symbolic images, and music later featured on Gordon's companion album, Inside In.

The Devil and Miss Sarah (1971)

A satanic outlaw (Gene Barry) commands a homesteader's (James Drury) wife (Janice Rule) to help him escape.