Four Of The Apocalypse (1975)

A sadistic bandit hunts four criminals in the harsh terrain of Utah.

The Worm Eaters (1977)

A man who raises worms for food and strange experiments is faced with losing his land to real-estate speculators.


A father and son retrace the 1,000 mile journey of the Marquette/Joliet group from the top of Michigan to the Mississippi at St. Louis.

Amazing Grace (1974)

A feisty old woman (Moms Mabley) forces moral support on a big-city candidate (Moses Gunn) for mayor.

Bloodstone: Subspecies 2 (1993)

Killers of vampires hunt a particularly bad one (Anders Hove) with a folklore scholar (Denice Duff) and her sister, back in Transylvania.

Dukes Of Hazzard: The Beginning (2007)

Bo (Jonathan Bennett), Luke (Randy Wayne) and Daisy Duke try to prevent Boss Hogg from seizing Uncle Jesse's (Willie Nelson) farm.

The Dentist (1932)

A dentist (W.C. Fields) becomes furious when his daughter falls for the iceman (Arnold Gray).

Gabriel (2007)

Sent on a mission to rescue humanity, an angel (Andy Whitfield) tries to save one (Samantha Noble) of his own.

Hollywood Safari (1997)

California teens set out to find the real culprit when their trained cougar is blamed for attacking humans.

High Voltage (1997)

Amateur robbers, led by wannabe gangster Johnny Clay (Antonio Sabato Jr.), pull off a big heist, only to realize that the bank they just held up is really a front for a money-laundering operation linked to the Mafia's drug activities. Headed by kingpin Victor Phan (George Kee Cheung), the mobsters come after the robbers, looking to recover their money and take revenge on the crooks. Shoot-outs ensue as Johnny tries to keep himself and his partners alive.

How Awful About Allan (1970)

Mental patient Allan (Anthony Perkins) comes home to his unbalanced sister (Julie Harris) and hears voices.

Inside (1996)

Under apartheid in South Africa, Col. Kruger (Nigel Hawthorne) is a merciless interrogator who symbolizes an era's cruelty. Among his victims is professor Marty Strydom (Eric Stoltz), who is jailed for engaging in rebellious activities. Recognizing a willful spirit, Kruger works hard to break his subject. But when, 10 years later, the tables have turned and Kruger is put to question by the new government, he must face an ex-prisoner-turned-questioner (Louis Gossett Jr.).

Too Young to Die (2002)

A 73-year-old Korean confectionery vendor (Park Chi-gyu) and a 72-year-old folk musician (Lee Sun-ye) meet and fall in love.

Lucky Dog (2013)

A lonely puppy searching for a family of his own is adopted by a wealthy woman who wants to win a dog show. When he is kidnapped and held for ransom, she realizes her pet means more to her than winning a competition.

Night Vision (1998)

Detective Dakota Smith (Fred Williamson) and his new partner (Cynthia Rothrock) close in on a killer who uses high tech to target women.

Number One with a Bullet (1987)

Detectives Barzak (Robert Carradine) and Hazeltine (Billy Dee Williams) are trying their hardest to bring down a drug ring, but they're meeting with trouble at every turn, which leads the officers to suspect a mole in their midst. When the detectives are dissuaded by their superiors from following a lead about the man behind the whole operation, Barzak and Hazeltine are forced to find the truth on their own without the support of their department.

Payback (1990)

Jason (Roger Rodd) is hired to track down a militant group called Strikeforce to stop its kidnapping and murder spree before it can obtain a top-secret weapon.

The Black Widow (2005)

Karl (Claudio Botosso) and Eleonora (Giada Colagrande) are lovers. When Karl suddenly dies, Eleonora is surprised to learn he has left her a modern home in upstate New York, called the Rubber Room. There, not only does Eleonora learn new things about Karl, but she finds Leslie (Willem Dafoe), the Rubber Room's eccentric caretaker, as well. Leslie and Eleonora enter into an affair of their own, but it becomes complicated as Leslie forces Eleonora into a bizarre game of jealousy.

