Studs Lonigan (1960)

An Irish Roman Catholic youth (Christopher Knight) grows up poor and tough in 1920s Chicago.

Law of the Wolf (1941)

Carl Pearson (Dennis Moore) is behind bars, wrongfully convicted of murdering his own brother. He knows who framed him: Roger Morgan (Robert Frazer), an investor in a special airplane design Carl and his brother were developing. Carl manages to escape from prison and goes on the run. He is determined to get his revenge against the man who killed his brother and framed him for murder. And he encounters a brilliant police dog (George Chesebro) who helps him in his hunt for justice.

Trump: What's the Deal? (1991)

The unscrupulous personal and professional activities of the businessman.

True Vengeance (1997)

An assassin must kill the head of a computer company in order to get his daughter back from terrorists.

The Cocksure Lads Movie (2014)

A British band arrives in Toronto to start their first North American tour, and they immediately get into a fight and break up. Over the course of the day they scatter across the city and learn what it means to be apart.

Six Black Horses (1962)

A widow (Joan O'Brien) crosses the desert with a drifter (Audie Murphy) and the gunman (Dan Duryea) who killed her husband.

We Are Superman (2012)

A community battles prejudicial legislation, exploitative corporations, and a stereotype that has stigmatized the urban core since the industrial revolution.

The Girl From Flanders (1956)

A German soldier comes to the aid of a Belgian girl seeking shelter in a cabaret after being accused of stealing arms.

Do You Even Know Who I Am? (2016)

When his girlfriend leaves him for an older, richer man, an amateur stand-up comedian starts pretending to be a millionaire. Eventually, he falls in love with a new woman, but there's a catch: she thinks he owns a radio station.

The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath! (1975)

A New Year's tradition goes terribly wrong for a group of friends.

Manjunatha BA LLB (2012)

A brilliant lawyer seems to be on a mission of self-destruction as he drowns the sorrows of his past in alcohol.

Fast and Loose (1939)

As Nicholas Torrent (Ralph Morgan), the owner of a previously missing piece of an extremely rare manuscript, prepares to sell his valuable possession, he turns up dead inside his stately home. Bookseller and occasional sleuth Joel Sloane (Robert Montgomery) and his wife, Garda (Rosalind Russell), investigate the murder. Unfortunately for the Sloanes, the list of suspects is quite long, given the wealthy Torrent's many family members and associates.

Meeting Dr. Sun (2014)

Lefty, one of the poorest high school students on Taipei, thinks of ways to earn more money. He decides to steal a statue from his school with his gang, and a battle of wits erupts with a rival gang with the same plan.

Jerico (1991)

In the 16th century Americas, Dominican priest Santiago (Cosme Cortzar) plans to bring the message of Christianity to the natives, but his mission is abruptly and violently cut short when his escorts -- a Spanish conquistador (Alexander Milic) and his men -- are slaughtered by the locals. Santiago tries to stick to his path and continue his teachings, but he is soon won over by the people he attempts to convert. When reinforcements arrive, Santiago must decide where his allegiances lie.

Anybody's Woman (1930)

A lawyer (Clive Brook) left by his wife gets drunk and marries a chorus girl (Ruth Chatterton), or so he learns the morning after.

Oleg and the Rare Arts (2016)

The life and music of Russian pianist Oleg Nikolaevitch Karavaychuk.

Something for the Birds (1952)

Anne Richards (Patricia Neal), a California environmentalist, travels to Washington, D.C., in an attempt to save an endangered bird. When she first arrives, almost everyone she meets is either corrupt, unhelpful or cynical. However, she eventually finds two unlikely allies in Johnnie Adams (Edmund Gwenn), an elderly engraver who has gained influence by posing as a retired Navy admiral, and Steve Bennett (Victor Mature), a smooth-talking oil lobbyist.

The Belgian Job (2012)

After being snubbed for a concierge job at a prestigious Paris hotel, a man pretends to be the heir to Belgium's throne.

White Cherries (2000)

An immigration officer (Martin Puntigam) discovers his girlfriend (Sandra Bra) is an illegal alien and tries to help her evade the law.

