Get Out Alive (2012)

After becoming stranded at a desolate truck stop, Paul and Marilyn discover a strange creature in a cage behind an auto shop -- and the mechanic tries to feed them to it.

Black Bandit (1938)

A young sheriff is shocked to discover that the notorious outlaw he's been following is actually his long-lost twin.

Super-Sleuth (1937)

Self-absorbed actor Bill Martin (Jack Oakie) plays detectives on-screen so often that he has fooled himself into believing he can fill the same role in real life. When a series of celebrity murders perplexes the police, Bill announces that he can easily solve the crimes. As the clueless sleuth investigates, he draws the ire of the case's real detectives as well as the consternation of his long-suffering publicist, Mary Strand (Ann Sothern), and the unwanted attentions of the actual killer.

The Muthers (1976)

An American woman receives unexpected help when she attempts to free her sister from a brutal South American prison.

The Black Chapel (1959)

In the spring of 1940, three high-ranking German officers plot Hitler's downfall.

Ho visto le stelle (2003)

Antonio's boss thinks his employee is gay, so he asks Antonio to marry his mistress, Alina, to hide his affair. Things grow complicated when Antonio and Alina fall in love after the ceremony.

Running Out of Time (1999)

A Chinese superthief (Andy Lau) is dying but intends to gull a persistent police inspector (Ching-Wan Lau) when he makes his last jewel robbery.

Underground (2010)

After his parents die, a young man realizes how cruel life can be.

Lunch (2012)

Sid Caesar, Carl Reiner, Arthur Hiller, Monty Hall and other legends of TV comedy gather twice monthly at Factor's Famous Deli for an invitation-only luncheon.

Farmageddon (2011)

A filmmaker explores the assertion that government regulations benefit agri-business and threaten small farms.

Charge of the Black Lancers (1962)

During the Middle Ages, a swordsman (Mel Ferrer) leads his army against the forces of his traitorous brother (Jean Claudio).

The Perfumed Nightmare (1980)

A Filipino jitney driver (Kidlat Tahimik) who idolizes America's space program comes to reject the rapid encroachment of technology.

Man Without a Cell Phone (2010)

Jawdat weaves his way through politics and traditional values while avoiding his father, Salem, who thinks a cell tower is poisoning the village with radiation.

The Lord of Hangzhou (1998)

After losing his fortune, a friend of Emperor Qianlong flees to Beijing but retains his optimism.

Desperation Highway (1998)

A sheriff pursues the obsessed assailant who tried to murder a local woman.

Alley Pat: The Music Is Recorded (2009)

Filmmakers profile the man who helped start classic rhythm & blues radio.

Black Market Babies (1945)

Authorities uncover evidence linking a gangster, a lawyer and a shady doctor to a black-market baby ring.

Black Midnight (1949)

A young man's devotion to a wild stallion pays off when they uncover a ring of horse thieves.

Koch (2013)

The man. The mayor. The movie.

Teenage Cave Man (1958)

A father and son attempt to bond and make amends on a weekend journey, completely unaware that they're being stalked by a stranger.

Grandma and Her Ghosts (1998)

This Taiwanese animated film follows a young boy named Dou-Dou as he adjusts to life with his grandmother while his mother is away. While initially bored with his new surroundings, he discovers that his grandma is a supernatural expert who regularly contends with ghosts. Soon circumstances make it possible for Dou-Dou to see and interact with spirits, too, resulting in plenty of paranormal adventures as he meets specters of various dispositions, including the gentle apparition of a young girl.

Not of This World (1999)

Sister Caterina (Margherita Buy) is months away from taking her final vows when a man in a park hands her an abandoned baby. After taking the baby boy to the hospital, where she visits him every day, Sister Caterina tries to track down his parents with just one clue: a tag on his blanket. She matches this clue to laundry owner Ernesto (Silvio Orlando). They join forces and search for the baby's mother, while Sister Caterina begins to question if the convent is the right choice for her.