The Half-Breed (1916)

Outcast Lo Dorman finds a young woman in the forest and defends her from danger.

Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe (1980)

Filmmaker Werner Herzog eats a shoe.

Finding Hillywood (2013)

A Rwandan man faces his past as makes efforts to heal his country.

Tokyo Chorus (1931)

A married man from Tokyo faces termination after standing up for an older colleague.

The Great Adventure (1953)

In this docudrama, the cyclical quality of nature reveals itself on a Swedish farm. When a mother fox sneaks into a coop to catch a hen, the farmer is forced to defend his livestock. Later, the farmer's dog guards the same coop against the fox's offspring -- but when the dog is left alone, he falls victim to a lynx. The farmer then catches an otter, and his sons make a pet of it. In the spring, one boy moves outside to live with the otter, but the animal eventually returns to its habitat.

Molly O' (1921)

Molly falls in love with a famous bachelor, and when she and his fiancee wear a similar costume to a masked charity ball, Molly is thrust into his arms.

Belonging (2004)

A heartbroken woman (Brenda Blethyn) must adjust to a new life after her husband (Kevin Whately) leaves her for a younger lover.

Shallow Grave (1987)

Four coeds have a flat tire in Georgia, where two of them are jailed by a sheriff (Tony March) with something to hide.

The Taming of the West (1939)

A new lawman (Bill Elliott) punches out cattle rustlers who like to shoot sheriffs.

To Those Who Love (1998)

An 18th-century man (Patxi Freytez) falls in love with a woman (Olalla Moreno) who weds an unfaithful man.

Folly to be Wise (1953)

Army chaplain Captain William Paris (Alastair Sim), who is head of entertainment at a base, is trying to figure out how to entertain the troops. Unsure of what will rouse the crowd, Paris creates a "brain trust" featuring local experts -- including a professor, a painter (Roland Culver), and the painter's wife (Elizabeth Allan) -- to go on stage and answer questions posed by the soldiers. But when the topic turns to matrimony, problems in the artist's marriage become apparent to all.

Cross My Heart (1947)

A chronic liar (Betty Hutton) confesses to a murder to show off her fiance's (Sonny Tufts) ability as a lawyer for her defense.

Little Man, What Now? (1934)

Hans (Douglass Montgomery) and Emma Pinneberg (Margaret Sullavan) are a newly married couple living in rural Germany. In search of fortune, the pair set out for Berlin, moving in with Hans' stepmother, who works with the shady Holger Jachman (Alan Hale). After Jachman finds him a job, Hans discovers that his stepmother is running a brothel, and that Jachman has eyes for Emma. Leaving the house, the pair struggles to find solid ground as Hans looks for work to support his pregnant wife.

Somm (2013)

Four wine stewards prepare to take the Master Sommelier Exam, one of the world's most-difficult tests, presided over by the notoriously secretive Court of Master Sommeliers.

Fugitive Pieces (2008)

He found himself in the love around him.

Brushfire (1962)

Freedom fighters led by two veterans rescue two U.S. captives in Southeast Asia.

Iron Maiden And The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (2008)

An in-depth retrospective look at the subculture of New Wave British Metal and Iron Maiden.

Go, Man, Go! (1954)

Coach Abe Saperstein (Dane Clark) organizes a basketball team (Harlem Globetrotters) and takes them on the road.

Rambleras (2013)

Three women learn important lessons from one another.

B.F.'s Daughter (1948)

In New York, restless Polly Fulton (Barbara Stanwyck), the daughter of wealthy industrialist B.F. Fulton (Charles Coburn), meets economics professor Tom Brett (Van Heflin) and falls for him despite his radically differing views from her father. Although Tom tries to avoid Polly when he discovers her identity, the two eventually decide to marry in spite of B.F.'s disapproval. But Polly jeopardizes the marriage when she secretly arranges to advance Tom's career, and he finds out about it.

1st Love (2013)

Men and women reunite with past lovers they have not seen in many years to win back their love.

