Madmast Barkhaa (2015)

A lonely woman begins an affair after her husband goes away on military duty.

Music of the Spheres (1985)

Aliens warn a psychic woman (Anne Dansereau) that Earth's solar-energy computer program is upsetting the balance of the universe.

Fort Dodge Stampede (1951)

A deputy (Allan "Rocky" Lane) and his stallion beat outlaws to bank loot hidden in the badlands.

American Artifact: The Rise of American Rock Poster Art (2009)

A chronicle of the rise of American rock poster art.

Riot Squad (1941)

A doctor goes under cover as personal physician to a gangster in an effort to garner evidence against him for the police.

Honeymoon of Horror (1964)

A woman receives threatening phone calls and is involved in several near-accidents after marrying a famous sculptor.

Sunny Side Up (2018)

The daughter (Janet Gaynor) of a grocer pretends to be rich for the Southampton heir (Charles Farrell) who loves her.

Full Frame (2016)

A spineless photographer (Frankie Murphy-Giesing) unearths the dark deeds of a notorious man and gets swept up in a game of life or death.

Special Effects (1984)

A filmmaker (Eric Bogosian) kills a model (Zoë Tamerlis) on camera, then makes a movie about it with her husband (Brad Rijn) and a look-alike.

Short Eyes (1977)

Convicts try to stay alive in a brutal prison where certain fellow inmates violate nearly every known rule of decency.

Grand Canyon (1949)

A local mule wrangler (Richard Arlen) replaces the injured star (James Millican) of an on-location western.

Born to Be Loved (1959)

A seamstress (Carol Morris) and a music teacher (Hugo Haas) play Cupid for each other, ending with a double wedding.

The Man Who Found Himself (1937)

A young surgeon (John Beal) turns bearded hitchhiker; a young woman (Joan Fontaine) turns him back.

Above And Below (2015)

Filmmaker Nicolas Steiner documents the exploits of three homeless people in Las Vegas, a man who lives in a military bunker in the California desert and a woman at a Utah research station that simulates life on Mars.

The Year of the Hare (1977)

A news photographer (Christophe Lambert) goes to extremes to care for the hare he hit with his car.

The Old Testament (1962)

Mattathias and his five sons deliver their people, based on the Books of the Maccabees in the Apocrypha.

The Famous Five 3 (2014)

The five friends go on vacation to a seaside village and find a mysterious locket in a shipwreck. A local girl recognizes the locket and knows it leads to a pirate's treasure.

Jung (1996)

An honest police officer and his brother, a defense lawyer, clash over a condemned man who may be innocent.

Riding on Air (1937)

A small-town editor (Joe E. Brown) parachutes to his sweetheart (Florence Rice) after a shootout with smugglers.

Hellion (2012)

A boy suffers the consequences of his malicious brothers' actions.

When's Your Birthday? (1937)

Afraid to marry his fiance, Diane (Suzanne Kaaren), under a negative planetary influence, wacky astrology student, busboy and aspiring prizefighter Dustin Willoughby (Joe E. Brown) calls off the wedding and finds a new sweetheart, Jerry (Marian Marsh). Through a series of misadventures, Dustin gains success as a carnival psychic, but loses his girl. When Dustin is tapped to replace a boxer in a big match, he hopes the planets will help him win the fight -- and get Jerry back.

Manslaughter (2012)

A paramedic (Theo Maassen) lands in trouble with the law when his actions lead to the death of a young man.

Family Nest (1977)

Irn lives in a small apartment with her in-laws. When her husband, Laci, returns from military service, his father convinces him that Irn has been unfaithful. Irn feels forsaken, in the midst of a hostile family.

The Legend of God's Gun (2007)

A gun-toting preacher returns to Playa Diablo to seek revenge on the bandit El Sobero.

The Family Farm (2014)

Filmmaker Ari A. Cohen explores the farm-to-table process by following small Canadian farmers.

Lawless Cowboys (1951)

A cowboy enlists the aid of an honest bronco buster and a local newspaperman to uncover a rodeo-fixing scheme.

Rap Sheet: Hip-Hop and the Cops (2006)

Filmmaker Don Sikorski examines the relationship between hip-hop artists and law enforcement.

Prem Granth (1996)

Somen, a rich boy, loves Kajri, a village belle. The lovers get separated and Somen tries to find his lost love.

The Saint's Vacation (1941)

British sleuth Simon Templar (Hugh Sinclair) and his sidekick (Arthur Macrae) trick spies in Switzerland.

Land Grab (2016)

A finance mogul ignites a political firestorm when he announces his plans to build the world's largest urban farm in Detroit.

Boonie Bears: Homeward Journey (2013)

Bramble and Briar Bear rally the forest animals to stop Logger Vick from chopping down all the trees.

The Runaway Princess (1929)

A princess visiting New York during Christmas escapes her royal entourage to experience the city. She is saved from muggers by a handsome man, and romance blooms when he shows her his side of the city.