Dónde Quedó la Bolita (1992)

A group of ambitious singers travel to Ixtapa, but are rejected when they ask to be given an audition.

Hospitalite (2010)

The lives of a Japanese print-shop owner (Kenji Yamauchi) and his family are thrown into disarray by an increasing number of uninvited houseguests.

The Black Parachute (1944)

An American agent parachutes into Nazi-occupied Europe to rescue an imprisoned king.

Mother Earth (2009)

A woman living on the Mexican border raises her children with her female partner.

Living (2012)

People go about their lives in a wintry Russian province.

Time After Time (1986)

The aging Swift siblings, who share a dilapidated manor, have an eccentric relationship -- the meek Jasper (John Gielgud), who lives with his three sisters, is forced to manage the entire household while trying to keep his family from bickering. However, despite their squabbling, the Swifts enjoy their odd domestic life. Things change when their cousin Leda (Googie Withers) drops in for an unexpected visit, though, as she begins to dig up unpleasant matters from the Swift family's past.

Black Pit of Dr. M (1959)

The spirit of an insane scientist returns to possess the soul of a young doctor.

Black 13 (1953)

A thief who specializes in robbing casinos learns that his sister has fallen in love with the detective on his trail.

Black Widow (1951)

An amnesiac's recovery is complicated by the knowledge that his wife and her lover are plotting his demise.

Routine Pleasures (1986)

French filmmaker Jean-Pierre Gorin -- best known for his collaborations with Jean-Luc Godard during the director's politically radical phase of the early 1970s -- investigates a group of model-train hobbyists who gather weekly at a Southern California fairground. Interweaving the hobbyists' obsession with miniaturization with reflections on art and representation by the painter and film critic Manny Farber, Gorin explores a uniquely American perspective on identity and culture.

Ripoff (1973)

Two Greek fugitives come to America and find roadside attractions and syndicate hit men.

Blazing Bullets (1951)

A frontier lawman's search for a missing gold miner leads him to the grieving daughter's suspicious fiance.

Give 'Em Hell Malone (2009)

A notorious gunman (Thomas Jane) must protect a valuable briefcase from a gangster (Gregory Harrison) and his thugs.

Stella Dallas (1925)

Out of love and concern, a woman gives up her daughter to a wealthy couple.

Torch (1982)

A journalist (Dilip Kumar) changes the lives of a group of hoodlums after his newspaper speaks out against injustice.

Ciudad de Ciegos (1991)

The story of an apartment full of experiences, located in the City of Mexico, from the fifties to the present.

Rainbow's End (1935)

A cattle-ranch foreman (Hoot Gibson) helps the boss's daughter (June Gale) stop a land-grabber.

When You're Smiling (1950)

A Texas singer (Jerome Courtland) hits Hollywood and cues Frankie Laine, Bob Crosby, the Modernaires, the Mills Brothers.

Three Secrets (1950)

Three women (Eleanor Parker, Patricia Neal, Ruth Roman) await the rescue of a boy whom each thinks is her son.

Garapa (2009)

Three families struggle to survive in Brazil.

Dirty Martini and the New Burlesque (2010)

Performers help create a new burlesque scene in New York.

El Payo: un hombre contra el mundo (1972)

The administrator of an estate seeks the man who murdered his father, never imagining that he is very close.

The Doctor Takes a Wife (1940)

A writer (Loretta Young) and a neurologist (Ray Milland) accept rumors of their marriage when each stands to gain from the mistake.

Black Heat (1976)

A Las Vegas detective (Timothy Brown) tries to foil a gang of criminals dealing arms to Central America.

All That You Possess (2012)

Pierre is unhappy with his life and avoids meeting his teenage daughter, Adle, but her persistence pays off, and he eventually agrees to meet her and admits that she is his daughter.

I'm Not Matt Damon (2009)

A struggling actor resembles a more-famous movie star.

Blood on His Sword (1961)

When the king's goddaughter is about to be charged with witchcraft, a hero arrives to rescue her.