The Fantastic Adventures of Unico (1982)

Spiteful gods use trickery to discover the secret behind a magical unicorn's power to make people happy.

Ambush (1999)

During World War II, Finnish army Lieutenant Eero Perkola (Peter Franzn) is in charge of a platoon stationed along the Russo-Finnish border. They await instructions before attacking the Russians, and are told to form a reconnaissance mission. The men arrive at a nearby village, where Perkola reunites with his fiance, Kaarina (Irina Bjrklund), a member of the women's auxiliary unit. After they pull out, Perkola receives terrible news that changes his entire outlook on the war.

No Holds Barred (1952)

Impervious to pain in certain parts of his body, Sach (Huntz Hall) becomes a pro wrestler, managed by his pal Slip (Leo Gorcey).

Malamondo (1964)

A chronicle of strange and shocking customs from around the world, including a dangerous game played by French students.

You're in Charge (2013)

Hoping to redeem himself in the eyes of his family, an ex-convict reinvents himself as a practitioner of alternative medicine.

Cloud Waltzing (1987)

A shy journalist (Kathleen Beller) goes to France for an exclusive interview with an elusive French millionaire (Francois-Eric Gendron).

Total Chaos (2014)

A guy's (Ali Zafar) plans to impress his Indian girlfriend's (Yaami Gautam) parents fall apart when they discover that he is Pakistani.

Learning to Lie (2004)

Helmut (Fabian Busch), living in West Germany in the early 1980s, has a big crush on a fellow student, Britta (Susanne Bormann). He does everything to get to know her, but, when she suddenly moves away to San Francisco, he's devastated. Although he has many romances, he can't forget Britta and continues pining for her. Years later, when Helmut is in a serious relationship, he finds out from his friend Mcke (Florian Lukas) where Britta has moved, and goes off in search of his lost love.

Dive Olly Dive and the Pirate Treasure (2014)

Snarky Sharkskin and his gang follow submarines Olly and Beth as they search for a legendary treasure.

Do It for Me (1997)

In debt, a desperate woman (Cayetana Guilln Cuervo) sleeps with a married businessman (Carlos Hiplito) and concocts a scheme to kidnap his son.

Los Sures (1984)

Filmmaker Diego Echeverria profiles neighborhoods in South Williamsburg.

C'mon Let's Live a Little (1967)

An Arkansas folk singer (Bobby Vee) goes to college and woos the dean's daughter (Jackie DeShannon) at a time of campus unrest.

Simone Barbes or Virtue (1979)

Simone and Martine work as ushers in a porn theater.

Women in Cell Block 7 (1974)

Prisoners plot, pull hair and get personal in a Mediterranean climate.

Declarations of Love (1994)

Young teens of the same school and neighborhood strive to cope in their postwar Italian town.

Hardbodies 2 (1986)

Best friends Scotty (Brad Zutaut) and Rags (Sam Temeles) head to Greece to star in the latest film from European director Zacherly. Also along for the ride is Scotty's fiance, Morgan (Brenda Bakke). Filming should be a blast for Scotty, but his life turns upside down when he lusts after one of the actresses in the film, Cleo (Fabiana Udenio), and can't make up his mind which woman he wants to be with. Meanwhile, Rags tries to have as much fun as humanly possible.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921)

In Argentina, Julio (Rudolph Valentino) is a smooth-talking, wanton man, and the favorite grandson of rich landowner Madariaga (Pomeroy Cannon). Julio is French, and his very large family also has a German side, but after Madariaga's death, Julio decides to desert them all for Paris. There, he takes up with married woman Marguerite (Alice Terry). But as World War I begins, Julio joins up with the French, and soon has an unpleasant reunion with his German relatives on the battlefield.

I've Been Waiting So Long (2004)

A restaurateur's (Patrick Bruel) plan to settle down falls by the wayside when he and an old flame (Nathalie Baye) rekindle their affair.