Mythica: The Necromancer (2015)

Marek is forced to lead her band of would-be heroes on a mission for the corrupt Thieves Guild, which has taken her friend hostage. This mission will lead them straight into the wicked clutches of Szorlok, their greatest enemy.

Rocanrol 68 (2013)

In the summer of 1968, Manolo dreams of being a filmmaker until a young woman moves into his neighborhood. While trying to impress her, Manolo makes a series of unfortunate decisions.

Colossus and the Headhunters (1960)

A muscular earthquake survivor fights an island tribe to save a queen.

I, the Jury (1953)

Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer (Biff Elliot), private eye, avenges a war buddy's yuletide murder.

Mongolian Ping Pong (2005)

An Asian boy (Hurzbileg) and his friends (Dawaa, Geliban) believe that a pingpong ball found floating in the river is a miraculous gift from heaven.

Expresso Bongo (1959)

A talent agent named Johnny Jackson (Laurence Harvey) tries to resurrect his flagging career when he stumbles upon a talented young rock 'n' roll musician, Bert Rudge (Cliff Richard). Although Rudge protests and says he doesn't want to be a star, Jackson transforms the youth into a teen idol, renaming him Bongo Herbert. Pretty soon, Bongo Herbert is making it big, with a single hitting the charts and Jackson pulling the strings. But, as the two find out, success is fleeting.

Error In The Menage (2014)

When two women realize they're dating the same man, they devise a plan to punish him.

Next of Kin (1942)

A wartime message warns civilians to be quiet about where loved ones are stationed.

Phantasmagoria (2014)

Three horror tales: "My Gift to You," "Diabolique" and "Il Serpente dalle lingua d'Acciaio."

Taxi: An Encounter (2001)

Esteban (Diego Peretti) has a special affinity for stealing cars. In particular, he enjoys hijacking taxis and playing the role of a cab driver. But when one night, in the midst of cruising for fares in a newly acquired vehicle, Esteban is hailed by Laura (Josefina Viton), a teenager suffering from a bloody gunshot wound, he finds himself overwhelmed with guilt. Esteban struggles to reconcile his desire to avoid arrest with his innate humanity and a growing desire to do the right thing.

Wings Of The Morning (1937)

At the end of the 19th century, Marie (Annabella), a gypsy, marries an Irish nobleman. When her husband dies in a riding accident, Marie and her family move to Spain. Thirty years later, Marie is returning to Ireland with her granddaughter, Maria (also Annabella), hoping to sell a racehorse. At the track, Maria meets Canadian horse trainer Kerry Gilfallen (Henry Fonda), with whom she falls in love. A series of mix-ups throws a wrench in Maria's plans, but love ultimately wins out.

Butter Lamp (2013)

A photographer takes pictures of Tibetans at Disneyland, the Great Wall of China and other famous places around the world.

Peasants (1935)

A lawyer's work defending poor farmers places him in danger with the Japanese colonial government.

Adam's Woman (1970)

A falsely convicted U.S. sailor (Beau Bridges) is allowed to marry a woman convict (Jane Merrow) and start a farm in 1840s Australia.

Fury at Smugglers' Bay (1961)

An English squire's (Peter Cushing) son (John Fraser) exposes a pirate (Bernard Lee) and his gang of 19th-century shipwreckers.

Interview with a Serial Killer (2008)

A London serial killer (Peter Firth) who works as a dentist wants an author (Harriet Robinson) to write his life story.

Perry Mason: The Case of the Ruthless Reporter (1991)

Lawyer Mason (Raymond Burr) defends a TV reporter accused of killing her news team's hated anchorman.

Que Dieu Bénisse l'Amérique (2006)

On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, six people become suspicious about a stranger in their neighborhood.

History of Fear (2014)

An isolated community fears the worst when strangers are spotted and the power goes out.

Sagittarius (2001)

A divorced painter (ngela Molina), a homosexual actor (Eusebio Poncela), an architect, an actress and others search for love.