A Hell of a Day (2001)

A chiropractor (Karin Viard) juggles numerous lovers, while her married brother catches the eye of a beautiful woman (Hlne Fillires).

Speechless (2012)

In southern China, a man is found naked on a riverbank. Doctors cannot get the man to talk, and a nurse's aide sneaks him to his uncle's home in order to keep him out of a mental institution.

Ransom Money (1970)

A detective uses electronics to rescue a boy held for $1 million by a kidnapper.

Demon Wind (1990)

A man's investigation into his long-dead parents' demise leads to the haunted family mansion and a date with a demon.

Love in First Class (1980)

A man (Enrico Montesano) accidentally leaves his son (Lorenzo Aiello) behind while boarding a train.

Dead Girls (1990)

Someone tries to make the members (Diana Karanikas, Angela Eads) of a rock group live up to their name, Dead Girls.

Killcrazy (1990)

An institutionalized Vietnam vet reverts to violence when white supremacists kill his fellow mental patients.

Columbarium (2012)

Matthew, a Wall Street financial engineer, and his younger brother have to build a columbarium by their family's cottage after their father dies.

Harlistas: An American Journey (2011)

Latin American Harley-Davidson riders travel across the country for the camaraderie of the road.

Mrs. Carey's Concert (2011)

A high-school musical director puts on a concert every five years at the Sydney Opera House and insists that all 1,200 girls participate in the performances.

Marie from the Bay of Angels (1998)

A seductive teen (Vahina Bronchain) working at a 1960s U.S. naval base in the Mediterranean is drawn to a ferocious outsider (Frdric Malgras).

A Killing Affair (1986)

A mountain woman (Kathy Baker) feels drawn to the stranger (Peter Weller) who has killed her husband in 1943 Appalachia.

Argentinian Lesson (2011)

A Polish boy struggles to adjust to his new life in Argentina.

Taken By Storm: The Art Of Storm Thorgerson And Hipgnosis (2011)

Artist Storm Thorgerson has designed some of rock music's most iconic album covers, including Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon."

Fiona (1998)

Abandoned as an infant, a woman (Anna Thomson) drifts through a doomed life as a New York City prostitute.

My Other Me: A Film About Cosplayers (2013)

Teens and adults discover their true identities when they dress up as fictional characters.

The Bold Adventure (1956)

A dashing hero steps in to rescue Belgians from the horrors of the Spanish Inquistion.

Search and Destroy (1988)

A commando (J. Christian Ingvordsen) and his team trap foreign terrorists in a top-secret virus plant, which leaks.

The Fire Engine That Disappeared (1993)

Stockholm policemen (Gsta Ekman, Rolf Lassgrd) track a narcotics syndicate, culminating in a violent airport showdown.

Smoked (2012)

After three stoners try to rob a pot club, they are hunted by notorious killers.

Bomb in the High Street (1961)

Thieves disguised as soldiers plan to use a bomb scare as part of their plan to rob a bank.

Border Bandits (1946)

Jewel-robbing bandits become the quarry of two United States marshals.

Urban Explorers: Into the Darkness (2007)

From the catacombs of Paris to an abandoned castle in Glasgow, director Melody Gilbert follows urban explorers as they discover, unearth and investigate long-forgotten spaces. Solo participants like the cartography-obsessed Slim Jim and teams like the Action Squad discuss their introduction to the underground community of urban explorers and what drives them to seek out dusty, often dangerous, experiences in cities around the world.

Heart of the West (1936)

Hopalong Cassidy comes to the aid of a family interested in building an enclosure to protect their cattle and property.

The Boy Soldier (1981)

A former soldier sends his reluctant son (Lucas Belvaux) to a military school where the cadet clashes with the commanding officers.

Freakshow (1995)

The proprietor (Gunnar Hansen) of a second-rate carnival sideshow treats teenage patrons to four gruesome tales.

Anamika (1973)

A woman-hating writer rescues a young woman lying injured on the road. When she regains consciousness, she insists that she is his wife.