When The Bullet Hits The Bone (1996)

An emergency-room doctor (Jeff Wincott) declares war on street crime after linking drug traffic to the federal government.

Underworld Beauty (1958)

Released from prison, a gangster (Michitaro Mizushima) retrieves diamonds sought by fellow yakuza.

Shadow Zone: The Undead Express (1996)

Zach (Chauncey Leopardi), a 14-year-old boy, loves horror movies. But when he meets an actual vampire named Valentine (Ron Silver) on a deserted subway platform, Zach's penchant for all things horror comes screeching to a halt. Luckily for him, Valentine happens to be a "vampire vegetarian," which means Zach is not on his menu. Escaping to the streets, Zach tells his friends (Natanya Ross, Tony T. Johnson) of his encounter, but they don't believe him until vampires kidnap one of them.

The Girl Said No (1930)

After graduating from college, Tom Ward (William Haines) returns home ready for success. The brazen young upstart sets his romantic sights on Mary Howe (Leila Hyams), a secretary for a man named McAndrews (Francis X. Bushman). Although Mary seems uninterested at first, Tom persists in his pursuit. Meanwhile, he tries to make money by selling bonds to confused women like Hettie Brown (Marie Dressler). As Mary is set to marry McAndrews, Tom becomes desperate to stop the ceremony.

Wheedle's Groove (2009)

A DJ finds an old record from the forgotten 1970s Seattle music scene.

Deranged (1987)

A woman (Jane Hamilton) kills a black-clad intruder with scissors, then hallucinates.

Fame Whore (1997)

Characters (Amy Davis, Peter Friedrich, Victor E. of Aquitaine) in three films each have delusions: A tennis star loses endorsements; a woman seeks fame; a man has an imaginary friend.

Three Warriors (1978)

An Indian boy (McKee "Kiko" Redwing) discovers his heritage while spending the summer at his grandfather's (Charles White Eagle) reservation.

Life Begins Tomorrow (1933)

Speculations on the future after the invention of atomic energy.

Love Kills (1999)

A New Age Beverly Hills masseur (Mario Van Peebles) becomes involved with an aging widow (Lesley Ann Warren) and her odd family.

Bloodsuckers From Outer Space (1984)

An alien contaminant turns ordinary Texans into bloodthirsty brutes in this tongue-in-cheek science-fiction thriller.

Hidden (2009)

A man (Kristoffer Joner) becomes unhinged when returns home to settle his abusive mother's estate.

3 Américas (2007)

A life-changing event forces a Boston teen (Kristen Gonzalez) to move in with her anti-American grandmother (Ana Mara Colombo) in Argentina.

Beast of Blood (1971)

Mad Dr. Lorca (Eddie Garcia) of Blood Island tries to graft a head on a green-blooded monster.

Love Lies Bleeding (1999)

An aspiring reporter faces danger when she discovers the identity of Jack the Ripper in 19th-century London.

O Rei da Noite (1975)

Sought after by several reputable women, a bohemian becomes obsessed with a prostitute.

Escape from Suburbia: Beyond the American Dream (2007)

Concerned Americans respond to the declining oil supply, reconsidering their lifestyle options.

The Touch of Flesh (1959)

A rich teen (Jeanne Rainer) tries to terminate her pregnancy against the father's (Ted Marshall) wishes.

Francis in the Navy (1955)

Talking mule's Army buddy (Donald O'Connor) mistaken for look-alike bosun's mate.

The Captain's Table (1959)

A British freighter captain (John Gregson) becomes captain of a luxury liner and treats his passengers like cargo.

The Desert Song (1953)

A civil war between Morocco's Berber and Arab populations provides the backdrop for this romantic musical adventure. Headstrong Margot (Kathryn Grayson) and her father, Gen. Birabeau (Ray Collins), arrive from Paris to a remote Foreign Legion outpost. The powerful Sheik Yousseff (Raymond Massey) has devised a scheme to discredit the mysterious warlord El Khobar by having his men attack the fort disguised as Berbers -- a plan Margot and her tutor, Paul Bonnard (Gordon MacRae), attempt to foil.

Warning from Space (1956)

Huge one-eyed star-shaped aliens come to Tokyo to save Earth from hitting a flaming planet.

Phantom (1922)

Lorenz (Alfred Abel), an office worker of meager means, lives in a tiny apartment with his mother and two siblings and harbors artistic aspirations. But when Lorenz spies the mysteriously alluring Veronika (Anton Edthofer) riding in a carriage, he begins neglecting all his responsibilities in his relentless pursuit of the unattainable beauty. He later meets Mellitta (also De Putti), a conniving woman who resembles Veronika, and she dupes him into doing her bidding, with devastating results.

Seeking Happily Ever After (2010)

Single women in their 30s discuss love, relationships and careers.

The Banishment (2007)

A trip to the countryside reveals dark secrets for a family.