The First Auto (1927)

Prosperous Hank Armstrong (Russell Simpson) owns a stable, routinely winning races with prize horse Sloe Eyes. In 1895, his small Michigan town grows excited over the invention of the car, to Hank's disgust. Despite his prediction that the unsafe and expensive vehicles will never replace horses, automobiles still take over. His son, Bob (Charles Emmett Mack), embraces the new technology, causing a rift between them. While Bob prospers in Detroit, Hank is forced to sell his horses and property.

The Sea Hawk (1924)

Framed for murder by his own half brother, Sir Oliver Tressilian (Milton Sills) is impressed into service aboard a British ship. When that ship is captured by the Spanish Armada, he is put to work as a galley slave. Escaping to a band of Barbary pirates, he eventually becomes their leader. He gains wealth and fame during his adventures as "The Sea Hawk," but he dreams of returning to England to exact revenge on his brother -- and to reclaim his fiancée.

Happy Old Year (1988)

A student activist who lost his arms and legs in an accident continues his efforts in memory of his father.

Nekromantik 2 (1991)

A female nurse tries to hide her necrophilia desires from her new boyfriend but still has pieces of her last lover in her possession.

The Dead Next Door (1989)

An elite government squad takes action when cultists and flesh-craving zombies unite to destroy the human race.

Welcome to Soldier Ride (2014)

Chris Carney does a coast-to-coast bike ride to raise money for The Wounded Warrior Project.

The Jade Raksha (1968)

A swordswoman slices her way through life to avenge the deaths of family members.

La virée à Paname (2013)

Complications arise when a young man tries to attend a writing workshop in Paris.

French Lesson (1985)

An English college student (Jane Snowden) likes a Norwegian film buff (Oystein Wiik) but loves a budding architect (Alexandre Sterling) in 1960s Paris.

Just Trust (2004)

Two career thieves (Ccile de France, Vincent Lindon) join forces, pose as domestic servants and fleece their unsuspecting employers.

The Unborn II (1994)

A mother (Michele Greene) and her friend (Scott Valentine) must decide what to do about a generation of bad-seed superbabies.

Stories Forlorn (2014)

A 16-year-old aspiring writer is lured into the Hong Kong underworld after his brother's questionable suicide.

Christabel (1989)

In the 1930s, Christabel (Elizabeth Hurley) is a young Englishwoman who meets and marries a German lawyer, Peter (Stephen Dillon), becomes a German citizen and sets about raising a family in's politically unstable Germany. When war breaks out, she takes her children to a rural village in the mountains and discovers her husband has been arrested for plotting to assassinate Adolf Hitler. Christabel Bielenberg's memoir, "The Past Is Myself," is the source for this historical drama.

Devilfish (1984)

A rigger (Michael Sopkiw) locates a 40-foot 15,000,000-year-old ancestor of the shark, capable of reproduction.

The Tin Man (1935)

Thelma and Patsy stumble upon an eery old house inhabited by a mad genius who has constructed a robot to fulfill his whims.

How to Be Very, Very Popular (1955)

A showgirl from the San Francisco cabaret is murdered, and the only witnesses are fellow showgirls Stormy Tornado (Betty Grable) and Curly Flagg (Sheree North). Afraid of both the murderers and the cops, the two go on the run, eventually deciding to pose as male students at Bristol College. Neither girl can avoid the spotlight for too long, though, and their constant desire to stand out among the crowd eventually gets the better of them, resulting in their cover being blown.

American Addict (2012)

The politics and big business that has made America the most prescription-addicted society in the world.

Nutcracker Fantasy (1979)

A girl's love and courage are tested while attempting to help a handsome soldier under the spell of a two-headed mouse.

Pickle (2016)

Man's capacity to care for all creatures throughout their existence.

Maryland (1940)

A woman (Fay Bainter) widowed by a fox hunt forbids her son (John Payne) to ride horses, but an old trainer (Walter Brennan) helps him anyway.

Temptation (2009)

After a vampire (Rachel Waters) saves her life, a woman (Caroline Haines) has 48 hours to decide whether to kill herself or let the curse of eternal bloodlust take hold.

Gun Woman (2014)

A doctor bent on revenge buys a young woman and trains her to be the ultimate assassin; to get her close to her target, he implants gun parts in her body that she must cut out and use on her target before she bleeds to death.