The Sky Turns (2004)

Documentary filmmaker Mercedes Alvarez returns to the tiny village in rural Spain where she was born, to examine the lives of its 14 present inhabitants. However, both the filmmaker and the elderly villagers take the long-term view of the area, reaching back to a nearby siege during the Roman Empire and tracing the land's history through the intervening centuries, including the Inquisition, the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s and the area's new Arabic and North African immigrants.

The Raging Tide (1951)

A San Francisco racketeer (Richard Conte) kills someone and hides at sea with a fisherman and his son.

A Turning Tide in the Life of Man (2015)

John O'Brien, an Irish fisherman from Bo Finne, embarks on a long crusade to regain his ancestral rights to fish.

All American High: Revisited (2014)

The original subjects of "All American High" return to look back at the chapter of their lives made famous in 1984.

Belle Starr's Daughter (1948)

Rose of Cimarron (Ruth Roman) comes looking for the sheriff (George Montgomery) who she thinks killed her outlaw mother.

The Winning of Barbara Worth (1926)

During the construction of an irrigation system in a Southwestern town, an engineer and a local cowboy vie for the affections of a rancher's (Charles Lane) daughter (Vilma Bnky).

A Bone to Pick: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery (2015)

Aurora Teagarden, librarian and proud member of the Real Murders Club, finds a human skull hidden in the window seat of her house.

Araguaya - A Conspiração do Silêncio (2004)

A military group called the Araguaya guerrillas and a French priest battle the Brazilian government.

Henry & Verlin (1994)

Minnie (Nancy Beatty) is at a loss over how to help her young son, Verlin (Keegan MacIntosh), who has closed himself to the world and will not speak. Her husband, Ferris (Robert Joy), is no help in breaking Verlin out of his shell -- but Verlin's child-like uncle Henry (Gary Farmer) manages to get through. However, after the two unlikely friends form a bond, Minnie starts to see Henry as dangerous, and Henry is sent away to an institution, causing Verlin to regress more than ever before.

Night Ride Home (1999)

Neal (Keith Carradine) and Nora (Rebecca De Mornay) are married, but distant with each other. The couple focus all their attention and love on their son, Simon (Jordan Brower), and daughter, Clea (Thora Birch). When Simon dies suddenly in a tragic horseback-riding accident, Nora takes the death especially hard and falls into a deep depression. With the help of Nora's mother, Maggie (Ellen Burstyn), Neal attempts to reconnect with his wife and save his family.

Eat (2014)

A struggling actress cannot handle the stress of failing and starts eating her own flesh.

Tai Chi 2 (1996)

A martial artist (Jacky Wu) woos a revolutionary (Christy Chung) in 19th-century China and uses his braid to fight opium smugglers.

Yes, but ... (2001)

A therapist (Grard Jugnot) helps a 17-year-old (milie Dequenne) deal with family problems and her transition into womanhood.

Hounddog (2008)

Lewellen (Dakota Fanning) lives with her grandmother (Piper Laurie) in Alabama. Though unable to care for her himself, Lewellen's father (David Morse) tries to connect with his daughter through Elvis Presley's music. After her father's girlfriend (Robin Wright Penn) -- with whom Lewellen has a special bond -- leaves, Lewellen suffers a horrible sexual assault and is traumatized. With some aid from Elvis' music, Lewellen's friend Charles (Afemo Omilami) helps her work through her pain.

Island of Lucifer (2012)

A small film crew travels to the remote island of Anholt to uncover the truth surrounding a mysterious satanic cult.

La planète Nam (2014)

An odd family reunion.

Better Half (2015)

Leo has to overcome his fears of being a father to make good on his promise to Tony to start a family or risk losing him forever.

The Picture of Dorian Gray (1973)

Not long after having his portrait painted by the artist Basil Hallward (Charles Aidman), handsome Dorian Gray (Shane Briant) meets Lord Harry Wotton (Nigel Davenport) and falls under his influence. A radical libertine, Wotton encourages the boy to indulge every hedonistic impulse, and soon Dorian becomes notorious for his debauchery. Looking at his own portrait one day, he fancifully wishes that it might age rather than he -- and, miraculously, gets his wish.