Gentleman's Fate (1931)

As he's about to marry, Jack Thomas (John Gilbert) learns that he's not an orphan but an Italian-American originally named Giacomo Tomasulo. Seeking out his family, Jack links up with his father (Frank Reicher) and brother (Louis Wolheim), gangsters involved in the black market. But when Jack decides to get involved in crime, his fiance, Marjorie (Leila Hyams), postpones their wedding. At a crossroads, Jack must decide whether to go back to his former life or work with the gangsters.

Tent of Miracles (1977)

Levinson (Laurence R. Wilson), an American winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, comes to Brazil, where he sings the praises of a now-forgotten Brazilian writer, Pedro Archanjo (Juarez Paraiso). This prompts the local media to look into Archanjo, who, to the horror of many conservatives, espoused the mixing of races as a means of improving the human condition. As Archanjo's theories are rediscovered by the public, it becomes apparent that racism is still strongly entrenched in Brazilian culture.

Make Me an Offer (1954)

An antique dealer finds a priceless Wedgewood vase in a bombed-out home and resorts to devious means to own it.

Chronicle of a Disappearance (1996)

A Palestinian expatriate filmmaker (Elia Suleiman) documents the loss of national identity in Israel's Arab population.

6 Day Bike Rider (1934)

A small-town clerk (Joe E. Brown) impresses his girlfriend (Maxine Doyle) by entering a big-city bicycle race.

Law of the Rio Grande (1931)

An engaged woman (Betty Mack) causes a stir among outlaws (Bob Custer, Edmund Cobb).

Strictly Dishonorable (1951)

An Italian opera star (Ezio Pinza) has a marriage of convenience with an innocent fan (Janet Leigh) from Mississippi.

Funny Car Summer (1974)

The joys and sorrows of a race-car driver and his family as they travel to various competitions across the western U.S.

Peter-No-Tail (1981)

A Swedish cat without a tail meets bullies and falls in love.

John Mellencamp: It's About You (2012)

A portrait of singer John Mellencamp shows him performing on his 2009 summer tour and working on his album "No Better Than This."

Silent Conflict (1948)

Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) snaps his sidekick (Rand Brooks) out of a fake doctor's herb-tea trance.

Frankenstein Meets the Spacemonster (1965)

Col. Frank Saunders (Robert Reilly), a robot invented by scientist Dr. Adam Steele (James Karen), is making his first space voyage when his ship is torpedoed by Martians. Saunders lands in Puerto Rico, and the Martians -- looking to abduct women to repopulate their civilization -- tail him there. The harrowing episode leaves the wounded Saunders looking like Frankenstein's monster, but that doesn't stop him from helping Steele battle Princess Marcuzan's (Marilyn Hanold) Martian warriors.

Big Calibre (1935)

Bob O'Neill (Bob Steele) is on the hunt for his father's killer. Because his father was killed using poison gas, O'Neill's prime suspect is a deformed, mysterious scientist named Otto Zenz (Bill Quinn). When Zenz skips town, O'Neill follows. Before he catches up with his target, O'Neill finds himself on the other side of the law after being accused of holding up a mail truck. But he won't give up, so he finds a way to continue his pursuit -- as a man on the run himself.

Shiver (2012)

A timid secretary manages to escape a serial killer, but he tracks her down to kidnap and torture her. Two detectives (Casper Van Dien, Rae Dawn Chong) try to find him before he kills the young woman and moves on.

The Men Who Fell (2007)

Two prisoners travel to post-apocalyptic Earth to retrieve a mysterious object.

Criminal Hearts (1995)

A woman (Amy Locane) out to avenge her boyfriend's philandering picks up a hitchhiker (Kevin Dillon) on the run from police.

Corregidor (1943)

Two doctors (Otto Kruger, Donald Woods) woo a colleague (Elissa Landi) in an underground World War II hospital in the Philippines.

Dangerous Business (1946)

Two young lawyers (Forrest Tucker, Gerald Mohr) defend a company president accused of embezzlement.

Of Human Bondage (1964)

Adapted from W. Somerset Maugham's novel, this saga of unrequited love follows club-footed English art student Philip Carey (Laurence Harvey) in his quest to win the love of slatternly waitress Mildred Rogers (Kim Novak), a vulgar beauty who holds Philip's deformity in contempt. Giving up art for medicine and vowing to shake his unhealthy obsession with Mildred, Philip romances a supportive writer -- but when pregnant and abandoned Mildred appears, Philip's self-destructive feelings return.

Driving Me Crazy (1988)

Filmmaker Nick Broomfield shows chaos on the set of European impresario Andre Heller's black musical "Body and Soul."

Garbage in the Garden of Eden (2012)

Residents of a Black Sea village deal with the government's decision to turn their community into a garbage dump.

Possums (1998)

The Nowata, Oklahoma, high school football team has not scored a touchdown in 13 years. Despite that, Will (Mac Davis) loves announcing the games on the radio. But the rest of the town is not so upbeat, and votes to dissolve the team in order to make room for a discount store. Undaunted, Will remains on the air, broadcasting accounts of imagined games that his beloved Possums actually win. The townsfolk come together when outsiders begin to take an interest in the team's fictional victories.