Amnesia: The James Brighton Enigma (2005)

A budding criminologist tries to reconstruct the reasons for a gay man's amnesia.

Rocktober Blood (1986)

An executed rock star (Tray Loren) comes back to haunt a rock star (Donna Scoggins) who betrayed him, or so she thinks.

How to Operate Behind Enemy Lines (1943)

Examples of what to do behind enemy lines, like camouflage and ambush techniques.

Club Havana (1945)

A doctor (Tom Neal) answers a suicide call in a Latin nightclub.

Walpurgis Night (1935)

A secretary (Ingrid Bergman) is hopelessly in love with a boss (Lars Hanson) whose wife has an abortion.

Saints-Martyrs-des-Damnés (2005)

A journalist (Franois Chnier) and a photographer (Patrice Robitaille) investigate mysterious disappearances.

Too Good to Be True (1988)

An insanely jealous woman (Loni Anderson) plots a way to keep her writer husband (Patrick Duffy) from her sister (Glynnis O'Connor) forever.

Go for It (1983)

Two secret agents (Terence Hill, Bud Spencer) must prevent a villainous inventor from detonating his bomb in a large city.

Kingdom of Conquerors (2013)

A Taoist priest (Zhao Youliang), rumored to know the secret of immortality, sets forth to end Genghis Khan's string of bloody conquests.

To the Last Man (1933)

In 1860s Kentucky, the neighboring Hayden and Colby clans have been at each other's throats for years, and the family feud turns violent when hotheaded Jed Colby (Noah Beery) murders an elderly member of the other family. Jed is put in jail for a long sentence, and most of the Haydens depart for the West to avoid further troubles, leaving behind only young Lynn Hayden (Randolph Scott) to watch the homestead. But when Jed is finally released, he goes after the Haydens, with Lynn on his tail.

The Turning Point (1983)

Mark Niebuhr, a young German POW, arrives at a Warsaw depot in 1945 and is accused of being an SS officer. He is imprisoned with real fascists, gradually sees through their lies, and recognizes the guilt within his heart.

Guns for Hire (1932)

An argument over a card game leads to a shooting outside a Wild West saloon, which draws newcomer Ken Wayne (Lane Chandler) into a long-running dispute between a pair of local ranchers. Ken gets hired by Matt Thornton (John Ince) to protect his ranch and his son, who had been involved in the shoot-out. However, Thornton's rival, Hank Moran (Slim Whitaker), has hired legendary gunslinger Whispering Carlyle (Neal Hart), Ken's adoptive father, who taught him everything he knows about guns.

Raging Hormones (1999)

A high-school student concerned about his future has a relationship with a married woman who has bizarre tastes.

Silent Scream (1980)

Several college students take rooms in an old house where a grisly and still-unsolved murder was committed years earlier.

Bruce Lee, We Miss You (1977)

A devoted fan seeks the truth behind the mysterious death of martial arts legend Bruce Lee.

Moving Out (1982)

An Italian teenager (Vince Colosimo) tries to keep his heritage and gain acceptance in Melbourne, Australia.

Her Bridal Night (1957)

Editors (Louis Jourdan, Micheline Presle) of a French magazine discover a blond sexpot (Brigitte Bardot) and make her famous.

The World of Us (2016)

A bullied girl becomes friends with a new kid during a break, but when classes start up again, their new friendship is nearly ruined when the bullying continues.

The Enemy Within (1994)

A Marine officer (Forest Whitaker) serving on the Joint Chiefs of Staff suspects his superior of plotting to oust the president (Sam Waterston).

Hard Rock Zombies (1985)

Hitler cultists kill everyone in a heavy-metal band but the lead singer (E.J. Curcio), who brings them back as zombies.

Desperate Moves (1980)

A roller skater (Steve Tracy) moves to San Francisco, works at a rink and meets a girl (Dana Handler) who keeps him guessing.

Evil (2006)

A reporter is attacked by a she-demon while on assignment in a small village. He faces a murder charge when the beast turns into an ordinary woman in the daylight, and his only chance of redemption lies in his lost faith.