The Second Death (2012)

A policewoman in a small village is guided by a clairvoyant boy who claims a killer is the Virgin Mary.

Viva Viva (2012)

Two generations from the slums to the city center of São Paulo shape global culture.

Out of Control (1998)

A Kansas City woman seduces a restaurateur while fleeing to Mexico with the mob in hot pursuit.

Las Vegas Hillbillys (1966)

A country singer (Ferlin Husky) and a barmaid (Mamie Van Doren) turn an old Las Vegas casino into a showcase for down-home music.

The Sergeant Was a Lady (1961)

The Army puts a lone male corporal (Martin West) on a missile base with a sergeant (Venetia Stevenson) and her Wacs.

Ennavale (2001)

When a man and his friends start a music troupe that performs at weddings, he is highly motivated by his landlord's daughter.

K (1997)

Sam Bellamy (Patrick Bruel) may be a police detective, but, when he witnesses the killing of a German tourist, he keeps his mouth shut. The assailant is his friend Joseph Katz (Pinkas Braun). However, when Katz suddenly vanishes, Bellamy embarks on an investigation that takes him all the way to Berlin. There, Bellamy finds himself romancing the dead man's daughter, Emma (Isabella Ferrari), and uncovering a criminal conspiracy involving stolen art and Nazi war crimes.

Scared to Death (1947)

Dr. Josef Van Ee (George Zucco) runs a private mental institution where he and his son, Ward (Roland Varno), are keeping his daughter-in-law, Laura (Molly Lamont), against her will. Laura is convinced her husband is trying to scare her away from their marriage, while Ward assures her she needs the help he's offering. Things go from bad to worse when Van Ee's brother, the magician professor Leonide (Bela Lugosi), shows up with his dwarf partner, Indigo (Angelo Rossitto).

Changing Hearts (2002)

A woman (Lauren Holly) who has cancer faces her problem with optimism and hope.

Cubamerican (2012)

Filmmaker José Enrique Pardo examines causes leading to the exile of millions of Cubans to the United States.

The Baker of Valorgue (1952)

After his son leaves to join the army, a temperamental French baker learns a villager's new baby is his grandson.

The Velocity Of Gary (1999)

When bisexual porn star Valentino (Vincent D'Onofrio) meets new-in-town hustler Gary (Thomas Jane), there is an immediate attraction between the two. Valentino helps get Gary a job at a phone-sex company, and they become fast friends and lovers, but tension threatens their relationship when Gary and Valentino's friend Mary (Salma Hayek) becomes involved. When Valentino finds out he is dying of AIDS and Mary is going to have his child, the three must work through hard times together.

Doomed Love (2008)

Andre struggles to live in the present and not in the past.

Riverworld (2003)

After dying in 2009, an astronaut (Brad Johnson) is resurrected, along with hundreds of others, in a strange environment.

Bug Me Not! (2005)

Young people who possess supernatural powers join forces to save the world.

Manon Lescaut (2013)

In 18th-century France, a young nobleman (Samuel Theis) risks everything to be with the woman (Céline Perreau) he loves.

It Lives Again (1978)

Parents (Frederic Forrest, Kathleen Lloyd) take their fanged-monster baby to a secret institute studying more of the same.

Claire (2013)

Jack learns that Claire, a classmate killed by a drunken driver, had an interest in him, so he sets out to learn more about her.

Handmade Cinema (2012)

A family of Italians preserves a heritage of manual skills.

Superstition (2001)

A British au pair (Sienna Guillory) in Italy is branded a witch when evidence for a rash of mysterious fires points to her.

Munyurangabo (2007)

An orphan of the Rwandan genocide seeks justice.

Discovery at Dawn (2012)

Caterina uses an old phone in her family's abandoned seaside cottage to talk to her 12-year-old self and hopes to prevent her father's disappearance.

Seventh Heaven (1997)

A bored, sexually frustrated woman's (Sandrine Kiberlain) life improves when she begins hypnotherapy and tries feng shui, but her husband's (Vincent Lindon) life unravels.