Goodway to Die (2011)

A salesman becomes a hit squad's target after accidentally picking up a mobster's briefcase.

Slightly Honorable (1939)

A politician (Edward Arnold) frames a lawyer (Pat O'Brien) for murder, followed by more murders making it worse.

Eatrip (2009)

Filmmakers explore the act of eating as an interaction between people and nature.

Train to Alcatraz (1948)

Criminals aboard a train to the infamous penitentiary plot an escape, and receive outside help in their attempt.

The Battle of Pussy Willow Creek (2013)

A mockumentary recounts how misfit heroes prevented a superior force of Confederate and British troops from capturing Washington, D.C.

The Wild Party (1975)

A comic hopes to make a comeback by staging a lavish party and showing a movie he has made to Hollywood bigwigs.

Night Editor (1946)

A daily news editor recalls a married detective (William Gargan) and the deadly woman (Janis Carter) behind his downfall.

L'honneur d'un capitaine (1982)

A French widow (Nicole Garcia) tries to clear her husband's (Jacques Perrin) name after a historian calls him a war criminal.

Night at the Crossroads (1932)

A gang of thieves hides out in a garage after robbing a jewelry store and killing the owner. An escape becomes complicated when the beautiful leader (Winna Winifried) falls in love with the detective in charge of capturing them.

Beyond All Limits (1959)

A wealthy fisherman (Pedro Armendriz) suspects that his wife's (Mara Flix) former lover (Jack Palance) is the father of their son.

Amazons (1984)

A doctor (Madeleine Stowe) framed for a congressman's death discovers a league of women who get rid of powerful men.

Billoo Badshah (1989)

Billoo, an orphan, sacrifices for the family who helped him when he was alone. Later on, he faces humiliation and homelessness.

Murder in the Clouds (1934)

Bob Halsey (Lyle Talbot) is a first-rate pilot who's in love with stewardess Judy Wagner (Ann Dvorak). He's ordered to deliver a secret formula to Washington, D.C., but a spy hears about the assignment and sabotages it by murdering Bob's fellow flyers and making off with the liquid. While the government conducts a vast search for the formula, the spies entangle Judy in their web of deceit, causing Bob to set off on his own in an effort to save his sweetheart and retrieve the missing mixture.

Capsules (2011)

Fonsi, a privileged 12-year-old, observes his world crumbling in a matter of hours.

Chill (2007)

An aspiring writer (Thomas Calabro) meets a sinister scientist (Shaun Kurtz) who lives in subfreezing temperatures.

Heimat (1984)

After fighting in World War I, Paul Simon (Dieter Schaad) returns home to his wife, Maria (Marita Breuer), in the small German village of Schabbach. Though Maria has been dutifully raising their children in his absence, Paul finds himself falling in love with Apollonia (Marliese Assman), a pariah in the village because of her past transgressions and supposed gypsy origins. While daily life goes on in this bucolic community, a dangerous regime change takes place in the German government.

Big Time Or Bust (1933)

The color and pageantry of carnival life thinly camouflage the human drama in the background.

Half Kenneth (2009)

Two brothers escape from a Japanese internment camp and discover something unexpected on the way.

Cubbyhouse (2001)

An American (Belinda McClory) and her three children move into a haunted house in Australia.

Beast Paradise (2012)

A violent man goes too far in an argument with his wife and must flee with his children to a chic ski resort. He constructs a world of illusion to maintain the love of his children.

Ije (2010)

Chioma travels from Nigeria to Hollywood to help her sister in a murder case.

The Batman-Superman Movie (1998)

Batman and Superman team up to fight the Joker and Lex Luthor, while Bruce Wayne begins dating Lois Lane.

Bobcaygeon (2012)

Filmmaker Andy Keen documents The Tragically Hip's concert in Bobcaygeon, Ontario.

Lilly's Thorn (2009)

Lilly fights the hostile takeover of her father's company.