Spitfire (1942)

Several years after successfully designing a revolutionary high-speed monoplane, famed British aviator R.J. Mitchell (Leslie Howard) travels to early Nazi Germany for a vacation with his friend Geoffrey Crisp (David Niven), a test pilot. There, while watching a group of German gliders, Mitchell realizes that German air technology is rapidly advancing, and that the fate of Britain could hang in the balance. Despite serious illness, Mitchell sets out to develop a new warplane for Britain.

Lawless Kingdom (2013)

Four detectives with supernatural powers dedicate their unique skills to solving crimes and tracking down powerful individuals.

Alpha and Omega 3: The Great Wolf Games (2014)

Coach Humphrey must assemble a ragtag team of underdogs after an unexpected accident puts many of the alpha wolves out of commission.

Fast and Loose (1930)

A financier's (Frank Morgan) son falls for a chorus girl (Carole Lombard), and his daughter (Miriam Hopkins) for a mechanic.

American Bomber (2013)

A disgraced ex-soldier travels to New York City to become the first born-and-raised American suicide bomber, but an unexpected relationship complicates his plan.

The Night Light Monster (2013)

A young girl is haunted by the dark in her bedroom and is pulled into an imaginary world. Later, she unexpectedly awakens the night-light monster, who helps her overcome her fears.

Escape by Night (1952)

An ace reporter (Bonar Colleano) with a drinking problem tracks the daily progress of a gangster (Sidney James) on the run.

Non-Stop New York (1937)

Gangsters and a detective (John Loder) take an airliner to follow a British chorus girl (Anna Lee) who witnessed a murder.

Beyond the Prairie II: The True Story of Laura Ingalls Wilder Continues (2002)

Laura writes letters home to her parents (Richard Thomas, Lindsay Crouse) while she and Almanzo (Walton Goggins) travel to Missouri by covered wagon.

Ruckus (1980)

A quiet Green Beret veteran (Dirk Benedict) responds accordingly to rudeness in a Southern county.

That Demon Within (2014)

A police officer doubts himself after saving the life of a notorious and ruthless killer. His actions come back to haunt him when the killer and his gang become suspects in a bloody armed robbery.

Panhandle (1948)

John Sands (Rod Cameron), a reformed outlaw living in a small Mexican town, learns that his brother has been killed in the Texas Panhandle, and he sets out to investigate. When he arrives, he's confronted by a trio of gunslingers working for Matt Garson (Reed Hadley), a local gambler and saloon owner. He also begins to court June O'Carroll (Anne Gwynne), Garson's secretary. John soon grows to believe Garson is responsible for his brother's death, leading to a final showdown.

La Vita Cambia (2000)

A kidnapped woman (Isabella Ferrari), freed after six months, has consuming nightmares about the experience.

Intrigue (1947)

A framed ex-Army pilot (George Raft) topples a White Russian black marketeer (June Havoc) in Shanghai.

Willy Fog: Journey to the Centre of the Earth (1995)

Based on Jules Verne's novel. An offbeat explorer discovers a prehistoric world at the Earth's core.

The Goddess of 1967 (2000)

An unstable blind woman (Rose Byrne) joins a computer hacker (Rikiya Kurokawa) as he drives through Australia to purchase the car of his dreams.

Track the Man Down (1956)

A newsman (Kent Taylor) on a British bus meets a young woman (Petula Clark) unwittingly taking dog-track loot to a crook.

Kimberley Jim (1965)

Two U.S. con men (Jim Reeves, Clive Parnell) win a South African diamond mine from a man and daughter (Madeleine Usher) who become their partners.

The Forbidden Christ (1951)

Embittered Italian veteran Bruno Baldi (Raf Vallone) returns to his village from a Russian prisoner of war camp, determined to find out who betrayed his younger brother to the Nazis. Although his parents, who have accepted their youngest son's death, know the identity of the culprit, they refuse to tell Bruno, convinced that he will commit murder. Their fears are realized when Bruno's best friend, Antonio (Alain Cuny), confesses in order to prove that Bruno will not react.